Pleasure Model

BY : lionmode
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Dragon prints: 2006
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone in this story, particularly the characters Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis. This is purely for entertainment and no profit will be made. All rights go to DC Comics.

We were inside LexCorp's restricted facility, the one where they made the androids. One of them was our tour guide, a tall and lean male model who spoke in an inhumanly deep voice. As an assistant of Bruce Wayne himself, I was given priority access to the facility, under the guise of a tour. Bruce and I believed LexCorp, particularly Lex Luthor, had more sinister intentions than creating household workers and army soldiers, so I was sent to investigate as much as I could as Terry, before Batman ever had to get invovled. To appear less suspicious, I brought my brother Matt along for the tour. 

They had just shown us the household models, eerily subservient androids who vacuumed, dusted, folded clothes, etc. We were taken through the facility and watched from beyond glass walls as they acted out their programmed routines for us to watch. Then they took us to see the military models, which was a lot more exciting. We watched from behind bulletproof glass as military androids fired weapons and fought eachother with nonhuman strength. This part piqued my attention the most, as the crimefighter in me knew this would be trouble if they were set loose on society. I would investigate further with Bruce later.

Just when I thought we were done with the tour, our guide said something that made me grin.

"That concludes our household and military models," he said, "but if you would like to see our pleasure models, I can take you there."

"Pleasure models?" I asked.

"Adjacent to our household models, the pleasure models are our most anatomically accurate models, designed to be used to give humans physical pleasure and satisfaction."

My little brother Matt's face turned bright red.

"Let's just go," he muttered under his breath.

"No, are you kidding me?" I whispered back. 

"That's weird, though!" he insisted.

"I'm not turning down the opportunity to have sex with a robot! If you don't want to, you can sit there and watch me."

"Ugh fine," Matt groaned.

My little brother was always a little more conservative than myself. I've gotten him to loosen up, sexually, over time. There's been many times we've beaten off together, but we've never fucked together. I'm not sure if he's ever fucked, in general. But today that was gonna change, even if it was just a robot. I'm never turning down free sex without consequences, and if he won't do the same, then he can just watch if he doesn't approve.

"We would be very much in visiting those pleasure models," I said to our guide.

"Very well," he replied, "this way." 

I playfully punched Matt on the arm, trying to get him excited with me. For a moment, the thought of Mr. Wayne crossed my mind, and how he would be disapproving of me fucking a robot on company time. But the old man had seen me naked more times than I can count, and knew the voracity of my sexual appetite well by now, so I figured he would just have to deal with it. 

The guide took us through a winding hallway and began to explain the way the pleasure models worked.

"Our pleasure models are extremely developed and responsive, they can adapt to your behavior and pleasure you however you require. They are clean and safe, and you are free to engage with them without any protection. If it is your taste, they are designed to handle significant phsyical trauma. After you are done with them, there will be a shower available if you so please."

"Sounds good," I said excitedly.

"Unforunately, there is only one room available. Will that be alright?"

I looked at Matt, then shrugged.

"That's fine, we can share a room."

"Very good."

Our guide opened up a nearby door and gestured for us to enter. 


I walked in first, looking wildly around the room. There were two lounges in the center of the room, obviously where we were meant to fuck them on. There was a large shower in the back corner of the room. Matt walked in behind me with obvious trepidation. The door closed behind us. I spun around, and standing against the back wall were two nude female models. They looked extremely realistic. 

"Oh wow," I said, motioning towards them to Matt.

"Geez," Matt said.

"Um...come here," I said.

They both stepped forward. I marveled at their perfect bodies. Large breasts with perfect nipples. A small waist with a nice ass. Their pussies were clean-shaven and beatiful. Their lips were full and their eyes were wide. Both had their haired tied back in ponytails, one was blonde and the other a brunette.

"Do you have names?" Matt asked.

"Yes," one of them replied. "I'm Kayla."

"I'm Layla," the other said.

Their faces turned to smiles. They were warm. I could help but be impressed at their realisticness. Without warning, I walked up to Kayla and kissed her full on the mouth. She didn't really react, but her mouth did. I pulled back and faced Matt.

"She kisses normal," I said with a shrug. "You try."

Matt slowly walked up to her and kissed her. 

"I guess, but how is a robot supposed to kiss?" he said.

"I should we fuck them?"

"I don't know..." Matt said awkwardly. 

"Well...I'm going to," I declared.

I shrugged off my brown leather jacket and threw it on the floor. My black t shirt was next, that ended up in a ball on the floor, baring my muscular body for Matt and the robots to see. I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks. Matt stood there awkwardly and watched as I squirmed out of my jeans. I stood there in my underwear. 

"Do you care which I one I take?"

"I want the dark haired one," he said after a long pause.

"Alright," I said with a smirk. 

I slid out of my boxers and kicked them off. Fully nude, my massive dick hanging between my legs, I strolled up to the blonde one, Kayla, and put my hands on her shoulders. I guided her down to her knees, and was pleased to see her take the hint as she sank down onto the floor. I took my penis in my hands and placed it in her mouth, and she did the rest.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good her head was. My dick got harder and harder as she went on, sucking at the perfect speed. I realized after a minute that since they didn't need to breath, she could go down on me for as long as I wanted without any interruptions.

"Does it feel good?" Matt asked, not even undressed yet.

"Yeah," I said through gritted teeth. "Really good."

"Oh alright," he said, finally giving in. 

He took off his shirt and his pants. After a moment of hesitation, he pulled off his underwear. We grew up around each other, and I was the one who first taught Matt how to make himself cum, so there was virtually no shyness between us anymore. His dick was nice and thick, but not quite as big as mine. But he wasn't as tall either, so he always had room to grow. 

He motioned for Layla to come over to him, and she did. She kissed him again, and then lowered her head and kissed each of his nipples. That alone made Matt's mouth fall open in pleasure. She continued pleasuring his nipples as she started jerking him off. Matt moaned and whimpered, clearly not used to having someone else touching his meat besides himself. 

"You like?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, smiling in my directions.

My blowjob was going wonderfully. Her rhythm was perfect, they even programmed her to moan as she sucked. I was in complete bliss. But I didn't want to cum too quickly, so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and hoisted her to her feet. 

"Come over here," I instructed.

I took her hand and led her to the lounge and laid her down. I pulled her legs apart and, out of curiosity, wanted to see if her pussy was wet, or if it even could get wet, for that matter. Sure enough, after stroking her clit for a minute, my fingers became increasingly wet. 

"Yo, they even get wet when you rub them!" I announced to Matt with amusement.

"Wow," he said.

He led his robot over to the couch and started playing with her clit. 

"Oh shit, you're right!" he laughed, holding up to slippery fingers to show me. 

I stuck my dick into my robot, and was overjoyed at how good it felt. I immediately started humping her with enthusiasm as the last bit of trepidation left my body. I heard Matt moan, and looked over to see that he had laid down as the brunette starting riding his dick. 

I fucked Kayla hard and fast. Since she wasn't alive, I felt no concern for her comfort, so I rammed my massive cock into her with all the ferocity I could muster. She moaned as if on a timer, but I had pretty much tuned her out and was completely focused on using this tool to get as many sexual pleasure as I possibly could. 

Something about the whole thing made me feel freakier than usual, so I pulled my meat out of her and laid down on the lounge face down. 

"Eat my ass," I instructed her. 

She rolled over and lowered her face into my ass and started licking. I had never felt it before, and it felt good. I let out a loud moan as my whole body shivered.

"What are you doing?" Matt called over, still getting ridden.

"Trying something," I said between moans.

"Does it feel good?" he asked inquisitively.

"Yeah!" I yelled loudly, before clenching my jaw and closing my eyes. 

I sank my face into the longue as she ate away. I had never been with a boy, so I had no idea my asshole was such a sensitive area. 

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