The Bare Titans

BY : Kingmaker
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Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans it belongs to it's rightful owners and creators. This is a non profit story.

                                                               The Bare Titans

                                                        A Teen Titians Fan Fiction

                                                             “Titans Go!”

Robin shouted as the Teen Titans engaged Red X, Dr. Light and Control Freak in battle. The five heroes had no idea when they woke up today, that three of their foes had teamed to rob a bank. Thankfully, the Teen Titans had stopped them and were facing their enemies on the streets of Jump City. Robin swung his staff at Red X who avoid it with a black flip. Dr. Light fired light  blasts at Beast Boy and Raven, while Control Freak turned on a jetpack and flew to the top of a skyscraper.

Cyborg jumped after him and they stood on top of the skyscraper. Control Freak pulled out a button and pressed it. Cyborg fell flat on his back, comply paralyzed. Control Freak smirked. “I thought of everything tin man.”

Cyborg grinned and closed his eyes. Then he opened them back up. “Done.”

“What did you just do?” Control Freak asked.

“I just called some special friends of mine.”

       “The Titans East?”

“Oh no, there so much worse.” Cyborg replied.

“You mean the Justice League?”

Cyborg grinned. “Nope, I won’t tell you who they are. Just that there going to do a bunch of interesting things to your fat ass, you crazy white man!”

“Well before they get here, I’m going to kill you!”

Control Freak pulled out an EMP device from his coat. Before he could activate it, a dozen big muscular gay Jamaican men burst from the door. They beat Control Freak to an inch of his life, turned off his magnetic device and freed Cyborg. They tied Control Freak up and then they took him back on a boat with them to Jamaica and he was never seen again!

Meanwhile Robin and Starfire found in themselves in a construction site taking on Red X by themselves, while Raven and Beast Boy fought Dr. Light. Robin swung his staff at Red X, who dodged every blow. Starfire fired some energy blasts at Red X, but he avoided them as well and threw a net bomb at Starfire. Trapping her and taking her out of the fight. Robin thrust his staff and Red X’s torso and he thrust his body backwards while whipped out his own staff.

Red X attacked him and swung his staff at Robin’s face.  Robin blocked Red X’s staff with his staff and Red X hissed at Robin like a snake and backed away from him. He then pointed his staff at Robin and said, “You think you can defeat me Robin!”

“Damn right I do.” Robin yelled

“You willing to fight me without calling for back up!”

Robin tightened his grip around his staff and nodded.   Red X smiled beneath his mask and sneered, “You really want to take this rivalry of ours all the way, don’t you Robin. I guess you need me to fill the void Slade left behind. Especially since he is gone for good Robin!”

“What do you mean by that?”

   “You’ll see!”

Red X attacked Robin again and Robin dodged his staff  Robin jumped backwards and he swung his staff at Red X.  Red X blocked Robin’s staff swing and Robin swung his staff at Red X again. Once again Red X blocked Robin’s attack and Robin moved away from Red X and prepared for his counterattack. Red X attacked Robin with great fury and speed.  Red X attacked Robin with such great speed that Robin found himself unable to dodge any of his attacks.  So, he just simply blocked them, however even doing that was extremely difficult for him.

 Robin swung his staff and Red X again and Red X gracefully dodged his attack and swung his staff at Robin’s hands.  Robin dodged Red X’s blow and stepped away from him. Robin tried to kick Red Xin his legs, but Red X had been expecting that.  So, the instant that Robin tried to kick him, Red X blocked his attack with his staff.  Then Red X swung his staff at Robin and hit him right across his face and knocked him to the ground.  The moment Robin fell to the ground he instantly got back up and then he attacked Red X and tried to kick him again, while flying through the air. 

Robin kicked Red X repeatedly before his feet touched the ground.  Red X blocked all of Robin’s kicks with his staff.  As soon as Robin’s feet were back on the ground, he attacked Red X with his staff again, Red X blocked all of Robin’s countless staff attacks and then grinned beneath his mask.  Red X’s grin just grew bigger and bigger with every failed attack that Robin threw at him. The fight continued and no matter what Robin did he could not lessen Red X’s grip on his staff.  Red X had truly given Robin a fight that he felt he could not win.  For it was taking everything Robin had to keep hold on his staff and the fight had only been going on for ten minutes.  Robin honestly felt the chances of him winning and defeating Red X were getting weaker with each passing second.  Red X was just relentless against Robin; Red X knew it would not be much longer until Robin lost his grip on his staff.  Red X could see that Robin’s fingers were barely touching it now.   Red X kicked Robin in his right leg and Robin fell to the ground.  The moment Robin hit the ground, Red X kicked his staff and Robin’s left hand flew right off it. 

However, he was still holding onto the staff with his right and with a grip as tight as death.  Robin swung his staff and hit Red Xin his legs and knocked him to the ground. Robin instantly sprang off from the ground as he swung his staff at Red X and Red X blocked Robin’s attack and then swung his staff at him.  Robin dodged Red X staff swing and then Red X kicked Robin in his chest, knocking him to the ground again.  The moment Robin hit the ground he realized something; he was holding back.  If he was to beat Red X he would have to deal with him with as much more force as he had with other foes.

Only then he would he be able to take Red X down!  Robin got up from the ground and looked at Red X with an unrelenting stare. He attacked Red X with the speed and fury of an enraged warrior! Red X did not even know what was happening, he was hit so fast and so hard that before he knew it, he was on the ground and his hands were barely grasping his staff.  Robin slammed his staff into Red X’s staff and Red X rolled on the ground and then Robin kicked Red X’s staff out of his hands and then caught it with his left hand. So now he had his staff in his right and Red X staff in his left hand. 

Red X chuckled and got back up on his feet. He raised his hands in surrender, but Robin was certain that he something else up his sleeve. Red X said. “Very good Robin. It looks like you really are the Boy Wonder after all. I guess I should tell you what happened to Slade.”

“What do you know where he is, or who he truly is?’ Robin asked.

Red X laughed a deep dark laugh that was the most disturbing laugher to ever grace Robin’s ears. “He’s dead Robin!”


Red X spread his arms out and shouted. “I asked him to join me and my new friends. But he said we were losers and that it would be beneath him to associate with us. So, when his back was turned, I cut his head off with machete! Then I got rid of his body by making it into a bunch of meat pies and selling them to poor Mexican children. Then I sold all his armor on E Bay!”

Tears started to grace Robin’s eyes. Whatever else could be said about Slade he had at least been a worthy advisory. With him gone Robin felt as though he had lost a part of himself. Robin slammed his staffs together and shouted. “You’ll pay for that Red X! Now I’m going to bring you down! I’m going to bring you down to China town!”

“That’s a really lame line Robin!”

       “Shut Up!”

Robin charged at Red X, but before he could strike him. One of the construction workers had decided to play hero. The construction worker rammed Red X with a dump truck Red X went flying through the air and while screaming in agony. He landed in a water fountain, in a mangled hep.  Red X willed himself to stand, but he could move his legs or even feel them anymore. His spine had been severed and he would never walk again! Red X wept and shouted in utter agony. While Robin cut Starfire free of the net. “Are you alright Starfire?”

Starfire nodded. “I’m fine boyfriend Robin. Let’s go help our friends.”


As this was happening Raven and Beast Boy were taking on Dr. Light. While Robin and Starfire had been dating for two years, Beast Boy and Raven had been together for one. They hadn’t made as much progress in their relationship as either would have liked, but Raven that could not deny that she never felt closer to Beast Boy, then when they were facing down the forces of evil together!

Beast Boy turned into a rhino and rammed through a bunch of empty cars as he charged at Dr. Light. Dr Light fired a blast out light at him, Beast Boy just closed his eyes and rammed Dr. Light high into the air and cracked his ribs. Dr. Light groaned as Raven tried to restrain him with her magic. But he used the power of light to drive away her darkness and landed feet first on the top of a pickup truck.

Dr. Light grunted. “Do you children think you can defeat me? I’m Dr. Light!”

Raven hovered in the air while replying. “You’re not really worth our time.”

“What the hell are you saying!”

Beast Boy turned back into his normal form. “Yeah, you’re not even a third-rate villain, more like fourth rate. Plus, your power is really lame.”

Dr. Light stomped his foot on the car. “How could you bloody fools say such things about me. I am Dr. Light and you will respect me!”

Raven crossed her arms. “Anyone who demands respect is unworthy of it, right Beast Boy?”

Beast Boy nodded. “Totally.”

Dr Light screamed in rage. “That’s it both of you are dead!”

Beast Boy cracked his knuckles and grinned. “You couldn’t kill a fly.”


Dr. Light fired several blasts of light at Beast Boy. But he turned into a bird and swiftly dodged all of them. Then Beast Boy turned into a tiger and lunged at Dr. Light. Dr. Light screamed like a little bitch as he narrowly avoided Beast Boy’s claws and scrambled onto the ground. Dr. Light managed to get back up on his feet as Beast Boy growled and prepared to pounce. Now while this fight had been going on all the civilians had ran away or were hiding in doors. But one single cop had decided to try to help out.

He had been hiding behind some bushes, he popped out of them and fired at Dr. Light! His aim was so off though that he shot Beast Boy in his left leg! Beast Boy collapsed onto the ground as he transformed back to normal. He had a bullet buried deep in his left knee; blood was running down his left knee as he clutched it in pain. Beast Boy tried to transform into an animal without limbs, but his pain made him unable to do that.

Raven shouted. “Beast Boy!”

The cop who heard the two of them were a couple dropped his gun and raised his hands. “Sorry I guess I really screwed up. Just so you know a bullet to the knee is never fatal, but it hurts like hell. I’m going to bounce now, bye!”

The cop ran away as fast as his feet could carry him. As for Raven dark energy surrounded her as she struggled to keep her emotions in check. She had recently learned healing magic; she knew that she just needed to defeat Dr. Light and then heal Beast Boy. But seeing him injured like that was making her loss control.’

Dr. Light laughed and pointed at Beast Boy. “So, I guess you can’t change with a bullet in your leg! I am going break your neck and then everyone in this city will give me the respect I deserve!”


Raven fired a wave of dark demonic energy at Dr. Light and he fired a wave of pure light energy back at her. The beams of energy clashed and all of Jump City became like a giant strobe light show. Robin, Starfire and Cyborg came to Raven and Beast Boy’s aid. But the flashing light made it imposable for them to see and they covered their faces with their arms.  As for Beast Boy he managed to sit up against a blue car, he kept his eyes slammed shut as he put pressure on his wound. “Raven!”

But Raven didn’t hear Beast Boy call out to her. She was to caught up in the fight! Raven screamed and gave more energy. The was a pulse of energy and Raven’s cloak and leotard got shredded. Now all she had on were her black bra and panties. Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire’s clothes were also torn apart. Now all Beast Boy had own were his purple boxers, while Robin just had his white briefs as for Starfire, she had on a sliver colored bra that only covered her nipples, leaving boobs complete exposed. On her lower body she wore a thong that only covered her ass crack, leaving her buttocks completely uncovered and exposing most of her womanhood.

Everyone else in Jump City had also had their clothes completely destroyed and were now just in their underwear, except for those that weren’t wearing any. Dr. Light was the only person whose clothes were undamaged. Raven and Dr. Light were to focused, on defeating each other to noticed what had just occurred. Raven unleashed all over dark energy and managed to consume all of Dr. Light’s light. The light and darkness pulsed one more time and Raven, Star Fire, Beast Boy and Robin’s underwear was completely obliterated along with the undergarments of everyone else in Jump City. Although Robin still had his mask on. It was over, everyone in Jump City was now as naked as the day there were born, except for Dr. Light who was now permanently blind.

He flopped on the ground wailing in agony. While Raven realized that she was naked and everybody else was to. Robin covered his crotch while, Starfire spread out her arms and jumped for joy, her breasts jiggled as she shouted. “Everybody is naked! This is wonderful!”

Cyborg just looked at the ground while Beast Boy was into much pain to care. Raven ran over to Beast Boy and removed the bullet from his knee. Then she teleported the bare titans back to the Tower. She teleported herself and Beast Boy to her room so she could heal him, while transporting Cyborg, Starfire and Robin to Robin’s room.  Robin searched in his closet and sure enough all his clothes were dust, it was the same case with everywhere else in the city. Robin closed his closet and shouted. “Cyborg go get in the Jet and get us something to wear.”

“Roger Robin.”

Cyborg ran and hopped into the Jet and went to get his teammates and everyone else who dwelled in Jump City some clothing. Robin stopped covering his groin when Cyborg left his room. It was just him and Starfire now. The two of them had been naked together before. Although nothing had come of it, the lustful glint that Robin saw in Starfire’s eyes showed that maybe that wouldn’t be the case today.

Robin was in terrific shape he his intense training had given him four back abs and a lean yet muscular build. He had nice sized testicles, black pubic hair and a penis with a nice light pink pointy head. His member was currently erect, and Starfire had her eyes glued to it. As for Starfire she had had incredibly sexy body that was truly something out of his world. Her breasts were luscious and round, Starfire had dark pink nipples which were currently as hard as steel. Her bottom was thick and amazing, her vagina had been shaven except for a narrow strip of fuzzy pubic hair, leaving all the wonders off her womanhood exposed.

“Oh goodness boyfriend Robin, it looks like we will be nude all day.”

“Yeah, I wondered what we’ll do to pass the time.”

Starfire licked her lips and pounced on Robin and the two of them savagely made out. As they kissed Robin groped Starfire’s breasts like his life depended on it while rolling her nipples between his fingers. Starfire fondled Robin’s balls and gently ran her fingers across his swollen cock. Starfire wasn’t trying to get him off, but Robin knew he could cum at any moment. Robin and Starfire kissed until there was no more air in their lungs.

When their kissed gently pushed Starfire onto his bed and grabbed her ankles. Just when he was about to open her legs. Starfire said. “Wait boyfriend Robin!”

         “What is it Star?”
“Raven told me that she and Beast Boy hadn’t gone that far in the inmate side of their relationship. Now that there naked together, I think that will change. I have an idea that can make today the greatest day of our lives, but you will need to wait awhile longer to become one with me.”

Robin sighed and let go of Starfire’s legs. “Okay let me hear it.”

Starfire giggled, sat up and kissed Robin’s forehead, nose and chin. She wrapped her arms around him, and her breasts mashed against his chest as she whispered her idea in his ear causing the boy wonder to blush bright red. When Starfire was finished speaking Robin responded. “I don’t think Beast boy and Raven will go for that Star.”

Starfire playful squeezed Robin’s member making him shutter as she said. “Well why don’t we go get friend Beast Boy and friend Raven and find out.”

Robin was to aroused to speak so he only nodded in agreement. Starfire smiled and then she and Robin left his room to go get their friends. While that had been happening, Raven had teleported herself and Beast Boy to her room. They sat naked on the floor and Beast Boy leaned against Raven’s bed while she used her powers to heal his knee and make the blood on his leg vanish. Beast Boy gave a sigh of relief. “Thanks Raven.”
      “Anytime Beast…”

Then Raven and Beast Boy noticed their nudity. They blushed bright red and covered their privates. Raven spun around, pressed her knees against her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Beast Boy expected Raven to ask him to leave, instead she began crying and it broke his heart. “It’s all my fault, I let my powers get out of control now everybody is naked, and our clothes are gone forever!”

Beast Boy put his right hand on Raven’s warm back. “I don’t care that we’re naked Ra or that our clothes have been destroyed. You took down took Dr. Light and saved the day, that’s what counts.”

Raven smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Your right Beast Boy. Also, you don’t have to leave, we’re a couple and I think it’s high time for us to see each other unclothed.”

Beast Boy wondered if Raven had read his mind, he put that question aside and said. “Okay then.”

Raven and Beast Boy stood up. Beast Boy looked at Raven’s nice shoulders and smooth back, his gaze then went to her nice around full bottom and his member started to become erect. Raven felt Beast Boy’s gaze on her lovely rear end, she took a deep breath and turned back around. Beast Boy and Raven then took a nice good long look at one another. Raven saw that Beast Boy had been working out, he had a good amount of muscle on his arms and legs and was started to get some on his chest. His pubic hair was dark green and he nice chestnut sized testicles. She saw his fastly hardening  light green cock, that had a dark green head Raven could see the veins pulsing on it.
As for Beast Boy he saw that his girlfriend was more gorgeous than he could have ever imagined. Raven had a nice flat belly and good hips which Beast Boy’s primal mind told him would be perfect for childbirth. Her breasts were far larger than Beast Boy had ever thought, although Raven knew from changing in the locker room with Starfire that her breasts weren’t as big as hers. Still they were a delightful size, Raven had light gray nipples which had now become erect. Her vagina was covered in purple pubic hair, although Beast Boy could almost see her folds. The two of them stood in silence as blood rushed down to Beast Boy’s member making him fully erect. Beast Boy blushed and replied. “Your absolutely beautiful Raven.”

“Your beautiful to Beast Boy.”


Raven blushed as red as a tomato and asked. “Your thing, can you make it move.”

      “I can if I want to.”

  “I see.”

Raven walked up to Beast Boy until their toes were touching. She put her hands on his shoulders, her hard nipples brushed against his chest while the head of his dick touched her lower abdomen.  Then they closed their eyes and shared their first kiss the fact that they were naked made it a million times more magical. When it ended Raven took her hands-off Beast Boy’s shoulders and twiddled her thumbs. “That was my first kiss, was I any good at it?”

    “You were incredible Raven!”

“Great, I was just nervous because I know you’ve kissed a lot of girls and I just hope I was as good as them.”

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head while replying. “It’s true I kissed a couple girls. But you’re the only one I’ve ever been naked with and you’re the only one I love.”

Utter joy filled Raven’s heart as she smiled the loveliest smile Beast Boy had ever seen. “I love you to Beast Boy.”

Raven and Beast Boy’s lips met once more. As they kissed, they embraced, Raven’s breasts pressed against Beast Boy’s chest and his member throbbed against her belly. Beast Boy get bold and cupped Ravens’ wonderful soft rear. Raven went wide eyed in surprise and then ran her hands over Beast Boy’s butt. When their kiss ended, Beast Boy patted Raven’s ass a few times and then moved his hands to her even softer breasts. He squeezed her boobs making Raven close her eyes and moan. Beast Boy flicked Raven’s nipples a few times and her knees started shaking.

Then Raven wrapped her hand around Beast Boy’s throbbing member and felt it pulse in her hand. Beast Boy stopped groping his girlfriend’s breasts as his breath caught in his lungs. Raven blushed harder than she ever had in her life. “I think we should continue this on the bed.”


Beast Boy and Raven sat on Raven’s bed, with Raven keeping her left hand around Beast Boy’s pulsing member. Beast Boy decided it was time to do some touching of his own, he ran his right hand over Raven’s breasts and belly, just when it was touching the hair on top of her womanhood. A knock on the door jolted Raven and Beast Boy back to their feet and made them put their hands at their sides.

The voice on the other side of the door spoke. “Hi, Raven it’s Starfire and Robin. Since we’ve all seen everything we were wondering if we could come in.”

Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders, while Raven crossed her arms pressing her breasts together. She sighed and said. “Sure, you can come in.”

Robin and Starfire came into Raven’s room and Raven noticed that they were just as aroused as her and Beast Boy were. After a few awkward moments of silence Starfire said. “Since we’re all a little hot and bothered, I was wondering if we could all go for a swim together to cool off?”

Everyone happily and agreed to this and they all hoped into the elevator and went to the tower’s lower level. Raven and Starfire walked right next to each other while Robin walked beside Starfire and Beast Boy walked beside Raven. They arrived at the swimming pool. The four Teen Titans all held hands and prepared to enter it. Before going in Raven made sure to test the water out with her foot and sure enough it was the perfect temperature. The four of them jumped into the water and had the best swim of their lives. Although Starfire was used to nude swimming, Robin, Beast Boy and Raven weren’t, but now they understood how joyful it was. The pool water washed the dirt and sweat off their skin and made them feel great.

Starfire splashed Raven and splashed her back. Beast Boy dunked Robin and Robin did the same to him. After splashing each other silly, the four teens played a game of tag. Whenever Starfire tagged any of them, she made sure to smack them on the butt. The four of them were in the pool for almost an hour, then they decided to dry off and have some lunch. As they were drying themselves off with white towels, Beast Boy wondered if Raven would want them to wear them for the rest of the day. But when she was done using it, she discarded the towel and that was that. The four naked superheroes went to the kitchen and hand sandwiches and sodas for lunch. Beast Boy had a tofu sandwich while everybody else had ham and cheese sandwiches. When Starfire finished eating, she said. “Why don’t play some video games?”

The four of them went to the living room turned the TV on and sat their bare butts on the floor. The boys members had resumed relaxed state, but Starfire had a plan to change that soon. They played a new racing game and after awhile Robin and Beast Boy were in the lead. Starfire winked at Raven and then put her controller down. She got up and sat down on Robin’s lap, making him groan as she rubbed her ass against his crotch. Raven followed suit and sat on Beast Boy’s lap. The girls grinded their asses against their boyfriend dicks giving them throbbing erections. Robin paused the game as Starfire get grinding on his dick. Then he got off Robin’s lap got behind him and pressed her boobs against his back. Robin moaned as Starfire reached around and cupped his balls with her left hand while gently stroking his member with right one.

As for Raven she kept rubbing her ass against Beast Boy’s dick. While he grabbed her breasts and clenched them for dear life as Raven managed to get Beast Boy’s member trapped between her ass cheeks. While he rubbed her nipples his thumbs. Beast Boy’s member twitched as a drop of pre cum shot out of it and ran down her Tali bone. As for Starfire she had stopped fondling Robin’s balls and was now giving him a hand job with both of her hands! She rubbed his member between them like a stick. Some pre cum shot out of his member and then Robin grunted. Starfire clasped her hands around his member to stop him from ejaculating. His first time cumming had to be inside her.

As for Raven she was wondering wither she should teleport her and Beast Boy back to her room so they could become one there. Then Starfire took her hands-off Robin’s dick, he needed to cum so badly that his balls were literally blue. Starfire kissed Robin sweetly and then stood up and sat down next to Raven. She kissed her sweaty and then kissed Beast Boy as well, shocking them both. Starfire then stood up and said. “Friends I have come to a wise decision. I think after all we have been through together; we should have a foursome cementing our bonds of love and friendship together and making us a stronger team than ever before.”

Robin rubbed his aching balls while saying. “I’m okay with this, but I need to know what you guys want.”

Beast Boy was almost to aroused to speak, but he managed. “I’ll do whatever Raven is comfortable with.”

Raven blushed as she realized that decision all came down to her. Because of how close she and Beast Boy were to Robin Starfire this request of hers actually seemed reasonable. Raven stopped grinding her ass against Beast Boy’s cock and got up. She wrapped her arms around Starfire, their breasts smashed against her as she cupped her rear and kissed her passionately. Their pussies started to get wet as Raven said. “Given how crazy today has been it would be a crime if we didn’t do this.

Starfire smiled and walked up to Beast Boy and kissed him while Robin and Raven made out. Beast Boy lapped up Starfire’s tits like a dog while, Robin grabbed his cock and nudged it against Raven’s pussy. She kept her legs closed, Raven was fully prepared to take Robin’s dick inside of her, but Beast Boy had to be her first. As for Beast Boy he grounded his penis against Starfire’s cunt, getter her juices all over it. Although the head of his member brushed against her opening, he made sure not to enter her.

When Starfire felt herself about to climax, she kissed Beast Boy’s forehead and stood back up. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs as wide open as she could. Robin was playing with Raven’s ass, while sucking on her right nipple. Starfire spread her pussy legs with her fingers while shouting. “Fuck me Boyfriend Robin!”

Robin stopped messing around with Raven and put his hands-on Starfire’s shoulders. He rammed his aching cock inside of her causing Starfire’s breasts to jiggle. Raven and Beast Boy sat next to each other’s genitals as they watched their friends fuck. Robin pounded inside Starfire as her virgin blood and love juices ran down his cock and dripped down his ball sack. Robin grabbed Starfire’s beasts and their tongues dueled as he plowed his dick inside her. Starfire started furiously rubbing her cliterious and it happened! Robin screamed to the havens as Starfire shirked. Her vagina walls hugged his cock as he shot a torrent of seamen deep into her welcoming womb. They shuttered in bliss and when they were done cumming, Robin pulled out of Starfire. His cum gushed out of her and onto the couch. Robin then sat next to Starfire and they held hands as they watched Raven and Beast Boy have their turn.

Raven and Beast Boy stopped petting each other’s privates. They kissed and their tongues battled as Beast Boy’s hands patted her breasts and ass. Raven put her hands-on Beast Boy’s chest and gently pushed him onto his back. She hovered over him, grabbed his cock and positioned it against her soaking opening. Raven and Beast Boy smiled at each other and then she thrust down on his member burying him deep inside her warmth. Raven’s cherry popped and her virgin blood ran down Beast Boy’s member and dripped down his balls.

Raven thrust down on Beast Boy’s member and soon the pain was replaced by something wonderful. Raven thrust down on Beast Boy’s member slowly at first, but as her moans increased to did her speed. The inside of Raven’s pussy was warmer and tighter than Beast Boy could have ever dreamed off. Beast Boy’s penis tingled as his hands tightened into fists. Raven thrust down on Beast Boy’s member until all that was visible was the hilt, then squeezed her pussy walls and the two of them than hollered like demons as they climaxed! Raven’s vagina walls embraced Beast Boy’s member as her love juices squired out of her and covered Beast Boy’s crotch. Beast Boy screamed as his cum erupted from his dick and poured into Raven’s womb, it mixed with her love juices and ran out of her and dripped down his balls. Absolutely joy coursed through them as they came together.

When it was over, they kissed lovingly. Then Raven got off Beast Boy and walked over to Starfire and Robin. She stroked Robin’s member until it was hard again. While Starfire laid down on the floor. She opened her legs and Beast Boy positioned the head of his dick inside her and thrust into her. Beast Boy’s eyes were closed as the walls of Starfire’s warm tight vagina surrounded his member; she was just as tight as Raven. He gave Starfire a moment to get used to having another big cock in her. Then Beast Boy started moving, his thrusts were slow at first. But as Starfire’s moans increased so did his speed.

Beast Boy and Starfire’s tongues dueled as Beast Boy grabbed Starfire’s breasts and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. After a dozen, more thrusts Beast Boy felt Starfire’s vagina walls tightened around him. Starfire stretched as she came. Her vagina walls softly hugged Beast Boy

S dick.  Beast Boy’s eyes slammed shut as he shot all of his white cum into Starfire’s welcoming womb. He came so much that his semen dripped out of her happy hole and ran down her legs. A wave of pleasure washed over them as they came together, they then laid down on the floor and Starfire petted Beast Boy’s hair.

As for Robin and Raven. They made out for a while then Raven spun around and thrust on Robin’s dick in reverse cowgirl position. Robin feasted his eyes on Raven’s bouncing backside. Raven smiled. “So how is it inside of me Mr. Boy Wonder?”

“This is fucking amazing Raven!”

“Well how about this!”

Raven then twisted her body while thrusting on Robin’s cock. Causing them both to climax and it was wonderful! As their boyfriends cum gushed out of their pussies, Raven and Starfire got on their hands and knees and made out. As they made out Robin and Beast Boy took turns thrusting inside of them. They rotated for awhile before thrusting into the vaginas of their respect girlfriends. Raven and Starfire’s breasts jiggled as their pussies were pounded. Soon it became to much and the four teens screamed to the heavens as they all came again and experienced the glorious pleasure of cumming!

When it was all over, they all collapsed to the floor. Starfire gently stroked Robin’s chest while Raven and Beast Boy kissed lovingly. Then Cyborg came in caring a whole crate of clothes. Cyborg looked at the naked cum covered bodies of his friends. He dropped it to the floor and waved his arms wildly while shouting. “How could you guys have a Teen Titans Orgy without me!!!’

Everyone was silenced by this. Then Starfire tapped her chin and replied. “Because you don’t have a penis friend Cyborg.” Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire all laughed, while Cyborg crossed his arms and pouted.


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