Little Audrey's Ghostly Adventure

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: After visiting a haunted-house themed park, Little Audrey wants to meet a real ghost. Richie & Gloria introduce her to Casper, leading to a rollicking gangbang including the Ghostly Trio!

CODES: AFFO 3Plus DP F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Xeno (Ghosts)


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #5

Featuring: Richie Rich & Gloria, Little Audrey, Casper & friends

“Little Audrey’s Ghostly Adventure”

by HeadHunter



“The Haunted House”


Richie Rich opened the creaky wooden door and exited the spooky old house, followed by his girlfriend, Gloria Glad, and their friend, Audrey Smith.

“That was exciting!” Audrey giggled, “Those ghosts were pretty realistic looking, even if they were just actors and robots!”

“Yeah,” Richie agreed, “Professor Keenbean did a good job designing the gadgets in Dad’s new ‘Haunted Adventure’ theme park! You don’t think they were too scary do you?”

“Hardly!” Audrey smiled, “They might scare some folks, but not me!”

Richie was certain of that. The nine-year-old pigtailed brunette was quite a tomboy, and had quite a penchant for adventure, which is why he was sure the little girl would appreciate the high-tech haunted house.

Gloria chuckled as she walked beside Richie, “The scariest part for me was when Audrey gave you a blowjob in the skeleton room! I thought for sure one of the workers would see her sucking on your cock!”

“So what if they did?” Audrey grinned defiantly, “Maybe I’d give them a blowjob too!”

Richie laughed. “I wouldn’t be surprised!” he said.

“Y’know…” Audrey mused, “I wonder if there are real haunted houses! I’d like to see a real ghost instead of a fake one!”

Richie and Gloria exchanged glances. They had yet to tell Audrey about the magic mirror that they had discovered which led to the Enchanted Forest.

“How would you like to meet a real ghost, Audrey?” Richie asked.

“Better yet!” Gloria added, “How would you like to fuck one?”

“What?” Audrey asked incredulously, “Are you guys serious?”

Richie and Gloria explained the magic mirror to Audrey as they trekked back to the Rich mansion.

 “So you really fucked ghosts, Gloria?” Audrey asked excitedly as they entered Richie’s bedroom.

“And a little devil too!” Gloria said with a smile.

“Jeepers!” Audrey exclaimed, “So how do I get to meet them?”

Richie led Audrey to the oval antique mirror that stood against the wall at the foot of his bed. “See that inscription?” he said, pointing to the small metal plaque, “All you have to do is read it and tell the mirror what you want to see!”

“Ooo!” Audrey cooed, “Show me! Show me!”

Richie read the magical inscription aloud: “—Mirror, mirror, show to me—Open a portal so I can see— Casper the Friendly Ghost!”

The reflective surface shimmered for a moment, then revealed a view of a rundown house in a forest clearing. Approaching the ramshackle structure was a pale ghostly boy.

“Is that Casper?” Audrey asked, surprised.

“Yep!” Gloria smiled, “That’s him!”

“And he’s a real ghost, huh?”

“A friendly ghost too!” Gloria replied.

“Gosh!” Audrey said excitedly, “How do I get to meet him?”

Richie grasped Audrey and Gloria’s hand. “Just hold hands like this…” he said. Richie stepped into the mirror with the girls in tow…

…And stepped out into the clearing right behind Casper.

“Hi, Casper!” Gloria called out.

Casper turned at the sound of Gloria’s voice, smiling as he recognized his friends. “Richie! Gloria!” he beamed, “Hello! Looks like you’ve brought somebody new!”

“This is Audrey Smith!” Richie introduced the little brunette, “Audrey, this is Casper, the friendly ghost I was telling you about!”

“Hi, Audrey!” Casper greeted her.

“So, you’re the ghost Gloria fucked!” Audrey said.

“Audrey!” Gloria exclaimed, blushing at Audrey’s inelegant remark.

Casper laughed. “Yes, I sure am!” he said, “One of them, anyway.” He escorted the trio of children into the house, closing the door behind them. “My friend, Wendy, is supposed to be coming over later, but I’m sure we can find something to do in the meantime!” he winked at Audrey.

Audrey glanced down at the smooth white curve of Casper’s crotch. “Say!” she said, “How do ghosts fuck anyway? I mean… where’s your cock?”

“Oh!” Casper replied, “I’ll show you!” He concentrated for a moment on the featureless contour of his groin.

Audrey’s eyes widened in amazement as a full set of ghostly white male genitalia grew from the formerly blank space between his legs. “Golly gee!” Audrey exclaimed, “A real cock and balls!”

Casper smiled, “Yep! Go ahead, you can feel ‘em if you want!” He looked over at Richie and Gloria, “You guys go ahead and… get comfortable!” he said with a sly wink.

Richie and Gloria exchanged a knowing smile. They hurriedly disrobed, placing their clothes neatly on a nearby armchair.

Audrey knelt in front of Casper and stared at the ghost boy’s dangling dick. She reached out tentatively and grasped the flaccid white cock. It stirred in her hand, slowly beginning to swell at her touch, and the little girl giggled. “It’s just like a regular boy’s cock!” she said delightedly.

Audrey lifted the steadily inflating cock and cupped Casper’s scrotum in her left hand. She gently massaged the hefty sac of testicles and looked up at Casper with a smile. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth, engulfing both of the ghost’s simmering balls in a single gulp.

“My goodness!” Casper laughed, “You sure are good at sucking balls!”

Audrey swirled Casper’s succulent balls in her mouth, then spit them out. She stood up and began stripping off her clothes, tossing them carelessly onto the floor. “I’ll show you what else I’m good at!” she said with a mischievous wink.

Gripping Casper’s hips, Audrey spun the ghost around. “Bend over!” she grinned. Audrey pried apart the milky-white cheeks of Casper’s ass to expose the pallid star of his asshole. Extending her tongue, the playful little minx buried her face between the ghost’s ectoplasmic ass cheeks and drove her exploring tongue inside the humid cavern of his rectum.

“Golly gee!” Casper tittered, “What a tongue!”

“I know!” Richie and Gloria both said at once. They looked at each other with surprise and laughed.

Gloria glanced down at Richie’s engorged penis. The stiff organ was bobbing with his pulse and Gloria’s mouth watered at the sight of the hot swollen morsel. Dropping to her knees, the cute little redhead wrapped her soft lips around Richie’s iron-hard cock and started sucking.

Audrey’s tongue played inside Casper’s torrid asshole for a while before the little girl caught sight of Gloria’s talented blowjob. “Ooo!” she exclaimed, “That looks like fun! Turn around, Casper!”

Casper eagerly obliged. Little Audrey’s magnificent tongue work inside his asshole had translated to a rock-hard erection that had begun to get slightly uncomfortable!

Audrey grinned as she stared at Casper’s swollen cock. A clear droplet of cock dew exuded from the tip of its mushroom-shaped head and she greedily licked up the tasty fluid. She opened her mouth and thrust her head forward, swallowing Casper’s phantasmal phallus down to the balls.

Richie watched as Audrey began bobbing her head frantically back and forth along Casper’s phantom fuck pole. “Looks like Audrey’s really enjoying ghost cock!” he said with a smile. He placed his hand against the back of Gloria’s head, gently pushing his cock deeper inside his girlfriend’s gulping gullet.

Gloria gurgled and drooled as she thrust her head along Richie’s throbbing cock. She pulled her head back, slipping the dripping dick from her mouth momentarily. “Fuck my mouth, Richie!” she grinned, saliva drooling from her lips, “Right down my throat!”

Richie grasped Gloria’s head in both hands. He slipped his cock back inside her open mouth and shoved forward until the rubbery knob of his cock head butted against her tonsils. “Okay!” he said, “Are you ready, Gloria?”

“Mm-hmm!” Gloria mumbled excitedly around Richie’s throat-stuffing cock.

Richie reared back, his bulbous cock head resting on the pink pillow of Gloria’s tongue. His fingers were entwined in Gloria’s coppery tresses as he gripped her head tightly. With a sudden brutal lunge, Richie thrust his hips forward, impaling Gloria’s clutching throat with his searing lance of cock flesh.

Gloria gagged and choked as Richie’s first frenzied strokes struggled to penetrate her tight throat. She quickly recovered, relaxing her experienced esophagus so that Richie’s cock could slide effortlessly in and out of her hot clutching gullet.

Casper smiled with admiration as he watched Richie’s cock viciously pummel Gloria’s pretty face. “Gee!” he marveled, “Gloria sure can take it deep!”

“That’s the way she likes it!” Richie said, “Hard and deep! Y’know, Audrey’s pretty good at throat-fucking too, Casper.” he said with a smile, “Why don’t you give her a go!”

“Okay!” Casper agreed, “Get ready, Audrey! Here goes!”

Casper held Audrey’s head still between his hands. He withdrew his spit-shined cock until just the head was inside the girl’s drooling mouth, then shoved his hips forward, plowing his ghostly cock to the hilt down Audrey’s throat.

Audrey’s eyes bulged as Casper’s cock glided into her spasming gullet. The sudden lunge left her breathless for a moment and her face flushed a pale azure tint as Casper began mercilessly humping in and out of her slobbering mouth.

Audrey swiftly regained her composure. She had temporarily forgotten what Gloria had taught her about deep-throating. ‘Relax your throat and breathe thru your nose!’ she had said. Audrey remembered her advice, and soon Casper’s relentlessly pounding cock was shuttling easily inside her throat.

Tears streamed from Audrey and Gloria’s eyes and saliva dribbled from the corners of their mouths as Casper and Richie savagely hammered their swollen cocks in and out of the girls’ gurgling throats.

Richie’s eyes squeezed shut and his teeth clenched as his roiling balls threatened to explode. “Omigosh!” he grimaced, “Here it comes, Gloria! Get ready to swallow!”

“Oh my!” Casper exclaimed, “I’m cumming too! Here it comes. Audrey!”

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