How Robin Became the Boy Wonder

BY : Saberlord_Oboeshoes
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It was a week before Starfire's wedding, and as per Earth tradition, her best friend Donna had arranged a bachelorette party. Well, two actually – one for all the superheroines celebrating her marriage to Robin, and one for her friends from Aurora celebrating Kory Anders' early retirement and marriage to young up-and-coming biz whiz Richard Grayson. She had rented out a large indoor pool complete with a water slide, diving board, and professional DJ (who was actually Raven, which surprised everyone). 

All the other female Titans attended and had a good time swimming, drinking and talking. While in the middle of a chicken fight, Starfire noticed that Barbara Gordon had arrived. Knowing that Babs enjoyed posting her modeling pictures all over her bedroom, she figured that the best way to welcome her was in a 'sexy' fashion. 

Starfire waved at Babs with both arms, making sure she got a good view of her bikini-clad frontside. Then she let herself get knocked over in the chicken fight, flew into the air, and dried herself by shaking her body like a stripper. She looked down to see if Babs had noticed but was disappointed to see that she had rolled her wheelchair up to a table and set up a paper bag. Regardless, Starfire flew down and greeted her friend, unintentionally her breasts up against her. 

"Thank you for coming, good friend Babs!" The Queen of New Tamaran exclaimed. 

"Great to see you too! I'd love to hang out more, but I know you've been busy." 

"Well, so have you, Miss youngest-woman-to-get-PhD-in-computer-science," added Donna Troy, walking up the two with a martini. 

"That's not until my thesis is done." 

"May I please listen to your little bumgorf?" Asked Starfire. 

"Sure, go right ahead." 

Starfire kneeled down at placed her ear on Barbara's pregnant belly. "I can feel the little heart! And a kick!" 

"Due any day now! By the way, I brought you a wedding gift!" 

Starfire opened the paper bag to find a set of superhero-themed baby clothes. 

"Thank you! I hope that our bumgorfs can grow up to be best friends together!" 

"You and Robin may have to adopt," advised Donna. "Since you're different species, chances of offspring are next to impossible." 

"Well, maybe they'll get a nice little miracle to break the chances." 

"Well, if Robin couldn't get Kara pregnant, I doubt..." Then Donna realized the implications of what she was saying. 

"Wait, what about Earth Champion Kara?" Asked Starfire nervously. 

"I'm just saying that … oh look, someone else is here!" 

Supergirl entered the place with open arms and in a bright blue swimsuit, and started flying around greeting her fellow heroine. Lastly she came to Starfire, who interrupted her wedding congratulations. 

"Were you and my Robin grimgorfs?" 

Everyone else stopped and turned to look at the Girl of Steel. They all knew that 'grimgorf' was the Tamaranean word for romantic and sexual partner, but they were all deeply curious about the last one. Kara smiled as she gave her unashamed response. 

"Yup! We were each other's first times! And second, and third, and fourth … you don't know how much I envy you for keeping that ultimate sex machine to yourself!" 

All the other girls joined a clustered circle around them, begging for details. Even Raven was among them, who promptly blushed when she realized how surprisingly perverted she was being. 

"OK, step back, so what do you want to hear..." 

"First time!" Demanded Starfire. "How did he become the 'ultimate sex machine'?". 

"Well, let me flashback to the summer in between sophomore and junior years. It had only been a few months since I'd been revived from stasis, and my cousin had put me under intensive homeschooling to keep me up-to-date with regular Earth girls. I wanted a break, but Clark gave me a matching costume so I could hop straight into patrolling Metropolis with him. While using my X-ray version to search for crimes, I discovered numerous couples having sex. It sounded gross in my schooling, but now it seemed like a lot of fun. 

"I asked my cousin and his parents about it, but they just said to wait until I was married. Since they wouldn't answer my curiosity, I was introduced to music by my friends, and I learned two things about sex – it's a lot of fun, and do it with someone who looks good. 

"That summer, I met that someone, and his name was Robin. I wasn't used to talking to boys, so I was a bit nervous … or at least that's what I told him." 

"What do you mean?" Asked Bumblebee. 

"Well, you know the joke about Superman a peeping-tom all the time? Well, that's true about me! I'm always checking out tits and cocks, and yes, that includes you and your male teammates. I'm not particularly judgy, but when I saw Robin's – I stuttered so bad I forgot my own name!" 

All the girls shrieked in unison – sans Raven, who placed her hand over her mouth to stop the scream from getting out, and Starfire, who was still intently listening. 

"Anyway, our mentors had teamed-up, and long story short, Robin and I wound up fighting Parasite.  We defeated him, but not before he kicked our asses first. While we both caught our breath, I looked at him differently. He was cute, had a nice, determined, willing to lay his life for me – everything Ma Kent said I should look for in a husband. Well, I couldn't wait that long. I told him right there that I wanted to had sex with him. 

"He looked at me all confused. I repeated myself. 'But we just met,' he said. 'Yeah,' I responded, 'and you almost died trying to protect me. Does that not mean you care about me?'" 

"'Yeah, but we're heroes. We're supposed to protect and care about everyone'." 

"So I said back, 'Well, if you do not wish to have sex, then why did your heart rate spike up the moment I mentioned it?'" 

"'It's not that. I mean, I also want sex with every cheerleader at my school, so..." 

"'Well, if a cheerleader at your school wanted sex from you, what would you say?'  He couldn't say no to that, so he followed his hormones and agreed to exchange virginities with me. 

"Once we had both recovered, Robin managed to temporarily deactivate Wayne Manor's security, allowing me to fly in through his bedroom window. We both searched for some 'sexy' clothes for the occasion, but it seems that Alfred and Ma Kent had decided to do laundry on the same day, so we were both in our pajamas. 

"Robin confessed that he only knew about sex from biology textbooks, so he let me be the one in charge. I decided that the first thing to do was take off our clothes, an action which we were both uncomfortable with the other watching. So, we turned around, stripped ourselves, and turned back at the count of three. 

"While I had left on my white bra and panties, he'd gone full nude and was gawking at me like an idiot. I asked him how he thought I looked, and he started to say 'sexy' but then switched to 'beautiful' like a proper gentleman. So cute! 

"I complimented him for his well-crafted muscular physique and asked if he had to work every day to get like that.  He stammered a bit before answering 'yes'.  I asked if I could touch; he again stammered before answering 'yes'. 

"I got on the bed and motioned for him to come over. He did, and after laying down next to me I gently rubbed my fingertips up and down across his abdomen.  His breathing and heart rate slowly accelerated, but he tried his best not to show it. 

"I moved to the next stage of my sensual attack and began floating above him, soaking my fingers in saliva and then rubbing them all over his marble chest and abs.  When it was clear from his breathing that he could no longer hold his excitement, I stopped and told him to sit up.  He did so immediately. 

"I asked for his hands. He gave them to me, and I placed them on my breasts. By instinct, he began to massage them. It was my first sexual arousal, and it felt surprisingly weird at first, but quickly felt so relaxing and cleansing. 

"I told him to massage harder, but that wasn't enough to satisfy me. I told him to take my bra off, which he took a surprisingly long time to do for someone who fights with a utility belt. After casting that aside, he incorporated nipple-squeezing into his massaging, which was accompanied by scratching the space between my breasts. My top half was soon satisfied and it was time to move on. 

"I floated upwards and spun around so that my butt was directly in front of his face, and his fingertips were touching the very top of my panties. 'Pull them off', I said, and after brief hesitation, he grabbed the top of my panties and slowly exposed my sweet derriere. 

"He paused in a blank stare, and so I gave him more of what he wanted and bent forward at the waistso that I could finish pulling my panties off my legs.  Then I raised my legs and spread them open in front of his face so that he was looking straight into my vulva while I gazed at his gaping mouth while upside-down. 'Go ahead,' I said. 'Stick your finger in there!' 

"Robin promptly did so, and spent the next several minutes poking around at my clitoris, following my directions to satisfy me most. This was even more arousing than before, and I was soon gasping so hard that I couldn't direct him. I began to feel spasms in my torso, and found myself praising Rao for this moment. 

"And just below me I noticed his cock. So huge, so hard, and it looked so delicious! I reached down with both hands and began squeezing it like a stress toy. Now it was Robin's turn to be aroused, and he took a break from playing with my vulva to yelling the name of his god in between sharp inhales. 

"I was sure enjoying myself, but then I remembered the most fun thing people did during sexand I determined right then to make it as filthy and fun as possible! I gently pushed him over so that he was lying down turned my body around, and held up his cock while I lowered my hips towards it." 

Kara stopped to note all the other girls staring at her in amazement. 

"The moment his tip touched my hymen, we both briefly gasped in shock. We looked at each other, both clearly nervous, but he gave me a thumbs up so I went right ahead. I continued to lower my body, guiding his cock up my tight vaginal tract. With each new millimeter it went in, it felt like a whole new world of arousal exploded within me! 

"Finally, I got it all the way in, and we both breathed heavily from the shock. I looked at him again, and he gave me another thumbs up. I moved my hips up and down, his Boy Wonder scratching my g-spot and everywhere else like an exploding lottery ticket!" 

"So, you basically jackhammered him?" Asked an astounded Argent. 

"Yes, jackhammering is exactly what I did! I was jackhammering so hard the bed was shaking like an earthquake, and Robin and to grab onto the mattress tight so that he wouldn't flail around!" 

"It sounds like Robin did not enjoy this," said Starfire. 

"Well, he was screaming my name over and over, so he must have been.  But his cock still wasn't all the way in yet, so I floated upward and wrapped my legs around his waist, thrusting his penis in and out of me while his limbs splashed around like a drowning child.  He eventually got sick of trying to hold onto his bed, so he sat straight up and kissed me – his lips encircling my mouth, eyes closed like a passionate lover, his arms embracing my back and pulling our bodies together. It was my first kiss (and his), and honestly, I like it better than my first intercourse. There was something new about the way he did it, I didn't know it at the time, but it made me calm down and ride him more gently. He soon released me from the kiss and we stared awkwardly at each other (as though enither of us had any idea what just happened, but we both loved it anyway), breathing heavily as the screwing continued. 

"I went on riding him gently as we both went into orgasm. As I felt the pressure building up in me, my head leaned back and I started to yell. Robin moved his hands behind my head and placed our lips together again, this time locking our tongues together as well. I quickly gave up any resistance as we continued to screw each other, and the orgasms were finally released as muffled echoes between our mouths. 

"Then he finally took his lips off me, and we both naturally let go of each other and fell backwards, landing on the bed with two massive plops. I stared up at his ceiling, catching my breath, and contemplated all that had just happened. I had just had sex with an amazing, cute boy. And it was the most fun that I had ever had! But there was something more than just fun, especially in that kiss. 

"The way Robin had kissed me, it had reminded me of how people had kissed outside of sex. It was to show passion, devotion, and romance. I hadn't felt any of those things before towards Robin, but now? Did he feel that way towards me? Did he want to be my boyfriend? 

"Then my watch went off, letting me know it was time to fly back to Smallville. I got my clothes back on and turned to thank Robin for the wonderful experience. But when I did, I noticed that he was deeply breathing out of pain. Then my super-vision showed an excessive amount of bone fractures and muscle tearing around his groin, to the point that both femurs were nearly dislocated. 

"Yeah, I still didn't know my own strength. 

"I quickly apologized and offered to take him to the hospital, but he instead led me into the Batcave, where he directed me to a revitalization chamber.  After making sure that he was OK, I gave him a goodbye kiss on the forehead. 'Thanks for tonight', I said. 'It was great! You were great!'" 

"'Thanks', he replied. 'You were great too! And take good care of my virginity for me! He loves playing fetch and needs to be taken out twice a day!'" 

"Yeah, he was funnier then, so I giggled. 'Well, as long as you have mine, let's have you take the lead next we do this'." 

"We both agreed and bid each other good night. And that's how Robin became the Boy Wonder!"

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