An Unforgettable Date

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Content of the Story: M/F/F/F, oral, anal

Subject: Batman – Mystery of the Batwoman

Characters involved: Sonia Alcana/Rocky Ballantine/Kathy Duquesne/Bruce Wayne

Author: Victor2K


Batman, Mystery of the Batwowman – An Unforgettable Date





The doorbell rang outside the apartment. Kathy Duquesne ran to see who she was, like if she was waiting for somebody to come. The African-American woman looked at the magic eye, heart racing in anticipation, which only increased when finding out who was behind the door when it was unlocked and open.


“Rocky! Sonia! Welcome back to Gotham City!”


From the other side, a blonde and a redhead came, both as ecstatic as they could be, yelling and hugging Kathy while walking inside the very luxurious and large apartment their friend lived on. You could see on the trio’s faces that they didn’t see each other for a long while.


“Kathy… you don’t know how we’ve been missing you. We never forget you while in Bludhaven”, Sonia said.


“We always wanted to make a visit to you here in Gotham but only now the stars aligned for us to come and hang out with our best friends”, added Rocky, as cheerful and happy to see her best friend.


“Then, why you two don’t come in and make yourselves comfortable. The trip must been a bit tiresome for you two”, pointed the shorthaired brunette as her two friends walked into her place with their luggage.


“Well, airplanes and I do not blend too much”, said she blonde secretary.

This is the point where we explain the whole story behind their friendship. Years earlier, Kathy Duquesne, Rocky Ballantine and Sonia Alcana were at the business of crime fighting, each other donning the guise of ‘Batwoman’, a lady vigilante who cracked down crime alongside the local hero, Batman. Since then, the lives of three women went in different ways after they retired the uniform and decided to live a more calm life.


Kathy always tried to get herself distant from her criminal father, Carlton Duquesne, one of the reasons she did wanted to become a hero, mostly because of blaming him for the death of her mother. Now, they were in a better relationship than years before, but she always wanted to have her own life, where she found at the fashion business, running a successful company aimed for women who want to be in style but do not want to spend too much money for haute-couture stuff.


Sonia continued her job with police, but now in Bludhaven as she was detective there after she left Gotham City. It was a job nonetheless tough as it was in Gotham, with similar presence of criminal activity prone to bring danger to the population. Bludhaven was the place where Rocky, real name Roxanne, lived with her fiancé Kevin. After he left the prison due to being wrongfully prosecuted, the couple moved to a different place to restart, and Bludhaven was the picked city to live.


Despite being far from each other, their friendship was still intact, with Internet and telephone being the main ways they shared their news and talked about their lives, not counting the times they visited each other. But that visit would become, soon, the best thing they ever done together, and now it’s time to talk about it.


“Come here and sit down, girls”, Kathy made her two friends to come to her couch, herself sitting between Rocky and Sonia. “It’s time to know what you two have been up to these days”


“Well… same old, same old”, Det. Alcana began to talk. “There is not nothing new to talk about, except that has been really rough there in Bludhaven. The gangsters are going crazy there, you can’t believe. Sometimes I feel that I should move back to Gotham, the things are easier here”, the redhead complained.


“If you saw what is going on in the news, you might have to rethink about it, Sonia”


“Believe me, if you saw the news from there, I think you could understand my point of view, Kathy… Gosh, being a cop is so tiresome”, Sonia sighed imagining the things she had to see at work and that now were apart from her life for some days


“At least you don’t need to worry about your fiancé being overseas all the time”, Rocky put herself into the argument of who had the least pleasant moment of them all.


“But at least you have a boyfriend, Rocky…”


“I would love to have one who stays more at home than getting into business trips”, the blonde girl was visibly upset when reminding of Kevin, who now worked into IT business, spent most of the time with his job than with the woman he was to marry.


“I know how it is, but I don’t think you shall worry about that, Rocky”, Kathy tried to console her friend. “He is trying to get his life well after what happened to him. You must be happy that he now has a good job and can provide the good things for you”


“I am not pissed off about it”, the blonde sighed. “It’s just I don’t like to be alone all this time, if you know what I mean. And well, there is work to do for me and my job and this consumes me and I want to get relief with Kevin and enjoy us together after a day of work. Understand it?”




“Look who’s talking!”, the police officer was now the one who interfered into the talk. “You are the one who is the most successful of us all, rich, has a fashion business and all. And even better, dating the fucking hunk Bruce Wayne!”


“Yeah”, Rocky agreed, as they were talking about her friend’s relationship with her former boss “We are all feeling bummed and you are the one who can enjoy the length of Bruce Wayne, Kathy. I bet you are getting really steamy with Mr. Wayne”


“I wouldn’t say ‘steamy’ as a word to define my relationship but Bruce, however won’t lie we are together for the last three years and it’s been quite amazing”, the African-American businesswoman said.


“We can see… it’s all on the news, the magazines and even the Internet”, Sonia commented.


‘There must be a hard work for you keep the ‘vultures’ away from your boyfriend. After all, he is the most sought bachelor in Gotham”, added Rocky.


“I know, but I don’t give a damn. My relationship with Bruce is going well and we’re going out tonight”


“Lucky gal! You go girl!”, the two guests cheered.


“Well, but now let’s not talk about that… let’s get you where you can stay”, Kathy said


“We were thinking about getting a place in a hotel. You don’t need to worry about it, Kathy”, the blonde girl argued.


“No way!”, the brunette was baffled with Rocky’s thought. “You two stay here! You are my friends and my apartment is enough bigger for the three of us there. You don’t even need to think about getting somewhere else, girls”


Sonia and Rocky tried to answer back, but they never said ‘no’ to Kathy’s demands to stay in her place when they came to Gotham. Therefore, the police officer and the secretary had to stay at her luxurious penthouse during the time they spent at the city. Something that, sooner, wouldn’t be target of complaints.




The next day, Kathy and Bruce were having lunch at a very famous and exclusive restaurant in Gotham, the ‘Parlet’. The shorthaired girl brought him there because she did wanted to tell her boyfriend about the news.


“You brought me here to tell me something, Kathy. What it is?”, the millionaire asked.


“Well, it’s that I wanted to inform you about something that happened yesterday, Brucie”


“What happened? It’s something serious?”, Bruce was curious to the point of suspicion there


“Not at all, dear... it’s that… do you remember my two friends, Sonia Alcana and Rocky Ballantine?”


“Oh, I do! I do remember them. It’s been a while I don’t hear about them… aren’t they living in Bludhaven?”


“Yes, they are. But they came here for vacation time and I will host both in my place while they are here in Gotham. Won’t you mind, right?”, the ebony entrepreneur said.


“Kathy, why I would mind about it? They are your friends and it’s your right if you want them to stay in your apartment. You would think the same if I hosted somebody at the manor”, Bruce replied completely conscious about the situation.


“I know, you are the most understanding person I ever met, Bruce. But I know as well how you appreciate when the two of us like to be sometimes alone in my apartment, just to be together”


“I can get used without it for a while…”, he said before smiling and kissing his girlfriend, now less worried that Rocky and Sonia could be a disrupt to their time together. “By the way, tonight our date is still on?”


“More than ever, sweetheart!”, Kathy smiled with that hurdle overcome.




Later that evening, Kathy Duquesne was about to have a proper date with her boyfriend and was getting ready for Bruce. Meanwhile, both of her guests of honor were at the couch, Sonia talking with her PD colleagues at the cellphone and Rocky watching some rerun on cable.

Then, the shorthaired African-American girl finally showed the result of minutes of choosing a dress and getting her make-up done. She wore a flashy purple dress, with gloves and the latest fashion on high heels. All to impress the leading bachelor in the city.


“Liked my new collection, ladies?”, Kathy said as she made sure her friends could see the highlights of the dress, made by her company.


“Wow! It’s stunning, Kathy! My God!”, Sonia had her eyes widen when seeing her friend.


“You are going to impress Mr. Wayne with that on, girl!”, Rocky agreed with the detective’s assertion.


“It’s my latest design”, the African-American explained. “Actually just a prototype, but I want to see how it will be accepted in the club tonight”


“If it’s like with your all designs, it will make your bank account flooded with money”, the blonde visitor commented.


“If Bruce likes it, it will be a first step for success”, Kathy commented while messaging her boyfriend in the cellphone. ,”And if he likes, the chances of showing myself without it increase”


“Nauughty, naughty girl… you never change, Kathy Duquesne!”, the brunette remarked with a snarky smile.


“Why I should change?”


The short haired woman concentrated herself with talking with Bruce Wayne while Rocky Ballantine approached Sonia Alcana to comment their friend’s date with Gotham City’s finest bachelor.


“It seems Kathy is going to get lucky tonight”, Rocky whispered closer to Sonia’s ears.


“Who wouldn’t feel lucky when dating Bruce Fucking Wayne!”, the detective replied.


About 30 minutes of wait for Kathy, as her man went to her place to pick her up for their date. As soon as he got that, her apartment’s intercom buzzed.






“I am here, honeybug!”


“Okay, I will let you up”


Standing close to the door, Kathy waited for Bruce to come into her place, with her two friends watching the nervousness of the entrepreneur be held in control. Mr. Wayne and her dated plenty of times since they began their blossoming relationship, but you never must be taking things too much as granted in love.




“It’s open!”


Behind the open door, there was Bruce Wayne, with suite, tie and everything that made him a suited playboy for almost every lady in the city. Smiling, he held a flower bouquet in one of his hands. The ebony lady ran to his arms and then kissed and embraced each other, much to some ‘good envy’ from Rocky and Sonia, watching the love birds.


“Finally you arrived in time!”


“I could have arrived earlier if an email from Tokyo didn’t held me more than I wished in office”


“Wow… I love the way you talk about your business, darling…”


“Do you see it as sexy?”, Bruce Wayne asked.


“With the kind of men I dated, you talking about business matters became a turn-on to me!”, Kathy explained as she took the bouquet and went to gather somewhere to put the flowers on. Meanwhile, the darkhaired CEO from Wayne Enterprises eyed two familiar faces at the couch, as they watched him and his girlfriend kissing.


“Hey, Bruce! Long time, huh?”, Sonia played with him.


“Ah… detective Alcana… Sonia… and you, Rocky!”


“Good evening, Mr. Wayne. It’s been a while I don’t talk with my ex-boss”, the blonde woman said.


“Well, since you two left Gotham, I only had news from Kathy. I heard you two are going well in Bludhaven”


“I have to admit that, here in Gotham, is more ‘fun’ than there, but for my career it was better to move”, the redhead detective explained.


“We all know Gotham can be a bit ‘unruly’ sometimes, Detective…”, Bruce commented.


“I wouldn’t trade a second I lived in Bludhaven for anything I lived here… well, except working for you, Mr. Wayne”, the blonde added her own remark.


“Please, stop being too formal, Rocky. You do not work for me anymore. You can call me Bruce…”


“I am sorry, Mr. Wayn… I mean, Bruce. I am still not used to see you not being my boss”, the blonde tried to avoid being embarrassed in front of her former chief.


“It’s okay”, the darkhaired man tried to cool and patch up anything (if there was) not good he had meant. “I know how that feels, it’s been a while since you and your fiancé left the city. By the way, how he is going?”


“Kevin is doing alright. He has his TI business growing; we are coming together with your lives, finally! After all that happened, we want to forget the bad things that happened with us when… you know…”, Roxanne explained, but she was trying to stop the memories of the times where her man was incarcerated.


“It was good for you two to leave Gotham and start again somewhere else. You know that I am supporting you two and, anything you need, I am here”


The talk was interrupted by when Kathy reappeared at the living room, looking at her watch, worried about the time they were to go to the place they were meant to that night.


“Shall we go, Bruce dear? Anything you need?”


“No, not for now. We can eat somewhere before we go to that nightclub”


“Where are you going tonight?” , Sonia asked.


“To the Sphere”, Kathy replied, talking about a new hot night club that was opened months earlier and it was the hottest place in town. “It’s where all the local celebrities go”


“There will be a band where a friend of mine plays and they are doing a show there and he gave me VIP passes for us”, the millionaire added information.


“Good luck, then! I hope you two enjoy”, Rocky cheered her friend and her boyfriend. “Shall we wait for you?”


“Let’s say you should not stay too much awake, girls”, the African-American fashionista said before kissing her boyfriend and waving to her friends as she left her apartment ready for her date. When the door was closed, Rocky threw himself on the couch, as if the presence of Bruce Wayne there made her feel ‘strange feelings’


“God! Kathy is so lucky! Bruce Wayne… ohhh…”


“She is the one who got the golden ticket, Rocky”


“See the hottest piece of man in Gotham City all for herself… damn, I do not want to get envy of her, but damn… I must remember that you have a fiancé waiting for you in Bludhaven, Roxanne”, the blonde girl was appalled about her friend’s guy.


“Too bad no one at the district is hunky as Bruce Wayne”, Detective Alcana sighed as well. “We have to cheer for Kathleen. She got the one every lady in the whole city wants… she is lucky as heck!”


“She is. But a man like that… gosh! If I wasn’t Kathy’s friend and I had somebody, I would..”


“Would what?”


“You know what I would do with him, we would fuck each other like bunnies! A man like Bruce Wayne, you can’t pass that opportunity”


“I Know… I don’t know the things I would do with him, but he has that vibe… darn… what a man he is!”


The two women, alone at their common friend’s place, began to assemble fantasies about them having Gotham’s best bachelor for themselves. And you can imagine all kinds of fantasies Rocky Ballantine and Sonia Alcana had when imagining the local playboy…


“Wanna know?”, the redhead Bludhaven PD officer thought. “I think we could have an adventure here in Gotham”


“What do you mean?”, Rocky asked her friend.


“How about we enjoy our time here doing something we might never think we can do? Something really out not only of the left field, but from the right and the center as well”


“Do you have any idea? Because I don’t know what we can do here in Gotham that can be the way you explained, Sonia”


“I will explain you, Rocky. Come here and I will tell you everything…”





Meanwhile, Bruce and Kathy took the road in the way to Triestina, a fancy Italian restaurant where the playboy had a VIP room, set to whenever he wanted to bring a date there. As usual, decorations with flowers, candle lights and everything else two love doves like them deserve.


Triestina was the destiny before they went to the Sphere, where they watched Bruce’s friends played. The couple attended the show at the best seats ever, where they could enjoy the best of amenities the club had and meet the who’s who in Gotham. Afterwards, the two visited the band and talked with them before they got a nice car stroll in the city. It seemed to be just an ordinary date like no other, but there were a few issues on the way.


Bruce left Kathy at the door of her building around 1AM as he was to attend an early meeting back at Wayne Enterprises. She went to her apartment and found out her two guests laid on the separate ends of the couch, wearing sweaters and sweatpants that indicated they were about to sleep or, at least, delay their bedtime.


“Hey! Already back?”, Rocky lift herself up, showing herself surprised to see her friend coming back too early for the standards of a dating couple. “I thought you would spend the whole night with Bruce…”


“I wanted, but I couldn’t… Bruce have a meeting early tomorrow and he decided we wouldn’t do anything further tonight”, Kathy said as she kicked off her fancy heels away at the living room and walking naked to the kitchen in order to have a glass of water.


“That’s not good” Sonia joined the talk. “But at least the dinner and the show were good, weren’t?”


“Yes, they were… they were good, they were alright”


As the fashionista drank the glass of water, both guests knew she wasn’t totally gleeful while talking about her date with Gotham’s most suited bachelor. Perhaps they knew because it didn’t finish as Kathleen wished, but still the curiosity was bigger than anything for them.


“Anything wrong, Kathy? “, Sonia Alcana asked.


“No. Why?”


“You weren’t extremely happy when we asked about your date with Bruce. Is there something wrong and you don’t want to talk about it?”


“No, it’s nothing wrong between us… is that… well…”


The police officer’s inquiry was right on track and Kathy Duquesne would try to hide it the best, but she wouldn’t get enough to not talk about what it was bothering her. As soon as she finished her water, the shorthaired girl moved between her visiting friends and began ti talk.


“It’s nothing wrong between us, well… apparently. It’s that… I just don’t know what to do”


“What to do with what?”, Rocky Ballantine asked.


“With us, Rocky! Bruce and I are together for a while and everything was okay and alright and the passion flame burned when we started, but now it seems like we take to a point that I feel  we need something extra”, the African-American entrepreneur explained.


“Ahh… This happens with almost every couple in the world. It’s hard to keep that flame burning for long and sometimes things become too ‘lifeless’, if I can use this world. Don’t you think Kevin and I had the same issues as well?” the blonde consoled her best friend.


“I just thought that I wouldn’t be one more number in the statistics. I wished that flame kept burning right now, but Bruce seems too busy with his job and stuff. Well, there are the dates, but not even the sex is 100% as it was when we started to date”


“I know how you feel. Well, I do not have a boyfriend, but I had enough experience with men to know that most relationships break because people fail on trying to get back a flame that might never come back”, Sonia pointed.


“Phooey…”, Kathy found herself upset while her back and head went to the back rest “I love Bruce and Bruce loves me, but I want something to make him feel that I am here for him, that I can still be attractive and do something that can really turn him on…”


“The most important here is that you two love each other, period. You two will find a way to make your relationship be good for you two, but what it matters is the love you feel for Bruce”, Rocky pointed in an attempt to cheer her friend.


“I know everything about it, Rocky. But the thing is that… sigh… I wanted to find some way to reignite that flame on us, but I don’t know what I should do! Bruce is so important to me and I don’t want to give it’s his fault”


“It’s not his fault or anybody else’s, Kathy. You just need to work it out, like every relationship. Believe me, I know as much as you how hard is to work a relationship to make it good”


Rocky’s advice touched Kathy, but the shorthaired ebony lady didn’t see an easy escape from her love issues with her boyfriend. Seeing that even a girl with quite experience in dating wasn’t getting a positive feedback, Sonia, who heard the blonde’s talk, noticed it was a proper moment for her to sneak her plan into motion.


“Kathy, we are here to help you, whatever you need it”, said the police detective, looking at her eyes and one hand patting the entrepreneur’s knee. “We are your friends and that’s what friends are for. And I do believe we know how to help you with that little problem of yours”


Rocky and Sonia looked at each other, with the blonde way surprised to see Detective Alcana slip ‘they’ knew how to make their friend and hostess better with her relationship going with naughty boldness in her talk and face. The blonde almost reprieved that but the policewoman rebutted, all with eyes and facial expressions, letting the ebony fashion mogul’s quite stranded on what her friend meant about it.

“What are you two doing? What it means about ‘we can help you’, Sonia?”


“Well, Sonia. Now you have to talk with her about it. You just said”, Miss Ballantine  said.


“About what? I don’t understand what the heck you two are talking about”, the shorthaired began to feel suspicions about whatever plan her two guests were about to lay on her. The blonde was unsure if Sonia could speak to Kathy whatever was they were discussing earlier. But if the other girl spilled out, it had to be said, no matter how.


“Kathy… Well, to begin with, everything came out when Rocky and I were talking about you and Bruce. But don’t worry, isn’t related with your little problem with him, I assure”, Sonia started to talk to her friend.


“Wait a minute?” now the entrepreneur’s suspicions rose very big “What were you discussing about Bruce and I?”


“Nothing bad, just don’t worry about it”, Rocky came in Sonia’s aid to avoid a restless situation for their host in Gotham. “Actually, it was something we reminded as you mentioned your issue with your boyfriend”


“Can I know what it is?”


“Yes, you can” the police officer answered. “But promise us you are going to listen each world of what we are going to tell you. Because after you listen to us, Kathy Duquesne’s romantic and sexual life won’t be ever the same again”


“What do you mean with ‘my romantic and sexual life won’t be the same again?’ What the hell you two have in mind?”

Rocky and Sonia looked at each other and now there wasn’t anywhere to run. They had to share their ‘plan’ with Kathy. And what is this plan’ about? To know the wicked (here is one hint) mind of both guests, you will have to wait a little while to see what they brought to the table. But believe me: it will be an experience they will never forget it.





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