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    Lena Luthor stood out in the dark of night, watching and waiting as the medical helicopter approached the helipad on her estate’s property. A wealth of emotion flooded through her body, which was normal since this was the first time she’d be seeing her brother since the trial for which he held her kidnapped 4 years ago in his crazed mission to kill Superman. 

    As the chopper landed, Lena steeled herself with one last lungful of air before putting back on her mask of cool indifference as she approached. As the door opened, there laid her half-brother, the notorious Lex Luthor. The self-dubbed ‘Man of Tomorrow’ was strapped to a stretcher with the only other occupants of the helicopter being the pilot, a medical doctor and a prison guard.

“You couldn’t help yourself, could you Lex. Just dying to see me?” Lena cruelly jested at her cancer-ridden brother’s expense.

“What can I say, sis? I missed you,” Lex wheezed out between long pulls at his oxygen mask.

*    *    *

At the same time Lena was trading words with her incarcerated and dying brother, James Olsen lay on his office floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound he had just received in the back. Rather than leaving the scene of the crime immediately, the shooter waited a dozen seconds for James to pass out before approaching the shot man. Reaching down at his wrist, rather than going to steal James’ watch, the shooter flipped the faceplate up before pressing down on the red button contained within. Now was the time the shooter fled, and at haste.

Half the city away, Kara Danvers shot out of bed, having been signalled by the warning siren from James’ watch. In a heartbeat she was out of bed and changed into her spandex and cape. Another heartbeat and she was out the window and flying in his direction. Less than 10 seconds had gone by, long enough for the shooter to have safely fled, when Supergirl landed in James’ office at Catco to find the handsome man unconscious on the ground, bleeding from his back.

*    *    *

Lena was running her own tests on her brother Lex, mainly because she wouldn’t trust anyone else when it came to matters involving him. However, her tests confirmed what the file from the hospital reported; Lex was dying. It wouldn’t be today or tomorrow, but within the month was a possibility. 

“I won’t have to die...if you use the Haren-El serum,” Lex stated.

“I’m not risking human lives on an untested drug,” Lena replied with unwavering conviction. 

Before the two could continue the argument, Lena’s assistant Eve came bursting in. “Lena, Mr. Luthor, I’m sorry to interrupt but James is in hospital.”

This time it was Lena in the helicopter as she left her house and flew directly to the hospital, meeting Kara, Alex and Brainy already waiting. Lena stormed in demanding answers. After all, she does own the hospital. Brainy stops her with a reminder about managing her emotions, sensing she might let her emotions boil over, which wouldn’t help anyone. And before she can even see James, Alex is the second person that day who tries to convince Lena to uncork her miracle cure, but she once more she demurs.

“I can’t summon a breakthrough through sheer force of will,” Lena says, but Alex points out that this is literally what Lena does.

*    *    *

    Lena stuck around to get a full briefing from the doctor, then a second doctor to confirm James’ prognosis. Knowing that things were bleak for her ex-boyfriend, Lena knew that the Haren-El serum that would cure her brother was also the only solution for James as well. Therefore, Lena knew what needed to be done. She may have hit a roadblock in her quest to make the miracle drug 100% safe, but she did have access to someone’s brain that was her equal, if not her superior.

    Arriving back at her house, she found Lex quickly in the main study. Since there were no chairs handy, Lena descended to her knees to converse with her brother at his level. “Lex, it’s worse than I thought. If we don’t help him, Jimmy is going to die.”

    Naturally, because Lena wanted something her big brother had to fight her on it. He played hard to get, but Lena knew he would give in mainly because the serum being made would preserve him as well. But Lex was paranoid and Lena knew he’d only agree to help if his survival was spelled out in the most literal of ways.

    “Help me fix the Haren-El and I’ll save both him and you,” Lena replied, playing her last card.

    “Interesting. What’s the hold-up?” Lex asked, interested now.

    Lena went on to explain in detail her work thus far, not bothering to dumb it down at all since she knew her brother could keep up. Sadly, the reason that the drug was so dangerous was the fact it was laced with black kryptonite, and when it came to kryptonite, no one knew more than her big brother. 

    “You are the foremost expert on kryptonite, so please, help me,” Lena pleaded.

    “You trust me? Like you used to?”

    Lena hesitated a long time before replying. “Would you trust me if I did? But I need you.”

    “I know you do, baby sister, which is why I’ll help you.” Lex replied, noting the look of elation and relief on Lena’s face. “But with our previous arrangement when we would work side by side and you’d need my help.”

    “You can’t be serious,” Lena shrieked in a mix of disgust and outrage. “Lives are at stake.”

    “Oh, but I am serious,” Lex retorted around a cough. “As serious as the life-killing cancer I have in my body, withering me away!” Calming down, Lex took a pull of his oxygen tank. “Suck me off or not, decide. After all, your precious Jimmy’s life depends on it.”

    “It’s James,” Lena said in a defeated tone, sitting back on her heels as her decision was made.

    “And isn’t that all the more reason to sacrifice a little dignity?” Lex replied with that knowing grin that Lena had grown so much to hate. “Besides, it’s not like you haven’t blown dearest brother a few hundred times...and other more filthy things.”

    “Half brother,” Lena shot back.

    “Whatever helps you sleep at night, sis,” the bald man replied. “Now time grows short for both me and Jimmy. So either walk your incredibly thick ass back into the lab and try having the medical breakthrough without my help or pay the price to have a genius in your corner.”

    Lena knew, unfortunately, that her older half-sibling was correct. Ever since they were in high school, this was the standard fare, and as much as Lena hated to admit it, it really did make her a better scientist. As brilliantly gifted as she was, Lex’s mind worked just that little bit differently, allowing him to see the problem that vexed her from a separate angle and thus approve upon her work, which in turn allowed her to pig-back off that success and run further with the project. 

    “I really hate you,” Lena said, staring her gorgeous green eyes into his dark-as-coal set. Of course, as she was spitting the insult at the bald man she was reaching across and angrily removing his belt and undoing his pants in haste.

    “But the things we’ll do for love,” Lex replied with a winning smile as he lifted his ass from the wheelchair so his sister could pull the pants down his thighs. 

    “Just shut up and let me get this over with,” the dark-haired beauty retorted as she clutched his respectable 6 inch cock in her hand and beat it to its full height and thickness. 

    Lex decided to listen to his kneeling sister so instead of banter back he reclined lightly in his chair and placed the hand that wasn’t cuffed to the arm support up on the back of his head. Fully relaxed, the position in the chair also allowed him a great view, able to watch as Lena’s beautiful face leaned closer to his lap, closing her green eyes at the same time she opened her mouth wider and perfectly O-shaped until he felt her plush lips close around his shaft.

    “God, how I missed this,” Lex couldn’t help but groan.

    Lena hated herself for being back on her knees in front of her brother, sucking him off for his help. However, her research on the life-saving serum was at an impasse so she needed Lex;s help, which meant sex. With her brother. A murderous, psychopath who only cared about power, including power over her. 

    Knowing she couldn’t think about the way she runs the race, and only about crossing the finish line. Lena also knew that she was going to have to bury her rage towards her brother, in order to give him a good and proper blowjob since she knew from previous experience that Lex could last for hours if she half-assed it. Therefore she’d have to swallow her pride 

    Lex loved many things in life: a finely aged scotch, a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak, and above all else the first moment of a blowjob when the head of his cock became engulfed in a women’s warm, wet mouth with their lips closing snugly around his shaft. Now, even though the bald super criminal had been locked away in prison the last 4 years, he was able to acquire all of these things. What made today unique and even better, apart from the advancement of the cancer killing him, was the fact that the mouth belonged to his insanely hot baby sister Lena Luthor. After all, this was a woman he had groomed from the time she was a teen into being the ultimate sexual creature, specifically tailored to each of his sexual kinks, and even as good as Eve Teschmacher was, she paled in comparison to Lena. 

    “Jesus Lena,” Lex groaned as his younger sister set about her task.

    Lex wasn’t quite sure how Lena was going to play this blowjob and was worried that him manipulating her would make Lena give a boring, slow and tentative one. However, while it had yet to reach neck-breaking speeds that Lena was more than capable of, the youngest member of the Luthor family was anything but apprehensive. In fact, as her head bobbed along the first 3 inches of his cock while her hand glided along the remaining 5 inches of his shaft, the sex act was being performed with the utmost professionalism. No better example showed this off was when Lena pulled her mouth from his tip, leaving a few small spit strings connecting his cock to her lips still, all so she could spit a little extra saliva onto his manhood so that her hand could glide smoother and faster.

“Dear Lord,” Lex grunted under the intense oral assault. “You really did always do your best work when your back was up against a wall. Helped to properly motivate you.”

“I’m here to please,” Lena replied before lowering her head and taking him back in her mouth.

    “Oh God! I think I’m going to be sick,” the lone guard commented, though never taking his eyes from Lena’s mouth around his prisoner’s cock.

    “Oh come now. Can you blame me?” Lex countered, his free hand resting on his sister’s bobbing head. “Look how hot she is. Those big, soft lips were made for sucking dick. And you have a perfect view of her giant, thick ass. And I haven’t even mentioned her huge, pillowy tits.”

    “Can you two shut up and let me do this,” Lena barked at the men, all while her right hand stroked her brother’s shaft.

    With the two men shut up, Lena got back to the task at hand, which would lead to the rescue of James. First she kept at the same rhythm, establishing a solid base to work off of. Her technique was flawless and clean, despite the sexy L-Corp CEO periodically pulling her lips from around his cock in order to either lightly spit on his shaft or to lick the sides or tender underbelly of his pole to apply saliva that way. Lex preferred the licking method, a fact that didn’t escape Lena’s notice whether it be from the extra grunts from the bald man or the tightening of his fingertips against her bobbing head. Regardless, after 30 seconds of her sucking half his length, Lena would pull her mouth from him with an audible pop of the suction being broken in order to caress the entire length of his exceptional long cock with her skilled tongue.

    The dark-haired woman was well and truly into her stride at this point, now combining several different moves. She still employed her smooth bobs along half his length while working her hand on the other half, and then she would switch to licking up and down his shaft several times, but she was evolving her technique as well. This was done by leaving her hand at the base to hold him steady so that as her lips descended they could go further than before. Lex couldn’t believe that he had forgotten his baby sis liked to deep-throat so was taken by surprise as he felt his bulbous head poke the back of Lena’s throat, and was further shocked as the ivory-skinned beauty held him there for several seconds before she backed off, face now red from the lack of oxygen and thick strings roping between her mouth and his dick.

    “You’re truly incredible Lena,” Lex managed to groan out after another impressive bout of sucking of his cock. 

    “You’ve molded me into your perfect sex puppet,” the kneeling Lena replied with a wicked grin. “Some lessons you just don’t forget.”

    This time rather than build up to the deep throat technique, Lena went right back to it. Lex had reached down to bundle up her silky dark hair and hold it out of the way so he could look down and watch as 3-quarters of his lengthy 7-inch cock disappeared into Lena’s hungry mouth. The large study was filled with the noise of Lena gurgling on the shaft in her gullet, but to her credit she never once looked like gagging, even though she held it there for a good 10 seconds before surfacing.

    With thick ropes of spit adorning his veiny cock, Lena’s hand was like a blur as she adopted her initial pattern of blowjob once more. The only difference was the speed from both the handjob and her lips as her tiny fist and lips seemed to be rocketing up and down his manhood. And if that wasn’t enough, at random intervals Lena was press and hold as much of his cock in her mouth again, holding anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds before resuming her rapid blowjob.

    “Jesus Christ Lena,” Lex groaned, which sounded like urgency to Lena. He had grown use to Eve Teschmacher’s blowjobs, which while good, were nowhere near as amazing as his sister’s. “Slow down or else…”

    “Just cum for me, Lex,” Lena assured him. “I want to taste you again.”

    Lex wished he could have lasted longer with Lena, this being their first hook-up in over 4 years, but it wasn’t meant to be. He could only hope that the next time, for which he did know there would indeed be a next time as early as later today, that he could withhold more like his usual sexual stamina allowed. 

    Even though it had been years since going down on her big brother, Lena still knew exactly what he loved and so fell into the rhythm of making him cum quickly. Which was to say she stopped varying her technique and instead focused on short bobs of her head and hand at a medium speed until he was busting a nut. Which, it so happened, was only 5 seconds in the future. 

With a final grunt of primal desire, Lex reached his climax with the next heartbeat Lena felt her reward for her good work filling her mouth. Lex pumped a healthy 6 strings of cum into her waiting mouth, pooling all along her tongue and allowing Lena to savor the taste of her older brother’s semen, which was mostly salty but with a touch of sweetness, making it rather palatable, just like she remembered.

    Lex was thankful when Lena’s bobbing and stroking slowed before ultimately stopping, her lips being pulled from his slick cock though her hand remained holding his pecker. Knowing he was looking down at her, Lena gave him a little show by opening her mouth and revealing the large mouthful of gooey white cum in contained. Giving the thick fluid a little gurgle, Lena closed her lips and did an exaggerated swallow, taking it all down into her stomach before opening her mouth back up to show Lex that she was a good girl and eat every last morsel of his cum.

    “Holy crap,” Lex huffed, pleased with how easy it was to manipulate his baby sister. “That was long overdue.”

    “Glad to hear it,” Lena replied, getting to her feet and letting the disdain she felt for Lex come back into her voice. “Now lets wheel your cancer-ridden ass into the lab so we can save James.”

    “And me,” Lex replied with a sinister grin that made Lena’s skin crawl.

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