Supergirl: How's Your Butt

BY : Redfields
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“How’re you? How’s your butt?” The question took Alex off guard, not only because she was hung over, but because it was in front of her sister. Her sister, the goodie-two shoes, who would be mortified to hear any explicit details about what Alex got up to last night.


Alex stammered before Sara continued. “I heard you fall out of bed this morning, and it sounded like it hurt.”


Alex stumbled over a reply, partly in embarrassment, partly in relief, because a much more accurate explanation would’ve been “Because you were an anal virgin before last night, and now I bet your ass hasn’t closed yet.” Which was true, but also would’ve floored Kara, and possibly made the sidewalk open up and swallow Alex whole. If she had her way. Sara made her way inside, and Alex was left to the task of explaining a one-night stand to Kara without revealing any details.


- - - - -


Late the previous evening …


The kiss was hard. Again. Firm. Alex tasted the blonde’s tongue in her mouth even as she felt up the body in front of her. She gotten a name, but forgotten it in a haze of alcohol, and now the nameless cutie was slipping her hands inside Alex’s pants. Which was just what Alex wanted now.


It was a little hard to get their clothes off, what with the copious amount of booze each had drunk, as well as not wanted to let go, to stop this sloppy makeout session. Finally the blonde got her hands under Alex’s top and slipped it over her head, breaking their lip-lock briefly before Alex went back for more. This girl was more intoxicating than the Scotch they’d had earlier.


“Hey look, I made your bra go away.” She giggled. Indeed, Alex’s breasts were on display. Soon to be covered up by the blonde’s mouth. Alex sighed in delight. Then, summoning up the last bit of willpower she had, she pushed the blonde away and tugged up her shirt, revealing a black bra.


Their lips met again as Alex reached around her to unlatch the bra. Then it was sliding down her arms and flung away. Her hands slid up to Alex’s breasts while the brunette’s hands slid lower to cup the blonde’s firm ass cheeks. Alex nearly gasped at what she grasped. That ass was all muscle. She couldn’t wait to get at it.


Lurching, they fell onto the bed, where more clothing was discarded. It took longer than normal when wrapped around another person, but eventually Alex’s pants were tossed aside, as well as the blonde’s. Her panties matched her bra. Alex had half-expected her to be going commando, but eagerly whipped them down to get at her prize.


Before she could dive in, she was rolled onto her back. She bucked her hips when the blonde’s hands reached into her own panties, letting her slide them off, grinning at Alex the whole time with mischievous eyes.


Alex raised herself up for another kiss, but the blonde pushed her back down.


“Wait. I’m going to blow your mind.” She pulled open a drawer beside the bed, and reached in for a strapon. Alex smiled when she saw it, spreading her legs wide as an invitation as the blonde put it on and tightened it up. It waved while she turned back to the bed.


The blonde took Alex’s legs and pushed them back even more. Alex grabbed her own ankles. It was a little uncomfortable, being almost folded in half, but she was looking forward to having her pussy filled with plastic. She slightly apprehensive, given the size (she’d never had anything that big), but the alcohol muted it. Plus, the blonde was lubing it up. Extensively, actually. Far more than necessary. Alex was dripping, her pussy so wet that any lube would’ve been extra.


Then the blonde surprised her, aiming her mammoth tool not at Alex’s waiting slot, but a little lower at her virgin butthole. The brunette felt her tight hole expand around the plastic cock. Pain bloomed as her ass was stretched beyond its limits, but also an odd pleasure. She tried to cry out, but was muffled when the blonde’s lips met hers, silencing any protests.


The upper girl pinched Alex’s nipples, temporarily distracting her from how wide her butthole must be, and how much it hurt. But through it all, the brunette kept holding her legs apart, unsure of why, almost inviting the blonde farther into her bowels. The strapon continued, slowly but inexorably, deeper and deeper into Alex’s bottom. Stretching out her hole, then her rectum, then her bowels as it pushed into her.


Finally, when the pain became almost unbearable, their hips met, the strapon buried completely in Alex’s ass. The blonde grunted, Alex nearly screamed into her mouth. Her nipples got pinched again, Alex helpless as she continued to hold her legs apart, waiting for the blonde to pull out and do this all again.


It went faster the second thrust, her ass not nearly as tight, as unwilling to accept the plastic intruder. She was inexplicably desperate to get it inside of her, groaning in pain and pleasure when it was finally hilted again. A few more thrusts, and her ass was tightening up on it, trying to keep the colossal cock inside.


The blonde pulled back from their kissing. “Someone likes anal”


Alex could only muster a breathy “more.”


The blonde smirked. “Face down, ass up, then.”


Alex finally let go of her legs, twisting around to get on her stomach as the other woman pulled the strapon from her ass. Alex’s insides nearly came with it, finally releasing the plastic invader with a wet plop. Alex truly felt how much her ass had been stretched now that it was empty. She felt like she had the Grand Canyon between her butt cheeks because of how wide it gaped. And because it provided a glorious view for the adoring masses. Or adoring lasses, in this case, the blonde gazing at the destroyed ass in front of her.


When her rear remained unfilled for a moment, Alex looked over her shoulder. “You admiring the view, or you gonna do something about it?”


“Well, it’s a beautiful sight. I could eat that all up. Mmm. Now hold on tight; you’re going for a ride.”


With that, the blonde ploughed back in, not slowing down as Alex’s ass was once again forced open to accept the plastic intruder. She slammed into the brunette’s bottom with enough force to send her taut butt cheeks rippling and her tits swaying. Alex screamed into the pillow, pain melting into pleasure melting into pure bliss.


The blonde gave her no mercy, swiftly pulling out and thrusting back in, so quick her rear didn’t even register it was empty until it was full again. The slaps of the blonde’s thighs hitting Alex’s ass cheeks was barely drowned out by her muffled screaming and the blonde’s rapid-fire grunting as she picked up the pace even more.


Alex’s mind started to go. Too much alcohol, and now a butt-reaming so intense, she might cum from that alone. The overwhelming pleasure was fogging her brain, narrowing her perception from her entire body down to her loins, down to her ass, stupendously stretched out by the blonde’s prodigious pounding.


She was so hoarse from screaming, throat raw from the pleasure coursing through her, that her voice simply gave out when she came. It started as an explosion of ecstasy, centered on her ass before consuming her entire body. She silently screamed, body taut and quivering as pleasure poured through it, outwards, inwards, outwards again. She could feel every sensation on her skin, in her body, every nerve in her ass as it was stretched magnificently around the massive monster still plunging in and out of her. The blonde rode her through her orgasm, unrelenting as the pleasure consumed the brunette.


Eventually, after what seemed like eons, Alex’s orgasm passed, fading out as she collapsed. The blonde slowed down, eventually pulling the strapon out with a sucking sound and a pop. Alex let out a long breath she didn’t know she’d been holding, breathing deeply, and sighing in contentment.


From then on, she couldn’t remember much. The post-orgasmic haze combined with the alcohol reduce the rest of the night to a series of short flashes and impressions. Did those really happen, or were they just dreams or fantasies?


The blonde, putting the strapon onto Alex while she lay in bed, faceup. Riding the plastic prick, her tiny ass eagerly swallowing the cock until she came. The blonde working a fist into Alex’s ass while nibbling on her clit, bringing the brunette to another mind-shattering orgasm. Alex eagerly drinking down the blonde’s juice, her pussy squirting from Alex double-fisting her ass up to the elbow.


After that, they were both so exhausted that sleep was inevitable.


The next morning, an intense hangover and a backdoor that hadn’t quite closed made Alex walk a little more gingerly than she normally would have. She finally got the blonde’s name, Sara, trying to act like they hadn’t spent the night practically inside each other’s asses. And then the question ...


“How’re you? How’s your butt?”

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