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BY : Mephisto_Pegari
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A Man Of Singular Talent - Stargirl

A fanfic of the CW series 'Stargirl', continuing the adventures of my mind-controlling protagonist. You can read the rest of his adventures in Literotica (to be ported here as well eventually).

I am indebted to Dor Knov for proofreading this story. Dor is creating a game featuring a protagonist who makes mine look like a saint. See it here:

Codes: MC, NC, MF, MFFF, oral, anal, vaginal
1. Stargirl, AKA Courtney Whitmore (played in the show by Brec Bassinger). A superhero with a magic flying staff.
2. Barbara Whitmore (played in the show by Amy Smart). Stargirl/Courtney's mother.
3. Wildcat AKA Yolanda Martinez (played in the show by Yvette Monreal). Courtney's friend and Stargirl's sidekick. A superhero with a magic costume.
4. Shiv AKA Cindy Burman. (played in the show by Meg DeLacy). A cold blooded supervillain-in-training.


I hate supervillains. Superheroes are mostly egotists; their minds are straightforward and easily manipulated. But a person who decides to be the villain of their own story has a mind that is tangled and twisted and slippery as a fish. If a superhero's mind is an American city, all rectilinear blocks and gridiron streets, then a supervillain's is an old European city, all winding roads and narrow alleys.

I was fortunate, therefore, that the nest of supervillains in the small town of Blue Valley was already mostly dead by the time I arrived, killed by a team of superheroes. 

I dealt with the remnants by removing the source of their power. All superpowers are manifestations of mental powers like mine, except for the most part the possessors do not understand their gifts as I do. In this case the source was a severely mentally disabled man who encased himself in a giant mental construct that others called Solomon Grundy. His power was sufficient not only to create such a beast, but also to unlock the latent abilities of several people in town. But it was a power crudely wielded, and once negated the remaining supervillains became mere madmen with delusions of grandeur.

The depowering of Grundy also removed the superpowers of the local heroes. I could detect no other anomalies. I was safe again.

Time for some fun.


The superhero team responsible for thinning the ranks of the supervillains were mostly teenagers, including their fifteen-year-old leader 'Stargirl'. Standing outside a nondescript suburban house I sensed the mind of Stargirl, AKA Courtney Whitmore, along with three other human minds and one dog. The hour was late, so I hastened to get off the street before the neighbors saw me. Getting into the house unobtrusively proved difficult at first - I am no lockpicker and taking hold of someone's mind first requires line of sight. But going around the building I looked through the kitchen window and spotted a woman inside. From there it was a simple matter to enter her mind and order her to open the front door (while at the same time ordering her not to speak or otherwise raise any alarm). We arrived at the front door at about the same time. I stepped into the house.

The woman now closing the door was middle aged, blonde, slim, and very confused about why she had just let a stranger into her house. A quick probe of her mind established her as Courtney's mother Barbara. Quite well kept for a woman with a teenage daughter but I had more immediate priorities. Such as the growling sound behind me. I turned and quickly silenced the dog, mentally ordering it back to its basket and to sleep. Dogs just don't like me, go figure.

The other three minds were upstairs. As a precaution I ordered Barbara to climb the stairs in front of me (noting her ass as I followed her, small but pert in tight-fitting jeans). Courtney's stepfather and stepbrother were already asleep in their rooms; I briefly entered their minds to ensure they would have the deepest, most satisfying sleep of their lives. I wondered about Barbara for a moment, but eventually decided to have her sleep also. I could wake her if I felt like it.

The location now secure, I walked over to Courtney's room. Without line of sight my mental sensitivity is reduced, but even before I opened the door I could tell she too was asleep. Lightly monitoring her mind for signs of waking, I entered the room and looked around. Multicolored lights wrapped around the headboard of Courtney's bed provided sufficient light to show a typical teenage girl's bedroom. Nothing to indicate her recent superheroic career. Courtney herself was concealed by a duvet, turned on her side facing away from me with only her wavy dark blonde hair visible from my viewpoint.

I entered Courtney's mind, firstly to ensure she would not wake until I told her to, and secondly to gather some initial information. Courtney has had a busy time since moving to this small town, running around playing superhero. Her mental abilities, with the boost given by Grundy's powerful presence, manifested in controlling a large metal staff, giving it the power to fly and project energy blasts among other tricks. All in the past now of course, but she had not yet realized this. I tweaked her mind just to be sure, ensuring any possible mental abilities were permanently disabled. 

As I probed Courtney's mind I walked around her bed, removing my clothes as I went. Her face was peaceful in deep sleep and did not change when I lifted the duvet off her. The girl was wearing light cotton pajamas, practical and shapeless. As I reached to unbutton the top I looked further into her mind, seeking any sexual experience. I found none; her time has been fully occupied with battling supervillains and trite teenage melodramas. Before the move her life consisted of studying and extensive sessions with the school gymnastics team.

Courtney's pajama top opened as I unbuttoned it, revealing smooth skin unconcealed by a bra. Freeing the last button, I folded the material open and got my first look at the teenage girl's breasts. Small mounds topped with pink nipples, too small to need much support but certainly not small enough to be mistaken for a male chest. Courtney was still lying on her side which hindered my view, so I gently pushed her onto her back. A little effort and her top was completely removed. Her pajama pants were even more easily taken off. I did not remove her pale pink panties, not yet. I looked Courtney up and down, admiring her almost naked body, her chest rising and falling slowly as she slept on. Courtney's face was partially obscured by her dense dirty-blonde curls, which if she were standing would probably have reached her breasts. Still I could see a fair complexion contrasted with dark eyebrows, a straight Roman nose, and a small but full mouth framed in a face that was more round than angular. Overall an attractive package. My dick certainly thought so, having risen to attention as my hands wandered over Courtney's exposed body.

Enough foreplay. Kneeling at her shoulder I swung a leg over her body, straddling her neck. My dick throbbed with anticipation as I took it in one hand and angled it down to almost but not quite touch Courtney's lips. I reached out mentally, ordering her to remain still at the same time as pushing her to awaken. I waited patiently as she rose to consciousness, her eyes fluttering and her lips parting. When her eyes started to focus I smiled down at her and spoke.
"Hello Stargirl."
I moved my hips, driving my dick past her soft lips and into her virgin mouth. Courtney's eyes snapped open and she managed a "ggk!" before her mouth was filled with penis. With a mental command her lips closed around my shaft, holding my dick in place as I started to slowly pump her mouth. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I leaned forward and took hold of one of the metal bars comprising her bed's headboard, shifting position slightly to make my movements easier. Courtney's mind was blazing in shock, not only at the invasion of her mouth but also at her inability to move her head or indeed any other part of her body. She incorrectly assumed she had been tied down or drugged, but I was not interested in correcting her as I was too focused on enjoying the feel of Courtney's warm, wet mouth surrounding my dick. The angle did not allow for deep access, but by taking my free hand and lifting her head up a little I could manage to get around two thirds of my shaft inside her (I could have mentally ordered her to lift her head but sometimes you want to do things the old-fashioned way). Unfortunately I could no longer see Courtney's expression, but the wet "gluck gluck" sounds as I pumped her face were entertainment enough. 

The first orgasm of the night is always the fastest, and my not-very-gradual introduction of the inexperienced Courtney to the delights of dick certainly sped things up further. So it was not long before my hand on the back of her head dug into her curls and I let out a moan as I filled the teenage girl's mouth with semen. My hips spasmed as I spurted into Courtney. I only released her head after my orgasm had peaked. 

I straightened up and swung my legs over her, sitting beside her head and getting my breath back. I heard a small choking sound before I realized I needed to release Courtney from my order to remain unmoving: her first action after regaining control of her body was to roll away from me and cough loudly, semen and drool escaping from her mouth and messing up the sheets. 
"*hack* ugh, wha-*cough* what just ha-urgh, like, so gross!"
"A new experience for you, Stargirl? Don't worry you'll get more practice."
"Get the hell away from me!"
Courtney jumped out of bed and stood facing me, taking a few seconds before realizing her lack of clothing and covering her breasts with one arm. Her other arm reached out to the side, which would be a very odd gesture if I did not already know she was calling for her 'magic' metal staff to fly to her aid. I sat on the bed and watched, still a little breathless after my orgasm.

It was about ten awkward seconds before Courtney realized something was wrong. Her hand closed and her outstretched arm slowly returned to her side.
"What have you done?"
"Missing your 'Cosmic Staff'? It's still in its crate in the basement, but it won't be much use to you now. Except maybe as a coatrack."
"What. Have. You. Done?"
"The same thing I always do - whatever I want. Or whoever I want. You can drop the arm now."
I regained control of Courtney's body just as she had started contemplating attacking me or just escaping. Her arm dropped to the side, exposing her breasts. I had allowed her to speak, for now.
"What? Why can't I move my arms? What's... wait, are you like Brainwave?"
'Brainwave' was a supervillain - of all the colorful characters in this town he perhaps came the closest to understanding the true nature of his powers. No pity then that he was killed by one of Stargirl's gang of teenage superheroes.
"Brainwave? Sure, why not."
I shrugged. She was incorrect in important ways, but it might save a lot of explanation. I moved down the bed until I was sitting at the end, my feet on the floor.
"Flip on the lights and come stand in front of me."
Verbally commanding Courtney was unnecessary, but it amused me. On my mental command she obeyed without hesitation. The dim light from her bedstead decorations was replaced with bright indoor lighting, allowing me a clearer look at Courtney as she walked over to the center of her room and stood facing me.
"Let go of me, you creep, or I'll-"
"-be quiet."
Her mouth snapped shut on my command, and she stood fuming as I looked her up and down. In the brighter light I had a better view of my plaything for tonight. Courtney was on the short side at 5'2", her skin smooth and unblemished by tattoos or piercings. Her frame was average but the years of gymnastics had filled out her proportions nicely. Her waist was narrow but her hips showed a noticeable curve, which made me wonder. I lifted one finger and twirled it (sending a mental order at the same time), and Courtney obediently turned on the spot to face away from me. My suspicions were confirmed; what Courtney had been lacking in the breasts seem to have been compensated for in the ass. Her pink panties stretched taught across a round peach of an ass, not large but fuller than one would expect on an otherwise petite girl.

The bed creaked as I stood up. Courtney tensed at the sound. She jumped very slightly as she felt my hands on her waist. I placed my hands on either side of her before moving them down to cup her ass over the fabric of her panties. Courtney's ass was round but very firm - 'bounce a quarter off' firm. A quick check in her mind confirmed that I was the first man to hold Courtney's ass in my hands. A privilege indeed.

On impulse I hooked my thumbs under the waistline of her panties and knelt, quickly pulling them down as I did so. Courtney's ass was exposed and inches from my face, round and perfect. I reached up and held it again, this time without any cotton barrier. I gripped her ass, kneaded it, and for the pure amusement of it leaned forward and gently bit one cheek. Courtney's mind flared in alarm as she felt my teeth on her ass.

I rose slowly, not taking my hands off her but sliding them up her body, taking a half step forward so that my chest pressed against her back (and my quickly reviving penis started pressing between her ass cheeks). Moving my hands around to the front I cupped Courtney's breasts as I had cupped her ass moments ago, inclined my head to her shoulder and lightly bit the side of her neck. I felt her mind reel at this intimate contact, and decided to allow her to speak again.
"Ah! Oh, I can talk? Please, whoever you are, stop."
"Hmm, let me think."
One of my hands travelled down her stomach and reached between her legs, which on my command parted slightly. My fingers found Courtney's pussy, tucked away beneath a patch of short pubic hairs.
I carried out a series of complicated, but well-practiced, mental orders and her pussy started to get aroused (a purely physical reaction; I have never been able to force emotional states which do not already exist). After a few seconds her pussy was wet enough for me to slip first one finger, then two inside the teenage girl. I complemented this by gently pinching and rolling one nipple in my other hand.
"Oh God, just... just stop. You can't do this."
"You're right, I can't."
"Not from this position."
I quickly removed my hands and stood to one side.
"Hop on the bed, babe."
Courtney turned, walked past me and lay on her back on the bed. Her pleading continued as she did so, getting more urgent as she watched me kneeling on the bed between her opening legs, my dick fully erect and pointing at her. Her bed was a little too low, but the placement of a pillow under her hips remedied that.
"Please, this isn't... I've never..."
I took hold of the base of my dick with one hand and moved forward and down until I felt the head touch the folds of Courtney's pussy. My other hand went to one of her knees, parting her legs wider.
"Please don't, please I - oh!"
The head of my dick passed easily into Courtney's wet pussy. I felt her envelop me as I continued to move down. Courtney exclaimed as she felt me enter her, and again as my dick met with sudden resistance and I had to push harder momentarily. The resistance passed and before I knew it my dick was buried completely in wet, tight warmth.
"OH! Oh God!"
I held position for a moment and looked the girl up and down, enjoying the sight and feel of Courtney Whitmore, AKA Stargirl, lying naked beneath me with her legs spread and my dick deep inside her no-longer-virgin pussy. Pulling back slowly, I watched her pussy lips slide over my shaft until only the head was still inside. Courtney gasped as I drove my dick back inside her. I released her leg and went down to my elbows, giving me the right leverage to start pumping the teenage girl in earnest. Courtney's complaints had stopped as the shock of having a man inside her for the first time went through her, but as her body started to be shaken with my thrusts her mind came back to the present.
"Uh! No, this can't - ah! Get off me y-augh, God that's - ah!"
I sent Courtney some commands to fine tune her position. Her legs drew up and wrapped around me while her arms went around my neck, pulling me tight into a whole-body embrace. While this did limit my movements it also allowed for even deeper penetration, something I appreciated much more than Courtney did. On my command her head bent to the side and she started kissing my neck as I began varying the speed and depth of my thrusts, moving my hips around to experience her pussy as much as possible. Her wavy blonde hair occasionally brushed across my face, tickling my cheeks and leaving the scent of some sweet-smelling shampoo (bubblegum perhaps). Her hot breath warmed my neck. All this would be romantic if Courtney weren't pleading for me to stop.

My focus was almost solely on where our bodies joined. Courtney's pussy was tight around my dick; I could feel it adjusting to me as I drove deep into the teenage girl. Every so often a shiver would run through her body and her pussy would grip me hard, almost stopping me from moving. I varied between long, steady strokes and short deep probings. Courtney's words became less coherent and more a sequence of gasps and moans with the occasional "no" and "God".

Having already reached orgasm once, my second climax was longer to arrive, but there is only so much pleasure a person can take. Gradually my thrusts became faster and harder, pushing Courtney into the mattress. I drove my dick as deep as I could into the teenage girl's slippery pussy and held position as I shuddered and came. I let out a sigh of relief as I felt my cum empty inside Courtney for a second time tonight. Courtney's moan of despair came shortly after, as she realized why I had stopped. She needn’t have worried, a side effect of my powers is sterility (but there's never a good time to mention that is there).

After a minute or so I mentally ordered Courtney to unwind her arms and legs. Her initial relief at moving out of that position was short-lived, as she found herself getting up and kneeling beside me as I lay down in her place - her bed was not very large and I like to stretch out after a hard session.

Idly I caressed the side of Courtney's ass as I got my breath back. Courtney seemed to recover even faster, and started talking again. Her tone was different now, however, flatter and more resigned.
"Are... are you done?"
"Well let's see."
I held up three fingers and put two of them down one after the other.
"Mouth - check. Pussy - check." 
I looked at the one raised finger.
"Nope, not done yet."
"What do you - oh."
I just smiled and stretched, enjoying the dismay and trepidation radiating from Courtney's mind. I looked at Courtney.
"Not looking like that though."
"You're a mess babe. There's a bathroom down the hall, right?"
"Go and take a shower, make yourself pretty."
"But... I'm not wearing..."
"Oh don't worry. No one is going to wake up. I mean," I continued, as Courtney's mind jumped to a macabre conclusion, "everyone is asleep and will stay asleep until I decide otherwise."
Courtney's relief that I did not kill her entire family (what am I, a villain?) did not make her any keener to get off the bed and leave the room, naked and sweaty. But her body obeyed me. I lay back and soon heard the noise of running water down the hall.

I was feeling a little sticky myself, especially in the crotch area. I considered joining Courtney in the shower but then remembered her mother, currently asleep in the master bedroom.

Getting up (and taking a moment to stretch the kinks out), I left Courtney's bedroom. I followed the taste of Courtney's mother's mind to her room ('taste' is inaccurate but there is no good way to describe how a mind feels to me). Opening the door, I realized I had not given her sufficient instructions - Courtney's mother was stretched out fully clothed on her bed, asleep next to her husband. I shrugged, woke the woman with a thought and mentally ordered her to leave the bedroom and head downstairs without talking or waking her husband. Barbara (for that is her name, as a quick check of her now-awake mind revealed) obeyed without hesitation but with considerable alarm showing on her face. I followed her downstairs. 

Turning on the lights, I saw a standard medium-large living room, with the main furniture being a red L-shaped couch, one side of which was a chaise longue. A large coffee table was stationed in front of the couch. Barbara stood between the door and the couch, having turned to face me as I leaned in the doorway. I looked her up and down as she looked back at me with shock and alarm. Relatively tall at 5'6", Barbara was skinny but not bony. I assumed a runner's body but no; my rifling through her memories revealed it to be a yoga instructor/former ballet dancer's body. Dirty blonde wavy hair (like her daughter's if less voluminous) framed an attractive face with gray eyes. Some smile lines around the mouth and eyes but otherwise very smooth for a woman in her mid-thirties. Her tight blue jeans and gray sweater over a pink and white shirt were conservative but showed off her contours well. I spoke for the first time, prompting a jolt in Barbara's mind.
"Aren't you a pretty package. Let's get you unwrapped."
I sent some orders to Barbara's mind, and followed her as she made her way across the room. Sitting on the couch I watched as she swept some magazines off the coffee table before standing on it herself and facing me. I still had not allowed her to speak, but her expression spoke volumes as she started unbuttoning her jeans. Peeling off her jeans revealed long shapely legs. Her sweater and shirt took a little longer but soon the blonde woman stood on her coffee table facing me wearing only a matching set of white bra and panties and gray ankle socks. I looked up at Barbara, smiled and twirled the fingers on one hand; she dutifully turned around on the spot, before hooking her thumbs under the waist of her panties. Bending at the waist, Barbara's panties slipped down to her ankles and I was treated to an unobstructed view of the petite, tight ass I had admired earlier. On my orders Barbara straightened up, reached behind her back and removed her bra, dropping it to the side as she turned back to face me.
Barbara's breasts were a shade larger than her daughter's, but still no more than a handful. Small brown nipples almost disappearing into dollar coin-sized areolae. Passing my eye down her taught flat stomach I noted she had completely shaved her pubic area, exposing delicate outer lips. I nodded my appreciation.
"Looking good Babs. That yoga is working for you. Come over and give me a closer look."
Barbara, now wearing nothing but gray ankle socks and a fearful expression, stepped down from the coffee table and straddled me on the couch. My semi-erect dick felt the warmth of her pussy as she settled into my lap. Her arms went around my shoulders and her lips went to mine. We kissed as my hands began to roam her body, appreciating the smooth skin with toned muscle beneath. Barbara's ass filled my hands, round as a peach. 

At last I released the mental gag. She was still unable to speak as her mouth was currently pressed against mine, but by the sudden "mmf!" sounds it was clear she noticed the change. Her tongue flicked around my mouth, making my next move clear.

I sent commands to Barbara's mind and she broke the kiss, slipping down my body slowly. As soon as her mouth departed mine she began to shout.
"Help! Get off me you bastard! Help!!"
The other people in the house were fully under control and not a danger but there were the neighbors and any passers-by to consider, so I ordered her to silence again. Barbara's shouts ended abruptly, to her obvious dismay.
"Let's not wake the neighbors, babe. We don't want them to spoil our fun."

I opened my legs as Barbara knelt between them on the floor. The make out session had revived my erection completely, and my dick stood proud inches from the blonde woman's face. Barbara put her hands on her knees, raised herself slightly, bent her head down and engulfed my entire dick in one swift move. Impressive. I could feel the head of my dick pass into her throat without a hint of a gag reflex. Her lips clamped tight around my shaft and, after holding position for a few moments, started dragging over my dick as Barbara's head drew back. She stopped when only the last inch of my dick was still inside her mouth. I once more felt her tongue darting around, although this time it was caressing and gently probing the head of my dick rather than the inside of my mouth. After a few moments her head descended once more, her tongue running on the underside of my shaft all the way to the base. I sat back and watched her work.
"Wow, Barbara, you really know your way around a dick. Just keep doing that and the mess Courtney's pussy made on my dick will be cleaned off in no time."
Barbara did not pause in blowing me, but I felt the spike of alarm in her mind.
"You heard me right. That's Courtney's pussy you are tasting now. In fact she'll be waiting for me upstairs by now, so I am afraid we should move things along."
Barbara's mind was on fire at my words; even as she followed my mental orders to turn and bend over the coffee table her mind was on her daughter rather than her own predicament. The feeling of my dick entering her pussy from behind did move her focus a little, however.

Having manipulated Barbara’s pussy into warming up while she was blowing me, penetration was as smooth as her deepthroating. My dick slid into her waiting folds and I began an easy rhythm. There was no denying Barbara's pussy was not as tight as Courtney’s, but it was pleasurable nonetheless. The coffee table was soon scraping fractionally over the floor as I increased the power of my thrusts into the slender blonde. 

Barbara's pussy felt good around me, but I was being truthful when I said I wanted to move things along; there was a fresh teenage girl upstairs and as fun as her mother was to play with she was only a palate cleanser between courses. I placed my hands on either side of her ass, gently pulling her cheeks apart as I withdrew my dick. A little repositioning and I was soon pressing the head of my dick against Barbara's anus. Her pussy had been sufficiently wet to provide some lubrication, and with a little mental prod to relax her ass, my dick slid into her. Barbara's ass had looked good in tight jeans swaying in front of me as she climbed the stairs earlier. It looked even better naked and bent over, with my dick embedded inside.

I kept an eye on Barbara's mind as I started moving inside her ass. She was experiencing shock and a little pain, but still her concern for her daughter was at the front of her thoughts. I leaned over her back and whispered in her ear from behind, as my hands moved up her body to fondle her breasts.
"You like that, Barbara? No? Don't worry, I'll enjoy your ass enough for both of us. And then I'll go upstairs and visit Courtney again."
Mentioning Courtney's name caused another spike of alarm in Barbara's mind.
"Everything I am doing to you, I will do to Courtney. I wonder if her ass is as tight as yours."
On a whim I released Barbara's speaking ability, ready to shut it down immediately if she showed any sign of shouting again. After an initial "ah!" of realization she instead spoke at a normal volume.
"No! Leave Courtney alone. Just... just do me."
"Just-ah! you want to fuck someone then fuck me. Let me move and I... I'll make it good."
It was an interesting proposition. I pretended to consider while I probed Barbara's mind (and my dick continued to probe her tight peach of an ass). Barbara was being honest in that she would use her own body to distract me from Courtney's if need be. However very close underneath was the intention to attack me at the first opportunity and run for help. Any cooperation from her would be brief and not end well for me. I picked up the pace as I replied to Barbara.
"No dice babe. You can't fool a mind reader."
I removed her ability to speak before she could reply. Right now I wanted only to enjoy her ass. Taking hold of her hips for balance I started properly pounding the slim blonde, my dick pushing deep into her ass with every thrust. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar tightening in my balls and a stream of cum painted the inside of Barbara's ass. I held her hips tight as I rode the wave of orgasm to its finish, before unceremoniously stepping back and sitting on the couch to catch my breath. Having received no orders to the contrary Barbara remained bent over the coffee table, breathing heavily but otherwise silent.

After a couple of minutes I got back to my feet and, after giving her ass a playful slap, ordered Barbara to do the same. She gathered up her clothes and headed back upstairs. I followed behind. It was amusing climbing the stairs, watching her naked and recently violated ass in front of me. An improvement on the last time. I couldn't resist planting another slap on Barbara's ass, not hard enough to destabilize her but enough to leave a slowly fading red mark.

Barbara went into her bedroom, threw her clothes into a corner, lay on the bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep. It took only a minute or so to erase all memory of recent events. She would wake up late tomorrow morning, naked, sticky and completely clueless as to why. Should be an interesting conversation with her husband.

I stopped by the bathroom and cleaned up a little before returning to Courtney's room, where I found her standing in the middle of the room. She had showered and applied some makeup, removing all trace of our earlier adventures. I was pleased to see that she had also followed my additional instructions and dressed in her superhero costume. I regarded her as she stood silently (I had mentally removed her ability to speak), scanning up from feet to head. The theme was clear - lots of red, white and blue. Blue boots with red laces over red and white socks; tight blue shorts with white edging held by a red utility belt around her stomach; a long sleeved high collared top, in the same blue fabric but with a large white star on the chest, also skin tight; red gloves; blue domino mask. Overall, a skin tight ensemble that managed to be modest while showing off her curves, as well as exposing most of her legs and several inches of skin between shorts and top. I've seen worse.
"Not bad Stargirl. Completely useless to protect yourself or hide your identity, but it does look good on you."
I sat on the end of the bed and leaned back.
"Now, dance for me."
On my mental command Stargirl started to dance, moving to nonexistent music. Her dancing was... terrible. Jerky, uncoordinated and about as sexy as a seizure. How could a superhero with years of gymnastics training dance so badly?
"Never mind, stop. Come over here."
Stargirl obeyed, taking the few steps to stand in front of me. 
"No, come down here, babe. Get comfy."
My mental commands were more specific than my vocalizations. Stargirl got onto the bed as I scooted back to lie down fully. She lay on top of me, and my arms went around her to keep her in place. I looked into her eyes, which her superhero mask left exposed, as her mouth met mine. The fear in her green eyes showed also in her kissing. My mental commands permit no hesitancy in obeying, but nonetheless her lips brushed mine only gently. I had to give a more detailed mental order before her lips closed firmly against mine and parted. Stargirl's tongue danced as awkwardly as the rest of her; I guess such skills are not passed down genetically. No matter, it was still fun to make out with the attractive teenage girl lying on top of me; I rolled a little to the side and her legs and arms wrapped around me. 

As we embraced my hands began to wander (of course). Stargirl's costume meant I could not feel her skin against mine very much, and the tightness of her outfit prevented me from reaching under it. I fiddled with her utility belt for a minute before giving up and sending a mental order to Stargirl, who reached down and pressed the buckle. The belt loosened immediately and was easily removed. Her shorts had a zip at the back which was accessible now the belt was gone. Unzipping her shorts at last, I slipped a hand under the fabric and felt the taught, smooth skin of her ass. Apparently her costume is too tight for underwear.

We stayed like that for a few minutes while I enjoyed the softness of Stargirl's lips, the inexpert probing of her tongue, and the curves of her ass. My hand on her ass held her hips tight against mine, and so we both felt my dick rising, trapped between our bodies. Soon I decided to move to the next stage.

On my orders Stargirl rose from the bed. Her shorts were opened from the back, but I could already see it would not be possible to get them past the boots. I ordered Stargirl to remove the boots. I expected a long pause while she unlaced them but in fact the laces were for show, and she removed them relatively quickly after opening a couple of Velcro straps.

Obstacle removed, I had Stargirl face away from me, take hold of her shorts, and slowly pull them down and off. As the blue and white fabric traveled down her legs I once more appreciated the curves of Stargirl's prominent ass. It might be her best feature. My dick twitched in agreement.

I restored her speaking ability but restricted her voice to normal speaking volume (a little caution after Barbara's attempt to shout for help). By the time Stargirl realized she could speak she was almost done removing her shorts, raising her feet one at a time to get them off.
"Ah! Wha-okay okay, please. Stop this. There are people, like, in this house and-"
"Asleep, I told you."
"-okay, but I have powerful friends wh-"
"Who are not here. Now, you're a gymnast, right? Let's see how well you can bend."
"What do y-hey!"
I got up from the bed, clearing the way for Stargirl to lie on her back. On my orders she parted her legs and bent them back until she could hold her calves with her arms. I looked down at the now extremely exposed girl. Her pussy was open and inviting but in this position I also had a clear path to her asshole, as was the intention.
I took hold of her hips and pulled her towards me a little, enough that her ass was just at the end of the bed. Again I had to place a pillow under her hips for her ass to reach my waist level. At this point I realized I had forgotten something. Stepping back to where my clothes lay on the floor I picked a tube of lube from my pants pocket (of course I brought lube). A quick application and my dick was shiny and slippery.

I returned to my previous position. I placed the tip of my dick at the entrance to Stargirl's ass, before raising my head to look her in the eyes.
"Ready to lose your virginity, babe? Again, that is."
"No, please. It's going to hurt, please."
I tutted. "A superheroine should not be afraid of a little pain, Stargirl. And this ass is just too good to ignore."
I looked back down to watch as I moved my hips forwards and my lubricated dick pressed against Stargirl's asshole. A little pressure and the head slid in, followed by half an inch or so of shaft. Stargirl's pleading was interrupted by a sharp intake of breath as she felt me enter her. I held my dick in place for a moment, enjoying the ring of muscles at her entrance gripping me, before pushing deeper. Stargirl's pose and my lube allowed me to penetrate her ass almost (but not quite) to the base of my dick in one smooth motion. I heard Stargirl take another deep breath, no doubt to scream. But since I had blocked her ability to speak loudly all she could do was increase the speed of her complaints.
"Oh God oh God oh God take it outohgodohnopleasepleasetakeitoutofme"
And so on. I took another moment of stillness, taking in the scene. Finally I had Stargirl helpless and prone on her bed, legs stretched back and my dick firmly embedded in her tight fifteen-year old ass. It was a beautiful picture, and one that will be all the better as a moving one.
I started pumping my hips. Stargirl's ass held me tightly but with a little effort I got a rhythm going and soon my dick was sliding back and forth inside her. I still wasn't quite getting my full length inside so I placed my hands on her ass, one on each cheek. By pulling her cheeks apart I was able to spread her open enough that my hips met hers. My dick had now completely disappeared, engulfed in superheroine ass. It looked almost as wonderful as it felt.
"Stargirl, your ass is everything that tight outfit of yours promised it to be."
"Oh god, take it out please!"
"What, like this?"
I quickly removed my dick from her ass and slid it into her pussy. Stargirl gasped at the new sensation. I pumped her a few times, enjoying the difference in feeling between her pussy and her ass.
"Oh! Ah! No, please"
"No? Okay, back in your ass I go."
I considered swapping between her ass and her pussy a few more times, but the intensity of pleasure made me uneager to be stopping and starting like that. So instead I leaned forward and placed my hands on the bed, giving me the right angle to start properly pistoning my dick in and out of the desperate girl's ass. This also brought my head closer to hers, affording me a better look at her face as I violated her last untouched hole. Stargirl's mask did nothing to obscure the expression of pain and shock as she felt her ass stretched by my dick. I thrust down hard in order to enjoy the sight of her mouth and eyes both opening wide.

Moving back to a standing position I took hold of Stargirl's upper thighs, using them to anchor myself as I increased the force and speed of my thrusts. Stargirl's pleas had petered out into gasps and the occasional "Oh!". The pleasure radiating from my dick was intense. I looked down and watched my dick piston in and out of the teenage superheroine's tight asshole, glistening with lube and juices from her pussy. This was enough to bring me over the edge, and with a shudder I buried my dick deep in Stargirl's ass and held it there as it pulsed out a stream of cum. For a few moments there was no sound other than the labored breaths of both myself and Stargirl, followed by a small wet sound as I stepped back and extracted my dick from Stargirl's ass. 

Somewhat shaky on my feet, I headed for the bedroom door. Stargirl had not been given new orders and so she remained lying with her legs spread and folded back, panting heavily. Her pussy and asshole were fully exposed, red and sticky. When she noticed me leave the room Stargirl had enough breath to say "Hey!", but I did not bother to respond.

A quick washup in the bathroom and I felt refreshed. The bathroom had a window with frosted glass which opened to the front of the house. I opened the window and scanned the night scene. When I found what I was looking for I paused before closing the window again and heading back to Stargirl/Courtney's room.

I sensed Courtney's relief when I returned, a feeling which increased as I mentally ordered her to relax her pose. Stargirl must have been very uncomfortable holding that pose for so long; I could almost feel the ache myself as she got up and knelt in front of me on the floor while I sat on the end of the bed. She was less happy about resting her arms on my legs and taking my semi-erect dick back into her mouth, but she was past the point of complaining. I checked Cortney's mental state while her tongue swirled around my dick. She was becoming almost resigned to her fate, thinking I had already done all I could.

She was wrong of course, a fact that started to dawn on her when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and approaching her room. I tweaked her mental orders and she immediately took me deep, burying her face in my lap (I removed her ability to speak by mental command as well as by filling her mouth). This pose and her long wavy hair falling around her face made it impossible for her to see the two people who entered her room and stood behind her, facing me. 

Stargirl was my main interest in this town once the immediate danger had been neutralized, but my investigation had thrown up a couple of other candidates. I had taken control of both persons earlier in the day and had them wait in mentally-induced silence, sitting in a rental car outside Stargirl's house. It was they who I had been seeking out from the bathroom window (my control works best through line-of-sight). Standing in front of me now, watching the former teen superhero half-naked and bobbing her mouth on my dick, were:

- a Latino sixteen-year-old by the name of Yolanda Montez. A shade shorter than Stargirl at 5'4", with long black hair currently arranged into a pair of braided pigtails, Yolanda’s baggy jeans and t-shirt hid her figure. Her wide full-lipped mouth was couched in a grimace, reflecting the waves of anger and frustration roiling in her mind. Her superhero persona of 'Wildcat' certainly fitted her demeanor, which worsened when she found herself compelled to lift her t-shirt up to reveal a white sports bra encasing a chest which I judge to be on the larger side of medium. I had her let go of her t-shirt and turn on the spot, but if she had an ass to match the chest it was not obvious from her outfit. I ordered her to return to facing me. She spun around with a flare of fury at being controlled which you do not need to be a mind reader to pick up on.

- a fifteen-year old girl of Japanese extraction by the name of Cindy Burman. her ancestry was reflected in her eyes and the long locks of black hair (colored at the front with two gray streaks). But in every other respect Cindy was the stereotypical high school 'mean girl' - a cheerleader obsessed with status and popularity who enjoyed putting lesser mortals down with a withering remark. Both Courtney and Yolanda had been the subject of Cindy's ire, a relationship which carried on to her 'supervillain' persona of 'Shiv'. Cindy was the only person in the room whose powers did not manifest purely from mental abilities (knowingly or otherwise). Her father had performed some rather extreme experiments resulting in retractable blades implanted in her wrists. She paid her father back by killing him during one of the more dramatic superhero/supervillain fights. Her current mental state was icy cool. Needless to say I kept Cindy under tight mental control, and would be doing some extensive rework on her personality and memories later. In the meantime I would enjoy her slim athletic body, expertly displayed in a tight green top under an open white cardigan and a short tartan skirt above long smooth legs. I mentally ordered her to lift her skirt and reveal what turned out to be lacy black panties (as well as sharply manicured nails). Cindy's mind did not show a flicker of anger or humiliation as she held her skirt up at the front, nor did she give any sign of relief as I ordered her to let go and return her hands to her sides.

I mentally ordered Stargirl to ease up on her blowjob. The prospect of playing with two new girls was enough to bring my dick to full attention already. Stargirl obediently drew her lips off me with a wet smack. With one hand at the base of my dick and pulling the skin down slightly to expose more of the sensitive head she proceeded to lick the tip gently. She knew others had entered the room and her eyes flicked from side to side, but she could not see behind her. 

I spoke, ending the period of relative silence in the room.
"So glad you could join us. Stargirl here has been very entertaining but there's always room for more. How about we take a look at what we have to work with. Starting with... you."
I point at Cindy/Shiv and send some mental orders. The girl found her hands grasping the sleeves of her cardigan and pulling it off her body. Usually finding their bodies obeying someone else's orders is a moment of terror, but Cindy exhibits no such reaction. As she starts to lift off the green top to reveal smooth skin and a black bra I delve into her memories. I find that she has been subjected to mind control before, albeit in a crude fashion by the supervillain Brainwave. He did not subject Cindy to anything like what she knows is coming; presumably too scared of her father. Well, both Brainwave and Cindy's maniac of a father are dead now, so I need not be concerned by anyone except Cindy herself. As I shift attention from her mind to the 'real' world I see she has already removed her bra, revealing barely-there breasts topped by small round nipples, and her hands are currently reaching for her skirt. I stop her with a mental order, supplemented by a few words.
"Ah, no, leave the skirt on. It looks too good on you. Lose the rest though."
Cindy's dark brown eyes look straight at me as her hands reach under her skirt and takes hold of her panties. She breaks eye contact momentarily as she bends down to slip her panties off her legs, followed by her socks and sneakers, but returns her calm gaze to me as she straightens up. My gaze meets hers and I smile appreciatively before beckoning her over with one hand. She walks around the bed, leaving her clothes in a small pile on the floor and sits next to me, putting her arm around me and leaning in for a kiss. As soon as Cindy/Shiv comes into Courtney/Stargirl's view I hear her say softly "oh no" and her mind spikes with new fear. Cindy ignores Stargirl completely however, and I too focus on the feeling of the new girl's lips meeting mine as her body presses against me. Her lips are glossy and soft and part quickly to allow her tongue to enter my mouth. Cindy's kissing style is aggressive; her tongue darts around exploring my mouth as her arm raises and places her hand on the back of my head. After a minute I order her to release me from her embrace, returning her speaking ability as I do so. She takes her lips off me, looks me in the eyes and says softly.
"I will kill you."
Cindy says this as less of a threat than a statement of fact. A selection of snappy comebacks spring to mind but as I look at her unwaveringly calm expression they die on my lips. 

I pause, then check Cindy's mind for any trace of mental abilities. I had already done this and removed the small amount of innate talent that she had as part of my cleaning up of this town. But I check anyway and find nothing. Reassured, I reply.
I sense her futile struggles against my control, but it is complete and unbreakable by anyone but another talent. On my orders, however, I allow one of her implanted blades to extend from her wrist. The blade is wide and sharp and glistens in the light as I order her to lift her arm up between us.
I tilt my head and send more mental orders. The blade moves down to rest across my exposed throat. I keep looking at Cindy/Shiv, watching as frustration flits briefly across her otherwise expressionless face.
And now Shiv's blade is at her own throat, pressing gently against her skin. Her mask slips and she glares at me before saying through gritted teeth.
"Damn you."
Demonstration over, I let the blade retract. From across the room I sense a sharp burst of disappointment. I had completely forgotten about our little Wildcat, but apparently she had been watching my exchange with Shiv with great interest. Her desire to see Cindy/Shiv dead is apparently stronger than her desire to see me dead. Well, we can fix that. 

But first I order Cindy to kiss me again before kneeling next to Stargirl (when she is in costume I think of her first as the superheroine). The blonde has been diligent in keeping my dick warm and erect, but on my orders now moves down to lick my balls, freeing the shaft for Cindy. I watch the supervillain's glossy lips engulf my dick. So does Stargirl, whose fearful eyes flit between me and her murderous foe. Cindy's black-and-gray hair partially obscure the view but I enjoy the warm wetness of her mouth on me. I look up and turn my attention to Yolanda/Wildcat.
"Don't worry Yolanda, I hadn't forgotten about you. Come closer, babe."
I had not returned her speaking ability, but Yolanda was the opposite of Cindy in that her every emotion was written in large type across her face. As she approached the bed I could clearly see rage and fear fighting for dominance of her psyche.
Yolanda stood close to the bed, and I look her up and down.
"Tch. You are very overdressed for this occasion. Lose the jeans and the sneakers."
I follow up with mental orders, and Yolanda’s hands quickly unfasten her jeans, which are baggy enough to simply fall to a heap as she releases them. She kicks off her shoes with similar ease. The t-shirt is large enough that only a hint of white panty is visible, something I rectify by having Yolanda take that off next. Yolanda's sports bra is white and plain and unremarkable except for its contents. Freed of the unflattering outer layers of clothing I am pleased to see Yolanda's body is well-proportioned, not slim but not in any way flabby. Her skin is a light coffee color, unmarked by tattoos or piercings.

Cindy meanwhile has been working diligently on my dick, sliding her mouth up and down in a steady rhythm. Her lips are loose however, and I feel no effort being made with her tongue. A quick dip into her memories shows she has not given a blowjob before and is simply trying to copy what she remembers of pornography passed between friends and watched on tiny phone screens. I will have to instruct her properly. But first I tap Cindy on the head (as well as sending mental orders) and she releases my dick from her mouth before getting to her feet. I sense a small amount of relief from Stargirl at Cindy's departure, even as I mentally order her to resume blowing me.

Cindy walks around Yolanda, and there is the rather disturbing sound of Cindy/Shiv's blades being extended again. I finally allow Yolanda to speak. Her first words are directed not at me but at Cindy.
"Wh-what are you doing?"
"It's not me you idiot, it's him."
Before Yolanda can respond Cindy moves her arms rapidly. Yolanda's bra is drawn tight from behind and suddenly loosens, falling away from her body as it is cut by Cindy/Shiv's blades. Yolanda's panties are next, and soon the Latino teen is standing naked, her underwear lying shredded around her. Yolanda's expression flits between relief at not being hurt by the blades, anger at being treated in this manner, and finally settles on intense embarrassment. 

Yolanda's breasts, freed of the restrictive sports bra, hang full and round. They are probably only medium-large but compared to the other two girls she is positively busty. Her nipples and areola are small, adding to the effect. Her pussy is hidden behind a thick patch of hair merely trimmed at the edges.

I am mildly surprised that embarrassment is Yolanda's overwhelming emotion, considering the armed murderous supervillain standing behind her. A quick dip into her mind reveals a two-part answer - a conservative catholic upbringing and a boyfriend who made her the high school pariah by sharing nude selfies of Yolanda with his buddies. What a jerk.

I send mental orders to Cindy and Yolanda. Cindy moves more closely behind Yolanda. Her hands reach around and cup Yolanda's breasts (blades retracted!), lifting them slightly to emphasize the cleavage. Yolanda meanwhile reaches her hands down. One hand pulls up the skin of her crotch so that her pussy becomes visible. The other is placed between her legs allowing her fingers to part her pussy lips for complete exposure. If she was embarrassed before she is mortified now. Her face flushes red as she stammers.
"I- you- stop this you- get off me bitch!"
"Again, Yolanda, not me. And you'll pay for calling me a bitch."
I send a mental order to Cindy, who shifts her hands slightly to place Yolanda's nipples between her long nails. Yolanda lets out a yelp as I dip back into her mind to check her sexual history. She has none. Does no one have sex in this town? 
I beckon Yolanda over with one hand while Cindy frees her from her none-too-warm embrace. The Latina teen's mind jolts a little as she finds her body moving, walking towards me as Courtney crawls to one side. Yolanda takes Courtney's place, kneeling before me with her hands on her knees. She tries to keep her attention fixed on my face but I see her gaze flit periodically to my dick, erect and shiny with saliva.
"A bit closer, babe."
"No, I won't!"
Contradicting her words, Yolanda obeys my mental commands and places her face within an inch of my dick. I hold my dick at the base and smack her face playfully with the shaft, bouncing off her soft full lips and making her blink rapidly.
"Hey, cut it-ugh! Stop that you idiot!"
I gave her an extra spirited whack for that last comment, which does nothing to stop the flow of insults. It does amuse me but I have more serious business to conduct. I call to Courtney without turning my attention away from Yolanda.
"Hey Courtney, come over here and help your friend out."
"Wha-what do you mean?"
I do not bother to respond, instead I simply send some more mental orders to both girls. Yolanda sits up straight and shuffles even closer to me - I have to open my legs quite wide as my dick rests in the space between Yolanda's breasts. Courtney then moves behind Yolanda and reaches her hands around. Just as Cindy held Yolanda's breasts earlier, it is Courtney's turn to hold the soft but firm breasts of her superheroine teammate in her hands. Courtney places her head over Yolanda's shoulder to be able to see what she is doing, and with some adjustments we finally achieve my aim. Yolanda has stopped looking up at me completely and is now looking down in disgust as my dick is enveloped between her breasts, being held in place by Courtney. It is a little difficult for both girls to move in tandem so I do the work. I start moving my hips to slide my dick up and down the valley of titflesh. My dick falls out almost immediately (Yolanda's breasts are not that large) and a few times afterwards, but eventually we hit a rhythm and with Courtney squeezing her friend's breasts together to keep me in place I am able to steadily titfuck the Latina teen. Equally steady is the stream of invective from Yolanda, with the occasional interjection by Courtney.
"God this is stupid. Get off me you moron, this just-argh!"
"I'm so sorry Yolanda, I can't stop him, I'm sorry, I-"
"Shut up Courtney, I know it's not you, just- "
"Don't be mean to Courtney, babe. She's just jealous her tits aren't as big as yours."
"No, I, I'm not-"
"Shut up Courtney!"
Yolanda and Courtney both look down at my dick in evident displeasure, in contrast to the very pleasurable feelings their actions are producing for me. To stay in position I have to keep both hands on the bed behind me, limiting my interactions with the girls. I compensate for this by having Courtney shift her hands slightly and start rolling Yolanda's nipples between her fingers, causing Yolanda's commentary to ramp up a notch. I'm tempted to order her to silence (or find some other way to occupy her mouth) but I decide on taking things a little further instead. 

I send a series of complex but well-practiced mental orders to Yolanda and her pussy starts warming up. After a few minutes I order both girls to disengage and stand, but not before giving them both a playful smack on the face with my dick as thanks for a (tit-)job well done. On my orders the dark-haired teen swings one leg up over my lap onto the bed, places her hands on my shoulders and lifts up the other. My intention is clear as Yolanda lowers her body onto my lap.
"Hey now, stop. Goddammit, no, this is not how I-ah! Fuuu-ah!"
My dick finds Yolanda's pussy easily, and as she sinks into my lap my shaft sinks inside her. The girl's protests turn briefly to exclamations of pain but soon return with vigor as she is penetrated for the first time (not even by a dildo or the handle of a hairbrush, according to her memories).
"Ah! Fuck! Christ, you bastard, get off me! Courtney, help!"
"I- I can't Yolanda, I can't move and my staff isn't working."
"My staff is working just fine, babe, and it is so glad it met you right now."
"Oh fuck-ah!-fuck off you ba-AH!"
I could sense Courtney's distress as she stood helplessly watching her friend begin to bounce on my dick. Cindy on the other hand was silent by choice, completely uninterested in Yolanda's circumstances beyond how it affected her. I ignored both and focused on the feeling of Yolanda's tight pussy sliding over my dick. My hands went to her sides before wandering over her body, sliding over her smooth stomach and occasionally cupping her full breasts as they moved rapidly up and down. Leaning forward and holding one breast steady I took the nipple into my mouth, while my other hand moved around Yolanda to grip her ass. Yolanda's nipple tasted slightly salty as the exercise of fucking herself on my dick warmed up her body. Her ass was taught as the muscles worked hard. Her mouth worked hard as well, especially when she felt my teeth brushing against her sensitive nipple. 
"Ah! Let me go you fu-ah! No, get off my boob you-mmf!"
On my order Yolanda's protests were cut short as she bent her head down and kissed me. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Yolanda was a good kisser; her lips pressed gently but firmly against mine as her tongue delicately poked out of her mouth and into mine. Where Cindy/Shiv's style had been aggressive and Courtney/Stargirl's style non-existent, Yolanda/Wildcat's kissing technique was... intricate. Her full lips alternately relaxed and were brought together into almost a pout, complementing the action of her tongue as it danced around mine. On my mental orders Yolanda stopped bouncing on my dick and instead ground her hips around, swirling my dick inside her pussy. 

The change from energetic pumping to smaller, constantly varying sensations for both my dick and my mouth was a delight. I had planned on filling Yolanda's no-longer virgin pussy with cum, but I know from experience that a good kisser is often a good dick-sucker. So I reluctantly ordered Yolanda off my lap before opening my legs to allow her to kneel between them once more. Yolanda had a few seconds to express her feelings before her mouth was again occupied.
"Jesus that hurt. I'm going to fucking kill you, you ba-aah! Sto-mmf!"
The girl's protests are made difficult by her tongue being used to flick across the head of my dick, before they are muffled entirely as her mouth plunges down. Her tongue presses hard against the shaft as her head descends. A couple of inches from the base she stops, tightens her lips around me, and pulls back up until only the head is inside her mouth. Yolanda's tongue again gets to work, lightly fluttering around the sensitive tip. Her head tilts a little from side to side, ensuring the maximum sensation of tongue and lips sliding around my dick. I make an appreciative noise at her skills, which earns me a look of purest hatred before Yolanda dives her head back down to engulf my dick in her warm wet mouth. 
"Wow. Yolanda, you are a natural at this. Courtney, come over here. That's right, kneel next to your friend and -ah, yes keep doing that with your tongue babe - and watch her closely. See how an expert sucks dick."

I close my eyes and start to focus on delaying my orgasm before questioning why I would want to - I can have Yolanda blow me any time I want for as long as I want, after all. So instead I place one hand on top of her head (for no particular reason as she needs no guidance) and let her skills take me to the edge of orgasm and beyond. Yolanda holds my dick deep in her mouth and my fingers clench her thick dark hair as I start spurting thick ropes of cum, eliciting a moan from me and a garbled "MMMF!" from her. My hips jerk up a couple of times as my dick spasms, before finally I release her head from my physical grasp and lie back on the bed. As an afterthought I order Yolanda to swallow, then lift her mouth off my dick. I expect a tirade from her but she just coughs and splutters, and before she say anything coherent I remove her ability to speak and order her to clean my dick, gently. I don't bother to look up but soon feel her tongue flat against my slowly deflating dick, working to remove her own pussy juices, saliva and the remnants of my cum.

Courtney had decided to stop talking at some point, I did not notice when. Cindy however finally chooses to speak.
"So, are you done? You've had your fun."
I sigh, more out of tiredness than at her petulant tone.
"There is more fun to be had, babe. Don't worry, you'll get what these two have gotten. But I could do with a recharge first."
"Fine. Take as long as you like because the more time you take the more likely you will make a mistake. And when you do I'll take that putrid dick of yours and ra-"
"Oh do be quiet."
I mentally order Cindy to silence, cutting off the threats in mid-flow. For good measure I remove Courtney's speaking ability too. I am indeed more tired than I had realized before my last orgasm; there is no clock or phone handy but certainly several rather energetic hours have passed since I first stepped into the Whitmore household. I order Yolanda to stand, sigh again, and lift myself a little shakily off the bed. I ponder for a moment, lining up my thoughts, before ordering the girls to the bathroom to clean up. As they troop out I follow them, turning to the other bedrooms. A quick peek confirms the other residents are asleep and will remains so until I say otherwise - it is unlikely to be otherwise but I am by nature rather paranoid. Checking the hall clock I see it is approaching 3am. Not a problem for this house or for Cindy/Shiv (who apparently comes and goes as she pleases), but I realize Yolanda's family might be concerned. Sure enough, after finding and unlocking her phone (she really should use a fingerprint lock) I see numerous text messages and a couple of missed calls from Mamá. I sit on Courtney's bed and scroll through Yolanda's text messages to get a feel for her texting style, before texting her mother back. It takes a few messages before I convince her that Yolanda was studying at Courtney's home and fell asleep on her books. With parents mollified and assured that Yolanda will be staying over at Courtney's, I finish with the phone just in time for the girls to return to the bedroom (all now completely naked except for Cindy's skirt). It must have been a fun experience for them to share a small bathroom together, pity I missed that.

I show Yolanda her phone.
"Your mom says hi, and that you are to call her tomorrow."
Unable to respond verbally she merely glares at me.
"Oh don't worry babe, there's still plenty of time to play. Hey, maybe we can get your mom to come pick you up, is she as hot as you?"
If it were possible to kill someone with a look, I would be dead now.
(In fact it is possible, but I try to avoid that. Far too much hassle to cover up.)

Sleeping arrangements are the next challenge, given Courtney’s rather small bed. But Courtney does have an abundance of pillows and so the girls are soon asleep on the floor while I take a few hours' nap on the bed.

As the sun rises on a new day I am awake, showered and fresh, and enjoying coffee and granola at the kitchen table. The table is high and so I am sitting on a barstool, which conveniently allows Courtney to sit on her knees between my legs. I sip coffee while the blonde teen blows me, her lips sliding slowly up and down. A pleasant way to start the day.

I finish my breakfast and back upstairs, followed by a silent Courtney. The other two girls are still asleep, but on my command Yolanda's eyes flutter open. I feel her mind waking up, wondering if last night was simply a nightmare. The illusion is quickly dispelled as she finds that not only is she lying on the floor of Courtney's bedroom unable to move, but also her view is blocked by Courtney's blonde-haired pussy descending rapidly towards her. Yolanda just has time for a surprised yelp before her face is covered in her friend's pussy. Before Courtney's head has reached Yolanda's own pussy I have ordered Yolanda to start licking, and soon the two teen ex-superheroines are getting to know each other more intimately than they ever expected to.

With Courtney and Yolanda keeping each other occupied my attention turns to Cindy, who has been watching events silently from a seat on the floor (I had not yet restored her ability to speak). Walking towards her I order her to stand. She glares at me, fuming impotently as I run my hands over her body, enjoying the feel of her olive skin and taught cheerleader/supervillain muscles underneath. Reaching under her skirt I caress her ass, finding it a little larger than expected but very firm, perhaps even more than Courtney's. I speak, releasing her mental gag so she can reply.
"So, Cindy. A cheerleader, huh?"
"Get your hands off me."
I step back abruptly.
"How about you show us some moves."
"No, get-grah!"
Cindy's body obeys my mental orders, to her evident annoyance. She starts to move to an unheard beat in a complex sequence of dance moves which is more energetic than overtly sexual. Cindy goes through her upbeat cheerleading routine in the bedroom of her mortal enemy, wearing nothing but a short skirt, being watched by a naked man and with two naked teenage girls eating each other out behind her. My smile of amusement contrasts with Cindy's look of burning anger (a pity my skills do not extend to making her smile). As her routine ends she kicks one leg up in front of me, then the other, flashing her clean-shaved virgin pussy at me each time her skirt flies up momentarily. Cindy's kicks raises her legs to almost a 180 degree angle, an impressive feat which gives me an idea.

The sudden burst of activity does not seem to have tired Cindy at all, so she has plenty of breath to react when she feels her body move her to stand against a wall.
"Wha- uh. What are you do-oh."
Cindy leans against the wall while one leg lifts up. She wraps an arm around her leg, holding it against her body and using the wall for balance. Luckily our heights are close enough that when I move to stand in front of her my dick is just at the right position to enter her exposed pussy. I had started the usual process of ordering her pussy to warm up while she was doing her cheerleader routine, so I am able to push my dick inside Cindy without too much effort. Cindy does not appear to appreciate this as much as I do, letting off a stream of expletives as she feels a man inside her for the first time. I put one hand on her ass and push her body closer to me, helping my shaft slide deeper inside her tight warm pussy. The position is not as easy as more vanilla arrangements, but it does have the advantage of putting our faces mere inches apart, letting me watch the storm of emotions flash over Cindy. Hate, pain, embarrassment, shock and maybe the slightest hint of fear fight for control, twisting the teen girl's attractive features. Abruptly Cindy falls silent, having decided not to waste her breathe. But she keeps her dark brown eyes locked on mine; a dip into her mind shows she is instinctively looking for an opening, an opportunity to wrest control of her body back somehow. Once again I find myself impressed and somewhat intimidated by this girl, even as I violate her tight pussy.

Thinking about her pussy brings my mind out of Cindy's and back to the situation in hand. Currently in my hand - Cindy's firm round ass, muscles taut as she maintains position and tries to keep her balance against my steady thrusts. My other hand is against the wall for added stability. I continue to pump in and out of Cindy, enjoying the friction of her pussy walls close around my shaft. Her skirt is bunched up between our bodies, her raised leg requiring me to stand at a small angle to her to allow proper penetration. I feel the discomfort of her pose slowly turn to ache and allow her to rearrange herself so that her leg is against my shoulder instead of being held almost vertical. It is not much of an improvement for her however, and soon I feel her leg start to wobble even with my absolute mental control of her body. Time to change position before she strains something irreparably.

I reluctantly move back, my dick exiting Cindy's pussy as I do so. Cindy slowly lowers her leg, wincing in pain. My erection tells me I have not finished playing with her yet, but it is equally clear that another standing position is not possible. I send mental orders to Cindy, who limps around and past me. Time for something more traditional, but traditional doesn't have to mean boring.

Turning back to face the bed, my eye passes over the two girls on the floor nearby. A swift set of mental orders sees Yolanda and Courtney disengaging from each other and getting to their feet, before joining Cindy on the bed. Soon I am presented with a very pleasing sight - three teen girls on their knees facing away from me, bent over Courtney's bed. Their upper bodies were raised onto their elbows, allowing them to squeeze close together. I admired Yolanda's light brown peach of an ass, next to Cindy's slightly larger, slightly lighter toned one, next to Courtney's prominent pale curves. All three girls are talking, their words and tones as varied as their bodies. Yolanda's uncomplicated threats:
"When I get out of this I am going to fucking kill you, pinche bastardo!"
Cindy's more creative comments:
"You'd better let this bitch kill you, because if I get to you first you'll learn how much pain a body can take without dying."
And Courtney's more plaintive words:
"Oh God, haven't you had enough yet? Just let us go, please!"
I ignore all of them, even though their words become more urgent when I stand behind them and start running my hands over their presented asses. I decide to treat the host of this party and kneel behind Courtney. I have not ordered the blonde girl's pussy to warm up, so even with my dick wet from Cindy it takes a few strokes before I am halfway inside her. Courtney's pleading gets louder with each inch that sinks inside her. I take my time to enjoy the sight of the teen superhero bent over her own bed, being steadily impaled on my hard dick.

My next choice is easy - I had not yet had my fill of supervillain pussy, so after a few minutes I withdraw from Courtney and shuffle over to kneel behind Shiv/Cindy. Courtney's relief is mirrored by Cindy's frustration as slide my dick back inside her.
"Uh! Goddamnit you idiot!"
Cindy's wet pussy is far more welcoming than her words, and I am once again feeling her tight pussy walls gripping my shaft as I pump in and out of her. This time my hands are free, a fact which I take advantage of by gripping the asses of the girls on either side. The sound of the girls' threats and promises and pleadings is punctuated by the rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh for a good fifteen to twenty minutes, before I withdraw abruptly. Cindy notices of course.
"Ah! Oh, you done? Pathetic, you can't even-hey. Hey wha-AAAH!"
Cindy's pussy was wet enough to coat my dick, providing some amount of lubrication. It is still a tight squeeze though as I push my dick past her anal ring and into her ass (sure I could use the lube I brought, but I figure Cindy can take a little more punishment than Courtney). For half a minute or so Cindy's commentary is reduced to moans and gasps as she feels her last shred of virginity taken away. Her ass is hot and tight but I still manage to get most of my shaft buried inside her before she regains her composure.
"AH! Ah-fu-AH! You are fucking dying by inches you-get out of me, fu-AHH!
I make sure to push as hard as I can into Cindy, putting my full weight behind me as my position allows. If her threats come true I might as well make them worth it, right?
... I banish that thought from my head and concentrate on the pleasure radiating from my dick as I pound the Asian teen supervillain. For good measure I take my hand off Courtney's ass (leaving faint nail marks in her pale skin) and slap Cindy's ass hard. Cindy reacts with a little scream followed by a growl of frustration at her helplessness. I slap her again, and again in time with my thrusts, my hand meeting her reddening ass as my dick drives deep into it.
"Ah! Argh GodDAMMIT stop-Ah! you, st-AH! Fuck!"
I feel myself heading towards a strong orgasm, but there is more to be done before my next climax. I withdraw from Cindy's ass suddenly, landing one last crack with my palm on her exposed ass before quickly shifting to one side. Yolanda's ass is now in front of me, round and inviting. My arousal is already high so I do not pause before parting the girl's ass with my hands and driving my dick down. There is a moment's resistance before the head sinks into Yolanda's tight virgin asshole, and my groan of pleasure is completely drowned out by her heartfelt wail.
I have enough sense to mentally restrict the volume of her anguished cries. Her screams resolve into groans but are no less intense as I press deeper into her. I belatedly remember her pigtails and lean forward, grabbing her hair with my hands and pulling. Yolanda's head snaps back, her back arches and my dick sinks fully inside her. Yolanda's ass is so tight around me that movement is painful (the lack of lubrication probably doesn't help). But I am past caring about such things, and begin to jerk my hips back and forth, reaming the Latina teen's ass while her friend Courtney listens in horror.
"Oh God, Yolanda! Stop it, please, stop hurting her!"
I barely register Courtney's pleas. My focus has narrowed to the feeling of my dick slamming in and out of Yolanda's quivering ass. Unsurprisingly it isn't long before I feel the orgasm approach - in fact it rises so fast it feels that I go from half-wild thrusting to burying my dick as deep as possible while gripping Yolanda's pigtails as I explode inside her ass. I feel my balls draining out into the teenage superhero, the waves of pleasure coursing through my body manifesting only as a few twitches of my hips and a deep moan of pleasure. I hold my position for a few moments, until the pleasure subsides enough for me to notice some discomfort. Carefully extracting myself from Yolanda I look down at my dick and see it is quite red from the friction of such energetic, unlubricated anal sex. Yolanda's asshole looks equally worse for wear, but her wordless complaints on the matter are easily remedied by sending a mental command for her to sleep. 

I do the same to the other two and they immediately slump onto the bed, still bending over in a row. I gingerly make my way to the bathroom and clean up, before returning to Courtney's room. There is just enough space on the other end of the bed to fit me, and I am too tired to rearrange the girls. So I too slump onto the bed and close my eyes.

I am woken by sunlight shining into my face from the window. Blearily checking the time from Yolanda's phone, I note that a couple of hours had passed and it was around midday. I stretched, yawned and once more admired the row of tight teen asses in front of me for a moment, before ordering Yolanda and Cindy to awaken. I removed their speaking ability so as not to disturb this quiet moment. I ordered them to the bathroom to freshen up, but not before assisting me in moving the still-sleeping Courtney face down onto the bed. As the two girls left the room I walked over to the bed. I placed a pillow under Courtney's hips to raise them before straddling her legs. Her raised hips meant her pussy was nicely exposed and a perfect target for my rapidly hardening dick. After waiting a half a minute for her pussy to wetten in accordance with my mental manipulations, I leaned down over the blonde teen.

Courtney awoke with her face in the pillow, my voice in her ear and my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.
"Good morning Courtney."
"Wha.. ah! What-oh. On, no."
"I feel I neglected you earlier."
"ah! what?"
"I fucked Cindy's and Yolanda's asses but never got around to yours."
"I'll make that up to you, right now."
"Wh-no! No ple-aaAAH!"
Using one hand to adjust my aim I move my dick from Courtney's wet pussy into her ass, before continuing my rhythm. It takes a little more work but I am soon burying my dick deep into the superheroine's round beautiful ass.
"Your ass is fantastic, babe. I could fuck it for days."
"Ah! ah, please take i-ah!"
I wasn't lying - Courtney's ass is no longer new territory but it still felt remarkably tight given its size. I quickened my pace and soon her pleading was mostly replaced with guttural gasps and moans as I reamed her.
Yolanda and Cindy chose that moment to return to the bedroom, clean and naked and (physically) ready for further adventures. I regarded their faces while they stood waiting by the bed. Yolanda's expression was a mask of hatred, with the occasional wince of sympathy whenever Courtney let out a particularly loud yelp. Cindy was superficially impassive, but her mind radiated outrage at her recent anal violation. Seeing these two looking down at Courtney and I made me decide to change my plans from simply fucking Courtney's ass to completion. Such lovely faces should not go to waste.

I move off Courtney, to her immediate relief. I get up and move to stand in front of Yolanda, who glares daggers at me even as she sinks to her knees. Soon she is flanked on either side by Cindy and Courtney. My dick stands erect and wanting attention, something I solve by having Yolanda wrap her full lips around the head. The Latina teen's eyes refocus onto my dick, making her glare a little cross-eyed. I peek into her mind to find it is full of fantasies of biting down on me, at least partly to distract from the fact that the dick currently pumping inside her mouth was very recently in her friend's ass.

Yolanda's bloody vengeance is not on the cards right now, a fact I reinforce by having her move her head down until my dick is touching the back of her throat, and then tweaking her gag reflex. I watch her eyes open wide as my dick passes into her throat, blocking her breathing for long enough that she starts to panic before pulling back out. Yolanda starts coughing as I mentally order Courtney's mouth open, turn my hips a little and plunge my dick into the blonde's mouth (being the only one of the girls currently able to speak she manages a "no pl-" before her mouth is otherwise occupied). As Courtney starts to bob on my dick I address her friend.  
"You can imagine what you like Yolanda, but right now you are mine to play with. You and your friends here."
Yolanda glares at me defiantly but I can sense her mind cloud with hopelessness. I extract my dick from Courtney's mouth and turn to Cindy, pausing on the way to slap Yolanda's face with my wet shaft. Not hard, just enough to emphasize my point. This slightly backfires as the slap actually brings Yolanda out of her funk and rekindles her burning hatred for me. I shrug and watch as Cindy's lips wrap around my shaft, taking me deep inside her immediately. I spend an enjoyable twenty or so minutes swapping between the girls, my dick being liberally coated in the saliva of all three. I observe the different techniques of each girl, in the way they use their tongues; how their lips wrap around my shaft; the desperate gagging sounds each girl makes when they deep-throat me. Having all three girls on my dick at once (Yolanda in front with her lips around the head while Courtney and Cindy lick the shaft and balls from either side) is visually pleasing but somewhat awkward. 

Cindy's mouth is open wide and her tongue is poking out, trying to lick my balls while my dick is stretching out her throat, when I feel myself reaching the point of no return. I rapidly extract my saliva-covered dick, causing Cindy to sputter and lower her head. That won't do; I mentally order Yolanda to help Cindy raise her head and place it beside her own while Courtney leans over to place her cheek against Yolanda's on the other side. Cindy's eyes flutter as she fights to recover, but Yolanda and Courtney are fully aware as my cum boils up my shaft and spurts in thick streams. Yolanda is the first to be splashed with cum across her full lips. Turning slightly I catch Courtney across her nose and one eye. I have just enough left in me to shake some drops into Cindy's open mouth before letting out a sigh of relief as my crashing orgasm subsides.

I stagger back a few steps and sit heavily on the bed. The girls have no orders, so they remain kneeling, naked and sweaty, their faces pressed together and covered in warm cum. It is a beautiful sight. Looking into their minds I see Yolanda's fury is more or less replaced with weariness. Cindy is finally becoming overwhelmed by the continued violations, but I have no doubt that she would take any chance to escape and/or kill me. Considering she has spent most of her time begging I expect to see Courtney's mind filled with despair, but I am surprised to see a core of hope inside her. She truly is a superhero, in her mind at least.

I mentally order Courtney and Yolanda to crawl over to me. I also release their speaking ability but the girls only moan as they make their way over to me on tired limbs, coming to a stop on their hands and knees in front of me. The two teens start to gently lick my dick clean. Thus occupied they do not notice when I mentally order Cindy to rise and leave the room.

The blonde and the Latina are efficient in cleaning my dick, but I let them keep licking and kissing until I am coaxed back to erection. Courtney is first to notice Cindy returning, and I sense her spirits leap as she sees Cindy is holding the Cosmic Staff which she believes (incorrectly) is the source of her powers. The staff is longer than Courtney is tall but narrow enough for Cindy to wrap her hand around. The metal glows in the daylight, especially at the top end which is a complicated blunt spear shape. The bottom end is rounded. Cindy does not appear to be struggling to carry it despite its size. I have Cindy stand in Courtney's view, holding the staff which is the focus of Courtney's hopes for rescue. 
"Hey Courtney, look what Cindy brought. Your magic staff."
Courtney does not take her eyes off the staff, even as her tongue flickers over the head of my dick. 
"Call to it Courtney. Go on, try."
I can feel her mind trying desperately to reach out to it, but with her mental abilities removed it is like trying to stand on a phantom limb. She keeps trying though, even as Cindy lifts the staff and walks around to behind Courtney and Yolanda. The two girls can no longer see Cindy, but I watch carefully as the Asian teen lifts the staff, takes aim, and brings it swinging down in an arc aimed at Courtney's exposed ass.

There is a dull thump and a cry of shock and pain as the flat side of the staff's head connects with Courtney's ass, not hard enough to cause damage but enough to leave a mark. 
"What the fuck, come on ma-mmph!"
Yolanda's comment is cut off by my dick as Cindy raises the staff and repeats her action. Courtney's reaction is halfway between a scream and a sob this time. I lean down to talk softly to her while Cindy twirls the staff around to the other end.
"Your staff is no use to you now, 'Stargirl'. Well, perhaps it has one use."
"Ooooh God no, stop, I can't-what are you-ohgodpleasenono-ooooh!"
The bottom end of the staff is rounded but still quite large, especially when inserted into Courtney's tight teen pussy as Cindy is now attempting to do. I place my hand on Yolanda's head as she blows me and watch Courtney's face contort at the feel of inch after inch of cold metal sliding inside her. Such a shame I will have to blank all their memories before I leave, because I feel certain I will remember the superheroines and supervillains of Blue Valley for some time.


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