Regina Rich's Itches

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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: With Richard away, Regina relies on Cadbury to satisfy her horniness. When Cadbury must return to other duties, she turns to Richie and his friends to relieve her itchy pussy!

CODES: AFFO 3Plus Anal DP Fist Inc M/F Minor1 Oral Toys F/F


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #6

Featuring: Richie Rich & Gloria, Freckles & Peewee & friends

”Regina Rich’s Itches”



“Cadbury to the Rescue”


Regina Rich lay naked on the opulent heart-shaped bed in one of the Rich Mansion’s many bedrooms. Her legs were wrapped around the sturdy back of the Rich’s faithful butler, Cadbury, as the stoic servant pounded his nine-inch cock in and out of the buxom woman’s succulent pussy.

Cadbury was stark naked except for his black derby hat, which remained firmly fixed atop his head despite the furious battering he was giving poor Mrs. Rich’s simmering cunt. “My word, Madam!” Cadbury grinned, “Your pussy has quite a grip on my cock! I daresay I’ll be cumming soon!”

“Oh yes!” Regina wailed, her hips slamming upward to meet the powerful strokes of Cadbury’s pussy-packing phallus. “Harder! Faster! I’m almost there!” Regina’s practiced pussy was quite accustomed to huge cocks. After all, her husband, Richard, was himself the proud owner of a whopping nine-incher, and her nine-year-old son Richie had an uncommonly large organ that she had indulged in on several occasions.

“Indeed, Madam!” Cadbury grimaced, “Faster it is!”

Cadbury increased his pace, savagely spearing his immense member into the juicy oven of his Mistress’s sweltering cunt. Each violent lunge brought a squeal of delight from Mrs. Rich as her climax approached. “Oh yes, Cadbury!” she wailed, “Fuck me hard!”

With a sudden lunge, Cadbury drove his massive cock to the root inside Mrs. Rich’s searing vagina. His spongy cock head butted against the puckered entrance to her cervix and discharged, sending a blistering blast of thick gluey semen into the depths of Regina’s simmering womb.

Regina’s body convulsed in orgasm as her cunt filled with Cadbury’s superheated semen. She howled in ecstasy as the glutinous goo backwashed from her uterus and flooded past Cadbury’s pistoning prick to ooze out onto the bedspread.

Cadbury’s cock shaft shuttled back and forth inside the tightly gripping sheath of Mrs. Rich’s swampy cunt. Each inward thrust made a loud squelching sound as the cum that flooded the depths of her pussy was compressed, squirting out of the overstretched orifice and spattering against Cadbury’s swinging ball sac.

Cadbury’s throbbing cock continued to spew its viscous load into Regina’s spasming twat until the exhausted organ was emptied. He calmly withdrew his smoldering member from the clenching tunnel of Regina’s cunt with a satisfied sigh. “There we are!” he exclaimed with a smile, “I trust that will suffice for now, Madam!”

Regina sat up in the bed, grasping Cadbury’s slowly dwindling dick in her hand. She licked at the slimy shaft, cleaning off the pearly globs of cum that clung to it. “Fabulous work as usual, Cadbury!” she grinned. She arose from the bed, sperm still oozing from her drooling cunt down her inner thighs.

“Oh my!” she giggled, “Looks like I’ll have to visit the bidet! You’ve pumped quite a massive load in my pussy, Cadbury! I’m leaking cum all over the place!”

Cadbury stood beside the bed and began tugging at the sperm-stained bedclothes. “I aim to please, Madam!” he grinned, “Go ahead and perform your necessary ablutions whilst I change the sheets!”

After a few minutes of douching and rinsing, Regina had finally managed to cleanse her cunt of the last traces of Cadbury’s clotted cum. She exited the bathroom to find the bed expertly made and Cadbury fully dressed, slipping on his shoes.

“Now, if that will be all, Madam,” Cadbury tipped his hat to Mrs. Rich, “I have some other duties to perform this morning. Must keep to my schedule, you know!”

“Of course, Cadbury!” Regina smiled, “Go ahead! You’ve been an immense help!”

Cadbury strode from the room, “Thank you, Madam!” he smiled as he closed the bedroom door behind him.

Regina’s pussy still ached. Not so much from the furious pounding that Cadbury had given it, but for another cock to fill her empty vagina. Richard was off at a meeting somewhere, and Cadbury was always good for a splendid fuck whenever she needed one, but he had other jobs to do.

She opened the top drawer of the bedside nightstand. The drawer was filled with an array of expensive sex toys of all types and sizes. There were gold and silver dildos—some studded with gemstones, high-tech vibrators with multiple settings and functions, even a selection of dildos and buttplugs cut from huge precious stones. She picked up a solid gold buttplug and an eight-inch dildo carved from a single diamond and frowned.

“These are nice!” she muttered, “But I’m in the mood for some real live cock!”

Regina walked over to the window and looked out onto the lawn. Below, her son, Richie, and his little girlfriend, Gloria Glad were playing a game of volleyball with Freckles and Peewee Friendly, two of Richie’s less fortunate friends.

Freckles and Peewee were much less well off than the wealthy Rich family, but to Richie, they were simply his best friends. Anything they wanted, Richie was glad to share with them.

Regina eyed the young Freckles with interest. The lad was Richie’s age—a mere nine years old—with a conical thatch of coppery red hair. He was lean and lanky, taller than Richie, and Regina found herself wondering if the youngster’s cock was as large as her own son’s prodigious member.

The more she thought about it, the more curious she got until finally she couldn’t resist calling out to the children on the lawn.

“Hello, Richie!” she shouted, “Why don’t you come up to my room for a while! I have something I think you and your friends might like!”

The kids glanced up at the window to see Richie’s mom, her voluptuous tits draped over the windowsill, waving at them.

“Is your mom naked?” Freckles asked, blushing. His little brother, the usually silent Peewee, managed a snickering laugh.

“Looks like it!” Richie chuckled, “Mom’s not what you’d call a shy person! C’mon, let’s go on up, it sounds like she’s got a surprise for us!”

“What do you suppose she’s got, Richie?” Freckles asked curiously.

Richie and Gloria exchanged a knowing glance, giggling slightly. “Whatever it is…” he said, “I’m sure we’re gonna like it!”

A few minutes later, Richie and his friends were knocking at the door to the bedroom where Regina Rich had beckoned them from. The door opened, revealing Regina Rich, stark naked except for the diamond bracelets, necklace and rings she always wore.

“My goodness!” Freckles blushed, his eyes roving over Regina’s curvaceous body.

“Hello, Mrs. Rich!” Gloria said cheerily, “You look nice today! How have you been?”

“Why thank you, Gloria!” Regina smiled, “To tell the truth, I’ve been feeling a little horny! Cadbury gave me a rousing fuck a little while ago, but my poor pussy is still itching! I was hoping Richie’s little friends could help me with that!” She gave Freckles a sly wink.

“How about it, guys?” Richie smiled, “Wanna fuck my mom?”

Peewee nodded vigorously.

Freckles ogled Mrs. Rich’s plump figure, his eyes studying her sumptuous breasts and the trimmed golden triangle of pubic hair that decorated her moist cunt slit. “Umm… You really mean it, Mrs. Rich?!” he asked, “You want us to fuck you?”

“Absolutely!” Regina affirmed, “If you want to!”

“Well, gee! Sure!” Freckles agreed enthusiastically.

Richie began to disrobe and Gloria swiftly followed his lead. Freckles hesitantly began to remove his clothing until he was clad in nothing but a patched pair of boxer shorts. He started to tentatively pull down the undergarment when Regina reached out and grasped the waistband.

“Allow me!” she said, “I want to see what you’ve got in there!” She yanked down the cotton underwear to reveal a semi-flaccid cock that rivaled her own son’s precociously developed prick. “Oh my goodness!” she beamed, “How delightful! Your cock is just as large as Richie’s!”

She turned her attention to young Peewee. The young tot was stripped down to his white briefs, reluctant to proceed any further. “Now, how old are you, young man?” she smiled.

Peewee gazed shyly at the floor.

“He’s five!” Freckles responded, “He doesn’t talk much!”

“Hm!” Regina said, “Five years old? He seems a little young…”

“He’s got a six inch cock!” Freckles supplied in his brother’s defense.

Regina’s face lit up, “Well, then! That’s another matter entirely! If his cock is grown up enough, then so is he! Come on, little fellow! Get those shorts off!”

Peewee peeled off his underwear, revealing a swiftly swelling hard on.

“It’s magnificent!” she cheered, “Such a big cock for such a little boy! I simply must suck it!” She climbed atop the luxurious heart-shaped bed and extended her hand to help the little boy up, “Lie down here, Peewee!” she instructed, “Richie… why don’t you get back there and fuck me from behind while I give little Peewee’s big cock a blowjob!”

“Sure, Mom!” Richie grinned, clambering up onto the bed and positioning himself at his mother’s luscious upraised rump. He nudged the swollen head against the dewy folds of his mom’s pussy lips and sank his iron-hard cock into the delicious heat of her juicy cunt.

“Gosh!” Freckles exclaimed, “So you fuck your mom too, huh?”

“I sure do!” Richie admitted, “You guys fuck yours too?”

“Every chance we get!” Freckles chuckled, “Incest is pretty fun, huh?”

“Yep!” Richie agreed, “Incest is the best!”

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