Mirror, Mirror

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: Richie and Gloria discover a magic mirror that takes them to the Enchanted Forest where they have supernatural sex with Wendy, Casper and their friends.

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal DP F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Toys Xeno (Ghosts)


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #2

Featuring: Richie Rich and Gloria, Wendy, Casper and friends

“Mirror Mirror”

by HeadHunter



Wendy's Witchy Itch


Wendy, the Good Little Witch rode gracefully thru the Enchanted Forest, her magical broomstick weaving around the trees and rocks. Squirrels and rabbits and other woodland creatures scampered by, bringing a smile to the friendly red-robed girl.

The smile briefly turned to a frown as she wiggled uncomfortably on the wooden broomstick between her legs. There it was again… that uncomfortable twinge in her crotch right where the handle of the broom rubbed across her sensitive nether regions.

“Gosh!” she exclaimed, irritated, “My pussy sure is getting itchy! I think I need to stop somewhere for a little relief!”

Spying a nearby oak tree, Wendy swooped down to earth and propped her broom against the gnarled trunk. Wendy reached into her pocket and withdrew her slender magic wand. She shed her scarlet robes, shaking her shoulder-length golden hair free, and sat naked under the ancient oak.

Holding the thin wooden wand in her hand, she waved it with a flourish. “—Magic wand, thin as a reed—A big thick dildo’s what I need!—” she chanted.

The wand morphed immediately into an eight inch long thick wooden dildo with a smooth shaft and a realistic flared head. Wendy spread her legs apart, revealing her moist hairless pussy. She placed the rounded tip of the dildo in between the silky pink butterfly-wings of her lovely cunt and slid the massive toy inside.

“Ahh!” she sighed with a smile as the thick rod pried open her snug young cunt. “That’s much better! That really hits the spot!” She began thrusting the hard wooden phallus in and out of her simmering pussy, enjoying the sensation of the thick oaken cock as it stretched her tight elastic cunt tunnel.

Wendy was so entranced in her masturbation that she failed to notice the pale figure that rustled thru the bushes and glided by her tree. Fortunately for Wendy, the phantom interloper was no evil spectre, but her friend, Casper, the Friendly Ghost!

Casper grinned as he watched the little witch pump the magical dildo in and out of her juicy young cunt. He paused for a moment, enjoying the sight of the masturbating young witch, before introducing himself. “Ahem…! Hi, Wendy!” He greeted her with a smile.

Wendy looked up, startled at first by the interruption. “Oh! Hi, Casper!” she smiled cheerfully, realizing who it was, “I didn’t see you come up!”

“I noticed” Casper giggled, “Taking care of a little personal business, huh?”

“It’s this darned itchy pussy!” Wendy tittered, “That broomstick rubs against my little clit sometimes and just drives me crazy!”

Casper laughed in response. “I can imagine!”

“You know…” Wendy said, pulling the dripping dildo from her juicy cunt, “I could really use a real cock instead of this fake one! How about it? You wanna fuck?”

“Sure!” Casper agreed, “I’m always happy to help out a friend!”. He focused his concentration on the smooth curve of his featureless groin. The ectoplasmic surface changed shape, extruding a stiff seven-inch penis above a sac containing two spectral testicles.

“Mmm!” Wendy said, “Nice…! I love the way you do that! Mind if I give it a taste?”

“Be my guest!” Casper replied with a smile.

Wendy knelt down in front of Casper and grasped his ghostly cock, squeezing the hot hard phallus with her hand. She parted her lips and slipped the pallid head of Casper’s dick inside her mouth, running her tongue over the satiny surface.

Casper shuddered with delight as Wendy slid her head forward, taking the bulk of his thick phantom cock inside her mouth. The spongy wedge of his cock head nudged against the back of her throat and Wendy paused, relaxing her gullet before plunging her head down onto the ghost’s long thick penis.

“My goodness!” Casper exclaimed, “I love how you deep-throat a cock, Wendy!”

“Mmph-hmph!” Wendy mumbled a thank you around Casper’s throat-stuffing cock. The little witch reached around behind Casper’s buttocks and grasped an ass cheek in each hand. She pulled Casper’s hips into her face, encouraging the friendly ghost to fuck her mouth.

Casper caught on to Wendy’s hint and began humping his hips back and forth, pummeling the magical moppet’s drooling mouth with his supernatural dick.

In and out, Casper fucked into Wendy’s slavering mouth. The young witch’s tongue danced along the underside of the ghost’s iron-hard cock, feeling the pulsation of the ectoplasmic ichor running thru his spectral veins.

“Gee, Wendy!” Casper exclaimed, his face contorting with lust, “What a fantastic blowjob! Better get ready for it! I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

Wendy sucked harder, excited about the impending reward of Casper’s supernatural sperm. Her cheeks hollowed and saliva dribbled from the corners of her lips as her head bobbed madly up and down Casper’s hot thick cock.

“Oh gosh!” Casper shouted as he bucked his hips forward, “Here it comes!” His teeth clenched in a grimace of lust as he drove his cock into Wendy’s clutching throat and spewed out a scalding burst of ghostly sperm down the little girl’s esophagus.

Wendy pulled her head back, allowing the subsequent blasts of sweet tangy cum to fill her mouth. She swished the hot spectral sperm around in her cheeks before gulping down the entire choking mouthful of goo.

Wendy had sucked off many creatures in the enchanted forest, from gnomes to ogres to trolls, but there was something about the flavor of ghost sperm that she especially liked. It was a briny taste with a sweetish tinge that always reminded the little girl of marshmallows.

Casper’s cock discharged spurt after spurt of hot gluey ghost cum into Wendy’s sucking mouth until the salty-sweet sludge ebbed to a mere dribble.

The friendly ghost extracted his steaming prick from Wendy’s drooling mouth. “Wow, Wendy!” he said, “You really are a great cocksucker! I might even say you have a magic mouth!” he laughed.

Wendy licked a glob of cum from the corner of her mouth. “Thanks, Casper!” she gurgled, swallowing down the last mouthful of semen she held in her cheeks. “Now, about that annoying little itch in my pussy…” She got down on all fours beneath the oak tree. “Can you fix it for me?”

“Glad to oblige!” Casper grinned, placing the bulbous head of his snow-white cock in between the pretty pink petals of Wendy’s pussy lips. He slid his preternatural prick inside Wendy’s juicy cunt, eliciting a sigh of bliss from the pretty young witch. Casper started slowly, pumping his cock in and out of Wendy’s blistering hot snatch at a leisurely pace.

“Casper!” Wendy giggled, “Don’t tease me! Fuck me hard! You know how I like it!”

“You bet I do!” Casper laughed, accelerating his pace. Soon he was slamming his steel-hard cock rapidly in and out of the youngster’s hot squishing cunt. He and Wendy had fucked on many occasions, and he knew exactly what this good little witch wanted!

“Oh gee, Casper!” Wendy wailed, “Fuck me faster! Cum in my hot pussy!”

Casper gripped Wendy’s ass cheeks as his hard cock battered at her scorching cunt. He could feel the girl’s tight young twat clench around his rock-hard phallus, milking at his cock shaft.

“Golly! You’ve got a hot cunt today!” Casper remarked as his hairless groin slapped against Wendy’s jiggling ass cheeks. “The friction from that broomstick really must’ve set your poor pussy on fire!”

“Oh, it did!” Wendy replied, “And your cock is making it even hotter! Now fuck me, Casper! Fuck me hard! Make me cum!”

Casper’s teeth clenched and his eyes squeezed shut as he felt his balls contract inside their spectral sac. “Aw gee, Wendy!” he exclaimed, “Get ready! Here it comes!”

Wendy braced herself for the imminent spurt of sperm from Casper’s roiling balls. Suddenly the friendly ghost let out a passionate shriek and thrust his cock to the hilt inside Wendy’s simmering snatch. The spongy head of his dick pressed against the puckered cervix, unloading a copious flood of thick gooey ghost-jizz into the little witch’s womb.

Wendy's body convulsed in ecstasy as Casper’s phantom prick spewed scalding gushers of slime into her tender young uterus. Casper continued to hammer away at Wendy's goo-filled cunt, sending pearly rivulets of sperm squirting and oozing from the edges of her sloppy pussy.

Wendy thrashed and writhed in orgasm, impaled by the steely shaft of Casper’s ectoplasmic fuck pole. Each blistering blast of sperm sent another shock wave coursing thru Wendy’s climaxing body.

The little witch collapsed forward, her body still twitching as her orgasm abated. Casper’s cock slipped from her clenching cunt, sending the next two ropy jets of cum spattering across her back and buttocks.

Wendy lay face down for a moment before rolling over and scrambling to her knees. She fastened her mouth over the pale head of Casper’s cock and slurped the remnants of clotted sperm from the ghost’s dripping cock. “That was fantastic!” Wendy smiled, “It sure cured my itchy pussy!”

“Always glad to help!” Casper smiled, “Anytime that pussy needs tending to, you know who to call! Do you have any other itches that need scratching?”

Wendy thought for a moment. It had been a week since she’d had a really good assfuck—and that from a horny forest gnome—perhaps she should get a good hard buggering just to keep the cobwebs out of her tight little asshole!

“Well…” Wendy smiled mischievously, “Now that you mention it, my ass has been getting a little itchy lately… Way down deep, if you know what I mean!” she winked.

Casper smiled in return. “I think I do.” he replied.

“Wanna fuck it?” she invited, resuming her former position on hands and knees.

“Thought you’d never ask!” Casper smiled, stroking his stiff throbbing dick. He knelt down behind Wendy and parted her butt cheeks, exposing the puckered pink asterisk of her asshole. Extending his tongue, he wriggled it into the tight hole of Wendy’s anus, prying open her sphincter and drilling the wiggly organ deep inside her seething rectum.

Wendy squirmed as Casper’s tongue swabbed the insides of her hot humid ass. She giggled as the friendly spectre slobbered into her asshole, lubricating the passage for the imminent invasion by his hard thick cock.

Casper raised up and placed the blunt tip of his cock head against Wendy's asshole. He paused for a second, then lunged his hips forward forcefully, spearing his white-hot phallus into the tight simmering channel of the witch’s eager butthole.

Wendy wailed as Casper’s phantasmal prick slammed to the hilt inside her clutching asshole. Her sphincter stretched tautly around the ghost’s pummeling cock as Casper pounded into her ass with a lustful fury.

“Oh my gosh!” Wendy screamed, “Yes! Fuck my ass, Casper! Fuck it good!”

Casper sped up his strokes, hammering away at the scorching tunnel of Wendy’s gripping asshole. He smiled slyly as he focused on his ectoplasmic cock, surreptitiously extending the seven-inch shaft by another two inches inside Wendy’s churning bowels!

“Casper!” Wendy howled, “You naughty little spook! You made it bigger! Fuck me with it! Cum in my ass!”

The lecherous ghost pressed his fingers into the smooth flesh of little Wendy’s ass and slammed his hips back and forth. His groin slapped against the magical tyke’s buttocks and his spectral balls swung heavily as he fucked in and out of her simmering asshole.

Casper let out a ghostly wail and plunged his extended cock deep inside Wendy’s colon. His testicles erupted, spewing a volcanic load of hot glutinous ghost sperm inside the little witch’s guts.

The superheated blast of Casper’s semen triggered Wendy's own orgasm, and the two supernatural fuckers writhed and convulsed together on the forest floor beneath the oak tree.

Casper’s gushing cock continued to spout thick wads of gluey cum inside Wendy's bowels until finally no more of the pearlescent ichor would come forth. He reduced his cock back to its normal seven-inch size and slithered the cum-slathered member from Wendy’s still spasming asshole.

A cascade of white syrupy sludge poured from the young witch’s battered gaping asshole as Casper’s smoldering prick exited her anus. Wendy spun around, capturing the sperm-dripping cock in her mouth and stripping off the mass of congealed semen that clung to his milky-white cock shaft.

“That was amazing!” Wendy grinned, sliding Casper’s gooey cock from her lips. “You sure know how to scratch a girl’s itch!”

“Well, thanks!” Casper replied politely, “I do my best!”

“You really are a friendly ghost, Casper!” Wendy giggled, “A very, VERY friendly ghost!”

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