Beast Boy's Perverted Universe

BY : TheLustofmylife
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Teen Titans or any DC characters. I do not own any pictures If they are added. I am not making any money off this work.

This is my first story so constructive criticism is welcome. I started writing because not a lot of people seemed to have my fetishes so hope you enjoy.

Do not take anything in this fiction too seriously its just for fun!!!!

Inspired by the stories found in superheroinecomixxx.



Beast boy finally came to his room after a long days work of saving the world, again. He could not stand how his friends treat him sometimes, like he is some type of incompetent buffoon. Although, he did know that he was not the most intelligent superhero but he did try his best to follow Robins lead.

Beast Boy jumped onto his bed thinking about Raven and how she is always mean to him, yet she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. If she only treated him right and saw that he was good for her she would finally love him.

Who was he kidding anyway, she and all the other women around him did not find him attractive; he was green and weird and girls were so prudish compared to his large sex drive anyway.

Beast boy sighed and went to bed and decided to do something he never done before. He prayed to who ever would listen. He clapped his hands together and said, “Please, God make the world into a place filled with my perversions.”

He fell asleep hoping he would have a wet dream about Raven again.


Just then, far beyond the multiverse stood a being wearing a top hat and looked like a man from the 1800s. He sat in his chair dreaming eternity into exist and all the DC universes.


Who was he? He was the Presence the God of the DC universes. He was omnipotent and had the authority to do anything he wanted. Just then He heard Beast Boy’s first ever prayer and smiled.


The presence decided simply, “Why not!” With a snap of his fingers the universe that Beast Boy occupied changed! The biology and history of that world would change to suit Beast Boy’s dream into reality. But, he would not know it till he woke up. 

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