Batgirl's Auction

BY : GhostDragon
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After last fight with the Joker, Batman, Robin and Joker were never been seen again. It has been 6 months and no one has a clue what happened to them. For the past 6 months without any help Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl has been keeping Gotham criminals in line. Batgirl uses training and advice provided by Batman during early days of her crime fighting career really helped her for the past few months. Working as a librarian in the day and crime fighting vigilant at night really make Barbara tired but she kept going with a hope that both Batman and Robin would return. As a usual routine Batgirl was roaming the streets of Gotham with her batbike. She can drive the batmobile but for some reason she felt guilty about riding it. While she was roaming around she saw a 6 ft 8 in tall muscular man tearing up a woman clothes in a back alley . Batgirl parked her a little bit further and rushed to the back alley. The woman screaming for help while the man tears her underwear. Out of nowhere the man got kicked in his face which caused him to release the woman and send him a few feets back. After getting released from the grip of the man the woman run away from there without even looking back. Now there is only Batgirl and the large man. "You bat bitch let her go! Now you will pay for your mistake." said the man. "Don't make this hard on yourself turn your head against the wall and let me arrest you so no one would get hurt" said Batgirl. "Come on you bitch let me teach you a lesson" said the man and wait for Batgirl to make a move. Batgirl run fast and jump towards him high with her right leg facing him. To her surprise the man grabbed her leg and threw her against the nearest wall. Batgirl took a heavy hit from the wall, fall on a large closed garbage bin and roll over towards the mans feet. When she tried the get up he kick hardly in her gut. Batgirl suffers pain which caused her not to even stand. Lucky her she was wearing her suit if not the hit would have end her life. She was in a position holding her stomach, head to the ground and legs supporting her near the stomach. The came behind her and lift her cowl and so he can take a pick at Batgirls curvy ass. The man slapped Batgirls ass which caused her to cry. He lift Batgirl and pin her on the wall and take good look at her. Even though she was wearing her black armour it  didn't hide any curvy parts of her body. The armour was tight which makes her look so sexy. "You know what its your lucky day. I am not going to fuck you today but I am going to make money out of you" said the man. Those words hit like a nightmare to Barbara. Before she can think of anything the man turn her around and squeeze her neck until she is fainted. After a few hours later Batgirl wake up and found out she was in a small cage where she can barely sit and they place it in a dark room. She also found that she was striped off her armour and mask. She was only wearing a white training bra and a white underwear. She quickly covered her body with legs and hand. She was so ashamed of her condition. Years in this crime fighting business she had never encountered a situation like this. A lot of things are running on her mind right now. Suddenly lights on her room was turned on. Batgirl heard somebody opening a door and coming to the room. Soon she saw a young man around his mid 20s came near her cage. "Good you are awake. Here handcuff your self boss wants to see you" said the young man and handed handcuff to Batgirl through a hole in the cage. She didn't want to follow his instructions but this might be the only way to get out of the cage. Also boss wants to see her so she can know who is she being caged by and who else knows her secret identity. As instructed Batgirl handcuffed herself. The young man opened the cage and let Batgirl come out. She is still sore from the beat down she got. There are several visible red marks on her body. As soon as Batgirl come out and stand up the young man pushed Batgirl from behind so she would walk first. The young man brings Batgirl to another room. He opened the door and pushed her inside the room which caused her fall on the floor and he closed the door. " Hello Batgirl or should I just call you Barbara?" said a familiar voice. Batgirl lift her head up and found out that she was being brought to the Penguin and beside him she saw the man that beat her who is now counting money in his hand. He look at Barbara and give a crooked smile. After counting the money he left the room. Penguin instruct both of his henchmen to bring Barbara near him. They lift Barbara and make her stand near Penguin. " So the Batgirl who gave trouble from the past is actually Commissioner Gordon's daughter. Who would have thought that." said penguin. "Let me go Penguin if not..." before Batgirl finish her sentence she took a punch to her guts by one of the henchmen which cause her to fall in her knees . " Yes kneel before me. You are lucky that I won't do anything to you but I might find some people that might " said Penguin. Before Barbara can say anything the other henchmen put a injection in her arm which made Barbara unconscious. When she wake up again she found herself tied to a chair and gagged her mouth with a cloth. Batgirl was in her armour again and with mask on. Only her utility belt went missing. There was a camera infront of her. There is also a few man behind the camera operating some computers. Penguin entered that room. "Oh Batgirl you just wake up right on time. As you know I am a businessman and 1 of the business I do is selling women in the Internet and I am telling you that I am going to be rich by just selling you." said Penguin. Batgirl tried protest and scream but the gag in her mouth didn't let her shout." Your sale is going to start in 5...4...3...2...1...go " said Penguin. Batgirl couldn't believe it that she is going to be sold like some random dead meat. Penguin is happy seeing the numbers going up. It started with 50000 dollars and now it went up to 1.5 million dollars. Soon the sale comes to an end at 15 million Dollars. As soon as the auction end they gave her another injection which caused her to pass out. She wake up again in a half awaken state. She can see and smell but she couldn't move a muscle. She found herself inside a moving truck which is really cold and she being hang in between a pile of dead pigs. The truck stopped for a few minutes and the open. They a few pig down and drag Batgirl out. They bring Batgirl to a basement and remove all of her armour and clothes but only leave her mask on. They put a tight dog collar around her neck and tied it using a steel rope. She was being tied up like a dog and Batgirl can sense everything but she couldn't even move a muscle. After getting tied up she went back to deep sleep. She wake up again and with her conscious back. She saw a empty room with a light hanging in the middle. She was being tied up like a dog in the corner of the room. The room door was open and Batgirl saw an old man wearing some fancy robes came inside and close the door behind. He was short, around in his early 60's, and walking using a stick. "Hola Batgirl. I am Ramirez. I am the one who bought you. Actually you I bought you so that my boys can have fun with you but I want to have you first" said that guy and came near Batgirl . " Look let me go. I have powerful friends that will find me and they won't like it if they found out me like this" said Batgirl. "Shut up! no one is going to find you and do not threaten again. Let me teach you a lesson" said Ramirez and attack Batgirl with his stick. Batgirl was screaming in pain but no came for help. After giving some beating to Batgirl he dropped his robe and stand naked infront of Batgirl. Batgirl felt disgusted to see an old man naked especially his small penis. "Now be a  good girl and suck it" said Ramirez and thrust his penis inside Batgirl mouth. She doesn't had any other choice but do ask he said. Batgirl started to cry hard. 

She couldn't believe what her fate has become. Just yesterday she was putting poison ivy behind bars and now she is the one who is having a life sentence. After getting blowjob the old man release Batgirl's mouth and entered his penis inside her pussy. After a while Batgirl gets dizzy and faint.

It has been a year that she spends in that room. Batgirl didn't wear any clothes in a year. Other than the old man other people also came there and enjoyed Batgirl. Some tall, some short, some teens, some elderly. Some be kind with her and some will beat the crap out of her. The only thing that kept her going is the thought that someone will come and find her but possibilities of that happening is very thin.


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