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Under Bruce Wayne's tutelage, Dick Grayson had mastered his body. Fighting, eating, sleeping, everything was strict and regimented. But what about cumming? That's something Bruce had failed to mention. Even though Dick knew Bruce would run off to fuck that sexy cat burglar always running around Gotham, Dick never seemed to be able to get his dick wet. Getting laid was near impossible in the house: between Bruce, Alfred, and the cameras, Dick knew sneaking a girl in to hook up with was harder than breaking out of Santa Prisca. But tonight, he needed something, anything, to get off.

Bruce was down in the cave, Alfred was off cleaning something, Dick was sure. So he laid alone in his bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling his cock swell under his shorts. He wore nothing but the shorts, he never wore underwear, even under the suit. Bruce often rolled his eyes, seeing Dick strip down at the end of a patrol, and chilling in the cave with his junk out before he bothered to put his day clothes back on. But Bruce wasn't there, and his junk needed some attention. 

He slid his hand under his shorts and softly touched himself. His penis was long and slender, with a perfectly formed head. He was meticulous about his grooming, so he was completely smooth: cock, balls, and ass. Dick's fingers focused on the tip, softly swirling his fingers around it. He made himself, shudder in a way he wished he did more often. He eagerly slid his shorts down to his thighs, and his cock bobbed up into the air, finally free. 

He grabbed himself, and felt his balls. They felt heavy, or tense, in a way. Dick knew they were full, and in need of an emptying. He took his piece by the base and slapped it into his other palm. That felt good. He tried to think of something hot, to get himself going. Somehow, his mind settled on Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend. Despite how horrible she was, Dick couldn't help but think she was hot as fuck. Her thick lips. Her tiny waist and big hips. The way her giant tits spilled out of her corset. The first time he saw her, Dick was hard for hours, until he stole away to a rooftop to get himself off before Bruce could find him. 

So he thought of the Clown Queen of Crime as he went to town on himself. His dick turned redder, as did his cheeks. Dick bit his lip and clenched his toes, imaging Harley bouncing up and down on his lap. He pictured himself throwing her down on the floor, shoving his face between her breasts, and slamming himself in between her legs. His hand on his meat moved faster than the Flash, jerking off furiously. Just as a drop of precum dribbled from the tip of his manhood, his fantasy was interrupted by the creak of a door.

"Master Grayson!" Alfred called. "Would you like--"

Dick frantically yanked his shorts back around his waist, and rolled on his side to try and conceal his massive boner.

"What?" he cried.

"Oh dear," Alfred sighed. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"Uh...no...?" Dick said awkwardly, knowing his face was flushed.

"I see," Alfred said with a cutting side eye. "Well, I brewed tea if you're interested."

"No thanks," Dick said quickly. "I think I'm gonna take a shower." 

"Mmhmm..." Alfred said, turning. "Suit yourself."

He turned and left the room, leaving the door open behind him. The shower, Dick thought. If he couldn't get any privacy in his own bedroom, perhaps a shower was the next best option. At least he had an excuse to have his wang out in a shower. So he awkardly adjusted his still-raging hardon under his waistband, and ran to the shower. 

He closed the bathroom door behind him and slid out of his shorts. He stepped out of them, butt naked, and glanced at himself in the mirror. Tall, thin, muscular, with a throbbing purple cock jutting out between his legs. He turned on the shower, and stepped in. The water was warm and inviting, and he was pleased to be wet and hard. There was no divider, however, between the shower and the rest of the room. It was a rich people thing, Dick had figured, but he hoped no one else walked in. 

Under the water, he started up again. He spat into his palm and began massaging his penis. He tried to get his mind back to Harley Quinn. Within a moment, she was pinned beneath him again, her face contorted in pleasure as Dick fucked her. She shrieked in that annoying voice of hers, but Dick didn't care. He was beating the fuck out of his dick and it felt amazing.

Mentally, they switched positions, and Dick stood up as Harley sank to her knees. She laughed as she took all of him her mouth. He pounded away down her throat, or, into his palm. He felt the pressure mounting, the heat rising inside him. Thoughed he didn't jack off nearly as often as he would like, Dick still knew what it felt like when an orgasm was coming. Then, to his fury, the door swung open.

Bruce came strutting in. He barely glanced at Dick, and made his way to the mirror. 

"Sorry," he said casually. "I wanna wash my face. My head is killing me."

"Um," Dick said, turning to hide his dripping boner from his mentor. 

Bruce crossed to the sink and lowered his face. He let the water run between his fingers, before splashing it into his face. He rubbed it in, eyes closed, and massaged his temples. Dick awkwardly watched him, and his hands unintentionally found their way back to his cock. Softly stroking himself, he leaned against the wall. Suddenly, Bruce opened and stared directly at him in the mirror. 

"Jesus, Dick," he scoffed. "Are you masturbating?"

"No!" Dick cried defensively.

"Dick," Bruce said as he turned around, his eyes narrowing as the massive piece of flesh protruding through Dick's fingers. "You don't have to lie to me."

"Well...yeah I am. I'm 17 years old! There's no pussy in this house, I need to get my nut somehow!"

"It's okay to masturbate," Bruce assured him. "I do. A lot. It's just a part of being a man. If you ever need to, just do it. Don't lie to me. I don't care."

"You sure?" Dick asked. 

"Yes, Dick," Bruce replied, adding with a laugh, "just don't make a mess or Alfred will throw a fit. He doesn't much like cleaning up cum. Trust me." 

"Ok," Dick said quietly as Bruce walked out, closing the door behind him. 

He took a deep breath. That was perhaps the most uncomfortable conversation of his life. But, it meant now he was much more free to get off when he needed. So, for the third time, he started back up. Within a minute or two, he was there again. He groaned and twitched as he blew his much needed load all over the place. It was a big one, thick, sticky cum disappearing down the drain or smearing against the walls. He gasped for breath for a moment, gathering himself. 

Once he was done, he roughly wiped his stains from the tile wall facing him, watching the remainder of his semen swirl down the drain. Then, he stepped out of the shower, dried off, and put his shorts back on. He took a deep breath, and left the bathroom. He found Bruce enjoying a cup of tea in the living room.

"Feel better?" he asked casually.

"Uh...yeah, actually," Dick replied.

"Good, because I need you suited up in 10. Harley Quinn is loose."

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