Caged in Kryptonite

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Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, was enjoying the new direction in her life. She was free to be herself, her sister Alex was now in charge of the DEO, and her friendship with Lena Luthor, owner of Lexcorp and CatCo, was back on solid ground. The media was focusing all of their positive attention on her while her cousin Superman was out in space on a mission. Things were looking up. One day, a disturbance was noticed in a cave outside National City and Alex sent Kara to investigate.

As Kara arrived at the cave, something didn’t seem right. She couldn’t tell what she was feeling, but there was an odd tingle in the air that seemed to send chills down her body. As she ventured further into the cave, Kara noticed that her radio was no longer working, likely being jammed by something. Her body seemed to grow heavier with every step, like something was draining her strength. Eventually, Kara figured something was incredibly wrong and attempted to get away immediately, but her super speed wasn’t working. That was when a panel hidden in the ground rose up beneath her, causing the heroine to drop to her knees. A series of bars rose up out of the ground and a steel covering dropped down on top the bars. Kara was trapped in a cage! The heroine attempted to break free, but found her super strength almost completely gone. That’s when she noticed all the bars glowing green. It was a cage made of Kryptonite!

Desperate to escape the cage, Kara tried with all her might to bend the bars, but there was no give. She had already lost more strength than she had thought. Struggling to stay awake, the mighty heroine tried once again to radio her sister for help, but whether it was the Kryptonite or some other device jamming the signal, all she got was static. Her desperation reached its peak, as she shouted for anyone nearby for help. As expected, there was no answer. She was all alone, trapped, and losing the fight as time went on. And with all the energy expended in trying to bend the bars, Kara’s body was running out of stamina fast. If she didn’t do something quick, she would never be able to escape. Try as she might, there was no way she could lift the heavy top of the cage or dislodge the bars. Eventually, Supergirl pleaded for help as she fell down and her eyes closed, certain she was going to die.

Supergirl woke up in a flash, breathing heavily and sweating up a storm. She wondered, at first, if the whole deal with the Kryptonite cage was a dream when she tried to get up. She found her hands were bound to metal posts by her sides that, for some reason, she couldn’t break. Then Kara looked down and really got scared. She was strapped to an gynecologist’s chair, completely naked, with her legs strapped down. She could feel something around her neck as the heroine began to panic. Calling out for help, Kara continued to struggle against her bonds to no avail. Then she heard a voice call out to her in a mocking tone. It was a voice she recognized, but couldn’t believe. Then he walked in front of her.

It was Morgan Edge!

The corrupt, misogynistic business tycoon had been arrested a while back for poisoning children and trying to frame Lena Luthor for the deal, and she assumed he would rot in jail for a long, long time. She demanded to know what he was doing, and the evil man laughed at her suffering as he begun his explanation. Edge had gotten out of prison early due to “good behavior” and lots of money, allowing him to rebuild his empire from behind the scenes. But before he could take out Lena or Alex, he had to take out their common interest: Supergirl. Stealing Lena’s synthetic Kryptonite formula, Edge and his scientists made some changes to create a new variety of Kryptonite. Normally, the substance would poison and slowly kill Kryptonians, but this modified version merely weakened them. What was even better, prolonged exposure would eventually mutate a Kryptonian’s cells so they couldn’t absorb yellow sunlight to activate their powers, making them no stronger than a normal human.

Horrified at what the evil man has done, Kara once again struggled and demanded he set her free. He laughed, walked near her head, and jerked her hair back, causing the heroine to slam down on the headrest forcefully, shutting her up. Morgan then touched the collar around Supergirl’s neck, noting that it had Kryptonite crystals in it, keeping her weak. Then, he made his intentions truly known as his hand slowly moved down her body and grasped one of Kara’s breasts. Supergirl resumed her shouting and cursing as Morgan kneaded her right tit, enjoying how soft the boob felt in his large hand. When Supergirl’s cries and shouts became annoying, Morgan twisted her nipple, causing the girl to yelp in pain, a feeling Kara was extremely unused to.

Morgan Edge walked around and noted that he was going to have his revenge while partaking in the pleasures of her body. Kara, already wary of his intentions before, started to panic when Edge lowered his fingers and began to manipulate her pussy and clitoris. The woman had not had much sexual experience, as most men could be crushed by her legs or pussy thanks to her mighty powers, so it was child’s play for the evil man to control her pussy however he wanted. In minutes, Kara’s cunt was gushing and the girl went from angry and shouting to desperate and moaning. Her fear got ahold of her and she began to plead with Morgan Edge, begging him to stop and let her go. She promised she wouldn’t cross paths with him again if he just released her. The businessman laughed at how quickly he made the bitch squirm and assured her that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Kara became even more fearful when she heard Morgan’s pants unzip and he took out a rather impressive cock, almost on par with Mon-El’s. She once again begged and pleaded for the man not to rape her, but her desperate pleas did nothing but excite the evil tycoon. He grabbed his hard rod and began to swish it around her opening, taunting the helpless heroine, making her struggle even more. The scared heroine had never felt so weak and helpless and once again pleaded for mercy. Then she looked up in Morgan’s eyes and knew there would not be any mercy. His eyes were filled with cruel, wanton lust, and he was drinking in all of her misery. Having never been in a situation like this, Kara actually began to shed tears, which caused her tormentor to laugh.

But the time for foreplay was over. Morgan was getting impatient and wanted his sweet revenge now. He stopped circling his cock over Kara’s tiny opening and eventually plunged in. He was surprised to find she wasn’t a virgin, but even still, her pussy was extremely tight for him to get through. Supergirl screamed as the rod invaded her body, the tears now flowing freely as Morgan slammed his dick in further and further. He began taunting the bound heroine, saying how her pussy was gushing, meaning she was loving being tortured and fucked by one of her enemies. Going around in such a tight bodysuit and a skirt, she was inviting men to defeat and claim her body, and being a role model for girls was just front to being what she wanted to be: A full time slut.

The words hit Supergirl hard as Morgan continued his assault on her body. As he continued to taunt and fuck her, his hands rose up and began to massage her breasts, causing the woman’s body to get even more aroused than before. She figured that being such a misogynistic jerk, Morgan had no actual sex skills, but she was dead wrong. He was bending her body to his will with minimal effort. He was far better than Mon-El was, and she figured Mon-El was as good as it could get. Edge’s words began to permeate deep into her mind, and in the back of her mind, Kara began to question if he was right and that she just wanted to be a sex slut for her enemies. The thought of being enslaved and being raped by her worst enemies as punishment for standing up to them entered her mind and pushed her over the edge, so to speak. Supergirl screamed as she climaxed multiple times around Edge’s cock, surprising even Kara herself.

Feeling the pure soul cum around his dick, Edge grinned and leaned down over the woman. Her face was flushed with heat and bright red. He could tell she was struggling to keep her sanity. Kara was about to curse him out once again when Edge leaned down further and kissed Supergirl deeply. Had she been clear of mind, she would have bit his tongue and spit in his face, but aroused as she was, Supergirl came again as she returned Morgan Edge’s kiss, raising her head as far she could. She came again as the two deeply kissed, exploring each other’s mouths. After Morgan released her mouth, he asked a panting Supergirl what her real name was. Not in her right mind, the aroused heroine climaxed again as she told him her real name of Kara Danvers.

Smiling evilly, Morgan realized that this little slut was the sister of Alex Danvers, new head of the CEO, making his plans much sweeter. He had planned on going after Kara for revenge anyway, and was pleased to see he could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. As he continued to pump in and out of her cunt, he asked Kara what she was. Now consumed by lust, Supergirl called herself a slut, a whore, a bitch, and whatever derogatory name he wanted her to called herself. Seeing the former heroine debase herself was the final straw for Morgan, and he slammed his cock deep into her pussy, dumping load after load in the weakened girl’s womb. Laughing at his easy conquest, Morgan walked around to the panting girl’s head and wiped off the excess juices in her hair, before zipping up and getting ready to leave, telling Supergirl that he was far from finished with her. As he left, sanity returned to Kara’s head as she realized what she had done and began to cry once again.

Several months later, Kara woke up from her nap. She was back in her Supergirl outfit, but still wearing the blasted collar around her neck. She was also in a much stronger, more reinforced Kryptonite cage, which she had called home ever since her capture by Morgan Edge. Morgan had raped her several more times, but after a few weeks of torture he left her in the care of his underlings and she hasn’t seen him since. She attempted escape a few times, but by then the Edge Kryptonite had done its job and Kara’s powers were almost completely gone. Once the security guards caught up with her, it was child’s play to beat her down and drag her back to the cage. Supergirl eventually realized that she would never escape on her own and stopped fighting. The guards released her to go to the bathroom, eat, or shower, and after each of those she would be forced to service the guards and thank them for the privilege to continue living. It was a constantly humiliating experience, but it wasn’t one she could do anything about.

Kara sat up on her elbow as she heard the door open. For the first time in months, she saw Morgan Edge walk in. His triumphant face said everything she needed to know, as he was likely here to rape her again. Instead, Edge greeted Supergirl and thanked her for all the information she provided, as it allowed him to get his revenge. The media had been told that Supergirl had died in an explosion with Superman fighting off the villain Metallo, so there was nobody in the public searching for her. Kara winced as she found out her cousin had died, lessening her chances for eventual escape. But the real shocker was that Morgan had acquired two more pets and gestured for them to come in.

Supergirl’s eyes almost bulged out of her head when she saw her sister Alex and her friend Lena crawl in, both naked save for collars around their necks and shackles on their wrists and ankles. The two formerly proud ladies crawled over to Morgan’s legs and bowed down near his feet. Both girls looked at Supergirl and she could tell that they had completely given up. Their eyes had looks of defeat and were pleading with her for forgiveness. The vile businessman gloated about how his man was now controlling the DEO and that Lena had sold Morgan both Lexcorp and CatCo, causing him to be one of the most powerful men in the world, while the two bitches who used to run them were now his personal slave sluts. It was child’s play to make the two beg for mercy and forgiveness for ever standing up against him, a statement that made the two women blush in embarrassment.

Everything the three women had ever worked for had been taken away from them.

Kara began to shed tears once again. She would be reunited with her sister and good friend, but their freedom was gone forever.

As Morgan Edge would find out later, Supergirl truly was dead.

In her place, Superslut would rise. This would be Kara’s legacy.

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