How Tamaraneans heal

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How Tamaraneans heal


When Robin had moved away from Gotham to Jump City to step out of Batman’s shadow he had thought he had seen the last of the villains that inhabited it but when the news broadcasted that a large Mexican man wearing a luchadores mask tearing through downtown Jump City a chill went down Dick’s spine as he quickly figured out who the offender was

“Don’t get too close to him, he’s too strong with this much Venom in him!” Robin instructed as he combat rolled out of the way of a police cruiser that Bane had hurled at him, the luchador now standing at over twelve feet tall as he had pumped more than half of his Venom tank into his veins, his bulk allowing Starfire’s Star Bolts to essentially bounce off of him alongside the random gunfire the local police force fired at him in random spurts

Seemingly ignoring Robin’s warning Beast Boy zipped in from the sky in the form of a Falcon before transforming into an Elephant mid-air to come crashing down upon Bane only for the luchador to barely stumble as he caught the green Shapeshifter “pathetic!” he cackled as he then threw Beast Boy at Starfire sending them both flying as the Tamaranean was caught off guard by the sudden pachyderm to the face

“Come on pequeño polluelo, come and face me like a man!” Bane shouted calling Robin out as he slammed his fists to his chest in challenge “face me so I can break you like I broke the Bat!” he added as he then charged at Robin, each of his steps making the ground shake under him as more Venom was pumped into his system

Well at least he knew why Bane had come to Jump City now, the title of ‘The man who broke the Bat’ seemingly not enough for him now leading him to seek out those Batman had trained for him to break

Drawing some Batarangs Robin threw them at Bane’s head before using his Grappling Hook to get out of the luchador’s way as he came crashing past, the Batarangs barely an annoyance to him as they bounced off of his face only slightly cutting his mask

As he came to a stop Bane then grunted as he was struck with a blast from Cyborg’s Sonic Cannon to the back, the blast coating him in a dust cloud before his wrists and ankles started to glow black, Raven muttering her incantations to try to restrain the massive man, her mind throbbing as he struggled against her mental hold, a hold he soon broke with a flex of his massive arms sending Raven flying back as her control was lost sending her into a nearby building

“Bruja! You will pay for your filthy spells!” Bane snarled as he started to advance on Raven batting Cyborg aside with ease as the robotic man tried to sucker punch him

Before he could reach Raven however Bane felt Robin’s Grappling Hook latch around his wrist followed by a weak pull on it as Robin tried to pull him away “so the little bird has some fight after all” he chuckled darkly as he yanked on the wire that held the Grappling Hook, the simple flick of his wrist sending Robin flying towards him before he swung around delivering a crushing upper cut to the Boy Wonders jaw, the sound of teeth breaking and his jaw bone dislocating filling the air before he fell to the concrete in a heap, groaning as he struggled to lift himself

Grinning maliciously under his mask Bane outright ignored Beast Boy who had turned into a Grizzly Bear and was now frantically biting and clawing at the massive man before being punched aside as the luchador advanced on Robin, reaching down to grab him by his hair and heaving him into the air “poor little Robin, nothing without the Batman to protect him” he sneered as he then grabbed hold of his ankles with his other hand, raising him high in the air as he lifted his knee, ready to shatter Robin’s spine like he had done to Batman years before

Before he could however a loud defiant cry cut through the air followed by a huge Star Bolt connecting with Bane’s face, the luchador exclaiming in pain as the blast burned his eyes forcing him to drop Robin so that he could cover them

Grunting as he landed back on the concrete Robin groaned as he rolled over just in time to see Starfire collide with Bane hard sending him off of his feet, the ground quaking beneath him as he landed hard on his back making his Venom tank crack “you will not harm him!” Starfire shouted as she threw several more Star Bolts at the downed luchador, the blasts hitting the tubes that connected the Venom tank to his veins causing the steroid to leak out onto the road

“Tu perra!” Bane barked as the Venom started to spurt out from the injection points on his arms causing them to start to shrink back to their natural size, the Luchador swinging at her as she jumped on him only for Starfire to catch his fist with ease, his fist straining in her grasp as she then kicked him hard in the jaw with enough force to creature a shockwave, Bane’s head slamming back against the concrete cracking it from the impact

Grabbing Bane by the throat Starfire then took to the air dragging the Luchador with her, carrying Bane several hundred feet up into the air before proceeding to spin him around before then throwing him full force back down to the ground below, the impact echoing throughout the city as Bane’s body cracked the concrete for several dozen metres in every direction, the impact knocking the massive man clean out as the last of his Venom left his system

Coughing as he forced himself to sit up holding his jaw Robin stared in shocked surprise at Bane’s unconscious body before he lost the strength to hold himself up and everything went black as he passed out, the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness being Starfire rushing towards him

(Two days later)

Slowly opening his eyes Robin groaned as they immediately burned even in the low light of the room, the ex-Boy Wonder covering them with his arm as both his head and jaw ached “easy there man, you’ve been rockin’ a hell of a concussion” Cyborg’s voice spoke out as Robin forced himself to sit up

“Wha? Where am I? Bane…?”

“Easy man, you’re in your room, you’ve been out for the last couple days, it was hard work resetting your jaw so try not to talk too much, don’t worry about Bane either, he got shipped back to Gotham to be placed back in Arkham”

Nodding Robin let himself settle back down into the bed as Cyborg stood up from the chair by the side of his bed, the metal man opening his communicator on his arm “hey Star, he’s awake if you wanna come say hi”

Ending the call Cyborg then gave Robin a parting nod before turning to leave, the metal man barely able to reach the door when it shot open and Starfire came rushing in “easy there girl! He’s not goin’ anywhere!” he chuckled before leaving to give the couple their privacy

“Hey Star…” Robin greeted her weakly as he tried to sit up only for Starfire to gently push him back

“No dear Robin, you must rest, you are still hurt” the Tamaranean told him gently as she brushed the hair away from his forehead, grimacing at the purple splotches of bruising that decorated his skin “you were so brave”

“He came here to come after me, even if I wanted to I couldn’t just run” Robin replied grimacing himself as the flashbacks of Bane’s fists coming at him came rushing back

Gently running her fingertips across the bruise Starfire then placed a soft kiss upon the bruise, Robin hissing for a moment from the sharp pain of the contact but no sooner had the pain started it went away, replaced with a soft soothing warmed running through the skin of his forehead “whoa…what was that?” he asked dumbfounded as the pain in his head ebbed away

“As you know the people of Tamaran are very empathetic and in touch with our emotions, when someone who we hold truly dearly is injured or in discomfort our bodies emit…is the word ‘pheromones?’ We emit those that ease the pain of our loved ones, that’s why after battles the lightly wounded are sent home to their loved ones rather than to our healers” the bronze skinned girl explained taking hold of Robin’s hand and gently kissing each finger, each kiss quelling the ache in his bones “does this feel better?”

“Yeah, what you’re doing is great” Robin smiled back “I should be up in a few hours now”

Smiling Starfire then got a particularly devious look in her bright emerald eyes, the Tamaranean then proceeded to lean in to kiss Robin’s jawline easing the ache in his jaw before moving lower, her warm lips travelling down his throat to his chest stopping as they reached his shirt “Star what are you…?” Robin tried to ask as Starfire lifted his shirt so that she could kiss along his pectorals and down his six pack, the look in her eyes telling him to not try and stop her as she reached his boxer shorts

Kissing his groin through the fabric Starfire then bit down on the waistband before pulling them down with her teeth, freeing his growing erection and wrapping a soft warm hand around his girth gently stroking him as she placed a loving kiss on the tip

Looking back up at Robin Starfire then maintained perfect eye contact as she then proceeded to take his cock deep into her mouth and throat, her emerald eyes practically glowing a she took him all the way to the base making him arch his back in ecstasy as relieving waves of pleasure ran through his body “oh my god Star…”

Purring around his shaft Starfire started to bob her head as she sucked him, moving one hand up to interlink her fingers with his whilst using the other to keep her long fiery hair out of her face so that Robin could watch her tend to him, her soft loving hums and moans sending blissful vibrations through him as her tongue worked everywhere it could reach

As Starfire then moved the hand in her hair down to her top pulling it up to expose her breasts Robin found himself unable to speak, the intense rushes of pleasure coursing through him wracking him completely making it hard for him to even move and when the Tamaranean proceeded to press her breasts around the base of his manhood he nearly lost it then and there, precum coating his lovers tongue making her hum and simper louder, her lips pursing tighter around his girth seemingly desperate to make him cum as she pressed her breasts tighter around him as well

“Oh god Star…oh god!” Robin then gasped as his cock erupted deep into his lover’s mouth and throat, as always she took his climax in stride, heartily gulping down every shot of his seed rubbing her breasts faster along his cock to help coax out every shot of cum

Now normal sex with Starfire was mind blowing but this was something else, Robin finding himself unable to even think as the intense waves of healing pleasure coursed through him making the ex-Boy Wonder temporarily black out of a few moments, only coming to when he felt the warmth of Starfire’s mouth leave him only to be quickly replaced by something much warmer, wetter and tighter

Sinking her tight pussy all the way down Robin’s manhood Starfire let out a low content sigh, the Tamaranean pulling her tube top off fully to leave herself in just her micro skirt and boots as she started to slowly move her pussy along her lovers length, sending more waves of soothing pleasure through him as she rolled her hips “oooh yes Robin” she moaned running her hands through her hair as she stretched her back, pushing her breasts out as far as she could to give Robin the best view possible of them

In awe at the sight of her Robin slowly reached up to cup her breasts making Starfire moan and bite her lip before she took one of his hands, bringing it to her face so that she could suck on one of his fingers whilst working her hips faster, her cunt seeming to get tighter by the moment as she worked him to his next climax

Having worked herself up with the blowjob and being naturally sexually sensitive Starfire felt her own climax coming hard and faster, nibbling on Robin’s finger as she started to bounce hard on him, her ass clapping against his thighs before she seized up, her body practically vibrating as she let out a blissful purr as her orgasm made her core even tighter for him

As Starfire’s pussy clenched and rippled around him Robin sighed in climax, his limbs becoming jelly falling limping by his sides as Starfire let out a cry of ecstasy as his seed filled her, the Tamaranean placing her hands to her lower abdomen slowly rubbing it as she enjoyed the feeling of his cum inside of her before letting herself fall forward to rest her head on the crook of Robin’s neck

“Wow…that was…wow” Robin panted making Starfire giggle and place a kiss on his throat “that was way better than morphine and a splint, recovery hurt a whole lot more when I worked with Batman, it normally came with him forcing joints back into the socket and telling me to fight better next time”

“Well the man of Bats did not know the Tamaran way of healing injuries” the bronze skinned girl smiled back “and I will always assist in this way if needed” she added snuggling back into the crook of his neck “just try not to make this one of the habits”

“I’ll try Star, don’t worry”

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