Black Diamonds

BY : Triyune
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Batman nor the Joker and I don't make money from writing this fic. Lyrics by The Beatles/George Harrison; Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor; Depeche Mode/Martin Gore; Genesis; Madness; Wolfsheim

Side notes:
This fiction doesn’t aim at glorifying drugs but wants to point out that with drug abuse, situations can quickly get out of control which may result in life-changing events.

Now take the ride and ejoy.


Black Diamonds


Saturday morning, 31st of March, I hit upon a glorious idea. I was so bored that any idea was welcome and this one was a good one, so I thought.
Saturday was Wayne day on TV. Whenever it was Saturday, he showed up somewhere on the news or early evening gossip weekly, like the “side glances” show, framed by pretty girls, holding a champagne glass and philosophizing about 4th world poverty.
That implied that Wayne Manor was left empty, except for the butler maybe but I was sure I could handle him if it came to that point.
Yes, I would enter Wayne Manor. Not for the first time anyway.

Gleefully, I thought of a stupid trap, something jumping out of the fridge, like, an evil clown face on a spiral spring, a Jack-in-the-fridge. The sillier the better. I would install that and when he’d come home from the party on the 1st of April, opening the fridge for more booze he’d embrace a heart attack.
The reason for not having killed the Batman yet had always been an egoistic one. I could have easily entered his mansion and stabbed him in his bed. But without him, there was no fun.
That one month when he had broken his legs and had to stay at home I had turned crazy. No sign of him on the streets, no fear when going outside, not thrill. It was just boring. No, I wanted to keep my partner.

Until the evening, I had found everything I needed for my little gag and left the house. It was raining, so I took a cab to his site. There, I climbed the fence. Of course, it was meant to be a fence to protect his castle and so there were razor-sharp spikes on top of it and I got me some cuts and scratches but nothing serious. What a half-assed attempt. Not even when scaring off burglars Bruce Wayne wanted to hurt anyone seriously.

I snuck to the main entrance and boldly tried my luck. I didn’t want to find myself finding out that the door hadn’t been locked when I had managed to get inside through a window.
And so it was. The door wasn’t locked. That meant that the butler was around and I had to be as silent as possible.

Carefully, I pushed it open and stepped inside. Some candles lit the aisle. That man really needed some lamps in his castle. Stopping for a moment, I heard a dull string of sounds, echoing in the hallway and thus, sounding even more contorted. Distorted guitar riffs wavered across the hall. The old hag was partying. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. At least, he wouldn’t hear me that way and I didn’t need to be as careful.
On tiptoes though, I headed for the end of the hallway, noticing the music getting louder. There was light shining on the floor from a room to the right.

The music was coming from there. A strange voice was passionately lamenting along to the music.

Yes, I'm lonely…want to die…yes, I'm lonely…want to die…if I ain't dead already…oh, girl, you know the reason why…

The corners of my mouth rose; that old mutt obviously was feeling sentimental and blue. I wanted to see that by all means. So I put down the joke box and peeked into the room.
What I saw made me forget my cautiousness and step into the light, baffled and taken by surprise. I couldn’t believe what I saw.
Bruce Wayne was draped on the sofa, dressed in a silky green kimono, shrouded in a cloud of smoke of decent size and scent, getting lost in the White Album.

Suddenly, he turned his head and spotted me. I clenched my teeth. For a moment, he seemed to not recognize me or take my appearance for anything abnormal but then, a broad grin spread on his face which made me doubt what I was seeing even more.
Two or three seconds passed in silence again and I was too baffled than to move.

“Saturday evening! What a pleasure to meet you!” he finally declared into my direction with a smile as broad as his head.

I still couldn’t believe it. None of that. But it was obvious, bloody obvious.
I closed my eyes, unsure about what to do. One part insisted on turning on my heels and leaving, another part tried to convince me of taking a knife and slitting his stoned throat and the last part was shouting at me to join his Saturday evening party.
Bruce Wayne looked at me with bloodlined eyes, the grin never disappearing.

“What are you waiting for?”

Find me in my field of grass…Mother Nature's son…swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun…Mother Nature's son…

If I hadn’t been witnessing this with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed anyone explaining that to me. What a nuthouse.
A wave of snickering washed across the room.

“Gran Green, you still standing there, growing a beard? Get yourself a glass of wine and,” he took a drag, “some of this.”
Smoke flowed from his mouth like the Niagara falls. What a sweet scent. I hadn’t been doing that for a long time anymore. To be precise, not anymore since Ivy had dumped me back then.

…come on, come on…

Yet, the hedonistic part got the better of me and I went to the sofa to sit down beside him. He didn’t seem to pose a danger right now at all. Hell, I wouldn’t reject such an invitation, not even if it was Bruce Wayne voicing it.
The grin turned into a smirk. We were staring at each other for some moments, letting ourselves getting carried away in these clouds of bliss until he handed it over to me.

Memories of something which suddenly eluded me came to my mind. It couldn’t be worse than the shit they dealt me in Arkham. Passionately, I inhaled and held my breath. However, nephalism took its toll and I was forced to exhale one moment later, coughing my lungs out. Bruce Wayne burst into laughter next to me.

“Jolly...jolly good shit,” I managed to remark between those fits.

That comment sent him over the edge and I could watch tears streaming down his face.
I kept it though and took another drag when I felt ready for it again.
Yes, that was it.
My heart started racing and I felt lightheaded. I leaned back and focused on a spot on the wall until the first effects would dwindle, handing it back again.

The deeper you go, the higher you fly…the higher you fly, the deeper you go…

Just then, I noticed the ashtray hosting one filterless fag end already. What a party. Right place, right time.
I closed my eyes, feeling my toes getting warmer and my thighs heavier. He gave it to me one more time and I took the last drag, then stubbed it out.
The crackling sound drew my attention to the fire. Light was moving in a hypnotizing way there, framed by hard stones, marble. Columns of light reached for the ceiling, kneeling down and straightening again. The warmth crawled up my legs.

Come on its such a joy…come on let's take it easy…come on let's take it easy...everybody's got something to hide except for me and My monkey…

Mesmerized, I turned my head to look at him just to find him gazing at me in amazement.

“How come it is so green…” he slurred, noticeably irritated by my hair colour.

I knew no answer to that question.
A world unfolded to me in front of my eyes. Gates opened and spilled their contents over me. Suddenly, I understood.
The gentleness, the cautiousness, the tolerance.
I felt compelled to touch his skin.

It felt the way it looked like. Silky heaven.
He let it happen, eyes fixed on me and though, looking past me.
Strands of black hair framed his face like darkness fighting for its right to be there. I touched them and they unfolded as well; strands of pearls, his face adorned with black diamonds. They felt smooth to the touch, woven silk interspersed with diamonds.
And then worlds collided.

You broke the rules…you laid it down for all to see…

Warm feathers brushed over my face and finally lay down on my cheeks. I sucked in the air, completely taken by surprise. That wasn’t part of this world anymore.
There was me, a small man, claiming this spot of the world, alone, all the time and suddenly, something had moved towards me. Something had touched me. Reached through this isolation and solitude and given me a piece of him. My mouth dropped open in silence, the emotional turmoil inside surfacing in a single tear.

His eyes turned sad and I saw the ocean of compassion in them. Mercy like an endless ocean, gently moving in a warm light, all-embracing and accepting. It moved me to tears. I was getting lost in the waves of this blinding peacefulness and he allowed it.
It cleansed my wounds and my soul from all that darkness which had been accumulating for all those years, polishing it and bringing the light inside to shine again.
He closed his eyes. The sun darkened, but not for long. I could see it shining through his closed eyes, reaching for me and embracing me. I would see it forever.

Feathers gently pushed against my head. Spellbound, I complied, watching the sun coming closer.
Feeling it spreading on my lips killed something inside me. Something heavy, something hard and crusted. A sea of gentleness filled me up as I saw the rays of light behind my closed eyes. His lips closed around my lower lip and sucked gently on it. I was too busy putting together the puzzle of feelings in my head than to do anything else than take it.
The warmth had reached my upper thighs.

I kept my eyes closed and savoured the feeling of pure light wandering across my neck. It was such a heavy feeling that I feared I couldn’t take it any longer.
A kind of inward peace claimed me when these lips moved again and something else entered me. Slowly, gently. This was new to me and yet, it felt so familiar. Like an archaic rite triggering an original state, pure, absolute and undiffused.

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide…where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride…till I get to the bottom and I see you again…

A stream of bliss rippled from my mouth when the warmth intensified. For so long it had been cold, forgotten, lost. I was melting under his touch, feeling the honesty and purity of it, devoid of reservation, restrictions and regrets. He still kept his eyes closed but I couldn’t but watch him moving, shining and melting as well. And then, there was the point when we became one, limbs merging, getting lost in the same sea of warmth, gleaming with bliss and sharing one will, one mind and one body, our thoughts going into one single direction.

Will you, won't you want me to make you…I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you…

Feathers caressed my crotch, the corpus cavernosum swelling, heat spreading. I got lost in him.
He drew back and opened his eyes. I held my breath, watching the universe unraveling. Endless oceans of compassion surged in them, guarded by millions of feathered wings of love.
A light squeeze of my own surging sea made me tilt my head and close my eyes now. He moved closer and let our lips meet again, but just lightly. The feathered wings turned into mirror shards and replaced the sea of love.

…helter skelter…

Roughness spread like a thunderstorm, furious and wild and I got lost in it as well, going with the flow. Our lips met again and he bruised them with his teeth, squeezing more fiercely. My fingers dug into his chest and I pulled him closer to swallow him.
Not close enough.
Not letting go of his lips, I got up and sat down on his thighs. The kimono slid from his leg and bared rosen skin. I couldn’t withstand that sight. Molten white glass, gleaming and hot, traced along his thigh and made him tense up. It had become obvious by now what was going on under that thin layer of silk since it was tellingly bulging.

I searched for the black sea again and found it raving, glistening with greed. A thunderstorm was on the way, I had witnessed the forerunners, heavy rain, and now flashes illuminated that troubled sky. Surreptitiously, I snuck a hand under the kimono and the rolling of thunder followed.
Warm and secretively, they were resting there in a cavern, waiting. He turned his head to the side and covered his eyes with his hand. Ebony and ivory mingled and the storm worsened. He would go for that and so would I.

It took a long long long time…now I’m so happy I found you…

Hastily, I worked on the fly of my pants, benumbed and blinded by the raging sea. No thought would keep me from that, no one would object to it and no one would give a damn about it. It just felt right.
I took out my cock and moved closer on his thighs, pushing the silk away and pressing my erection against his. His fingers pinched the brick of his nose as he growled and tried to hold back.

When I took both of them into my hand he dug his nails into my thigh and opened his eyes to look down. The sight made his dick twitch.
My cheeks were glowing and I felt so heated up that I had to get rid of my shirt. I let go of the hardness to unbutton my shirt and they remained in place, fighting for dominance. In the middle of taking my shirt off I stopped, amazed at the play of colours. The acid had left me white from head to toe, dying everything white and now I just got aware of that again when I saw his cock pressed against mine, like a bar of chocolate.
Hands tore the shirt from my body and I looked up, immediately losing to what was in front of me.

Now I can see you, be you…how can I ever misplace you…how I want you…

Lips swollen from kisses and bruises closed over mine again and at the same time, his hand took mine and placed it on the tips while his closed around our dicks.
I was so out of my senses that everything of that felt natural and apparently, the man in front of me was just experiencing the same.
Without wasting any further thoughts on that I started massaging our dicks, drawing a line of moans from him while I tried to suppress them with a contorted smile. We had gone too far than to stop now and I didn’t want to stop at all.

Encouraged by his sounds I moved my pelvis, humping his belly with our dicks between me and him. His hair fell over his eyes and his mouth bore a wide grin. I inhaled deeply, enjoying that sight too much. His smartness and classiness were a killing cocktail. Muscles moved and his fingers grabbed my ass, kneading and pinching it. Who had ever touched my ass like that? My dick unwillingly grew a little larger. I licked my lips and gave him a smirk, accepting the challenge, gripping his dick firmly and rubbing the underside of it. I loved the feeling of that.

You know that I need you…

One of his hands left my tortured ass cheek and pulled me closer for a wet kiss again. Our tongues met above our dicks, intertwining, dancing like furious cobras until he got hold of mine and bit down on it.
I groaned into his mouth and tried to draw back but he didn’t let me. His grip on my ass tightened and his nails scraped down my back, making me arch up. His teeth drew blood and I gasped, squeezing his dick tightly.

His cum hit my chin and just that moment, he shoved a finger up my ass which made me come as well. We shared our breath, lips and noses pressed against each other, sweating and panting.

Ooh I love you…

After a good minute of an eternity in heaven we both went slack; he let himself fall back and I followed, spending another minute lying on his chest before I moved to the side to lie on the sofa as well. His finger slid from my ass and I sighed, tasting cum in my mouth. Whether it was his or mine I could not find out.

I felt heavy and spent. Exhausted and drained, full of tired bliss. My head was empty and my thoughts wandering in light, somewhere.
Bruce Wayne clumsily bent forward and poured us another glass of wine.

“How bout another one…”

“Sure thing.”

You say you want a revolution…well, you know, we all want to change the world…
You tell me that it's evolution…well, you know, we all want to change the world…

I smirked and closed my eyes. My Saturday couldn’t get any better.




I woke up in softness. It was still dark and there was the sound of rain. Blinking, I sat up and looked to my left.
Holy shittens.
Bruce Wayne looked at me with sleep-drugged eyes. I clenched my teeth and tried to assess my situation. My tongue felt sore.
What the fuck had happened? What WAS happening right now?

But my tongue wasn't the only thing which felt sore.

I looked around but couldn’t find any clue which would lead me to last night’s memory or to any explanation as to why I was lying in Bruce Wayne’s bed. Oh, there they were. My pants were lying on the floor, half way between the door and the bed. Which meant that I was naked.

I jumped from the bed and collected them. Acute dizziness made me pause for a moment. Where was the rest? Helplessly, I turned around to look answers out of that man but he didn’t respond. While putting the jeans on I stumbled out of the room, just realizing in the hallway that there was something wrong when I wanted to button them. They didn’t fit.
No, they weren’t mine at all.
Just where was the rest of my rags. Looking to the left, a purple jacket caught my eye. That was mine.

I leapt into the room and put on everything I just could find. One sock was missing but I didn’t care. Just where were my pants? Fear claiming more and more of my mind, I rushed back into the bed room, looking for my pants.
The heck where…whatever. I needed to leave. Now.
Bruce Wayne had sat up in the meantime, watching me turning crazy. Our eyes met and I failed to read his. Detachment. I couldn’t stand this. Couldn’t he just have forced me into orgasm and laughed at that? No, that unfazed expression. Where was the door? I didn’t want to linger on those thoughts any longer than necessary.

Just when I turned around to leave something else showed in his eyes but I missed it, storming out of the house.
Rain was pouring down on me while I was running down the hill of Wayne manor. I left the site and headed for the city, somewhere, away from there. The rain was so cold that it benumbed me and my raging mind. Desperate for a break, I stopped by a café and sat down inside, my clothes dripping wet. My hair stuck to my face and my vision was blurred from the rain but I was finally safe, no one would find me here.

“Jokes, ya old fag!”

I was pushed forward, someone hitting my shoulder. I turned around to face the suicidal fool. Johnny Onny, one of my former stooges. Been a long time.

“Not now,” I pressed forth between clenched teeth, trying to contain myself.

Johnny snorted with amusement.

“You look pretty fucked, ya know…”

With a shaking hand, I took out my knife and pressed it against his throat, rain dropping on the blade. Johnny froze.
The people around us kept talking. They were used to these things happening there. It wasn’t the finest area of Gotham and no one was as dense as Johnny as to pick an argument with the Joker.

“Ask me tomorrow again, kay?”

Johnny swallowed down a clump of fear.

“Kay kay, boss, easy…sorry there…”

“Fuck off,” I snarled, tasting something bitter in the back of my mouth. I couldn’t tell whether it was his cum or mine.

Johnny was fixing his tie and suit.

“Now sod off, you retard, will ya?!” I yelled at him, scaring the shit out of him.
Johnny left without any further word, leaving little to no impression on the other guests.

Coffee was put down in front of me. I rubbed my eyes and propped myself up on my arm.
This hadn’t just happened. How could that have happened?
I couldn’t evade the fact that it had happened so not thinking about it wouldn’t make it any better either.
I had had a plan, I had gone to his house, entered and found him on the sofa, higher than the god in his sky. He had handed it over to me, I had taken it…and then it had happened. But just why?

Well, I was sure I would have fingered Gandhi as well had he just been there. Or the bearded lady. I was quite relieved at realizing that it wasn’t because it was Wayne but because I simply got horny when smoking that stuff.
I promised faithfully.

What just unsettled me then was the wish to do it again.

Honey pie, you are making me crazy
I'm in love but I'm lazy…so won't you please come home…



Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne noticed a box on the floor next to the entry of the living room. He was glad he had even come so far now. And now he was here and that couldn’t be changed.
He knelt down and lay a finger on the box, waiting for something to happen. No, he wasn’t quite awake yet and curiosity had infected his dopey head already so early in the morning that he couldn’t defend himself against it. What should he have done? Taken an aspirin? Caffeine?
Bluntly, he opened the box and a clown with green hair and red lips jumped at him.
Bruce Wayne suffered a heart attack.


Good night, good night everybody
Evberybody everywhere,
good night.



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