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Aura has been out of town for almost a month now helping out Constantine and his new team to make sure they wouldn't step out of line. It was an annoying and frustrating task, but thankfully they weren't too hard to control. Aura had promised Bruce that she would check in with him as soon as she got back, so she went straight to his mansion to check in with him. She was still in her full costume as Alfred let her in, leaving her in the main entrance to let Bruce know she was there. He soon came back to lead her to the gym where Bruce was, to which she just folded her arms over her chest casually. "I see you're relaxing." She joked. "But I figured you'd want to know how things went."

"I know how they are. But I appriecate you reporting in person." The Billionare said, his arms hardly showing the signs if fatigue even with what would be amounted as self torture on his body, pushing his arms to their limits as he lifted the weight to his chin, making his arms bulge with every lift. "And considering I haven't heard news of unesscary casulaties I will assume you are making sure they stay in line." He regarded her presence with a nod, after a few lifts he dropped the weight uncermionously, the metal clanging echoing throughout the room. "Which I'll say this. Good job."

Aura watched as he continued to lift the weights, noticing how heavy they were based off the amount of 25lb plates on each end. She simply stood there with her arms folded, smirking as if unimpressed. "Well that's the reason I went with them. Plus I kinda have this thing against failing." She added with a simply shrug of her shoulders. The weights hitting the ground made a loud crashing sound, but it still didn't make her flinch. Then he told her good job, making her tilt her head in slight shock. "Whoa, was that a pat on the back? Can I get that in writing?" She chuckled jokingly before getting back to her original serious expression. "But how have things been here? I trust you've been handling things just fine."

"Things are getting...eventful." He said, heading to a loading cart stacked with weights, grabbing the handles and pushing on ahead. "Talia is back in Gotham with some plan in place. I have to help Green Arrow with his Prometheus problem, the Justice League finally 'forgave' me for the Fail Safes and I've been dealing with hired contractors in this damn crime war between Mask and the Vampires. I'd chalk that up to a evenful month so far." He grunted out, pushing the weight off forward, this was his excercise, his way of channeling some of his anger. "But bright side, I'm training a new student. At least I have that silver linning." His back bulged out, sweat was forming on his bare chest and back, already formed on his brow. He had been at it for a hour with no breaks. "Besides the team, anything happened I should be aware of?"

As he began to push the weighted cart, Aura walked along side him to hear him as he continued to speak. "Wow sounds like you really have your hands full. Well now that I'm back in town, I'd be happy to help out with any of these problems." She paused, realizing they weren't all problems. "Tell me about this new student of yours. Did you adopt another little bird?" She asked, smirking to show she was joking...or maybe she wasn't. At his question, she gave a shrug and stopped walking as if to think back. "Well there's this one vamp that was having a hard time controlling himself. He acted like he was a fledgling, but I don't know why they'd add someone so reckless to the group." She pulled the fabric around her neck down enough to show her collar bone, which was bandaged. "He even tried to have a taste of me. Maybe having a human close by at all times made him hungry...but I'll be having a talk with Constantine in the morning."

"Consdering that Talia is involved I would prefer extra hands on this." He stops, having pushed the cart to the line, turning it around to push it once again back to its original space. "And Felicity isn't another bird I took in. She is someone better suited here and she wants the field. I'm making sure she is properly trained before sending her into the fray unlike Green Arrow." He gave a loud grunt and shove of the cart with that, making the wheels squeak to a stop once he was done pushing it back. Standing up with his chest rising and falling slightly and gleaming with sweat. His eyes glanced at the bandage, causing a brow to be raised. "And John wonders why I don't approve of his roster choices. For future refrence I'd reccomend garlic blood supplements. Keep it in your system in case this happens again. A price for him to pay for trying to drink you." He stepped to her, examining the bandage. "Lucky, won't scar at the least."

"Then I'll be around to help out. Considering my training, I should be able to hold Talia off. Plus I know most of her tricks and methods." She gave a proud grin before narrowing one of her eyes hearing the name Felicity. "You mean that blonde girl that works for Arrow? I've met her a couple of times....but I never took her as a fighter. To be perfectly honest, I would have never pegged her to be OK with a broken nail..." She rubbed the back of her neck as if feeling bad for misjudging the girl. When he inspected the bandage, Aura placed her hands on her hips and turned her head to make it easier for him to look at it. "Ehh garlic gives off a funky smell. Besides, I was able to stop him before his fangs touched me. I won't be dealing with that bullshit again." She admitted in annoyance, her tone displaying slight anger. "Tch I stopped caring about scars a long time ago. I just want to know what the hell John was thinking allowing some fledgling to tag along. The guy was raw anger and hunger. He nearly fucked everything up six times." She sighed. "Just getting a small cut made him lose his mind. I used up all of my dead man's blood with how many times I had to tranquilize him."

"John plays fast and loose like russian roulette with a explosive round." He then cracks his neck slightly, walking over to grab his water, downing it. "Suppose its just the stresses of the job. You can consider handling Talia in Gotham a much needed vacation from John and his band of wild cards." Bruce then placed the empty bottle aside, turning to face the fellow vigilante. "Seems you could use it, relieve the stress off." Course their 'arrangement' still stood. Though he would hold off on anything until Aura said something about it. Kept it much simpler to avoid getting too far into detail on such things

"Well I like a little danger to make things fun and interesting, but that's just careless. There's definitely a difference. I don't know if he was forced to bring the fledgling along or if he made some sort of deal, but it wasn't for tactical advantage." When he walked off to drink, she took her hands from her hip and crossed her arms over her chest again. "Dealing with the none supernatural would definitely be a break. Talia doesn't seem like much of a big deal when you're used to dealing with vampires and creatures with other worldly abilities." Aura then looked over at him when she heard how he said stress relief. She then realized he was most likely referring to their agreement, but she was too tired for that right now. She'd most likely take advantage of that a little later though. "Yeah well in this job you always need some stress relief." She admitted, moving over to sit on the bench press. "I need to collect more dead man's blood though...and still talk to Constantine." She then rubbed her face as if realizing how much she still needed to do before she could relax.

"You need to rest first above all." Bruce said, seeing her take the bench, she was tired and he could see she had some frustrations to burn away. But rest came above all of that. "You're gonna take one of the guest rooms." He wouldn't take no for a anwser on this. "Handle everything else at a later time." With that the Dark Knight would take up a towel, throwing it over his shoulder as he would take a shower to wash off the sweat from his exercise. As he would stand in the showers, he allowed his mind to wander, relaxing with a sigh as he ran a hand through his wet hair. Soothing, freeing, threaptic in a way...

He practically ordered her to go rest, the thought making her chuckle that he was actually showing a form of affection. Cute. "Well I guess I can't argue." She stated with a shrug before getting up. It didn't seem to be a big deal if everything waited until the next day anyways. With Bruce going to the showers, Aura headed upstairs to the guest room where she instantly got out of her costume leaving the pieces of clothing on the floor until she was in her black tank top and panties. Using these as her pajamas of a sort, she walked up to the bed and just plopped against the cushions not even bothering to get under the covers. She was so exhausted she passed out within minutes.

After perhaps a half hour of showering, Bruce emerged from the showers. Changing into a pair of silk pajama pants and a black t-shirt. Heading up to check on his guest, he just chuckled. Didn't make it under the covers..He shook his head as he pulled out a blanket, draping it over her form before he left the room. They can discuss everything in a few hours when she awakes. So Bruce would sit in his room, leaning against the chair, deep in his thoughts, thinking of Talia, about Olivers help and everything that needed his attention...certainly piled up the stress that was for sure..but that can be handled later...yes it can

Aura was so tired she didn't even notice the sudden warmth of a blanket being draped over her. That was the one thing about being a vigilante; they slept whenever they could. Their bodies were always so abused and overworked. Besides, it wasn't often that she found herself in a safe enough setting to get a deep sleep. After a few hours, she woke up feeling incredible. She sat up slowly and stretched only just now realizing that she had a blanket on top of her. Rubbing her eyes, she got out of bed and slid her dark jean shorts on before walking out to look for Bruce. She remained barefoot and just stayed in her black tank top since there was no need to get back into her full costume yet. When she past by his door, she noticed him sitting in the chair and walked up to the door, leaning against the door frame. "I'm sure there's more to discuss." She stated simply, one hand resting on her hip.

The chair was a swivel, a old gift from the familes friends. Turning in the chair to face the woman in the door frame. "There is. One thing we both have to discuss." The Arrangement. Whether they enact what Bruce could call a 'Session' or they never mention this again. Much as he would like to engage one to cut off his ever growing pile of stress. It was ultimately Aura's call if the arrangment continued any further than it has already. So Bruce nodded to the door, silently asking for her to close the door behind her. To gain more privacy

She raised her eyebrow when he said there was only one more thing they needed to discuss. She figured there would be more. "Just one?" She questioned, a curious tone in her voice. His subtle head nod was easy enough to decipher. After all, he trained her himself for a while so she picked up on his mannerisms and such. Walking inside, she closed the door behind her, her blue hues locked on him. "I'm listening."

"The arrangement." She would know what it meant. This was something that needed to be addressed. Tenting his fingers his eyes stared out at her. Gazing her face for the reactions she would give to this. "Is this something we continue to keep stress down? Or we ignore and be caught off guard like the first time." Recalling the first time in vivid detail..Every touch sight and sound...

She blinked when he brought up their arrangement. Of course she immediately knew what he was talking about, her cheeks growing flushed made that obvious. Their first time definitely caught her off guard, and frankly that made it even hotter than it would have been if it was planned or foreseen. Turns out she was a fan of lewd surprises. "Oh right..." She didn't realize he was that stressed about everything going on, but it made sense. "Well I'll be honest and say I enjoyed being caught off guard, but our agreement still stands." She agreed, her blue hues never leaving his.

Nodding at her words, the Dark Knight stood. Walking to her, cornering her into the door. "I am happy to hear it." A hand reached out to lock the door behind her, then he yanked her body to his chest. His lips attacking hers in a hungry kiss of passion and pure desire, he needed her right now.

Amanda blinked when he got up and walked up to her, causing her to back up until her back was against the door. She looked over to see him lock the door she was leaning against, then before she knew it she was against his body and he was going after her lips. It took a moment for her mind to catch up with his speed, but she quickly began to kiss him back almost as aggressively. It was at that moment that she realized just how much he needed this stress relief.

His arms lifted her up, keeping her hoisted to his waist with the same arm that lifted the weights. Pushing off to the bed, where he desposited her on it. His eyes darkned with desire, tugging off his shirt as he stared down at her, his appearance would have the feel of a lion ready to pounce a gazelle. Once his shirt was off, he knealt down at the foot of the bed, hooking his fingers into her shorts, tugging them down her shapely thighs, his teeth scraped over the revealed flesh, lightly marking her

Her legs wrapped against his waist when he picked her up, her arms around the back of his neck all while not breaking the kiss. Then she was laying against the bed with him on top of her, taking off his shirt before yanking her shorts off with one fell swoop. She could see the pure lust in his eyes as he looked over her body, which made her blush even deeper just as his teeth moved against her soft flesh. Closing her eyes, she gripped the bedsheets to try and keep herself from shuddering.

Looking up at her, growling like the lion ready to claim his meal, his fingers hooked into her panties, tugging them down her legs in a single swoop. Then he spreaded her shapely legs, he would warm up Aura, a form of...repayment for what she did the first time. He began to kiss her thighs, planting a trail up each one, then he would bite into her supple flesh leading up to her core.

She brought her legs together to make it easier for him to pull her panties down before spreading them as his hands pushed them apart. His soft bites caused her to get the shivers, her body now trembling slightly beyond her control as he crept up. Amanda bit her lower lip to hold in her moans. It was too soon to make noise, although it felt amazing.

He closed his eyes, taking the moment in before diving right in, spreading her lower lips with two fingers. His tongue slipped out, lapping at her slowly, building up a steady pace as his free hand would reach up, slipping under the tank top to cup her breast, fondling the mound of flesh.

Her moan slipped out followed by a quiet yelp as his tongue began to lap at her wet folds. His hands caressing her body made her tingle all over, intensifying the feelings of his tongue against her womanhood. Her legs began to tense as the first wave of pleasure hit her. Turns out this was what she needed more than sleep.

He moaned at the taste of her, eager for more to take in. His. tongue would pentrate her, sinking through the glistening folds. Wiggling the wet appendage around inside her, tasting the juices she gave him. He would then take his other hand, peeling the tank top off of her so his access wouldn't be hindered by the fabric.

His warm tongue felt amazing, his sucking and nibbling drove her crazy with lust. She arched her back as he pushed the fabric up to free her soft mounds so he could further massage them. His hands worked magic on her, making her moan loader and shut her eyes to focus on the amazing feeling.

He moaned into her womanhood, slurping away at her ever growing supply of wetness, his hands busy themselves with rolling her stiffening nipples between his finger tips, lightly pulling on them. Fondeling the globes while he pressed his face further between her legs, brushing his nose agaisnt her clit. Multi tasking at its finest he could say..

He was able to utilize every part of her senses using whatever he could, including his nose...which oddly felt good against her clit. It only took a few more minutes before her body stiffened and her breath got caught in her throat as she reached another orgasm. He knew how to touch her in the right places to please her and it felt incredible. Her hand gripped one of his as he squeezed her breast as her other hand went to his hair for her fingers to tangle themselves in his locks.

Her orgasm egged him on, swallowing the juices she gifted to him for his efforts. Pulling away once he was done, licking the remains of her orgasm off of her thighs. His lips smacked together as he stood up before her, looking down at her post orgasmic bliss. It was a sight to remember that was for sure. But Bruce wasn't done yet.

The sensitivity from her orgasm caused her to twitch lightly every time his tongue flicked over her clit as he sucked up all of her juices. It felt amazing, and for the first time in the month she's truly felt more relaxed and at ease. When he stood up, she opened her eyes to look up at him, her breathing a little heavier as her body glowed from the pleasure. Her eyes were a deeper blue than normal as her lust and desire for him was almost unbearable, his waiting making her grow antsy. As if telling him to hurry, she bit her lower lip and spread her legs further, even going so far as to play with her womanhood in front of him as if to tease him.

This moment they were regressing, acting on primal desires and lusts. His eyes zoned in on her giving herself pleasure. It was almost..a challenge in a way, one that he would play. Pushing his pants down enough for them to drop to his ankles, no boxers underneath. His manhood standing out in all its glory, gripping it at the base he began to stroke it. This was a game, who would break first, who would relent, best part is even the loser gets something

Her eyes followed his pants as they dropped to his ankles before her gaze slowly trailed back up to his manhood as he began to stroke it. She knew exactly what he was doing and she wasn't about to lose. Fingers caressing her sensitive nub, she let out soft pleasure filled moans as her back arched from the sensitivity. His primal male instincts would kick in soon enough making it impossible for him to resist.


He will give this to Aura..she played to win. Moaning softly as he pumped his shaft slowly, trying to match her and gain some sort of lead, though it was tempting...very tempting to give up...but call it his inner ego that he would win this little game between them. That he could bring out more of her deep primal need to touch him. He would have to hold out...easier said than done he would come to find out.

It was obvious that she wanted him to give in, wanted him to just dive into her and have his way with her. Though she had to wait until he broke. It couldn't be too long now. Slowly bringing her leg up, her foot traced up his side tauntingly before hooking behind his lower back to pull him forward a little. There was too much distance between them even with their little game.

The distance closing between them, it was just...he could't hold it back anymore...luckily this was just a secret arrangement, going right for her, no heistation as he pushed his hardened length inside her wet womanhood, pushing past the damp folds and moaning loudly at the sensation, he couldn't hold back, quickly thrusting into her at a mad and frantic pace

Success. He gave into his primal instinct and thrusted inside of her. All it took was a small tug to get him to cave. Amanda let out a gasp once he began to thrust faster, his thick member spreading her inner walls more and more with each movement. "Fuck...." She exhaled slowly, happy to have him finally giving in.

Grabbing ahold of her hips, holding her down as he slammed himself into her, growling out his primal pleasure. But it wasn't enough....Taking her legs and placing them over his shoulders, climbing onto the bed to pentrate her inner walls deeper and harder in this postion

She yelped as he went harder, the pain almost completely being numbed by the unbearable pleasure. Her legs rested on his shoulders as he climbed on top of her, her flexibility playing its part as he continued to pound her with no restraint. Her hands grabbed onto the bed sheets as she squeezed the fabric tightly as if trying to hold on.

His eyes bored down into hers, placing his hands on the bed, letting the animal in him take control as he pounded her, his balls slapped agaisn't her ass with each thrust, all in his goal to get his release, that release that he needed now more than ever. The release that Aura will now give him.

Their eyes remained locked onto each others until Amanda shut hers as she was hit with a powerful wave of pleasure. Her breathing became fast as her hands came up to grab onto his wrists as his hands were on either side of her head against the bed. The back of her foot hooked onto the back of his neck to pull him downward so she could press her lips against his in a lust driven kiss. Her lips aggressively nipping at his in between breaths.


He devoured her lips in the kiss, showing the strength that was seen lifting the weights hours ago. Growling as he moved to bite her neck, he spoke in her ear, a simple thing yet holds so much power. "All mine." He panted into her ear,

The ferocity of his kiss in itself was a turn on, her juices flowing even more making it easier for him to slip in and out of her. Feeling him move to her neck made her tilt her head back to give him more of her flesh, the feeling of his lips and tongue against her soft skin gave her chills as he continued to please her. Then she heard his whisper, her face growing hot at those simple words. So possessive. For some reason it turned her on.


"Mine!" He grunted out, biting into her neck, marking the flesh. Claiming her. Then Bruce would start to throb and pulse inside her, making the man bellow in pleasure, his member began to pump his sticky seed inside Aura.

"Hck!" She gasped out when he bit into her neck hard enough to leave a mark. It hurt, but it also felt good. Good thing he wasn't a vamp though. Then she felt her insides fill with his hot seed, forcing her to orgasm again as the sudden heat pushed her over the edge. Her nails dug into Bruce's wrists as her body tensed during the duration of her intense orgasm, then slowly she began to relax until she went limp against the bed, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

His chest heaved, sweat formed on his body as he laid there, not moving, just letting the remains of his orgasm just ebb away from him. Softening in her as he pulled out, laying down on his back right by her side. Running a hand through his hair. "That...was certainly a relief..don't you think?" He attempted at the obvious humor, breaking the ice of this unique arrangement the duo have together.

Amanda remained on her back, twitching slightly at the feeling of him pulling out, but quickly went back to fully relaxing. Her eyes slowly shut as her breathing continued at a fast pace as if she had just run a marathon. "Well I dont feel stressed I'd say that's a relief.." She responded in between breaths, just enjoying the moment of bliss where she couldn't think of anything else but the pleasure.

"Its the goal. Forget about everything and just...enjoy." he sits up, getting off the bed to get to the bathroom, splashing water onto his face. "Just for future thought. Is there anything I should do more or just avoid all together? Prefer not making it akward during...a session." Didn't hurt to just buff out a few details, like when choose people for a team, just work on what is good and push out what doesn't work.

"Well it did its job...thats for sure." Feeling him move made her open one of her eyes to watch him walk to the bathroom. His question caught her off guard, but nothing he was doing was bad or needed to change. "Well I didn't think it was awkward or anything." She admitted, not bothering to move. In fact she couldn't at the moment even if she wanted to.

"Well just keep in mind." He returned to the bed, laying down beside her where he ran his hand across her supple chest. "Would it be weird if I said I did enjoy this a lot?" Looking into her open eye. "Letting go and just giving in to the urge.." He bit the corner of his lip, running his hand down her stomach.

She nodded slowly, looking over to him when he laid back down beside her, his hands trailing down her flesh. "It'd be weirder if you didn't. The only reason we're doing this is because it's enjoyable." Her body shuddered a bit as his hand trailed down her toned stomach. "I'll admit, it's nice giving into the urge."

"Takes a load off.." He then runs his hand down her thigh, massaging her leg. "Always creeps up on you so fast..." Bruce then moved his hand back upwards, stopping at her chest. "Better knowing someone is there to help...whenever it comes...whether it be days...or minutes..." Cupping her breast now, Bruces manhood hardened once more, standing out in the open. "Right?"

Her eyes shut feeling his hands caressing her body, her sensitivity making it feel even better. It was made obvious by her body trembling slightly under his hands. "Right.." She agreed. "Never know when or where you need a release. Mayne I'll just send out the Bat signal next time I'm horny." She smirked.

"I'd never hear the end of it." He chuckled, his other hand took her wrist, guiding her hand to his manhood, hard and stiff, wet with their combined juices. Another chance to get rid of the urge. "I'd settle for just a email."

She chuckled in response to that, but stopped when she felt his guiding her hand. Once at his manhood, she gripped it softly and began to slowly stroke it, biting her lower lip seeing he was ready to go again. "Well I'm even more tempted to do that now."

"Temptaion..." He moaned softly, leaning back agaisnt the headboard as she began to stroke him. His eyes fluttered close, letting the smooth feel of her hand wash over him, let him sit back and enjoy this moment.

Amanda rolled over to get a better grip on his manhood, her hands moving faster over his stiffness with their juices as the lube. She glanced up at him to see the look of pleasure on his face which made her smile before going down to lick his shaft slowly.

"Ahhh.." He gasped in pleasure, opening his eyes to look down at the beauty licking his shaft clean. His hand gripped the sheets below him, tightening as he felt the pleasure boil inside him

After hearing his pleasure filled sounds, she took his entirety into her mouth and slowly began to stroke while moving her head back and forth. It wasn't to arouse him necessarily, but more to help him relax and make him feel good.

"Aura.." He moaned, tangling his fingers into her hair. Then he would firmly control her movements, bobbing her head on his shaft. "Oh yeah..," He groaned, enjoying the control over her

She let him take control of her movements as he used her hair to move her the way he wanted. She just wanted him to feel good and to return the pleasure he had given her. With her mouth stroking his member, her hands gripped his thighs as he bobbed her head faster.

A grunt escaped him, craving more and more now, he pratically growled his order. "My balls Aura.." His hips slowly pushed up into her warm mouth, a small drop of his pre ejactilate leaked out into her mouth. Closing in on that orgasm

At his order, she obeyed and brought one of her hands down to caress his balls, her mouth continuing to do as he wanted since he had control over her right now. She was enjoying his sounds of pleasure, driving her to continue going.


The combined sensations made him curl his toes, hissing in pleasure as her hand caressed his sack, pulling her head off of his shaft, pushing her lower to his balls. He didn't need to explain what he wanted. "So good..."

When he pulled her head back, his member fell out of her mouth before being guided down to his balls. Taking the hint, she licked his sack a few times before taking it all into her mouth, using her lips to massage them as her hand stroked his hard member.

The wet warmth was perfect, letting him let go of her hair as she sucked on his sack. His member slick with her saliva the ideal lubircation for her hand, Bruce had to lean his head back, his mouth hanged opened as he let her bring this untold pleasure on him.

Her tongue glided along his sack in between her taking the entirety onto her mouth. She intervalled the movements to give him different amounts of pleasure in different ways. She continued the until her mouth moved back to his member, not giving him a chance to react as her warm mouth engulf his member completely, his tip hitting the back of her throat just before she began to move her head back and forth slowly.

"Ahhh!" He arched his hips up as she took him in her mouth again, the sudden attack of pleasure struck him hard. His shaft throbbbed in her mouth, pulsing and bringing him closer and closer to his release until his body went rigid, a loud yell of pleasure as he began to orgasm, his seed oozing into her mouth, his mind going blank under the throes of pleasure.

Sucking him off cleanly, not letting a single drop fall from her mouth as she swallowed his load. Pulling off with a pop. With her hair flipped back, a smirk grew on her face. "Am I gonna get the Batsignal Booty call next time?"

"I'm strongly considering it now." Resulting in the both of them sharing a laugh.




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