Shadowed Minds

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    The stars shown beautifully over the shades of National City and upon the balcony her brown eyes warmed by the sights understanding how deeply her sister, the caped hero of their home, grasped this wonder. It made the new Director take pause and just cherish the peace of a quiet eve. They were few and far between with her new role but she stood with pride to be appointed such a position. Even more so, she was 7 months sober and had refused any offered beverage of the alcoholic kind.

    Slipping her gaze away from the stars and city, Alex breathed in slowly then released it just as smoothly turning to venture back into the DEO and tend to matters the boss in her had to. Walking back in she noticed very few agents around but she wasn’t surprised. She’d sent two teams to train, a team out to patrol as well as check in with agencies to make sure other aliens under their protection were taken care of. Even though the acts and laws had adjusted for others there were still some hiccups along the lines of employments and housing.

    “Director?” Alex turned when called the appropriate title as one of their newest recruits straight out of the NCPD Science Division came trotting up the stairs with concerned blue eyes. Holding out the papers he pointed out his findings which brought Alex’s eyes steeling with purpose. “It’s the fifth person to vanish from this club in a month.”

    “What else do we know?” She put on her stern Director privado.

    “Three women, two men..under 30 and so far what we know ALL have some sort of training experience, whether military, special ops, or officers. My old division is looking into it as well.” Alex studied the information and then the descriptions of all the ones taken sighing but keeping her shoulders tense. They had all been seen last or been known to have gone to ONE particular club. “It’s Afflictius. Heard of it?”

    “Yes, once..” Alex considered her options then flicked her gaze from the paper to the agent. “I want full surveillance on this place in the next four hours. Assemble a team to infiltrate it undercover. I’ll be attending as well.” The agent’s eyes widened stepping back slightly.

    “Director...boss….is that...are you sure?” But Alex had made up her mind. “Should we contact your um...the um..” The nod brought the poor frazzled agent relief.

    “Oh..don’t think I’m gonna let them have all the fun.” Alex smirked giving her signature smile then laughed as he scrambled away a little frightened of her demeanor. As soon as he was out of view her gaze hardened as well as her expression. “This shit ends…..tonight..”

    As silver blue eyes studied the camera and quite the exquisite beauty, darkened crimson lips curled up slightly as a tongue slid slowly over the bottom with a deepening craving, for a fresh soul to entrap in rapture. Footsteps approached cautiously but then became firm as smooth strands of deep auburn came into view along with rich burning brown orbs. The slight growl rolled through her throat and entered the air.

    “What a….magnificent sight..” Her accent deepening as was her hunger for what she gazed at on the screen.

    “I fine wine indeed. One…...we should invite in..don’t you agree?” His accent even stronger licked with what sounded of an Irish tone. Brown eyes lit up like a set of wildfires as they settled on his icy ones that began to smoke in darker shades. She licked her lips chuckling nodding then turning her focus back to the camera’s capture. “She will be at the club this eve.”

    “I’ll be awaiting her arrival.” She purred pleased ever so greatly as the center of her eyes once circled expanded out from top to bottom slipping into a burning gaze of ‘Cobraias while the brown in her gaze slipped into warm rich blood colors darkening more and more. The moment the colors pooled in her orbs black etched strikes of black slid over her flesh as if tattooing the sides of her face slipping along the neck draping downward until the emblem of her crest pooled in blacks and crimsons right by the side of where her pelvic bone resided.

    “She won’t be alone. Send our pets to distract the company. I’ll inform our siren to make sure to cast the audiences.” His gaze began to shift as well as silver etched his orbs and dark haunting midnight blues struck along his iris and skin. He then put his bare hand over the screen as tribal tattoos of ‘Cobraias etched along his flesh. Searching the airs he shut his powerful eyes and focused on this leader of agents.

    Tonight, they would have a sixth and then finally be able to unleash their Emperor from his tomb..

    Her head flung up just as both Supers appeared at the door, while she worked a shade of purple eyeliner along her lid. Neither the blonde and the brunette that now bared streaks of lighter browns, were pleased with the news. Alex studied from the red and blue of her sister’s attire to the black and forest greens of her friend’s attire. Puffing slightly she sighed. Her ‘friend’? She must have been kidding herself with how both women had been dancing around one another as of late.

    Reign had been defeated and despite Sam’s wish to just be normal, she had discovered with the sun’s absorption she did indeed hold as much strength as Kara. Now, she moonlighted with her Kryptonian pal and together they found purpose fighting side by side. Sam had also been teaching Ruby, with Alex’s help of course, how to handle situations without violence. The young Arias had inherited some of the powers of her mother in the end. Not much, but some.

    Now, both Kryptonians were firing daggers of concern at the woman in charge.

    “I know how you both feel about this..”

    “I don’t approve.” Sam snarled slightly.

    “Neither do I.” Kara stepped forward announcing her concerns even more. “Alex..”

    “Because it’s just us in here, that name is fine but...I need to stop whomever is responsible for these disappearances and find them.” Alex explained with even more of a stern tone to her words. “Wouldn’t you put yourself in front of the cannon if it saved lives?” The blonde sighed as the brunette growled storming over getting up in Alex’s face. “What?”

    “Alex…..I don’t want you hurt or...or...if you disappear…” The Director put a hand firmly on Sam’s shoulder then slid up along the side of her neck to her face cupping her cheek. “Alex..”

    “I have agents that will be inside as well as out and tech will have the cameras all monitored. I’m just….I’m going in to see if I can get info or find out whom is responsible. If we can find them by this, it’s worth the risk.” Alex told her friend as they both nudged their heads closer to the other until their foreheads touched and they let out joint sighs. “I’ll be careful, and I have ceramic knives on me so metal detections won’t pick up weapons. Trust me Sam.”

    “We will be on standby okay?” Kara announced as both women pulled apart and nodded. The blonde just shrugged huffing. “Better be safe.” Alex chuckled.

    “I’ll have both Supers on my tail...I’ll be good.” Flicking her gaze to Sam she caught a caged hunger in the woman’s eyes and she knew where it was directed causing a shiver down her spine of a taunting heat. Fuck….when she gives me that gaze… Alex stoned her features once more putting on her fierce expression straightening her stance to walk over to the stool grabbing her long black leather jacket. Flicking her gaze to the mirror she studied the purple swipes along her eyes, the mascara not to overdone, the dabs of makeup over her and her short auburn red hair waved by style. Looking down the buckle down vest fit her well heightening her cleavage for a better display. Nice dark and slightly faded skinny jeans and finally silver buckled black half calf covered leather boots with raised heels perfecting her appearance.

    “Kara…” Sam whispered as both women walked out following the boss and the blonde flicked her gaze over to the other Kryptonian noticing where Arias’ eyes were. “I reallllllllly gotta….tell you...something…” Both Supers were caught off guard as the Director suddenly stopped to slightly turn her head back toward Sam.

    “Enjoying the view of my ass Arias?” Alex smirked as the brunette gulped realizing she had been caught. Then brown eyes burned with fury as her head slid forward stalking to the doors to exit the DEO building and enter the garage where her newest motorcycle resided. “Time to get this party started.” Alex pulled the com out of her pocket and slid it into her ear testing it’s accuracy. “Am I coming in crystal?”

    “Crystal clear Director.” The woman on the other end told her as she mounted her baby and started up the power of her bike.

    “Remember….we are after info, unless hostile. I don’t want any casualties.”

    “Roger Boss!” Alex smiled popping her visor down on the helmet she put over her head after hearing her team’s response.

    “Let’s go clubbing…” Firing off through the garage she rode down the ramp and exited the building completely as the vehicles in tow fanned out like a gang following their leader. Upon the night sky both Supers flew quietly soaring in between buildings maintaining view but remaining as hidden as possible. Stealth was the key tonight..

    Blood warm hunting eyes studied the crowds watching carefully for those out of place, admiring the turn out at the door as people came into the beats and rhythms dancing away their troubles as the DJ kept luring more and more in. It was a win-win for the siren they had on payroll. She got to play her best hits, as the synthesizers and melodies brought a hypnotic wave of ecstasy, dark desires and unbridled pleasures in the crowds that allowed them freedom without petty worries and strife. In return, she drained just a small amount of life force by the enchantments and it kept her fed and pleased.

    As more and more came in, checked at the door by inspection and rules one in particular locked her sight in as the guard ran the bar down the woman’s body.

    “She’s here….” Evelyn couldn’t have been more excited forcing the blood and snake eyes away from her orbs slipping them back into warm rich browns with just a tiny amount of smoke meant to captivate slowly a victim if gazing into her sight. Smiling she adjusted the dark blood colored corset sightly loosening the top part forcing more flesh to be visible then slid from the railing of the second floor of the club making her way dancing down the steps. Now, it was time to get better acquainted..

    “No thank you..” Sighing slightly she pushed the stool back against one of the tables sliding her brown gaze along the dance floor. Alex hadn’t realized the trouble of the liquors that were all around her. Not just alcohol no….some were playing along other things as well. If the Director had to guess..E, party pills and probably others. Regardless, yet another tender she turned down knowing they were just trying to be courteous but….she didn’t do booze anymore. Alex had forgotten, with clubs came the temptations of all different kinds.

    Sighing once more she slid closer to the dance floor only to lean onto the small wall and watch the various people smiling, laughing, dancing, singing, and sooooo much more. Brown orbs were fogging and she hadn’t even contemplated the danger. Her body went from rather tense to a soothing relaxed state. Even more so, the way some of the dancers were moving….it seemed almost..erotic.

    “Daaaamn…” Alex whispered watching two women move along the floor, grinding against one another as if they were a couple of naughty pussy cats. Brown eyes were slipping into the dance unable to turn away. Then a set of hands were draping along her sides playing light swipes up her torso. Alex felt herself warming by the touches and the hands grazed all over the sides of her body even dragging lightly scraping against the sides of her legs only to return to her torso until..

    “Enjoying the view kitten..” The voice spoke so very close to Alex’s ear and the accent unwound her even quicker as her lips slightly parted her tongue grazing slightly along the lower lip. Then lips played along her ear and fingers grazed her other ear as light drags of nails danced down the shell of her ear instantly snapping the com in her ear without her even knowing. For the music pulsed in her ears deeply into her mind.

    Alex felt her body slipping into a state of surrender as her mind had already bowed and her head slid back with her eyes slipping up and into the back of her skull. Fingers now grazed along her lips swiping slightly then dragging down the front of the Director’s neck. The other hand had slid around Alex’s torso dragging her away from the wall and toward the shadows where a door had been pulled open leading into a darkness that the agent would learn to enjoy.

    Evelyn easily drug her prize through as one of their men shut the door behind them and Alex’s eyes slid forward only to gaze foggily along enchanting painted walls and tapestries until the ‘Cobraias Priestess pushed her forward and the Director’s body dropped into a hot steamed bath gasping. Her body flung up from the water her eyes wide panting hard from the sudden shift from her dry form to completely saturated and she lunged at the edge of the vast round spa.

    “Wha….I….y...youuuu...I…” Alex breathed in a warm enriching scent and it’s aroma permeated her senses bringing cleared orbs of brown into rich glazed chocolate rivers.

    “That’s it….sweet little kitten….take in the tastes..let it send you deeply...under…” Evelyn slid into the tub coming behind Alex who’s body arched and shivered by the torrent fires igniting in her mind. Instantly she slid her arms around the beautiful creature before her bringing Alex into her yearning grasp placing her over her lap. Dragging her hands upward she basked in the pleasant feel of nice plump mounds bringing the woman in her claws unleashing a lustful moan.

    “Ooooh…..ugh…..fck….oooooh…” Alex couldn’t fathom anything else as she reached up and slid her hands over the hands massaging her chest groping her breast even with her vest still on and suddenly all she wanted was to unbind her body for the one touching her in such a wondrous sensual way. Her eyes were completely glazed in pleasure and need and her heavy breathing brought pooling right between her trembling legs.

    “Mmmmm yes…..enjoy it….crave it...want it….neeeeeeeeed it….” Evelyn purred, with all rich strikes of heavy luring accented calls. She smiled in rich desire dragging her tongue along her lips and fangs as the woman in her grasp then reached to unclip her vest for her. She chuckled with a slight growl of appeasement as Alex finished the last of the clips and quickly ridded her body of the attire as it floated slightly then slowly began to sink under. The Director no longer wished for control, no….she wished to be taken to be touched, to be mastered and pleasured. Alex couldn’t fathom how far gone she was, it didn’t matter. Instantly hot touches grasped her now bare breasts and her head fell back against the woman’s shoulder.

    “Ooooh….moooore….” Her mind craved, her body craved even more. Alex needed it so badly. Then the water moved and another growl was heard then a hot set of lips were along the other side of her neck. Just as she opened her fogged eyes a bigger hand slid into her hair and yanked her head further back as another big hand reached out and clasped one of her breasts.

    “You want more….more….more sweet kitten….” Evelyn spoke using her voice as it traveled so deeply through Alex’s ear and slid into her mind coiling around it stroking it and tainting it.

    “More….say more..Alexandra...more….” His lips left her neck for a second as his voice slid into Alex’s head. Alex’s eyes of brown swam into their calling as her body arched in between both ‘cobraias.

    “Mooooore…” She moaned, caving to all the desire festering through her sending her nerves into torturous pleasures and her core lit up pooling like lava. Her body was brought back against Evelyn’s as Damien followed and they switched breasts as his other hand slid down their captive’s torso further down the navel and finally right between the soaked denim rubbing teasingly pressing in just the right spots causing a low growl of pleasure to release from Damien’s lips.

    “Beg him…..beg him for more sweet kitten…” Evelyn smiled licking along Alex’s ear as she groped the other breast dragging her thumb over a taut perked nipple. “Beg...for us…” She knew in order for this one to surrender she had to speak their native tongue. The rich textures of their spa were filled and fueled by the herbs of their lands. The human’s body had to absorb enough by flesh and by inhalation. They were so close with this one. Her gaze slid to Damien’s and their eyes linked shifting ‘Cobraias instantly.

    “Do you feel it beautiful one?” Damien spoke enriching his accent even more as Alex’s glazed eyes met his shifted ones and her body instantly spiked in hot preamble as she began panting practically leaning into his body needing his touch suddenly. “Mmmmm yes….free your body of such...lower restraints..” Damien watched licking his hungering lips as Alex struggled to strip off wet denim in which Evelyn helped using her strength as she gripped them. “You want them off for us..” He sent his power through his gaze and voice watching as her eyes glazed even further as her pupils shrunk into tiny pin pricks then expanded quickly leaving only a tiny bit of brown shedding in her gaze.

    “I….want them….off….” Alex spoke completely gone, her entire being captive to them and as Evelyn easily tore them away Damien came closer dragging his gaze down her now bare form. Instantly the Director felt fingers graze her folds below and she gasped then moaned watching, while the woman rubbing her teasingly, as this powerful ‘Cobraias Prince stripped away the remains of his attire and reached out to clasp the sides of her waist fingers grazing her hips.

    “You will…..say it now…” Damien smiled, knowing their power and scents were working the human into their clutches watching as the markings of their people began to swipe along Alex’s face and neck. As if she was being tattooed, tribal blades slid along the sides of her face and curved blades around her neck until they began to swirl right at the front at her throat. All she had to do..was say the words.

    “Duitevra eui vitres……….dravuu..” Alex didn’t know where it came from but her voice unleashed the ancient tongue and with it she felt a strike of hot white lightning erupt through her. Then they were captivating her attention touching her, tasting her, taking her. Nothing else mattered as a dark enrapturing pleasure filled her every pore and her will she gave in yearning surrender to all they could bring upon her. Where the swirls were along her throat was now a rune, a marking of their Emperor.

    “Yes… are the one..” Evelyn moaned along Alex’s ear whom panted moaning as well as they had their unwavering ecstasy of feasting taking this leader between them in ravenous pleasures unleashing all their desire upon her mind and body. Once they were done they would have her brought to the temple and with her being the final key, they would awaken their Emperor.

    “The one indeed….so warm….and tight..I bet....” Damien growled along Alex’s neck as he pushed her thighs apart preparing to seize an opportunity to enter this wonderful human plaything. If the Emperor didn’t destroy this one..oooooh he would keep her for his own and teach her the obedience of his masterful pleasures. He set his sights on her vein just about to mark her and end her will power completely until a sudden blast brought damage and dust toward them as where a wall once resided two sets of powerful glowing orbs centered on them. As the dust settled Damien and Evelyn saw the two Kryptonian warriors hovering in the air their fists clenched and their bodies angered by what they saw. He watched as their gaze flicked from them to their captive and it was if fury gained its own unyielding power.

    “RELEASE HER!!” Kara shouted with all the command behind her voice.

    “NOW!!” Sam snarled as they hovered closer.

    “Such incredible strength..we heard rumors of the two of you.” Damien spoke as he lit power into his gaze slipping it slowly into his voice. “Lady Warriors of Krypton….beauties behold..” He gazed at them hungrily but steadied his stare wanting to strip away their fight. Removing his hands from the human he spoke a spell into his head as material once again covered his lower body and he moved further out of the hot tub.

    “Release her to us!” Sam growled shaking her head instantly feeling a slow yet nagging pull flicking her gaze to the blonde widening her eyes slightly seeing the blue orbs no longer glowing angrily almost glazing over. She slid her gaze back to the monster before her forcing the glow back into her eyes. “STOP!!”

    “Wha…” Kara felt as if someone had slapped her with a cast iron pan as she shook her head flipping it from Sam then to the man before them. Was he….was I…. The sickening smile along his lips said it all. “Give us the Director.. NOW!” She was done playing this game but her eyes widened as suddenly Alex was thrown to them and she was about to rush to catch her but it was Sam whom caught her body and cradled it against her own. “Where are the others??!”

    “Another time….Supergirl..” Damien smiled whispering something both Kryptonians felt drilling into their minds and instantly they rushed away from the chamber out of the club and back into the sky.

    “Shit….” Sam gasped shaking slightly as she held Alex’s unconscious body in her arms. “She’s out cold.”

    “Let’s get her back to the DEO.” Kara told her friend.

    “Agreed..” Sam responded as they rushed off with the Director in their safe arms.

    Still standing in the water Damien began to laugh putting his head back then bringing it forward to the side to study his Priestess.

    “Now we know..” Evelyn grumbled.

    “Yes. But we know where they go. We will watch.”

    “They have her.” She growled.

    “Not completely…” Damien smiled leaning back sliding into the hot liquid as it pooled around him and he reached out for Evelyn. “She will return. After all…..she surrendered already..” Looking at her noble Prince she slid over his lap reaching down to please Damien for his feat.

    “That’s right. She’s bound….”

    In the steam filled room even in the destruction they laughed until laughter turned into growls and pants and moans. Soon their sounds of dark pleasures echoed the chamber. It was only a matter of time. She would come back, and when she did…..HIS awakening would come..

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