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Based off this wonderful piece by the ever controversial Shadman.

In order to get what one wants out of life; one must manipulate their environments to their benefit. For Starfire that meant being a bit unconventional as well as being a bit creative. The inspiration for her actions came from browsing Beast Boy’s premium Pornhub account, well it was Robin’s Beast Boy just used it more. At any rate, Beast Boy was passed out in his room when Starfire came in looking for someone to play cards with when she stumbled upon the screen. On it was a video of an albino ginger woman going tongue first into the oiled-up ass of a curvy black woman.

Such a sight, such a vulgar and ominous sight greased the wheels in the part of the Tamaranean mind that controlled perversion. The former princess would never consider herself to be a pervert or someone who would engage in such behavior but, the sight and the joyous squeals the girl made as she drilled her tongue into the other woman’s ass made her curious. Still, that would be wrong, it would be morally reprehensible to just gobble some random person from behind, even if they gave you permission. The video planted a seed, but it was Raven that made the flower grow.

Seeing that Beast Boy was indisposed of Starfire sought out her other companions. That’s when she flew pass the aerobics room, the door was open a slight crack and Starfire could hear a vaguely British sounding voice coming from it. Opening it up slightly more she could see Raven in her usual black leotard, only without her cloak and shoes, wearing a black headband. She was doing some yoga exorcises while a woman on the TV gave instructions.

“Alright loves, now everyone into the downward facing dog!” The instructor said.

Raven took in a deep breath and bent over as she exhaled, her rump high in the air and her leotard sinking between her two voluminous grey cheeks. To Starfire it was like stumbling upon the holy grail. Raven’s glorious globes were lovingly hiked up and squished together by the thin fabric of the leotard. Her buns looked so supple and so soft, like a pillow you just wanted to bury your face in. The gears of deviancy turned in Starfire’s Tamaranean mind as she formulated a plan. A gross and self-indulgent plan.

Hours later, enough later that night had fallen, Starfire had not so discreetly placed the couch right in front of the refrigerator. The pit had been built so to speak, now the prey just needed to enter. Raven entered the Livingroom/kitchen with a yawn and her usual clothing to wish anyone who may have been in the room at the time a good night. She was working on being more polite to her friends. When she saw Starfire innocently sitting on the couch with a rather neutral smile, she yawned again and addressed her.

“Good night Star, I’ll see you in the morning.” Raven said, turning to leave.

“Oh, friend Raven, I have a request before you go!” Starfire said.

Raven let out an annoyed sigh and turned around, “What is it?”

“I am feeling the thirsty.” She said, pretending to be dumb, “Could you perhaps get me a refresh of mint from the cold box?”

Raven cocked an eyebrow, she realized that the couch was not in its usual spot and that she would have to probably float over it if she wanted to leave the room. More importantly she realized the fridge was right in front of Starfire, she could still sit and just scootch to the edge of the couch to open it. However, Raven’s mind was disciplined, it was not capable of living in a gutter. She figured Cyborg and Beast Boy must have moved it earlier to play some stupid game and forgot to put it back. She looked over at the fridge perplexed, surely Starfire hadn’t caught the lazy slob bug from those two imbeciles.

“Really Star?” Raven asked with a cocked brow, “I mean the fridge is right in front of you, you could just get it yourself?”

“No, I mustn’t get up!” Starfire insisted, never breaking her chipper expression, “I’m charging my energy!”

“Fine.” Raven said letting out a defeated sigh, “I thought your species got powered by the sun?”

“No that’s Kryptonians!” Starfire said.

“Oh right.” Raven said, opening up the fridge, “What do you want, juice, water, soda?”

“I want cake!” Starfire said, referring of course to one of earth’s many euphemisms.

Raven let out a disgusted grunt and rolled her eyes as she bent over slightly to search the fridge for the confection.

“Star if you want cake then you’re hungry not thirsty. Christ Star you’ve only lived on earth for a while now I thought you’d know the difference.” She said rather rudely.

As Raven bent, her cloak pulled back some, showing off her grey backside. Her leotard wedged up slightly giving her cheeks a subtle but noticeable bounce that pleased the Tameranean.

“Do we even still have cake?” Raven asked as she scanned the fridge, “Because I’m pretty sure I’d have eaten it by now.”

Part of the reason for Raven’s vigorous workouts was because she felt herself getting a little fatter in her backside and wanted to tone it up a bit. Unfortunately, her sweet tooth and habit of sitting on said bottom all day nixed most of her effort. Starfire liked what she saw, but it wasn’t just right, she needed her prey to get into a slightly more vulnerable position.

“There’s a small slice at the bottom.” Starfire said half giggling, “I can see it do the sticking out.”

Raven bent over more this time her cloak was practically falling off. Unbeknownst to her, the comfortable fabric of her leotard had risen up over the hem of her backside, now her perfectly shaped grey globes were in a near perfect position. Her butt jiggled slightly as she rummaged through the second and third shelf looking for the phantom cake. All the while Starfire drank in the sight before her. Not many in fact almost no one got to see Raven’s bubbly buns, Star couldn’t fathom why she’d want to trim the fat it was by far the most perfect rump she’d ever seen. It was practically mouth-watering.

“You sure its in here, cause I can’t find it.” Raven complained.

“Lower.” Starfire said, her nipples erecting at her plan bearing its fruit.

“Is it here?”

“At the bottom, the very bottom.”

Now Raven really wanted to find this cake. She bent all the way over, getting on her tip-ties to balance herself. This brought her beautiful globes to the peak of perfecting and into the perfect position Starfire wanted her in. Not only was her buns in perfect ogling position so was her meaty thighs. The leotard has stretched so thin it parted her cheeks by the smallest almost ignorable millimeter, revealing her ash and pink bum hole, though it was still mostly obscured by the fabric. That same fabric pulled tight on her womanhood, flaunting off her grey camel toe in a snug navy blanket. Raven’s head meanwhile was between the second and third shelf looking for this Schrodinger’s cake, she’d have to back up quite a bit if she wanted to escape.

“Really? Because all I see is a left-over ham and some milk?” Raven said, getting annoyed, “Is it chocolate? Black forest? It better not be carrot because now I want some.”

“Oh, I can see the cake from here.” Starfire said, licking her lips, “It appears to be very moist. Very moist indeed.”

Raven’s bum wiggled from side to side as she searched rigorously for the confection. All she could find was the left-over ham from Cyborg’s pork-a-palooza, eggs, oranges, two dozen bubbly sodas Robin was convinced were healthy, a pickle jar with one moldy pickle in it infecting the others and a cartoon of milk with a picture of a boy with white hair and an orange shirt that had the word missing under it.

“Alright I can’t find this damn cake.” Raven said, “If you can see it so well just get up and grab it.”

A big, goofy and evil grin formed over the orange alien’s face, “Well, only if you insist.”

“Of course, I—”

Raven was cut off by a drooling Starfire clamping her palms down on both of her grey globes. Her eyes widened in offense and her lips puckered in confusion when she felt her booty being grabbed. Only now did it dawn on her that cake she Starfire was referring to, was her own butt.

“Starfire what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” Raven asked with an indignant look on her face.

Starfire responded by using her thumb to part the piece of leotard obscuring her friends grey, puckered anus, and pussy. Raven let out a very audible gasp as Starfire spread her cheeks, to get a better look at her cake hole so to speak.

“Wow friend Raven, you’re dark side looks appetizing!” Starfire said with a giggle, “That is what earthlings call their bummongofs right?”

“Its called a backside and get your fucking hands off of it you alien pervert!” Raven screamed, trying to intimidate Starfire into letting go.

Starfire’s trap was perfect however, Raven couldn’t stand without bumping her head against the second shelf and contaminating the food. She didn’t want to be too loud as that would alert the others and she’d die of embarrassment on the spot. Plus, Starfire’s superior strength made a physical confrontation out of the question. Starfire meanwhile was huffing steam as she slapped, pinched, squeezed, and massaged Raven’s meaty buns. They were soft and supple, like two plush water balloons, warm to the fingers and very fun to play with. Not an ounce of fat was in the wrong place no was there too much, just enough to fit in her orange hands and squeeze slightly with her fingers. Raven’s bum hole opened and closed ever so slightly due to all the excitement.

“Oh, joyous night!” Starfire cheered, “You are doing the winking, which means you wish to mate with me! At least that’s what that video told me.”

“What video?” Raven screeched, her hands digging into the carpet for support, “You dumb alien bitch get off my fucking—GAH!”

Starfire had finally had enough teasing and decided to dive into the main course. She plunged nose first into Raven’s anus husking in her scent, the sorceress smelled of Black Forest cake and chocolate cupcakes. No wonder she felt the need to lose weight, yet Starfire wasn’t one to complain, she loved the feel of her soft cheeks bouncing against her face. Raven on the other hand was feeling a mix of things, fury from having her anal virginity taken by a space invader, delight from having her nether region being given such affection, crude that it was, and guilt for somewhat liking what was being done. A goofy sense of anger washed over her however because she should’ve been smart enough to know something was up when the alien pretended to not know what thirsty meant.

“I’m gonna break every bone in your intergalactic body you dumb bitch!” Raven yelled, panting up a storm as her body threatened to collapse from the awkward position. “Get out of my asshole!”

Her please fell on deaf, bawdy, and self-indulgent ears as Starfire used her tongue to swipe at Raven’s womanhood, making her gasp and almost let out a sigh of pleasure. No one had ever “kissed” that part of her body before and it wasn’t all together unpleasant. Still Raven didn’t want Star to enjoy what she was doing; she was gearing up the concentration necessary to Azarath Star’s plump orange behind to the other side of the room when she felt something warm and wet clamp down on her hole.

Having enough of smelling, Starfire decided to taste her friend’s derriere, slobbering all over it with a very sloppy kiss. Raven’s face almost matched her father’s as another wave of anger and pleasure washed over her, sending jolts through all of her limbs and in her cortex. Starfire herself had a rather undignified look on her face as her eyes squinted and bugged at the same time as her drool oozed over Raven’s mounds trailing up her mount leaving a dark, wet trail from her star fish to her kidneys. The kiss ended and the sucking began, Raven gasped and choked a bit, a glob of spit fell out of her mouth as she felt the oxygen in her body being sucked out from her asshole. What oxygen that wasn’t being stolen streamed through her blood and into her nipples and cunt. To the grey goth’s dismay, she was getting moist to Starfire’s oral administrations on her bum. Her stomach contracted and heaved as her breathing shallowed, Raven tried to look over her shoulder but bumped her head against one of the fridge trays, she grinded her teeth letting out a frustrated growl as her knees threatened to buckle. She swore Starfire was either gonna suck out her organs from her asshole or she was gonna cum them out if she didn’t get her to stop.

“Starfire! If you don’t stop this very second, I’m gonna—OH! AH!”

Once again Raven’s threats were put to rest as Starfire continued her dinner, now the Tamaranean moved onto to tongue fucking her. Raven gawked and grunted in an undignified manner as she felt Star’s slick and firm tongue wiggle about and drill her starfish sending an entire new wave of pleasure across her body. Raven rarely sweated but she could feel sweat leak from every pore, sliding down her shoulder and onto her rump. Raven couldn’t help but to twitch and shake her lower half which unfortunately pushed Star’s tongue deeper into her ass. The sorceress was no virgin thanks to the boys and while there was a little ass play, none of them ever stuck anything into her backdoor, the feeling of getting tongue fucked wasn’t unpleasant, but it would’ve been more enjoyable if Star hadn’t taken matters into her own hands.

Starfire on the other hand was on cloud nine, the naughty sensation of tasting her friend was better than she had hoped. Raven’s anus was sweeter than any fruit or earth confection she had ever tasted, even better than the iced cream with the sauce of chocolate drizzled on it, she just couldn’t control herself. This demon of lust had destroyed all self-control she possessed.

“STARFI—GAAAAHHHHH!” Raven squealed as her orgasm brought her night of anal tongue fuckery to an end.

The poor sorceress gushed out enough juice to fill a small cup as a damp puddle formed underneath her legs. Starfire gave her behind one last big lick, making Raven gag as she collapsed into the fridge. Starfire stood up, her chest covered in sweat, drool, and Raven’s cum. Before her was a very un-Raven sight, the poor goth was gape rump up in the air, her head in between the pickles and milk. Her gray skin glistened and shimmered in sweat, her asshole was damp and raw from Star’s rather vigorous trouser friendly kiss. Raven’s stomach heaved and contracted as she tried to catch her breath in the fridge’s stale air.

Starfire giggled and tapped her bottom lip, “That was most wondrous indeed friend Raven! We should do this again, perhaps tomorrow night?”

Raven’s body shuddered in rage as she looked over her shoulder with a murderous death glare.

“Mark my words you orange cunt!” Raven said through clenched teeth, “I am going to fucking end you for this! Now take me back to my room!”

Ignoring her anger Starfire simply nodded and picked Raven up, tossing her over her shoulder, knocking what little wind was in her out. As quick as a flash Starfire returned the goth to her room and planted Raven onto her bed with her booty still in the air.

“Goodnight friend Raven.” Starfire said, giving her left butt cheek a soft kiss. “See you in the morning.

“I’mma fucking kill you!” Raven called after her.

The next day Raven hobbled funny and almost lost balance whenever she walked. Levitating provided little support as her legs still felt like lead. And sitting? Forget about it, she yelped after half a second of planting her delicate tush on a chair, even a pillow or a cushion didn’t help. All the while Starfire carried on as if nothing happened, though every now and then she made a dirty gesture with her mouth, once or twice she snuck a kiss on her rump that infuriated Raven.

“You are dead you fucking alien!”

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