Batgirl gets Blacked

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1:02am. Gotham city

Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordon) was patrolling the streets of the crime ridden  shithole she calls her home. Bounding across rooftops, gliding through the warm summer's night sky and watching out for crime would normally be able to distract Barbara from her troubles. But unfortunately she was horny. Too horny.

Earlier today she had sex with her boyfriend Dick Grayson for the first time. Leading to some unsatisfying results. Dick was a lot smaller than Barbara had hoped and he came nearly instantly before leaving to patrol the streets.

All Barbara could hope for was a good distraction.

Suddenly she heard a cry for help. Batgirl located the sound to a near by alleyway.  Batman had taught her to never rush into things when helping people, so Batgirl stayed at a reasonable distance to analyse the situation.

Just a few feet from where Batgirl was perched, stood a rather beautiful white blonde woman. Her clothes were in shambles and she was bent over with her hands supporting her on the wall.

That's when Batgirls saw him. A roughly 6 foot black man. He was completely naked from the waist down and was currently raping this beautiful white woman.

"Help me! Somebody please help!" The woman yelled through tears.

"Shutda FUCK up you stupid white whore. You's gonna take my nigga dick like every other white bitch in dis cidy will" the rapist said violently.

Batgirl knew she should run in and stop them, but her body was telling her to enjoy the show for a little longer.

That's when the black man stuck his large cock into the woman's pussy. The ally soon filled with wet slaps as the blondes tears turned to moans.

Batgirl rubbed her thighs together in pleasure as she tried not to masturbate to the rape scene that was unfolding in front of her.

The black man shot his cum inside of the now mind broken woman. Batgirl had let this man brutally rape and possibly impregnate a poor innocent woman even though she could have stopped it. This went against all of Batman's training.

But all Batgirl could think about is how much she envyed the blonde woman.

"S-STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL" Batgirl tried to act professional despite her built up lust.

The black man turned to face the heroine. There was no fear in his eyes. All he saw was another white piece of meat he wanted to conquer.

"You're under...under arrest for, um, raping this luck...I mean poor woman..." Batgirl poor attempts at bringing justice was noticed by the rapist.

He knew what Batgirl wanted. Her eyes couldn't help but follow the mans glistening cock. If Dick's penis was like a pink twig, then this mans divine dick was like a log of black masculinity.

The dark skinned man closed the distance between him and the vigilante. His large hands grabbed Batgirl's chest and ripped off the spandex.

A gasp of surprise left Batgirl's lips as her large white tits was set free for the world to see.

"I can tell wat you want. You wanna get raped too." He said before forcing Batgirl on her knees. His strength comparable with killer crocs.

Batgirl wanted to say something in retaliation. She wanted to resist the urge to submit to the criminal scum. But the pungent smell of the black man's cock hit her nose.

It was over. She had lost to this man, No, God's cock and it hadn't even touched her yet.

With blinding speed she latched onto his dick. Her plump lips that had kissed her boyfriend earlier that night was now lovingly wrapped around the strangers shaft. Her dainty hands stroked his length as her tongue worshipped the head. She could taste the previous girls juices mixed in with the man's impressive amount of pre-cum.

"Dat's right bitch. Worship your superior black god." He said proudly. "You may be a hero to everyone else, but now your my personal whore."

Batgirl couldn't help but love the dominant treatment from the thug. Even though it was an insult, his words spoke mountains of truth.

Getting bored of the foreplay, the black man yanked Batgirl by the hair and threw her on the ground. Her face smacking against a dirty puddle. Continuing with the force Batgirl adored, he pulled down the bottom half of her costume. Revealing to him her big white ass and her soaked black thong.

"Now then, BatSlut. You gonna be a good white and beg for you God's cock?"

"Please, fuck me." Batgirl moaned

All she got in response however, was a mighty slap on her pale ass. Leaving a red hand mark.

"You gotta do better than dat. Tell me, Gotham and yourself who owns you"

"Y-you do, sir." Batgirl whined. Before she could continue She felt another slap on the opposite cheek.

"You own my body" *SMACK* "You own my mind" *SMACK* "I'll do anything you want." *SMACK* "I SUBMIT TO YOUR SUPIOR BLACK COCK, PLEASE FUCK YOUR WHITE WHORE SIR!!!"

Batgirl's mind had finally broken, which satisfied him greatly. With that he finally stuck his cock inside of her. His long meat slowly invading her womanhood. It wasn't long before the thug was having his way with her, ravaging her as if she was but an object to him.

This was what Batgirl had been craving, what she had been missing all her life. She wasn't Batgirl anymore, she was a lowly criminals plaything. Him abusing her from behind had been the most pleasurable thing she ever felt. There was no greater joy in her life than serving him.

"Uh, thank you for, Uh, fucking me sir. Please allow me to be your devoted batbitch"

The more he violated her, the more she admitted her defeat to his cock. And the more she begged and moaned, the more he fucked her with animalistic force. It was a sexy cycle that she could get lost in forever.

It wasn't long until both of them reached their climax. Large amounts of thick cum came spurting out of his thick shlong. Her womb became filled with his black seed, which she hoped would get he pregnant.

For the black gangster it had only been his second orgasm that night, one for each rape he committed. For the fallen heroine it had been her 3rd, all given to her by her new God.

"Thank yo black king for my precious seed, Bitchgirl"

"Yes. Thank you. Please give me your cum again" this was the most she could mutter through her tired pants and fuzzy brain.

The thug than grabbed her utility belt and walked off into the night. The only thing left behind was an adress on a card for both girls.

The next morning, both of the girls ended up going to the surprisingly nice apartment that was printed on the cards. It turns out that their new master had also taken over several wealthy women before. They were just another part of his collection.

Barbara broke up with Dick the next day and retired as Batgirl. When asked why by the other members of the batfamily, she responded with "I'm a new woman now, with a different life. Don't contact me ever again" and left for good.

Batman being the way he is, put a secret tracker on Barbara. He located the apartment to see what was going on, only to find a completely naked Barbara worshipping an unfamiliar black man's cock whilst kneeling inbetween his legs.

Batman could have went in and snapped his ex-sidekick out of whatever hypnosis she was under, but decided to sit and watch and Jack off.

(The End)

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