Joker's Property

BY : FireDragon400
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Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, had been tracking Joker for weeks, trying to foil his latest plot to cause terror on the people of Gotham. She finally tracked down Joker to an abandoned lot and snuck inside.

However, Joker was waiting for her and sprung a trap, shooting out sleeping gas in front of Batgirl’s face. The heroine tried to escape, but it was far too late and she fell to the ground unconscious.

When Batgirl woke up, she found that her arms were bound behind her back and her utility belt had been removed. That’s when she noticed there were a lot of men around her. A LOT of men. Far more than Joker had ever had in his gang before. And they were all big, strong, and muscular.

Joker then popped up on some big monitors place throughout the lair. He congratulated Batgirl for finding his secret hideout, but that she was far too late. Joker’s plan had already succeeded. Gotham was in chaos and much of the work Batman had done in the past few years had been completely undone. Then, to Batgirl’s horror, Joker announced that it was time for a victory party.

Barbara shouted that Batman would find her eventually, causing the Joker to laugh hysterically. With Gotham the way it was, Batman was too busy to come after him, and even if the Caped Crusader survived, he would never find this secret lair anytime soon. It would be weeks, if not months, before Batman would find this area.

Upon realizing this, Batgirl suddenly felt a pit in her stomach. Moreso when the men began to crowd around her. Joker then revealed that Batgirl was going to serve as the party favor for the gang’s victory. Barbara had started to struggle in a vain attempt to escape when Joker revealed she wasn’t the only party guest. A spotlight suddenly flicked open showing Question, Batwoman, Huntress, and Spoiler also bound and gagged, hanging from the ceiling. If Batgirl didn’t comply and become the gang’s rape doll, they would simply move onto the other heroines.

After a few minutes of panic, the heroine realized she had no choice and accepted her fate. That’s when one of the thugs pulled out a video camera. Her debasement was going to be recorded, likely auctioned off to the highest bidder. Deep down, Batgirl knew they would likely film her unmasking as well. And there was nothing she could do to stop them.

As a few of the hooligans began taking off her costume and filming her naked body, Barbara knew that Joker was right. There wouldn’t be any rescue. She was going to be the fucktoy for Joker’s gang. They were going to rape her again and again. As the first gang member spread her legs and began to enter, Batgirl began to cry. The gangbanger slammed his cock into her unprotected slit, only to find out that Batgirl was a virgin. He announced it to the rest and the entire crowd cheered and celebrated. Another gang member walked up to Batgirl’s sobbing face and jammed his cock in her mouth. She was shocked at first, but eventually calmed down and relaxed her throat, letting him fuck her face as much as she wished.

The gang had their way with the cowled heroine for the better part of an hour. They used and abused all her holes constantly. But she was only one woman who could only do so much to please several dozen men, so the other gang members took down the other bound heroines and began to assault them as well. Batgirl tried to protest that they reneged on their deal, but after the brutal fuckings and emotional trauma, she was far too weak to resist and could do nothing but sit there and cry as her friends and allies were gangraped along with her.

Watching the fun from his own private office, Joker was as happy as could be. Gotham was in chaos, his arch enemy was losing ground, and now all the Bat’s female allies were serving as sex toys for his men. As Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy knelt on the ground, giving him a spectacular blowjob, Joker basked in all that had happened. Everything went perfectly his way.

As Batgirl gave up fighting and sucked the next cock in her face, she knew that this was it.

The Joker had truly gotten the last laugh.

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