Hot Time in the Enchanted Forest

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: Richie & Gloria invite Dot to visit the Enchanted Forest. Wendy & Casper introduce them to Hot Stuff & his girlfriend, Princess Charma.

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Xeno (Ghost, Devil)


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #3

Featuring: Richie Rich and Gloria, Hot Stuff, Wendy and Casper

Hot Time in the Enchanted Forest

By HeadHunter



Wendy’s Visitors


The sun shone brightly down on the enchanted forest as Wendy, the Good Little Witch, tended to her flower garden. Wendy’s aunts; Velma, Zelma and Thelma, had grudgingly allowed the pretty young witch to plant the colorful flowers in one section of their backyard garden, despite the three hags’ complaints that the flowers were neither edible vegetables nor useful herbs, and Wendy was delighted to have something fragrant and beautiful to take care of.

A peal of cackling laughter erupted from the witches’ house as the back door swung open and the three green-skinned sisters strolled into the yard, brooms in hand.

“Hey, Wendy!” shouted Zelma, the shortest of the three, “Keep an eye on the place for us while we’re away!”

“Where are you going?” Wendy asked.

“The Wizard and Warlock Convention is still going on at the other side of the forest, and we’re gonna see if we can get laid!” Velma explained.

“Yeah,” Thelma chuckled, “Zelma’s got her eye on a young necromancer she met there yesterday!”

“There’s one thing I like about a necromancer!” Zelma grinned, “They sure know how to raise a boner!”

The three crones laughed raucously as they mounted their brooms and sped off into the air, veering toward the deeper part of the foreboding woods.

“Bye!” Wendy waved to her aunts as they soared away, “Have a good time!”

She picked up her watering can and resumed sprinkling the blossoms at her feet. From the corner of her eye, she spotted Casper, the Friendly Ghost, approaching from the woodline. Accompanying him was his friend, Hot Stuff, the Little Devil.

The red skinned devil was about Casper’s size. His head was adorned with a pair of tiny horns and a prehensile barbed tail sprouted from his rump. He was clad in nothing but a fireproof diaper—which served as the sole garment for male devils—and toted his trusty trident in his hand.

“Hi, guys!” Wendy waved as the two boys approached.

“Hi, Wendy!” Casper responded cheerily, “Say! Where are your aunts flying off to in such a hurry?”

“Oh…” Wendy smirked, “They’re going to a Warlock’s Convention to get laid!”

“Jealous, huh?” Hot Stuff teased.

Wendy winked at the little red devil. “Hardly!” she smiled, “Especially with two handsome supernatural studs like you guys around!”

“Sounds like she’s feeling a little frisky, Hot Stuff!” Casper grinned.

“Isn’t she always?” Hot Stuff smirked.

Wendy reached out and grasped the edge of the fireproof diaper that enwrapped Hot Stuff’s hips. She pulled the white garment down, exposing the diminutive devil’s crimson cock and balls. “I’ll show you how frisky I’m feeling!” she said.

The little witch grasped Hot Stuff’s scrotum, hefting the swollen testicles inside. The tender orbs felt like a pair of lead balls inside their hairless red sac.

“Mmm!” she giggled, “Hot and heavy! Just the way I like ‘em!” Wrapping her fingers around the scarlet shaft of Hot Stuff’s cock, Wendy stroked the magical member to its full seven-inch erection. “That’s better!” she said, “Nice and hard!”

“C’mon, Casper!” Wendy encouraged the friendly ghost, “Bring out that ghost-cock!”

Casper focused on the smooth white curve of his groin, extruding a phantasmal cock and balls from the ectoplasm of his crotch.

Wendy reached out with her free hand and gripped Casper’s phantom prick. With Hot Stuff’s red-hot rod in her right hand, and Casper’s pallid phallus in her left, the lusty young witch began rhythmically stroking the two throbbing cocks.

“Maybe you should get out of that robe,” Hot Stuff suggested with a salacious grin, “so we can get down to business!”

Wendy reluctantly released the two stiff cocks and struggled out of her red hooded robe, tossing the garment in a heap on the lawn. She dropped to her hands and knees in front of Hot Stuff’s groin and slipped her soft moist lips over the maroon head of the little devil’s steely cock.

Wendy slid her luscious lips down the shaft of Hot Stuff’s thick throbbing member, sliding the seven-inch pole of scarlet flesh down her hungry throat. She began shuttling her head back and forth along Hot Stuff’s massive dick, saliva dribbling from the corners of her lips as she sucked furiously on the amorous imp’s swollen cock.

“Oh, yeah!” Hot Stuff grinned, “Take it all the way down!”

Casper watched, grinning, as Wendy voraciously devoured his devil friend’s oversized dick.

He eyed the witch girl’s wiggling ass and gripped the base of his twitching cock with his hand. “I hope you’re ready for some ghost-cock, Wendy!” he smiled, placing the snow-white knob of his cock head against the hairless pink petals of the youngster’s dewy wet cunt.

“Mmh-hmm!” Wendy mumbled emphatically around Hot Stuff’s mouth-filling cock. She nudged her hips back toward Casper’s crotch, encouraging the salacious spook to hurry up and bury his spectral cock inside her eager cunt hole.

Casper pried apart the pink folds of Wendy’s juicy young pussy and slid his cock slowly inside the tight hot sheath of her vagina. He slid his pallid member back until just the flared head rested inside the dewy inner labia, then bucked his hips forward, slamming his milky-white cock to the root inside Wendy’s tight juicy snatch.

Wendy let out a muffled squeal around Hot Stuff’s cock as Casper began pummeling her pussy with his phantom rod. Her satiny vagina exuded a stream of slippery cunt juice around Casper’s cock, creating a satisfying squish each time the snow-white shaft plunged inside.

Hot Stuff jabbed the tines of his trident into the ground. “Sorry, Tridey!” he apologized to the magical implement. “I’m gonna need both hands for this one!” The little devil grasped the sides of Wendy’s head and probed his cock deeper inside Wendy’s mouth. His rubbery cock head encountered some resistance as it bumped against the back of Wendy’s throat, causing the witch girl to gag briefly before relaxing her esophagus for the passage of the tumescent prick.

Wendy gurgled as Hot Stuff’s strangling cock forced its way into her gullet. The lecherous little imp had entwined his stubby red fingers in Wendy’s golden-blonde hair and had begun frantically fucking away at her slavering mouth.

The little witch moaned passionately, battered from both ends by the pair of preternatural pricks. Both Casper and Hot Stuff had set up a rhythmic pattern, with both bloated cocks withdrawing simultaneously, only to plunge back inside her heaving body.

“Golly!” Casper exclaimed, “Her pussy is so darn tight! It’s squeezing my cock!”

Wendy’s witchy pussy felt like a velvet vise clamped around Casper’s pistoning shaft and the young ghost redoubled the force of his thrusts, hammering his cock in and out of Wendy’s oven-hot cunt.

“Aw, gee!” Hot Stuff said with a grimace, “Her mouth is pretty great too! What a fantastic cocksucker! I’m about to cum!”

Wendy sucked harder, eager to draw a load of thick spicy devil sperm from Hot Stuff’s sizzling balls. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her lips and trickled over the veiny scarlet shaft of the devil kid’s rapidly pistoning penis.

“Oh, my!” Casper exclaimed. “Looks like I’m gonna cum myself! This little witch pussy is so hot and tight, it’s hard to resist!”

“Here it comes, Wendy!” Hot Stuff roared, his hips shuddering as he thrust his cock deeply inside her gulping gullet. “Get ready to swallow!”

Wendy felt a hot burst of salty-sweet devil-cum blast down her throat. She pulled her head back slightly, allowing the viscous goo to fill her mouth before she swallowed it down. She savored the unusual taste of Hot Stuff’s devilish sperm—a briny flavor with a sweetish cinnamon-like tang.

Casper gripped Wendy’s butt cheeks with both hands. His eyes squeezed shut and his teeth clenched as he shoved his cock forcefully into the scorching hot channel of the little girl’s spasming pussy.

Blistering blasts of ghostly sperm shot from the head of Casper’s cock and flooded the snug tunnel of Wendy’s gripping twat. The gelatinous goo overfilled the little witch’s quivering cunt making a delightfully obscene squishing sound as it oozed out around Casper’s hammering dick.

Wendy felt herself being filled from both ends with hot glutinous jets of supernatural semen. Casper’s spectral sperm blasted into her tight hairless cunt at the same time that Hot Stuff’s diabolic jism flooded her mouth. Her body began to quake in orgasm as she knelt skewered between the boys’ spurting cocks.

Hot Stuff stumbled backward a step, his hosing cock slipping from between Wendy’s lips. A spurt of incandescent cum splattered against the young witch’s cheeks and forehead, clinging to her skin and burning with a harmless magical flame.

Casper chuckled as he watched Hot Stuff paint Wendy’s pretty face with ropes of blazing sperm. The lusty ghost pounded savagely at her pussy, pouring creamy white globs of searing ghost-semen into her twitching womb.

Hot Stuff smiled, stroking his spent cock as he watched the burning droplets of his thick gluey semen drip from Wendy’s cum-slathered face and spatter onto the floor where they flickered out into pearly puddles of slime. “Wow!” he gasped breathlessly, “What a blowjob!”

“Thanks!” Wendy giggled.

Casper stepped back, withdrawing his slimy ectoplasmic member from the hot clenching tunnel of Wendy’s oozing cunt. Clots of pearlescent ghost-sperm drooled from the good little witch’s steaming cunt and trickled slowly down the inside of her thighs.

“Whew!” Casper sighed, “That was fun!”

Wendy sat up between the two boys, grabbing a cock in each hand. She leaned toward Casper’s phantasmal prick and began licking off the strands of spectral sperm that clung to his steaming organ.

She swirled the zesty clots of ghost-cum in her mouth, enjoying the spicy-sweet flavor. Wendy had swallowed the sperm of many creatures of the Enchanted Forest—natural and supernatural—but there was a special taste to ghost semen, a sort of briny vanilla-like sweetness that she found absolutely delicious.

Wendy cleaned the last glob of congealed cum from Casper’s cock and turned her attention to Hot Stuff’s slimy red member. The magical flames that emanated from his devilish cum had abated, leaving a glistening coating of creamy smoldering goo along his scarlet shaft. A gray wisp of smoke emanated from the slit in the tip of his purplish-red cock head.

She slurped off a thick stringy strand of Hot Stuff’s cum. Devil cum had an interesting flavor as well, she had noticed, a hot sweet hint that reminded her of cinnamon candy!

Wendy went back and forth between the two eldritch pricks, slithering her tongue up and down the throbbing cocks until every gluey glob of sperm was gone and the gnarled shafts glistened with her saliva.

“You guys ready for another round?” she grinned.

Casper grasped his cock in one hand. The ectoplasmic organ had not even begun to droop in the least. “Ready when you are!” he said with a smile.

“Same here!” Hot Stuff agreed waving his still smoking prick. “Just say when!”

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