Iris's Fiancés

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"Barry!" Iris exclaimed, finally getting the attention of her rambling fiancé, "We need to talk?"

As those words normally meant nothing good Barry momentarily hesitated, but was too overwhelmed with happiness to dwell on it, "About what?"

Iris took a deep breath and nervously asked, "How, how long do you think you were gone?"

"Honestly it's hard to tell." Barry shrugged, "I don't know. A few weeks? Maybe a month?"

"A few..." Iris parroted, "Oh Barry, it's been years."

"Oh." Barry murmured, those words hitting him like a freight train. Then it felt like something even bigger hit him as he realised something, "That's... that's not my ring. You're not wearing my ring!"

Iris glanced guiltily at her engagement ring for a few long seconds, and then admitted the obvious, "No... no, I'm not."

There was a pause as a broken-hearted Barry asked, "Who's is it?"


Caitlin Snow was sitting in her apartment surrounded by ice and broken glass. Her skin, her hair and even her eyes were ghostly white, more than ever before, and the urge to truly embrace the dark voice in her head telling her to become Killer Frost and take her revenge on the world had never been stronger, and hit their peak every time she accidentally froze a bottle of beer. Every time she did she screamed in rage and through the bottle across her home to smash against one of the walls covered in pictures which were making her even angrier, and just broken. She just wanted to get drunk God damn it, couldn't the universe just let her do that?

She didn't even really like beer that much, but whenever she was upset she tended to freeze her drinks, and she wouldn't risk doing that to a good wine. Not after last time, and that was nothing compared to this complete and total heartbreak. So she had bought as many beers as she could carry from the clearly terrified man at the nearest convenience store and was now sitting in her home waiting for the inevitable. She wanted to be anywhere else, but then she might hurt someone, or causing enough of a scene to get herself locked away in Iron Heights. Or worse. Besides, she just wanted to get this breakup over with.

Against her better judgement Caitlin looked around her home again at all the different pictures of herself and her now ex-fiancé Iris West. Some featured their friends and family, but they all featured herself and Iris together and happy, as they had been for years. It wasn't something that Caitlin had been looking for, or ever expected to have with another woman, but it just happened, and it had been so, so good. It had literally saved Caitlin from becoming the murderous super villain she had been on Earth 2, and instead allowed her to become the hero of central city. And now that was all over that the true hero of the city had returned. Iris's true love, Barry Allen. The Flash.

The moment Cisco finally found a way to break Barry out of the speed force Caitlin's relationship with Iris was over. Barry was her friend, and she wished she could be happy that he was finally free of whatever hell he had been in, but selfishly she wished he had stayed trapped. Because to her shame this was her biggest fear come true. The hero arriving in the nick of time to save the Princess from marrying the monster. And that was all Caitlin was now. A monster. All she had to do was look in the mirror to know that. So maybe she should just make this easier on everyone by acting the part. Finally give in to her wicked urges and truly become Killer Frost.

Just as that thought echoed through Caitlin's head the front door to the apartment opened and Iris cautiously stepped in, as if she was determined to send her over the edge, Caitlin thought angrily before coldly telling her former lover, "Get out."

"No!" Iris said firmly, stepping closer.

With the ice around her increasing Caitlin jumped to her feet and screamed, "GET OUT!"

There was a brief pause and then Iris firmly said, "I'm not afraid of you. I will never be afraid of you, because I know you would never hurt me."

It was a lie that Caitlin had forced herself to believe too many times, and it angered her even more now as she gave her usual bitter response, "You should be."

"I'm not." Iris insisted, cautiously approaching her lover, "Because I know you wouldn't, and I know what you're thinking. It's the same thing you've been thinking about for years. Or at least one of them. The one about how if he ever came back you'd lose me. That I wouldn't even hesitate to go back to him. But you're wrong. You were always wrong."

In a spot of perfect timing Barry walked into the room at that moment, causing Caitlin to laugh, "Clearly."

"Don't look at him, look at me!" Iris snapped.

Iris marched up to Caitlin as she spoke, grabbed her face with both hands and smashed her lips against Killer Frost's. Which for anyone else would have meant icy death, or at least a lot of pain, but not for Iris. No, because the second her lips got anywhere near Caitlin's those dark blue lips returned to their normal colour, along with half of Caitlin's beautiful face as she was caught between two forms. It was debatable whether this was a conscious decision, or Caitlin's body switching to autopilot. Either way as far as Iris was concerned it was proof that she was right, and Caitlin wouldn't hurt her. She would have liked more proof of Caitlin's love for her in the form of kissing back, but it wasn't time for that yet.

So Iris broke the kiss, pulled back and firmly told her fiancé, "I'm with you. I love you. I made a promise to you."

For a moment Caitlin return to her old self as she allowed herself to hope, then she frowned as she return to her previous form and murmured, "You made a promise to him too."

"I did." Iris agreed, quickly adding, "But then he left. It wasn't his choice, and it isn't fair, but it happened. So I choose you. Not out of obligation, but because over the past few years I got over him, as much as I'm ever going too, and I fell in love with you. You're the one I'm in love with now, so if you want me to choose, I choose you."

There was another moment where Caitlin almost defrosted, then return to her icy state with a frown, "If? What do you mean, if?"

Iris sighed, bit her lip and hesitation, and then just went for it, "You said you liked him. In the beginning. Remember? That you weren't sure who you had the biggest crush on, him or me?"

"That was a long time ago." Caitlin tried to interrupt.

Ignoring her Iris went on, "But maybe the reason you couldn't choose, was because you wanted us both equally. But that's not the norm, and girls were just a curiosity for you at that point, or at least that's what you told yourself, so you push down feelings for me as much as you could, and focused your feelings on him. Then, just as you felt ready to ask him out, your first fiancé came back, and then everything got really crazy, or crazier, and you never told him how you felt. Then he disappeared, and things just kind of happened with us, so you forgot all about him. At least about being with him. But now maybe you can. Maybe... we can."

There was a brief pause, then Caitlin frowned, "What?"

Iris swallowed and softly said, "Maybe... maybe the three of us could be like... a couple."

Another brief pause, then Caitlin laughed icily, "You sound like something out of a guy's wet dream."

"Yeah, probably." Iris admitted, before quickly adding, "But the differences this isn't some nonsense where some obnoxious dude-bro walks in on two gay women he has never met before and they inexplicably fall for his charm. This is two bisexual women who were in love with a superhero, talking about inviting that superhero into their bed, and then maybe be open to let him into their relationship."

Yet another pause and then Caitlin pointed out, "You know this is crazy, right?"

"Why? Because it's not normal? Guess what Cait? We're not normal!" Iris pointed out, "You're a superhero with ice powers, who spends her life terrified she is about to turn evil at every single moment. Barry is a superhero who can move faster than the speed of light, and spent the last few years trapped inside another dimension. And because of it, I'm pretty much engage to both of you. So is it really so crazy that I could want to be with you both? That I could love you both? Equally? Because I do. Or at least, I'm close. As close as you were in the beginning."

This time there was a long pause, then Caitlin asked softly, "This... this is what you really want?"

"Yes." Iris admitted after only a brief hesitation.

"And you?" Caitlin finally addressed Barry, "How about you?"

"No." Berry said truthfully, clarifying as she slowly stepped forward, "I'm like you. I just want her. And like a second ago, at least for me... I had her."

The Flash hesitated and is Caitlin return to her Killer Frost look and warned him, "Choose your next words carefully, Flash."

"I had her. Then, in a flash..." Barry laughed, "Things were different. She was different. She was with someone else, and happy. And I don't want to jeopardise that, because her happiness is more important to me than anything. But... I just love her, you know? And I really would do anything for her. Anything."

"I know." Caitlin said softly, returning to her normal form, "I'd do anything for her too."

"That's why, if she ultimately chooses you, I'll be happy for you both. Or at least, I'll find a way to be." Barry smiled sadly, "But until then, well, at least this would be a stay of execution. And, at least for now, I would have Iris back. And... maybe you, which would be, like wow, because the Caitlin Snow I remember was amazing."

Caitlin sighed deeply, and then admitted, "The Barry Allen I remember was pretty amazing too."

There was another long pause, then Iris cautiously pushed, "So... are we doing this?"

Yet another pause, then Caitlin turned to her fiancé and told her, "I have a condition."

"Name it." Iris beamed.

"We take things slow." Caitlin said softly.

"Oh." Iris murmured, unable to hide her disappointment, but she then quickly added in understanding, "Sure."

"So... how would this work exactly?" Caitlin asked cautiously.

"Well..." Iris began hesitantly, before going for it, "We'd put wedding planning on hold for a bit... and... just kind of, date. Like, all three of us."

"All at the same time?" Caitlin questioned with a frown.

"Sometimes. Sometimes it would be just me and you, sometimes it would be just me and Barry, and hopefully, sometimes it would be just you and Barry." Iris explained cautiously, "If that's okay."

"What about, you know, everything else?" Caitlin blushed.

"The same." Iris grinned.

"I don't mean just sex!" Caitlin quickly clarified.

"I know." Iris said softly and soothingly, then cautiously added, "Is that still okay?"

"Yeah, I guess." Caitlin mumbled unconvincingly, before laughing, "This is crazy."

Iris laughed too, before taking another step forward, "Can I kiss you?"

The next few seconds felt like hours, then when Caitlin nodded her head Iris smiled softly and slowly close the distance between them. Going even more slowly Iris then cupped Caitlin's face again and gave her the softest, sweetest, most loving kiss she possibly could. For a few seconds Caitlin hesitated, but then she relaxed into the embrace, wrapped her arms around her and kissed back, the two girls becoming completely lost in each other for a few wonderful minutes. Honestly Iris forgot Barry was even there, and what she was trying to do. But then she broke the kiss, and it all came rushing back, in a flash.

"Do you mind if I, you know, with Barry?" Iris asked nervously.

She almost was more explicit in her explanation, but Iris thought it would be best if she kept it vague, given how fragile and tense things seem to be. Luckily Caitlin was a genius, and of course immediately got what she was saying. Iris could see it in her eyes. Not that it stopped Caitlin from hesitating for a few long moments, before finally nodding. Which caused Iris to smile softly, and then slowly walk over to Barry, and repeated the process. Same nervous hesitation, same gentle yet loving kiss, and perhaps a little worryingly a few long seconds where she forgot all about Caitlin and what she was trying to do. Then Iris broke the kiss and beckoned Caitlin over.

"I'm... I'm not sure I'm ready for that." Caitlin admitted.

"Please baby, for me?" Iris pushed.

Immediately Iris regretted pushing. It was stupid, especially considering how fragile Caitlin was right now, and she very nearly took it back, but for whatever reason she didn't. Which seemed to turn out for the better as after a few long seconds Caitlin hesitantly staggered over to Barry, who looked equally unsure, and then gently cupped his face. There were then a few long moments of hesitation, and then Caitlin leaned forward, Barry leaning down in turn so they met in the middle, Iris letting out a little squeak of excitement once their lips met. Of course it wasn't nearly as passionate as the previous two kisses, but it was a start, and right now it felt like that was the best Iris could hope for.

Caitlin was tense at first, but eventually relaxed into the kiss, which was a lot further than she got last time. Of course last time she kissed Barry it wasn't really Barry, and she certainly hadn't had a chance to enjoy it then. Besides that felt like several lifetimes ago now. This, this was mostly just weird, and the only way she could get into it was to ironically forget about her fiancé. Yes, it was only when she pushed herself back several years and remembered what she had felt for him that Caitlin could truly enjoy kissing Barry Allen. She wondered if he did the same thing, because he also felt very tense throughout the kiss, and only seem to be getting into it just before they pulled away, and then things were super awkward again.

"Okay, that was... a start." Iris said awkwardly, then before Caitlin could say anything wrapped her arms around her, and softly told her, "I wanna try something, and I know it will be weird, but just go with it, okay?"

Which was weird, because the next thing Iris did was push her up against a wall and kiss her, and Caitlin couldn't ever imagine not wanting that, even when they had the audience of a friend. But then Iris's words became clear as after a few minutes of gently caressing her body she gently pulled her dress down and started cupping her bra covered breasts right in front of Barry. At the same time she moved her mouth down to her neck, obviously allowing Caitlin the chance to complain, which Caitlin considered, between the moans of pleasure. Especially as she had no idea where this was going. It was obvious Iris really wanted this, and from the look on his face there was a very good chance that it would be too much for Barry, and he would just leave. Which wasn't a nice thing to think, but it was better than losing Iris, so Caitlin couldn't help it.

Keeping Iris at least in some way was the most important thing to her, so Caitlin allowed her fiancé to not only play with her boobs, but eventually pulled down the bra so she could lower her head and take one of her nipples into her mouth. She then went back and forth, mostly concentrating on Caitlin's nipples but also kissing the surrounding flesh, all of which just felt so very, very good, and like during the kissing Caitlin just forgot all about their audience, partly because she closed her eyes, cupped the back of Iris's head and pushed her deeper into her chest. Then when Iris pulled away from her, and called out to Barry she was actually startled, Caitlin embarrassing herself by even jumping a little when she opened her eyes and looked over at him with surprise.

"Are you just going to stand there all night?" Iris asked her other fiancé boldly.

"I, I didn't know I was invited." Barry replied sheepishly, slowly stepping forward as he looked Caitlin and asked, "Is that okay?"

Before Caitlin could answer Iris butted in, "Just touch me, okay? Don't worry about her, just concentrate on me, while I'm concentrating on her. Mmmmm, and don't worry, I'm more than ready, so just do whatever you want."

For a few seconds the Flash continued to look apprehensive, then he kneeled down behind Iris and began caressing her skirt covered butt, making Caitlin fume with jealousy. But this was what she had agreed too, and it certainly could be worse. Besides, it was hard to stay mad when shortly after that Iris pulled up the bra, which was confusing, until Iris slowly dropped down to her knees and slipped her head under Caitlin's dress. Which was kind of ironic, as Iris was making sure that Caitlin didn't have to be naked in front of Barry, but she was about to eat her out in front of him. It shouldn't have been a comfort, but it was, Caitlin weirdly grateful for that, and the fact that Iris continued going slow, spending a few long seconds kissing her way up and down her thighs and then licking her pussy through her panties.

Barry felt completely out of his element here. He knew that this kind of threesome was supposed to be like every guys dream, but not him. He'd only ever wanted Iris. That was the ultimate dream, and for him he'd had it what felt like only days ago, only to find that Iris had managed to find happiness with someone else, which was beyond heart-breaking. He wasn't sure joining her in the relationship would work, as it seemed just asking for trouble, but he really would try anything if it meant keeping her. But the larger picture aside, he wasn't sure what to do now. Sex wasn't something he wanted to rush, but he'd been more or less left out of the foreplay, and sure, it didn't take him much to have him ready to go, and the little show had definitely done that job, but he just wasn't sure what to do now exactly.

After a few seconds which felt like hours to someone of his speed, both before and after he kneeled down, Barry firmly pushed Iris's skirt upwards, kissing along her thighs and a bit of her meaty cheeks poking out of the deliberately small underwear. He then carefully pulled that down, exposing that gloriously round booty that he loved so much. After a few seconds of just admiring it he kissed it, going back and forth between those cheeks for a few long minutes, before pulling them apart so he could get to the treasure they were hiding, namely his fiancé's wet pussy. Then he did what, bizarrely, it sounded like Iris was doing from the sound of Caitlin's moans, and slid his tongue over Iris's pussy lips.

To his delight this got a loud moan of approval out of Iris. Which she barely heard, as that moan went directly into Caitlin's cunt, which resulted in his friend letting out a cry which drowned out Iris's. Which he was kind of responsible for, which was a really weird thought, one he tried not to dwell on. No, he concentrated on Iris's pussy, and Iris's reactions to his licks as he searched his memory for what she might like. From the sounds of it he did pretty well, Barry allowing himself to feel proud as for the next few minutes he became completely lost in this act, just as bizarrely Iris seemed to be lost in doing the exact same thing to Caitlin. Which wasn't easy, as part of his body aching for relief right now, that ache become even stronger the more he heard Iris moan.

Then Iris pulled her mouth away from Caitlin's cunt long enough to moan, "Give me your cock! Oh God Barry, that feel so good, mmmmm, but I need more. I need you inside me. Please? I need your cock inside me, oh Barry, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck!"

While there was part of Barry which very much felt he should concentrate on her pleasure more, especially under the circumstances, he certainly didn't want to argue. Besides, it was literally giving Iris what she asked for. So literally less than a second later his pants were off and he was spitting onto his hand and then rubbing that saliva into his dick, preparing it for what he most wanted. Then he gently pressed himself against Iris's entrance and then slowly pushed forwards, causing himself and his girl to cry out as he slowly entered her. Actually, all three of them ended up crying out, although Barry was definitely concentrating on the girl he loved, and the exquisite pleasure she was giving him.

Iris loved going down on Caitlin. She'd always loved going down on her previous lovers, but with Caitlin that meant something very different, and Iris revelled in not only the differences, but the similarities. Like the mental pleasure she got from hearing her lover cry out with pure joy as she used her mouth to please them in such an intimate way, and been able to look up at the expressions of gratitude in pleasure on their face. Then there was the taste. She'd read online that some people liked one or the other, and she had certainly heard a few female friends complain about sucking cock, but she had always loved it from the moment she first tried it.

Of course, then there were the differences. Durability was a big one, as while he called himself the fastest man alive Barry's cock was exactly the opposite, but it couldn't compare to Caitlin's pussy, which could just keep going, and going, and going. The larger supply of liquid certainly didn't bother her. Exactly the opposite in fact. Iris loved how much liquid she was able to get out of Caitlin, as it was a sign of just how good she was at this, and/or how much Caitlin wanted her. And she especially liked swallowing as much as that heavenly liquid as possible. And getting it all over her face, meaning Iris was often pushing her face deep into Caitlin's cunt. Not that she ever had to try that hard.

Then there were the physical differences, but she really did love them both, which was again why she was pushing her luck. Well, mostly it was because she loved these two people, but their bodies were definitely part of them, and she'd be lying if she said that wasn't part of the equation. And to have both of them at once, God, that really was a dream come true. So when she first felt Barry's mouth and then tongue on her Iris was surprised she didn't cum straightaway. Instead she just built an intense desire to have both Caitlin's pussy in her face, and Barry's cock inside her own pussy at the same time, and suddenly nothing else would do.

When Iris finally had both she let out a cry followed by a pathetic whimper of pure joy, and she honestly couldn't think coherently, let alone lick pussy. Thankfully after years of constantly eating pussy her body just seemed to go into autopilot, which only made this moment even more mind blowing. Oh yes, Iris West was in her own personal heaven. Or perhaps more accurately a bisexual heaven. No, it was hers, because it wasn't just having a hard cock inside her at the same time she licked a wet pussy, it was Barry inside her and Caitlin's taste on her tongue, which was Iris's first coherent thought in a while. Then she regained her bearings as she put all of her effort into making Caitlin feel good, and eventually making her cum.

Caitlin was able to focus on only Iris for a few long minutes, and specifically just her fiancé Iris West licking her pussy. But to her surprise when Barry made his presence known it was far from off-putting. Sure, she felt the burn of initial jealousy, but it was overwhelmed by pleasure, as that was the point Barry was going down on Iris, making Iris moan into Caitlin's pussy. Caitlin didn't even mind that it was her friend doing this to her. In fact she kind of liked it. After all he was The Flash. And hot. Which was incredibly shallow of her to think, but in that moment it was hard to think of anything except her own selfish pleasure.

Then Iris begged for Barry's dick, and he gave it to her, which kicked her jealousy into overdrive, but it was the same with her pleasure, first through Iris moaning more and then because the other girl began redoubling her efforts into eating pussy. So Caitlin felt very conflicted for a few minutes. The final thing which pushed her over the edge to enjoying it was ironically watching Barry fuck Iris. Caitlin felt kind of guilty about that, but the truth was she had never been a lesbian, she just found herself in love with a girl, and that girl was now receiving pleasure from a hot guy she loved and respected. Most of all was the way he fucked her Caitlin found so erotic.

He began with gentle thrusts, but not too gentle. Not nervous or uncertain, but confident that this was what Iris wanted right now. Perhaps even what she needed. And hell, he could probably get himself off in half the time using his superspeed to treat the woman they both loved as nothing but an orifice, but he was Barry Allen, and he would never do something like that. Well, maybe if she begged him when she was ready for a hard fucking, and Caitlin almost wanted to do it. Not beg him to fuck Iris hard, but to switch positions so he could be gently fucking her, and then roughly pounding her when she was ready. God, if she had Iris's pussy in her face it would have been perfect.

While Caitlin was thinking that Iris was increasing the attention to her clit, pushing her towards orgasm so subtly she almost didn't notice. Then when Iris suddenly slammed her tongue as deep inside her as it would go Caitlin found herself screaming, grabbing desperately to the wall behind her and struggling not to cum immediately. However she should have known that Iris West would not be denied something she wanted. Indeed Caitlin was barely able to hold back for a few long seconds before Iris started to hammer her sex with her tongue, sending her over the edge of a wonderfully powerful climax, before then of course repeating the process, melting away Caitlin's brilliant mind and leaving her a happy puddle of melted snow.

Iris quickly pulled her tongue out and did her best to swallow everything Caitlin had to offer her. Thanks to years of practice she was just about able to do it with Caitlin's first climax, and despite knowing she wouldn't be so lucky the second time Iris tried her best anyway, slamming her tongue back inside the other girl in the meantime and fucking her hard, refusing to stop until the second climax. Not that Caitlin complained. In fact Caitlin wasn't complaining very loudly, Iris grinning against her fiancé's pussy as the sound of Caitlin's screams of pleasure to echo throughout the room. And of course the entire time her other fiancé fucked her, Iris only needing to start thrusting herself back against him for Barry to remember to pick up the pace.

He remembered her so well, Iris thought with a blissfully happy smile. Or more accurately he remembered her body, and despite this being very much outside of his comfort zone The Flash was adapting quickly to fucking her with one very noticeable distraction. To be fair it was outside her comfort zone too, and Caitlin's, as it wasn't like they were total sluts who had threesomes every other week. Or ever. Although Iris was very much hoping that was about to change, as this was easily her idea of heaven. Now, if she could only make Barry make her cum while she was still making Caitlin cum. Luckily Iris had a plan for that.

While it wasn't at all a subtle plan it was very effective, and all Iris really had to do was spend a few long seconds with her mouth away from Caitlin's cunt. Which should have been easy, but when her girl was cumming Iris just couldn't resist swallowing as much girl cum as she could, and even when Caitlin was over it Iris couldn't resist fucking her to another climax as it was easy when the other girl was so wound up. In the end she had to gradually wean herself away from it by replacing her tongue and mouth with first one and then two fingers which she pushed deep into Caitlin's cunt and started thrusting in and out. Even then she couldn't resist sucking a little on Caitlin's clit while pushing her to another orgasm.

Only then did Iris pull away long enough to beg, "Harder! Fuck me harder, oh Barry, yeeeeeeeeessssssss, make me cum, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd!"

Unsurprisingly after all of this Barry seemed eager to increase the pace, so Iris was barely able to get out anything before getting what she wanted. Hell, she barely had time to be impressed that he didn't increase the pace too quickly, or too much, before she was experiencing a wonderfully hard and powerful orgasm. The kind she had missed, as although Caitlin's mouth, tongue and fingers made her cum just as hard there was something about having a 'real' cock inside her again. Especially Barry's cock, which could pound her through orgasm after orgasm, each of these climaxes far better than they were before, or any had been, thanks to the circumstances of making Caitlin cum at the same time Barry was making her cum. There was only one thing left, and it didn't feel like it would take very long.

Barry had always prided himself on having a decent amount of stamina, which rapidly increased when he became The Flash. He had never been more grateful for that, because fucking the girl of his dreams Iris West while she was going down on another beautiful girl was so amazing it soon became difficult for him not to cum. In those wonderful moments his jealousy and possessiveness were completely forgotten, and he kind of felt like any dumb guy who fantasised about being with two girls. Except what made it even better was it wasn't just some random girl with them, but his dear friend Caitlin Snow, who Iris was really, really into. More than he could ever imagined before being trapped within the speed force.

Of course he didn't have unlimited stamina, and eventually things became so overwhelming that he was forced to admit, "I'm gonna cum! Oooooooohhhhhhh Iris, I'm, I'm going to, ah fuck, gotta cum!"

"On my ass! Cum on my ass Barry!" Iris cried out.

For a moment Barry actually felt disappointed. It was a tradition between him and Iris that he would announce when he was going to cum, and she would decide where she wanted it. He didn't mind too much, as anything would be a privilege as far as he was concerned, but his favourite was cumming inside her, and he was a little disappointed he wasn't going to do that now. But he wasn't about to complain, so Barry concentrated on trying to push Iris to another orgasm before finally going over the edge. However he was so distracted with that and his thoughts he didn't really register Iris beckoning Caitlin downwards and then whispering in her ear. He definitely registered what happened next though.

A few seconds later Barry made Iris cum one final time, a grin of pride crossing his face as he quickly pulled out and started stroking himself over his fiancé's butt. Just as he reached the point of no return Caitlin suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere and pressed her face down against Iris's ass. For a second he wondered if he should stop, but Caitlin was looking at him expectantly, and it was passed the point for even him to stop, so shot after shot of hot cum exploded from his tip, the first landing right across Caitlin's cheek, the next over her forehead, and the next over Iris's butt cheek. It was one of the hottest things he'd ever been a part of, although it made him feel kind of guilty.

When he had nothing left to give Barry watched with disbelief as Caitlin licked his cum off of Iris's butt cheeks. Then Caitlin moved round to Iris's face so that Iris could grab her gently by the sides of the head, grin wickedly, and then lick his cum off of Caitlin's face. That combination briefly replaced his definition of the hottest thing he'd seen, only for it to be replaced by the sight of Caitlin and Iris pressing their lips together and obviously sharing his cum before pulling back and noisily swallowing. Iris even turned to him and stuck out her tongue to prove everything was gone, Caitlin hesitantly following suit, but she did it, causing Barry to let out a loud groan of pleasure.

"Oh God." Barry groaned, only just noticing how that little display affected him.

"Wow, that was quick." Caitlin mumbled as she stared at Barry's once again fully hard cock, before realising the irony of what she just said.

"He's The Flash." Iris unnecessarily reminded her female fiancé, "That means he is always up for a second round. And a third, and a fourth."

"Sounds exhausting." Caitlin quipped, before smiling, "But fun."

"You have no idea." Iris grinned, that grin becoming wider as she made her lovers blush, "But hopefully you're about too..."

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