Gotham: Cat In Heat

BY : Evildragon101
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Selina rose angrily from the sofa, she had come to Bruce distraught and distressed hoping to find comfort and help from the one person who cared about it. Instead she found herself all but spurned, he no longer had time for her problems and she would have to hunt down her friend Ivy by herself. She was disappointed in herself for thinking different.

"You're a selfish ass you know that?" She scolded as she moved towards the window.

"Selina! WAIT!" Bruce called out, he had to reveal him to her.

"What is it now?" She answered irritated and scowled at him.

what is with you today? You seem agitated." Bruce pondered.

"Can we talk somewhere private? Like your bedroom?" Selina pleaded.

Bruce was puzzled by her request but thought either she was sick or worse being hunted by one of the countless thugs and ne'er-do-well's that stalked the city. He guided her up the stairs and noticed some more unusual behavior. She all but pasted herself onto his back as they walked, she held his hand and would occasionally nuzzle him.

They entered Bruce's lavish bedroom and he plopped Selina down on the bed to question what was going on. She looked around pensively and rubbed her arm like she was having trouble coming up with the words before exhaling strongly and beginning to explain her situation.

"Bruce, we need to talk." Selina said.

"We did. Ivy's missing and I want to help you find her." Bruce replied.

"No, there's something else. There's something wrong with me…. Very wrong." Selina mewed.

"What is it?" Bruce questioned, puzzled.

"Okay, so this has been happening since a couple of days now. I wake up and feel strangely hot, not in a sweaty kind of way but in a … boy I'm feeling kinda horny right now. You understand?" There was a tinge of embarrassment in her voice but she knew only Bruce could help him.

"Wait so you feel aroused in the morning? Happens with me two. I do research on human physiology and sometimes…" Brue began.

"No, this isn't like that. Yeah I'm going through puberty and so are you but it's not supposed to be this extreme is it?" Selina whined and threw her hands around.

"Have you tried masturbating?" Bruce asked with clinical disposition.

Selina's shocked and wide eyed reaction made it clear that it was a highly inappropriate question to ask. Under normal circumstances she would have slapped him for asking such a personal question but she was desperate for answers.

"Yes. But it only helps for a little while. I did it just before coming here and now I'm feeling hot again." Selina explained.

"Have you tried going to a doctor?" Bruce questioned with an inquisitive scowl.

"Oh ya! I should go to a doctor with all the money and insurance that I don't have!" She replied sarcastically.

Bruce himself started feeling a little strange, to put it in a metaphysical way it felt like there were waves of energy coming of Selina. Those waves made it look like she was glowing in the midday sun and giving off the scent of fresh lilies. There was a storm rising inside him and all he wanted to do was rip her clothes off and make love to her. He resisted.

"Ugh, my head. Selina, whatever's happened to you seems a bit further than a medical condition. Hold on a sec, I need to grab one of my biology books." Bruce said with a shake of his head as he moved to a shelf opposite the bed.

"Ooh… nerd porn!" Selina chuckled.

"Very funny Selina." Bruce said absentmindedly as he flipped through the books.

It took three different textbooks on human and animal biology before Bruce found something that was at once fascinating and disturbing. It would certainly explain some of her behavior and he an idea for the source of the issue. He would have been more skeptical had he not shifted his attention from the books to Selina who was now sitting on all fours with her rear in the air and breathing heavily.

"Why are you doing that?" Bruce questioned with wide eyes.

"Yeah, uh… my body seems to relax whenever I'm in this position. Sorry." Selina apologized.

"Selina, you're in heat." Bruce said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, I know that Einstein!" Selina scolded as she sat up.

"No I mean literally! Here look at this." Bruce informed as we walked over with the book.

Selina's eyes grew wide with horror as she read the paragraph Bruce was pointing to, "When a female cat is in heat she displays a variety of physiological changes and behaviors including but not limited to… HOLY SHIT WHAT?!"

Selina tossed Bruce and the book aside as the truth dawned upon her, "No! No way!" She wailed standing up.

"Selina wait, don't freak out!" Bruce tried to calm her down.

"Don't freak out! DON'T FREAK OUT! OH MY GOD BRUCE! Listen, I know sometimes I walk on all fours or nuzzle people or lick my arm but I only do that to FUCK with people! That doesn't mean I am literally a female cat-human thing who is now going through cat mating season!" Selina roared and stomped around the room.

"Listen, don't shout or Alfred and Fruce will come running to see what the commotion is about. Breathe, just breathe and think about how this could have happened. Months ago you were just a normal girl and now…." Bruce lost himself in a train of thought, thinking deeply about why a human was displaying the physiology of a cat.

"Indian Hill!" Selina gasped and covered her mouth.

"What about it? Did Dr. Strange do something to you?" Bruce asked concerned.

"I'm… I'm not sure…. but there was a short window where I was unconscious before they put me in the same cell as Bridget." Selina admitted with a worried look in her face.

"Selina, it's possible Dr. Strange did something to you… I'm sorry." Bruce replied.

"God! Fuck Strange! When I catch him I'm going to pounce on him and claw… no! I mean I will walk towards him on my two human legs and STAB HIM … like a human!" Selina said with gritted teeth and balled fists.

"Guess we have to chase after Strange after all." Bruce said with a melancholic confidence.

Bruce was already thinking of strategies and plans to solve this issue, even at this young age he was preparing contingencies and counters but his lack of experience would render most of them useless. Selina on the other hand sat defeated on the side of the bed, her fingers clawing into the mattress and her eyes red with grief.

Bruce moved over and sat beside her, a short silence was quickly followed by the girl embracing him as tightly as she could. She cried into his shoulder and Bruce would hold her for as long as she would need him.

"Bruce… I need you… badly." She requested.

"I know Selina, I understand." Bruce was eager to oblige.

She pulled away from him but only long enough for him to draw her into a kiss. Their noses brushed across each other as their soft lips pressed against each other. Bruce took hold of a handful of her lovely curls and threaded his fingers through them and she returned the favor by letting loose a soft moan.

Selina pulled herself away momentarily and whispered, "My nipples are sore…"

Bruce smiled at her beet red face and gently laid her down on the bed before beginning to zip her jacket down. She smiled up at him while he admired by toned and athletic physique. Bruce seemed to exhale deeply like he was about to perform some delicate task and proceeded to grab her white bra and pushed it over her breasts.

"Like what you see?" She asked slyly, now in full arousal.

Bruce answered by diving down onto her chest and taking a mouthful of nipple making the girl gasp with pleasure and surprise. She ran her fingers through his hair as he began to softly suck on it like a babe. Bruce's eyes were closed and he seemed almost in a trance as he alternated between licking the nipple and sucking on the breast itself.

Selina twisted and turned beneath him letting out the occasional girlish squeak or gasp as Bruce continued. She guided his free hand to her other breast so that he could massage it. He did as was commanded and found himself lost in pleasurable stupor, his pants grew tight around him but he ignored the discomfort.

"Bruce… can you go … lower." Selina breathed.

She unbuckled her trousers for him which he followed up by pulling them down to reveal a pair of pink panties. Bruce gulped with anticipation as he gently grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them down to reveal a second pair of pink lips sitting vertical with a small mound of hair on top.

Bruce was unsure of how to proceed but his instincts told him to move closer and he obeyed. It was odd, there was an intoxicating scent to her nether regions, that same old scent of lilac and they looked swollen and puffy. He wanted to kiss them.

Selina watched wide eyed as Bruce all but buried his face into her and shuddered as their lips met. Once again Bruce found himself in a trance, like he was acting on pure instinct. He kissed her once, twice and thrice feeling Selina shudder with each motion. As if it was a natural progression, he began to lick at the surface and worked to moisten the area with his saliva.

He noticed that every time his tongue touched the small nub at the top of the lips, Selina would let out a soft moan. He liked it when she did that and began to focus on it, licking and sucking on it. Selina couldn't believe what was happening and felt like she was on a cloud, drunk on bliss.

Selina cried out as he struggled with her legs but Bruce held them in place as he worked on her. She was afraid she'd have to guide him to the finish but he turned out to be more perceptive than she thought. Once Bruce was sure she was wet enough, his tongue forced her lips to part and penetrated her.

Selina yelped with pleasure.

Bruce could barely control himself, something about what he was doing was driving them both wild. He rolled his tongue about inside her while she rolled her fingers through his hair trying desperately not to make too much noise. It was almost too much to bear, the metaphorical dam inside her was full and needed release.

"Use your fingers…" She said between gasps while drool poured from her mouth.

Bruce explored her insides with his tongue for a little longer, enjoying the feeling of her shift and twist in his hands. He rose for air and tasted the sweet honey his tongue had gathered before bending back down to lick at the small nub again while he pressing two of his fingers against the lips.

He rubbed his fingers against her which seem to make Selina whine with anticipation. It took some effort but he managed to shove his middle finger into her now moist nether and proceeded to carefully pull it in and out. Once he was sure he could fit another, his index joined in on the fun.

Selina was now arching her back into air with her mouth expelling moans and groans rhythmically with Bruce's fingers. Not too long after Selina gasped loudly as a comforting wave passed over her and she felt weightless for a split second. Her legs went numb as feminine fluids gushed within her and coated Bruce's fingers.

She breathed and wheezed on the bed as she watched Bruce rise from her beneath her and put the now sticky fingers in his mouth to clean them. She was in awe since she had heard men let alone boys wouldn't dare indulge in such vulgarity but there he was, savoring her flesh.

"Mmm… not bad." Bruce declared with a smile, it was a bit sour but he wouldn't admit it.

"Not bad huh? What, you needed some caviar or filet mignon with that?" Selina chuckled.

She watched him lay down beside her and she had the urge to cuddle up next to him. Nuzzling his face lovingly once more and with a hand on his cheek, she whispered into his ear.

"Thank you."

Her hand moved down from his cheek until it managed to find the small bump in his pants. Bruce looked up at her with a concerned look, she smiled at the young boy's apprehension when the tables were turned.

"My turn." She said softly.

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