Slave to Steppenwolf

BY : FireDragon400
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(This story was originally posted on my Tumblr blog, which was lost in the Great Tumblr Purge. I eventually moved it to my WordPress blog,, alongside my other stories.)

Wonder Woman and Batman, having learned that the evil demon Steppenwolf is after three devices known as Mother Boxes in order to dominate the Earth, have assembled a team, getting Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg to join their cause. However, Steppenwolf was far too strong for the heroes, making them realize they needed to resurrect the long-dead Superman in order to stand a chance. They tried to use the last remaining Mother Box to reanimate their fallen ally, but unfortunately for them, Steppenwolf discovered their location first an interrupted the procedure. Though the heroes fought valiantly, they failed to protect the Mother Box and Steppenwolf retreated with the final cube. Without Superman to help them, the remaining members of the League attempted to storm Steppenwolf’s lair, but were too late as the demon unleashed the powers of the Mother Boxes, bringing in an army of Parademons and beginning Earth’s terraforming.

When the Justice League got close, the power of the Mother Boxes began to affect their minds, much to to their disbelief. Steppenwolf, noticing the heroes’ mental states, used the Mother Boxes to impose his will upon the heroes. Batman, Aquaman, and Flash became very fearful, wanting to run away, but their fear supercharged the Parademons, who swooped down and killed all three of them in an instant, devouring their bodies so nobody could revive them. Cyborg, meanwhile, had his human identity expunged and was absorbed back into the Mother Box, becoming one with the power source. That just left Diana.

The mighty Amazon merely stood there, mesmerized by the Mother Box light as Steppenwolf came closer. She wanted to run away and escape in order to fight back another way, but she couldn’t move. Moreover, she became extremely afraid because her body became flush with heat, with her nipples getting erect and her pussy gushing with juices. Steppenwolf reached the helpless heroine and cupped her chin. Diana tried to shirk away, but was frozen in place. The mighty demon said that he told her mother that she and the Amazons would come to love him, and Wonder Woman would be the first to do so.

When he said this, Diana’s mental battle became more frantic. She tried her best to escape, but her body became more aroused at the thought of being Steppenwolf’s sex slave. There was a growing part of her mind that was screaming at her to surrender. She tried to fight it off, but her resistance was weakening by the second. Steppenwolf laughed and began to taunt her again. Diana tried to force his voice, but the air of superiority and victory in his voice was enthralling, killing her resistance faster. Steppenwolf then leaned in and gave Diana a deep kiss. His evil aura washed over the Amazon, causing her to orgasm right there on the spot and destroying her mind once and for all.

As Steppenwolf stepped back, the now-wrecked Wonder Woman stood there in a haze. When she regained her bearings, she looked at the demon standing before her. A few minutes ago, she was a defender of peace and champion of equality. Now, she saw the mighty man not as an evil villain, but as her conqueror and master. He commanded the helpless woman to kneel and proclaim her new loyalty, and Diana did so immediately. She begged her new Lord and Master for forgiveness for every challenging him and offered her help in taking over the Earth.

Chuckling, Steppenwolf then sat on a nearby rock platform and asked the heroine what she can do to please him. Picking up on his clue, Diana stood up and removed the top of her bustier, showcasing her large, naked boobs before her Lord. Swinging her tits back and forth, Diana looked at Steppenwolf with lust in her eyes, proclaiming that she can please him in a multitude of ways. She sauntered to her master, lightly grabbed his hands, and placed them on her bare boobs, encouraging him to knead them however he liked. Diana proclaimed that, as an Amazon, her body can take whatever he can dish out and would be the perfect vessel for him to use as he saw fit.

Grinning, the demon began to grope and knead the Amazon’s breasts, causing the helpless woman to moan in pleasure. Becoming too aroused by the woman’s moans, Steppenwolf ordered his new slave to remove his armor. The former heroine gleefully did so, eventually revealing her Master’s long, hard cock. It was far bigger than anything she could have ever imagined, certainly bigger than any human man’s she had seen. Her mouth watered at the sight of the long rod and she begged him to let her worship it.

However, Steppenwolf had other ideas. He grabbed her body, ripped off the rest of her armor, destroying it in the process, and left the rest of her body exposed, most notably her gushing pussy. Diana gasped in pleasure as the vile villain grabbed her hips and aimed her pussy right above his cock and plunged down. The huge cock threatened to split the Amazon apart, causing her to scream in pleasure as the invader pistoned in and out of her body. She had never felt anything like this, her Master’s cock filling her body far more than she could have dreamed. She wished her Master had shown off his cock earlier, she would have gladly submitted if he had simply raped her when they first met.

Soon, Wonder Woman’s mind found its focus and she began to pump her body up and down on her own, using Steppenwolf’s mighty shoulders as a brace. Diana was determined to fit the entire length into her pussy, but it was a struggle to get even half down her tunnel. In between her moans and gasps of pleasure, Diana praised Steppenwolf’s mighty body and thanked him for pounding her body and enslaving her. The demon merely sat back and relaxed, letting the heroine slut fuck herself silly on his mighty rod. After a few minutes, he then grabbed Diana’s tits once again and began to lick and suck them, eliciting more moans of pleasure. The Amazon slut never stopped pumping his cock, however, determined to take the whole length in and getting him to orgasm, as she has had several since the fucking began.

After some time, even Steppenwolf was having trouble holding back eventually roared, his cock exploding deep inside Diana’s pussy, filling it with his seed. Diana screamed in pleasure as her body became overwhelmed, eventually falling off due to the intense pressure her Master’s mighty cock exerted. While tons of cum was leaking out of the fucked heroine’s pussy, even more exploded out of Steppenwolf’s cock and landed on her stomach and breasts, some squirts even reaching her face. It took over a minute for Steppenwolf to stop orgasming, after which Diana was caked in his jizz. The heroine herself could barely move and didn’t want to. Being bathed in her Lord’s juices was heavenly for her.

Recovering after a few minutes, the cruel despot ordered Wonder Woman to clean the rest of her juices off of his cock, as well as the few remaining drops that hit the dirty ground. Though her body was tired and achy, Diana obeyed her order, getting onto her knees and licking the semen off the ground before crawling over to her Master’s cock. Sticking out her tongue, Diana began to lick all of their mixed juices from his mighty tool, hoping that he would get hard again and pound her aching cunt furiously once again. Eventually, his cock did rise to attention and the former heroine attempted to suck it, even though she could only get a few inches into her mouth.

As Steppenwolf looked down at the mighty Amazon struggling to please him, the wicked villain smiled. With the Kryptonian dead, there was no one left to stop his conquest of Earth. For the first time in a while, Steppenwolf listened to what was going on outside and was pleased to hear the screams of terror of the humans in the surrounding area, trying to get away from the Parademon army. It would be useless. With the power of the Mother Boxes in hand, it would take mere weeks to conquer the planet and offer it to his master, Darkseid. And Diana would gleefully help him conquer her people. He thought about the Amazons on Themyscira, and his promise to them. He would follow through on that and make the entire island his own personal harem. After all, they were powerless against him before, they stood no chance against him now.

Earth would soon be a colony of Apokolips.

Its people would forever be slaves to Darkseid.

Their women raped nightly by their Gods.

And as Wonder Woman continued sucking her Lord’s mighty dick, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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