Barry and Dinah: Something in Common

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“Please Iris, can we just try it once?” begged Barry Allen to his girlfriend Iris West. “Barry, no! I told you I didn’t want to every other time you’ve asked me, and nothing has changed” replied Iris. Barry knew that Iris would reject him again, but at this point he was desperate to live out his fetish. Iris and Barry had stopped having sex at this point, as the mood had thoroughly been killed. Iris rolled over in their bed, but not before stating to Barry “honey, that’s just never going to happen with me. I understand that it’s… a big turn on for you, but I just can’t ... lower myself to that. I’m sorry darling”. He couldn’t help but hear the disgust in her voice, and he felt judged by his long term girlfriend.

Barry Allen is better known by his superhero allies, The Flash! As the Flash, Barry has the ability to run at near light speed. Barry and Iris West have been together for four years now, and he truly loves her more than anything. Barry revealed himself to be the Flash to Iris a year ago, and she stuck by him. Barry could not ask for a more loving and supportive woman in his life, but there was one issue that Barry could not get over, and that was his nagging obsession with piss. Barry has had a piss fetish ever since he accidentally stumbled upon a piss play video when he was in his teens. Barry has never been able to live out this fantasy however, as he never worked up the courage to ask in his previous relationships, and Iris refuses to let him try. Barry fantasises about covering Iris in his hot piss, drenching her small breasts and flat stomach. He desperately wants to release himself onto her face, with his golden liquid dripping down into her long red hair, and onto her tight ass. Barry has become extremely frustrated with these fantasies, and knows that he must live this out if he is to get over it. Barry lies awake next to Iris, who has fallen asleep. Barry loves Iris, but he knows something must be done…

Barry decided to forget about the issue and strictly focus on his involvement in the Justice League. The team had just defeated Darkside on another one of his invasion attempts, and decided to hold a party at the watch tower for the entire extended JLA as a celebration of victory. Barry was excited for the party as he could further get to know some of his team mates outside of dire situations.

Everyone at the party was dressed in their costumes and uniforms, as was Barry. Barry’s best friend on the League was Hal Jorden, better known as Green Lantern. Hal quickly found Barry and encouraged him to chug a tall boy with him. Hal usually got Barry very drunk at parties when he wasn’t planning on it. Soon Barry felt himself needing to pee, and in his intoxicated state, couldn’t help but feel slightly horny, being reminded of his dirty fantasy. As Barry meandered his way to the washroom, he ran into his friend Dinah Lace, a.k.a Black Canary. The two have always gotten along well, and Barry has always had a bit of a crush on her. Dinah was dressed in her very tight fitting black leather romper, with black fishnet stockings all the way up her muscular thighs. Her blonde hair was down and fell softly around her shoulders and breasts. “Oh Barry! I’ve been looking for you sweetie!” Barry loved when she called him that, even though it was in a strictly plutonic way. “I heard about your showdown with Darkside and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you’re still with us! You’re a dear friend to me sweet heart.” Barry could instantly see just how drunk Dinah was, as her face was bright red, and by her frank honesty in her voice. “Listen Barry, I really wanted to talk to you about some stuff. Guy stuff. Could we go somewhere quiet?” Barry was in a very obedient state of drunkenness, and followed Dinah to an empty conference room down the hall.

                “Thanks Barry dear, there’s just a few things I wanted to ask about, since we’re both in long term relationships” Black Canary had sometimes asked Barry for advice with Oliver, mainly over little arguments. Barry could tell Dinah had something more serious to talk about this time however, with some slight reluctance in her voice.

“So yeah, um, there’s some guy stuff I wanted to ask about. So I’ve wanted to try out this one thing with Ollie, like, in the bedroom, but he’s grossed out by it, but I just really want to try it… How do you think I can get him to let me try?”

“Oh, well uh can I know what the thing is? Haha” Barry responded, turned on by the surprising sexual topic

“I don’t know Barry, it’s a little out there. I don’t want you to think I’m weird” She let out a little nervous laugh, Barry thought it was cute and was even more turned on.

“Well if you tell me, I’ll tell you one of my fantasies that Iris won’t do, and we’ll be even. How’s that sound babe?” Babe? Barry knew he was drunk .

“Alright sweetie haha, I guess that’s fair. So the thing might sound weird or perverted, but please don’t judge me too hard. I need you to be my friend”

“Of course Dinah, I won’t judge you” Barry was excited to hear what it was, he was starting to feel a tingle in his cock.

Dinah looked away from Barry’s eyes, and after a short pause of building up courage, she spoke “I want to be pissed on” Barry couldn’t believe it. This beautiful woman whom he has admired as a crime fighter and as a woman wanted piss all over her. This was Barry’s ultimate fetish, and apparently also Black Canary’s.

Barry hesitated for a moment, not wanting too much excitement in his voice. Finally, he spoke

“well, that’s not too strange a thing really” he said with a slight quiver

“really? You don’t, I don’t know, think less of me?”

“Not at all. We all have our little… things that we like I suppose”

He let out a little laugh. He was just as nervous as he was excited.

“I guess I’m just a kinky girl. Too kinky for Ollie apparently” she said with a slight hint of sadness

“well if I were him I would want to keep a beautiful woman like you as happy as possible. Especially because you could kick my ass”

Black Canary laughed and looked at the ground. She took a sip of the punch she had brought with her, and there was a few seconds of awkward silence. Dinah looked up at him and grinned mischievously

“well Flash, what’s this thing Iris won’t let you do? I bet it’s sticking it in her ass. If you want that you’re gonna have put your tongue in there first” she said with a wink. This sentence put Barry over the edge, and he could feel his cock become completely erect. Black Canary had just told him she’s been fucked in the ass, and that she’s had her butt licked too.

“Um, not that. I’ve been there a few times with Iris…” Barry was revealing a lot. Iris would probably be upset, but Dinah was being so candid with him, he wanted to be the same.

“Really? Iris takes it in the butt? Lucky you… or lucky her?” Dinah motioned towards his crotch. Barry’s rock hard cock was pressed up against his lower stomach in his skin tight costume. He was mortified. In his drunken state, he had forgot he was in his suit, and how visible a hard on would be. He was also questioning if she had really just complimented his package.

“Dinah I’m… so sorry” He sat down in a chair across from her

“It’s ok you horn dog. I guess we were talking about sexual things. It’s my fault” she looked down for a moment, but then got up and took the seat right beside him, and looked right at him with that grin again

“I still need to know that secret fetish of yours sweetie. I just told you I want piss on me AND like it in the butt, it’s only fair”

Barry looked at her leaning towards him and couldn’t help but take a glance at her massive cleavage in her black body suit. Black Canary always chose to dress very provocatively, and Barry swears she’s worse than Power Girl some days. It seems this was one of those days.

Barry hesitated for a bit before answering, but knew he owed her this “Well, it’s funny you should mention piss…”  Dinah’s face broke into a wide smile and started to chuckle

“No way! Barry are you being serious? You want to pee on Iris?”

“Well, yeah. At least I know you won’t think that’s weird” The conversation had relaxed at this point. Everything was on the table, and maybe it would be good for Barry to talk about this issue with someone

“So she’s not into it? Wow, I wish I was Iris” she let out a small laugh and finished the last swig of her punch “Sweetie, could you be really quick and grab us both another glass of punch?”

“sure thing Dinah!” He sped out the door and grabbed two glasses from the party in seconds without anyone seeing him, but had to slow down a bit on the way back in fear of spilling them. When he returned to his seat in the darkened watchtower conference room, he had noticed Dinah had unzipped the front of her body suit a little, revealing even more of her milky cleavage. What was she up to Barry wondered.

“Here you are Dinah” he handed her the glass

“Thanks Barry, you’re an absolute sweet heart” she said as the touched his knee

“So tell me, what got you so hard? Thinking about peeing on me or putting your cock in my butt?” Dinah asked as she looked up at him from her glass. Barry was taken aback. Did she think he was a pervert? What would Iris thinks about all this? He had to say something

“Uh… well.. I guess I couldn’t really help the thought. I’m really sorry Dinah, I’ve made an ass of myself here. I think I’ll be going” Barry got up from his chair, but Dinah grabbed his hand, pulling him back. Barry didn’t actually want to go

“don’t be so dramatic sweetie. Any guy would have thought about it. It’s normal. You can think about me doing whatever you want” She said with a giggle

“I guess my mind got carried away. I’ve wanted to do this thing for so long with Iris, and then my beautiful married friend says she wants it too…”

“Your beautiful married friend eh? Well you’re lucky Ollie isn’t here” she said laughing again, but with a hint of sadness in her eye. There was another awkward silence after this moment, but sexual tension was high in the air. Looking to avoid doing something he would regret, Barry spoke up

“well, all this talk of pee heh. Please excuse me” as he got up, Dinah reached out for him again

“… show me?” She said as she looked up at him, vulnerable but excited

“Dinah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean Iris-“

“Iris isn’t here Barry. Neither is Ollie. It’s just you and me” she stood up close to him

“Barry Allen, do you not want to piss all over your beautiful married friend right now, tonight” Barry’s cock could have exploded right there. He couldn’t believe the situation. Would this really be so bad? Did she want more? It’s just pee. Iris never has to know…

Without saying a word, Barry took her by the hand and led her to the JLA mens locker room. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this, but he was so drunk and horny he couldn’t even think straight.

As they entered, Dinah spoke “Okay Barry, I am a married woman, and you’re with Iris, so no touching alright? We’re just two adults with an overwhelming desire to live out a fantasy, we don’t have to get carried away”

“agreed. And we never tell anyone”


“alright, so, where do we start?”

“well, how about you show me your cock?” She asked looking right at his crotch. She took a seat on the bench. Their voices echoed in the empty locker room

“Alright. But then you’re taking some stuff off too”

“Well that’s the plan sweet heart. You’re not gonna piss on my costume. This thing is dry clean only. Now get that big cock out, I need to see it” Barry looked down, and reached into his costume. He pulled out his rock hard cock, giving Black Canary a good view. Her face broke into a big grin

“Barry, you have a beautiful cock. If I wasn’t married that thing would be halfway down my throat by now”

Barry blushed at the compliment, and felt his cock grow even harder. Dinah slipped off her leather coat and let it fall to the ground with a soft thud. She looked down and began to unzip the front of her latex body suit, revealing her bare skin and tremendous cleavage. She stopped and looked up at Barry

“how long have you wanted to see my tits?”

“since the day we met pretty much” Barry said with his tongue in his cheek

“ever fantasize about covering them in piss?” she said with a smile and looking right at him

“all the time” he said with his hand moving to his cock

“you’re a fucking pervert” she said as she slid her body suit off her shoulders, revealing her large breasts to Barry for the first time in their eight year friendship.

They were beautiful, and Barry couldn’t help but stroke himself slightly at the sight of her. They were large with only a slight droop to them. They were pale and her nipples were golf ball sized and a very light pink that blended into her skin. She looked at him rubbing his cock, and gave a slight laugh and a naughty smile as she stood up from the bench and pulled down her bottoms and fishnet stockings, revealing her completely shaved pussy.

Barry began to drip, and had to slow down his hand to avoid cuming right there

“How about we go to the showers sweetie?” she said with her hands on her hips

She turned around and lead the way, giving Barry an excellent view of her ass. It looked firm yet soft, and jiggled slightly as she walked. He was incredibly envious of Green Arrow for getting to fuck her ass, but was thankful he didn’t want to pee on her

Barry stripped off the rest of his costume and followed her to the showers, his hard cock flopping painfully as he walked. Once there she turned around and looked at him in the eyes, then slowly got down on her knees in the middle of the large empty shower room while keeping eye contact. His cock was now inches from her face and pointing straight towards her. He could barely think about peeing because he just needed to cum so bad, he thought he would burst

“piss on me Barry” she said in a low whisper, her eyes pleading with him. He held the base of his cock and pointed it toward her chest. He found it hard to pee through an extremely hard dick, and he stood there for what felt like minutes waiting for his piss to come, looking into Dinah’s deep blue eyes.

“Should I really be doing this?” he thought as he looked at her. “She’s one of my closest friends wife, what would he think if he saw us here together? And what about Iris? I love her so much, she would hate me for this, but this is all just too hot, I just can’t pass up the chance to piss all over her. Screw it, I’ll hate myself later!”

He could feel his pee begin to rush through his cock

“Dinah…” was all he managed to get out before his hot piss came flying out of the tip of his cock and immediately splashed all over Black Canary’s breasts

“Mmm yes Barry, piss all over me” she said to Barry while massaging and squishing her tits together. Barry watched his piss collect in her cleavage as she pushed her breasts together, and then fall down her stomach and over her pussy as the released them.

“Piss on my face Barry…” she looked him in the eye, and begged him with her beautiful blue eyes. How could she deny what she needed. He pointed his cock upward slowly, with piss still streaming out full force. He covered her neck, and then piss was soon covering her chin and mouth. She kept her mouth closed in a tight grin as her eyes shut as well. Barry moved his stream upward and was now covering her whole beautiful face in hot piss. He moved his stream all around her face and through her blonde hair, fulfilling all of his dirty fantasies he had felt so ashamed about before.

Just as Barry’s stream was becoming a trickle, Dinah surprised Barry by opening her mouth and taking Barry’s piss in. She looked at Barry through half open eyes as she let her mouth fill with his piss. She spat it out and let it flow down her neck and chest as he stopped peeing.

They looked at each other, taking in what had just happened. Dinah began to giggle as she looked down at the wet mess Barry had made of her.

“Wow, I can’t believe we just did that! You really covered me Barry” she said, feeling her face

“I know, sorry. Heh, I really wasn’t expecting you to take it in your mouth”

“Me neither actually, but I was just so turned on and I didn’t know when I’d ever be pissed on again, so I just had to go for it. I thought it would be a little gross, but it was so hot”

They hadn’t moved at all, and Barry’s cock was still rock hard and inches away from her face. Dinah looked up and him and then to his cock. “Do you… Do you want to cum?” she said a little nervously, trying not to cross any boundaries.

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“Jerk off… for me?” as she said this, she slid her right hand down and began to play with her pussy.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Barry. I want you… I want you to cum on my face” She said with a small smile. That was all Barry needed. He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it slowly, not wanting to burst too fast. Dinah was smiling as she watched Barry tug at his incredibly hard cock.

“Did you like pissing on me sweetie?” she said quietly


“Did you like covering your friends wife’s face in piss?”

Barry just swallowed hard. He was thinking now that Dinah was actually getting off on the fact that what they were doing was wrong, that she was a married woman and was covered in another mans piss and completely naked. Barry couldn’t help but get tuned on at the same thought, and he could feel his cum coming. Dinah could sense this

“That’s it Barry, cum on me. I bet Iris doesn’t let you cum on her pretty face” Barry then exploded with cum, sending huge ropes over Dinah’s face, covering her forehead, nose and mouth, with one stream covering her left eye. Barry thought about how Iris never let Barry cum on her face, and here was his friends wife who seemed to love it. Just as he was finished cuming, Dinah moaned and shuttered, cuming herself. She then stood up and looked at Barry with her uncovered eye

“I guess we should shower off a bit huh” She said as she walked toward the nearest shower head.

After a somewhat awkward and quiet shower, the two began to get dressed.

“Barry… I’m sorry if that got a little out of hand. I thought we’d just have a little fun, but it just got me so turned on. I’m just really sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I hope we can still be friends” Dinah said as she finished zipping up her suit. Barry put his arm around her shoulder and looked at her

“Dinah, that was really amazing. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do”

She looked up at him and smiled. She then hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, making him blush like a teenager, even after what they had just done.

“So this is going to be our secret. We were just having a little fun. Nothing to worry about, right sweetie?” Dinah said to Barry, still in his arms

“Of course Dinah, this was just a one time thing because we were both a little tipsy and horny”

“Well, I wouldn’t say ‘one time’ just yet” She said with a small wink and pinched Barry’s butt “Let’s get back to the party Barry, and don’t think about things too much”

Barry smiled and they walked out together, making sure they were not seen. Did Dinah really want to do this again? Would he say yes? He thought about if touching her would really be so bad, that it wasn’t a big deal. What had they started here.   

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