Harley's Hypno Power

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An figure that is very similar to that of a human male is floating outside of the earths atmosphere,, he's accompanied by two, very feminine figures, "Xantra, why have you brought us here?" one of the females ask. So the one named Xantra responds, "This planet it shames mating, as if it's something to be embarrased about..." The other feminine figure speaks up, "So what? Why should we mettle in their business?" Xantra cocks his head, "But here's what confuses me, they all crave this pleasure of mating, but then they hide their primal urges, as if they all need to prove something." One of the Feminine Figures gets visibly annoyed by this banter, "And? What do you suggest we do about this Xantra?" Xantra chuckles, "There's one... human I believe that has caught my eye, and I think she'd be the perfect candidate for a revolution of sorts, a sexual revolution, if you will." The main Figure says, "For God's sake Xantra, cut to it, quit talking in these vague sentences and tell me what you want us to do about this planet." Xantra is visibly annoyed, but composes himself, "It's simple give me the ability to implant a power, I want to give one to this human, that could spark said revolution, it would be best for this planet." The female figure laughs at him catching on to him, "I get it, you want to mate with these humans, but they'll shun you if you just ask, so you want to make it more common, fine I'll let you give this human 3 powers of your choosing, but there will be a price to pay Xan, in order for you to give this human her powers, you must not help it, in any way, you must let things work themselves at, if your plan succeeds have your fun, if not, then you must go back to the drawing board," Before Xantra could respond, a shiny glow appears around him, which causes him to laugh, "Thank you, I shall not let you down," but before he could finish, the two females left him, leaving Xantra to do his work, he cracks his knuckles, and suddenly a beam blasts down to earth, from his finger tips


Harley Quinn was chilling out in Arkham recently caught by the Batman when suddenly a white beam bursts through her cell window, and blasting her, instantly giving her an orgasm, and some more nastier thoughts then normal as well as a sudden realisation of powers that haven't exsisted beforehand. Suddenly becoming aware of powers like eyes that instantly attract anyone who sees them, a power that makes it, whenever she's horny she'll emit a scent that will liberate anyone to give in to their desires, and a power to resist toxins, and other's powers, along with that thoughts of the more sexual nature start to creep in after the she smells her own power. Harley comes down from her orgasm, and starts to feel herself again, when three guards start running down to check on Harley, "What the hell is going on-" He cuts himself off shocked by the scene before him, the others equally as surprised, Harley jumps up surprised at the guards sudden appearance, and as soon as she seems them she stands up, and grabs the guard standing in the middle by his tie, locking eyes with him, instantly entrancing him, and sinking him deeper with her scent only deeping his attracting him to her. "Hey why doncha let me out, and I'll blow ya," She says to him her usual annoying brooklyn accent, now a lot more seductive. The middle guard panics and moves to open the gate, letting Harley out, "Thanks, now let's deal with those pants," Harley kneels down, and takes off his pants, revealing his throbbing member, but sadly his cock, isn't very impressive, making Harley frown, but she deals with him, sucking him off until he blows a shockingly large amount of cum, Harley manages to swallow it all, and stands up wiping her pants of any dust left on them, and says to the guy, "Eh, lame dick, had better, oh and forget everything that happened, or somethin'" She says to him before skipping off and into the world, her scent dying down as she leaves.


Harley was sitting on her phone texting Poison Ivy about the whole situation that happened in Arkham. when a Joker Goon bust into her room, "Ms. Quinn, I, uh... got some bad news..." he says a glum look on his face Harley perks up confused by the situation, "Well spit it out!" She hollers. The goon, "It's the Joker, he's uh... well he died, I think it was the Bat." Harley stands there, shocked at first, but for some reason she doesn't really care, she's not sad, if anything she's elated, and it suddenly turns into laughter, "Good! I was sick of 'em!" The goon is taken aback, "Uh, okay Ms. Quinn let me know if you uh, need anythin'" He says before leaving. Harley just goes back to her phone, and texts Poison Ivy about the Joker, Ivy makes sure Harley's okay, but Harley just assures her that she's happy, and that she's gonna come over later, to hang out, and do a post-escape celebration.

No Sex, only plot... sorry! But it'll pick up next chapter!

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