A Man of Singular Talent (AMOST) - Iris West

BY : Mephisto_Pegari
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All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.


I worry about these new powers appearing around the world. I've learned by now that keeping moving, keeping a low profile works well enough for escaping the attention of the normal guardians of society. But these super-men and -women could present a threat to me. Which is why I find myself in a Central City all-night diner in the gathering dusk, watching as the lights in the office across the street go out one by one. The staff at the Central City Picture News work late, but I know that tonight one will be working later than all the others, and as the last-but-one light goes out I leave the diner, cross the street and enter the building through a side door (using a copy of the keys that a janitor had kindly let me borrow for an hour before forgetting he had ever met me). 

Iris West came to my attention because of her investigations into the superhuman known as "The Flash". She seems to know a lot about him. Which is why I contacted her anonymously, claiming to know The Flash's true identity, and promising to call her office land-line at 2am. Sadly I cannot control minds over the phone, so instead I opted for a face-to-face meeting.

Not that I'd seen her face before tonight. As I enter the open plan office Iris rises from her desk, surprised by the company. She's facing away from me at first, so my first sight of her is her extremely shapely body wrapped in a tight gray dress. As she turns to look at me I find myself captivated by her striking beauty; coffee-brown skin and deep brown eyes; prominent cheekbones and a long straight nose giving definition to her face; dark hair falling in long curls around her shoulders; but most of all I am drawn to her full lips, kinked into a half-smile that is slowly fading as she fails to recognize me as one of her co-workers. I'm so busy drinking in her beauty that I almost don't manage to stop her when she grabs her phone to call for help. Luckily my self-preservation instincts are deeply ingrained after a life of paranoia, and I reflexively reach out with my mind and freeze her just before she dials. 

I shake myself out of my reverie and take a seat next to Iris, who at my silent mental command places the cellphone on the desk and sits facing me. My hesitation could have been fatal - what if she had been calling The Flash? I immediately start digging into her increasingly frightened mind as she sits quiet and still. I had intended to exploit her knowledge of the Flash to help me evaluate his threat level, but as I look into her memories I see she doesn't know much more about him than she publishes in her blog and newspaper articles. She's met him a few times but has no way to contact him. In other words, this lead is a bust.

Immediately I think that, my eyes are drawn towards Iris' impressive bust. The neckline of her dress is not especially low, but her breasts are large enough to produce an impressively deep cleavage. Hmm... Iris may not be of much help tracking down the Flash, but as I feel the blood rush to my dick I decide she can serve me in other ways instead.

I have Iris stand and plant herself in my lap. Her dress is too tight for her to straddle me, so instead she sits 'sidesaddle'. Close up I can see the confusion and fear in her eyes, a natural reaction when your body no longer obeys your mind. On my mental command, she leans in for a kiss, and I relish the first skin-on-skin contact of the evening. Her lips are as soft and warm as they look, and I discover she is an extremely good kisser. As Iris' tongue starts exploring my mouth I cannot resist sending my hands exploring her body, one traveling down to trace the contours of her thighs and ass while the other feels the fullness of her breasts through the dress fabric.

We continue this way for a few minutes, but in this large open area I begin to feel rather exposed. Reluctantly breaking from the kiss I look around and spot a corner office. No doubt the editor's office. That should do nicely.

Iris hops off my lap and starts walking to the corner office. I follow behind, enjoying the view of her swaying ass. On a whim I send Iris a mental order; her hands reach down and back and start hitching up the back of her tight dress until her ass is exposed to me, clad in dark green silk panties that reveal almost as much flesh as they cover. Definitely an improvement.

The corner office has windows looking into the open plan area as well as out to the street; I close the blinds on all of these. It also has a large desk, a couch which evidently opens up to a bed and an en-suite bathroom complete with shower, I guess so the editor doesn't need to leave the office. Lucky today was a slow news day. Now that we have some privacy I begin removing my own clothes and sit on one end of the couch. Iris pulls her dress over her head, followed by pumps, black tights and a chunky ugly watch. Now clad in only a matching set of green silk bra and panties and a pendant necklace, she is free to properly straddle me, placing her arms around my shoulders. At this point I allow her to speak, though not too loudly.
"Wha.. oh! What are you doing?"
"I would have thought that obvious, Iris."
"Stop it, let me go!"
"You're a reporter aren't you? Well I have a scoop for you - "man controls minds and bodies" Like it?"
"Is... is that what you are doing?"
"You won't get far as a reporter if you only ask the obvious questions, babe. But yes, I can do whatever I like with whomever I like. Pretty cool, huh?"
"Let me go, you bastard!"
"No. In fact, now I've given you your big headline I think I deserve payment. Let's start with your bra."
Iris continues to object to her treatment (at normal speaking voice level), but her body obeys me, and so she sits up in my lap, reaches behind her and unhooks her bra. As it falls to the floor I reach my own hands up and cup her exposed breasts. Certainly on the large side, but without noticeable sag, they are pert and round and gorgeous. I roll her nipples between my fingers, feeling the contrast of the wrinkled nipple versus the smooth skin of her breasts. I give them a quick pinch, eliciting an open-mouthed "ah!" from Iris, before moving my hands down her body to her hips.
"You can't do this, why can't I stop you??"
I don't bother to answer, instead I sent her mind another command, and she rearranges herself to kneel on the couch next to me, her ass in the air and her head just above my straining erection. Even in her panicked state it is obvious to Iris what comes next.
"No! no, stop you can't make me - "
Iris' desperate pleas are muffled as she lowers her head and my penis slides between her soft lips and into her warm, wet mouth. The feeling is exquisite as her tongue starts going to work on the head of my dick, swirling around, bathing me in her saliva. Her lips close around my shaft, her head starts to bob, her eyes are wide and wet with tears I don't allow her to shed. I reach one hand out to caress her panty-clad ass, lie back and breathe a sigh of satisfaction as I watch Iris West, ace reporter, topless and sucking my dick with audible squeals and slurps.

Iris' mouth on my dick sends waves of pleasure through me, and to stop myself coming almost immediately I distract myself by digging into her mind once again, this time exploring her sexual history. Which doesn't take long as there is very little of it. Her current boyfriend likes one position only (missionary of course); previous companions have been equally unadventurous. Clearly I will have to be the one to put her properly through her paces, poor overworked me.

I refocus on the here and now just as Iris lifts her mouth off my dick and instead wraps her lips around one ball, gently sucking it into her mouth before popping it out and doing the same to the other one. Her hand in the meantime is wrapped around my shaft, now wet and glistening from her saliva, slowly jacking it while her thumb brushes very gently over the tip. I have removed her ability to speak, but as she looks up at me with my balls in her mouth, her wide brown eyes speak volumes. My hand, which had been caressing her prominent ass, moves around to stroke between her parted legs, feeling the outline of Iris' pussy through the cool fabric. Iris jumps fractionally as the sound of my voice breaks the silence of the room.
"Uugh, nice work Iris. I knew that mouth of yours had potential the minute I saw it. But you have more than one hole to entertain me with, so let's move on to the next."
As I say this my fingers slip under her panties and touch her pussy, emphasising my words. I'm pleased to feel smooth skin, and as Iris stands and slips off her last remaining item of clothing in front of me it is confirmed.
"Freshly shaved I see. How considerate."
(A brief delve into her mind shows that she doesn't normally shave her pubic hair so completely, but she was planning an early morning swim tomorrow and didn't want errant hairs poking out of her suit.)
I rather enjoyed Iris sitting in my lap the last couple of times, so I decide to repeat history; Iris places one knee on the couch and swings her leg over to straddle me. Her breasts hang heavy immediately before my face, while my dick already feels the heat from her pussy even before contact is made (one little trick I have mastered over the years is controlling my plaything's arousal levels to ensure a wet pussy on demand. My demand that is, not their's). I watch her expression of dread as she lowers herself very slowly onto me, and just for fun I allow her to talk once more moments before penetration.
"Oh! Oh, no, please, don't pleasenopl-AArgh!"
I give an involuntary grunt of pleasure as I feel my dick once more enveloped in soft flesh. The sensation of sliding into Iris' pussy is different from that of her mouth, but no less pleasurable. Iris' pussy stretches to accommodate my shaft as it enters her body - I make no boasts about my size, rather her pussy is small and tight, clearly underused. I resolve to make good use of it now.

Iris's ass rests on my lap and my dick is fully embedded inside her. Her protests have degenerated into a low moan as I allow her to pause for a moment, letting her body get used to me. Her moan turns to a sharp gasp however, as at my silent mental command her hips start rotating, swirling my dick around her vagina, touching every possible part of her. A flex of her leg muscles and she starts to add vertical motion to the mix, and soon Iris is bouncing in my lap, arms braced on my shoulders, circling her hips as her ass rises and falls on my dick. It's a tough routine to maintain but my mental commands give her no choice, and soon Iris is letting out a rhythmic series of grunts and gasps in time to the movement of her fit young body. Lap dances have nothing on this.

It's a pity there is no mirror in front of us; I imagine Iris' shapely brown ass looks delightful twisting on my dick. I console myself by attending to the breasts swaying inches from my face. My hands reach up to steady them and allow me to place my lips on each nipple in turn, gently nibbling and tongue-flicking them while my hands cup and squeeze her firm flesh. Iris' skin tastes faintly of some floral perfume, but mostly of sweet sweat as her exertions start to tire her out. Leaning my head back a little, I push her breasts together and admire the resulting cleavage. A little drop of sweat rolls down between her breasts, which gives me an idea.

Iris is starting to lose focus as tiredness starts to become exhaustion, but at least her mind still registers surprise as I spit between her breasts. Immediately afterwards her mind radiates relief as I mentally order her to stand. My dick pops free of her hot pussy and I feel the relative coolness of the ambient temperature. But not for long. Iris quickly kneels before me, takes her breasts in both hands and pushes them on to my dick. I lend a hand also, and soon my dick is enveloped in warm girlflesh once more. I've removed her ability to speak by this point, but Iris still manages an involuntary groan of protest as she begins to bounce again. My spit combines with Iris' pussy juices and sweat to lubricate my shaft as it slides up and down, the head peeking periodically out of her cleavage. Iris' mind roils with horror at being unable to control her own body, so much so that I have to mentally reach in and dial down her fear lest she have a heart attack. When I feel she is no longer at risk, I increase her adrenaline and make certain other tweaks that give her a short-term boost of energy. She picks up the pace of her titfucking, starting to move her breasts counter to her body movements. That extra little touch pushes me over the edge, and my fingers curl into the couch as I release spurts of cum over Iris' chest and neck. At my command Iris freezes, pressing her breasts around my shaft as I coat her cleavage in sticky white cum. A very good result for her first ever titfuck; Iris herself may disagree but I have no intention of asking her.

Eventually my orgasm subsides. Iris releases my dick from the confines of her cleavage and bows her head to take me into her mouth again. Iris gently cleans my shaft with her lips and tongue, a sensation that causes my dick to spasm and release one final dose of cum directly into Iris' mouth. Having cleaned me thoroughly Iris raises her head until she is kneeling before me, back straight and hands on her knees. She's a bit of a mess - shining with sweat, white cum streaking her breasts and pooling between them, contrasting against her mocha skin. She looks beautiful, but I can't leave her in this condition without raising awkward questions, so on my command Iris rises and shakily heads for the small bathroom. I hear the shower turn on as I pop on my jeans and t-shirt and go out to the open plan area (it's night in the business district, but a naked man wandering round an office might still attract unwanted attention). I fetch Iris' purse from her desk and return to the editor's office. Iris is stepping out of the shower as I place the purse on the sink before returning to the editor's office to search for a drink. Sadly there is none to be found - I guess drinking in the office went out with the Mad Men generation - but my disappointment is tempered by Iris' re-emergence. Iris is once more clean and fresh, makeup reapplied and (per my mental commands) thoroughly douched. She looks just as I first saw here, except for the fear in her eyes and the complete lack of clothes.

I shed my own clothes as I walk over to her and spend a moment reacquainting myself with her body. I stand behind her, pressing myself against her back as my hands wander. Iris' breasts are pert and firm, her stomach flat, her ass pleasingly curved. She has a naturally shapely body and has worked hard to keep it at its best. Iris leans her head back and starts kissing my neck and chest. I allow her to speak as she does this , but restrict her to a throaty whisper. 
"Ah! I can - can talk?"
"Depends what you intend to say."
"You aren't going to get away with this. My dad is a cop, so is my boyfriend. You have to let me go."
"My powers work on anyone, not just gorgeous women. Besides, you won't remember any of this. Which is probably just as well considering what's next."
"Wha - oh god, what more can you do to me?"
By way of reply I step back and give her ass a hard squeeze. Iris emits a frightened squeak before moving to stand behind the couch. I too go behind her after grabbing something from my jeans pocket, and am treated to the sight of Iris' ass being very exposed as she bends over the back of the couch, propping her elbows on the seat. Iris' peach-shaped buttocks demand and get my full attention, and I waste no time in applying lube from the tube I had brought with me (always be prepared!) to her clearly visible asshole and my rock hard dick. Iris has been alternating between pleading and threatening me all this time, but as the cool gel hits her skin and she finally understands my intentions her voice takes on a new urgency.

"Ah! Oh god, no, I've never... Please!"

I circle my finger around the entrance to her ass as I reply.

"No? Alright, babe, I'll give you a chance to save your anal virginity. What will you do for me instead?"


"Make it good now, your ass looks to be one hell of a treat."

"I'll... what do you want? I'll su-suck you, or... I have money."

"You'll suck me anyway and I don't need your money. Think harder."

I insert my finger into Iris' ass by way of encouragement (and also to spread some gel insider her).

"Ah! I... fuck! Just... okay okay, I can take you to the Flash, you asked about him you want to see him I can show youuuRGH!"

I grow tired of her babbling, remove my finger and press the head of my dick against her well-lubed asshole. It slips in easily, and as I press down I remove her ability to speak.

"No you can't, you don't have a clue who he is. Which is disappointing."

Iris' whole body tenses and her mind screams with the invasion as my dick pushes steadily into her last untouched hole.

"Your ass on the other hand is all it promises to be."

Between the lube, Iris' exposed position and my lustful energy it doesn't take long before my balls touch her pussy. I look down and enjoy the sight of Iris West's upturned ass, round and smooth and filled to capacity with my dick. A few slow strokes to get into the rhythm and soon I start properly fucking Iris' ass, my dick sliding out of her ass, reversing just before the head pops out, and plunging back in. Iris braces herself against the couch seat but there's still a lot of motion, so I grab her hips and take control of her body physically as well as mentally. I'm doing all the work here, I don't want anything more from Iris at this point than to stay there and let me use her asshole for my pleasure.

It becomes almost a contest with myself - how hard can I slam my dick into Iris' shapely quivering ass? Very hard indeed as it turns out; the couch starts to scrape against the floor as the force of my impact pushes it away from me. This might prevent a problem eventually, but its only managed to move a foot or so before I finally emit a heartfelt groan, bury my dick as deep inside Iris' bowels as I can manage, and cum hard into her ass. I grip her hips tightly as my penis jerks inside the abused girl, depositing spurt after spurt. Once my orgasm has finally subsided enough to allow me to collect my thoughts I step away from Iris. Her ass releases my dick with a wet schlooping sound - probably more to do with the lubricant than the cum, but appropriate nonetheless.

There's the clock on the wall, and as I catch my breath I notice the time - it's actually been several hours, funny how the time goes when you are having fun. If the memory of the janitor who 'lent' me his keys was correct, the cleaners should be coming in less than an hour. I head off to the bathroom to freshen up; behind me Iris shakily stands and starts putting on her clothes. Within half an hour she's back at her desk, fully clothed and asleep. She'll have no memory of what has happened between us, only that she was waiting for a call that evidently did not come. How she'll account for her various aches and pains I neither know nor care; people have an amazing ability to ignore continuity errors in their own lives.

I exit the office the way I came, without a single glance at Iris West.


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