Missed Date...Again

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I have no ownership or association with Supergirl, nor its characters, especially Lena Luthor and James Olsen. I make no money from this fictional story

Lena Luthor was in the groove once more. Like a dog with a bone, once Lena found a research topic that she believed could help the world, she wouldn’t let it go. She would focus singularly on it until the problem was solved. This had worked out well for her in the past, after all she was the CEO of L-Corp, a Fortune 500 company, and the owner of CatCo Worldwide News. She had also made several breakthroughs and inventions that helped the world many times over.

Lena’s drive also had downsides, especially to those closest to her. Though she had improved in this area with time, her friends and loved ones were the ones that had to make sacrifices, especially with their time. This was particularly bad news for James Olsen, who had been dating Lena for nearly a year. He had grown used to her getting absorbed in projects, but that didn’t make it any easier to be cancelled last minute, or with no warning at all.

“Excuse me, Ms Luthor. Is there anything else you need tonight,” her assistant, Ms. Teschmacher asked, poking her head into her office.

“No Eve, that’s everything. You can take off now,” she answered without looking up. Realizing that it was odd for Eve to leave work before 8pm, Lena looked up from the Harun-El report she was studying and viewed the clock. “Oh wow. 10pm already.”

“Another late night for you?”

“I’m finally making headway on the latest batch of experiments with the Harun-El and my brain can’t let it go until I reach a point I’m happy with,” the dark-haired, ivory skinned billionaire explained.

“I’m all too aware, boss,” the blonde assistant laughed. “Just remember, all fun and no play…”

“Good night Eve,” Lena cut her off, adding a smile at the end to know she wasn’t mad.

The dark-haired billionaire watched as the curvy blonde assistant she hired a year ago gathered her purse and phone. After shutting down her station she left through the large double doors out of Lena’s office then went straight for the elevators. Before she could hit the button, the doors parted and Eve nearly walked straight into a well dressed man that was quite familiar to her. He was tall, dark and handsome, with a bald head, warm smile and had muscles in places she didn’t know were able to be there.

“She’s inside, Mr. Olsen,” Eve greeted.

“Thanks Eve. And please, it’s just James,” the muscular man retorted.

“Yes sir…James,” the blonde replied before they parted.

James Olsen walked past the well dressed assistant to his girlfriend for the past year and continued down the hallway. As he passed by the front desk that Lena’s assistant/receptionist occupied and a few sorted chairs which acted as a waiting room. Her office was just left of center and she was so focused on the papers in front of her that she didn’t see him approach or even hear his dress shoes clapping the floor.

“You forgot we were going out tonight, didn’t you,” James, the current CEO of Catco asked.

Lena was a little startled to hear the deep but pleasant voice of her boyfriend who had taken up a leaning position against the open door frame. The muscular man was roughly her same age, however James was almost a foot taller than the dark-haired beauty he’d been dating for the last year. While Lena Luthor was all soft curves with big pillowy tits and an amazingly thick ass, James was muscle on muscle thanks to his vigorous gym routine and his extra circular activity as Guardian.

“Oh crap…the art show,” Lena swore.

“Well yeah babe,” James added.

Lena swung her chair and got to her feet. She apologized to her man as she walked towards him, her commute shortened with him stepping further into the room. She felt the clean shaven skin of his face as her hands closed around his cheeks as she propped herself up on her tip toes and kissed him on the lips, both one portraying her regret and love for him.

“I’m so sorry. It’s just this research on the Harun-El has me at wits end.” Lena admitted.

”Well sometimes, it helps to take a step back from the problem and let your subconscious mind assess from a different vantage point,” replied James, or Jimmy as he was known to those back in Metropolis.

James had been dating the gorgeous Luthor for almost a year, and in that time he had grown used to her moods. Though she possessed a very pleasant personality, there was no doubt that Lena was as driven a human that ever existed. Her Luthor family really messed her up in terms of making her judge her worth only on her success, thus Lena refused to take no for an answer. This was not the first time she had worked through a date, nor would it be the last. It was one of the things he had to accept with dating Lena Luthor, though he had learned how to make it work to his advantage as well.

“You’re right…again,” Lena grinned. “Now, Mr. Handsome CEO, what do I owe you for the critical advice?”

“Let’s start with you getting down and begging for forgiveness,” James demanded albeit with a smile on his face.

“Oh?” Lena asked with a raised eyebrow while listening to his instruction.

“Now put your hands behind your back,” James ordered then waited for her to do so. “Good…open your mouth and don’t move.”

The dark-haired beauty billionaire was allowing James to have complete control over her as punishment for forgetting about their date so she followed his instructions to the letter. Though Lena was a strong willed and proud feminist, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t have fun in the bedroom with some roleplaying as a submissive woman. 

Though she was dressed in a tight fitting skirt, the material pulled further up her thigh and allowed Lena to kneel on the hardwood floor in the middle of her massive office. It wasn’t the most comfort flooring she’d ever knelt on, however this wasn’t the first time she found herself perched on her knees, hands behind her and mouth open wide before the tall black man.

James smiled down at her, knowing that he had dominance over her. He reached down and undid his pants enough to pull free his partially erect cock. He looked down at Lena the whole time, completely in awe of her jet-black hair, flawless complexion and those green eyes, all incredibly intense. Meanwhile the kneeling billionaire kept shifting between making eye contact with him and waiting patiently for his dick to emerge.

As soon as the semi-rigid tool popped free of his pants he placed it right on Lena’s stuck out tongue. All while she maintained eye contact the dark-haired beauty maneuvered his dick into her mouth and closed around his tip. Before bobbing him, which would come shortly, she started sucking and using her skilled tongue to dart at his piss slit.

“That’s it,” James groaned, his cock fully hard now.

James grunted loudly into the empty office as her moist mouth began to work. Knowing that she barely had any leverage, the former Daily Planet photographer and best friend of Superman had to do all the work to get the full pleasure from the blowjob. However, Lena wasn’t going to simply sit there, as she started to bob her head over the first few inches of his lengthy 9-inch cock.

He pushed his hips forward while holding Lena’s head in place with a solitary hand at the back of her dark-haired beauty hair. James watched as the first several inches of his cock disappear inside her mouth. He held himself inside her, soaking in her saliva before withdrawing, feeling the underside of his dick gliding along her wet tongue and finally felt his tool sandwiched between her plump lips.

“Yeah, like that,” he exclaimed. “God, you’re so good at sucking dick.”

Slowly she took over more of the work, using her slender neck to work forward and backwards while his hand changed to more guiding then powering. However, the normally composed James started losing inhibition, thrusting his hips forward when Lena would push her head forward. The result was the tip of his cock poking the back of her mouth, naturally stimulating her gag reflex. Lena took the surprising move all in good order, rolling with the punches as James repeatedly drilled the back of her throat causing her to cough more spit on his cock and give him a progressively wetter blowjob.

“Glllcckk…gllllgghh,” Lena gurgled with spit.

James wanted to see the result of his face fucking the pretty girl so he pulled his cock and her head away. Like he expected to see, the vision was that of sluttiness with thick strands of saliva connected his pole to Lena’s practiced lips. The only thing that made the tableau even better was the fact that it was one of the richest and most powerful women in the world allowing herself to be face-fucked, albeit not roughly. That and the view from above afforded James a wonderful view down the black-haired beauty’s blouse, letting him scope out her pillowy tits.

“Oh, is this hot,” she asked, pretending like she didn’t know that he loved the perversion.

James continuing glaring down down at this, seeing spit covering his lengthy ebony cock. It seemed to make his dick grow even harder somehow, a feat he didn’t think possible since it was already raging at full mast. James re-doubled his clutch on the sides of her head, being sure to only use fingerpads as to not cause the curvy genius any real pain, before slowly thrusting back in towards her face. Looking down and reading his girlfriend, this time James went deeper into Lena’s mouth, causing the highly respected billionaire to audibly gagged, turning the muscular man on even more.

The pair didn’t have to exchange any words, only looks. In the eye contact shared, James was able to learn that the curvy dark-haired woman was consenting to more of the same. Therefore, with her piercing green eyes becoming watery and a little glassy, James continued to slowly but deeply plunge his erect cock into her mouth to the beginning of her throat. With each thrust, Lena sputtered and coughed, spewing more and more spit onto his lengthy tool while giving the Catco CEO the wettest and loudest blowjob of either of their lives. James continued to dole out the sloppy blowjob simply because he knew she could take it, as they often would experiment sexually.

James wasn’t an asshole and would never inflict pain or hurt onto his curvy girlfriend just for the sake of a missed concert. Therefore, the handsome man was constantly looking down and interpreting the facial expressions of the Luthor heiress. Sure enough, Lena was already looking back up at him with her hypnotic, teary green eyes encouraging him to keep going.

“Get up here,” he ordered.

Lena found herself aided back up off the floor and onto her high heel-clad feet by the dictating male. Her heels clicked on the hardwood flooring as she stood up before tilting her head upwards in time for his lips to crash against hers. Unlike their first earlier kiss, this one was more than a greeting as it portrayed all the lust they both contained in their bodies.

James couldn’t take it any longer, he needed to be inside the gorgeous girl. However he still took the extra seconds to unzip her skirt and watch it fall harmlessly down her ivory-skinned legs to pool at her feet. James couldn’t help but immediately notice that Lena wasn’t wearing any panties, given the fact he was staring at her cleanly shaven patch of skin above her bright pink pussy, made to look even brighter due to her milky white skin tone. Looking up into the billionaire’s face in surprise, James could only feel his lust filled to the point of bursting as Lena lifted an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. 

“Guess I forgot panties today…oops,” she jest with fake innocence.

James leaned in and kissed the playacting woman, as if Lena Luthor would forget anything, let alone something as daily as getting fully dressed. Once more James made sure that his tongue dominated hers, pushing fully into her mouth and corralling her own tongue. His hands were left free to push her business suit jacket off her shoulders, just like she had done to his without waiting for permission. Rather than pull her white blouse off next, he used his hands to reach down and grope her meaty ass.

Lena had a great ass, in fact, many men had described her thick booty as a black girl ass on a white woman. James loved his women to have curves, and Lena Luthor definitely met that prerequisite as her caboose was both wide, plump and had the perfect roundness and lift to it, making it a truly breathtaking ass. Though Lena had essentially a flawless body, including her utterly beautiful face and great tits, her booty was more likely than not her best feature.

Speaking of her breasts, they were about to make their appearance. James helped lift the much smaller billionaire up onto her desk and then used his hands to grip the hem of her white blouse. They broke their kiss long enough for him to suddenly pull apart the front without tearing any of the buttons off the silk shirt before pushing the garment over her shoulder and down her arms.

“Fuck…such amazing tits,” James commented.

Finally Lena’s last, and certainly not least, sexual asset came into view…her amazing tits. The globes were rather large, more than a handful for even James’s long hands, which was saying something. They were best described as pillowy or bouncy, somewhere in the neighborhood of a large B or small C cup, and each was capped with a pale pink nipple, which were currently erect due to the excitement the stunning beautiful woman was feeling.

Though they’d been fucking for roughly a year at this point, the photographer-turned-CEO was always amazed by her boobs. James still had a tough time believing that these bouncy, magnificent tits belong to a woman as already perfect as Lena Luthor. After all, the woman was filthy rich, exceptionally beautiful and already possessed a stunning ass. James wasn’t the type to look a gift horse in the mouth though, especially when they were so soft and bounced wildly when she ran…or walked fast because they were all natural, yet somehow were still perky.

“Satisfied,” she said after giving him some time to scope her out.

“Partially,” he replied.

After another kiss, James’s hands went straight to her tits. He groped and kneaded the fleshy sacks, occasionally clutching her erect nipples and twisting them between his thumb and forefinger, rolling them around. Lena moaned into his mouth but those didn’t compare to when he slid a hand down and used his talented fingers to rub her pussy.

The woman was absolutely dripping with desire, and James was soon to take full advantage. First though, he extended his middle and ring finger, sandwiched them together and hovered over her hole. Lena was still somehow tight despite the pair fucking quite regularly, but his fingers slid inside her twat without issue given how wet the gorgeous Luthor was.

“Oh God…so good,” Lena moaned.

Even though he had only been fingering his girlfriend for less than a minute, James couldn’t take it anymore. Her desk was the perfect height for him, allowing his cock to be aligned with Lena’s wet sex as he stepped between her spread legs. Placing one hand on the small of her back to hold her steady, James guided his erect tool into her pussy, entering it with ease. He wasn’t able to bury himself to the hilt on his first pass, instead he had to withdraw from her pussy until only his tip remained inside. This time as James pushed forward, his ebony dick slid with no restriction until he was balls deep in the curvy Lena. This caused the dark-haired beauty to scream even louder but this was far from his end game. He soaked himself within her flowing juices for a long few seconds then pumped once in and out of her twat before withdrawing altogether.

“Tell me what you want and it’s yours,” Lena told the bald man, sensing she knew what he was angling towards.

“You know what I want baby,” James replied.

“Oh yeah?”

“I want to fuck your asshole,” he replied in no uncertain terms.

“Yes sir,” she smiled.

Lena and James were no strangers to sodomy together. Though Lena obviously derived much greater pleasure from getting fucked in her pussy, she was still a woman able to enjoy the feel of anal sex. Getting fucked up the ass was an art, and like most things, Lena made sure she thrived at it. It also helped that James was a booty lover and looked for any chance he got to sodomize her, thus had perfected his craft to be a really good lover. He didn’t pillage her backdoor every time they fucked, but whenever it was a special occasion, or after he had made her cum, or when she owed him, like she did tonight.

The billionaire with the type A personality realized her boyfriend only took a dip in her pussy to coat himself in her juices for an aide as what laid ahead. Lena normally preferred lube and lots of it, however she had a good idea that after missing their date tonight that JAmes would be interested in ass-fucking her great caboose. Thus, she had given him one hell of a sloppy blowjob so that lots of spit would help aid his passage into her phat ass. 

Lena felt his tip contact the sphincter that kept things out of her most taboo of holes, simply waiting there for her to relax. The second James felt the ivory-skinned woman’s tone ease up, he made his move by pushing his hips further forward until he felt Lena’s anal ring squeeze the crown of his cock, the penetration confirmed by a wet slurping pop.

Then Lena did something she had only done once before…she came immediately after insertion. “Oh my God! Shit!”

If her mind was able to think, which it wasn’t able to do since the intense pleasure, she’d have known why it happened so fast. James was spontaneous, never doing the same performance twice so it kept her on her toes. That, coupled with him making her wait for sex all day made her ride a wave of horniness and longing for hours. Then he teased her with light rubbing, even fucking her pussy for the briefest of moments before giving her an actual penetration.

James noticed that her ass seemed to loosen up extremely quickly, especially compared to the semi-frequent other times he’d had the pleasure of getting Lena to agree to anal sex. He thrust into her asshole with slow, short strokes to get her warmed up, but it seemed that with each passing moment she was able to take more. Judging that as a good sign, the former Daily Planet photographer continued to thrust deeper, slowly increasing the speed until his entire dick was passing in and out of the dark-haired beauty’s asshole.

“Oh yeah! That’s what I wanted,” James grunted as Lena made small, subconscious moans.

"Yeah...just like that," she replied in a soft tone. "Feels great."

"You like my big cock in your tiny asshole," he asked, testing the water by going faster once more.

“So much," Lena answered, surprising them both with the honesty. 

The only unfortunate thing of their standing position was that it didn’t allow James to use his entire length to sodomize his lovely girlfriend. However, even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, the L-Corp CEO continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting her lower lip. Over and over again, her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing. Between the smile on Lena’s face, the way she looked up at him while he drilled into her and her legs wrapped around his waist with her heels digging into his ass, spurring him on only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the gorgeous woman.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, James could never have known it. With each time the nearly full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, Lena moaned. In fact, when she wasn't biting her lip, the L-Corp CEO demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass.

“That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck my big, beautiful ass,” Lena encouraged as the sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled the room.

As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create her perfect hourglass figure, Lena wiggled her booty enticingly for him. He took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail. James had been getting faster and faster at slamming his dick into her asshole so that it looked like a flesh-colored blur that repeated kept disappearing inside her. However, he’d been at it for the better part of 10 minutes and it was beginning to wear on his stamina. He needed a break so he pulled out of her rump, watching with a perverted smile as her once tight asshole stayed gaping open for a few seconds then it constricted back like nothing had ever been half-a-foot inside her bowels.

“Why’d you stop,” Lena asked with a whine.

“Get on your knees…”

Just like before when he made his demands, Lena listened to him to the letter. Once James backed away from her far enough for her to move, the stunning green-eyed beauty sank to the ground and rested propped up on her knees. She didn’t have to wait long for him to give the follow-up instructions, though she knew what they would be.

“…and suck me,” he hissed.

“You want me, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, to suck your cock after you just fucked my ass,” Lena asked with a smile.

“Is there a problem with that,” James asked in his deep, husky voice.

“Absolutely not,” she replied, grinning up at him.

Lena loved subverting expectations. At first it was trying to not fall into any of the orphan or adopted child roles that people expected her to have. As she entered adulthood, it was about trying to get people to trust her since she was a Luthor, especially after Lex’s evil escapades. That applied to her sexual endeavours as well. No one expected a well groomed, rich, powerful feminist to do such a degrading act as to suck on someone’s cock that had come straight out of her asshole. Yet now it had become commonplace in many of her relationships, just like public sex, spanking and restraints.

Kneeling, she reached out her arm and clutched the base of his member with her dainty hand and moved it up and down, loving how hard and smooth he was. Some, or even the majority of women would have been concerned at how horrendously gross it would be to wrap her lips around something that had come straight out of her ass. Lena knew what it tasted like to devour her ass, and she liked it so she opened her mouth and lowered her head so she could take the tip into her mouth.

“Mmmm…yeah,” James grunted as he got an extra perverse thrill seeing a woman, especially one as classy as Lena Luthor, suck her ass off his member.

As James’s cock was engulfed in his girlfriend’s warm, moist mouth, he couldn’t help but continue to groan loudly. Lena was easily talented enough with her mouth that she would have been able to elicit grunts from him on a normal day, but the fact his tool was fresh from her bowels made it even sexier. Looking down at the top of her dark-haired head starting to bob up and down into his groin, the muscular man couldn’t help himself by resting one hand on the top of her head, helping her get just a bit more of his flesh into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Lena moaned while blowing him

“Oh yeah,” James grunted while the brilliant scientist tasted her own asshole. “Clean that dick.”

James kept peering down his long torso to watch the L-Corp CEO pleasure his cock with her mouth. Just visible beyond her head, the former photographer could see Lena’s pillowy tits jiggling in front of her each time she energetically bobbed up and down his shaft. This combined with her natural sucking skills to push him closer to cumming, which was something he didn’t want to do yet.

“How’d your ass taste,” James asked, pulling his dick from her talented mouth.

“Really good,” she replied with a smile as she got to her feet. “Loved it like always.”

James clutched the back of her head and brought her in for a kiss. His passion was seemingly burning hot in him and he needed to kiss her or else his chest would burst.  He held her tightly for a few seconds before letting his hands roam her body once again. One palm found itself at one of Lena’s large tits, squeezing the globe for good measure while his other went down between her legs to rub her still-wet snatch.

“I got an idea,” he said with a wide smile.

“Oh? What’s that,” Lena replied with a questioning look.

Lena wasn’t a big fan of him breaking their naked make-out session due to an unknown eureka moment but she saw him out. But instead of telling her, James showed her. Using one of his long arms, he placed it on the desk before swiping across it. Instantly books and papers went clattering to the tiled floor below, making an absolute mess.

“I always wanted to do that,” he said with a gleeful smile.

“You know I’m going to have to clean that up, right,” she told him.

James simply shrugged his shoulders and offered the busty woman his best smile before climbing onto the suddenly clear desk. Despite the wooden table being rather tall, the shorter Lena was hot on his heels and joined him up on the top. The muscular black man had gone supine, laying his muscular back on the table in a position that would make the studious billionaire do all the work. Lena didn’t mind of course, her earlier orgasm and need to make up for missing their date fueling her sex drive even more than ever.

Lena had no trouble swinging her pale leg over his torso so that her pelvis hung suspended over the muscular man’s lap. Propped up on her knees, Lena reached back under her body until she clutched his ebony cock in her hand. In a coordinated movement, she steered his dick back towards her asshole once again, only stopping to rub his slick head around the crinkled orifice.

“Mhmmm,” they moaned in unison as he entered her large booty once again.

Lena didn’t instantly cum with insertion like she did last time, but it still felt amazing to have her boyfriend back inside her. On her first sit she took only a third of his ebony wood into her rectum, but there was no discomfort from having her sphincter spread apart. On the second descend down his pole, Lena was able to get more than half of his thickness inside. As the beauty continued to ride his lap, impaling herself more and more with each stroke until she was finally gliding down all the way. This was exactly the benefit that her riding James afford; a chance to finally have the photographer-turned-CEO to be balls deep in Lena Luthor’s ass. 

“Damn it, Lena. You feel good,”James grunted, reaching up to squeeze her impressively sized tits.

Lena moaned even louder as she started to rock her ass on his lap with more speed, now that she was properly loosened. The billionaire, who was initially being sodomize in punishment for missing another date, was deriving a good deal of pleasure with Jimmy Olsen’s shaft completely buried in her bowels while he simultaneously played with her breasts. The twin stimulation was driving the green-eyed beauty crazy, but she wasn’t the only one who was enjoying the anal sex.

From beneath the busty women, who was moaning all the while bouncing up and down on his cock, James was in a world where only pleasure was able to be experienced. Lena’s asshole was tight, but not too constricted to the point where it squeezed his dick painfully like a hungry boa constrictor. Also, the angle she was riding his dick afforded him a perfect view of her bouncing pillowy tits, her shaven bright pink pussy, plus he could watch his ebony dick disappear every other second into Lena’s milky white booty.

There was almost a hypnotic quality to the pale-skinned beauty riding his dick. As his hands moved down to the soft curves of her hips, and ultimately onto her thick ass, James was left looking up into either her stunning green eyes or her pale pink nipples. Her seemed to lose track of time and any other thing that had previously been on his mind. All that mattered to him was the otherworldly sensations flooding his mind. The feel of Lena’s fleshy ass in his hand and the way her backdoor squeezed on his cock. The moans of pleasure from the dark-haired, light-skinned billionaire and the thudding of her mighty booty against his lap and thighs. It made the time on the desk go by in a blink of an eye because before long his balls were sending the warning signs up to his brain that an end to his resistance was coming. James knew that at this point there was little good in changing position or slowing things down as he knew an orgasm was only a matter of time.

Lena had spent enough time between the sheets (or on a desk) with James to know when her man was getting close. Like any man, he had certain tells and for the best friend of Superman that was the face grimacing and extra firmness in his groping. It also confirmed her suspicions when James dropped a hand down from kneading her bouncing tits again and moved it so that his index and middle fingers were rubbing her clit. James was on the verge of cumming himself but was a compassionate lover and thus wanted to make sure that his dark-haired nymph came with him.

“Almost there,” James warned. “Cum with me.”

Lena grunted her approval but was receiving too much pleasure to reply with words so instead she screwed her eyes shut and went about her task. She simply began to ride his dick harder in her asshole, springing to the top with all the power her toned legs could muster than allowed them to go limp so she could slam down his shaft with reckless abandon. This riding style would be more than enough to get James off, pushing him past the point of no return. It also proved too much for Lena as well, especially in combination with his frantic clitoris rubbing.

The dark-haired beauty was quicker off the draw and beat James to the climax, just like he would have preferred. Lena’s second orgasm of the night lost no intensity that the first one had, in fact may have been even stronger. The real kicker for the hyper-intelligent woman was the stimulation from so many different areas. The cock impaling itself in her ass, the fingers to the clit, the hand squeezing her tit and the mouth enclosed on her sensitive nipple made for one power-packed, scream orgasm.

“AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH,” Lena screamed incoherently.

“Gonna…ugghh…cum,” James warned, face severely twisted.

No sooner had Lena cum, her asshole clamped down like a vice around Jimmy’ already cocked and loaded dick. As the last word escaped his lips he felt the last wall of resistance break down and the warm liquid began bubbling up from his sack. James had thought of really milking the master and slave game and cum on her face, but the thought of not shooting his seed inside the beautiful Lena Luthor was too much to bare.

Lena barely registered his last words due to her own orgasm, but she certainly felt the first squirt of hot jizz shot deep into her bowels, coating them. The tall man continued to erratically thrust his hip upwards into her now still body as stream after stream of his thick fluid came flowing out, pouring into her anal canal.

“God,” an exhausted James huffed finally.

Eventually the gorgeous girl knew James was completely spent. His facial expression relaxed into one of serenity, his iron-like grip on her various curvy body parts relented and his hip thrusting stopped altogether, replaced with the mere slight twitching of his sensitive dick still invested in the comfortable clamp she called a rectum.

Having some energy return to her after her climax, Lena summoned the remains of strength in her tired legs one last time. The dark-haired beauty lifted herself slowly and carefully off the wooden desk, squatting down to rest her ass on the table then ultimately got her feet back on the floor.

Oh my God, James! You were right! The Haren-El! I think...” the naked woman shrieked excited, cum starting to leak from her well-used asshole as she went in search of her tablet that Jimmy had chucked halfway across her room..

“Did you find some clarity,” James asked, starting to hunt for his clothes, knowing that she was on to a breakthrough and thus was done with him for the night.

“I did. I know what I have to do.”

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