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Disclaimer: I do not own Batman or any DC characters, and I make no money from this fan fiction.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Batman or any DC characters, and I make no money from this fan fiction.


The Boss!






Dressed in her close-fitting cat-suit, high tech goggles over her eyes, Selina Kyle, also goes by the Cat or Catwoman, uses her flexibility and agility to easily avoid the myriad of security alarms in near total darkness. She reaches a body display, and carefully takes the jewelry necklace on it.


“Come to mama,” she whispers greedily.


“CATWOMAN!” Bruce Wayne, also goes by the Bat or Batman, a tall, muscular man in a black bat inspired costume, angrily yells from behind her.


“Jesus Christ, Batman,” Catwoman hisses both nervously and quietly, turning around and raising her goggles over her head. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”


“You said you wouldn't do this anymore! You said you were done with stealing!”


“Shhh...! Keep your voice down. These people are very very dangerous-”


“You promised me!”


“OK, OK. Can we talk about this outside?”


“No! Put that necklace back where it belongs!”


The lights are switched on, completely illuminating the room. The Bat and the Cat turn their heads to the exit, and find two armed, mean looking, burly men, one black, one white, dressed in suits.


“You don't look like security guards,” Batman tells them.


“No. We're not,” the black man answers.


Batman looks around the room. “Wait a minute. This isn't a jewelry store.”


“No. It isn't,” Catwoman answers irritably.


“I see.”


Batman immediately flings two Batarangs at the men, disarming them!


“Let's get out of here!” he yells at Catwoman, as he aims his grapple gun at the skylight.


“Let's take these two guys down, first!” she replies.


She swings an arm to scratch the black man in the face. The man catches her wrist, and knocks her down with a slap to the face.


With Selina down, Batman is now forced to fight also. The white guard rushes towards him. Batman does a spinning hook kick. The guard ducks under it, then punches the Bat in the gut. The punch is strong, and Bruce is grateful for the protective kevlar in his suit. He's also grateful for the cowl's kevlar lining, after the follow up left hook to the side of his head.


Selina gets back up. She kicks at the black guard with her bladed high-heel boots. The guard blocks her shin with his forearm, and then lightly punches her in the stomach. She gets winded, and faints.


Now, Batman has to deal with two opponents. He throws a left hook of his own. The white guard blocks with a right arm, then counter attacks with two quick left jabs to the face, followed by a right cross!


Dizzy, Batman backs away, and shakes his head quickly to blow the cobwebs away. He raises his arms defensively, but is completely unprepared when the black man hits him with a forearm strike to the back of the head!


The cowl is like a motorcycle helmet. It protects him from serious injury. But when he falls forward, the two men start stomping on his back, and kicking at his ribs! Batman defends himself intelligently, but a kick to the head knocks him unconscious.




Silvestro Zullo, dressed in an expensive luxury silk robe, walks down the steps to his mansion's cellar.


“Stop touching me!” he hears a woman scream.


Downstairs, he finds his personal bodyguards, Todd and Darrell, and possibly one of the sexiest women he has ever seen in his entire life! Also, there's some unconscious clown in a bat costume tied to a chair.


Darrell is behind the woman, holding her by her lithe arms. Todd is in front of her, roughly massaging her ample bosoms. Both men are leering at her. She's screaming and struggling, but she's no match for the two muscle bound oafs.


Silvestro just stands there, watching them for a minute or two. He starts to get a boner, which is no longer a small feat at his age.


“So what's goin' on?” he finally asks.


“Oh hey, boss!” Todd answers respectfully, turning his head, but not removing his hands from the woman's jugs. “We're just...uh...frisking this intruder for...uh...concealed weapons!”


“Looks like she's got a pair of 'em right there,” Silvestro gestures at her chest.


His bodyguards guffaw. A little too much. Being the boss, Silvestro has gotten used to people laughing a little too much at his lame jokes.


“Well, carry on then,” the boss allows, to the delight of his men. “Maybe you should start searching her with your mouth.”


Another overly loud and boisterous laugh from his men. Silvestro walks over to the unconscious man in the chair.


“What's this guy's story?” he asks his bodyguards, without taking his eyes off the man in the bat costume.


“I dunno, boss,” Darrell answers. “Maybe these two got drunk at a late Halloween party.”


Silvestro doesn't laugh. The boss doesn't need to laugh at the jokes of the rank and file. And since the boss didn't laugh, Todd and Darrell don't laugh also.


“He's the Batman, boss,” Todd answers seriously, finally releasing their captive's boobs.


“How come neither of you unmasked him?” Silvestro asks, still not looking away from the Batman.


“Heard some stories, boss. Some guy tried to unmask him, and got electrocuted or struck by lightning or some shit. Others say that he's really scary under that mask. That he's got the face of a vampire bat.”


“I can see his mouth. How can he have the face of a bat?”


“Uhm...I-I dunno, boss. Those are just the stories I heard.”


Silvestro nods pensively. “How about her?” he asks, finally turning. “Why not unmask her? She got lightning bolts in her mask, too?”


“Naw, it's just kinkier with her mask on,” Darrell jokes again.


The boss still doesn't laugh.


“Release the girl,” he commands.


The men look at him questioningly, but immediately obey nonetheless. Silvestro walks over to the woman in the cat-suit. She nervously avoids his gaze. Her right hand awkwardly rubs her left upper arm, which hurt a little from how tightly Darrell held her. She's sure it would leave a bruise.


Silvestro blatantly checks her out. Long slender legs, firm hips, slim waist, and of course those shapely breasts. He stops there. He doesn't bother checking her eyes. He couldn't care less what color her eyes are. She has nice tits. Who gives a shit about her eyes.


Without a word, he reaches forward, not quickly, and cups her left breast in his hand. She gasps, she flinches. But she doesn't slap his hand away, though she clearly wants to. She didn't even try to stop him. Why? BECAUSE HE'S THE BOSS.


He doesn't need some brute holding her in place by her arms. His air of authority is enough to paralyze her. He is older and shorter than her, balding, already a little out of shape. But if he told her right now to get down on her knees, and suck his dick off, she would do it without question. Why? BECAUSE HE'S THE BOSS.


“You're that cat burglar I've been reading about in the news, aren't you?” Silvestro asks her, as he caresses her breast.


She nods her head fearfully.


“Speak up!” he suddenly growls.


“Y-Yes,” she stutters.


Silvestro smiles slyly. “You know, are a very beautiful woman.” His hand moves from her breast to the zipper's tab located under her neck. He slowly pulls this down, revealing cleavage and smooth, fair skin.


Selina swallows hard, but says nothing.


“Beautiful women don't need to steal,” Silvestro continues, pulling the tab all the way down just below her navel, completely unzipping her cat-suit. “Beautiful women can get men to do that for them.” He unbuckles her belt. It clatters noisily when it falls down the tiles. “My late wife was a beautiful woman.”


His hand moves back up. His fingertips trace a slow line from her belly button up to her solar plexus. A shiver goes up and down Selina's spine.


“That was her necklace you tried to steal,” he informs her, his fingers caressing the soft lower swells of her breasts. “You like that necklace, don't you?”


He slips his hand into the lapel of the suit, cups a bare breast, and squeezes it.


Selina gasps, her eyes straight forward, “Y-Yes.”


Her nipple hardens, as he rubs it with his finger.


“You know, a beautiful woman...with a beautiful body...doesn't need to steal a beautiful necklace like that,” Silvestro tells her. He slides one side of the suit down her shoulder, uncovering her left breast. “She can think of more...creative ways.”


Todd and Darrell look over their boss's shoulder to leer at Selina's booby. She blushes in embarrassment, but makes no attempt to cover herself.


Silvestro ravenously presses his lips to hers. She doesn't pull away. She doesn't bite his tongue when it wanders inside her mouth. She lets him French kiss her for as long as he wants. Why? BECAUSE HE'S THE BOSS.


He slides the other side of her suit down, uncovering her other breast. He starts kissing her neck. And with his hands on her shoulders, he forces her down to a sitting position. He joins her on the floor, kissing her collarbone, her chest.


Selina just stares at the ceiling, her lips trembling, her eyes starting to water. A gasp escapes her lips when she feels his tongue flick at her nipple. This is followed by a moan, when he takes the nipple in his mouth and sucks at it. As he violates her, Catwoman keeps her arms uselessly at her sides, her fists clenched and shaking.


She moans again when his hand moves down her body, and his fingers press down on her crotch. He massages her down there, making small circles with his fingers, rubbing her up and down. Through the thin fabric, she feels the pressure applied to her clitoris, and she begins to moisten in response.


The boss forces her down on her back. The cold floor against her skin only further hardens her erect nipples, but she just keeps her eyes on the ceiling. That's all she wants to see, now. She doesn't want to see what the man is doing to her. Unfortunately, her body is definitely feeling every single perversion.


Silvestro pulls his victim's cat-suit down her hips. He uncovers her wet pussy, her toned thighs and legs. He rips the suit completely off her, leaving her only in her gloves, her high-heeled boots, her mask, and the goggles on her head.


And to the surprise of the bodyguards, without even receiving any instruction, Catwoman opens her legs for the boss!


“Good girl,” Silvestro compliments her, teasing her folds with his fingertips, making her flinch.


He positions himself between her thighs, he pulls down the waistband of his boxer shorts to free his stiff penis. Selina whimpers helplessly, when she feels the tip of his cock poking against the lips of her vagina. Then she shuts her eyes, and groans, as he slides it in her.


Silvestro leans on the floor with his hands to either side of the hapless cat burglar, and he proceeds to rape her.


Todd and Darrell watch in absolute awe, as their boss rocks back and forth between the famous thief's legs! They cannot fathom how or why this young, athletic, beautiful woman completely submitted to the basest desires of this balding, out of shape, middle aged man! Was it because of fear or some kind of natural respect?!


They don't even know if their presence is a factor. Would Catwoman have allowed herself to be subjected to this humiliation, if Silvestro did not have a couple of heavies with him, who would kick the shit out of her, if she dared to resist? Todd and Darrell are not sure.


Truth is, Silvestro had put on a clinic about power! He exuded it! One look at him, and Selina immediately knew her place! On her back, naked, and with her legs spread!


The boss takes those legs now, and hoists them over his shoulders, as he intensifies his pace, drilling her ruthlessly! Selina's moans also intensify. She can feel that her rapist is about to come. Tears flow down from her eyes.


With a satisfied groan, Silvestro releases his load into the famous cat burglar's twat.


He raped her like a boss.


A minute later, Batman regains consciousness.




Bruce's biggest mistake was overconfidence. He had beaten Bane, a mammoth of a man! It made him feel invincible. It made him believe his own legend. It made him forget that, at the end of the day, or in his case the night, he was still just a man in a bat costume.


He should have gone with the gadgets. He had plenty of them. He had disarmed the two burly men with a couple of Batarangs. Why not a couple of more Batarangs to their skulls to knock them out? No. He fought them as a man and lost, when he should have fought them as the Batman!


Bruce did one thing right, though. His ever reliable butler, Alfred knows where he is at all times. His suit has a tracer on it. And right now, Alfred is contacting any of his nearby available allies to rescue him. All Bruce has to do, last.


He immediately recognizes the short, balding, middle-aged man in the silk robe, standing in front of him. And just the very sight of this man scares him more than the Scarecrow's fear toxin.


“Y-You're Silvestro Zullo,” Batman stutters.


“I know that. Question did you know where to find me?”


“I-I didn't. I thought this was some kind of jewelry store.”


Silvestro assesses the man quietly, staring into his eyes. Batman has a lump in his throat. A drop of sweat runs down the side of his face.


“I don't believe you,” the older man finally says.


“It's...It's the truth!”


Silvestro extends a hand to Todd. Todd hands him a pair of brass knuckleses. Silvestro puts them on.


“I can't take that armor off of you. My boys say it could be dangerous for me if I try. So you get to keep them on,...and I get to use these.”


Batman begins anxiously, “M-Mr. Zullo, I-”


His words get cut short, when Silvestro gives him a hard fist to the stomach, making the masked vigilante buckle and groan! Another punch to the gut, and he begins coughing noisily.


“Alright, I'm gonna ask you again. How did you find out I was hiding out here?”


“I didn't!” Batman hawks. “You were being robbed! I was trying to stop the thief!”


“It's true!” Catwoman shouts, still seated on the floor, her legs curled together. “I knew that the Mafia owned this mansion. But I didn't know it was yours, Mr. Zullo. I swear!”


Batman was completely unaware of her before. He is surprised to see her nude on the floor. Ashamed, Catwoman avoids his gaze, and tries to cover her naked chest with an arm.


“You know what I think?” Silvestro tells Batman. “I think you're a tough guy. I think you don't scare easy.”


“No, no, that's not true,” Batman answers. “I'm scared right now. I'm very very scared-”


“I think you're the kind of guy...that worries more...about the ones you love.”


Silvestro turns to look at Catwoman. Selina's eyes widen in fear.


“Darrell!” the boss calls to his bodyguard. “Show her the monster!”


“Yes, sir,” Darrell proudly responds.


The bodyguard unbuckles his belt, undoes his pants,...and whips out his enormous cock!


“OH MY GOD!” Catwoman shrieks. “What did you do, surgically remove that from a bull?!”


“Impressive, huh?” Silvestro comments, smiling cruelly. “That's why the Mob nicknamed him...the Centaur!”


Todd approaches Catwoman from behind. He grabs her arms, and forces her back down on her back.


“I love watching this,” he excitedly admits to her.


With his massive dick in his hand, Darrell dances towards the woman.


“Oh no,” Selina says, her head shaking fearfully. “Oh God, no! No! No! GET THAT FUCKING THING AWAY FROM ME!!!”


“Fucking thing,” Silvestro chuckles at Batman. “Great choice of words, huh?”


Catwoman frantically kicks at Darrell. He gets down on his knees, catches her ankles, slowly slides his hands up her smooth legs, and in spite of the woman's best efforts, the brute easily parts her thighs.


“NO! NO! NO...!” Selina screams, her eyes shut.


“OK! Wait!” Batman yells.


The boss signals his men to stand by.


“OK, you're right,” Batman tells Silvestro. “I came here after you. She has nothing to do with it.”


“How did you find me?” the Mob boss asks.


“Uhm...uh...h-he told me! The guy with the big dick! He works for me! He betrayed you!”


Silvestro wrinkles his brow, and smiles. He looks over at Darrell. Darrell just smiles back, and shrugs. The boss turns back to Batman.


“He works for you? He brought you in here, and tied you to that chair.”


“Yup. Yup. That was all part of our plan, and you fell for it! Haha!”


“What was his name again?”




“The guy with the big dick. The one working for you. What's his name?”




“It's Darrell.”


“Right. Right. That's what I meant. Darrell.”


“So what's the next part of your plan?”




“Well, like you said, I fell for it. So what's the next part of your plan?”


“Uhm...uh...g-get 'em, Daniel!”




“D-Darrell. Get 'em, guy with the big dick! And...and you better shoot him, Mr. Zullo. Or he's gonna get you-!”


Silvestro slugs batman in the gut again to shut him up, making the superhero groan in pain, and then cough out blood.


“Darrell!” the boss yells to his bodyguard. “Like they say in the song, if you like it, then you should put your dick in it!”


Darrell forces his cock inside her. Catwoman tilts her head back, and screams so loud, you'd think the wine bottles would all shatter. Her fingers and toes curl in pain, and his cock isn't even halfway in yet. He pulls back, and slides back in deeper!


“OH GOD!” the woman screams, as her hole gets violently stretched. “IT'S LIKE I'M A FUCKING VIRGIN AGAIN!”


Darrell begins rhythmically thrusting in and out of her, but it is physically impossible for her narrow tunnel to accommodate his entire shaft.


“Damn, you're tight!” he grunts.


“A mare's cunt would be too tight for that monstrosity,” Todd quips, clearly enjoying the show.


“This must be what giving birth feels like!” Selina squeals as fresh tears roll from her eyes.


But she can't deny that, in spite of the pain, the gigantic member is getting the job done, stimulating every single part of her orifice! Soon, her screams turn into loud, wanton moans.


Batman can do nothing but watch helplessly, as his woman is brutally raped. Then he sees her body tighten, and he recognizes the expression on her face. She's about to come!


“Catwoman! Don't you do it!” he screams at her in panic. “Don't you give them that satisfaction!”


“I'm trying!” she screams back, her face scrunched up and perspiring.


“Think of...unsexy things! L-Like sumo wrestlers,...o-or dead sheep,...and NERDS!”


Selina shuts her eyes, and clenches her teeth, forcing her body not to give in to the intense combination of pain and pleasure seizing it!


“Hey, Catwoman,” Darrell says casually, as he continuously pounds her.


Selina opens one eye, and asks, “What?”


“I drive a Lamborghini.”


“Oh shit-!”


And she tilts her head back to let out yet another ear splitting scream! Her entire body shudders, as she comes hard!


But even as her body spasms, Darrell keeps thrusting, until shortly, he too orgasms inside her.


“That's cheating!” Batman complains.


“Oh please,” Silvestro counters. “Like you've never used that Bat Tumbler to get laid before.”


Darrell withdraws his monster. Todd releases the woman, allowing her to collapse on her side in exhaustion. Breathing heavily, her juices combined with those of her rapist spill out of her, and pool on the floor.


“Wow, you really did a number on her,” Todd observes. “She is spent.”


Darrell answers, “Imagine if it was in the ass.”


Catwoman's eyes pop open in fear.


“Why should we settle for an imagination?” Silvestro asks.


“Oh no,” Selina nervously whispers.


Smiling wickedly, Todd flips her over to her stomach, and holds her down by her wrists.


“Oh come on, guys!” Catwoman pleads.


“You good to go, big guy?” Todd asks Darrell.


“I'm always good to go,” he answers, grabbing the prone girl by her hips, and pulling her up to her knees.


Catwoman screams, “NO NO! OH PLEASE GOD, NOOOOOOOO....!!!”


“Freeze! Police!” Detective Robin John Blake of the Gotham City Police Department yells, as he leaps down the stairs, his service pistol ready in both hands.


He is an ally of Batman, and Alfred had asked for his help earlier.


“Oh shit!” Todd curses, pulling out his own gun.


Robin shoots him down with a single bullet to the chest! Darrell takes his own gun from inside his jacket, and fires at the police officer! Robin dives behind several large wine barrels for cover.


“Hey!” Batman shouts at Robin. “No guns! No killing! I have a rule!”


Robin shouts back, “Yea, I have that rule too, until they start shooting at me!”


“Shoot them... Shoot them in the leg!”


“I'm not gonna shoot them in the leg while they're trying to shoot me in the head!”


The policeman ducks as more bullets smack noisily against the stone wall behind him and the wooden casks he is hiding behind.


With his enemies distracted, the Dark Knight uses the fin blades on his forearms to cut the ropes binding him.


“Shit!” Darrell mumbles, as his gun jams. It is not as reliable as his other weapon.


Robin fires back, shooting Darrel twice in the stomach! With a shocked expression on his face, Darrell collapses right next to Selina, who is quivering, and fearfully covering her ears with her hands.


“Stop killing people!” Batman yells again.


“Starting to get real tired of your shit, Batman!” Robin snaps.


But as he cautiously moves out from cover, Silvestro appears from out of nowhere, and clonks the detective with a brass knuckled straight to the face!


Robin's pistol slides across the floor, out of his reach! And the dazed detective covers his head with his forearms, as the Mob boss rains blows down on him!


This time batman doesn't take chances. He knocks Silvestro out with a Batarang to the back of the head!




Since Robin never got a warrant, and since neither Batman nor Catwoman can testify in court, Silvestro Zullo was never charged. Nonetheless, the Mafia boss vows to use his vast resources to eliminate the Bat once and for all.


But Batman isn't worried. Because he's ready for Silvestro, now. And everyone knows that as long as Batman gets enough preparation time, he can beat Superman, Chuck Norris, and God all at the same time! Why?






Oh, and Catwoman never did get the dead woman's necklace.

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