Darkness's ultimate victory

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Scorching red fire blazed around him its every spark licking at the young warrior's exposed flesh. Normally the embers didn't even so much as phase him but for some reason they were especially hot today making him a little curious. According to his father baptism in fire was something his people found important but surely he wasn't really planning to dip him in fire. Suddenly a large door opened with a hissing sound and the young warrior bowed knowing that son or not his emperor commanded respect.


“I see your general has trained you well as such it falls upon me to give you an world to conquer. With all of that being said have you chosen an name for yourself son of Darkseid.” Darkseid questioned his glowing red eyes studying his youngest child. While the other had inherited some of his genetics this child was unique possessing both red eyes and the power which came from them. Omega beams were something unique to his people and until this child none of his many other bastards had inherited that power. Sure they were a good deal weaker than his father's but it didn't matter if he used them correctly.


“Knightmare is the name of your newest warrior and given permission father it would do me great honor to conquer earth in your stead.” Karius replied as the older warrior nodded in agreement to his new moniker but stared at the child with rage in his eyes. While the boy's eagerness was quite something to behold it wouldn't do to have some whelp questioning his decision. Glancing over at his uncle the warrior and ruler of their planet questioned if the boy deserved punishment. After what felt like an eternity of silence the older warrior looked at his child and grumbled something akin to understanding.


“Darkseid understands your desire to conqueror but what makes you think a whelp can accomplish what Darkseid could not.” Darkseid questioned as the young warrior smiled at the question. While he'd never broached the subject with his father just yet his instructor had gone over the young man's plan and how to perfect it. Grabbing at the pendant of an omega symbol around his neck the young warrior reminded himself their lineage of blood feared nothing. Making his way up the steps to his father's seat of power the young warrior bowed making it clear he wasn't being disrespectful.


“I have noticed father you always seem to disregard female warriors instead they could serve a much better purpose servicing my needs and producing offspring.” Knightmare explained as the laughter of his father's other general filled the room. Granny Goodness had never been anyone the young man enjoyed dealing with but sometimes honor demanded the young warrior's compliance. She was in charge of training female warriors to serve in his army which meant she could teach him something about dominating the women. Staring at him with red eyes that despite it's heat felt like an icy dagger the young man waited for his father's rage to erupt.


“Darkseid approves on the condition you break the girl's will making sure her days of fighting us are done.” Darkseid replied as the young warrior nodded his compliance. Running a hand through long silver hair that reached well past his back it was the young warrior's only reminder that Darkseid's conquest and his mother passed something onto the young man. While they'd never explained to him exactly who the bitch he'd conquered and knocked up with a child was the young warrior had a pretty good idea. Glancing at the silver haired blue skinned woman chained to his father's throne pride seemed to be radiating from them giving him encouragement.


“I would request your general's help she knows more about the females of any species and could prove useful.” Knightmare explained as the young man shot her a look that said don't try anything silly or you'll regret it. Clapping her palms together and using that annoying voice of hers to compliment what she considered an new warrior for their empire he merely sighed. Nodding that it was acceptable she rushed to join her new charge and laughed knowing it was going to be most enjoyable giving him lessons. Glancing back at the emperor who'd just given him permission to breed super powered heroines the young warrior couldn't help smiling.


“Goodness ensure that no harm befalls our kingdom's newest warrior or there will be dire consequences.” Darkseid replied as the young man nearly stopped in his tracts. While he couldn't believe it was anything like concern there had been something different in that last command. Nodding that she understood he couldn't believe the old warrior had actually just put her in charge of not only making sure his plan worked but keeping him safe as well. Clasping his palm to his chest in a sign of respect the young warrior marched outside the main chambers of his father's kingdom.


“Alright then child let's get started by getting you something other than horrible rags.” Goodness explained snapping and watching as two guards began using holo-pads to produce images for their selection. Disagreeing with her first two suggestions which screamed over compensating for something and focused his attention on finding simple yet powerful. After searching through nearly three dozen photos the young man's eyes narrowed studying the image in front of him and nodding it was good. Studying the image in front of her the old crone smiled and it was enough to send a chill down the young warrior's spine.


“Simple and to point it would seem there is a good deal more of your father in that body of yours than it first appears.” Goodness replied before clicking on the image. Watching as the screen lit up and moments later the outfit appeared wrapped in silver paper the young man smiled. Sure there were much better uses for their interdenominational transporters or boom tubes although it did make shopping for clothes a good deal less time consuming. Moments later the young warrior stood in front of her dressed in a black trench coat that still revealed his chest along with black gloves shoes and pants it was simplistic but conjured a powerful image.


“Very well this shall be good enough to sustain me while among these humans.” Knightmare replied as he noticed the outfit revealed just enough of his chest to make any girl's eyes drawn to it. Much as he wanted to simply reach out and grab some human women plunging into her the young warrior knew they had bigger game. Drawing a symbol into the air he summoned forth powerful magic knowing it was an ability his father and emperor didn't possess. While there wasn't any real way of being certain the young warrior assumed it came from his mother but it didn't really matter.


“So who is our first target young master.” Goodness questioned as the young warrior silently cursed her statement. Knowing that she would be accompanying him no matter the destination part of him wished he could ditch the old hag. Sighing knowing that it was pointless to argue with her the young warrior used his magic to pull forth images of several beautiful women. Making his way through each of their pictures his eyes narrowed upon two candidates either of which possessed great beauty and tremendous ability.


“Well the Kryptonian girl might be a little difficult their kind has given your father no end of trouble. She'd definitely make a good slave for your harem but lets start with the Amazonian.” Goodness replied as the young warrior nodded his approval knowing the blonde adversary of his father would become the young warrior's plaything in due time. Summoning forth a boom tube which showed him an image of the island nation his first victim called home the young warrior and his advisor stepped into the portal smiling. Moments later they were floating above the island looking down at it's citizens knowing it was just a matter of time before his first pet noticed his arrival challenging him to battle.


“She has the added bonus of that lasso which makes her or anyone it touches unable to lie. We can use that on her to find an weakness for the so called man of steel and remove him from the equation before capturing his city and the blonde girls.” Knightmare explained before he noticed the sound of galloping horses coming in his direction. Smiling as the first girl came into view he knew she'd give him some drivel about how their people would never surrender but it was just posturing. Making his way downwards stepping upon the very sky itself the young warrior smiled looking at his prey's armor knowing soon enough it would be hanging above his new throne as proof he'd bested the wench. Watching as she drew her sword the young warrior smiled knowing the fight would be it short but enjoyable before raising his own eyes to meet her and smiling in anticipation of making her fall.


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