Superbabes: Cancelled Order

BY : KorgTheOrc
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Superbabes: Cancelled Orders

Cancelled Order #3: Starfire


DISCLAIMER: Starfire, Lex Luthor, and Mercy Graves are property of DC and Orders & the Superbabes are property of @SnowWolf35. All events are fictional and not based on any real-life person or event. This story is parody and intended for persons 18 years or older only.


            “It’s uncanny,” Rosa said, looking on with equal mixtures shock and mild respect.


            “Right? Like, on the one hand, weird. But on the other, it’s kinda mesmerizing.” Jackie added, staring at the same sight in the breakroom Rosa was. The two of them had barely touched their own lunches, too engrossed in the display before them.


            “Right. Like watching a lava lamp. It just sucks you in,” the back-tattooed Latina say, finally managing a bite of her sandwich.


            Lori was trying hard not to take this personally, but this had been going on for ten minutes and it was trying her patience. Her mouth had been mid-way to biting into a hot dog when she sighed and set it down. “Do you two pervs MIND?”


            Jackie rustled in the small fun-sized bag of Funyuns she’d gotten out of the vending machine, popping one into her mouth and munching away, speaking through a full mouth. “Dude, don’ let uff ftop you.”


            “It’s bad enough having jerks stare at me when I do this OUTSIDE the club. It cannot possibly be that interesting.”


            Rosa smiled. “Lori, chica, you just went through 5 hot dogs in ten minutes. It’s kind of impressive, from any angle.”


            Jackie nodded in agreement. “I’ve worked frat parties and I don’t think I’ve got through that many wieners at once in that amount of time,” she said, clearly happy with teasing her coworker. She gave this a moment’s thought and added, “Well, Laura probably has. That girl’s mouth game is enviable.”


            Lori groaned, the blue-skinned woman running a hand through her hair before defiantly picking back up her hot dog and taking a less than dainty bite out of it. “It’s my metabolism. Whatever weird alien biology crap my dad had going on, every couple of months I gotta load up on protein…”




            “… SHUT IT, or I get all lethargic. Nobody wants a delivery girl that needs a nap before she rocks your world. So yes, lots of hot dogs.” She said, polishing off hot dog #6 in short order.


            “I can definitely say that I’m amazed someone who works HERE chooses to get their excess protein from meat by-products instead of the obvious.” Rosa said with a grin, biting into her sandwich again.


            “I’m amazed someone who works here needs to swallow more protein on a regular basis than me,” Jackie added.


            Orders, flipping through the pages of a magazine as she sat on her own break, chimed in without looking up. “The next person to say ‘protein’ with lewd connotations gets to clean the bathrooms.”


            “Thanks, boss.” Lori said, sticking her tongue out defiantly at the other two before starting in on hot dog #7.


            “Don’t mention i-“


            Her purple eyes flashed as a path lay out before her…


TIME: 9:15pm (0.3 seconds into the future) PLACE: Gotham (Superbabes)


          *RING, RING, CLICK*


            “Superbabes, we now deliver.”


            “Yes, I believe we need the…”


            *rustling of paper*




            *further rustling of paper*


            “ … “


            “… ah, yes, the, er, ‘Starfire Stir-Fry’. Three orders, I believe.”


            “That’s three stir-fries with rice, tofu, and vegetables. Anything else?”


            “We shall need it delivered by Starfire, please. And is there any way to, er, extend the time limit?”


            “(*sigh*) Extensions are normally at the discretion of the delivery person, but somehow I doubt you’ll have a problem convincing this one. We normally only do extensions on our 2 for 1 deals, but if you’re willing to pay the 2 for 1 rate, I suppose we can allow it.”


            “Thank you, we can certainly pay ex-“


            “HOWEVER, neither extensions nor large orders change the fact that we expect her back at the end of the agreed upon time limit, or else the police will be called. You will be charged on completion of delivery. Now, name and address?”



TIME: 9:42pm (23 min. into the future) PLACE: Upper Gotham (Geno-Tek Offices)


            Starfire had to take a cab to get to the business district of the large city, Orders having been adamant that she was not going to tie up the restaurant’s only delivery vehicle on what she called ‘some millionaire’s unfortunate suicide by sex marathon’. Star would have complained about that being an unfair comparison if someone hadn’t literally had a heart attack from her giving him a lap dance on his birthday a few months back at the restaurant. In her defense, he survived.


            Given what the three mystery-gentleman were paying for a 6-hour romp and some simply so-so str-fry, it was more than fine. Hell, she could call for a limo to take her home afterwards and still not have it cut much out of her share of the fee. As it was though, she actually liked cabs.


            “Oh, FUCK, here it comes, slut!” She heard from above, a hand pressing hard in her red hair.


            And cabbies, who in turn liked her.


            She bobbed her head rapidly in the cab driver’s lap, even as he began to try and push her lips to kiss against the base, a litany of wet noises coming from her throat as she settled up on the cab fare. “ULGULGULGULG-AHUK!”


            A thick load of the man’s seed burst hard into her snug throat, the years of experience from being a wanton nymphomaniac paying off as she felt the fluid spatter against her tonsils and down her gullet. She slurped noisily like someone trying to get the last of a milkshake at the bottom of the cup, the driver’s hips shaking in his seat all the while.


            When his spurts finally began to subside, she popped her mouth free with a satisfied “PWAH” and a lick of her lips. Sitting back upright in the passenger seat, she leisurely flipped down the vanity mirror and quickly reapplied her lipstick with practiced ease, most of it having been left in rings on the cabbie’s now deflating cock.


            “Whoo, goddamn, lady,” The man said, zipping himself back up. “That’s a heck of service for just a fifteen-buck fare!”


            “Not a problem, sweetie! Think of it as professional courtesy between service industry workers,” She said, leaning over and giving the man a smooch on the cheek to get rid of the excess lipstick and leave pair of lip-marks on him in the process.


            “Well, you ever need a ride on weeknights, you just ask for Cab #83 and I’ll break some traffic laws to get to ya’.” He chuckled, voiding the meter as she hopped out onto the curb and waved.


            Orders hated when she paid for things that way, but frankly, Star thought it was good promotion. Besides, it wasn’t like she did it SPECIFICALLY to get out of paying. It’s just that sometimes a delivery guy, or a process server, or somebody asking for the time caught her eye and she just… did what came naturally. If she ended up getting the occasional free cab ride or lack of speeding ticket out of it, so much the better.


            As the cab went on its way, she adjusted her purple bikini outfit to a position of maximum enticement, as well as popping several tabs of wintergreen gum in her mouth to chew on. (She personally liked the lingering taste of cum, but it had a tendency to put some men off if that was the first thing they tasted when you made out with them.) She wasn’t exactly worried about causing a stir considering the business district tended to clear out by six or seven, people wanting to be anywhere besides near their office by then. Plus, the few stares she got she always tended to take as a compliment.


            Those decidedly hooker-heels clacking on the sidewalk and making her perfectly tanned ass sway and bounce invitingly, she made her way to a fairly nondescript office building that practically blended in with the block at large. The numbers matched, however, and a tasteful plaque was nestled into a concrete wall rather than some ostentatious plastic and neon sign up top that so many other places insisted on. The bronze metal read:





EST.  1995


            Star cocked her head a little, not giving it much thought. After all, she could safely say her customers came from a variety of professions from hedge fund managers to flush-with-cash frat boys, so it only made sense that a few well-paid researchers wanted a night of excitement.


            After finding the large, opaque safety-glass doors locked, she pushed the call button on the small intercom, a scrolling list of names and office numbers trailing by on the LED display.


            A man’s voice crackled through the speaker. At least she figured it was a man. It had an oddly digital quality to it. “Yes?”


            “Superbabes,” Star said cheerily, holding up the bag of food for the little camera in the intercom panel. “I have a delivery?”


            There was a clicking sound for a few seconds before the somewhat clipped voice responded. “One moment.”


            Starfire leisurely tapped a foot as the com went silent again, only too used to big money places and their laborious security procedures. She was on the verge of pressing the call button again when the voice came back.


            “Please proceed to the elevator. You will be directed.”


            The formerly locked doors gave a brief electronic sound before one opened a few inches, whatever electromagnet they had in place on it briefly giving way to allow her in.


            Sauntering in with that same wiggling cadence that she wasn’t even aware that she did half the time, she turned to thank what she assumed to be the dull-voiced security guard, only to find a large machine built into place where a security desk would have been on most levels. She gave a soft gasp at the surprise, multiple mechanical arms on the thing moving and attending to panels behind the desk for whatever reason. Something that looked like a high-tech camera atop its ‘body’ swiveled in her direction, that same clipped voice repeating, “Please proceed to the elevator. You will be directed.”


            “Um, thanks,” Starfire said, not exactly sure what the protocol was for talking to robots in her line of work. Or for that matter, any line of work. She stepped breezily over into the elevator, about to ask which floor she needed when she saw there weren’t any buttons inside the place. Just smooth, metal walls, an emergency call box and several cameras in each corner of the ceiling.


            She held up her hand at the security drone while it watched her, deciding she might as well be friendly. She held up one palm and split her fingers to either side in the famous Vulcan hand-gesture at the mechanical being. “Live long and prosper!”


            The thing’s camera seemed to narrow and widen again, as if trying to process what it was seeing before the doors snapped shut.



TIME: 9:48pm (29 min. into the future) PLACE: Geno-Tek (Sub-Level REDACTED)


          Beyond simply feeling the momentary sensation of moving downward, Star could only guess at how far. The answer was either ‘not very’, or the elevator moved at surprising speed, because it was a little less than five seconds before a prompt ding and the opening of the doors once more.


            As she stepped out, she was greeted to the sight of an enormous hallway and two actual flesh and blood security guards in pristine black uniforms, a LEXCORP logo embroidered on the left breast pocket. A shapely blonde woman in a lab coat and a no-nonsense pencil skirt & blouse was making her way at a brisk pace, looking over a clipboard all the while.


            “She’s cleared,” the woman said, waving away the two guards who stood down and back to their positions against the wall. The blonde extended her hand out, to which Starfire handed over the food, mistaking the gesture. “Um, yes, welcome Miss ‘Starfire’. I’m Dr. Tanner. We can just leave these here.” She set the bag on the security desk, it promptly being investigated by one of the guards with the air of a man who’d skipped lunch.


            “Those are actually for the clients,” Starfire started, only to be waved away by the blonde, who pivoted on her heel and began to walk back down the hallway with Starfire in tow.


            “Oh, I’m afraid we control the… clients’ diet very strictly. We’re actually are more interested in what assistance you can provide,” She said, still flipping through pages as they marched passed various windowless doors. Some had numbers and letter designations, while others just had words like “Project Crazy Ivan”, “Project Mirror Image”, and so on.


            “I’m not sure what kind of assistance you think I can provide beyond just the one,” Starfire said, watching a bright glow of blue came from under one door, along with what she swore was heavy breathing.


            “Frankly, just the one is the only one we need, Miss Starfire,” Tanner said, finally seeming to find the piece of paper in question and pulling it to the top of her clipboard. “One of our employees ‘ordered’ you a few months ago, and you came highly recommended in your… particular profession. If he is to be believed, we have use of your, and I stress these are his words, not mine, ‘inhuman stamina’.”


            “D’awww,” Star said in tones of utter flattery. She’d have to ask what his name was on her way out, she thought. Clearly he deserved a promotional discount on his next order.


            “Yes,” the doctor said briskly, holding the clipboard out for her as they took a left down another white corridor. “This is a standard non-disclosure agreement for anything you may see, hear, feel, or… consume during the course of your visit. For the purposes of our records, you’re being listed as freelance physical therapist. If you decide not to participate after signing, you’ll still receive the one-hour fee, but we will still require your absolute confidentiality on the matter. There’s also a brief questionnaire of your, er, personal limitations, if you wouldn’t mind ticking the indicated boxes.”


            Starfire gingerly took the clipboard, humming to herself as she uncapped the pen. She seemed to look it over for a moment before scribbling down in places in red ink, the sound of a nib scrawling along paper filling the air. After no more than fifteen seconds or so, she proudly held the clipboard back to Dr. Tanners. “There you go! Hope you don’t mind, I just signed it ‘Starfire’.”


            The doctor smiled a little, taking the board and the pen back from her. “That’s fine. Anonymity is encouraged. Although, I really do recommend reading some of the text befo-” She stopped mid-word, squinting at the sheet.


            “You made annotations,” She said incredulously.


            “Mm-hmm! Some of the language was a little vague.”


            “You looked at this for five seconds.


            “I get asked to sign a LOT of things. You wouldn’t believe how many people have asked me to be in a video,” Star said, giving her cheeriest smile.


            The doctor raised a brow, looked over the annotated revisions on the contract and gave a shrug of her shoulders. “This should still be fine,” she eventually said, signing off on the little footnotes herself before tucking the clipboard under her arm. “Alright. Let’s introduce you to the clients.”


TIME: 9:53pm (34 min. into the future) PLACE: Geno-Tek (Lab Sigma-153)



            Star could at least say that it was novel to be walking around a place with so many men bustling about and not one of them seeming to manage a second glance at her. A little disappointing too, but she supposed the march of science must have left little time for ogling redheads in outfits that had about as much coverage as a shoelace and a pair of postage stamps.


            “The three you’ll be working with have been in our care for a few years now,” The doctor explained as they walked along a busy corridor, occasionally taking something handed to her by a lab tech, signing it, and promptly handing it back. “We have to keep them fairly isolated for reasons that’ll become obvious, but believe me, they’re in no way dangerous. In fact, they’re probably the friendliest three we have in the whole complex.”


            “Why keep them in isolation, then,” Starfire asked, looking around at the busy techs, at least one or two of them dressed in clean suits and doing lab work.


            “Like I said, you’ll see. The three of them were accidentally exposed to runoff from a chemical spill into the local water table thirty miles South of here. It was quickly contained, but not before they’d had a couple of drinks from the faucet at their group home. They weren’t long for the world until Lexcorp stepped in and offered to take custody of the boys so we could offer some experimental gene therapy we’d been working on.” The blonde doctor smiled, seeming genuinely proud. “Some of my best work. Cleared up the damage in days.”


            Starfire’s brow knit, still trying to parse all this as she and the doctor walked along. “Wait, if they’re cured, why are they still in a lab?”


            The doctor bit her lip, clearly trying to find the proper words. “There were some… side-effects.”


            Before she could explain any further, a pair of lab techs came around a corner, both of them supporting a tall, muscled woman who looked like an absolute mess. Completely nude, the brunette looked utterly drenched in semen, some of it even glazing over what looked to be US Marine Corps tattoos on one arm. Despite being built like a brick house, she looked completely exhausted, catching her breath and fighting to keep her eyes open. Cum dripped from both her well-fucked snatch and asshole, and she gave an occasional burbling choke that spit up more of the sticky white stuff onto herself.


            She seemed to try and nod at the doctor when the techs carried her close enough, coughing all the while like she was going to be sick. “S-sorry… URP… doc. Held in there as l-long… ULG… as I could.”


            The doctor, to her credit, didn’t seem to mind the layer of jizz coating the military-looking woman’s body, giving her a pat on approval on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Sergeant. We know you always do your best.” She looked to each of the techs sternly. “Get her to med bay 5, I’ll be by to check on her in a while.”


            The two lab personnel nodded at their orders, continuing to help the well-fucked marine woman along and into the corridor, trailing that yellow-white slime from her holes the entire way.


            Star, for her part, had said nothing during the entire exchange. The doctor might have mistaken it for shock, although if pressed, Starfire would have had to admit that she was currently downright juicy with arousal from the sight. Had it been anyone more familiar to her, the redhead didn’t doubt she would have been trying to lick the woman clean of all that spunk on her. But a job was a job, and the clients came first in more ways than one.


            “Ah, well. As you can see, we need all the help we can get,” Tanner said, readjusting her glasses a little. “It might be better if we show you what you’ll be working with.”


            The doctor seemed to follow the trail of cum the marine had been leaking back to its source, navigating between machines that seemed to be monitoring everything from oxygenation rates of pulses to relative humidity in the test area. Clearing her throat a little, as if bracing herself for an extreme response from Star, the doctor pulled aside a privacy curtain and gave them both an unobstructed view of a two-way mirror.


            Starfire could safely say she wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting to see, but that she hadn’t expected THIS.


            Inside was what looked like the basic approximation of a boy’s bedroom. Specifically, a bedroom for multiple boys given the three beds. It had all the hallmarks of that particular pre-to-early puberty period when boys started to teeter between child and teen. Toys were on shelves, but so were posters for action movies like the latest Gray Ghost film or of bright luxury sports cars. Board games and stuffed animals mixed with a batch of comics and video game gear, all of it a normal looking tableau of the march to teenhood


            At least until one saw everything ELSE in the room.


            The current sole occupants of the room were three boys, each of them somewhere between ten- and twelve-years-old judging by the lack of hair everywhere on their bodies besides their heads. Not a stitch of clothing was on between them, nor did it even look like they were any clothes in the room to even be put on. There was clearly a family resemblance between them, with their mottled, brownish blonde hair and the slightly freckled cheeks, although it was safe to say that was not the most distinguishing feature of the boys. That honor remained solely on the unnaturally large genitals that hung between their scrawny legs, their cocks putting most men to shame, and with fat balls that Starfire doubted even her mouth would be able to suckle all of at once.


            The scene was made all the more surreal as the three youths looked on at some kind of porno playing on the large TV in their room, their hands jerking themselves off without hesitation to the lurid display streaming onscreen. Their pricks looked slippery with leftover cum and no doubt the juices of the recently hauled away marine woman, although they certainly didn’t look sated in the least.


            “Sorry,” The doctor said behind her, resting a hand on Starfire’s shoulder as she took in the scene. “I know it can be a bit shocking at first. The side-effects of their treatment caused a severely hyper-libidinous response, I’m afraid, as well as significant growth of sexual organ tissue and a dramatic increase to virility. Even if you’re on any birth control, we’ll have to give you some Plan B before you leave, all things considered. The boys don’t sleep much, and engage in some form of sexual activity anywhere from eight to twelve hours a day, otherwise they start to experience unsafe hormonal levels.”


            Starfire mumbled something to herself, still staring wide-eyed at the absolutely depraved sight in front of her.


            Dr. Tanner leaned in a bit. “I’m sorry, what was that?”


            “I said I think I just came a little,” Starfire muttered quietly, it becoming a bit more evident to the nearby doctor that the redhead was almost imperceptibly rubbing her thighs together.


            “Y-essssss, well, that, uh… Anyway, Lexcorp is currently trying to restore the boys to a more functional hormonal level, but the company is also curious about the applications for their increased stamina and reduced sleep needs, so we’re trying to reduce their levels with more direct methods while monitoring their vitals.” She paused a second, apparently to try and let this sink in with Starfire, but tapped on her shoulder after a second. “Did… did you hear me, or…?”


             Starfire seemed to snap out of her reverie, taking a second to realize she’d been drooling a little as she watched those young hands pump up and down those unnaturally thick shafts that didn’t belong on such young frames. “Hm? Yes, I’m good. Good, good,” She trailed off a second, seeing one of the boys fondling his own balls as he jerked himself. “… good.”


            The blonde doctor didn’t look quite as convinced. “Alright, well, we’ll check in with you every hour, make sure you’re doing OK. Now if you need to be pulled out before then-“


            “I won’t,” Starfire said, quickly moving over to the doorway to the room where a security guard began punching in the code on the lock for her.


            “OK, but just in case, we should really establish a gesture or safe word for you if you get in distre-“


            “Sorry, can’t hear you!” Starfire chimed almost manically, hopping up and down as the door opened like a kid waiting to get into a toy store, a metaphor that seemed just a bit too perfect, given the situation. She pushed her way inside, her voice practically dripping with sultriness as the door closed quickly behind her.




TIME: 10:01pm (42 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)


          “… Special Delivery Service.”


            The air inside was thick, not just with the smell of sex and cum, but with a lingering sort of humidity that built up with so much sexual activity being undertaken in it. It was tinged with that eager male scent that she so often enjoyed when going down on a man, reminding her of frat houses and locker rooms.


            She noted that the carpet inside the room squished when her high heels stepped on it, enormous puddles of cum formed here and there from what must have been regular ejaculations out of the three preteens. She’d never seen anything like it before, and her hands were already running along her body in both an enticing display for the boys and a growing arousal that she barely had words for.


            “Whooooa, check out the slut Dr. Tanner sent us,” The leanest of the three said in praising tones, hearing such a young voice call her a slut making her shiver involuntarily. It wasn’t said with bravado or attempts at being macho, just statement of fact. He talked about her with the same tones one expected a boy that age to use when describing a new video game.


            “She looks just like that lady in the Justice League!” Another boy exclaimed, hopping off the edge of the bed he had been eagerly jerking off on only moments previous. The stockiest of the three, the heavyset youth darted over to her and brazenly shoved his hand between her legs, grinding along the crotch of her outfit. “She’s already real wet too!”


            Starfire groaned at the fresh stimulation, unable to keep from grinding her hips into towards his young palm. She figured the boys must not have been used to practicing restraint in their condition. After all, whenever a woman came in here in the past few years, it was probably only for the one reason, so she could hardly blame their bluntness. “Nnmmm, yes sweetie. Auntie Starfire’s here to make sure you boys stay niiiiiice and healthy.”


            The tallest of the boys was soon on his feet just as quickly as the others, all of them swarming around her as smaller hands slid and gripped at her body. She could feel her miniscule purple outfit being tugged aside, a pair of childish fingers sliding into her moist little slit and drawing a heated pant from her lips. “Oh man, you’re right,” The tallest boy said, moving his hand faster to pump those digits to and fro. “She’s even juicier than Sgt. Kristie! She must really like kids!”


            The sentence alone would have been enough to slip Starfire over the edge, but the boys apparently knew how to tease and play to their strengths. Leanest looked up at her with his doe-like eyes and a big grin as he asked sweetly, “Is that true, miss? Do you really like fucking kids?”


            THAT was quite more than enough, and she swore as she felt her inner muscles contract around those invading digits. “Oooooooo, FUCK!” She practically bucked her hips down, her legs shaking as a gush of pussy juice flooded across the tallest boy’s hand. She usually only squirted after a vigorous fucking, but this was all simply too much for her, the utter nastiness of what was expected of her edging her along.


            Tallest pulled his fingers free to watch her gush, only for Stocky to drop to his knees on the wet carpet and immediately clamp his mouth over her still creaming little cunt. His warm little tongue slid along her folds and her nub of a clit like he was trying to drag out every inch of her orgasm, drinking down her fluids as she squealed at the fresh stimulation.


            “Hah! Ah! Good boys! G-good… ohhhhhh shiiiit…!” She moaned, momentarily overwhelmed by the eagerness and her own rampant desires at the situation. “Get a good taste of auntie. She’s gonna, ooo, want a taste of you too…!”


            Her hands darted to the bloated pricks of Tallest and Leanest, her hands immediately sticky with that leftover cum as she started to work their shafts up and down. She bit her bottom lip as she strove to regain some control over the situation, although the one between her legs was a thorough distraction with how unexpectedly talented his tongue was.


            She heard the familiar voice of the doctor for a minute, thinking she was calling to her on some sort of intercom to the room, but realized it had a slightly grainier quality to it. She turned her head to look at the TV behind her and recognized the familiar face of the blonde up on screen with the same three boys currently surrounding her. Dr. Tanner was naked aside from some stocking and a garter, the boys keeping her bent over on a bed as she apparently took care of them herself.


            “Boys, ah, please go easy…!” Her voice said over the TV speakers, the non-nonsense looking woman suddenly seeming more out of her element. “I’m still sensi-AAAH!” Her squeal came as one of the boys had thrust into her cum-filled pussy, rapidly thrusting away at her like only the young and eager could.


            Starfire could hardly blame the doctor. Maybe it wasn’t just a desire to feed her own lusts, but an actual feeling of responsibility for her work making them this way. It certainly seemed like a more than fun way to get rid of a guilty conscience, in Star’s opinion.


            When Stocky finally pulled his lips free of her eager cunt, she sank down onto her knees, splashing in one of those cum puddles without regard for the mess it made on her. She didn’t hesitate as she pulled one of the cocks she was jerking into her mouth, lips stretching to envelop the more than adult-sized girth with a moan.  Her eyes stared brightly up at the young trio as she bobbed and slurped on the shaft, eventually popping off it and doing the same for the prick in her other hand.


            “NNNNGH, she feels real good…!” Tallest groaned as she energetically pumped his cock with her mouth, tongue swirling on the underside and the tip before trying to take it into her throat.


            “MMPH… SLRP… AHM…GLK…AH-GLM….” She noisily slurped and gagged, putting on a show for the boys as she left her lipstick marks all over that hefty dick. Two small hands tangled in her red hair and shoved her face forward as Tallest’s hips began to buck, Starfire giving a surprised gurgle as he began to cum down her throat. “NNGLK! GLRG! AHGL!”

            She could only look up in absolute bliss as she drank the boy’s cum down, throat working to milk him of as much of the thick spunk as she could. Even by her standards, the youth came a fair amount, and she savored the taste of him before slowly dragging her mouth up with a wet and noisy pop off the tip.


            “Hah…. hah… so… hah… you boys gonna show auntie Starfire how you like to have fun?” She asked, squeezing the other two boys’ pricks as she licked her lips wantonly.



TIME: 11:05pm (1hr. 46 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)



            “GLURKGLURKGLURKGLURK-PWAAAH! Harder, sweetie! Really pound i-MMPH!”


            Starfire had pulled her mouth free to catch a momentary breath and encourage her face-fucker just before his small hands grabbed at her red tresses and yanked her hard back onto that gene-enhanced prick, hairless balls bouncing off her chin as she began to make those garbled gagging noises once more. The triplets had her bent over one on the beds, a pillow stuffed under her hips to raise them up a bit, with Stocky railing away at her now sloppy cunt while she choked down on Leanest’s turgid shaft. Tallest was wedged beneath her, getting a close-up view of her throating while pressing her heavy, tanned tits around a cock that looked downright obscene on a boy his age.


            “Ughn! She, ah, sucks even better than Doc Tanner,” Leanest said as he humped away at her mouth with wild abandon, yanking on her hair like the reins of a horse as she took him into her throat.


            “Her boobs are nice and fat too!” Tallest shouted with praise, the wet smack of his cock slapping between her cum-smeared tits echoing alongside the thrusts of his siblings.


            Stocky’s slight belly rubbed against the curve of her ass as his hips pistoned away at hers, none of the boys used to showing much restraint at the best of times, much less with someone as eager as Star. “Gonna… gonna….!” He grunted, just before slamming himself to the hilt, tugging back hard on the Starfire’s ass as a flood of preteen cum began to jet into her, mingling with the two loads his brothers had already pumped into her pussy over the past hour.


            Star squealed as the fresh surge of warmth, her long legs kicking up and down behind her in ecstasy as she felt herself clench up around the boy’s prick. Her eyes rolled back a little and her toes curled as she drank in the utter depravity of it all, riding high on a situation she never could have fantasized in a hundred years.


            A slight crackle of an intercom being turned on was followed by the familiar voice of the blonde doctor. “Just checking in, Miss Starfire. Do you need a break, or some water or…”


            Starfire’s response was fairly unambiguous even with her mouth full, darting up a hand and flipping off the nearest camera she could spot in a firm statement of not wanting to be interrupted from her current situation.


            “O-oooookay then,” Dr. Tanner said from out in the observation area. “We’ll just, ah, check back with you at the top of the hour then.”


            Starfire gurgled in sheer joy at the unnatural preteen cock bouncing hard in her gullet, her cleavage suddenly feeling a similar blast of warmth like her cunt had as Tallest unloaded between her mounds, only to keep sliding between them as he began trying to work himself back to stiffness. The genetically augmented turnaround period for the youths was nothing short of miraculous to Star, and she was on the verge of asking the scientists what their lending policy was for the boys.


            “Augh! Nnngh! Drink it, Miss Star!” Leanest grunted, hips slapping noisily to her lips before he simply held her flush against his bare pubic mound, unloading shot after shot of warm spunk across her tongue and down her throat. Starfire made burbling, delighted sounds as she swallowed down the warm jizz, giving firm suckles to the tip to try and make sure she got every bit Leanest had at the moment.


            She loved her job so much.



TIME: 12:08am (2hr. 49 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)



            Spattered with cum across her tanned skin, Starfire was practically mewling with delight as two of the boys had her on one of the beds, one of those deliciously fat cocks reaming her ass while the other worked over her cum-drooling pussy. Every thrust into her seemed to shove out more of the boys’ previous loads, resulting in a messy tableau that could be heard easily by Dr. Tanner in the lab techs.


            Stocky had taken a break for a moment to change out the video playing on the TV while his brothers continued to fuck Starfire into a dripping mess, the sound of the SHLOP-SHLOP-SHLOP of their thrusts bouncing off the room walls along with the eager squeals of the redhead.


            “Ahhhhhaaaa! Fuck Auntie, babies! She needs all that meat in her! Uuuunnnh, more, more, give Auntie moooooooreeeee….!” She panted in wild abandon, wild-eyed and lost to the lust as the two augmented preteens sandwiched her between them. She had no idea how long it’d been, but she was sure she didn’t want them to stop anytime soon.


            Stocky rubbed some of his own cum off his hand onto his stomach before pulling a DVD out of its case. He fed it into the player and it booted up, the image of the boys’ room once more filling the screen. Stocky leaned in and held down the SKIP button a few times, until a brunette woman with an outfit similar to the security guards appeared, it promptly losing a few pieces in the skipped scenes until Stocky finally hit play. The brunette still had her black hat on, but her skirt was completely gone and that black uniform was unsnapped and open, showing off tits that were now stained with young seed.


            She pulled her mouth off one of the boys on screen as another thrust away behind her, choking as cum dripped from her nostrils. “KAF! Dammit, Lex! The little bastards have been at it for 90 minutes! Let me out already!”


            A deep male voice could be heard on the video as the boy behind her tugged back suddenly on her wrists, using them as handholds while he roughly drove into her. “Mercy, the test is to measure THEIR stamina, not YOURS. Now, either keep at it for our young guests or START PREPARING YOUR RESUME.”


            Stocky had already started to jerk off at the fresh video, remembering the security lady well. She had been angry throughout all of it, but he could tell she had really been enjoying herself, seeming to cum at every little touch, not that she had tried to admit it to whoever the man was that had brought her there that time.


            A hand grasped at his shaft and broke him from his lusty reminiscence, Starfire giving him a needy look as his brothers fucked her above and below. “Don’t waste it…” She said, licking her lips greedily.


            Stocky smiled, really liking this new lady. He hoped she came by more often.



TIME: 1:01am (3hr. 42 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)



            “I realize I might be beating a dead horse here, but do you need a few minutes to rest, or..”


            “Augh! N-No! I’m… UGHN… I’m g-good!” The leggy redhead replied back to the inquisitive tones of the doctor on the intercom. Currently she was laying on her stomach on the wet carpet, her tits mashed into one of those sloppy cum-puddles, grunting in effort as Tallest was slam-fucking her cute bubble-butt. Stocky was sitting and watching her attempt to try and play a racing game up on the TV, but was idly jerking himself off with some of her luxurious red hair, some of which already had blobs of semen in it from the past few hours of activity.


            She was competing against Leanest, or at least attempting to, while each of the boys took turns fucking her from behind into the slippery mess on the carpet. She wasn’t particularly adept at games herself, but that hardly seemed to matter to anyone involved in her current predicament.


            “Ha! Auntie, you’re no good at this! I’m totally gonna win again,” Leanest said, tilting his body as he played like it was somehow helping him move his car in the game.


            “It’s too bad Doc Tanner won’t let us have headsets,” Stocky said, stroking a bit faster with Starfire’s hair and rubbing the fat tip of his prick against her cheek. “It’d be funny to have her moaning in online play.”


            Tallest was all but slam-fucking himself into Starfire’s pert backside, hard smacks ringing out as he tried his best to distract the grown woman from her gaming efforts with his almost painful drives down.


            “Nuh! Uhn! Agh! Shit! H-Harder!” The redhead moaned, her hands having trouble even gripping the controller at this point, much less keeping any sort of attention of the game she was trying to play. On screen, the little cartoon character in their go-kart skidded off the track with a wail, deciding the match for her young opponent.


            “Oooooooh, and that’s three and oh!” Lean said, hopping up onto his feet in an impromptu victory dance and tossing the controller onto his bed. “Auntie Star’s gotta take another penalty!”


            Starfire could only grunt and pant as her ass was used so roughly by the boy behind her, the experienced working girl having flashbacks to marathons on college campuses when rowdy frat boys would spend entire evenings doing the same.


            Leanest quickly darted over to where his brother was pumping away at her and a sudden feeling of fresh hands were spreading her ample cheeks wide as she was getting fucked. The feeling of a second prick tip against her already stuffed ass was the only warning she got about this ‘penalty’, her eyes shooting open as she felt another slab of enhanced prick-flesh stuffing into her bowels alongside the first.


            “AAAAAAAAAIIIEEEE! AUGH! UGHN! You’re so rough with Auntieeeeeeee….!” She squealed, licking her lips as she felt the two boys fight for space in her now well-stretched little hole, their hips alternating their thrusts as if trying to drive her into a frenzy.


            She could hear Stocky begin to pant and grunt, and his young hand abruptly turned her face to that prodigious cock her was jerking off in her hair just in time for thick dollops of cum to cascade across her features. Ropes of the stuff splattered across the bridge of her nose, her cheeks, even into one eye that promptly clamped shut as the preteen treated her face like a cum rag.


            As the two youths behind her savagely fucked her ass, Stocky wiped himself off on her red locks, as if it were perfectly expected of him before standing and walking over to the bed with the video game controller. He picked it up and brought the game to the character select screen, giving a nod to Starfire. “C’mon Miss Star, you gotta choose your driver!”


            Panting and still licking some of the remaining semen that dripped down her face, Starfire reached out and picked up her fallen game controller, gritting her teeth as she tried to remain focused despite the two boys currently shafting her luscious ass.



TIME: 2:15pm (4hr. 56 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)




            Starfire’s legs wobbled in the air, her spiked heels aimed at the ceiling as Leanest kept her in a mating press, powerful smacks of flesh on flesh sounding out as he worked himself at a furious pace. Star was half out of her mind in sheer, unmitigated lust as the underage male treated her like some worthless fuckpig, urgently trying to breed her sloppy and cum-drooling cunt.


            The trio had suggested playing something called ‘the mommy game’, the very name of which had made Starfire’s pussy throb in anticipation. It seemed the rules consisted of the boys taking turns fucking her cunt, trying to get off quickly and see how many loads each of them could force into her in a one-hour period. Whoever had cum the most times by the sixty-minute mark was declared ‘the daddy’ and the winner.


            Dr. Tanner, along with her usual check in, had tried to advise Star against it, saying the last volunteer of the game was still out on maternity leave despite the birth control she’d had in place, but it decidedly fell on deaf ears when Starfire had eagerly jumped into the fray.


            Star kissed and licked along Leanest’s face as his sweaty young body worked to try and get its third load of the hour into his redheaded playmate’s womb. She was wild-eyed and having trouble remembering where she was occasionally, all she knew that she needed to service those perfect three cocks as much as possible.


            “Hah! I want your cum, sweetie! Auntie Star wants to be a mommy! UGHN! I want you boys to knock me up nice and full! I… AH!... I wanna have your babies, raise them ‘til their all nice and big like youuuuUUUUUUGH, ah, hah, fuck…. and then play the mommy game with theeeeeeeeEEEEEEMMMMM!” She squealed in a lustful, rapid-fire rant, peppering kisses on the boy’s face as she felt his cock hammer away at her snatch.


            Leanest was only too happy to oblige, his hips working fast as he tried to get himself off in her all too eager cunt. His brothers were waiting in the wings, stroking themselves to keep hard, but not fast enough to get too riled up and violate the spirit of the game, looking on as their sibling tried to breed her.


            She could feel the tip of that augmented cock graze her cervix on every pump to the hilt, and it was like a maddening tease edging her further and further along in her own orgasms. When Leanest gave a familiar grunt and tensed, Starfire gave a shudder, swearing as that fresh cum slopped into her that she could feel his little swimmers going for her eggs, birth control be damned. The boy’s ass flexed with every fresh shot into her, her legs wrapping tight around him to try and hold him there as she wantonly made out with him.


            “Ah-huh…. Fuck your little Veronica,” She said, forgetting any pretense of anonymity in her addled state. “Make her your little whore. Don’t ever stop fucking her, oh GAWWWWWWD…!” She panted as she came on the boy’s cock once more.


            “Come on dude, we only got 20 more minutes in the game! Roll off already,” Stocky said, giving his brother a tap on the shoulder.


            Leanest gave grunts of effort as he tried to pull back, but her legs were still instinctively fighting to keep him inside her as they stayed hooked behind him. “I’m, ah, tryin’! She won’t let go!” He said, finally pulling free of her messy cunt with a lurid squelching noise and a bubble of cum leaking from her well-fucked hole.


            Stocky quickly replaced his brother, grabbing hold of her wobbling tits as he sank into her, that bloated prick shoving out more cum that he was only too keen to replace with more of his own.


            As he started to pick up speed, Star could only mutter the same thing over and over, so completely fuck-drunk and sinking into the lust.


            “Fuck your lil’ Veronica, oh god, fuck your little Veronica so good…!”


TIME: 3:40pm (6hr. 26 min. into the future) PLACE: Bedroom (aka ‘The Fuck Pit’)



            Veronica was disoriented for a minute and realized as she batted her eyes that she must have passed out for a moment. She wasn’t too sure at what point, but it was one of the first times it’d ever happened to her, at least on the job. As her senses started to filter back in, she could hear a wet slapping noise, but oddly didn’t feel any pressure against her body.


            “Ah! Honey, not so- AUGH, not so rough,” She heard close by, the voice extremely familiar, but not one of the boys.


            “Come on! Miss Star took it a lot harder than this,” One of the boys said in a slightly whining tone appropriate to their age.


            “Nnngh, I-I’m not as good as f-fucking as Miss St-AAAUGH!”


            When Starfire tilted her head, she saw that the blonde doctor was currently trapped between two of the boys, being double-penetrated like Starfire had so many so times that evening. While Leanest and Tallest were brutally fucking their physician in only that garter and stocking similar to what Star had seen earlier in the video, Stocky was, miraculously, taking a nap in one of the beds across from them.


            Dr. Tanner gave heated pants as the boys worked her over, her eyes lighting up as she saw Starfire stirring. “Oh, good, ah! You, AH, fuck… you passed o-out for a few minutes, so I thought I’d, AH…thought I’d help out with the last bit…” She groaned, her pert tits jiggling every time the preteens forced themselves into her.


            Starfire was still gathering her bearings but slowly started to sit up and stand on wobbly legs. Every inch of her felt sticky and slippery, her tanned skin barely having a patch of it not marred by the boys’ cum. She unsteadily started to walk towards the bed where the trio were fucking.


            “It-it’s OK, I can, HNNGH, handle them if y-you OH want to get a sh-shower or…” The doctor tried to say as the disheveled redhead neared. A toned leg was hiked up onto the bed near the doctor, drawing a puzzled look from Tanner. “What are..”


            When Starfire’s hands cupped the sides of her face, realization dawn in her eyes as she started to protest. “W-wait, no, I’m not…!”


            Any further denials were cut off as Starfire pushed her hips forward and mashed her cum-filled pussy up against the doctor’s mouth, holding her there. Dr. Tanner tried to pull her face away, but the redheaded nympho was not having it, keeping the pretty features of the blonde firmly pressed between her thighs. “MMPH! NMMPH!”


            Star didn’t say anything, simply giving a provocative roll of her hips towards the dotcor’s face as the boys looked on in slight awe and arousal.


            “Whoa, that’s hot…!” Leanest said, his grip on the doctor’s ass tightening as he humped away at her, his thrusts picking up in tempo at the depraved scene.


            “Nnnngh, yeah, make her drink it!” Tallest was bucking his hips up harder as well, the sight not exactly an everyday one for the boys in their enclosed environment, salacious as it might usually be.


            Dr. Tanner struggled for a few more seconds but, between the prompts from the boys and the realization she might not get loose soon otherwise, her lips soon opened and her cute pink tongue was felt tentatively sliding into Starfire’s folds, eliciting a whorish moan from the tanned beauty.


            Star began to pump her hips along Dr. Tanner’s face, smearing hers and the boys’ juices onto that reluctant tongue, trying to make her probe deeper, to drink hard at the salty seed the doctor’s little test subjects had been emptying into her all evening.


            The sight was indeed too much for the boys to behold, watching the woman that was like a mother to them have their spunk pouring down her chin from another woman’s snatch. Tallest gave a groan first as he hilted himself up to his fat, hairless balls in the doctor’s cunt, his cum drenching her inner walls as he continued to churn his augmented cock inside her.


            “Ah, yeah… Make her…. UGHN!” Leanest fared no better, the grip of the doctor’s tighter hole on him combined with her cum-drinking helping him to shoot off hard up her cute ass, his young hips giving little shudders with every burst of seed.


            The doctor gave a lusty moan into Starfire’s slit as she felt the boys unload in her, the vibrations and her tongue enough to make Star’s well-fucked and overly-sensitive quim clench down in orgasm. Her tanned hips humped eagerly at the doctor’s face, trying to drag out the lovely sensation before falling back onto the bed with them.


            Tanner coughed up a few stray droplets of cum as her face was finally freed, the boys currently contenting themselves with grinding their dicks into her cum-soaked holes in a heated afterglow. Eventually she seemed to catch her breath and find her voice. “W-well… KAF! I-I think we should get you your money for all your hard work.”


            Starfire gave a noncommittal moan, her eyes opening just a bit to mere slits as she looked over at the similarly well-fucked doctor. “Mm…”


            She slowly sat up, fluffing her red hair a little despite some of the cum sticking to it, before raising a brow at the blonde. “Just how often do you NEED someone for endurance tests?” She asked curiously, a smile creeping along her cum-stained lips.



TIME: 9:15pm (Present)  PLACE: Gotham (Superbabes)


… The vision faded from her mind’s eye, prompting Orders to clutch at her head and cover her face.


            Jackie got up to rush over to her boss. “Whoa, Orders. Migraine?”


            *RING, RING*


            “Yes,” Orders said, keeping her eyes clamped shut. “And also I can never unsee any of that!” She added viciously, hand fumbling around until it grasped at the phone’s receiver.



            “Yes, I believe w-“


            “No,” Orders said firmly.


            “I… I’m sorry?”


            “Look, I’m not unsympathetic to the situation, but I CANNOT have one of my girls be found in your whole…” Orders vaguely gestured her hand, not seeming to remember the other person couldn’t see it. “… operation.”




            “No,” Orders said, about to slam the phone back down before pulling it back to her ear. “… Good luck.”


            She set the receiver back in the cradle as Jackie nudged her with her hand. The Batgirl-dressed young woman held out a pair of pills for Orders, having wrangled the bottle from Orders’ purse while she’d been on the phone.


            “Thanks,” She said, gulping them down dry before promptly standing.


            “Do we even wanna know,” Rosa asked.


            “I don’t even want to know,” Orders said gruffly, reaching up onto the wall and pulling down a large wooden paddle from a hook. Everyone around the restaurant typically referred to it as “the Veronica paddle” with good reason.


            “Wait, what’s that for?” Lori asked mid-bite on her latest hot dog. Veronica was out on the floor and, aside from the odd grope here or there, had been pretty tame by her standards for the night.


            Orders, saying nothing, looked like a woman on a mission as she stomped over through the breakroom door, swinging it wide and getting a proper grip on the paddle.


            The girls looked in confusion at each other for a second before they heard Veronica’s cheery voice just beyond on the restaurant floor.


            “Hey Orders! Did you need som-“




            “AUGH! Hey!”








            “… cannot…”






            “… believe you sometimes!”


            THWACK! THWACK!


              The three girls looked at the slightly ajar breakroom door as the sound of chasing, customers cheering, and the occasional meaty slap of a wood plank on flesh came from just beyond. As one, they seemed to shrug.


            After all, knowing Veronica, if she hadn’t done something to deserve it yet, she would.



Oof, this was way longer chapter than I meant to write, but with Veronica it would have felt wrong to not have her engaged in some hours-long marathon that put even HER skills to test. I was also delayed by computer problems, but since I’m not really doing this on any set schedule, no harm no foul.


The whole chapter was inspired by a one-off joke line in the main Suberbabes story where people mention not wanting to leave kids alone with Veronica and everyone just giving ‘a look’ given the unspoken implications. Wonder Woman might have also been a good candidate, but let’s be honest, mutated big-dick’d shotas are something that just somehow SCREAMS Veronica.


I’m not usually big on underage scenes, but this series is about taboo kinks and situations. Plus, a good idea for a story is a good idea for a story! I did enjoy the challenge of writing the triplets and having to think about how they don’t get denied anything sexual, but do probably get yelled at for using bad language or getting into fights with each other, so having to rethink their language during sex was fun.


Still have a few ideas competing for next chapter, although Chapter 5 is gonna be something special that I *guarantee* you will have not seen before in any Superbabes or Superbabes adjacent-story. Sorry, but no spoilers beyond that!


‘Til the next cancelled order!



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