My Sister's Wedding

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Alex Danvers hadn't been sure what to expect inside of her little sister's head. What she first found broke her heart a little. Then she thought about it and it broke her heart even more. Because the first thing she saw was Krypton, the home world Kara had lost years ago. Which should have been what she was expecting. After all, what else could it be? For a moment there was a fleeting thought, and then Alex focused on all the people her adoptive sister had lost, including her biological family. Then she thought about what this really meant. That Kara was secretly so unhappy living on Earth, with Alex, that the only thing she wanted was to get away.

Of course Alex couldn't focus on her sister's happiness, or lack thereof, or how it made her feel, or anything like that because Kara's life was at risk here. Because in reality Kara wasn't on Krypton, she was in the grip of something called the Black Mercy, an alien plant which Kara's Uncle Non was using to try and incapacitate her, or worse kill her. Alex only knew what it was because of a visit from Kara's Aunt Astra, who didn't want her niece to die, which would happen if Alex couldn't make Kara snap out of this dream-like state. Alex didn't even know how much time she had before the worst happened, but she was determined to save her sister. No matter what it takes.

Inside the dream Alex was still dressed in her black DEO uniform, and she even had her gun, which she took out for comfort, even though she wasn't sure it would have any effect on anyone she came across. Luckily her training as an agent allowed her to avoid detection, although it was touch and go because wherever she went was filled with people who weren't Kara, and although most of them weren't carrying weapons there was no way she could guarantee they wouldn't be hostile. In fact it was more likely they were being controlled by the Black Mercy, and not Kara's imagination, so Alex avoided them while slowly making her way through the building.

She checked room, after room, after room until finally she found her sister. When she was sure there was no one else inside the room Alex cautiously opened the door, slid inside, and then close the door behind her. She then opened her mouth to greet the Kryptonian, only for her words to become lost. Before she had been so grateful to find her sister that Alex hadn't really taken in what she was wearing, but now was very much registering and it was taking Alex's breath away. Because there, standing in front of the full-length mirror was her sister, in most beautiful white wedding dress she had ever seen. It even had her family's crest on the front of it, a detailed Alex only noticed after she stumbled forward a little to get a closer look.

"Alex!" Kara exclaimed, turning around when she finally noticed the other girl in the mirror, "What are you doing here?"

"I-" Alex tried to stammer, but that was all she got out before being interrupted.

"You know we're not supposed to see each other before the wedding." Kara grinned, running over and pulling Alex into a bone crushing hug, then pulling back and frowning, "And you're not dressed? Why are you not dressed? You're, you're not getting cold feet are you?"

After blinking a few times to try and clear her head Alex began again, "Kara, what are you-"

"Or are you just not wearing a dress?" Kara continued like she hadn't heard Alex's protest, "Are you seriously not wearing a dress? Cause I know you're a tomboy and proud, but we talked about this. I want to see you in that dress, and you know your mother will kill you if she doesn't get to see you in it."

"My mother?" Alex frowned, and true what Kara meant by that.

"Yeah, she wants to see you all dressed up too." Kara grinned, then softly adding while wrapping her hands around the back of Alex's neck and gently pulling her even closer, "So does everyone. Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Winn, J'ohn, both our families and even Cat is here for our big day. Which I know has to make you nervous, Rao knows I'm terrified, but it's what we talked about for a year now. Our wedding. It's finally here. And I'll be there with you every step of the way. So please, slip into your sexy little wedding dress and let's just do this. Let's get married! Please? You know I can't wait to become Mrs Kara Danvers."

If that speech wasn't mind blowing enough Kara lent forward and pressed her lips against hers as Alex's eyes went wide with shock. She hadn't been sure what to expect when she had insisted on being the one going into Kara's head, but Alex could have never imagined this would be her sister's idea of perfection. Sister! Alex had always wanted one, and have been grateful when she got it, but now it seemed like a dirty word. Like this dream world had forever tainted it. And tainted her relationship with Kara. It was wrong. All this was wrong, and Alex felt dirty for enjoying the kiss even for a single second. And it only lasted a few, Kara then pulling back with a hurt expression on her face as she sensed something was wrong.

"Alex?" Kara frowned, "What's wrong?"

"It's... it's not real." Alex stammered.

There was a rumbling in the distance and then Kara softly asked, "What?"

"This isn't real. Nothing about this is real." Alex said firmly, finally committing herself to pulling away which caused another telling rumble, "Nothing but us."

Kara gulped and then softly complained, "Alex, you're... you're not making sense."

"It's a dream Kara. This whole world is a dream." Alex started to explain, stopping when the ground suddenly shook beneath her, prompting Kara to squeeze and grabbed hold of her to keep her steady. Alex continued, "We're not on Krypton. We are not getting married. Kara, we're sisters."

"Sisters!" Kara exclaimed, and then after another rumble she let go of Alex and almost laughed as she began, "I mean sure, we grew up together but we're not... that's just something we used to say to explain why we were closer than most friends, but really we just didn't want to admit what we really felt for each other. But then... things changed... and now we're going to get married and live happily ever after. So I guess this, this is a dream. My dream. Our dream. Alex, it's our dream come true. Why are you trying to ruin it?"

"Because it's not real." Alex said firmly.

"Stop saying that!" Kara practically growled in the middle of yet another rumble.

"What happened yesterday?" Alex pushed.

Kara shrugged, "Half our guests arrived, we all had a meal together, and then we went to sleep for the last time without being a married couple."

"No." Alex said, "You were attacked, by something called a Black Mercy."

This time the ground literally started shaking, causing Alex to stop long enough for Kara to softly murmured, "Stop."

Ignoring the request Alex continued, "It's some creepy kind of alien plant your Uncle Non is trying to use to get you out of the way."

"Stop!" Kara said again, this time a lot louder.

Even as the ground beneath them shook again Alex continued, "It's put you in this dream-like state to make you think everything is okay, but it's not, "The stupid plant is draining your life force, and if you stay here Kara, it will kill you. Your Aunt Astra said so. She doesn't want you dead Kara, that's why she instructed me to enter your mind and save you before it's too late."

The ground beneath them began to crack as Kara screamed, "Stop, stop, stop!"

"Kara, what's going on? Who the hell is this?"

At the sound of that very familiar voice the rumbling immediately stopped and the ground repaired itself, which should have been a red flag to Kara that something really wasn't right with this world. However it was almost understandable that she wouldn't notice, given that suddenly there was another Alex standing by the door in a wedding dress. For a moment the real Alex just stared at her with her own mouth open in astonishment at seeing herself stood there, just like that. Then she realised what was happening, and shock was quickly replaced by anger, but before she could say anything Kara fell into the arms of Alex's doppelgänger.

"Alex!" Kara exclaimed as she stumbled forwards, then practically weeping into her sister's arms, "Thank Rao! It is you, isn't it?"

"Of course it's me sweetie." Other Alex said, rubbing Kara's back.

"Oh Rao! I thought it was true." Kara wept, "I thought you really didn't love me."

"Now, who put that silly thought into your head?" Fake Alex said, gently grabbing Kara's head and pulling it back so she could gently stroke her face.

"She did!" Kara exclaimed, pointing accusing at the Real Alex.

"Oh baby, don't you see what's happening?" Fake Alex said, "It's just an evil shape shifter come to ruin our special day."

"Like a Evil J'ohn?" Kara asked innocently.

"Exactly Kara. Like a Evil J'ohn." Evil Alex said, before calling out, "Guards! Arrest the impostor!"

Seconds later a large group of burly men dressed in armour burst through the door and headed straight for the Real Alex. They didn't stop to ensure they had the right one, or even question why there were two of them, both of which should have been red flags to Kara, but she was just staring happily at her bride, leaving Alex alone to defend herself. She tried her best, which was good enough for maybe a minute or two, but there was just too many of them and ultimately Alex found herself wrestled to the ground with her hands being cuffed behind her back. She was then forced to her feet and marched towards the door.

Maybe that would have been the end of it as the other Alex and then pushed, "Don't worry honey bunny, she'll be executed in the morning when we are busy celebrating our honeymoon."

"No! Stop!" Kara exclaimed, briefly giving the Real Alex hope before adding, "I can't stand the thought of her being killed, not while wearing your beautiful face. So bring her with us. That her watch her failure as we're joined in holy matrimony. Then we can interrogate her to see what my evil Uncle hope to achieve from this."

There was a brief pause and then Alex's doppelgänger ordered, "Very well. Anything for you sweetie. Guards, bring her with us. It's time to get married."


Alex was then dragged into a church, or what she assumed was the equivalent on Krypton. Although everyone sitting in the aisles turned to look at her, and it was super creepy. Especially because she recognised so many familiar faces, like J'ohn, Winn, and even her own mother. But it very clearly wasn't them, as they looked at her with nothing but contempt as the facade was dropped for a few long minutes. The worst part was when the Fake Alex strolled out, Alex's dead father Jeremiah Danvers on her arm, both of them giving her a sinister smirk as they passed her. Then 'Here Comes The Bride' started to play and suddenly everyone was smiling and looking adoringly at Kara who slowly walked in, never looking more beautiful than at that moment.

For a few long moments Alex was stunned into silence by Kara's beauty. She had always known her little sister was attractive, and that she would look stunning on her wedding day, but wow. Just wow. But then there was another rumble, which reminded Alex she was running out of time. She couldn't allow herself to be lost in whatever weird feelings the Black Mercy was making her feel, or making Kara feel, she had to get out of here. She had to save them. No matter what. Just like always. Because Alex Danvers would do anything to save Kara Zor-El, even if it meant doing and saying things she could have never have imagined. But hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

"Kara!" Alex yelled over the organ music, causing her sister to look back at her, "If you do this, you and I will be trapped here, until the Black Mercy kills us!"

"Do not listen to her." Fake Alex called out, "Come to me Kara. Come to me so we can be married, like you always wanted."

"No, listen to me! I, I'm trying to remind you of the truth." Real Alex gulped, "That life isn't perfect. I know it can be hard, and lonely. Especially for you. You have sacrificed, and you have lost so much. I wish you could have had a life with your family. But it wouldn't be like this. And I... I wish we could be together, but it wouldn't be like this. Because this, this isn't real. And deep down Kara, you know it. It's too perfect. Real life isn't perfect. Real life is full of pain, and loss. In real life, we don't always get what we want. But we do the best we can despite it. That's what makes you, you! A hero! That's why I, I... I love you."

"Enough! Take her away." Fake Alex ordered.

While the guards were distracted Alex managed to land a blow to one of their ribs, freeing one of her hands and allowing her to land a good hard blow right to the other guard's face. She then ran over to Kara, dodging guards as she went. Alex barely made it to her sister, her adopted sister she reminded herself in that moment, because in the next she was grabbing hold of Kara's face and smashing their lips together. It only lasted a few seconds, but Alex put everything she had into it, needing to make it as believable as possible. Although maybe she was a bit too successful with that. Or maybe it was the Black Mercy affecting her too. Whatever the case when she pulled back, stroked that beautiful face and spoke again it didn't feel like her words were a lie.

"Come with me Kara, and... and we can be together." Alex pleaded.

There was a brief hesitation, then Kara gulped, "You're just saying that."

"I'm not." Alex insisted, "This place, this lie... it made me realise how I really feel about you. And if you don't believe that, believe this. I would do anything to save you. Anything. I've been doing it my whole life. If marrying you is what it takes, so be it. But Kara, if you make a stay here you will kill us both. So please, baby, wake up. Wake up! It's the only way to save us. To save me. Please Kara, save me."

Suddenly Alex's doppelgänger appeared beside them, punched her in the face and yelled, "Shut up, and stop ruining my special day!"

"You can remember your real life, if you try." Real Alex pleaded as she was grabbed by the guards who began pulling her away, "Please try Kara, please! Earth needs Supergirl! I need Supergirl! I need you! Please? Come back to us Kara. Come back to me! Be with me. The real me."

"Stop!" Kara yelled, and then after a brief pause whimpered, "Alex!"

There was another brief pause, the biggest rumble yet, and then Kara ran towards her and Alex felt as if the whole world was going to explode. Or maybe just her. Immediately the guards, Fake Alex and all the wedding guests fell upon them, desperately trying to keep them apart, but this was Supergirl's mind, and she would not be denied. As the world around them was ripped apart, some of it breaking away and some of it just vanishing, Kara got closer and closer, holding out her hand for the other woman. Alex did the same and the moment before their hands touched a bright light began surrounding them, that light becoming blinding when they finally touched again. Then they were gone.


With a sharp gasp from both sisters they simultaneously sat up, the Black Mercy sliding off of Kara and landing on the floor in defeat. Around them their friends celebrated, but the two sisters remain silent and barely moving for a few long seconds, then Alex hesitantly turned to her sibling. A few seconds after that Kara did the same, the two women then staring at each other for a few long seconds, until of course Kara ran away. Or more accurately disappeared in a flash, flying far away to save the day, then fly off who knows where, because what else could she do? And what else could Alex do except watch her leave, not knowing if she would ever see her again.


Two days later...

Alex was wearing three layers of clothing, and was still freezing her ass off. Which wasn't surprising considering she was in the middle of the North Pole, intent on breaking her way into the Fortress of Solitude. Which definitely wasn't a good idea, especially not alone, but if Kara was here there was no way Alex could say what she needed to say in front of J'ohn or one of the other DEO Agents, so she had insisted that she was the only one who could bring Supergirl back, and she had to go it alone, and J'ohn had reluctantly agreed. Luckily they had a transporter, and a little key to the front door, but if Kara wasn't here Alex was going to be pissed.

Of course it wasn't the first place she tried. Or even the second. No, Alex had searched all of Kara's usual hiding places, leaving her no choice but to go to this one. Thankfully Alex's persistence finally paid off, as she found her in the middle of the Fortress. Unfortunately she still had no idea what she was going to say to her. Well, that wasn't true, it was just really, really scary. After all, she didn't want to push Kara away, but did she really want to marry her? Or even just date her? They weren't related by blood, but for so long Alex had thought of Kara as a sister, blissfully unaware that Kara saw her as something else. Arguably something more. Which was flattering, honestly. But really, really scary. Then again, Alex wasn't sure how she felt about it.

"For something called the Fortress of Solitude, this place gets way too many visitors." Kara grumbled, not turning around and looking at the other girl.

"If you really didn't want to be found, you wouldn't be here." Alex pointed out, "You just wanted me to work for it."

"Go away Alex." Kara said softly, not bothering to stifle her anger.

"We need to talk." Alex pushed.

"There's nothing to talk about!" Kara snapped, finally turning to look at her sister, "You lied to save me from the Black Mercy. End of story."

"That's... that's..." Alex hesitated, before taking a deep breath and then admitting, "That's not entirely true."

For a moment Kara looked stunned, then she frowned angrily, "Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not." Alex said softly.

"Because I'm still doing my job!" Kara protested, indicating to the screen in front of her, "I'm scanning the world for danger, so really, I'm better off here, where I can protect the whole world, instead of just one city and then just mostly leave the rest to my cousin."

"I'm not." Alex said more firmly.

"And I'll come back eventually, I just need some time. And so do you." Kara finished.

"I'm not lying." Alex protested angrily, then pointed out with a frown, "You heard me."

There was a brief pause before Kara pointed out, "Can you blame me for not believing you? Alex, since when were you into girls?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Alex countered, then after a long pause laughed, "You know, we were fine before all of this. I was fine. But now, I just... I keep thinking about it. Krypton. Your Family. Our... I can only imagine what it was like to lose them all over again. And I promise you, we'll get the son of a bitch that did that to you. But... maybe there can be some good to come out of it. Because I know, I know how you truly feel about me. And I can't stop thinking about it. And I know, I know it should freak me out, but it doesn't. It actually kind of, make sense. In a really weird way. I mean, I love you more than anything, and you are adopted... so I, I understand how platonic feelings could have grown into something more."

"They didn't." Kara grumbled, before further admitting, "I knew from the moment I first saw you that I liked you more than in a platonic way, but I was supposed to be your sister, and you were straight, so I figured all I had to do was spend a lot of time with you and be as boy crazy as possible and until I only had sisterly feelings for you and nothing else. Only that totally backfired. And now..."

"Now you're not sure what to think?" Alex offered, and then when Kara nodded Alex cautiously stepped forward and told the other woman, "I don't blame you. And this is super weird. The Black Mercy! I mean it was weird how I found out from the Black Mercy how you feel... but, part of me still sees you as my sister. But somehow that's not a deal breaker, which is definitely super weird in itself, but the point is... it's up to you. If this is too weird for you, we can forget it. But, if you want, you know... we can try. But I'm not leaving you here. Not when you obviously need someone, one way or another. So tell me Kara, what do you really want?"

There was a long pause, then Kara mumbled, "What do you want?"

"I don't know." Alex admitted hesitantly, and then when Kara seemed disappointed she quickly added, "You! Maybe? I don't know, it's kind of confusing. I mean, I should be here to gently shoot you down, and I practised trying... but... I also practised doing the exact opposite. Can that be enough for now?"

Yet another long moment of silence, then Kara slowly close the distance between them and offered, "How about a test? If you don't like it, we'll stop and never talk about it again. If you do... we'll see..."

"Like what?" Alex asked nervously, although she had several ideas already in her head.

"Like this." Kara said, stepping into Alex's personal space.

There was then a brief pause with Kara looking incredibly nervous, then Supergirl reached out, grabbed Alex firmly by the waist and pulled her against her body. This caused Alex to gasp softly, and then she kept her mouth open as Kara's lips hovered over hers for a few long seconds, both their eyelids drooping as they cautiously looked at each other and then down at their lips. Then they kissed. They for real kissed! It wasn't a dream, or a hallucination brought about by some evil alien plant, the two sisters really were kissing each other, and it felt wonderful. So soft, so sweet, so loving. It was perfect. And well, terrifying.

Alex then gasped once the kiss was finally over, "Wow!"

"I know." Kara smiled, low-key referencing a show she liked, before cautiously asking, "Up for more?"

Alex bit her lip and then cautiously asked, "More kissing?"

"To start." Kara grinned wickedly, before gently kissing Alex again.

Kara kept kissing Alex for quite a while. Partly because she still couldn't believe this was real, and partly because she didn't want to push either of them into something they weren't ready for, but mostly because she just really, really loved it. And why wouldn't she? This was literally what her dreams were made of. What she'd been dreaming of ever since she landed on this planet and was introduced to this pretty girl she was told she had to treat like a sister, when really she wanted to treat her as something else entirely. Arguably something more, and finally now Kara had permission to show that, and she didn't want to rush it. No, she wanted to savour every single minute of it.

Which was why that kissing session seemed to last forever, and that was just when they were standing still. Then Kara began to float in the air because she was just so happy, and thanks to her tight grip on Alex the other girl didn't go anywhere. Heck, Alex didn't even seem to notice she wasn't on the ground any more, which was a very, very good sign. Before she could notice Kara slowly flew them over to a chair, sat down on it and to her delight without needing to be asked Alex straddled her waist to continue the making out session, only this time Kara's slid her hand over Alex's body. She tried to be good and restrict herself to just Alex's back, sides, and thighs, but after all this time Kara just couldn't resist copping a feel.

Alex gasped into the kiss when Kara squeezed her butt, and then again when she cupped her boobs, but when she tried to slip her hand under her heavy coat and shirt to her bare skin Alex broke the kiss and protested, "Here? Really Kara?"

Kara opened her mouth to apologise, then bit her lip in hesitation, before finally telling the other girl, "Not if you don't want too. But it's just... I've loved you for so long, and one way or another you've loved me. And this place mean so much to me, and is a reminder that we're not related by blood. So... why not?"

There was a long pause and then Alex grumbled softly, "It's cold."

"I know." Kara grinned cheekily, "So let me warm you up."

This earned her an impressed look from Alex, which was just so adorable it made Kara smile and lean in for another kiss. She did it slowly to give Alex a chance to protest, but while she looked apprehensive for a second the brunette didn't protest, hesitantly kissing the blonde back, which filled her with relief and happiness. Kara knew she was pushing her luck, but she just couldn't help it. Like she had said, she had wanted Alex for so long, and now she literally had her in her lap and kissing her back she wanted it all. Everything. Or at least, whatever she could get with their clothes still on. Or more accurately, just Alex's, as while Kara certainly didn't like extreme temperatures they certainly wouldn't kill her.

So Kara pushed her hand, which was at least warmer than it had been now it had been pressed in between Alex's body and Alex's clothes, over to the other girl's tits, and wow. Kara was touching Alex's bra covered boobs right now. Wow. Suddenly Kara regretted not doing this before with some other girl. She had been tempted on a few occasions, like with Lucy Lane, who was ridiculously hot, and then of course there was Cat Grant, but she'd never gone there with them for obvious reasons, and it just wouldn't be the same with some random girl. No, she decided long ago that if this was going to happen it was going to be with Alex, except now that made the situation even more awkward.

Alex had honestly expected this to be a lot more awkward than it actually was. Kissing Kara, especially. After all, it was literally kissing her sister. It was hard to think of anything more weird and awkward than that, but while she was doing it Alex mostly became lost in it. Even her little sister feeling her up couldn't really distract her from the kiss, and perhaps nothing would have if Kara's hands hadn't been so freaking cold. Even then the feeling of her baby sister's hands underneath her shirt didn't freak Alex out as much as it should have, and she even found herself being talked into going further, which was crazy considering where they were.

Sure, it wasn't as bad as if they were trying this somewhere public, but while the chances them in discovered by someone they didn't know where astronomical the chances of them being discovered by someone they knew was all too probable, and it wasn't like this place had a bedroom or anywhere truly private they could go. At least as far as Alex was aware. So she should absolutely put a stop to this. Nip it in the bud before it even really got started. But... Kara was a really, really good kisser, and just with a few touches her body was aching for more. So at least for now Alex just let Kara have her way with her, and try not to think about the possibility of being interrupted by Superman.

Thankfully she got a distraction in the form of Kara's wandering hands unclasping her bra, and then just as Alex was gasping into the kiss the other girl's hands slid under that bra and round to her boobs, causing her to let out another soft gasp into that kiss. Kara froze for a moment, clearly giving Alex a chance to pull away and complain. Or maybe Alex was frozen, which scared Kara, or a weird combination of both, the point was the kiss was momentarily put on hold for a few long seconds. Then Alex started kissing Kara again, causing the mighty Supergirl to smile into the kiss and start boldly caressing her tits. Perhaps a little more roughly than Alex would have really liked, but it was a good kind of roughness.

When Alex's nipples were painfully hard Kara started slowly pushing her right hand south, causing the older sibling to tense up briefly. Kara again briefly stopped, then continued when Alex relaxed, which was a routine they repeated when the blonde pushed her hand into the brunette's pants, initially just over the panties, and then they repeated the process again a few minutes later when Kara pushed Alex's underwear aside. Just the feeling of Kara touching her through her panties was mind blowingly intense, and Alex wasn't sure she would have survived if she hadn't had that brief taste of the pleasure to come. But when Kara was directly touching her pussy, oh God, Alex didn't even think coherently for about a minute.

Kara was feeling almost as overwhelmed, although not because she was shocked this was happening. Well, she was, but she was mostly overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that it was. Although if she was being honest with herself it was a little overwhelming to be doing this for the first time. To be touching another girl in this way. To be having her first homosexual experience. Although it was perhaps a bit easier than the first heterosexual experience as at least Alex at the same body parts as she did, meaning that Kara knew exactly what to do. Well, she had to remember to be a little more gentle, but given the reaction she got it seemed she was doing a really good job.

Throughout the foreplay Alex had been gasping and moaning into Kara's mouth, but things rapidly escalated when she started touching Alex's centre. Even when it was indirectly Alex was crying out in pleasure, and when Kara moved that underwear aside her adoped sibling broke the kiss and let out a loud cry of pure pleasure. Alex then seemed to freeze again, understandably overwhelmed by what was happening, but just like before she relaxed, this time smiling bashfully at Kara before blushing as the Kryptonian just couldn't stop herself from grinning at just how cute the human looked at that moment, and how much she was loving this. Then Alex kissed her again, probably to avoid the smile, although Kara didn't care why, she was just happy to be kissing Alex again.

It was a kiss which lasted even longer than the ones which came before it as Kara continued to gently stroke Alex's pussy lips up and down with her fingertips. Of course the entire time Kara wanted more. She wanted to fuck Alex, and now she was so close to getting what she wanted Kara couldn't just stop now. She could barely resist pushing her fingers inside right away, but from the previous times she had pushed Alex forward Kara could tell she would need to give the other girl plenty of time to relax before moving onto the final and perhaps most scary step. Also, she just kind of became lost in that wonderfully long kiss.

Inevitably though Kara pressed her fingers against Alex's entrance and then when the other girl didn't object she pushed her way inside her. Oh yes, Kara pushed a finger into Alex's pussy, the experience causing them both to pull back and cried out loudly in what certainly seemed like pure pleasure. Although, maybe Kara was just too lost in her own overwhelming happiness to notice exactly what Alex was feeling. It was that worrying thought which made her concentrate extra hard on Alex for the next few minutes, for once not returning to the kiss just so she could carefully study her adopted sibling's face. Thankfully she saw nothing but positive reactions.

Alex continued to find it difficult to think coherently, although it was little easier when Kara's tongue wasn't in her mouth. That alone had been overwhelming, but the combination of that and Kara touching her pussy had just been too much. Having Kara entering her, Kara inside her, that was more than enough to fry Alex's brain again and she let out a sharp cry is that finger slowly pushed it's way inside her and then started pumping in and out of her pussy. But Kara just looked at her with such concern and love that Alex felt compelled to make sure to let the other girl know she was okay. Preferably in a way which wouldn't embarrass her.

The sounds which constantly escaped her lips without her permission were pretty embarrassing, but as much as she tried Alex couldn't stop them entirely. Which made her consider insisting upon another kiss. Also, she missed Kara's lips pressed against her own. But there was something to be said for staring into Kara's eyes as she pushed her closer and closer towards climax. That and seeing that love, concern and enjoyment in those eyes was pushing Alex even faster towards orgasm, and considering where they were that had to be a very, very good thing. Besides, Alex didn't know if she could hold back even if she wanted to try.

Just when Alex thought she was getting some relief Kara surprised her by not only slowing down the force of her thrusts, but then after Alex gave her an impressed look Kara grinned cheekily. Which were two things that Alex wouldn't have thought innocent little Kara Danvers was capable of. Then again maybe that was just the big sister side of her clouding her judgement. After all, a reason this was having such an effect on her, even though it shouldn't, was that she had a vivid memory of the sweet girl who showed up on her doorstep one day being introduced to her as her new sister. When if anything, this proved Kara was all grown-up. They both were, and Alex was determined to receive the benefit of that, no matter what it took.

Although it took a while for her to summon up the words, eventually Alex got there, "Kara... please... more... give me more, mmmmm, ohhhhhhh fuck... Kara please, make me ah fuck! Make me cum Kara, please, I need it! I need it so bad! Please? Just oooooooh yessssssssss, fuck me Kara, fuck me, aaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd!"

Again surprising Alex, Kara didn't say a word. Oh God, the girl who was normally a chatterbox just remain silent and occasionally smiled with the confidence Alex didn't normally see, and then after an embarrassing moment of pleading from Alex the older sibling got what she wanted. And not just from the harder finger fucking. No, Kara pushed a second finger inside her, which pushed next to the edge of orgasm, and then just as she got used to that Kara started rubbing her clit with her thumb, pretty much immediately sending Alex over that edge. Oh yes, Alex went over that edge and receive the hardest climax of her life, and it was quickly followed by another and another and another as her adopted sister continued to ruthlessly finger her.

Kara might have seemed calm, cool and collected on the outside, but that was just her putting her best Supergirl game face on, and the only reason she was able to do that was because it was the difference between doing this again or not. On the inside she was smiling widely, giggling and jumping up and down for joy. Maybe even squealing with glee. But no, she had to concentrate on making Alex cum. On fucking her adopted sibling with her fingers until she passed out with ecstasy. Which might be the only thing which would guarantee that while she might freak out afterwards Alex would eventually allow Kara to talk her into doing this again, and again, and again.

Of course at the same time while she couldn't get distracted from making Alex cum Kara had to also be very careful to fuck her sister as hard as she possibly could without causing her any physical pain, which was almost harder, because all Kara wanted to do was use her full strength to pound the hot wet heaven that was tightly wrapped around her fingers. Unfortunately she was capable of incredible strength, and could easily cause Alex a horrific and embarrassing injury if she wasn't careful. Besides, she didn't want to hurt this part of Alex. No, she wanted to be friends with it. Very, very good friends. Kissing friends, ideally.

It was extremely tempting to make that fantasy a reality by getting down on her knees and burying her face in Alex's cunt so she could replace her fingers with her tongue. However that was a huge step in their relationship, and Kara didn't want to do it as an addition to something else. Especially if Alex wouldn't be fully aware of it, and it looked like that would be the case considering how lost in her pleasure Alex was. Besides, Kara had been given permission to go down on Alex, and if, and hopefully when, that happened, Kara wanted there to be no doubt that she had consented to it. And ideally, that Alex would even ask her to do it. Maybe even beg for it. Although again, that was concentrating on the future, instead of focusing on the present. Especially when the present was so wonderful.

While Kara would have liked the present to last longer than it did Alex did eventually go limp in her arms, providing another very good reason for her to have stayed in this position. Because sure, she could have almost certainly saved Alex from hurting herself in the process, but even Supergirl liked to avoid taking risks with such important things like the well-being of the people she loved. Besides, doing it this way allowed her to gently fly over to a seat, sit down on it and then gently hold Alex to her while gently cooing. It did mean she had to remove her fingers from the other girl's pussy, but the moment had passed, and for that brief few seconds Kara was truly satisfied with just holding this beautiful woman in her arms.

Alex wasn't sure when she lost consciousness, or when she got it back. All she knew was that one second it felt like she was having one long continuous orgasm, the next she was being held in the strong arms of Supergirl, who was no longer touching her inappropriately. After those orgasms Alex was immediately disappointed that her adopted sibling wasn't touching her inappropriately, and while she knew she should be horrified by that realisation in that moment she couldn't care less. Especially when she had something much more pressing to worry about, namely finding the strength to return the favour, because not doing so was just not an option for her.

It felt like nothing short of a miracle that she found the strength to move at all, and in the end the only reason she probably could was sheer stubbornness, but it was worth it, just to hear Kara let out a soft sound of pleasure as Alex pressed a gentle kiss to her neck. Alex quickly gave her another, and another, and another, until she was able to push her hand up, gently grab Kara's face and gently pulled towards her so she could press their lips together. God, that kiss was so soft and sweet, and just... loving. Like Alex could feel the love that Kara had for her radiating from that kiss, and it just pushed her even more to return the favour. Even if, of course, Kara was willing to give her an out.

As soon as she felt a hand sliding down her body Kara reluctantly broke the kiss and then even more reluctantly told the other girl, "You don't have too, you know?"

"I'm going too." Alex said softly yet firmly.

She decided that she needed too, that she had too, because that's what the burning desire inside her felt like, but Alex thought that sounded a bit too rapey. Or perhaps even more than her last words made that sound like. Luckily Kara had made it very clear that she wanted this, and she could easily stop her even if Alex wasn't in a weakened state, so Alex didn't worry about that too much. Not when she was concentrating on the task at hand, namely pushing her hand into Kara's skirt and under her panties, making her adopted sister gasp out loudly in pleasure. Alex also let out a gasp, although was mostly at amazement and just how much wetness she found in between Kara's legs.

Even though it was an obvious, and kind of stupid, statement Alex just couldn't resist mumbling, "You're so wet."

"You, you make me..." Kara stammered.

"Shhhhh, just enjoy." Alex whispered before kissing Kara again.

This kiss was a lot more lively than the last, proving that adrenaline had kicked in for Alex, while the additional intimate touch was working wonders for Kara. Which was impressive, especially at the beginning as it was only the touch of skin against skin, albeit Alex touching Kara's most intimate area. Of course when she actually started to rub her little cunt Kara cried out loudly into the kiss and then pulled Alex more firmly against her as the kissing became increasingly heated. Which was really, really distracting, so much so that Alex actually had to break away from it to finish the job, which was harder than she thought it would be because she just wanted to melt into those strong arms, and a wonderful kiss from Supergirl. But no, Alex refused to let this end until Kara came for her.

Kara whimpered when Alex suddenly pulled her hand away, but then gasped as her big sister dropped to her knees in front of her, pushed her head underneath her skirt and slid her tongue over the now thoroughly ruined panties. Alex always was a fan of bold moves, but this? Wow! This overwhelmed Kara so much it was a miracle she didn't cum right there, or hurt Alex, which was an extremely scary thought. She then had the same thought when Alex pushed those panties aside so she could become the first woman to touch Supergirl's pussy with her tongue, one Danvers sister giving another a long slow lick starting from the very bottom of Kara's pussy and working all the way up to the top, even lingering on her clit a little bit.

That process was then repeated over and over again, more or less. Alex completely ignored her clit for a while, but that was fine, as again Kara could savour the moment, because again, this was literally a dream come true for her. One which she never wanted to end, even if it meant they would be discovered by her cousin eventually. But Kara didn't care about that right now. Hell, the entire DEO could have marched in here, and/or everyone at Catco, and Kara wouldn't have wanted to stop having sex with her adopted sister. Alex would probably think differently, but in this little fantasy Kara was having her big sister was so consumed by the taste of her pussy she didn't even notice anyone else, and just kept on licking.

However she'd just finished finger fucking Alex to orgasm, and before that the person she wanted most in this world had agreed to give a romantic relationship a try, meaning that Kara had never been so overwhelmingly happy. It also meant she had never been more desperate to cum, and all it took was some gentle licking from her beloved sibling and the mighty Supergirl didn't think she could handle any more. Not without cumming. She had beaten a dozen aliens, including that Black Mercy plant, pretty much through sheer willpower, but she couldn't take more of this without begging for mercy. Which later she would probably laugh at herself for. Much later.

For now she just needed to cum, the mighty Supergirl whimpering pathetically, "More! Please? Ooooooh Alex, I need more! No, don't stop, mmmmm, that feels amazing, but I need more. I need you to make me cum! Only you Alex, ohhhhhh Rao, only you! I want you and only you can make me cum! I want my big sister to make me cum! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmm, I want my big sister to use her tongue and fingers to make me cum! Oh please Alex, I need it! Ohhhhhhh, I need you to make me, oh yes! That's it, mmmmm, more, more, more, more, more! Oooooooh yessssssss, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSS, OOOOOOOH FUCK!"

It wasn't long before Kara lost the ability to continue the begging, and that was long before she came. Oh yes, that was just the result of her adopted sister beginning to concentrate on her clit, not just licking it but taking it into her mouth and sucking it, easily bringing her to the edge of orgasm. Thankfully it wasn't too long after that Alex pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Kara's cunt, instantly triggering the most powerful climax of her life. Which was the point that Kara lost the ability to think coherently, as all she could do was go to extremes to make sure she couldn't hurt the other girl in this state, namely by levitating herself up and threw her arms, legs and head back so she was in a weird kind of starfish position, her limbs far away from where they could hurt the girl she loved.

Alex ironically got hurt anyway, as in the process of getting herself into this position Kara bashed the other girl in the face with her pussy. Which wouldn't be an issue with just about anyone else, but it was probably enough to leave a bruise on Alex's face, which both Danvers sisters would probably find funny later. Much later. For now Kara didn't notice, and Alex didn't care. In fact, all Alex cared about in that moment was swallowing as much of Kara's heavenly cum as possible, and then she remembered it was Kara's pleasure that really mattered, so she concentrated on that, which certainly seemed to work out. Especially when Alex got a little more inventive.

Initially Alex was just slamming her tongue in and out of Kara's cunt, pausing only when she made her little sister cum, prompting her to wrap her mouth tightly around that entrance so at least the majority of that yummy liquid flowed directly into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. But there was just so much of it, and Alex wasn't exactly an expert here, soon an increasing amount escaped. Although most of that escaped onto Alex's face, marking her as a pussy pleaser. More importantly in that moment, she was being marked as Supergirl's pussy pleaser. Her own sister's pussy pleaser. And even though it was wrong that made her so, so happy.

Unfortunately she did not have Kara's endurance, and much sooner than she would have liked her mouth and tongue got tired. Fortunately Alex was used to being outmatched, and using her brain to figure out how she got the upper hand. Or in this case, make her kid sister cum some more. Thankfully she came up with the perfect solution, namely to use her fingers. Sure, she was reluctant to remove her mouth from Kara's cunt, which was ultimately why she started licking and sucking her clit after a little break, but it was totally worth it to shove her two fingers into Kara's twat and continue fucking the mighty Supergirl through orgasm after orgasm.

Going off pure adrenaline Alex was even able to switch back and forth between those things a few times, but ultimately Alex just became too tired to continue and she was left gasping for breath, kneeling in front of this goddess. People had called Supergirl that before, and Kara had been quick to laugh it off, but that was exactly what she looked like now, especially as she got out of her ridiculous pose, straightened up, and then look down at the human beneath her. For the briefest of seconds Alex was truly scared of her sister for the first time in her life, and then a wide happy smile crossed Kara's face and she picked Alex up and spun her around, which was ridiculous, but also made Alex smile. Then Kara stopped with Alex in her arms, bridal style and then giggled again.

"What now, lover?" Kara teased, "I could take you to Paris, and we could have sex on top of the Eiffel Tower? Or somewhere in the Caribbean, maybe? Oh, or maybe you'd like round two in your own bed?"

"Bed sounds good." Alex said weakly, then when Kara grinned mischievously quickly added, "But just to cuddle, okay?"

"Okay." Kara mumbled unconvincingly as she began flying them away.

"Seriously Kara." Alex warned, before pointing out, "Let's just take this one step at a time. I'm not going to marry you right away."

"But you might? Someday?" Kara asked hopefully.

"Maybe." Alex blushed.

"Good enough for me." Kara beamed, just before she and her sister vanished into the night sky.

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