A Caged Little Birdie

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans or make any kind of profit from this fanfic. It's merely a creation of my imagination, nothing more, nothing less

Alright, I have always wanted to write a story like this for a while, and finally have the courage to do so! This is pratically a Rape/ Domination story involving Robin and Raven. Don't like the tag? Then what are you doing here? The door is right over there, feel free to walk out!

With that being said, let's went on with the fist chapter!

PS: This is my first story that contains a sex scene. I'm also not a native English speaker, so there will be lots of grammatical mistakes.



“Mnnnnhhh! Ngggffmm! Nfffmmm! Ughhhh!”

Raven’s muffled cries shot through the sticky red X taped on her mouth which prevented her from verbalize her thoughts to her assaulter. Currently, the Titan was bonded to a pillar with her hands behind her back in an abandoned factory far away from the city. Her ankles were tied to each side of the pillar by the same material. For now, she couldn’t use her power. But those weren’t the details that disturbed her and forced her to scream like a damsel in distress. No, what threw her off the most was the masked boy crouching between her legs, treating her in a way that she never wished to be treated.

He was giving her a cunnilingus; completely against her will!

Robin looked up at her with a teasing smirk on the lips that never left her vulva. He had taken his gloves off, probably because he expect bare finger would make it… easier for him to have a little fun with his victims.

In this case, Raven herself!

“Mmmmghhh! Mghnnnnn! MGHHHH!”

Robin flashed her flustered face a cheeky grin, before went on with his task. He glued his lips onto her womanhood, refused to bulge no matter how violent she squirmed. He slowly licked the inside of her most sensitive area, his tongue swiftly darted from side to side. Raven grunted and panted, feeling an unwanted flame started lighting up from the deepest part of her. The sensation… was so strange. She hated it! She hated the way it easily consumed her. Oh Azar, of all people, why did he pick her?

Grabbing each side of her thighs and brought her lower part even closer to his mouth, Robin began his little expedition with his lips and tongue. He began sucking her, running his tongue all over her inner walls, savoring all the fluid she hid inside.

“Nnnnngggg! Mmmmffff! Ughhh! MMMFFF!”

His captured bird was thrashing like crazy even with her restrain. She kept on screaming and screaming, in a way that indicated utter disgust and disapproval. The gag made her unable to convey her thoughts to him, and he felt aroused with that. Her muffled sounds truly turned him on. She might hate it now, but it didn’t matter, he was sure going to turn those hateful shrieks into lustful moans tonight.

Fuck her? No, he wouldn’t! Well, at least not tonight. No. Tonight the Boy Wonder just wanted to drive his pretty dark bird over the edge simply by eating her out. He wanted to break her just with his skilled tongue. Impossible? Well, he had the whole night to test it! This means about…

9 hours and an extra of 30 minutes.

He grinned, that was more than enough!

Robin removed his mouth from her love-box to catch his breath. Not wanting to disrupt the mood, he started circling her cute little clit in one hand and rubbed her entrance with the other while glancing up at her. Raven hissed as she felt her clit being ravished , she fought against the tape on her ankles, tried to close her legs. Robin watched her vain attempt in amusement, before deciding to quickening his movement. He was soon rewarded by a loud chain of forced-pleasure’s muffled screams, as Raven face turned into a deep shade of red.


Deciding that playtime was over, the masked boy happily returned to his main goal. Right when he let go of her cunt, his mouth immediately clamped onto its favorite spot tightly. He didn’t remove the fingers on her clit though, noticing how violently she shook and how loud she groaned whenever he flicked that little pearl. His tongue swirled inside her nonstop, and she yelped at the weird feeling became harder and harder to control. Her lower part was on fire and ready to explode at any moment. Raven screamed desperately as she felt an unwanted urge build up inside her and started moving down her womanhood.

“Ngghhhffff! Mffffnnnnn! MMMM?! MN?! MNGGGGGFFFMMMM!!!!”

Her small body convulsed hard as the first wave of orgasm hit her, drowning her in a sea of forbidden and strange emotions. She shivered and panted relentlessly, wishing for the horrible experience to come to an end.

Robin didn’t waste any time as he began to greedily suck at her body’s fluid. He just loved the taste of her body’s juice. It was as sweet as fruit, with something exotic and mysterious. He slipped his tongue inside, letting it freely discover her inner walls. Not wanting to lose any precious droplet, he spread her opening with two fingers, exposing every hidden part. He then covered the leaking core with his entire mouth, and with his skilled tongue, the boy made sure all her fluid flow right into his waiting throat. It tasted like heaven! In fact, he couldn’t even think of any drink better than his little bird herself.

Of course, Raven’s lower part was giving him a wrestling while several muffled cries of protest escaped her mouth. But he just simply locked her thighs in a vice-like grip and went on enjoying his meal.

Soon, the Boy Wonder finished savoring the wonderful results of his captive first out of many climaxes he was sure to force upon her throughout the night.

“So, what do you think of this special training?” he licked his lips, allowed his brand new little pet to rest for a while before round 2 continue, though his fingers still slightly circled her cunt in order not to ruin the mood.


Raven glared down at him, and though he couldn’t understand her through the gag, he knew for sure that she was shouting insults at him. He kissed her entrance teasingly, smirking as her body tensed up and her eyes widened in the fear of what he had in store for her next. But how could he do that to her? She was just a small, fragile little bird. Her body still hadn’t properly recovered yet. He couldn’t be that cruel to her.

Well, at least not for the next five minutes.

He rose to her eyes’ level, still managed to keep her sensitive part companied by grinding his knee against it. Raven grunted, trying to press herself as hard as possible to the pillar, not wanting to give him any access to her womanhood. Robin just snickered at her vain attempt and proceeded to press his knee harder against her, reminding the poor girl that there was no escape. The act managed to draw out a long, forced moan from her sealed lips.

“You are such a lovely little bird…” he commented as he leaned closer to her ears: “And soon, you are going to be a very lovely pet bird…”

“Uhghhhhh!” she protested at the idea, shaking her head as hard as she could.

“What is the matter? Is there something you wish to tell me?” he grinned, placing kissed on her cheeks and neck. Again, Raven growled in utter disgust.

Deciding that he should at least give her a small taste of freedom, Robin tore the red X away from her mouth. The dark girl grimaced for a brief second as the pain stung her lips, then anger quickly took control of her body.

“What the fuck is this? What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted at him, grinding her teeth together as fire dancing in her eyes.

“Training you, of course.” Robin replied with a soft tone: “Isn’t that what you ask me to do? To give you some special training?”

“You ask me to train with you!” Raven roared: “Is this your fucking idea of training? Tied me up and took advantage of me?”

“So you don’t like it?” Robin nudged her neck, and she thrashed, trying to get him off. Robin refused to bulge, instead, he dragged his tongue on the right side of her face, watching her desperate attempt to break free.

“It’s all right, Rae-Rae. You might loathe this at first, but eventually you will grow to love it. We just need a little time for you to get used to this new… status of yours.”

“Status? What status?” Raven spat at him, panting as she felt his knee grinding against her sensitive spot.

“You didn’t hear it properly?” he chuckled, rolling her breasts in his hands. Raven instantly shook her torso to chase off the offending fingers. He still didn’t take her clothes off, just simply rid of her cloak and the fabric that covered her womanhood. He wanted to break her slowly, gradually, not abruptly, because where would be the fun with that? She was still seething and growling, thrashing against her bonds and throwing curses at him. Robin smirked, smoothing back the violet hair that had fallen all over her face lovingly. He then proceeded to trace each part of her face with his fingers, while his knee increased the speed on her cunt.

“AHH! Get off of me, you fucking pervert!”

As expected of his little bird, so aggressive and wild. She wouldn’t break easily. But that didn’t matter, if there wasn’t a challenge, where would the fun part be?

Deciding that he had given her more than enough time to catch her breath, Robin leaned closer to her ear and blew in the answer she longed for:

“I’m gonna turn you into my pretty little pet, dear Raven.”

With that, he quickly taped the X across her lips before she could properly take in what he just said. Her eyes widened as her heart jumped to her throat. The only thing the poor sorceress could do was screaming and struggling in vain as Robin started devouring her again, driving her over the edge and into her second forced orgasm of the night.


That's it for chapter one, what do you think? Do you like it? This is my first time actually writing something like this so I'm really nervous. Is it good enough for you? Please let me know your opinion!


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