Supergirl: Catco After Dark

BY : Redfields
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Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or any of the characters therein, and have made no money writing this story.

Author's note: This takes place about 3/4 of teh way through season 1 of the TV show Supergirl


Catco After Dark


It was after work. Far after work, in fact, but Cat Grant had had Kara Danvers and Siobhan Smythe stay late, and then called them into her office. Siobhan was glaring daggers at Kara, who was awkwardly trying to ignore the venomous look from her ostensible rival.


“Alright you two. I’ve had enough of your petty bickering. This is a professional workplace, and I expect you to act like you belong.”


“I’m sorry, Miss Grant.” Kara said immediately.


“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.” Siobhan replied.


“Well, that was half the answer I was expecting. Maybe you’d like to try again, Ms Smythe?”


At least she had the temerity to gulp. “I’m sorry, Miss Grant.”


“Good, now kiss and make up.”


Kara turned towards Siobhan. “I’m sorry, See-Oh … Uh, sorry. I’ll try and make it right.”


It’s pronounced SHEH-VON!” Siobhan exploded.


“Sorry, I’m sorry!” Kara gasped.


The other girl fumed in silence.


“Siobhan …?” Cat verbally nudged her, but she clenched her jaw and refused to speak. Kara nervously looked back and forth between her and Cat.


Cat sighed. “I’m disappointed. You couldn’t bridge the gap, Keira. I’ll have to punish you for that.”


Kara looked startled, then bowed her head in meek acceptance. Siobhan smirked.


“You too, Ms Smythe. Both of you, bend over the desk.”


“What is this, corporal punishment?” Siobhan crossed her arms.


“Something better.” Kara grinned, bending over the desk. She flipped her skirt up to reveal she wore no panties. A thin line of blonde hair lay above her glistening pussy.


Cat had doffed her pants, revealing she had skipped panties as well, but had replaced them with a good-sized strapon.


“Hey, this is sexual harassment!” Siobhan exclaimed.


“Not with my lawyers, it’s not. Get up on the desk if you ever want to work as anything besides a whore.”


Siobhan grimaced, then did as she was told. She bent over the desk beside Kara, pulling her pants and underwear down to her knees. Cat noticed her snatch was perfectly shaved.


“Good. Now I believe I’ve already told you to kiss and make up.” Cat instructed.


“Huh?” Siobhan muttered, but Kara had an arm around her and was pulling her in for a kiss. The brunette’s protests were muffled by the blonde’s lips. There was a shrill cry as Kara darted her tongue into Siobhan’s mouth.


Meanwhile, Cat stepped up behind them, rubbing and clutching their ass cheeks before sliding her fingers into their slits. Kara’s was already wet, practically dripping, but Siobhan’s was pretty dry. No matter. She slid her fingers up, across their taints, and into their butt holes. Kara’s was loose, eager to accept her fingers, and the blonde moaned into Siobhan’s mouth.


There was another shrill shriek as Siobhan’s rear was penetrated for the first time. Cat could barely get her finger in there, it was so tight.


“Hmm, Keira, I do believe Siobhan is an anal virgin. Could you prep her for me, please?”


Kara broke the kiss. “Of course, Miss Grant.” She obediently knelt down behind the brunette.


“Wait, no, you can’t!” Siobhan protested, to little effect.


“Of course she can. And you, assistant number two, can get this ready for me.” Cat replied, walking around to the front of the desk and guiding her strapon into the brunette’s mouth. At least she was resigned enough to open her jaw, but her eyes widened when Cat fed her the entire thing. She choked and gagged on the dildo as it stretched down her throat, bulging it out as her eyes watered. Her gag reflex made her body heave, her ass clenching around the tongue pushing into her virgin hole, her body desperate to eject the invaders at both ends.


Cat held down her thrashing arms, while her blonde assistant kept her flailing legs under control. It was always so good to assert control over someone like this, to have their bodies desperately resisting until they finally relented and submitted. For Siobhan, it was a few minutes of the dildo down her throat that finally convinced her body it wasn’t going anywhere and her gag reflex gave up. Cat looked down at her tear-stained faced, reveling in the running mascara’d look Siobhan gave back. Her eyes were pleading for this to stop, so Cat relented, knowing what was coming would be far sweeter than any look the brunette could give her.


She pulled her dildo out of the girl’s mouth, letting her cough and sputter before yanking her back end around the corner of the desk.


“Hey, what …?” Siobhan got out before Cat rested the tip of her wet plastic cock against the brunette’s rosebud.


“No! Please, wait!” she cried out.


“Oh, by the way.” Cat went on, ignoring her but giving her a moment of reprieve. “Since Keira was so nice as to get your rear all ready, you can repay her in kind.”


“Wha?” Siobhan exclaimed, but Kara was already on the desk, straddling it, laying down on it, lowering her crotch to rest again the glass surface. She shuffled backwards until she was in position.


“Lick!” Cat commanded, shoving Siobhan’s head against the blonde’s cheeks. At the same time, she thrust forwards, burying her strapon into the brunette’s skinny derriere. The loud shriek that followed was only muffled by the beautiful bottom she was shoving her assistant’s mouth against. She repeated her command. “Lick!”


The only evidence she was being obeyed were the soft moans coming from her blonde assistant, barely heard over the muffled sniffles from the blonde’s other end as Cat slid deeper into the brunette’s bottom. This wasn’t even the biggest strapon she had. If all went well, she’d soon have her new assistant squealing in pleasure from the largest in her collection.


Cat bottomed out, her strapon buried completely between Siobhan’s tight cheeks. The brunette’s tears glistened on Kara’s shapely derriere as she accepted the anal violation and kept obeying Cat’s command.


Kara’s moans were getting longer. Not as long as last week, when she’d stuffed her largest strapon up the blonde’s butt and ravaged her intestines. Cat noticed one arm had disappeared beneath her body, presumably to play with her sensitive clit.


Cat pulled out of Siobhan’s tight tunnel. She could almost hear the brunette’s mental sigh of relief at having the painful invader gone, only to have it cut off when Cat pushed back in, faster this time. She enjoyed watching those taught cheeks quiver when she bottomed out, heard the soft whimper of agony, and knowing it would soon turn to pleasure. She pulled out and pushed in again, rocking the brunette forwards, pushing her face deeper between the blonde’s bubble butt.


Kara squeaked.


“You must be doing a good job, Siobhan.” Cat complimented her, pulling out and pushing in again. This time she ground against her assistant’s ass, working her hips in a slow circle. The whimpers died down as the brunette got used to the anal invasion. Cat decided it was time to pick up the pace.


Gradually, her thrusting sped up. She worked the strapon in and out of her assistant’s admirable ass, pushing in deeper, pulling out quickly, only to slam in again. Siobhan must’ve finally been getting into it, because Kara’s moans were reaching fever pitch.


“If she cums, just keep going. She’s usually good for three or four at a time.” Cat instructed the brunette. She got a muffled “Mhm” in response. Kara was too far gone to comment. Cat slowed her pace for a moment. If she timed it right …


There. She slammed into Siobhan, pushing her into Kara just as the blonde started cumming. A pool of liquid spread out as the blonde went rigid, her body quivering in ecstacy. It went on for a while, Cat enjoying the sight of her blonde assistant cumming hard. She lazily ground her plastic cock in Siobhan’s ass again, not wanting to really pick up the pace until Kara had finished her orgasm.


Finally, Kara fell limp, her body weak but occasionally trembling as the after-effects of the pleasure wracked her. Her whimpers were cute; not full-on screaming like when Cat took her directly, but cute.


Cat picked up the pace on Siobhan’s backside, pounding her skinny ass so hard the edge of the desk started digging into the girl’s thighs. She’d have twin bruises tomorrow, but for now she didn’t care, given how hard she was pushing back against Cat’s thrusts. Yes, there were grunts now. Cat knew she’d get them, or moans, she always did. No matter how much they objected, her girls always ended up loving her fake cock deep in their ass. Soon she’d be begging for more. Cat was happy to give it to her.


Siobhan’s tongue in Kara’s backside was getting sloppier. Cat could see the saliva glistening off her assistant’s smooth skin as her other assistant started losing concentration. Her approaching anal orgasm causing her analingus discipline to slacken. Cat was tempted to shove her face deeper into Kara’s cheeks, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Siobhan was going out of control, and Cat was determined to deliver the girl’s first anal orgasm.


Instead, she grabbed a handful of the brunette’s hair and pulled, releasing her from her oral obligation. Siobhan took a great gulp of air, then let out a long, guttural groan. “Yeeeeeeeessssss!” Kara looked back over her shoulder when her backside was no longer filled with slithering tongue, then gave a lust-filled smile at the what was going to happen, enjoying Siobhan’s unfocused eyes.

Cat kept ramming the girl’s poor backside, until finally it was too much. With an undignified screech, Siobhan came, spurting cum in torrents all over the desk. Cat powered in one last time, slamming into the quivering girl, then stayed buried in her bowels.


Cat still had a handful of Siobhan’s hair. She kept the strain on, pulling it firmly. The girl’s face was raised, bliss written across it, her mouth open as she cried and whimpered in orgasmic pleasure.


Kara was propped up on her elbows, looking back over her shoulder, her face a mixture of lust and satisfaction. Her ass still glistened where Siobhan’s saliva had painted it.


Cat took it all in – the quivering girl beneath her, her assistant looking back at her, the previously-tiny butthole she’d ravaged, now stretched wide around her plastic cock. It was almost enough to make her cum, especially the way the brunette shook, so contradictory to the uptight assistant who’d marched in there earlier. Now she’d crave it, beg Cat to ravage her rear until it was ruined.


It was almost enough to make Cat cum … but not quite. She sighed as the spasms in the poor girl under her died down, and her blonde assistant lowering her head to rest on the desk. Unless Cat was mistaken, she’d be getting her own treat later. For now, she was content to look down upon her to assistant, near delirious from post-orgasm bliss.


- - - -


It was much later that evening. Cat was sitting on the couch in her office, relaxing. Pounding her two assistants asses had taken its toll, and she was too tired at the moment to remove the strapon jutting up from her groin. Lube and saliva dripped from it, mixing with her own juices to run over her thighs and pool on the couch. Sex hung heavy in the air.


She’d just dismissed her assistants. They’d picked up their clothes, sashaying out, no doubt to make out on the elevator and have one last orgasm before getting dressed in the lobby and leaving for the night. Cat made a mental note to grab the security footage.


She leaned her head back against the top of the couch, closing her eyes and relishing the moment. She didn’t know how much time passed before she mustered the energy to undo the straps around her waist.


“Had a fun night?” The voice came from her balcony, and Cat smiled without looking up.


“Were you spying on us?” She answered with her own question, standing up to step out of the strapon.


“Well, you put on quite the show. Got me all hot ‘n bothered.”


Cat finally looked at the superhero floating just outside the open door. She raised her eyebrows. “So I see.”


Supergirl was wearing … well, it would’ve caused quite the scandal. A Supergirl belly-shirt tight enough to show her rock-hard nipples poking through, her boots, and a microskirt so short it didn’t cover her rear at all. It didn’t cover her pussy either, but that was because it was draped over the massive strapon she sported. More than twice the size of the one Cat had used on her assistants earlier, and even larger than anything Cat had taken before.


“I got it all ready for you.” The superheroine said mischievously. Indeed, it glistened with lube.


“And I’m all ready for it.” Cat replied. She bent over her desk, reached behind her with both hands, and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She heard footsteps behind her, then felt the massive cockhead rested against her pucker.


There was a moment of delicious anticipation, and then her hole began stretching as the massive cock pushed into her. It was slow, so slow. And her butthole stretched wide, wider than ever, so wide it hurt. A grimace flashed across her face before the cockhead finally slipped in, swallowed by her skinny ass. She groaned in pleasure, almost at disbelief her rear had taken such a massive tool. The head must’ve been bigger than her fist!


A pause, then unrelenting force as Supergirl thrust into her. Cat felt every bump and ridge on the plastic invader as it pushed past her outer ring. They scraped along her bowel walls, setting her nerves on fire, before getting deeper, deeper. How long was that cock? Surely it must be done by now.


She felt filled, overflowing, but the enormous cock kept advancing. She felt her guts stretch, strain, and slowly rearrange themselves around this endless prick. It must be past her navel now, past her diaphragm, but the superheroine was relentless, pushing deeper. Finally Cat felt thighs on the back of her own and the thrusting stopped. She thought she could taste plastic on the back of her throat.


She felt breath and lips on the back of her neck. “Mmm, you love this, don’t you?” Cat wanted to respond, to say yes, to beg the blonde to pound her ass with super-strength and damn the consequences. Her lips tried to form words, but her mind wasn’t working too well. It was utterly fixated on the mammoth tool buried inside her.


Supergirl gave Cat one little pump, one small jostle, and she came. She squirted all over her desk, more than Kara and Siobhan combined, a torrent of cum that spilled onto the floor.


“My, my. And we’re just getting started, too.” Supergirl whispered as she pulled her cock out. The vacuum felt like it was pulling all of Cat’s insides out. She was sure her lungs would exit out her rear, but the blonde stopped before she was all the way out. Cat felt hands on her hips, and mentally braced herself as much as her fuzzy mind would let her. She was not disappointed.


Supergirl slammed into her, filling her completely in the blink of an eye. This time, Cat’s mouth did work, and she let out a high-pitched scream, unable to contain the bliss, the pleasure and pain, that filled her, exploded out from her. Her pussy gushed more cum. Her eyes glazed over, and her mind seemed to narrow, cutting off all senses except for the ecstasy coursing through her. Her body took over on instinct, her throat screaming as Supergirl pulled out and pushed in again, faster, again and again, pounding the blonde CEO senseless.


Darkness overcame her as her eyes rolled up, but she kept screaming, her body pleading for more even as her mind shattered into a thousands pieces of pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm tore through her, her pussy an unending fountain of cum even as Supergirl picked her up. Gravity would’ve carried her body down the length of the strapon, but the superheroine was pounding her too fast, too forcefully for gravity to take effect. Her throat gave out and her voice was reduced to hoarse moans.


Her consciousness seemed to stream out of her as much as her cum and she fell limp, and Supergirl continued to rail her rear …


… slowly, Cat opened her eyes as consciousness returned to her. She was lying on her stomach on the white couch in her office. The room around her was a blur, then gradually came into focus. The smell of sex assaulted her nose, and her lips parted, wanting a taste. She gradually craned her neck, looking around for a clock, but taking into view the whirlwind of chaos that had torn through her office. Pools of liquid were scattered around, slowly drying.


3:37 stared at her from the digital clock on the wall. Cat swore at the time, then again as feeling gradually returned to the rest of her body. Apparently, last night had gone so well it had left her entirely numb. But now she paid the price. Her ass, especially.


Fearfully, with a shaking hand, she reached behind her. She touched a butt cheek. Gasping, she pulled her hand away as if burned. What the hell had happened last night? She returned her hand to her rear, grimacing at the pain even as her fingers delved in to the cleft between her cheeks. It was wider than she remembered, and then her fingers found her hole, and she was struck dumb. Her fingers traced the gaping crater left behind by Supergirl’s massive tool. How? Cat wondered to herself. How could her ass possibly be gaping that wide, and yet she still lived? And this was after it’d had time to close. Was her ass just permanently ruined now? She felt like she could fit the entire building inside.


Her fingers continued around the rim as she marveled at the destruction wrought upon it. They could slip inside easily. She almost brought her other hand to her backside, convinced she could fit both fists inside, when her eyes focused on the clock, and she sighed. It would take a while to clean up.


Well, she could call her assistants in early. After all, they were responsible for at least part of this mess. Alright, she’d call them in and have them clean it up. With their tongues.

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