The Blessings of Wonder Woman

BY : Omeganian
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Disclaimer: The author owns none of the characters and locations of Justice League in this story, and makes no profit from them. These belong to the DC Comics. Nor is he sick enough to recommend such behavior in real life.

Okay, this fic isn’t my usual style. This one contains a completely not gentle rape of a virgin woman by the people she used to consider friends. My thanks to KateTheSorceress, for being a major source of inspiration.






“Nice place,” Batman remarked. “Even if it’s a bit bright for my tastes.”


“Nice?” Wonder Woman echoed. “This is nothing. I would have shown you the glory of the Themysciran palaces, had your kind been allowed there. The majesty of our glorious gods and their temples.”


Today, Superman decided to show his friends the Fortress of Solitude. Batman was eager (not that he showed it) to have a look at Kryptonian tech. Wonder Woman went out of curiosity. So far, she wasn’t a model guest.


“You think we didn’t have temples on Krypton?” Kal-El didn’t show his displeasure any more than Bruce would have. “The largest Sacratoriums of Rao were bigger than your entire island. They were lit by the most incredible lights Krypton could create through its tech. As for their architecture… we had two thousand centuries,” he sighed sadly, reflecting on his homeland.


“Males!” Diana raised her head. “No appreciation of true beauty.”


“Oh, I appreciate proper beauty all right,” Batman noted absently.


He was. Currently, his gaze was fixed on Wonder Woman’s ass. Barely fitting into the tightest pair of short ever seen, it was truly a thing of marvelous flawlessness. From there, his gaze rose over her smooth torso, stopping at almost inhumanly big tits squeezed into a set of metal chest armor.


Looking aside for a second, he could tell Superman was doing the same.


“Swine!” Wonder Woman looked at them, realizing at once what they were thinking about. “Is that all you can think of, your mating instincts? Circe certainly had the right idea.”


“My, you are in a bad mood today,” Batman stepped closer to her. “And these clothes, showing off your body like that… Hmmm. Looks like you really want to get laid. And it sounds like you really need to,” he reached out with his arm.


Diana grabbed the arm. Who was he, thinking he could touch the Chosen of Gods? Such a blasphemous idiot needed to be taught a lesson!


She twisted it, applying her inhuman strength to break the bone. Slowly.


Nothing happened.


As she stared at Batman in shock, the black-clad hero didn’t waste any time. Before she could say a word, he had her in an iron clinch, all her limbs immobilized. Somehow, her strength wasn’t enough to break out. It was barely enough for her to draw a breath.


Helpless, the black-haired heroine tried to look over at the man she hoped would help her.


“Kal…” she squeezed out.


The red-and blue wearing alien stepped in front of her, completely unashamed of staring at her helplessness.


“My, Diana,” he smirked. “You come to my house and insult it, you insult my gender; you even insult me personally. I thought you Amazons have heard about the rules of sacred hospitality. It looks like you need to be taught a lesson,” he raised his hand to his collar. “And I think I know just the way.”


Horrified, the heroine looked as he stripped off his suit. A lightly haired chest, seemingly carved out of the hardest rock, was exposed. Then, an abdomen with muscles to match. Then…


Diana squeezed her eyes shut. No! She will not look at the organ he intended to use to defile her!


“Ah, females,” she heard his chuckle. “Think you can wall yourself away from the problem by ignoring it?” apparently, he finished stripping, because his next words were: “Hey Bruce, you want me to hold her while you get your own suit off.”


“Most grateful,” she felt the grip shift. She couldn’t see what they were doing, but it seemed Superman was indeed the one holding her now, one arm pinning her arms, the other, her legs. Maybe not as skillfully, but just as tightly Carefully, she peeked.


Batman’s cape was already on the ground. The top of his suit was already off, showing a physique just as impressive as the Kryptonian’s, and he was undoing his belt.


Diana shut her eyes again. Nothing more happened for a moment, then she heard Batman’s voice again.


“No, that won’t do,” he drawled. “How can you teach someone a lesson when they refuse to look.”


She felt a sharp strike at her neck. It wasn’t exactly painful, but the careful choice of the spot forced her eyes open.


She didn’t know whether she could have closed them again, because the sight before her was paralyzing.


A huge shaft, easily sixteen inches in length and thicker than her arm, was jutting out Bruce’s crotch above balls as big as her fist. It was rock hard, no, steel hard… no, not even that. It looked like it could break through the hardest material in existence so long as her vagina was on the other side.


She looked down and to the right, when she knew Superman’s cock would be.


It was maybe half an inch shorter (the angle made it hard to tell), but considerably thicker. And, if anything, it looked even more eager.


“Like what you see?” Superman whispered into her ear. “Well, now it’s your turn.”


Batman gripped the top of her suit, ripping the fabric parts apart with ease. The metal plates flew to the sides.


“My,” he looked. “These tits are amazing. Must have been painful, squeezing them to half their size. Or is it an enchantment there? Well, who cares. Painful or not, we’ll show you true painful now.”


He gripped one of her nipples and twisted.


“Aaaaaah!” Diana screamed.


“Oh, that’s nothing,” Superman said as he reached for the other nipple. This time, Diana screamed even louder.


“Yes, that’s better,” Batman chuckled as he leaned in. This time, he bit the nipple. Hard.


“Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Diana’s scream seemed loud enough to shatter glass.


They were distracted now, she realized through the haze of pain. With all her strength, she twisted her body, trying to break free of Superman’s arms, kicking, trying to bite…


“My, you are feisty, Wonderslut,” this time, the alien outright laughed. “Sounds like you like it rough,” for all her effort, she couldn’t even give him a scratch. “Hey, Bruce,” he addressed the other man, still ogling her tits. “Do you have that compound we talked about?”


“Oh, yes, of course,” Batman replied. “Sounds like she really needs it.”


He went over to his discarded clothes to take a syringe out of the belt.


As he approached her, Diana tried twisting again. She didn’t know what it was, but the cruel expression on his face told her it couldn’t be good. She never would have thought the hero could be capable of this kind of expression, even after seeing him intimidate criminals on countless missions.


“Do you know what this is?” the Dark Knight asked as he jabbed the needle into her arm. “I can tell you don’t. Well, it suppresses certain functions of the female body. Until you get an antidote, your Wondercunt won’t have a single droplet of lubrication.”


Diana looked at him horrified. Not only were they about to rape her with these monsters, now he was telling her she had no hope to make the pain lighter?


Laughing, Batman reached and tore apart the bottom of her suit.


His laughter stopped.


He couldn’t believe the perfection he was seeing. A nicely trimmed triangle of the blackest color imaginable, right above the silkiest, smoothest lips possible. A straight (completely dry, he noticed to his satisfaction) cleft disappearing between her tightly clenched thighs. Everything in such a wonderful, divine pink.


“My, Clark, what a view!” he finally got control of his tongue. “Mind… giving me a better one?”


Superman released her legs as Batman grabbed hold and spread them apart.


No, that wasn’t perfection. This was.


Smooth labia encompassing a barely visible clit and the flawless flower of her vagina. And below it, the tiny rosebud of her asshole.


“Hey, want a look?” at Superman’s eager nod, they both, as flawlessly as if they practiced it a thousand times, turned her around.


“My, this does look perfect,” the alien breathed out a minute later. “Truly, a whore blessed by the gods. Wonder if it tastes as good,” he said before lowering his head and biting on her clit.


“Noooooo!” Diana trashed as he chewed on her most delicate parts. Her screams stopped once Batman covered her mouth with his.


“Mmmhhhh!” Her eyes widened. Bruce was forcing his tongue as deep as he could, positively raping her throat with it. Desperately, she tried to bite it.


Smirking, the man pulled back. The strength of her teeth wasn’t even enough to hurt such a delicate part of him.


“You are no match for any of our gifts. But still, to make us more comfortable… Clark, hold her alone for a minute.”


As the other man reluctantly broke away from gnawing at her womanhood and gripped her in both arms, Bruce crouched to pick up her lasso. Quickly and skillfully, he tied her arms behind her back. Then he looked at her face, shook his head, and tried again.


This time, the bonds were truly painful.


“Now we’re ready,” Superman smiled as he looked at the work.


Gods, and she thought Batman’s expression was cruel.


“No, please,” she begged. “I’m a virgin, please don’t rape me, I beg you.”


“A virgin, eh?” Superman laughed. “Well, that raises a question. Which one of us gets to rip away her maidenhead,” he spread her pussy. The hymen was obviously still intact.


“From the looks of it, her ass is as virginal as it gets,” Batman fingered the impossibly tight rosebud. “We could each have a hole. Then we’ll decide about her mouth. Which one would you prefer? Shall we cast lots?”


Wonder Woman trashed again, screaming.


“What for?” Superman’s grin was bestial. “You are the Dark Knight, should be appropriate for you to get the darker hole.”


“Sounds great! Also, I specialize in shitholes,” both men laughed in a chorus.


They stood opposite each other, the still virgin sandwiched between their bodies. She could feel Batman’s breath in the back. She could see the cruel eyes of Superman staring into her.


“No, please, don’t do this,” she begged. “Let me stay a virgin. Please, I beg you, have mercy.”


“This is no time for mercy,” Batman bit her ear. Hard. “This is the hour of pain. Your pain. And our pleasure.”


He put a hand on her head, forcing her to look down onto the enormous cock that was about to deflorate her pussy.


She tried to keep her thighs together. But each man gripped a leg, forcing them apart. Not far. They didn’t want her any less tight than absolutely necessary.


Then, they lifted her up, and, stepping closer together, brought her down.


“Noooooo!!!!! Aaaaaaah!!!!!”


Nothing could have prepared her for the pain. Nothing could have compared to it.


Two enormous rods, each almost as long as her whole torso, ripped into her, one through her treasured maidenhead, the other, into her rectum. Had she been a normal human, it would have probably killed her right there. Fortunately, her god-enchanted flesh didn’t tear.


Even though she didn’t feel fortunate right now.


Inch by inch, the cocks violated her, pushing inside her, stretching the tight cocksleeves beyond all ability of normal flesh. She was sure a couple vital organs were pushed out of their place. No, she would have been sure, were she able to think.


“Well, how does it feel, Wonderslut?” Batman whispered into her ear. “How do your Wondercunt and Wonderrectum feel now?”


He knew she couldn’t hear him. Not the least because her screams right now were enough to break a few nearby monitors.


“Aaaaah!!! Uuuugh!!!” Just as the flesh of her crotch and insides didn’t tear, neither did her tonsils. Diana was providing her rapists with music so divine they felt like their cocks grew a couple inches longer.


“Oh, come on, Diana,” Superman said as he bit her ear harder than Batman had. “We’ve barely started,” he looked down, where a third of his cock was yet to enjoy her bone-dry pussy. “Well, technically, we haven’t started.”


“Well, what are we waiting for?” Batman laughed evilly.


Grabbing her torso with all four hands, the man and the alien forced the woman’s struggling body down.




Diana was sure she was going to die despite all her divine enchantments. The pain was driving her insane, ripping through her crotch into the womb and stomach and then further.

Superman, however, was savoring the feeling of her hard, tight cervix finally opening wide before his assault. Batman groaned as he felt their victim’s guts shifting to accommodate a cock which was never supposed to go that deep.


The pain subsided just the tiniest bit. Wonder Woman looked down to see what the cause could be.


She couldn’t see any of Superman’s cock. The enormous rods were driven all the way into and through her entrails.


“Damn, you’re tight, Wondie,” Batman spoke from behind her. “Would be a shame not to enjoy it to the fullest.”


The men raised her back. It felt like she was being turned inside out. The momentarily absent screams started again.


Then they rammed her back down. Then again.


“Oooh, Wondercunt, your pussy does feel divine,” Superman said as he masturbated his cock with her still tight pussy. “But we are more divine than you. And! You! Are! only! Fit! To! Be! A! Whore!”


“We should thank whoever created that ass,” Batman echoed. “No fun when there is only one hole to hurt.”


The friction of the completely dry orifices was indeed incredible. Yet somehow, the men didn’t cum yet. They wanted to prolong this first time as much as possible, and they did.




The screams were so divine the walls were cracking already. The men were ripping into the recently virginal Diana as if they wanted to tear her apart.



And despite all their effort, they felt their climaxes approaching.


“Here it comes, slut!” they screamed in unison.


Their climaxes were as superhuman as their cocks. Twin streams of fire-hot cum shot into her lower holes with the force of autocannons. This time, Diana’s screams were joined by the men’s.


They pulled the completely limp woman off their cocks and threw her on the ground. Barely coherent, she looked at her once friends.


Her eyes grew wide with terror.


Their cocks were still as hard as when they started. And from their faces, she realized they wouldn’t let it go to waste.


Horrified, she tried to crawl away.


“What, going somewhere already?” Batman chuckled as he stepped on her leg. “We have just started. We won’t stop until both of us had a go at all your holes. Speaking of which, remember that injection?” she looked at him, horrified at what else he might have in store. “It also boosts you regeneration. You should be virgin tight every time we have a go at you. Should be often.”


Diana screamed in terror as he lifted her off the floor. As she looked into his dark, lust-filled eyes, she could feel Superman standing behind her.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she howled as she felt the tip of his cock pushing at her rosebud. Batman was having a go at the pussy this time.


If anything, the pain was even worse now. Superman’s thicker rod was now stretching the hole which was never supposed to be stretched, while Batman was ramming her womb deeper now. Nothing existed for her but pain


Nothing existed for the men but pleasure.


“Oh, this is the best cunt I ever had,” Bruce laughed as they slowed down for a moment. “Amazing that we managed not to cum for that long.”


“Yeah, I could say the same from the feeling of her pooper,” Kal laughed back.


“Well, here comes another load!”


Once again, the two men finished at once. Once again, Diana’s limp body fell to the floor.


As she looked at them in terror, they started another discussion:


“So, who is getting her throat first?” Superman asked.


“Well, logically, you should,” Batman replied calmly


“How… gentlemanly of you,” Superman said as he grabbed Diana by the hair. “What is the logic, exactly?”


“It’s your dick which was in her shitter a minute ago.”


“Ah,” the alien nodded. “Well, can’t argue with that logic.”


Diana did her best to hold her mouth closed. Superman was about to force it open, but there was no need to.




One merely needed to use the chance given by Batman ramming his cock into her ass. This time, it all went in at once.




Mercilessly, Superman was battering at her throat, taking away the last hole Diana could call virginal. Inch by inch, he was driving himself into her stomach.


It took him a couple of minutes to get in all the way, but finally, both men were spitroasting her with nearly a yard of total cock. Not that any of the three were in the mood for calculations.


Diana dropped to the floor, desperately trying to draw a breath. Her throat felt like it was ripped apart. The rest of her wasn’t much better off.


“Please, no more,” she begged as she looked at the two males, both clearly still capable and eager to continue.


“No more?” Superman looked over her. Finally, that arrogant heroine looked like a proper whore, cum and drool covering her face, even more cum pooling under her crotch. “Oh, Diana, we still have so many things to try,” he whispered as he lifted her up.






She didn’t know how many times Batman and Superman had violated her since they started. She didn’t know how much time had passed, either.


All she knew that, once (to her chagrin, temporarily) satisfied, they put a chain on her leg and put her in a holding cell.


Now, she was awake, and the (thankfully dressed) men were standing in front of the transparent wall of her cell. While she was still naked, they didn’t pay attention to that.


A table stood in front of the cell, holding a lunch for the two men. She looked at it longingly. However much time had passed, she was definitely hungry. So were the men, judging from the amount.


Noticing her look, Superman flicked his hand. The shimmer of a teleporter appeared in the cell.


As she looked, a table and chair with food appeared in front of her.


Diana stepped closer. It was real food. Stew, bread, some roasted meat. Same as the men appeared to have on their table. Not a prisoner’s meal.


Puzzled, she looked at the men.


“Surprised?” Batman grinned.


“After what you did?” she put on as much of her defiance as she had left. “Yes, it does look like a bad joke.”


“Oh, there is no joke, trust me,” the man reassured her. “Such a joke would be a stupid one, and why would we need that, when we have such a… superior source of enjoyment as an alternative?”


Not quite reassured, considering what happened earlier, Diana sat in front of the table and started eating.


“Besides,” Superman added. “we have you to thank for the meal.”


She looked at them, puzzled once again.


“It appears that your screaming has killed all wildlife within a mile of the place. Good thing we had our… improvements, or we wouldn’t be able to savor it fully. As it is, we just need some reinforcing to the walls here.”


“What are these… improvements? How did you get them?” Diana raised her eyes at them.


“Finish your meal, and we’ll explain.”


It didn’t take her long. Soon, she walked out of the cell. She wasn’t chained, but knew better than to run.


They entered a large hall. A single figure was sitting inside.


The two men knelt before it.


Diana dropped to the floor. It couldn’t be. Yet the person was unmistakable.


Well, not a person.


“Hera,” she breathed out.


“Nice to see you recognize me,” the Queen of gods stood up and approached them. “I trust you gave her a fitting lesson?”


“Yes, Your Majesty, we did our best,” Superman bowed as he stood up.


“Excellent. Now, here is my part,” Hera snapped her fingers, and a new figure appeared in the room.


“No,” Diana’s eyes widened.


The figure looked exactly like her. Same face. Same hair. Except that, instead of her regular costume, this one had a long, chiton-like garment on.


The newcomer followed the two men out of the room.


“What… Why?” Diana looked at the Queen of Olympus in horror.


“Didn’t you see?” Hera looked at her like a mother would look at her misbehaving toddler. “For years now, you have been walking around in these… male-drawing garments, flaunting your body. No regard at all to the honor and image of women. Did you really expect to go unpunished?”


“But, Your Majesty, these are my mother’s clothes. She wore them herself as she fought while wielding your blessings.”


Hera shook her head:


“This is but one of her outfits. It’s only supposed to be worn to the fiercest of battles, ones where no quarter is granted, to swear that, once the fight is over, only the Amazons are left to remember the Chosen dressed like that.”


“But… I didn’t know,” Diana looked at Hera.


“You might not have known the full story, but you did know it was an inappropriate costume. So, I made a deal with these companions of yours. Powers and… tools suitable to teach you a proper lesson, a replacement companion with a more proper attire for you… and any other female heroine I might consider worthy of the same lessons. Plus, some of the Kryptonian architecture samples, to decorate our temples.”


She sighed.


“The problem is, they are but mortal, and are very busy. So, there is also the fact that in their absence, we continue the lessons.”


As Diana watched in horror, new figures appeared in the room. Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, Apollo… all the Olympians stood in front of her. Towering above them all stood Zeus.


Hera approached her husband and started lovingly removing his clothes. All around her, the other gods were undressing as well, some on their own, some helped by their spouses.


Diana’s horror grew even further. Not a single god was smaller than fourteen inches. Many were larger. Pan and Priapus, in particular, seemed to be twice the size. Yet none came close to matching the enormous endowment of their King.


“You know, Wonderwhore,” Hera said as she embraced her spouse. “Normally, as many remember, I do not like my husband taking other women. But right now, I think I’ll make an exception.”


She bowed.


“Oh great Zeus, this worthless slut is awaiting the opportunity to worship the Pantheon.”


“Well, we shouldn’t keep our worshippers waiting, right my love?”


With a thunderous laugh, Zeus lifted Diana and poised her above his divine cock.









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