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“Okay, Bird Boy!” Harley grinned as she cracked her knuckles impatiently. “You’re gonna tell us all you know about Batman’s plan to take us down or you’re gonna pay!”

“He literally has no interest in you or Poison Ivy since you’ve gone off on your own. Your crimes don’t even count as much more than regular felonies in most cases. You do know he fights villains that are involved in crimes against humanity, right?” Robin narrowed his eyes as he hung there, suspended by thick, green vines around his wrists and ankles. They slowly inched over his limbs, wrapping around each other and making it even harder for the boy wonder to escape. “And I’m not Robin anymore… That was ages ago…”

“Oh, okay—RED ROBIN,” Harley shouted.

“Maybe he’s telling the truth? We have been laying pretty low as of late. Maybe you’re being a bit paranoid?” Ivy shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest.

“If he’s lying about his NAME then he’s lying about Batman’s plan to trip us up, too! You think it’s a coincidence that they got my order wrong when I was at the Thai place—and they JUST SO HAPPENED to have a news story about Batman on the TV?”

“That… yeah, that seems very coincidental. Also, we live in Gotham City. Most news is going to involve Batman,” Ivy narrowed her eyes.

“Well,” Harley accusingly pointed a finger at their captive, “then how do you explain us finding Robin snooping around our hideout?!”

“Dude,” Robin sighed, “You jumped me as I was trying to catch some of Two-Face’s goons! Also, who the fuck puts their hideout in a mall?”

“Okay, that’s enough out of him!” Harley quickly shoved some cloth into his mouth and covered it with duct tape.

“Odd you’d have that gag ready so quickly,” Ivy blinked.

“I’m sorry!—I came prepared! I just needed him to shut up so I could think. I know Batman’s up to something and he’s gonna tell us everything!” Harley grinned.

“Through the homemade gag?” Ivy arched a brow.

Harley narrowed her eyes. “Who’s side are you on anyway? No. The gag has a dual purpose. See—I took a pair of your panties and shoved them in his mouth before I taped his yap closed!”

Ivy’s eyes fluttered and she held up her hands. “Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait… My panties? Are in his mouth?”

Robin’s eyes widened and a very visible blush covered his cheeks.

“It’s got some of your pheromones on it, so he’s gonna be our loyal little tattletale when they kick in. Smart, right? You don’t have to say it. I know it’s smart.” Harley smugly nodded.

“It—” Ivy still couldn’t get over the fact that Harley had stolen a pair of her panties. “It is smart, but also very disturbing that you’d shove another woman’s underwear into a guy’s mouth. Also, you probably should have asked if that would work… if it didn’t, then you’d just kinda seem like some crazy, panty-stealing pervert…”

“Of course it’ll work. It’s already working,” she pointed to Robin’s crotch and the hard bulge pressing against his costume. “He’s gonna be so helpless for you that he’ll tell us whatever we wanna know!”

Ivy winced and tittered her head back and forth as she nibbled her lip.

“What’s wrong, Iv?” Harley blinked.

The redhead took a deep breath and sighed. “So, my pheromones are kind of specific. I give a kiss, they’re under my control—”

“Right, which is why he’s gonna spill his guts!” Harley yanked the tape off Robin’s mouth, but instead of a pained cry, he made a deep moan of pleasure. “Uh…” Harley blinked.

“—Yeah, so…” Ivy sighed again, “They get enough of my pheromones from a kiss to put them under my control—From my lips.” She pointed to her face, the disappointment wasn’t very subtle. “Pheromones from… other… lips… generally tend to turn the person into sex hungry fiend. So, it’s a good thing he’s already tied up or we’d probably already have a dick in us. But, it also doesn’t last long cause they’re free of the effect as soon as they cum…”

“Oooh,” Harley winced. “But, we can still get the info from him, right?”

Ivy facepalmed and shrugged. “Y-yeah, I guess. If you’re down to fuck him. I doubt he’ll say anything if there’s not sex involved.” She meant it sarcastically, but glanced at his hard-on pressing against his pants and blushed as naughty thoughts ran through her mind. He was well-sculpted and aside from being a hero, was kind of hot. She nibbled her bottom lip and quickly looked away.

Harley grinned as the same thoughts ran through her head. Except, along with her paranoia, she was more than willing to fuck Robin for the information she wanted. It was at least a good excuse for what she was about to do. She leaned against him, running a hand over his hard, muscled chest. Her fingers moved downward, feeling over his abs until she reached his hard dick and squeezed it through his outfit.

The blonde dropped to her knees and hastily unbuckled his pants. She was more than satisfied as she pulled his thick cock out and nibbled her bottom lip in anticipation. “Had I known he was packing this kinda weapon I’d have kidnapped him sooner!” Harley giggled as she wrapped her lips around his member, immediately taking the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat in a single, impressive motion.

Ivy blinked as she watched her partner swallow Robin’s dick. It was a side of Harley she’d never seen before, and yet it really wasn’t all that surprising. After all, she could juggle so it shouldn’t have been a shock to learn she could swallow swords, too.

Robin groaned as Harley bobbed her head back and forth, her throat muscles massaging every bit of the bound hero’s throbbing cock. Back and forth, she gagged herself on his length while tears ran down her cheeks, smearing her eyeliner as she deepthroated his dick.

The redhead hardly knew what to do here, but it seemed like a shame she wasn’t involved. She was trying to stay out of things like this. After all, she wasn’t about to take advantage of the hero while he was under the effects of her pheromones. While Harley blew him, his pants slid down a bit further. With a deep blush, Ivy’s eyes were drawn to his tight and toned ass. She would simply leave Harley to do her thing. She didn’t have to be a part of this. And yet, she still stared at his rear.

The blonde sloppily pulled away from Robin’s cock, leaving a trail of saliva connecting from her tongue to the tip of his dripping cock. “Come on, Iv. It’s not every day we get an opportunity to fuck the answers out of someone this hot! … or at all, actually…”

Ivy made a face as she considered the situation and sighed in defeat. Nothing was going to stand in the way of enjoying Robin’s body. She quickly stripped and summoned some vines to form into the shape of a strap-on, which she then put on. The plant-shaped cock fused with Ivy’s crotch and she stepped behind the bound hero. Her fingers delicately caressed the muscles down his back before she reached around and squeezed his chest. Leaning herself against him, her cock pressed against his rear, gently poking against his asshole.

Robin gasped, clenching at the sensation at his rear and pulling away, which only thrust his dick further into Harley’s throat. Something in Ivy changed, though. She gently leaned against him, her fingers still caressing his body as she whispered into his ear. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle… Just relax…”

He groaned as the blonde continued to nosily slurp and suck his dick. Ivy’s soothing words worked thanks to the pheromones, causing him to lean back against her. The vined cock secreted its own lubrication, allowing Ivy to barely push forward in order for the head to penetrate the hero’s rear. Ivy moaned into Robin’s ear as she felt every bit of his clenching asshole against her cock.

“Come on,” the redhead cooed, “Be a good boy… Show me how happy you are to have my dick in your ass.”

“Mm, fuck,” Robin gasped as he slowly pushed himself back against the cock in his ass.

Ivy barely pushed forward, instead enjoying herself as the hero pushed back until his hard, tight ass pressed against her hips. Harley still had her lips wrapped around the head of Robin’s cock while she stroked up and down the shaft with her hand.

“Go on,” Ivy goaded, “Fuck yourself on my dick.”

Robin grunted as he moved forward, thrusting his cock deeper into Harley’s mouth before slamming himself back against Ivy’s cock. He moved himself back and forth, keeping a steady pace as he essentially did all the work. Ivy smiled as she watched the former boy wonder willingly fuck himself on her cock. She needed to participate, though. The redhead gripped his hips and met his thrusts halfway, brutally pounding away at the hero’s ass.

Each thrust rubbed directly against Robin’s prostate, forcing a little spurt of cum into Harley’s mouth with each motion. Harley happily swallowed every bit down. She continued to jerk him off as she pulled away, letting his jizz spurt out bit by bit while she leaned forward and began to lick and suck at his heavy balls.

Ivy was really getting into this as she pounded Robin’s ass. She felt everything the vine-cock felt as it plunged into his tight asshole. The redhead forced the strap-on to grow a bit, making it thicker and so the head would constantly rub and prod her captive’s p-spot with every thrust.

The hero groaned and his eyes rolled back. His cock pulsed within Harley’s grip, which she was quick to wrap her lips around again. Heavy loads of jizz erupted into Harley’s mouth and she swallowed down every bit. Ivy hilted herself in Robin’s ass, grinding herself against him to make sure that every last bit had been milked from his cock. Her hands toyed over his body before she pulled out with a wide, satisfied grin remaining on her face.

Harley continued to suck him off, still convinced there was a little more left. The groans from Robin as he bucked his hips said otherwise, though, as he was pushed to the limits with his overstimulated cock still pulsing and throbbing as he woefully attempted to cum again.

With a messy, slurp, Harley pulled away. “I guess we’re done here.”

Ivy let all the vines pull away from Robin’s body, causing him to fall to a kneeling position while he tried to catch his breath. His cheeks burned a deep red as he slowly pushed himself up, awkwardly pulling his pants up at the same time.

“So, I can go, right? We’re… done here?” Robin asked, warily backing away toward the exit.

“Yeah,” Harley sighed, waving him away while looking at Ivy. “I can’t believe you did that! You were so cool and sexy and in control!”

“That, uh,” Ivy blinked as she pulled off the strap-on, “That was fun. We should do that again some time, maybe? Like, maybe not with the panties-in-the-mouth thing, but ya know, I think we could find some guys that wouldn’t mind being sandwiched between you and me. I… might know a few, if we wanted to try. That’s not weird is it?” Ivy narrowed her eyes, still feeling awkward about what had just happened.

Harley nodded as she hungrily licked her lips. “You have no idea how long it’s been. I really needed that. And we definitely need to get a steady rotation of boy-toys. Who wouldn’t wanna fuck us, right?” She sighed and flopped onto a couch.

Ivy sat down next to her. “So, you only did that stuff as a pretense to fuck? That’s kind of a wild way to do it. How did you know it was going to work?”

“Pretense? The hell are you talking about?” Harley arched a brow.

“The Batman stuff,” Ivy blinked. “The answers you were trying to get out of Robin?”

Harley’s eyes went wide. “FUCK! I forgot! Now I have to fucking capture him again!” The blonde hopped off the couch and ran toward the mall’s exit with her baseball bat in hand. “Come on, Iv! He couldn’t have gotten far!”

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