Lotta’s Appetizer

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: Richie invites Dot, Lotta and her boyfriend Gerald to lunch at the Rich mansion. While waiting, they frolic in the playroom where Lotta reveals the secret to her super strength!

CODES: AFFO 3Plus Anal F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #4

Featuring: Richie Rich, Little Dot, Little Lotta & Gerald

“Lotta’s Appetizer”

by HeadHunter



“The Playroom”


Lotta Plump stood in front of the wall of one of Richie Rich’s many playrooms inside the magnificent Rich mansion. Richie Rich and his friend, Dot Polka, along with Lotta’s boyfriend, Gerald, watched as the chubby nine-year-old girl hefted a gold-plated bowling ball and tossed it into the air.

“That’s one!” she said, picking up another ball and tossing it upward as well, “Two!” she grabbed a third, and was soon effortlessly juggling the three gleaming orbs.

“Three!” everyone chorused as they watch Lotta juggle the heavy bowling balls like a professional circus performer. Lotta Plump was, as her name suggested, a chubby child, but despite her size, the youngster was incredibly strong—and food only served to make her stronger.

Lotta caught the three balls with ease and placed them one by one on the floor. She bowed politely as the children applauded. “I’ve been teaching Dot how to juggle too, haven’t I, Dot?” she said.

Dot giggled, “Yes, but I’m afraid I’m not quite that good yet!”

Richie reached into a nearby toy box and retrieved three red rubber balls. “Here, Dot!” he said, handing her the small balls, “Use these! Let’s see what you can do!”

“Okay!” Dot smiled shyly, “Here goes nothing!” She tossed the three balls into the air and began juggling them quite well… before missing a catch and letting one of the rubber orbs bounce across the room. Momentarily distracted, Dot missed the other two balls, which deflected off her head.

Dot laughed, “Looks like I need a little more practice!” she said.

“Just as well!” Lotta smiled, “I’m getting tired of juggling anyway! Let’s play something else!” She looked over at her boyfriend, Gerald. The short, bespectacled boy seemed very much the opposite of his hefty girlfriend, but he somehow always managed to keep up with her adventurous whims.

Lotta grasped the waistband of Gerald’s blue shorts and pulled them down to expose his polka-dotted boxer shorts. “I know a really fun game we could play!”

“Ooo, look!” Dot exclaimed excitedly at the polka dot pattern, “Dots!”

“It’s what’s under the dots that I’m interested in!” Lotta chuckled, tugging down the shorts to reveal the pendulous cock of her young beau. She grasped the boy’s scrotum and fondled his testicles gently. “Now, these are the kind of balls I like to juggle!”

Dot and Richie watched as Lotta and Gerald disrobed. They tossed their clothing onto the floor, until Lotta was stripped down to nothing but her red hair bow, while Gerald remained clad in only his glasses and blue ball cap.

“I think I can handle balls that size myself!” Dot giggled, eyeing Gerald’s swinging testicles.

She stripped off her polka-dot dress. “C’mon, Richie! Get those clothes off!”

“Sure!” Richie replied. He removed his clothing, placing them in a neat pile on the floor, until he was clad in nothing but his undershorts.

Dot smirked as she saw the pattern of dollar signs decorating Richie’s underwear. “Aw!” she said, “No dots!” She smiled as she gripped the waistband and peeled off the boy’s shorts. “But Lotta’s right! It’s what’s underneath that counts!”

“Mm-hm!” Lotta agreed. Her mouth was currently filled with Gerald’s swelling cock, and she could only manage a wordless mumble as she sucked ravenously at her boyfriend’s delectable dick.

Gerald grinned as he peered down thru his glasses at Lotta’s rapidly moving face as she shuttled her lips up and down his turgid shaft. “You were right, Lotta!” he smiled, “This is a lot more fun than juggling!”

Dot ran her fist back and forth along Richie’s stiffening cock as she sucked his entire hairless scrotum into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as she laved Richie’s naked balls with her tongue, finally spitting the saliva-coated orbs out to concentrate on the little rich boy’s seven inch cock shaft.

Little Dot began sliding her lips along Richie’s cock. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at Lotta, who was slurping hungrily on Gerald’s swollen member. Dot increased her pace, trying to match the speed and rhythm of Lotta’s voracious blowjob.

“Easy, Dot!” Richie chuckled, “This isn’t a competition! You’re doing great!”

Dot slipped Richie’s cock from her mouth, a trickle of saliva dribbling from her lips. “Fuck my face, Richie!” she demanded, “As hard as you can! I want you to cum in my mouth!”

Richie shrugged, “Okay!” he agreed. Dot’s hair was pulled back into a pigtail, secured with a polka-dot bow, and Richie used the pigtail as a makeshift handle to help guide the cocksucking moppet’s head back and forth along his prick shaft.

He thrust his cock deep inside Dot’s slavering mouth until the rubbery glans butted against the back of her throat. Dot gagged briefly before relaxing her throat muscles and allowing Richie’s bulbous cock head to slip effortlessly down her gullet where it began to fuck rapidly back and forth.

Meanwhile, Gerald was fucking frantically in and out of Lotta’s mouth. His teeth clenched as he fought against the powerful suction of Lotta’s throat to draw his hips back, then relaxed to allow her to suck his swollen cock back inside.

“Looks like Lotta is a pretty good cocksucker, Gerald!” Richie remarked.

“She’s amazing!” Gerald muttered thru gritted teeth, “You’ll have to give her a try!”

“Maybe I will!” Richie laughed, “Right now, Dot is giving me an unbelievable blowjob herself!”

Dot mumbled an unintelligible “Thank you.” around Richie’s throbbing cock as she voraciously devoured the thick meaty rod.

“Gosh!” Gerald exclaimed, his hands gripping the back of Lotta’s head as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth, “I’m gonna cum any second now! Get ready for a gusher, Lotta!”

Lotta prepared herself for the torrent of cum that she knew would soon spurt from Gerald’s overexcited cock. For such a diminutive lad, Gerald’s balls could produce a prodigious amount of zesty sperm, and Lotta enjoyed gulping down every last drop of it!

Richie glanced down at Dot. Droplets of saliva flew from the corners of her lips as her head oscillated back and forth on Richie’s bloated cock. Her cheeks blushed red as she concentrated on provoking Richie’s balls into discharging their gluey juice into her mouth. “Aw, gee!” Richie said, “Keep it up, Dot! I’m about to shoot too!”

“Oh yeah!” Gerald howled as his testicles erupted, releasing a volcanic jet of gelatinous semen into Lotta’s slurping, sucking mouth. Lotta swallowed the first burst of slimy fluid, feeling the warm gooey sperm slide down her throat into her stomach.

Lotta removed her lips from Gerald’s cock and opened her mouth wide, allowing the bespectacled boy to aim his spewing cock at her mouth, shooting staccato bursts of white ropy sperm onto her tongue.

Lotta’s mouth filled nearly to overflowing with Gerald’s jizz. She closed her mouth briefly, swallowing down a great mouthful of the pearly white sludge, the opened it up just in time to catch another volley of thick ivory cream.

Richie groaned as he bucked his hips forward, blasting a searing load of glutinous cum into Dot’s slurping mouth. The little girl gagged briefly as the first choking wad of sperm caught her by surprise, but she quickly recovered, gulping down the mouthful of salty scum and sucking out another burst of Richie’s tasty cum.

Sperm spilled from the corners of Lotta’s lips as she closed her mouth to swallow the accumulated goo. She wiped the warm sticky cream from her face with her fingers and licked off the stringy strands of congealing cum.

“Gosh!” Dot exclaimed, sliding Richie’s steaming cock from her lips, “Gerald sure pumps out a lot of cum!”

“I know!” Lotta agreed, her grinning face spattered with droplets of errant cum shots.

“I guess Lotta’s super-powered cocksucking keeps my balls in good shape!” Gerald explained with a humble grin.

“And he gets plenty of practice! I just love to eat sperm!” Lotta admitted, “Nothing makes me feel stronger than a belly full of Gerald’s hot cum!”

“I wanna try!” Dot said excitedly, “Maybe Gerald’s cum will make me strong too!”

Lotta shrugged, “I dunno. Couldn’t hurt to try, I guess! While you’re doing that, maybe I can show Richie my super blowjob!”

“I can hardly wait!” Richie said with a smile.


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