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"So...are you excited for tonight?" Lena Luthor asked her best friend as they sat at the billionaire’s desk.

"Oh? And what's tonight," Kara Danvers asked as Lena sat across from her, both enjoying a noodle bowl.

"We are going out," Lena answered with a smile, using her chopsticks.

"And where, pray tell, is our destination," Kara pressed, already knowing she'd gladly go wherever her beautiful best friend suggested.

"Well since you’ve been spending so much time with Mike, and you promised tonight was our night together, I’d love to take you to the Lighthouse. A little drinking, a little dancing. Some harmless flirting." Lena explained.

"And am I invited to this fun night?" James Olsen asked as he strode into Lena’s office.

Kara watched as the extremely handsome man scooped the palm of his hand around the back of Lena's jet black hair and pulled her in for a kiss. The long-legged journalist could hear her friend moan in response to the kiss from the bald-headed CEO of CatCo, and Kara couldn't help but feel a pang of envy...and maybe, just maybe, a dampness in her panties.

Though Kara was seeing Mon-El, or Mike as Lena knew him as since they hadn’t trusted the billionaire with knowing their secret identities, she still enjoyed lusting after her boss. They had almost gotten together a few years ago but timings were wrong and they were better as friends. However, that didn’t stop Kara from being able to appreciate his 6’3 frame of muscles on muscle, flawless ebony skin and a smile that could melt ice faster than global warming.

"Alright you two, keep it PG...we're at a place of business, remember?" Kara said.

"Mmm...fine. We'll let common sense prevail...this time," Lena countered as their tongue-filled lip lock was finally broken.

"Alright, you two work out the details for tonight. I’ve only come for a kiss...and to use your gym before I head back to my office," James stated, raising from the desk.

* * *

With plans settled, the two women had to each head home in order to get ready for the night’s events. Kara tried in vain once more to convince her sister that she and her girlfriend Maggie should come out with her, but was rebuffed again. Therefore, given the proximity of their houses (or rather Kara’s apartment and Lena’s mansion) to the club, it was decided that James would pick up Kara first before grabbing Lena. While true they could have taken a limo or driven themselves, James loved any chance he got to take his Porsche for a spin.

"Wow," James said, as Kara walked from her apartment building towards his car.

James was used to seeing Kara daily, but the sight that greeted him in the well-lit street made his breath catch in his throat. The tall Kryptonian had decided to accentuate her best features, namely her amazingly long legs and slim, athletic feature. Thus, she chose a tight-fitting dress that Lena had bought her on their last shopping trip together, which ended north of her mid thigh. To help draw the eye down to her impossibly lengthy pegs, Kara wore black leather boots that rode up just beneath her knee.

"Hi James," she replied, tucking a loose strand of her long golden hair behind her ear as she blushed from his comment.

"Sorry, I mean, get in," he tried to recover, a mask of super cool confidence sliding back into place.

Kara slid into the passenger seat and barely had her seatbelt in hand before James pulled out of the driveway in a tear. The pair chatted easily in the car as the CatCo boss navigated the suburban streets as they headed towards Lena's mansion. James hid his gazing at Kara’s fit alien body well, not wanting to creep the Kryptonian out, especially since they were friends, though he desperately wanted to reveal his true self to her, that being of a hormone-fueled, sex-crazed guy.

"How are things going with Mon-El?" James asked conversationally as they neared Lena's.

"Well enough, I suppose. I’m still not totally believing he’s shed the entitled prince of Daxam persona that he was groomed to be," Kara replied. 

"Well, that’s something, at least." James replied as he approached the gated entrance and waited for it to open. “Here we are.”

* * *

With Lena in the car, Kara wielded the front seat of her boyfriend's vehicle to her, sliding into the back. It was a short drive to the club anyway, and before long they were parked, inside and dancing. Though she didn't have a date, mainly because Mon-El wasn’t invited to the Super Friends hangout this evening, she still had a dance partner, as James shared himself between both gorgeous women.

"Why don't I get us more drinks," James commented between songs.

"You’re sexiness is matched only by your intelligence," a tipsy Lena replied, her body beginning to sway to the newest song, grinding her curvier body against Kara.

"Well..." Kara pondered, noticing both their eyes on her. "The night's still young so why not."

Normally Earth’s alcohol had no effect on Kara due to her Kryptonian abilities, but the Lighthouse catered to humans and aliens alike. Therefore, whenever James or Kara ordered drinks they made sure to get the leggy blonde a strong drink from her native planet, making Kara as buzzed as the two humans.

"I'll catch up shortly then," the bald CEO commented before disappearing into the mass of bodies.

* * *

"I hope you guys don't mind me hitching a ride home with you," Kara said as she sat in the back seat once more.

The trio had a great time dancing and drinking away the night, though James said he had stopped consuming alcohol early enough to be still good to drive. Which was a good thing, because both Kara and Lena, who was sitting in the front seat, were still buzzing. Not drunk, just feeling good.

"Not at all," James said.

"So drop Kara off first then you and I head back to my place for a nightcap," Lena stated to James, placing her hand on his thigh as he sped down the street.

"Alex and Maggie are gone until tomorrow and I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet," Kara offered. 

Kara was having a great time with her two best friends and wasn’t ready for the night to be over. It seemed that ever since Lena and James started getting together, and likewise with herself with Mon-El, that Kara saw less of them so she wanted to make her time count. However, the Kryptonian reporter had clearly missed the fact Lena meant to fuck her boyfriend's brains out as soon as she got rid of Kara.

"Kara, no," Lena answered, shaking her head. 

"Come on Lena, where is your sense of friendship," James spoke up quickly, silencing his more assertive girlfriend. "We gave Kara a good time tonight, not to mention two rides, and now you don't want to let her reward us for that."

Lena looked at him with her hypnotic green eyes wide on him, wondering what the Metropolis-born man was playing at. However, when he put his hand over top of hers, which was still resting on his upper thigh, Lena knew he had a plan. He couldn't offered to give her a look because of the speed he was travelling at, but Lena was made to understand that he had a plan in mind as he moved her hand up until it was resting on the lump in his pants.

While Lena leaned further towards her boyfriend so she could use her body to shield Kara's view, she unzipped James's pants deftly and began stroking his cock. She couldn't help but give a little moan as he hardened in her hand, always getting a perverse thrill of rubbing his dick with her best friend 3 feet away.

"Hate to break it to you two but we are almost at my house," Kara commented, having used her x-ray vision to see their activities in the front seat.

"Sorry Kara," Lyda grunted her disapproval as she shifted back into her seat. "I get all horny with some drinks in me and a night of dancing with beautiful creatures," she added, placing her hand over Kara's, which was resting on the back of the billionaire’s chair.

Kara was confused by her friend's touch on her hand when the car was suddenly stopped. Looking up, she saw her building, and a quick scan on the parking lot revealed her sister’s car nowhere in sight, just like they promised. Kara had no idea that currently Maggie was taking her sister’s favorite dildo in her snatch as Alex pounded her with a strap-on.

"Come on, let's go upstairs," James stated, shutting off the car and opening his door.

"You heard the big strong alpha male," Lena mused, jumping out of her side, pulling the seat up and helping Kara out of the Porsche.

Lena wasn't 100% sure what James's game was, though she certainly wasn't going to argue with him. She knew that with James life was a bit of a roller coaster, but when it came to sex it was guaranteed to be highly pleasurable and very wild. That may have surprised people, it certainly did with Lena when he started to reveal that side of him. Whatever the stud CatCo boss was angling for, Lena figured she'd find out soon enough and just hoped the payoff would be worth it.

"I guess Maggie is occupying sister dearest tonight," James commented as Kara unlocked the door and let them inside.

"God, I love this sofa," Lena gushed, entering the living room. “That’s it. I’m buying one for the office."

"So you’re trying to get me to spend even more of my time at L-Corp then," Kara joked, though both women wouldn’t have minded spending even more time in the presence of the other. "Can I get either of you something to drink?"

"Do you have any wine?" Lena asked as she settled herself on her favorite couch.

"I don't know, I'll check," Kara said, opening cupboards. "Ahh, here we are. James?"

"Whiskey if you have some," James answered, tossing his vest over one of the chair's backs.

By the time Kara had retrieved two wine glasses and a tumbler for her guests, they had made themselves comfortable, Lena on the sofa and James in the wingback chair he always used during game nights. Her superstrength made uncorking wine a breeze so within a minute she had the drinks poured and went from the kitchen to hang out with them.

"Red wine. You know me so well," Lena mused as she accepted her glass.

"She's just trying to get me drunk so I can be taken advantage of," James quipped, taking the first sip of his amber liquid.

"Something tells me you don't need to be drunk for that," Kara joked, tasting her red wine.

"Actually, I'm trying to get both of you drunk so you'll make out," James said, making Lena nearly spit out her wine as Kara took a seat on the sofa beside the L-Corp CEO.

"I knew the gentleman thing was just an act," Kara said, grinning as she took a sip of her wine. "I think I'm going to make a quick trip to the bathroom."

While Kara rose from the sofa and exited the sitting room, Lena also got to her feet but with a much different purpose in mind. A naughty little smile crossed her face as the billionaire moved to straddle James. With a knee on either side of him, wedged between his thighs and the arms of the chair, she pressed her large tits against his chest as she leaned in and kissed him.

Putting his hands on her lower back, James gently nibbled on her lower lip as he returned the kiss with equal fiery intensity. Moving strong hands down her back, the former photographer grabbed hold of a large butt cheek in each hand, groaning at how great her ass felt. It was large, just like he preferred his woman having phat asses, with Lena’s being the perfect blend of thick and firm but soft enough to have a good amount of bounce with each step she took.

"I really want to have him," Lena said, reaching down to rub his cock through my pants.

"He really wants you to get him too," James replied, reluctantly letting go of her wonderful ass as she slid back off his lap.

Lena grinned as she reached out and unbuttoned his pants. James looked down at Lena the whole time, completely in awe of her jet-black hair, flawless complexion and those green eyes, all incredibly intense. Meanwhile the kneeling billionaire kept shifting between making eye contact with him and waiting patiently for his dick to emerge. Eager to make that happen, the super horny billionaire fished her hand through the opening in the front of his boxers and grabbed hold of his manhood.

"Wow," Lena said, her eyes wide as she pulled his cock out in the middle of her best friend's living room. "I've been thinking about this all night."

"That's because you're my cock-crazed nymph," James grunted while his eyes rolled up into the back of his head as Lena leaned in and licked the underside of his manhood

The billionaire didn't respond to his comment because his statement was extremely true. Still resting on her knees before him, continuing her lick of his dick until she reached the top. Leaning down a little further and parting her luscious lips wide, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, tasting trace amounts of his pre-cum as she did so.

"God, that feels good," he said, always enjoying the feel of her pillowy lips and skilled tongue on his dick.

"Oh whoa, don't mind me," a shocked Kara said, emerging from the washroom.

The couple knew that Kara was back shortly, yet this was all part of James' plan. Aware of her entrance, the leggy blonde had actually stood in the entryway to the living room for a good few seconds before announcing her arrival, watching as her best friend blew her tall, dark and handsome boss. In fact, even as she stood there looking a little embarrassed, James hid a smile as he realized she was staring at his cock that was still in Lena's mouth.

"Hey Kara, you want some of this," the kneeling L-Corp CEO offered, pulling off her boyfriend's cock.

"No I'm fine. I think I'll just leave you two alone," Kara answered even though her eyes didn't stray from the exposed penis, nor did she even move a muscle.

"Come on, I'm very willing to share and I'm sure James wouldn't mind," Lena offered, leaning lower to lick his balls, letting James know that she didn't forget about him.

"I...well...he's not my boyfriend or anything but, he kinda is," Kara replied, seemingly coming out of her stupor as she remembered Mon-El.

"Technically you aren't an I'm not offering for you to fuck him. I'm nice and letting you have a little taste," the billionaire explained in her confident voice, idly stroking his cock the entire time.

"Unless you want to do more," James added, not ruling out a proper threesome. "And sharing is nice, after all.”

"And he tastes so good," Lena continued, leaning down and taking him back into her mouth for a quick suck.

"You seem to be doing a good enough job by yourself," Kara said, fidgeting as her eyes drifted back to Lena's mouth on his cock.

"I've never given a double blowjob before," Lena said, popping her mouth off the cock. "I bet it'd be really fun, our tongues bumping into each other and mingling around James's dick. He'd probably love it too, watching us trade off turns stuffing this thing in our mouths."

"I'm sure he would," Kara said, James catching that she was edging slightly forward.

"You'd love to have both of us suck your beautiful cock, wouldn't you?" Lena asked him between licks around the head with her tongue.

"Totally," James agreed, unable to hide his excitement.

"See, everyone here wants you to join," Lena said, stroking his cock as she turned her head to look at the best friend she’d secretly wanted to fuck since the first time they met.

"Except me," Kara said, though she didn't sound totally convincing, not even to herself.

"You sure about that?" Lena asked, letting go of his dick and standing up.

"Pretty sure, yeah," Kara responded.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Lena asked out of the blue.

A look of shock and confusion crossed Kara's face for a moment as she was caught off guard by Lena's question. But then just as she was opening her mouth to answer, Lena reached out and grabbed Kara's cheeks in her hands and kissed her.

James donned a wider smile and his cock gave a lurch as the two gorgeous friends kissed in front of him. Sure, it only lasted a moment before Kara managed to push Lena away, but it was instantly filed away into his personal spank bank. He really did appreciate Lena's determination in making the threesome happen, though he suspected it was more so she could bed Kara rather than out of her willingness to share him with another girl.

"Mmm, you're almost as good a kisser as James," Lena said, trying to get through Kara's defenses for another kiss.

"Stop, I'm not into that," Kara said, trying to fight off Lena. Of course, Kara could have tapped into her Kryptonian powers and easily subdued her horny friend, but she didn’t.

"As hot as seeing you two extremely beautiful and sexy women kiss was, maybe it's time we call it a night," James suggested.

The comment from the horny man caught both women by surprise, given that he was equally as enthused for the threesome as Lena was. However, man who was Superman’s best friend decided a new tactic was needed since Kara was proving resistant to the straightforward approach where they tried overwhelming her buzzed brain with sex. Instead, he would play the nice guy card, not pressuring her to join with the hope that she'd come to that conclusion on her own.

"I'm not leaving until you take me into a bedroom and fuck me," Lena said, turning her head to look at James. "If Kara doesn't want to join, it's her loss, but I can see it in her eyes that she wants to come too."

"I don't," Kara said, letting her defenses down for a moment as Lena talked to her boyfriend.

As if realizing that Kara had stopped fighting Lena grabbed the back of her head and pulled her back in for another kiss. James could see Kara's eyes go wide and her hands went to Lena's shoulders to push against them. Lena obviously wasn't as willing to give up a second time though because she kept a firm hold on Kara despite her very weak attempts to push off.

James sported a wolfish grin because after a few seconds Kara's resolve seemed to falter. Her arms went limp and her hands dropped to Lena's sides. Finally signaling her ultimate defeat, Supergirl’s eyes closed and she moaned into Lena's kiss. While James knew that his girlfriend harbored sexual feelings for Kara, apparently the dark-haired Luthor just needed a good amount of alcohol in her system to finally act on those feelings.

"Bedroom?" Lena purred after continuing the seductive kiss for another handful of seconds, though still pressing herself against Kara. When Kara merely nodded, Lena grabbed her hand before turning to grab James's. "Lead the way."

Getting out of the chair, James held his pants as he was led by the two gorgeous women to the leggy blonde's bedroom. As she pushed open the door, Lena breezed by him with Kara in tow. By the time he'd closed the door behind the three of them Lena had pounced on Kara again and was kissing her.

"Mmm, why don't you show James what you've got?" Lena asked, panting a bit as she broke the kiss.

"Not him, just you," Kara said softly, giving the boy a small smile as if to tell him it wasn't strictly about him, but rather her sense of loyalty to her not-official boyfriend.

"Not cheating if it's a girl?" Lena asked, picking up on the smile as she reached around behind Kara to unzip her dress.

"Something like that," Kara said, arms instinctively raising above her, her brain on auto-pilot as Lena started to pull her dress off.

"Then I guess James will just have to make do with fucking me while I fuck you," Lena said, though her tone made it clear enough that this was her preferred arrangement as well. This way she got to have both of them while James stayed only hers. 

The handsome man was a little disappointed that he wouldn't get to do anything to Kara, but that disappointment was eased by the knowledge that he'd be fucking the hottest woman in National City, Lena Luthor. Not to mention that James was probably at least going to see Kara naked and possibly even get to watch two hot girls go at it. Needless to say, though it wasn't exactly the best situation, it was still an unenviable arrangement.

Seeing that Kara's dress was down to her waist while Lena's was still covering everything, James decided to rectify that little bit of oversight. So while Lena was tugging Kara's dress down over her slender hips and to the ground, he reached out and pulled down the zipper on the back of Lena's dress.

"Naughty boy," Lena purred, taking a moment from her undressing of Kara to let her boyfriend take off her dress. "Now sit down and watch for a minute while I get Kara warmed up."

Without taking his eyes off them for fear of missing a single instance of the lesbian action, James started to walk backwards. He spied a chair earlier, which was only a few steps behind him. When his fingers found the arm of the chair he sat down while still watching everything happening.

With the best friends down to their bra and panties, Lena had Kara turn around so her back was to us. Leaning in Lena started kissing Kara on her neck and shoulders and her fingers found the clasp of her bra. When the hooks came free, the tall blonde gasped and instinctively clasped the cups to her chest.

"No need to be shy," the more confident and experienced Lena said as she removed Kara's hands from in front of her.

As the bra fell to the ground Lena had Kara turn around and heard James groaned a little at the sight of her bare breasts. Ever since he laid eyes on her almost 4 years ago, he had wanted to see them and the desire to see them hadn't decreased one iota in the years since. In fact, it was this lengthy time of just having lusty feelings for Supergirl that made seeing her naked and exposed so much hotter.

"Don't those look yummy," Lena mused, licking her lips as she also openly leered at Kara's chest.

Kara blushed a little at the attention, but a smile crept across her face that said she kinda liked it. The smile turned to a moan when Lena decided to see if Kara's tits tasted as good as they looked by leaning in and taking one of her nipples into her mouth. James instantly felt pangs of envy, wanting to jump up and take the other small but perfectly shaped breast in his mouth, but he knew that would only ruin things.

His eyes darted between Kara's face, eyes half closed and her lower lip caught between her teeth as she savored the feel of Lena's mouth, and Kara's chest where his horny girlfriend was busy suckling. And being a butt man, James's eyes couldn't help but wander down to where Lena's ass was practically staring him in the face with only the thin line of fabric running between the cheeks, keeping him from seeing everything.

But as Lena pushed Kara down onto the bed, James started getting antsy about being benched, even if momentarily. After all, having to sit and watch while one hot girl slowly strips another one without being allowed to do anything was almost cruel and unusual punishment. He decided to at least try to endure for a bit longer as Lena started kissing her way down Kara's body.

"I've never done this before," Kara moaned, laying down flat on the bed.

"Me neither. Well, not since college. But that was only a phase," Lena admitted. "But ever since I met you, I've just wanted to rip off your clothes and take you."

Maybe it was the fact that Lena confessed she was not very experienced in this realm of sex, putting them on equal footing, but it seemed to melt more of Kara's nerves. Or it could have been Lena ramping up the pleasure, flooding her mind and distracting her from more in-depth thoughts. Either way, Kara hoisted her hips off her bed after Lena gave her bellybutton a little lick before hooking her fingers in the waistband of Kara's panties and pulling them down her long legs.

As Lena peeled Kara's panties down, James was shocked to view a near hairless pussy, barring a single, half-inch strip of golden fuzz. It wasn't the perfectly shaved pussy that his girlfriend Lena Luthor possessed, but it suited the slim blonde well and kicked his saliva glands into overdrive.

"Look's good enough to eat," Lena commented as she licked her lips in anticipation. 

Kara barely had time to interrupt her friend's words as Lena pushed her legs apart. Leaning in she stuck out her tongue and ran it along the length of Kara's slit. Only problem was that as Lena moved between Kara's legs, it severely blocked James's view and instead his eyes were left to wander over Lena's almost naked body.

As Lena's ass wiggled while she started to work over Kara's pussy, the handsome black man couldn't take it anymore. Sliding out of the chair and onto his knees, he made the short journey towards the bed, losing his shirt along the way to expose chiseled abs and hard pecs..

"Silly boy. Aren't you supposed to be in the chair?" Lena asked, looking behind her when she felt hands grab hold of hips.

"I was getting lonely," he said, tugging on her thong until it pulled down over her ass.

When the thong was down to her knees, James grabbed one of Lena's butt cheeks in each hand and without warning pulled them apart so he could lean in and lick her pussy from behind. She groaned and pushed back against the shirtless man, her body going rigid at the unexpected maneuver. It wasn't like it was the first time James ate her out, far from in fact as JAmes was a rather generous lover. However, it was the first time in their relationship that the best friend of Superman was licking her pussy while Lena was doing likewise..

"Fuck, that feels good," Lena moaned as his tongue lapped away at her labia. "But I want you to fuck me. I need to feel you inside me."

Grinning because of how well he had trained the billionaire, although to be fair, she was quite the nympho before he had hooked his perverted talons into her, James straightened up behind her. Unbuttoning his pants, he wasted no time in pushing them and his boxers down around his knees. 

Horny and wanting his cock, Lena thrust her thick, wide ass back in his direction as he got into the right position, holding his cock in one hand. Not bothering with a condom, they had moved past that pesky practice long ago, he used his other hand to rest on the small of her back while pressing the head of my cock against her opening. Instead of instantly pushing forward though, James dragged it along the length of her slit, teasing her. He had long ago realized that by drawing out her pleasure, it made Lena that much more wilder of a fuck.

"Please?" Lena begged, pushing backwards in effort to get his cock inside her.

"Don't forget about Kara," James demanded while slyly smirking at Lena's begging. When she grunted and turned her attention back to the pussy in front of her, he finally thrust forward, burying half his cock inside her without warning.

"Oh shit," Lena gasped, her head drooping until her forehead rested against Kara's crotch, getting a fresh smear of the tangy juice on her porcelain skin.

Easing back a little, James grabbed Lena's hourglass hips with both hands and pulled her back onto his dick. She moaned loudly into Kara's pussy, to which she had just lowered her mouth to devour once more. Lena shuddered as her own cunt gripped the entire length of James's cock, much to both of their absolute pleasure.

James was kind and gave Lena a moment to get used to having his wide, 7-inch cock inside her as he pulled about half of it out before pushing back in, though a little slower and gentler than the initial penetration. Moaning, Lena pushed back against him in response as she collected herself and went back to work on Kara.

"Oooh," Kara moaned, biting her lower lip. 

The blonde's eyes seemed to dart between the thrusting James and Lena as the billionaire CEO ate her pussy. James surmised that Kara's moans seemed to get louder whenever her eyes were focused on him, though that may have been his ego talking, or maybe because Lena was out of practice at being a pussy eater and maybe not great at it yet. Regardless, James couldn't hide his smirk, giving his jet black-haired girlfriend harder thrusts in response, her ass rippling with each blow from his pelvis.

"Fuck me, James, fuck me," Lena demanded, shoving herself back onto his cock with as much power as she could muster without losing track of Kara's pussy.

Taking her at her word, James started to fuck Lena the way her preferred - hard. However, he didn't want her to get too comfortable so he altered his pattern, both in terms of speed and in number of strokes before he changed again. A series of hard and fast thrusts were followed by a handful of slower ones, followed by a few intermediate ones. With each change James also shifted the angle of penetration just enough to keep her on her toes, technique borne from hours of practice.

"Oh God," Lena gasped, a tremor coursing through her body.

He was extremely familiar with Lena's body, but even he didn't, he would still be able to recognize the tell-tale signs. She was starting to get close to cumming but there was no way he was ready for that, fearing that her steam would be dissipated before this threesome really got going. 

"Noooo," Lena groaned as he all but stopped fucking her.

Gripping Lena's hips, the CatCo boss grinned as he leaned forward. Running his hands up Lena Luthor’s sides until reaching the strap of her bra, at which point he deftly unhooked it while leaning down over over her so he could whisper into her ear.

"Get Kara off and I'll make you cum like only I can," he hissed to Lena, moving his hips just enough to move his cock fractionally inside her. 

Lena must have really liked the promise because before James could even straighten up behind her she was already tossing her bra aside and grabbing hold of Kara's thighs. James could only smirk in satisfaction and wish Kara luck for the sexual torrent that was about to be released upon her by the green-eyed nympho.

From behind James couldn't really see what Lena was doing beyond the general movement of her head but he could see Kara's reaction. And when the movement of Lena's head increased, Kara's eyes opened wide and she sucked in air as her lips parted in a silent O. After a few seconds her head lolled back and her moans got more vocal.

"Oh god," Kara moaned, arching her back as ran her hands through flowing golden hair.

Since Lena appeared to be holding up her end of the bargain, James decided to at least start to hold up his. Taking hold of her hips, the former photographer slowly pulled back until little more than the head of his cock was still inside her snatch. After holding there just long enough to make Lena feel antsy, he suddenly slammed forward, burying the whole thing in her once more.

"Uhhh," Lena moaned into Kara's pussy as she was filled up.

While Lena continued to lash away at Kara's Kryptonian pussy with her tongue, James continued to drive in and out of her cunt with his cock. He wasn't going full bore, mainly to keep himself from blowing too early, but it was still a pace that was fast enough to keep Lena happy without actually pushing her too close to the brink. His goal was simple; keep her within reach so that when she finally got Kara off then James could finish her off without too much trouble. However, it was a fine line because he didn't want to get her so close that she might cum before Kara did.

"Right there, ohhhhh," Kara moaned, hunching her hips against Lena's face.

Kara didn't know what to expect when Lena first started kissing her downstairs. She hadn't ever kissed a girl before and though she struggled at first, she was happy she allowed the billionaire to persevere. After all, if she didn't then she wouldn't have Lena currently between her thighs, munching her pussy and so thoroughly enjoying every lick, suck and lap of her gushing twat. Kara had received oral, many times in fact, however having it done by a woman, especially one that she had sexual feelings for in Lena, made it feel like a whole new experience.

Sensing correctly that Kara was getting close, James started to pick up the speed on his thrusts into the insanely curvy billionaire. All while fucking his beautiful girlfriend, he watched Kara closely as her face contorted in pleasure with each lick Lena gave her. And each lick Lena gave Kara, he matched with a thrust of his cock into Lena's gripping cunt. That, in turn, spurred the jet balck-haired beauty to lick Supergirl’s pussy faster and created a positive feedback loop that pushed the three of them to greater heights.

"Oh god, I'm gonna, ohhhhh," Kara panted as her body started to shake.

As Kara's blue eyes rolled up in the back of her head in orgasmic bliss, Lena's head popped up. No longer needing to worry about pleasuring her best friend, Lena was free to push back to meet James's thrusts and focus on her own needs instead.

"Awwhh...fuck! Oh yes," Lena grunted, turning her head to look back at her boyfriend as he opened the throttle and really started to drill into her. "Fuck me with that beautiful black cock."

Even a casual observer could see the two were perfect for each other as they matched the others sexual intensity to a tee. Feeding off her dirty talk, James leaned forward so he could grab hold of Lena's hair. Wrapping his hand in the long, dark locks, he gave it a slight tug, just hard enough for her to test her reaction but not hard enough to do much damage.

"Yes, pull my fucking hair harder," Lena growled, leaning her head forward to put more tension on her hair.

James couldn't help but soak in the view before him, starting at the point where his cock was disappearing into her tight pussy. One of Lena's two best features, her thick ass, rippled with the force of their fucking, while her other prime asset, her wonderfully shapely tits, looked downright mouth watering the way they were bouncing wildly back and forth beneath her.

"So close," Lena gasped, rolling her head back and forth to tug against the handful of hair James still held. "Make me cum, James. Make me cum all over your fucking cock."

"Earth to Kara! Want to help her out?" James asked, though it wasn't really a question. He had almost forgotten about her as he and Lena fucked with more intensity, until noticing that she was just laying there watching the action intently.

"How?" Kara asked, her eyes jerking up to look at him as if being shaken from a trance.

"Suck on her nipples," James stated firmly. He had been hooking up with the L-Corp CEO for long enough to know she had sensitive tits, and right now he needed the help as he was aware he was in a race to climax that he really didn't want to lose.

"Yeah, suck on my tits," Lena said, bowing her back and thrusting her tits out for effect.

With a look of apprehension on her face, Kara slid off the bed and knelt on the floor next to Lena. Acting tentatively, the leggy blonde reached out and cupped one of the pale beauty’s larger breasts than her own in her hand. When Lena moaned and lifted a hand to put it on Kara's shoulder to help steady her, Kara responded by leaning in so she could the tit to her mouth.

"Almost," Lena moaned, her hand sliding up Kara's shoulder until she had her hand on the back of Kara's head, holding it in place.

Having her head locked in place by the needy sex nympho was actually a vote of confidence for Kara, or at least that's how the first-time titty-sucker interrupted as. Growing in confidence, Supergirl suckled at the billionaire's nipple harder, feeling it grow erect in her mouth, which she knew from experience was another excellent sign. 

Wanting to make sure Lena got off before he did, James decided to play one last trump card. Normally he made it a point to make Lena or any woman he bedded cum, but with Kara present he wanted to show the leggy Supergirl that he was a compassionate and super-competent lover. With his hand on the small of her back, it didn't take much to slide it backwards until his thumb started to dip into the crack of her ass.

Finding the puckered opening of her asshole, James lightly rubbed around the outside with the tip of his thumb. He had discovered within the last few months of regular hook-ups with the curvy billionaire that she liked some light anal play, and once again tonight he was hoping it would pay handsomely. His assertion was a correct one as Lena gasped loudly at the contact before turning into a loud moan.

"Shit!, I'm gonna cum," Lena hissed, pushing harder against his cock as James felt the spasms start in her snatch.

As if on cue, her pussy clamped down on his cock and her body went rigid, pushing James right up to the brink of orgasm along with her. He thought about creaming inside her wet pussy but he knew she loved tasting him so, through gritted teeth, James slipped out of her cunt. With his fist still coiled in her hair, he used it to turn her head to face him as he moved around her.

Through the fog of her orgasm, Lena opened her eyes seemed to realize what James wanted and opened her mouth without having to say it. When he'd stuffed his cock into her mouth, the L-Corp CEO closed her pillowy lips around the shaft and let the horny man handle fucking her mouth while she concentrated mainly on not biting while the occasional tremor still coursed through body.

After a few thrusts into her mouth, each one going to the very back of her mouth, James started to feel the cum rise inside his balls. He had no intention of pulling out and neither did Lena, as she had grabbed his ass with her hand and held him to her as his cock started to pulse in her mouth. Kara watched on as James's shoulders shrugged as he let Lena take over as the first spurt of cum erupted into her mouth.

"Fuck," he grunted through gritted teeth as Lena practically sucked the jizz out of his balls.

When James was done and Lena had finally let me go, he stumbled backwards, using the desk behind him to steady himself while he recovered. As James took a deep breath to calm himself, movement caught his eye. Lena was in the midst of leaning down to kiss Kara. What got his interest peaked, aside from two gorgeous girls kissing again, was when Kara's eyes suddenly opened wide and she tried to pull away from the kiss. It took him a moment before it dawned on me that Lena was likely trying to give Kara more than just a simple kiss.

"There, now you got a taste," Lena told Kara, turning to look at James with a smile on her face that could only be described as naughty.

"You two stay, I'm going to have a shower," Kara said, sliding off the bed and heading to the bedroom door. “Alex is gone for the night and won’t mind if you two want to stay the night."

As Kara closed the door behind her, James confirmed with Lena. "What a naughty girl. Sharing my cum with Kara."

" know my dirty mind so well," Lena replied with an amused grin. “Notice that she swallowed instead of spit it out?”

"I did. I just hope that didn’t scare her off," he said, sitting on the edge of Kara's bed.

"She wanted it," Lena answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "If she didn't, then she would have spat it out. This way, she got to taste you without actually doing anything wrong. It’s a win for everyone."

"Except for Mon...Mike," James muttered with a self-satisfied grin. "Now let's go see if Alex’s bedroom has a shower."

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