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Superman was, to put it lightly, less than happy.

After having defeated and dealt with some of Metropolis's greatest villainy (Doomsday and the wily Lex Luthor perhaps the biggest headlines among them) Superman had been hoping for a break. Nothing too fancy, of course, but perhaps just a week or two where he could go relax in the city, or at least the Fortress of Solitude, and just take it easy.

But things are never that easy, are they?

For one reason or another, Batman got preoccupied with chasing Ra's al Ghul across a couple of dimensions -- or countries, who could remember -- and last minute asked Superman to take care of things for a bit. Apparently his success was just an excuse for him to get more work. Whatever, Superman would be sure to rip him a new one at the next Justice League meeting. At least he was kind enough to pull some strings and give Clark Kent an excuse to suddenly move from his place of work to one of the most dangerous cities in the country (in the form of journalistic opportunities luckily sponsored by his boss Perry).

Lois Lane was not elated to hear the news, either, one sad night in their apartment.

"So, what? You have to leave?" asked Lois.

"Honey, I'm not happy about it either, but it won't be long, only maybe a month. I'll call you every day," consoled Clark, gently laying his hands on Lois's hips.

"I'll miss you," she responded, after a brief pause. He moved in for a kiss, which she reciprocated half-heartedly. He moved down to grab her ass gently, without a doubt her best attribute. Clark grabbed at her firm behind, remembering how good it felt all in that short instant. Lois jumped a little at this, looking down.

"Clark, honey, I'm sorry but I'm just not in the mood tonight. I'll try to make it up to you," she quickly retorted after Clark's bold grope. Lois kissed him on the cheek and went to bed. Superman let out a quiet sigh, before turning around to watch her ass sashay its way into their bedroom. That had not been unexpected, to say the least.

Clark and Lois had not had sex in quite a long time. It had been months. A part of this new feminist movement some women were doing nowadays, where they try to dress less sexual and remain more celibate to 'regain what had been taken away.' He supported her in all her beliefs and actions, of course, but this was a little much. In a sense he wouldn't like to admit to himself, he was glad to be away from her. Being so close to her was damn near tantalizing -- she was beautiful. Her face was, at least. Her breasts left something to be wanted, but her ass was quite nice. Not model-nice, but nice nonetheless.

So Superman arrived his first night in Gotham, sexually frustrated and emotionally frustrated. Beating up small time criminals always did help him relieve stress, though. And Batman's presence did tend to attract less powered criminals. Perhaps he could find some joy in stopping a couple of robberies and doing the fun thing The Flash showed him where he stops all the bullets of a machine gun as its firing. Hopefully.

After a couple hours of quiet flying around the city, Superman received a call on his radio, informing him of a jewlery robbery in progress. Superman's hearing had already alerted him to that, but he appreciated being told none the less. Quickly zeroing in on the location, he flew through an already shattered window and found himself in an open room, with the thief clearly standing about twenty feet away from him, her back turned to him as they worked on opening a case with a pricelss jewel in it with a laser.

And it was quite a sight to behold. Bent over as she was, it was as if she was presenting her ass to Superman. She was wearing a fullbody lycra suit that was tight as a second skin, clearly showing him every beautiful curve of her ass. It was clearly more than sizeable and looked firm, like from years of gymnastics. And to top it off, she was impaciently moving her leg, moving her ass in the process and making the image all the more erotic.

These circumstances gave Superman a brief pause as he 'examined' the situation. He told himself he was just making sure there weren't any other people with her, but his eyes stuck to her ass for longer than was needed. Superman's cock began to stir at this, as he let out a quiet "Jeez"

Or at least he thought it was quiet.

The thief quickly spun around, and looked somewhat shocked at the events, but not quite as much as Superman would have thought, as very few knew about Superman's being in Gotham.

"Superman?" the woman said, surprised, and flicked a long strand of her blonde hair out of her face, "Who let a big boy like you in Gotham?" she flirted. For the first time, Superman saw her from the front.

The first thing he noticed, like all men, was her breasts. She had unzipped a much-bigger-portion-than-necessary of her suit to show off a bountiful amount of her tantalizing cleavage, which led his hungry eyes upward to her face, showing her to be a beautiful blonde vixen.

Jeez, Superman thought, she has a body like that and she's a criminal? She could have any man she wanted, hell even --

"Hmmm? Cat's got your tongue there, Supes?" she said coyly, and began slowly walked towards him, sashaying her hips, guiding his eyes to her body.

Superman desperately sprung to find his resolve. "No", he said in his most authoritative voice, "I'm here to stop criminals like you from ruining this city. I recommend you come quietly." A hint of sweat had begun to collect on his brow at seeing her approach so nonchalantly.

"Aww, but where's the fun in that? Can't we just have a little fun?" the unknown woman suggested, grasping her arms together and pouting to highlight her breasts even more.

Superman stood dumbfounded at the beautiful woman approaching him, just now noticing a rope on her belt. His eyes darted between her cleavage and her beautiful face as he thought this through. Rope. Beautiful woman. Right, this must be --

"Call me Spectra," she whispered, now only a couple steps away from him, "It is a pleasure to meet you." Superman stood still paralyzed by her unbelievable attractiveness. He was now sporting a fairly obvious erection, which Spectra planned to take full advantage of. She moved to kiss him, her cherry red lips about to meet Superman's as she moved her hands around his muscular chest. Superman felt her warm breath begin to caress his lips, still frozen in anticipation. His hands subconsciously moved around her wide hips, feeling their feminine curves as he let her take control.

Suddenly she smiled, and ordered, "Now!"

Had Superman not been so distracted, her probably would've reacted, but Spectra's incredible allure kept him paralyzed just long enough for him to feel a rope enclosing his body.

"W-What?" he said, knocked out of his horny stupor. His arms felt like dead weights as he fell to his knees. Kryptonite. Both Spectra and two voices behind her began laughing, all female from the sound of it.

"Wow, that was really easy. Are you supposed to be this weak?" Spectra gloated

"What's going on?" Superman said, now on his knees before Spectra.

"What's going on," one equally attractive woman from behind them said, "is that you just made yourself into our toy."

"That's right, Domina! I can't hardly believe this! What luck, huh boss?" said another woman, coming from the other side of him.

"It really was, Mara. It's good to know even this boy scout can't resist this," she bragged, flaunting her chest.

Superman had had enough of this. Trying to be commanding, he said "You've made a mistake here, ladies. Just let me go and you're jail time will be reduced."

Spectra laughed throatily, jiggling her breasts fetchingly as she did so. "You're not exactly in a position to be making orders here, Superman. Why did you let yourself to get caught, anyway?"

He looked nervous, not expecting the question, "It wasn't you! It was this damnable kryptonite rope! Take it off an I'll --"

Superman's outburst was interrupted by Spectra slowly fingering her zipper, and she began to unzip it while looking at him flirtatiously.

"Kryptonite, huh?" she began, commanding Superman's gaze, "Seems like your real kryptonite is right here." She bent over, giving him a great view of her cleavage, and grabbed the obvious bulge erupting from his suit. "You know, if you left, we wouldn't be able to have any fun, and you want to have fun with me, don't you? With us," she finished, mysteriously. She paused for a moment, giggling at her effect of him. Mara and Domina laughed as well, totally humiliating Superman. "I'll give you a chance to leave. Me and you are going to have a staring contest. If you can keep eye contact for one whole minute, we'll let you go. If you can't you stay. Sound fair?"

Superman couldn't accept this deal. Not because it was unfair, but because he wasn't sure he'd win. She was just obnoxiously attractive -- and knew it. Remembering his wife, he responded "I don't negotiate with criminals. Let me go, or else."

Spectra looked at him, and rolled her eyes. She got up, Superman struggling not to follow her motions at every moment, and ordered "Domina, pick him up."

Domina moved to pick him up, and easily did so, at the behest of his motions to stay where he was.

"Weak as a kitten," gloated Domina. "Quieto," she responded. Regardless of what he wanted to do, the kryptonite at his arms forbade any further motion.

"Spread your legs," commanded Spectra, tapping her foot impaciently. Superman refused to do so. "Mara, do your thing"

Mara moved over to Superman, looking him in the face. She was cute, too, but had raven black hair. In contrast to Spectra, she had her suit both light blue and fully zipped up. She smiled at him cutely, "Hi," she began. "Can you do something for me?" Her attractiveness made Superman drop his guard temporarily. She began to unzip her suit, slowly revealing a nice pair of tits, between which was a sort of silver mandala necklace. As he stared dumbly, he noticed the world seeming to grow darker, and the ambient sounds becoming more quiet. "Lookie here, handsome. I know you want to." A sort of violet magic enveloped the symbol, and her voice seemed to dominate his senses as he continued staring. "Spread your legs" she commanded.

Something in Superman realized this mental invasion. He had to fight this. Struggling to get out the words, he managed, "Your tricks ... won't work ... on me." He tried to make his voice as authoritative as he could, which at this point wasn't much at all.

"Impressive resistance, but what else can we expect from the man of steel?" Mara contemplated. She thought for a second, turning around and tapping her chin with her finger. Superman couldn't resist looking at her curvaceous ass as she did this, something he was deeply ashamed of. Luckily, neither Domina nor Spectra seemed to pick up on it.

"Ah, I've got it!" Domina began, beginning to unzip her suit, "Just keep watching, honey."

Superman's gaze was totally on Domina now, who now had unzipped her suit all the way, slowing moving apart each half of her suit with her hands. All of her breasts inward from her nipples were now showing.

"Do you want to see my tits, Superman?" she asked innocently, pouting a little bit.

Superman's mind, already polluted by the mandala's strange power and even moreso by the vixens' beauty, couldn't refuse. He stared hungrily as the sexy villainess moved her body and teased him with more and more of her breasts. His cock was throbbing, something Spectra and Domina couldn't help but laugh at.

Superman nodded.

"Then let's see your legs spread, big boy," Mara suggested. In a swift motion, she revealed the rest of her tits, two perfect globes hanging off of her. Superman gulped heavily.

"Spread those legs so we can have some fun with your little friend," she whispered, moving toward him.

She's so fucking hot oh my god I can't believe this look at her tits I need to feel those I will do whatever she says I will do whatever she says she is my queen.

Superman spread his legs gladly, his cock in charge of his decision making. Mara smiled at his submission.

"Let's see that cock of yours, big boy"

Mara moved over to free his dick, her tits bouncing as she did so. She grabbed his underpants and pulled them down.

"The pervert doesn't even wear anything under those," Spectra commented, smiling widely in anticipation.

Mara whipped out his cock, eliciting a gasp from the three women. It was quite large and standing full at attention. Mara smiled at him, surprised. She placed her hand on the top of the beast, leaning in to Superman and whispering in his ear, "You want me to stroke this, big boy? Want me to place it between my tits and have your cum all over me like a planted flag?"

Superman nodded quickly.

"Hmm? I can't hear you honey," Mara said.


"Yes what?"

"I want you to stroke my cock and I want to cum on your tits," Superman admitted, desperate for her touch.

She smiled again, licking his ear and driving him absolutely crazy.

"Well too bad, shithead!" she exclaimed, and he suddenly noticed Spectra dashing forward with a maleficient smirk as her foot made contact with his naked testicles. A loud SMACK was heard as she made contact with his sizeable manhood.

It was an explosion of pain. The kryptonite totally removed his poweres, included his invulnerability, leaving that ballbust excruciating. He feel to the ground, completely at the mercy of the three women, who began to laugh even more than before. Spectra held her hand over her mouth to try to contain herself.

"I can't believe you fell for that, you dumbass," laughed Mara, her tits still open to the air.

"Did you let that happen to you? You're such a pervert," gloated Spectra.

Superman couldn't believe his stupidity. He let himself get teased by these villainesses and now they even humiliated him. The thoughts of the immediate pain enveloped the thoughts of his shame, though, as he lay in a pain-filled ball on the floor. But above all else, no matter the current circumstance, he was still horny.

"What should we do now?" Domina asked.

"He's so cute, can we keep him?" Mara begged Spectra.

"Unfortunately we still need to get away from the cops when they inevitably arrive, so we're gonna have to leave him here. But he was a good boy, and we have some time left. You can play with him until I get the gem," Spectra said, and she moved over to the case containing the gem.

Mara moved over to Superman, stifling some of her giggles as she did so. She bent down towards him. "You really were a good boy," Mara consoled, grabbing his chin and smiling arrogantly down at him, "Do you still want a handjob? I'll only give you one if you really want it."

Superman looked at her pretty face and her conniving smile, and then to her tits, still exposed. He remained silent, still recovering from the pain. He couldn't let her win this easily, even if she was as beatiful as she was.

"No? Really? Okay," she began to zip up her suit again, hiding them from his predatory view.

"No -- wait!"

She looked curiously at him, "Yes?"

"I do"

"You do what? "

"I want a handjob"

"Is that it?"

"I want to cum on your tits"

"I love it when a man talks dirty to me," Mara cooed, moving down to grab his cock.

She fit her hand around the dick, fitting like a glove. She began pumping his cock, still as incredibly hard as before in spite of Spectra's harsh kick. Using both hands, she pumped the large appendage, placing Superman in absolute heaven. She smiled as she did this, as if relishing in the power she held over the once strongest man on earth, who was now reduced down to putty in her hands.

She slowed the pace, twisting her hand a bit around the thick cock. Superman's face was turning beet red as he totally submitted to her handjob. Mara began using her other hand to lightly pinch his testicles, which he winced at slightly, his testicles still aching. His body jerked in sync to her pumps of his cock. Without a doubt about it, she was in control and the strongest man in the world was at her mercy.

Mara had to take this further, "You want to feel this titties, Superman?" she flirted, puffing out her chest as she continued working at Superman's cock, "Want to take advantage of this powerless woman?"

Superman was already in heaven with the beauty pumping his cock, but he needed those tits around his cock.

"Oh my god, yes"

"Call me mistress"

"Yes, mistress"

"That's a good boy," Mara said, her breasts teasing Superman. Superman's eyes looked desperately at her tremendous breasts, his mind having long ago thrown away the idea of being a model citizen.

She knelt down while Domina picked him up, and began to slowly move her breasts to envelop Superman's large cock. Superman was hungry in anticipation. He hadn't had any sort of sexual release in a long time, and now this model is about to give him a titty fuck.

Just as the breasts were about to touch, Spectra spoke up, "Time to go, girls."

Superman snapped back to reality, looking over at Spectra, "Huh?" he said.

"Aww, I'm sorry honey. I gotta go. Maybe next time!," she promised, putting her breasts back into her suit and zipping back up.

Domina quickly got the rope off of Superman, and shot a grapple hook above. He fell to the ground. 

"Until next time, perv," Spectra said, smirking, and left in a similar fashion.

"I'm sorry we couldn't finish, honey. If you ever feel like being dominated again, let us know!" Mara teased, and blew him a kiss.

Superman's eyes began to clear from the magical haze that had overcome them. His mind was lit with thousands of confusing images. Tons of images of sexy women flooded into his memories, but he had no idea what had just happened, other than the names Spectra, Domina, and Mara. And one other thing, he was extremely horny. His pants were down, and he couldn't be found like this. He crawled over to a closet nearby and passed out.


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