Never Say “No” to Panda

BY : AyyTheHack
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Disclaimer: I don't know who owns Body Bags, but it certainly ain't me and I don't profit from it.

Here’s a quick little story about a seriously underappreciated character as far as erotic stories go: Panda Delgado from Body Bags. Seriously, there should be a lot more content with this girl. Who doesn’t like a 5’4 latina chick with tits bigger than her head?




Never Say “No” to Panda — by Ayy


      Life wasn’t easy in Terminus, GA. Specially for someone without much in the way of marketable skills outside of being very large and very threatening. Being paid to look tough in the entrance of seedy nightclubs got a man through the days, but it didn’t make him nearly enough money or connections to escape from a situation like this.


      “Oh fuck yea, keep goin’ ya big fuckin’ brute!”


      That was Panda. Or at least that’s how the girl introduced herself. The heavyset bouncer had never actually met anyone with a name like that, so he figured it had to be fake. Panda was a pretty girl.


      No, that was a lie. Panda was a fucking knockout. She was tiny, likely not even five-and-a-half feet tall, but what a body she had: some pronounced curves on her waist and hips, her skin an exotic light brown, nice smooth thighs, huge green eyes and thick, meaty lips that were always grinning. She was obviously proud of her figure and her toned, smooth stomach, displaying them with small jean booty shorts, midriff-baring crop tops and all manner of showy outfits, but nothing about the girl, not even her wildly spiky mane of dark hair, caught the eyes of others as much as her tits. Each of them larger than her head, those breasts looked positively disproportionate in her tiny body. At first glance anyone would think them to be implants, but now the bouncer knew better. Those puppies were 100% natural, soft and squeezable and bouncy and just as perfect bare as they looked in Panda’s crop tops and tight leather clothes. It was those tits that had fooled him. Those damn fucking huge knockers that couldn’t possibly belong to an underage girl. Except they did.


      This wasn’t his fault. How could he know? How could he possibly guess that, that night in the shitty nightclub that had hired him before where every girl was either too expensive or not worth their asking price, this insanely hot chick that was just his type and walked up to him asking a comically small price was actually setting him up? Maybe now he would learn. His ma always said that in Terminus everyone was always out to get you. Apparently that also included 14-year olds.


      He never had a chance. Standing at six foot two, the brutish man knew for a long time that he had a type: those small, fragile girls that barely reached his chest with their full height. The added bonus of those massive tits on Panda was the final hit on any reluctance he might’ve had. She sat beside him, a large grin on those thick lips of hers painted an alluring dark red, and pushed out her chest, clad in a tight grey top that left nothing of the size of her melons to imagination.


      “Ay there, gigantic,” she said. “Watcha lookin’ for tonight?”


      The bouncer had his eyes glued to the deep cleavage of her shirt, the bad lighting drowning her dark skin in shadows that had him mesmerized. It took him a while to answer in his deep, low voice.


      “I’m... uhhhhh –” he started, distracted. “Wanted a drink and... watch some dances...”


      “That it?” she had asked, tilting her head. “Aw, that’s a shame. Here I thought you were prowlin’ for a nice pair o’tits to put those big hands on.”


      With that she leaned against him, pushing those selfsame tits against his thick arm. They were soft, supremely so, and touching them even with only his arm made the man realize just how big they were...


      It had been quick after that. She named her price. He accepted without question. He asked her name. She said it was Panda. He asked if she had a place in mind. She told him about an old hotel further into the neighborhood. They went there. He paid in advance. She pushed him onto the bed.


      As soon as Panda removed her top and revealed the lacy red bra struggling to contain her juggs he fucking lost it. Picking up the tiny girl by the waist he sat her atop his abdomen and attacked those tits with his mouth, licking and sucking the soft skin of the tops of her breasts before pulling away the bra harshly, biting her nice big nipples and pulling at them with his teeth. He buried his hands on her tits, squeezing and slapping them, as well as pulling on whatever nipple wasn’t currently in his mouth.


      Panda had laughed, called him a ‘fuckin’ pervert’, and he shut her up by pulling on her long hair and bringing those nice thick lips against his, giving her a deep tongue kiss. His hand not currently holding her head was still squeezing her huge tits while he enjoyed the way she moaned into his mouth and allowed his tongue to ravage hers. One of her hands slid down his arm, feeling up his bulging muscles, and then down his side before finally landing on his crotch. He could feel as well as hear her appreciative coo. At least downstairs he had something to be proud of.


      They remained like that for a while, the large man fucking Panda’s mouth with his thick tongue while his hand, as large as the rest of him, struggled to grab even one of the girl’s massive tits, meanwhile Panda herself moaned atop his barrel chest and squeezed the long bulge in his pants. He turned them over, placing himself on top while Panda giggled and took both hands to his wide, muscled back, locking her legs around his waist while still with their lips locked together. He put both hands on her tits, squeezing those big melons with the horny enthusiasm of a man who never got to play with a pair that nice. She broke their kiss, wanting to say something, but the man immediately grabbed her jaw and pulled her back to him. Panda’s lips were like a pair of smooth, warm pillows. He couldn’t wait to feel them around his cock.


      “Ooh, fuckin’... shit” moaned Panda when the man let go of her lips to suck her nipples again. “Ya kiss like a fuckin’ pro, big guy.”


      The man didn’t answer further than a grunt, still enraptured by those fat fucking tits. He had hardly ever seen, and never once touched, a pair of breasts that big and well formed. Panda’s tits weren’t just huge, they also had shape to them, an elastic quality even their considerable weight couldn’t beat. So he continued to grope, lick, bite and pull on those big funbags while Panda once again laughed at him.


      “Ya like’em, dontcha? Nice big titties on a tiny chick like me...”


      He answered with a particularly hard suck and bite and Panda moaned approvingly.


      “Fuck yea... play with’em, ya brute! Squeeze those fuckin’ tits!”


      The man didn’t need to be ordered to do this (in fact, he didn’t think any man would) but he gladly obeyed nonetheless, sinking his fingers in the soft flesh of Panda’s heavy tits, causing the girl to cry out. Fuck, they were nice. So big, so soft, the mocha-colored skin looking so delectable under the bright light and her dark brown nipples basically inviting his mouth and teeth to them. To think that a girl with world-class tits like these would sell herself for so little.. he had definitely lucked out tonight!


      His cock being painfully hard inside his pants didn’t stop the bouncer from spending as long as he could playing with Panda’s tits, switching from sucking them to groping and squeezing that amazing rack while he kissed the foul mouthed little slut’s lights out. She had turned them over again, getting back on top to allow him to better enjoy her hanging funbags as she ran her hands appreciatively over his muscles.


      “Hmm, just how I like’em,” she groaned, her hands feeling up his wide, hard pectorals. “Big an’ strong man like ya, I bet that thing down there ain’t gonna disappoint either...”


      “Get these puppies around it and you’ll find out,” said the bouncer, sucking on her nipple for good measure. Panda grinned and kissed him one last time before starting to move down his massive body.


      She undid the buttons on his shirt one by one before peeling it off his chest, which she started kissing and running her hands over lustily. She moved down further, licking his abs until she finally arrived at the hem of his pants.


      “Oh yea, look at the size of this big boy,” she moaned, running a small hand over the long bulge snaking down his pant leg.


      “Gonna look great with those big fucking tits around it,” answered the man, eyeing her hanging tits as his cock twitched at the way that sexy little slut groped it over his pants.


      “I bet it will”, answered Panda, giving him a salacious grin. “Nice big cock for my nice big titties... guess we match huh?”


      The man’s answer was cut short when Panda undid his belt and fly swiftly and stuck her hand into his boxers, grabbing the base of his cock. He groaned as her small hand closed around his thick member and slowly pulled the long slab of meat from its confines. Her expression went from a smirk to a delighted laugh and then a full-blown gape as she stared at his fully unveiled and hard cock in her hand.


      “Goddammit, big fella, yer a fuckin’ monster!” she said in awe. “Ya mommy got you some nice jewels, didn’t she?”


      The knowledge that he was big enough to cause awe in such an obviously experienced slut was like vitamins for the bouncer’s ego. He grabbed his cock and slapped the heavy meat pole against Panda’s face, cracking her expression of amazement into a laugh.


      “Fuckin’ hot,” she said with a grin. “God, this cock is...”


      “It’s nice that you like it so much, but I’m not paying for you to talk about it,” demanded the man. “Put those dick sucking lips to use.”


      Panda licked the aforementioned lips, making the dark red makeup covering them glisten with moisture.


      “Ya want me to suck it or ya want a titfuck?” she asked, lifting one of her huge tits seductively.


      Instead of responding the man poked her thick lips with the round head of his cock. The busty girl, however, decided not to open up, instead just pursing her mouth and allowing the large man to rub his cock against her pillowy dick sucking lips. He was content for a while with the caress of those plump lips until he pulled his cock back and ordered:


      “Show me your tongue.”


      Panda opened her mouth and extended her tongue obediently, and the man rewarded her by slapping his cock-head on top of it repeatedly. Panda moaned, the briefest taste of sweat and cum on her tongue before it was pulled away. He could tell that she wanted it. So he grabbed her by the hair again and gave it to her.


      Just as he expected Panda’s lips, basically made to be kissed and suck cocks, felt heavenly around him. The busty whore gagged when his thick cock-head poked her uvula, the shaft so thick she couldn’t move her tongue properly to swallow around its heft. Her drool trickled down the veiny penis, giving it a nice spit shine as he pulled her head further down the organ, but Panda was a gifted cocksucker, even though she hadn’t actually sucked a cock that big before. Soon she had taken control of her gag reflex, suppressing most of the discomfort as the man tried to get her to swallow more and more of his thick meat. She sank down further onto his immense cock, feeling the bulbous head slide down her gullet.


      With a choked glarp Panda’s lips closed around the base of the man’s unsightly pole, her nose against his sparse pubes and her chin resting on his balls. She looked up at him with adoration in her eyes, her hands squeezing his muscled thighs as a long moan made her throat vibrate deliciously around his cock.


      “First try, huh,” said the man, huffing out a laugh. “What a good little slut.”


      He held her there for a while, just basking on the tight heat of her throat around his cock and, after she gagged around it again, he let her go, allowing her to snap up and away from his crotch, coughing up a bunch of throatslime only to look at him with a huge smile on her face.


      “Haah... fuck yeah, big guy... dat’s the shit...” she huffed. “Ain’t nothin’ like a huge fuckin’ dick down ya throat...”


      His cock, if it was even possible, grew even harder at the wanton horniness displayed by the busty girl. She was a proper slut, loving every second of getting choked to tears by having a cock in her throat, and he wanted more, to use her more, to fuck her completely.


      Grinning, Panda used her hands to lift her breasts up and wrap them around the bouncer’s cock. She was right, they did fit like a glove, her disproportionately large chest enveloping the entire girth of it and leaving some of the shaft and the fat glans free for her hungry mouth. The man groaned at the sensation of that smooth skin and soft weight enveloping his dick like the world’s best masturbation toy. He couldn’t believe he actually got to titfuck the best pair of tits he had ever seen. Panda slurped on his cock-head as her huge juggs got to work.


      “Oh shit...” groaned the bouncer, his eyes drinking in the sight of those enormous brown tits and dick sucking lips all over his dick. “Goddamn, what a fucking whore...”


      “Bwah – dat’s right, I’m a fuckin’ whore,” said Panda. “I wanna see ya cum all over these big titties, Mistah Gigantic. And then I want that cock in my fuckin’ pussy!”


      The man covered Panda’s hands with his own huge mitts, noticing that even he couldn’t grab the entirety of her tits in his palm. This chick was fucking ridiculous.


      Pulling himself up to stand on the mattress he dragged Panda along by her chest around his member. She kneeled before him gladly but he was so huge that he had to stand with his knees bent in order to still be at the height to fuck her tits. Neither of them minded, and instead they just moaned and grunted together as the bouncer started fiercely fucking the whore’s busty chest. His hips sawed into her vast brown cleavage like it was a pussy, or perhaps even more savagely. Panda stuck out her tongue, tasting precum and salty sweat off the head of his cock as it rubbed her slimy muscle and sometimes slid right into her mouth, allowing her to suck on it a bit before losing it to his strong thrusts again.


      Everything about this moment felt fucking perfect. From the way her big melons provided a most pleasurable hole for his cock to his palms and fingers sinking into the pliable brown globes, her tongue and mouth taunting his glans... he didn’t want to shoot his cum anywhere but inside of Panda, but fuck it. It’s not like he would even be able to keep it down with Panda ready to fuck in the same room. He would probably need to cum at least four or five times to lose this erection.


      “Here it comes,” warned the man, speeding up his thrusts. “You want me to cum on your tits? Here you fucking go!”


     Even the backed up, veritable deluge of cum that sprayed from his cock wasn’t enough to actually cover the whole of Panda’s vast titflesh. The busty brunette moaned without shame while his cock shot out its thick cum on her face or in the air to end up on top of her tits, and watching as the explosion of off-white jizz just didn’t seem to end she bent her head and took the spurting head into her mouth to taste some of it. As thick as concentrated yogurt and pleasantly salty, Panda absolutely loved his cum and ended up swallowing not one but two mouthfuls before ending up with a third bloating her cheeks as he finally stopped shooting.


      Panda swirled her tongue around in the mouthful of jizz, chewed on it, tasted it and then finally swallowed as slowly as she could, savoring every second of the sensation of the nasty fluid clinging to her throat on the way down. Once she was finished she opened her mouth, her tits still held around the man’s huge cock by his hands, and showed off how well she managed even his voluminous orgasm.


      “Mwah – dat was a lotta fuckin’ cum,” she said, praisingly. “Gawd, I love this cock o’yours.”


      “Never came from a titfuck so fast,” revealed the man. “These fucking tits are a weapon,” he said, thrusting lightly into her cleavage with his still completely hard member.


      “Yea, they are,” answered Panda, bending her head to lick at a thick glob of sperm resting on her left tit. “Made to milk the biggest fuckin’ dicks I can find.”


      “Yeah? And how about the rest of your body, you fucking slut? Can you milk a cock with it?”


      “Why dontcha find out, stud?”


      Panda went back to sucking his cock and he allowed her for a while, slowly thrusting into her soft cleavage as she gave his cock-head a tongue bath, but eventually he let go of her tits and pulled away. He stood there, his erect cock longer than Panda’s entire head, as she looked up to him and grabbed her left breast, squeezing the nipple and licking her lips.


      “Holy shit, how fuckin’ tall are ya?” she asked, reverently. “Yer, like, a giant.”


      The man stepped up to the kneeling brunette and pulled her head against the underside of his cock, drawing a moan from her as she opened her mouth to slurp on his balls. One of her hands came up to stroke his cock as best as it could considering how it wasn’t enough to wrap around the shaft’s brute thickness. She never broke eye contact with him, those green eyes bathed in lust as she gave his sack a long, drawn out sluuuurp.


      “Gawd yes. Ya gonna flood my pussy with cum from these big nuts? Slurp. Gonna pump me fulla dat shit ya just shot in my fuckin’ mouth?”


      The man pulled away from her hungry mouth and grabbed her by the armpits, pulling her up without any visible effort as he sat down at the edge of the bed. Panda ended up sitting on his lap, big soft tits against his hard chest, arms around his neck, so small in comparison to her towering partner that she looked like a toy. She looked down to see her pussy near the bottom of his cock, the shaft stretching past her navel and almost all the way up to the underside of her tits.


      “See that, slut? I’m gonna fuck you so deep you won’t ever forget it.”


      “Hah. Ya ain’t gonna forget me neither, big guy,” responded Panda.


      The man didn’t doubt that. He would probably never find a pair of tits like that on such a small, whorish woman again in his life. In fact, he would probably get Panda’s contact information after this. He simply could not let such a catch get away with just one night.


      Lifting her up from his lap the man positioned her over his domed cock-head, her dripping wet pussy lips spreading around the meaty cock as he started sinking the tiny girl on it.


      “Oh fuck, oh fuckin’ fuck! Ya fuckin’ monster!” yelled Panda as her cunt was stretched obscenely around that massive cock. Not only stretching her entrance, the man was so huge that his cock reached her cervix and then easily penetrated that too, ending up fucking her womb in a single long, unstoppable thrust. She sat on his lap, this time with the whole of that unforgiving pole inside her small body, bulging her smooth stomach, so tight and so... “fuckin’ DEEP! Ya gonna fuck my fuckin’ brains out!”


      The man couldn’t answer, focusing only on not immediately blowing his load. Goddamn, Panda was fucking tight! Their difference in size meant she was simply unfit for his immense cock, so the girl was like he was trying to fuck a toy around three sizes too small. She sat on his lap with her head thrown back, still about a head shorter than him sitting down, those huge tits hanging from her chest like ripe fruit, big and shapely and perky, still covered with stray globs of spunk contrasting nicely with her tan skin.


      Holding Panda by her curvy hips the man pulled her up and then dropped her on his cock again, making her tits bounce and her voice to falter, such was the pleasure in her overstuffed pussy. Not at all in the mood to be patient with this out the bouncer immediately started off with a a rather unforgiving rhythm, pounding Panda’s body hard and fast to watch her tits go as wild as her screams of pleasure.


      “FUUUUCK YEA! Omigawd, it’s so fuckin’ big...”


      The man bent over, sucking on one of her bouncing tits as he continued fucking the horny brunette without pause. He started using his own powerful hips as well, thrusting up into Panda when she was on her way down his cock, making her really feel every thrust deep into her womb. Her nails clawed at his broad back, her feet contorted and her body spasmed, her pussy growing even tighter around his shaft as she came her brains out. And even then he didn’t relent, instead continuing with just as much intensity as before, dragging Panda’s orgasm on for almost a minute.


      When she finally returned from her blissful state she looked up at him, smiling broadly and rolling her hips on his lap.


      “Yer a fuckin’ beast,” praised the busty girl. “This cock is just... Gawd, I hope ya can go another few rounds...”


      Getting up from the bed still with his cock buried in Panda’s tight pussy the man turned around and placed the girl on top of the mattress. Her legs in the air, Panda smiled and tied her feet around on his back.


      “Oh yea, I like it. Press me, big guy. Fuck me into the fuckin’ ground!”


      “You bet I will, you fucking whore!” roared the man as he smashed his hips down on Panda’s vulnerable body. “Gonna print the shape of this dick in your little pussy!”


      Fucking Panda from above meant he could get as deep as possible, putting all the considerable strength of his body behind every downward thrust, something the busty brunette obviously enjoyed a lot. Her screams got louder and louder, her pussy making sloppy noises as it was spread around his cock over and over, her huge tits bouncing up and down in sync with his wild pounding of her tight body. Every time he bottomed out, or even just stuck himself halfway into the slutty brunette a cock-shaped bulge deformed her perfect stomach, just a reminder of how much bigger than what she was supposed to take his member was. It was a surprise that the man had fit into such a tiny body at all. He had met experienced whores who couldn’t even take him all the way, much less welcome and get off so hard on him fucking them so vigorously with the entirety of his enormous cock.


      His orgasm fast approaching, the bouncer slowed his thrusts to longer, even more punishing blows, pulling out slowly and dragging the ridge of he glans on her silky inner walls before delivering the entire cock in one brutal impact that made Panda’s tits smack her chin. Finally, incapable of holding back anymore, he came again, buried as deep as he could be in the tiny girl. She babbled incoherently between wanton moaning as he filled her up with a load even bigger than the first one.


      “Fuck yeah, you slut! You love my cock so much?”


      “OOOH YEA, I fuckin’ do! Yer the best I ever had!”


      As the man pulled out a string on heavy, thick cum connected his cock-head to her overflowing pussy.


      “Fuck, dat was so fuckin’ nice,” moaned Panda, staring intently at the immense organ that was just inside of her. “We’re gonna hafta do this again.”


      “Maybe next time we can meet at an actual love hotel, huh?” asked the man, already getting hard again at the thought of fucking Panda many more times. The things he would do to that body and those tits...


      “Nah, we can’t,” dismisses Panda. “They wouldn’t let me in.”


      “Why?” asked the man, grinning. “Infamous in all of them already?”


      “‘Cuz ya need to be eighteen plus to enter, sport.”


      His brain processed her words for a moment before he froze in place.


      “Wha – what do you mean?”


      “I mean they ain’t gonna like it if ya show up to some fancy love hotel with a fourteen-year old.”




      After that night, he was Panda’s hostage. No jury would ever take his side if this ever came to involve the law. Panda might not look even a bit like the part, but she was underage. Plus she had every evidence she could need to ruin his life in a court of law: a secretly recorded video of their entire ordeal, his DNA literally all over her body... and then there was the fact that, as she revealed to him that night to further disclose the depths of the shit he was in, she was the daughter of a very, very dangerous man. The kind of man who wouldn’t take lightly to someone having sex with his fourteen-year old daughter.


      Often Panda tracked him down in order to do two things: get paid and get fucked. Now that he couldn’t say no she had increased her asking price to something more adequate to the quality of the goods she had on offer, and if he refused it was straight to prison with him. They might as well shoot him right there in the courthouse in that case because, without any allies, even a guy like him wouldn’t survive a Terminus jail.


      So he took it out the only way he could: by fucking Panda as brutally and harshly as he could, using her offered body like a cheap fucktoy. Which is to say by doing exactly what she kept coming back to him for. Panda made no secret of the fact that none of her rampant lust for cock had been fake: she really was absolutely enamored with his fat dick and, though he was the one paying, she was really the favored party of this deal.


      Not that he didn’t see that, even if he was losing a lot of money and feared what would happen when he simply couldn’t pay Panda’s bribe, he was still having sex on the semi-regular with a sexy, horny, depraved whore who loved his cock and had the best goddamn tits in the city. Whenever they fucked Panda seemed content to just let him use her however he wanted, as long as he paid in advance. He pushed her onto beds and against walls, practically fucking her right through them, facefucked her until she was a gagging, sloppy mess, fucked her tits for hours and even her insanely tight asshole had already been fucked by his giant cock.


      Now, after having creampied Panda’s pussy a few times the two of them were in the shower where, of course, Panda used her sexy body to tease him into hardness again and then just turned around, showing off her perky bubble butt as her tits squished against the glass. In a second he was balls deep in her pussy, her moans bouncing off the walls as water cascaded down the bouncer’s back and he savagely and noisily fucked the girl blackmailing him.


      “You fucking slut,” groaned the man, pounding relentlessly and watching Panda’s blissful expressions, as well as the beautiful sight of her massive tits against a transparent pane of glass, in the mirror outside. “Got me right into your goddamn little scheme. Fourteen years old my ass, you’re as much of a whore as any other woman in this city!”


      Panda laughed in between her moans, enjoying his rough brutality as well as his indignant rage, knowing there was nothing he could do except keep giving her that perfect fat cock whenever she wanted and keep having to pay for the privilege of using her body.


      “Punish me then, ya big mean stud,” taunted Panda, looking at him in the mirror, her large green eyes full of mirth. “Pull my hair! Fuck my face! Spank my ass! Rough up my tits! Wreck my naughty underage pussy! I’ve been a bad girl, whoring out behind daddy’s back, but dis fuckin’ cock is too good to stop, so FUCK ME!


      The man throbbed inside of her, becoming even angrier at the way he simply couldn’t deny how much this girl turned him on. Panda was perfect for him, her small body, those immense tits and perky ass, her smooth caramel skin... it was entirely unfair that a body like that, practically made to have sex, was a forbidden fruit. And the busty brunette milked her status as the hottest piece of illegal ass in the world as much as she could.


      Damn if it wasn’t effective, though.


      Grabbing her roughly by the hair and those nice wide hips the bouncer got to really fucking her, making loud noises as he banged her against the glass with all his might, pulling out most of his cock in every fast, heavy thrust. Her ass bounced from the impact of his hips on the meaty cheeks, growing redder as he only got rougher, grunting with the effort of taking out all the injustice and impotence he felt into this whorish girl’s tight, hot pussy.


      He came inside her, only to throw her with her back against the wall, hold her up with her legs dangling in the air and cram her full of cock again immediately. Panda, of course, didn’t complain, moaning and panting as he used one hand to grope, pull and slap her tits. He kissed her, dominating her tongue with his and biting on her thick succulent lips, sucked on her dark nipples, bit the skin of her neck and collar, felt her nails running down his wide back... his cum painted her insides two more times before they finally decided to wash up and get out of the shower.


      Later, lying on the hotel’s rickety bed with Panda’s big, soft tits around his cock, the man couldn’t help but think that, as far as Terminus blackmail schemes went, well... this one certainly wasn’t the worst.

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