Gloria's Big Day

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: It’s a big day for Gloria Glad when she decides to give her virginity to her boyfriend, Richie Rich!

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal F/F Inc M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Toys


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #1

Featuring: Richie Rich and Gloria, Little Dot

“Gloria’s Big Day”

by HeadHunter



Gloria Drops a Hint


Young Richie Rich, son of multi-billionaire and philanthropist, Richard Rich, had the privilege of being the wealthiest little boy in the world. At nine years old, he already had more money than most adult billionaires, yet he still managed to maintain a down-to-earth, friendly demeanor toward rich and poor alike.

Today Richie was entertaining his girlfriend, Gloria Glad, in his bedroom inside the magnificent mansion on the Rich Estates. Gloria was the same age as Richie, with long red hair that she kept adorned with a bright colorful bow. Currently, however, she wore nothing at all as she lay back on Richie’s opulent bed, moaning passionately as Richie licked at her hot hairless pussy.

“Ohh! Richie!” she wailed, pressing the boy’s face deeper into her seething snatch, “Eat my pussy! My gosh! You have such a fantastic tongue!”

Richie mumbled a polite “Thank you” into Gloria’s simmering cunt as he wriggled his tongue deeper into her delectable little honeypot. He slurped up the tangy juices that welled up from within the youngster’s succulent vagina as his tongue drilled deeper.

There was nothing the young lad loved better than eating Gloria’s tasty cunt. The two had been having sex for about a year now, but their amorous activities had thus far been limited to oral sex only. Richie had been waiting until he was certain Gloria was ready before going any further.

Richie wiggled the tip of his tongue inside Gloria’s satiny snatch eliciting a squeal of delight from the red-haired girl. “Lick my clit, Richie!” she tittered, “Make me cum!”

Richie withdrew his tongue and began focusing his attention on Gloria’s swollen clitoris. He licked across the bright pink bud, eliciting a yowl of pleasure from the little girl.

“Oh gee!” Gloria exclaimed, her pretty face contorted with lust, “Harder, Richie! Just like that! You’r gonna do it! You’re gonna make me cum!”

Richie flicked at Gloria’s engorged clit with the tip of his tongue. Gloria was wriggling and thrashing atop the silk sheets of Richie’s bed by now, and the young lad held tightly onto her thighs as he raked his tongue across her clit and plunged it deeply into her slobbering snatch.

Gloria screamed in ecstasy as Richie’s talented tongue brought her to a bone-rattling climax.

Richie kept his mouth fastened to Gloria’s drooling pussy, sucking out the briny-sweet juice until the little redhead ceased convulsing on the bed.

“That was amazing!” Gloria panted breathlessly, “You must be the best pussy eater ever!”

“Aw!” Richie blushed modestly, his face shiny with pussy juice, “I don’t know about that!”

Gloria glanced down at Richie’s hairless crotch. The young boy’s penis was swollen and throbbing. “My goodness!” Gloria exclaimed, “Did eating my pussy do that to your poor cock!”

“Yeah,” Richie grinned, “I guess so!”

Gloria licked her lips as she grasped the seven inch phallus. It felt hot and heavy in her dainty hand and she slid her fist gently up and down the veiny shaft. “Gosh!” she giggled, “Looks like I’d better take care of this thing before it explodes in my hand!”

The young girl extended her tongue and licked around the circumference of Richie’s bloated purple cock head, drawing a blissful sigh from the tow-headed young tyke. She slipped the flared head of Richie’s dick between her lips and slid her head forward.

“Gee whiz, Gloria!” Richie grinned, “That feels great!

Gloria began bobbing her head up and down, sucking at Richie’s pulsating phallus. Her tongue slid along the underside of the boy’s cock as she slurped at the thick mass of cock meat.

Richie moaned as his hips began humping up into Gloria’s sucking mouth. “Gosh, Gloria!” he grimaced, “You’re such a good cocksucker! The way you’ve been practicing lately, I’ll bet you can take the whole thing now!”

Up till now, little Gloria had been unable to manage taking the entire length of Richie’s disproportionately sized organ down her girlish gullet. Now encouraged by her boyfriend’s remark, the young moppet attempted something she’d never been able to do before—to deep-throat Richie Rich’s big thick cock! She relaxed her throat, suppressing a gag as she slid Richie’s hot hunk of cock flesh inch by inch down her esophagus.

“Wow!” Richie exclaimed as his throbbing dick sank into Gloria’s gulping throat, “That’s amazing! You finally took it all the way in!”

Gloria continued thrusting her head up and down on Richie’s cock, sucking and slurping at the swollen organ as it plunged in and out of her gurgling gullet. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth as she strove to bring her boyfriend to a cum-spurting orgasm.

Richie’s face reddened as Gloria’s magnificent cocksucking skills brought him closer and closer to a thunderous climax. He grasped the sides of her head, entwining his fingers in her coppery hair as he pumped her slobbering mouth up and down on his pulsating cock.

“Aw, geez!” Richie exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum, Gloria! I’m gonna cum right in your mouth!”

Gloria sucked harder, eager to taste the thick gooey semen that would soon be gushing from Richie’s tender young testicles. She grasped his scrotum, gently massaging the grape-sized orbs inside the hairless sac.

“Yoww!” Richie let out a primal howl as his balls erupted, spewing a voluminous gusher of hot spicy sperm into Gloria’s cocksucking mouth.

The young girl swallowed rapidly as her mouth suddenly filled with Richie’s salty-sweet cum. She gulped down the pearly goo as fast as it spurted into her mouth, savoring the flavor of the briny sludge as it slithered warmly down into her belly.

Richie sighed as his trembling testicles finished emptying into Gloria’s slavering mouth. He lay back, his arms folded behind his head, as he watched Gloria slide his long thick cock from her throat and swipe off the clots of gummy semen with her tongue.

“Mmm!” Gloria smiled, “That was yummy!” A viscous dribble of creamy white semen oozed from the corner of her lips, and she licked it away with her tongue.

“Not as yummy as your pussy, I bet!” Richie laughed, “You’re delicious!”

Gloria giggled as she leaned over and gave Richie a dainty peck on the cheek. “Aw! You’re so sweet!” She arose from the bed, her knees still a bit wobbly from her recent orgasm. “That was fun, but I really have to be going.”

“I’ll ring for your clothes!” Richie said, pulling a gold braided rope that hung from the ceiling. “Cadbury!” he said aloud, “Bring Miss Glad’s clothes please!”

Moments later, the Rich family’s butler, Cadbury, entered the bedroom carrying the children’s clothing, neatly folded, in his arms. The dapper, unflappable Englishman was impeccably attired in his customary tuxedo and tails with his signature derby hat perched smartly on his head. The Rich family had often boasted of their manservant—whom they considered almost part of the family—as the ‘perfect butler’.

Cadbury bowed courteously as he handed Gloria her clothes, “There you are, Miss Gloria!” he said, “Freshly laundered, ironed and folded!”

“Thank you, Cadbury!” Gloria responded.

Cadbury examined the young moppet with a discerning eye. Her delectable young pussy was obviously wet with what he presumed was a combination of saliva and cunt juice. A rivulet of fluid was seeping from her darling little snatch and trickling down her thigh.

Cadbury raised an eyebrow. Smiling politely, he plucked a clean handkerchief from his breast pocket and offered it to Gloria, nodding discreetly toward her dribbling crotch.

“Oh! Thank you, Cadbury!” Gloria giggled, wiping the trickle of juice from her pussy and thigh. She handed the handkerchief back to Cadbury, who gave it a surreptitious sniff before returning it to his pocket with a smile.

Gloria started to unfold her red plaid skirt, then stopped. “Oh!” she giggled, “I always forget!” She walked over to a small red button on the wall and pushed it. A quartet of mechanical arms sprang from small hidden panels in the wall and began unfolding the clothing and swiftly dressing young Gloria from her blue hair bow to her black Mary Janes.

Gloria stepped away from the wall and walked over to a nearby full length mirror, examining herself thoroughly. “That thing is amazing!” she said. “How does it do that?”

“I dunno.” Richie shrugged as he repeated the procedure, pressing the button and letting the robotic arms put each piece of his clothing into place. “It’s one of Professor Keenbean’s inventions! The guy’s a genius!”

Cadbury opened the bedroom door and allowed Gloria and Richie to exit before he closed the door behind them. He escorted the two children to the elevator that would take them to the front door of the manor.

“I trust Miss Gloria had a good time?” Cadbury said with a wry smile.

“Oh yes!” Gloria beamed, “It was so much fun! Richie is an excellent pussy eater!”

“Oh, Gloria!” Richie exclaimed, embarrassed.

“Well you are!” she said.

Cadbury suppressed a chuckle. “I’m glad to hear you had such an outstanding time, my dear!”

They exited the elevator and walked down the hallway toward the door. “Next time,” Gloria said to Richie with a smile, “maybe we can try something… different!”

“Like what?” Richie asked.

“Well,” Gloria replied, “There are more kinds of sex than just oral!” She winked and gave Richie a peck on the cheek as Cadbury opened the door for her to leave.

Richie waved as Gloria stepped into the car that would take her to the entrance to the estate. “I wonder what she meant by that, Cadbury?” he said.

“I believe, Master Richie,” Cadbury replied stoically, “that Miss Gloria is offering you her virginity!”

“What’s this I hear?” came Richard Rich’s voice from behind them, “Gloria wants you to pop her cherry, huh?” Richie’s father stood behind them, smiling around the pipe he held between his teeth..

“Um, I guess so!” Richie replied.

“That’s great, son!” Richard said, puffing on his pipe, “I can’t believe you haven’t hit that already! Sweet young pussy like that! I’d be all over it!”

“I was waiting till she was ready.” Richie explained.

“Well, it sounds like she’s ready now!” Richard grinned.

Richie frowned slightly, “But, gee, Dad!” Richie said, “I’ve never fucked before! How will I know if I’m doing it right?”

“Just let it come naturally, son!” Richard suggested, “You’ll know! But if you really want a few pointers, go ask your Mom! That woman really likes to fuck! I’ll bet she can give you a few tips on how to please a girl!”

“Okay, Dad!” Richie smiled, “I’ll do that! I’ll go see Mom!”

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