Gotham Gang Slave

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Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, was still new to the superhero game, but she found the responsibility suddenly thrust upon her to protect Gotham City. Batman, Nightwing, and Robin left the city to her in order to chase down The Joker halfway across the world, but word came back that the Joker killed all three caped crusaders as well as himself in his latest plan. Overcome with grief, Alfred soon died a few months later. Now, Batgirl was the only defender Gotham had left to rely on.

She had taken her allies for granted, Barbara now realized .Corporate vultures had taken over Wayne Enterprises and demolished Bruce’s old home, so she was cut off from the Batcave, while her own personal lair was nowhere near as comprehensive. Furthermore, rumors of the Bat dying had been circulating throughout Gotham, meaning the bad guys were coming out of the woodwork. Batgirl had her hands full trying to corral all the evil running rampant across the city, and it was starting to run her ragged.

As the caped damsel was continuing her patrol, she came across two punks, a white guy and a black guy, harassing a young woman in an alley. Batgirl swooped down and ordered the guys to let the girl go. Her body was weary from being out all night, she hoped that these guys would be easy and just run away. Unfortunately, she had no such luck. The guys let the helpless girl go and put their full attention on the new arrival, grinning wildly and advancing upon the lithe girl.

Batgirl sighed and readied a fighting position. Her arms and thighs were beginning to droop due to weariness and she began to grimace to herself. The black guy, who she heard from the other one was named Tyrone, wound up and swung his fist right to her face. It was easy enough to dodge the blow, and Batgirl decided to take the chance and counterattack. She stooped down and slammed her fist into Tyrone’s stomach. Unfortunately, due to her weakened state and Tyrone being so muscular, her punches had no effect. The other guy, named Jake, noticed Batgirl was surprised that her punch had no effect and grabbed her extended arm. Before the heroine knew what happened, she was lifted up and slammed hard against the brick wall. Having the wind knocked out of her by the heavy hit, Batgirl landed hard against the wall and struggled to get up.

The two thugs, confident they can beat up the bitch, slowly began advancing. Realizing that the fight was quickly going in their favor, Batgirl quickly grabbed a bolo whip from her utility pouch and threw it at Jake, wrapping up his ankles, causing him to fall to the ground. Sadly for the heroine, Tyrone pounced on her before she could grab another tool from her pouch. He grabbed Batgirl’s red hair and quickly pulled her up in the air. As Batgirl struggled to escape his grip, she noticed too late that Tyrone wound his fist back and slammed it into her torso with all the force he had. The mighty hit took the wind out of the heroine’s sails, causing her to gasp for air with all her energy. He saw Batgirl’s pouch and ripped it off before punching her in the gut again. Tyrone let go of her hair and the caped superheroine crumpled to the ground in pain. By this time, Jake managed to untangle his ankles and was back up, holding Batgirl’s bolo. As Barbara struggled to suck in air, she found her arms grabbed by Jake and forced behind her. Within seconds, her arms were bound with her own bolo.

When she finally caught some air, Batgirl began to panic. She realized her arms were bound behind her and her pouch was ripped off. Combined with being on her knees before the two men, and the damsel realized she was completely helpless. She attempted to get up and leave, but Jake wound his arm back and bitch slapped the bound beauty, stinging her cheek. Before she could recover, Tyrone wound back and gave his own bitch slap, sending the young girl to the ground, both her cheeks stinging red with pain. Both men laughed at the heroine’s torment as they kicked her onto her back and spread her legs. Jake told her that she needed to learn to mind her own business, wound up, and slammed his foot right into Batgirl’s cunt. The sharp pain brutalized the young girl’s body, causing her to convulse and curl up into a ball, tears streaming from her eyes. Tyrone walked up and place his foot on her head, pushing down on it. Having reached her limit, the beaten heroine began to plead with the thugs to let her go, promising that she will never interfere with them ever again. Tyrone laughed and continued to press down on her skull. Soon, the pain was overwhelming even for Batgirl and she passed out.

Hours later, Batgirl woke up in a strange bed in a strange room. She tried to get up and shake the cobwebs from her head, but found her arms and legs bound spread eagle to the bed. What’s worse, Batgirl quickly realized she was completely naked, though she still felt her cowl, so her identity was safe, for now. Suddenly, she saw Tyrone and Jake walk in. They told her she had stopped them from getting some pussy earlier, so she was gonna have to make it up to them. Realizing what they planned to do to her, Barbara struggled once more, but was unable to escape, causing the two punks to laugh at her futility. Embarrassed by her defeat, Barbara told them that they would pay dearly, but her captors didn’t seem to care.

Jake came up first and quickly undressed. The bound lass’ eyes bulged as she saw his huge cock. It was long and thick and was frightened at that monster possibly invading her body. She looked over and saw Tyrone also get undressed, and his cock was even bigger than Jake’s! Jake stepped up first and began to rub her pussy for a few seconds. Despite her cunt still throbbing from the kick earlier, it began to moisten from Jake’s fingers, much to Batgirl’s disgust. She began to plead once more for them to let her go, tears in her eyes, begging for mercy, but her pleas were met with laughs from the goons, loving how pathetic the heroine had become when put into her place.

As the embarrassed heroine wept in despair, Jake had enough foreplay and suddenly slammed his cock in. Barbara was no virgin, but she never had a cock as big or as thick as Jake’s and screamed as loud as she could as the invader stretched her pussy as far as it could go. The heroine laid there in a daze as Jake pumped his tool in and out of the helpless girl’s pussy, complimenting her on how tight her snatch was. Soon enough, the numb feeling in Batgirl’s body began to recede, to be replaced by a warmth as her body began to accept the massive invader. Jake bent down and began to chew on her breasts, causing the heroine to yelp once again as her pussy became gushing. After a few minutes, moans began to escape Barbara’s lips as the assault on her body was overwhelming. Eventually, Jake could hold on no more and erupted deep in Batgirl’s body, filling her womb with criminal seed, causing the heroine to climax against her will.

Jake pulled out, causing Batgirl’s pussy to squirt as Tyrone took his place. The exhausted heroine pleaded once again for mercy, but none was granted as the big black man slammed his cock down her well-lubricated hole, causing the heroine to scream once again. Her second rapist slammed his huge cock against her body, causing the girl to groan and grunt in pleasure once again. He bent down also, but instead of chewing on her breasts, he positioned his face right above Barbara’s. Seeing Tyrone’s smiling, victorious face as he ravished her body, Batgirl couldn’t help but feels small and vulnerable. He leaned down and claimed her lips as his own. Surprising herself, Barbara didn’t fight back, instead returning the kiss and allowing him to explore her mouth. When he released her lips after a few minutes, the bound heroine began to gasp in pleasure. Soon after, Tyrone could no longer hold his own erection and grunted, slamming Batgirl’s pussy one last time and depositing his seed into her womb before pulling out.

Tyrone and Jake both them moved to Batgirl’s head and laid their cocks on Batgirl’s head, smearing their juices all over her face and mask. Fully humiliated, Batgirl began to cry once again as she felt even more helpless than before. The two thugs began to discuss what they should do with the now broken girl, when Tyrone decided that the bitch should be under their thumb permanently. Barbara feared what was going to happen when, before she knew it, the man grabbed her cowl and pulled it off, exposing her identity to her rapists. She hoped the two were uncultured enough to not know who she was, but she was unlucky once again. Jake recognized her as the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon.

Barbara knew she was helpless to fight against these guys now. When they realized she would be docile now, Tyrone and Jake undid her bonds. Barbara just laid there, awaiting what Jake or Tyrone were going to do to her. Jake suddenly grabbed the newly enslaved slut by the hair and dragged her over to a nearby chair. There, he forced her to her knees before his cock and told her to clean it. Beaten and defeated, the weary heroine glumly nodded and tried her best to take Jake’s huge cock in her mouth. Jake grinned as the heroine submitted without a fight, then began to talk with Tyrone about future plans. As they discussed their next act of villainy, Barbara continued to suck her rapist’s cock, tears once again flowing down her face as she knew they would involve her in their capers and she would be unable to resist.

A few months later, Jake and Tyrone were busy double raping a poor, helpless woman that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was far too weak to fight them off and police never bothered with this area, so the two men were free to commit any crime they wanted. She was pleading for mercy, but they, of course, paid her screams no heed.

Suddenly, Batgirl appeared out of nowhere. The woman being raped pleaded for the heroine to help her, but Batgirl merely stood there and softly asked the two men to let her go. The heroine then got on her knees and bowed her head to the ground, pleading with the two men. Amused by her desperation, Tyrone pumped a few more times in the helpless woman and then pulled out, telling Jake to do the same thing. They then threw the woman to the ground and told her to run away. The woman struggled to get up and looked back at the groveling heroine. Her faith in her idol was shattered, something that still embarrassed Barbara after so long.

The two thugs, still with their hard cocks out, walked towards their super slut. Barbara then grabbed the two mighty cocks and began to lick and suck them. She had gotten used to taking their huge dicks in her body these past few months, so much so that it seemed like second nature to her. She helped her new masters steal some cash and jewelry, but did so in a way that wasn’t obvious, meaning the police had no idea she was the one who did it. They lived in Barbara’s apartment now, having taken it over and redecorated according to their tastes. The two studs had brought up many women into the apartment, both willing and not, and were thinking of setting up a prostitution ring to pimp out their toys. Of course, Barbara went along with it, agreeing to be their top whore. After all, who wouldn’t want to fuck the city’s premiere superheroine? It would also do double duty of tarnishing her reputation forever, allowing the criminal element of Gotham to run rampant in the city without fear of reprisal.

As Barbara began to suck on Tyrone’s cock while giving Jake a handjob, her reality once again came into focus.

She was a defender of Gotham City.

Gotham belonged to the criminal underworld now.

This was where Batgirl belonged in this new era.

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