Super Awkward

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Kara Danvers always meant well, but it had a tendency of blowing up in her face. No matter how spectacularly that happened, she was never discouraged. After all, she was Supergirl. The definition of Hope and Justice. Because Truth, Justice and the American way was a nice slogan, but it wasn't accurate, given she lied by omitting her true identity all of the time, and while America was her home, she was putting out fires elsewhere all the time. Sometimes even on other Earths. But she was getting off topic. The point was, her heart was in the right place tonight, but more than ever before it had backfired over and over again, each time worse than before, with especially the last one extremely worrying her.

Having J'ohn arrays Alex's memory of her being Supergirl had seemed like a good idea at the time, but as tonight had proved it was anything but. Because one minute her sister had been unknowingly drooling over her, the next Kara was blurting out the truth, which just might have ruined her relationship with her sibling, and maybe her whole foster family. She would be lucky if Alex ever talked to her again for letting her embarrassing herself like that, and that would be definitely never if she ever found out what Kara did next. Because after that, she had flown around the city. Mostly to clear her head, but also because she was Supergirl, and it seemed like a good idea to patrol. Then she meant to go and apologize to her sister, but instead of calling or knocking first, like a normal person, she'd simply used her x-ray vision, with disastrous results.

Normally it was fine, as Alex hadn't really been much of a sexual person until she met Maggie. But even the stuff that Kara had seen them do was downright innocent next to what her sister had been doing to Sam. Kara hadn't meant to stay, but it was like a car wreck. She just couldn't look away. Oh God, she just kept watching as Alex ass fucked Sam, and the worst part of it was it actually turned her on. So much so, that she finally stopped watching and headed home only after Alex and Sam had stopped having sex, it wasn't so that she could have a cold shower. Kara tried to tell herself that over and over again, but the second she saw Lena Luthor again, her girlfriend looking ridiculously sexy, as usual, Supergirl just couldn't resist what she really wanted.

"Kara, hey. How was patrol?" Lena greeted warmly, not yet noticing the look in Kara's eyes.

"I don't want to talk about it." Kara said, quickly shutting and locking the window behind her, before advancing on her woman.

"Oh no, did something bad happen?" Lena turned to finally see the way that Kara was looking at her, then grinned wickedly, "Or something really good?"

"No!" Kara blushed, then tried to cover up her obvious lie by stammering, "I mean, no... it, it was completely uneventful. Boring really. Honestly. I just... Rao Lena, you look so good. You always do, but... wow. It just makes me so, you know? It, it made me think things. Dirty things. Like, all night. And I just want to... you know..."

The last part of that ramble definitely wasn't a lie, and Lena obviously knew it, as she went from looking happy, and puzzled, to thoughtful, and then finally happy again. Clearly, the gears in her head were turning, trying to figure out exactly what had caused Kara to be so flustered, which was very dangerous, as there was a very, very good chance that she would figure it out. Which was why Kara close the distance between them, and rested her forehead against Lena's. God, she wanted to kiss her so very badly in that moment, but she also didn't want to do something that the other woman wasn't ready for. After all, she didn't want to be all 'caveman', and just walk in demanding sex on the spot. Luckily for her, Lena was very accommodating.

Lena wouldn't be this accommodating for everyone, but she loved Kara Danvers with all her heart, and could tell that she was in need of distraction from whatever was going on inside that pretty little head of hers. Don't get her wrong, later she would definitely push for more answers, confident that she could coax them out of her lover, but for now she was happy with kissing Kara Danvers. After all, it was maybe her favourite thing in the entire world. It might be tied with sex with this goddess of a woman, but kissing might just have the edge, as there were times that Lena felt like she could be satisfied with this alone. At least when it came to her precious Kara. Like right now, the whole world falling away as their lips once again pressed against each other.

In moments like this, their stressful lives fell away, and there was nothing but each other. Which continued to be the case throughout the initial gentle kissing and into the heavy make out session that it eventually evolved into. Oh yes, her Supergirl gently lowered them down so that Lena was sitting on the couch, and Kara was straddling her. At one point, she was even grinding into her. Almost hard enough to hurt, although as always Kara instinctively remembered to hold back her strength, so it added an extra amount of thrill for the Luthor without being painful. Which was extremely effective, because Kara wasn't the only one worked up from the events of earlier in the night.

Honestly Lena had always felt intense desire around Kara Danvers, and after years of repressing it for the sake of their friendship she now finally have the go-ahead to actually act on those desires, meaning that her very naughty thoughts about this goddess of a woman had doubled. She hadn't even thought that was possible, but apparently it was. Then again, she was spending more time with Kara, which was certainly adding to it. Then there was the conversation they'd had earlier. Lena did feel guilty for her part in messing with Alex, but she just couldn't help herself. Especially when that kind of talk added to her own enjoyment. Just thinking about it now made her tried to turn the tables now, only for her stronger lover to pin her down.

"Nooooooooo!" Kara whined petulantly, before pleading, "I wanna do you first. Please?"

"I suppose that would be all right." Lena quipped with a smirk.

"Yesssssssss!" Kara grinned widely.

"But leave me enough strength to fuck you." Lena insisted quickly.

"Yes Ms Luthor." Kara blushed.

After that exchange Kara stood up and motioned for Lena to follow suit. This was one command that the Luthor had no problem obeying, chuckling and grinning as she did so, more or less, just to make the Super blush. She definitely succeeded, although that was quickly forgotten as Kara grabbed hold of her dress and pulled it over her head. The underwear followed, Lena only too happy to help Kara remove her clothes, leaving her in nothing but a pair of high heels, and a little bit of jewellery. Just as she was happy that the super suit seemed to be staying on for now, as she loved to fuck Supergirl while she was wearing her iconic costume. After all, what more delicious treat could there be for a Luthor?

Kara wasn't even thinking about what she was wearing now, as all the mattered to her in that moment was getting Lena Luthor naked so she could see that amazing body of hers in all it's glory. Besides, it was her turn now. When it was Lena's turn, she would get to decide what Kara would be wearing, and what they would be doing. Although admittedly, Kara did have a suggestion this time. Something she forgot about more and more as those yummy tits were revealed to her, and that even yummier pussy. Oh God, she was like a kid in a candy store. Or admittedly, herself in a candy store. She didn't know what she wanted to put in her mouth first, as everything just looked so good.

For a few long seconds Kara had to just stand back and admire the prize in front of her, before leaning in to give Lena a kiss. It was supposed to be brief, but like many of their kisses, it went on longer than intended. Although on the bright side, she achieved her goal of getting Lena to sit down so she could straddle her waist again, so that when she did finally break the latest kiss between them she could work her way down to Lena's neck, which she kissed, licked, sucked, and even gently bit down on. As always, she had to watch the force that she was using, but she used enough to mark what was rightfully hers. Something that she knew annoyed her woman, as she could not return the favour. Although admittedly, Kara wasn't too happy about that either.

What she was very ecstatic about, was being able to kiss her way down to Lena's tits, especially when she found herself working her way up one of them to take a nipple into her mouth. Something that Kara happily licked and sucked for a few long seconds, before kissing her way down that boob and up the other so she could repeat the process. Kara then went back and forth for a few long minutes, soon adding her hands into the mix, so she could cup one boob more firmly into her mouth, while playing with the other breast with her other hand. And of course, she increased the force of the licking and sucking, worshiping those boobs as they deserved to be worshiped.

"Kara please, mmmmmmmmm, lower." Lena then abruptly moaned, reaching down to stroke Kara's hair while adding, "Ooooooooooh baby, you know how much I love you. But I need more. I need, ohhhhhhhhhh, I need you to lick me. Oh yes, I need it. Oh Kara, you make me so needy. Oooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, go lower! That's it baby. That's just what I need. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, good girl. Ah fuck, you little tease! Ha ha ha ha, you've learned well. I'm so proud of you, sweetie. Yes you have, yes you have. Oh yes! OH YES! Oh Kara, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

Those actions and words were designed to make Kara preen and do as she was told, and they absolutely succeeded. Kara knew that she was being manipulated, but she didn't care. She also didn't care that this was basically Lena doing her a favour. After all, Kara loved foreplay as much as the next girl, but clearly she was in the mood for something more. Oh yes, Supergirl had walked in ready to fuck, and luckily for her she had the most caring and loving girlfriend ever, who understood just what she wanted in that moment, and gave her the permission she needed to take it. Which made her want to repay the favour, something she tried to do by providing more teasing, something that she knew her woman loved.

Lena certainly loved a good bit of teasing, but she definitely preferred it when she was the one doing it. There was certainly a thrill to receiving it, especially when it was sweet Kara Danvers doing it, but in moments like this, it could be rather frustrating. Because yes, she knew that Kara wanted to savour the moment, but the truth was, Lena was almost just as needy. Because again, she was guilty of enjoying the earlier incident with Alex a little too much. And well, she had been surrounded by beautiful women at the time, and just because two of them were dear friends, that didn't stop her from finding them attractive. And most of all, Kara Danvers was her girlfriend! Oh God, she was actually dating Supergirl, meaning to a certain extent, she was horny all the time.

So it was infuriating having Kara kiss her way down her stomach so slowly, but her girl wasn't exactly known for her patience. Exactly the opposite, in fact. Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before she got what she wanted. And when she did. Namely Kara Danvers, pressing her tongue to the bottom of her cunt and sliding it all the way upwards, even lingering on her clit for a few wonderful seconds, at the end there. Which of course had Lena closing her eyes, throwing her head back and letting out a loud cry of overwhelming pleasure. She held that position for a few long seconds, while continuing to let out cries, gasps, moans and whimpers of joy as the mighty Supergirl officially began licking her pussy.

For better or for worse, Kara avoided her clit after that first initial lick. Although mostly for better. After all, while it meant less pleasure initially, it did mean she received more later. And would cum harder. But most important of all, this would last that much longer. Oh yes, because while Lena was tired of being teased, she wasn't tired of getting her pussy licked. Especially when it just started. Of course, the downside was that they risked Kara's super hearing picking up something that needed immediate attention, but when that happened in the past she was right back in a matter of minutes, and Lena had the added benefit of knowing that Supergirl had just saved the day, somewhere, with the taste of her pussy on her lips. Luthor pussy, at that.

It greatly amused Lena to wonder what Supergirl's adoring public would think, if they could see her now. Especially given she was still in the suit while eagerly lapping away at her cunt. Oh yes, Supergirl was a good little rug muncher for Lena Luthor, worshiping her cunt at a moments notice like her hot little mouth and tongue belonged to her. Although amusingly enough, this wasn't even her idea, this time. No, the mighty Supergirl had flown in here, hungry for Luthor pussy, and Lena was only too happy to oblige. Hell, this was the closest they'd come to Kara topping her, which was a delicious change of pace, and extremely amusing, considering how things normally went between them.

Kara didn't really feel more in control than usual. If anything, she was struggling to control herself, as usual, and hoping that Ms Luthor would take control over the situation. Or at least, she did when she came to her senses, given that initially she was just so completely lost in her love for pussy that she wasn't thinking much of anything. Luckily at times like this her body went into autopilot, delivering several long, slow licks to the tasty treat in front of her, being sure to ignore Ms Luthor's clit for now, so that she could enjoy this wonderful experience for that much longer. Of course, inevitably her ability to think slowly came back, along with the awareness of her desire to give that cute little clit the attention it deserved, getting more yummy pussy cream in the process.

Luckily, she had been trained better than that. The thought made Kara blush, but it was true. Ms Luthor... Lena, was an amazing teacher. So loving and patient with her. So very good at... details. Telling her little things which would drive women crazy, and then giving her the perfect amount of encouragement for it to sink in. Although, Lena insisted that she didn't need it, which was kind of embarrassing, but it was true. Kara had always prided herself on being a fast learner, but her girlfriend called her a natural when it came to licking pussy, and she wasn't wrong. Which again, was a little embarrassing, but it shouldn't be. And it wasn't, as mostly, Kara was proud of it, especially given the wonderful results.

This was certainly no exception, given that she got a number of wonderful rewards. Like the moans, gasps, whimpers and cries from her lover, and the hand gently stroking her affectionately. God, Kara loved those rewards, especially the sounds. They just made for such wonderful encouragement, and the sweetest music to her ears. Way better than anything else she'd ever heard. And while being petted was a little insulting, honestly, after what she'd seen tonight, it was kind of working for her. Okay, maybe it worked for her before, because apparently she was a 'total bottom', according to Lena, and in moments like this, Supergirl had to admit that the other woman might have a point.

Of course, her favourite reward was the yummy liquid she got to swallow. Lena's regular pussy cream was addictive enough, but her girl cum was indescribable. Which made it very, very tempting to increase the pace, so she could get that girl cum sooner. Or at least some more pussy cream. But no, Kara wanted to make sure this could last for as long as possible. Besides, it had been what she had been trained to do, she thought with a blush. And besides, the longer this lasted, the more strokes to her head, and the wonderful sounds of pleasure she got to hear. Also, for a while there, she was even able to look up and into Lena's eyes and see the love she had for this woman reflected back at her, along with just pure desire, which made her heart flutter.

Lena's heart fluttered whenever they locked eyes, but especially during these moments. And the same was true for just looking at the goddess known as Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl. Oh God, Supergirl was in between her legs, licking the pussy of a Luthor!  That would never get old. And Lena never wanted it to stop. Which was sadly, why she had to eventually look away from her darling girlfriend, and just stared at the ceiling while trying to think unsexy thoughts. Which was hard for her, given just how naturally good Kara was at this, especially after given the chance to practice. Luckily for the Luthor, she had plenty of practice too. Both with Kara, and more importantly without her.

Not that it could compared to being with someone she truly loved, but Lena had been blessed with many, many lovers over the course of her life, most of them women, just looking to experiment and do something crazy. And what could be crazier than hooking up with a Luthor? Hell, it had become one of her main advantages lately. And before that, she had just been rich, and still was, which always helped. And all that experience had taught her patience. As had running her own company, and well, the lessons that the Luthors had taught her growing up. And in moments like this, all of that was put to the test. Oh yes, no matter how much experience she had, and no matter how much she tried, and no matter how much she wanted this to last forever, ultimately Lena couldn't take it anymore.

"More! Mmmmmmmmm, give me more!" Lena moaned, "Oh Kara! Kara! Mmmmmmmmmm, my little Supergirl, give me more. Give a Luthor more of your sweet little Super tongue. Yesssssssssss, that's it, ooooooooooooh God, lick my clit just like that! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! No! Don't make me cum, mmmmmmmmmm, not yet. No, mmmmmmmmm, I'm not ready to cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face yet. Just tongue me, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, tongue my twat! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, just like that. Ah fuck! Good girl, oh God, good little Supergirl, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd Kara, oh Kara, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Of course, it didn't take much to get Kara to hit Lena's clit with every stroke of her tongue, instead of every so often. In fact, Lena could have done with easing into it, something that she shouldn't need to point out at this stage, but it was hard to complain. Literally, Lena found it hard to form words when the pleasure had increased so dramatically over such a short amount of time. But also, if she could have complained, she probably wouldn't have. No, it just felt too good for that. And well, there had been a decent amount of build up already. Oh yes, it wouldn't be long now, before the brunette was ready to cum in the blonde's mouth and all over her face, and the only question left, was how long it would be before then.

Initially it was a question of when would Lena form the words to ask for it, and maybe it should have been that way, but it wasn't. No, pretty much, as soon as Lena felt ready to cum, her inpatient girlfriend pushed her tongue as deep as it would go inside of her, instantly triggering a powerful climax. And the poor Luthor barely had a chance to survive that attack before Supergirl bombarded her with another. And then another, and then another, and then another. Oh God, Lena came more than with any other person, which made her love Kara Danvers even more. Not that it would stop her from punishing her lover for her disobedience. Although it would be something the Super would love almost as much as she did, the Luthor promised herself that.

Kara had been planning on waiting until Lena gave her the permission she needed to make her woman cum, but she just hadn't been able to control herself in that moment. Besides, she was kind of hoping to give the other woman an excuse to punish her. Also, to be fair, it wasn't like she made the Luthor cum the first time she got the chance. No, she built her up by focusing on that cute little clit of hers, even taking it into her mouth so she could both lick and suck it. Hell, she would've probably made her girlfriend cum like that, but she just couldn't resist the urge to officially tongue fuck another woman. Especially this woman. Oh yes, Kara shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Lena's pussy, instantly making her cum.

Thanks to her superspeed, she was then able to pull her tongue out, and wrap her mouth firmly around the entrance to that pussy, so she could get every drop of that precious liquid. Also, thanks to her superspeed, Kara was still able to savour it, even though it only last a few seconds for someone without superpowers. She then of course repeated the process, the second time able to literally give the other woman a tongue fucking. Oh yes, Kara Danvers was able to literally thrust her tongue in and out of the pussy belonging to Lena Luthor. It was probably only a couple of minutes, or maybe even less, but again, thanks to her superpowers Supergirl was able to savour that fact.

It was something that Kara felt like she was living for at this point, and she definitely didn't want it to end. However, she also wanted to leave Lena enough energy to be able to return the favour. Which felt so selfish of her, but Lena assured her it wasn't. Besides, there were times that Kara just couldn't resist fucking her woman into unconsciousness. And impressively, vice versa. Although it was also impressive that didn't happen here, that the excitable blonde was able to control herself enough to slow things down, and bring the brunette down from her high. She was even able to, just about, pull herself away from that tasty treat, without having to be pushed away at the end.

Admittedly she lingered there for a few long seconds, just to make sure she got every drop of the escaped girl cum, but then Kara leaned back on her knees, licked her lips, and then finally looked up at her seemingly exhausted girlfriend. For a few long seconds she worried she hadn't pulled away quick enough, or worse, had hurt the woman she loved, as Lena seemed completely out of it. Then Lena opened her eyes, the Luthor and the Super exchanging a hard to read look, which turned into a wicked grin. Then they were kissing again, deep, passionate, and needy. Kara was initially startled, but she didn't care. All that mattered was they were once again kissing, this time Lena tasting her own cum and pussy cream on the tongue of Supergirl.

Just thinking that made Lena want to cum again, but instead she broke the kiss, and breathlessly purred, "Your turn."

"Yay!" Kara beamed.

"So... what do you want?" Lena asked, before quickly adding, "But whatever it is, please don't take off the suit."

"Well..." Kara blushed.

"Well what?" Lena gently pushed, after a brief pause.

Unable to look at Lena directly, Kara lowered her head, and then after a brief pause stammered, "Do, do you think Alex was right?"

"About which part?" Lena questioned with a wicked grin.

Another pause, and then Kara cautiously asked, "Do, do you think that my... that Supergirl's ass was made for fucking?"

"Definitely." Lena beamed, then quickly reassuring, "And I'd do it in a heartbeat, if you want. But we don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. Just because one Kryptonian likes it up the butt, doesn't necessarily mean that you will."

"What, what makes you think that Sam likes... that kind of thing?" Kara questioned softly, looking up momentarily.

"Well, Alex's little speech, for one thing." Lena explained, almost casually, "For another, I've seen Sam sitting awkwardly for weeks, so either her healing ability has gone completely, or they're having a lot of anal sex."

"Oh..." Kara blushed, looking right back down again.

"Like I said, we don't have to do it if you don't want too. But I promise, if we do, I would do anything in my power to help you to enjoy it." Lena swore softly.
"Thanks." Kara smiled happily before admitting, "And I think it would be fun, so, so I'm in, if you are."

"Definitely." Lena beamed, before questioning, "Were you thinking of my fingers, or..."

"Your strap-on." Kara admitted bashfully, "I mean, I'm Supergirl. If I'm going to do this, I might as well do it right. Right?"

"Well, in that case, bend over." Lena ordered firmly, and then quickly added, "And don't worry, we'll go nice and slow, and ease you into it with a nice rim job. After all, we don't want what happened last time I took you doggy style to happen again, do we?"

"No." Kara blushed furiously, and did as she was told.

Lena felt bad for mentioning that, but it kind of felt like she had too, given that she was referencing Kara using her laser vision to set the curtains on fire when she came. Admittedly Lena didn't particularly care about the curtains, but if her beloved Kara didn't get herself under control when she came, the results could be disastrous, and deadly. Possibly for both the Luthor, and the innocent civilians surrounding them. Admittedly, it would be quite an amazing way to go, but then she wouldn't be able to fuck the mighty Supergirl again, and that would truly be a tragedy. Especially given what she had just been offered, which had the brunette quickly equipping herself with a strap-on and covering it with lube.

She kept a close eye on that cute little butt while doing that, and needed another few minutes to savour it once she pulled that iconic little skirt up and over her girlfriend's hips, then pulled her panties down. Pulled Supergirl's panties down to reveal her virgin ass hole! The virgin ass hole of Supergirl, which she, Lena Luthor, was about to defile. God, the thought really had her drooling. Which was good, because she used that extra saliva to spit onto Kara's virgin butt hole, and then rubbed it in with her tongue. Which was a process she repeated a few times, before settling into a long, thorough rim job. One which had sweet little Kara Danvers moaning happily for her already, which was a very positive sign.

Thankfully she continued getting those sounds, maybe because the other girl seemed surprisingly relaxed, considering what was about to happen. Which eventually made Lena bold enough to try pushing her tongue inside that forbidden hole, but unsurprisingly, she just couldn't get through, and had to simply settle for swirling her tongue around that hole. Especially considering the attempt made Kara tense up, which wasn't a positive sign. It was only momentarily, but still. It was more than enough to keep the rimming going for perhaps longer than was necessary, before Lena replaced her tongue with a finger.

As that finger was still very much covered in lube, it had an easier time than her tongue, but only just barely. God, Lena had never felt such a tight little hole, which seriously had her second guessing whether such a thing was possible with a depowered Kryptonian like Sam, let alone one who was still at full strength like Kara was. But given that Kara's response was mostly positive, and Lena was actually able to push the entire finger into Supergirl's butt, and fuck her with it, convinced her to give this a shot. Also, she just couldn't resist the opportunity to fuck Supergirl in the ass. Especially when it really was made for fucking. So after a few minutes of anally fingering her lover, she pulled that finger out, sucked it clean, and then pushed her luck a little bit more.

"Kara, will you do me a favour?" Lena asked sweetly.

"Anything." Kara smiled dreamily.

"In that case, spread your cheeks." Lena gently pushed, "Mmmmmmmmm, offer up your anal cherry to me like the gift it is. And then keep spreading those cute little cheeks of yours, so I can watch my dick disappearing into that virgin ass. Oh yes, that's it Kara! Oh Kara, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, good girl!"

"Okay..." Kara blushed furiously, doing as she was told.

Kara almost backed out of this a couple of times, but she remembered how hard Sam had cum, and how much she seemed to be loving every second of it, even if that was kind of hard to imagine right now. Rao, as Supergirl, she had dived into countless dangerous situations without breaking a sweat, the costume giving her permission to embrace the unflinching persona that she had worked so hard to create. But now, even while wearing the suit, Kara felt out of her depth and more nervous than she had ever been in her entire life. She also felt incredibly vulnerable, a feeling which was magnified by reaching back, grabbing hold of her butt cheeks, and pulling them wide apart. Although at the same time, because she had to press her face down, she was able to look back to see the desire on Lena's face.

It was the only reason she got through the next few long seconds without backing out, as Lena Luthor admired the prize in front of her, and then pressed the tip of her cock against Supergirl's virgin ass hole. She then slowly pushed forwards, causing Kara's back door to start stretching for something much bigger than a finger. Much bigger, which caused the blonde to squirm under the assault of the brunette, who thoughtfully stopped half way through, but if anything that was making it worse. Kara just wanted Lena to get it over with at this point, and eventually she got her wish, her rear hole finally stretching wide enough for the head of that big dick to slide through that back entrance, and into her butt.

Something that Lena just couldn't help comment on, "I did it. I got your cherry! Mmmmmmmmm, Supergirl's anal cherry! Oh my God Kara, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you really are the best girlfriend ever."

"Thanks." Kara blushed, although she had the feeling that Lena didn't really hear her.

Which was understandable, as was the fact that Lena kept murmuring those things over the next few long seconds as she savoured the moment, and then again after she started pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of long, thick strap-on dildo to slide through Kara's back door and deep into her back passage. Something which was incredibly embarrassing, but not as bad as Kara thought it would be, because again, it was pleasing Lena, and that was the main thing here. Also, it didn't hurt nearly as badly as she thought it would. Admittedly it wasn't exactly comfortable, but it was bearable. Which was true even for the anal penetration. Because sure, it had hurt, but nowhere near as bad as some of the other things she had experienced.

There had been one thing she was expecting though, which exceeded her expectations. Namely, the thrill of doing something so naughty as to allow her girlfriend to sodomize her. Oh Rao, not so long ago, Kara, would describe herself as vanilla in bed. She mostly let her lovers do all of the work, as she was afraid of hurting them. But not with Lena. Well, she was afraid of hurting her more than anyone, but the Luthor was very, inventive, when it came to working around the Super's abilities. Although maybe she should've done more before they started this, because Kara was really worried that she would love this, as much as Sam did, and they would have another embarrassing accident, like the forementioned curtain destruction, only far worse.

Lena was trying to be good and pay attention to how Kara was dealing with all this, but it was so very hard when she had Supergirl bent over in front of her, spreading her butt cheeks and offering her the most forbidden hole on her body as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure. And of course, it was even better when her cock was stretching that tight little butt hole wide open, and slowly sliding into it. Sliding into Supergirl's ass hole! That's what her cock was doing. And in that moment, it truly felt like part of her. Like it was flesh and blood. It was a good thing it wasn't, because it was so tight, she probably wouldn't last very long. Hell, she thought she might cum just from the mental high of it, meaning it was very hard for her to focus on how her girl was feeling.

Thankfully, as far as she could tell she was taking it fairly well, especially given this was her first time taking it up the butt. Then again, that shouldn't be a surprise. After all, this was The Girl of Steel. An alien who literally had superpowers, that she used to protect the world around her. This kind of pain was nothing for her. And yet, Lena couldn't help feeling proud of her. Which only grew tenfold as she realized she was almost out of dildo. Lena then grinned wider and wider as that amount increasingly decreased, until her thighs were pressing up against those cute little ass cheeks, announcing every single inch of her big dick was buried deep within Supergirl's ass. Something which of course, she just had to gloat about.

"Every inch! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, that's every inch of my dick, deep in your ass, Supergirl." Lena grinned wickedly, before half checking, half taunting, "How does it feel, huh? How does it feel to have an ass full of cock? Huh? Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, tell me, Supergirl, how does it feel to have an ass full of cock like a nasty little slut?"

"Good." Kara blushed, replying without thinking, then blushing even more.

"Really?" Lena questioned, stunned by the answer, both because she hadn't been expecting one, and because of the answer itself.

"Yes?" Kara whimpered with another blush.

"Are you asking, or telling?" Lena couldn't resist taunting.

"I, I don't..." Kara stammered.

"Hey, it's okay..." Lena quickly soothed and backed away, even while taunting a little more, "There's no rush. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, take some time to think about it. Then, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Supergirl can tell me all about how she loves taking it up the ass. Until then? Oooooooooooh baby, just relax and enjoy."

"Okay." Kara replied weakly, before moaning as Lena officially started fucking her in the ass.

For a moment there Lena thought she was going to talk herself out of this wonderful treat, but maybe she shouldn't have worried, given Kara's reaction to the initial butt fucking. Oh God, all it took was moving her hips back and forth one time in the slowest, most gentle thrust she was capable of, and already the mighty Supergirl was moaning softly in pleasure. God, it really was so hard not to push her luck by pushing her girlfriend some more, and it was probably inevitable that she would do that. But it was probably good that she didn't, given that the sounds that her girl was making weren't of pure pleasure. No, there were some whimpers and cries of discomfort, which made Lena feel a little guilty. But the fact that Kara was even enjoying it as much as she was from the start was a very, very positive sign.

Indeed, as the minutes ticked by, those reactions became even more positive, causing Lena to chuckle wickedly, and increasingly focus on the wonderful sight in front of her. It was really, really hard not to get completely consumed by that amazing sight, considering this was Supergirl bent over in front of her, in her little suit, no less, with her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down, exposing her ass to a Luthor. God, she was even continuing to spread those cute little ass cheeks, giving Lena Luthor the best possible view of her big dick sliding in and out of that forbidden hole. Oh fuck, in and out of Supergirl's butt hole! Her cock! Oh God yes, she was so happy in that moment Lena pretty much lost the ability to think.

Kara wished she wasn't aware of what was going on right now, as it was incredibly embarrassing. Don't get her wrong, she wanted to enjoy this. She wouldn't have agreed to be butt fucked if she thought liking it wasn't a possibility. But this early? Oh God, she was a total anal whore! Which was a fact she was left to wallow in, as she received a long, slow ass fucking. One which proved while Supergirl might be an anal loving bottom, Lena Luthor was very much an ass pounding top. Rao, right from the beginning, Lena had been so effortlessly sexy that it hadn't been a surprise she had been amazing at every aspect of love making, but now she was truly putting on a master class, gently coaxing Kara's ass to relax and accept that it was now the cock sleeve of this superior woman. Or maybe, Supergirl was just a massive anal slut.

Honestly, it was probably a combination of both. But ultimately it didn't matter. All that mattered was this was overwhelmingly amazing, and embarrassing, something Kara got to experience for what felt an eternity. Or maybe she just wished it was an eternity. Oh Rao, part of her wanted this to last forever. However, an increasingly bad part of her mind, wanted more. She just wasn't sure how she was going to be able to ask for it. Talking dirty was Lena's thing, not hers. Sure, Lena was able to push Kara to do it, but that was just for Lena's benefit. Then again, Lena had asked her a question, and now seemed like a good time to give an answer. Especially as it could give her everything she so desperately wanted in that moment.

"It feels good." Kara moaned softly, breaking the silence which had fallen between them, "Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, oh God, it feels so good. Oh Rao, mmmmmmmmm, it feels so good in my ass. Supergirl loves it up the butt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, Supergirl loves taking it in the butt! Supergirl loves being butt fucked by Lena Luthor! Oh yes! Butt fuck me Luthor, ooooooooooooh, fuck Supergirl's tight little butt. Please Lena, fuck me hard, and make me cum like a little slut with a cock in my ass. With, with your cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS, THAT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD! OH LENA! LENA! OH MY GOD, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!"

Thankfully Lena didn't push her in the way that she thought she might. Although that was probably because she told her exactly what she wanted to hear. Which was the point, but it was also true. Oh God, Kara needed to cum with a dick in her ass. Something which shouldn't be so easy for her, but it was, Lena Luthor only needing to increase the pace of the sodomy only very slightly for her to be able to make Supergirl cum from being fucked in the butt. Which was incredibly humiliating, but for better or for worse in that moment, it only added to the incredible pleasure that was echoing through Kara's body. Something which continue to happen, until she could no longer think coherently.

In fact, her last coherent thought for quite a while, was that she wanted to do this over, and over, and over again. Oh yes, she wanted to be butt fucked as often as possible, something that would probably be easy to talk her girlfriend into, given just how gleefully wide Lena was grinning right now. Oh God yes, Lena Luthor had never looked more beautiful than when she was anally pounding Supergirl. Not that Supergirl could afford to spend too much time looking behind her. No, she was far too worried about having another accident, like the incident with the curtains, and hurting the woman she loved. Or worse. So she kept her eyes straight ahead, and desperately concentrated on controlling herself, as she experienced one mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm.

Lena chuckled wickedly the first time she gave Supergirl an anally induced orgasm. There were many achievements Lena was proud of, but none more than this. After all, this was fucking Supergirl. She had fallen in love with Kara Danvers, and knew better than anyone the difference between the idealized persona her girlfriend put on, and the real woman, but in that moment, she couldn't help but getting hung up on exactly who she was doing this too. And what she was doing. And what her family would think of her, if they could see her now. If they could see her dominating a Super in a way they never had. Oh yes, she loved this girl with all her heart, but in that moment, Kara Danvers was kind of her anal bitch, and that was truly mind blowing.

That overwhelming thought, combined with the feeling and the sound of her thighs smacking against Kara's butt cheeks, the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, and the wonderful sounds her girl was making, all combined to make sure that Lena came too. She was normally better at holding back, and if it had been anyone else, she would've probably been able to do it. But this was Kara Danvers, her Supergirl, and she was making her cum by fucking her up the butt. Although to be fair, cumming together made it more erotic. And definitely more hot. Oh yes, once she started cumming Lena just couldn't stop, and all she could really do was try to push herself through that ecstasy, so they could both enjoy it for as long as possible.

For better or for worse, as soon as Lena began working them up to what was a hard and deep anal pounding Kara was only too happy to help out by letting go of her cheeks, lifting herself up onto all fours and beginning to push herself back against that big dick, so that they were working together to make sure that the butt sex was as hard and as deep as possible. Obviously for the better, as it was the two of them working together to increase their mutual pleasure. Just as obviously, it was for worse, because Kara was clearly having a very hard time controlling herself at this point, made obvious by the fact that she started floating up, up, and away, with Lena helpless to stop her. And for a second there, it looked like things were going to get even worse.

However, then Kara realized there wasn't as much dick in her ass as before, and she ended up pushing backwards so hard she knocked Lena down onto her back, and then frantically started anally riding her in the classic reverse cowgirl position. Which again, was a double-edged sword, as while Lena was glad this was continuing, and she was so exhausted at this point, this was the only way it could, it kind of became painful for her. Also, and more importantly, they were still in danger of an accident happening. Fortunately her girlfriend either recognize that, or the mighty Supergirl genuinely ran out of steam. Either way, the blonde came crashing back down onto the brunette, gasping for breath, making the Luthor feel very smug with herself, as she rolled the Super onto her side into the spooning position.

Then after gently kissing Kara's pretty face and neck Lena whispered with a wicked grin into Kara's ear, "Alex was right, mmmmmmmm, your ass really was made for fucking."

"Lena!" Kara exclaimed with annoyance, although she couldn't help laugh a bit.

"What?" Lena protested with a laugh of her own, "The aftermath to this was going to be super awkward no matter what. Might as well have some fun with it, right?"

"Shut up and hold me." Kara grumbled.

"I love you too." Lena cheeked.

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