Damian's Education

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  Damian’s Education

{Damian Wayne/Robin, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Connor Kent/Superboy (main)};

{Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Clark Kent/Superman (secondary)}


Damian's Education

Damian Wayne/Robin, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Connor Kent/Superboy (main);

Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Clark Kent/Superman (secondary)

Chapter-1: Insomnia

As often happened, Damian found himself wide awake in the middle of the night (a tendency that ran in the family); It sometimes happened when father, or his adoptive-brothers Richard and Tim went on patrol without him. At first it would be because of resentment at being left behind (or so he told himself). Later he came to realize that it was because he was actually concerned and that it would not cease until they were home safe. Other times, like tonight it was because he had something on his mind.

According to Pennyworth, it was not unusual for preteen and adolescent boys to have occasional bouts of sleeplessness; it was common during the phase of youth called puberty. Being a resourceful boy, Damian took it upon himself to research into the phenomenon. What he found made him think he was the butt of some elaborate hoax. It seemed like something Grayson would have come up with and Drake though usually very serious wouldn't have been above playing a practical joke on Damian. Something was happening to him though.

He envied Grayson and especially father's height, and their deeper voices. The youngest Wayne boy had also given in to his curiosity and snuck glances at Tim and Richard while they showered downstairs in the cave and even up here in the mansion once or twice. If they had known he was there Richard would've been irritated but understanding and Drake would have been furious at the invasion of privacy. When he did peek, he noticed a few things.

The first and most obvious was the aforementioned height difference, although in reality Tim wasn't that much taller than Damian. Both of his brothers were more muscular than him, but less than Bruce. Less obvious was the difference between their organs, theirs were both circumcised and seemed huge compared to Damian's rather pathetic looking uncircumcised little penis.

Damian also noticed that Drake and especially Grayson had hair in places that he didn't. Grayson had chest hair, though again not as much as father; and while Drake did not have chest hair, he did have a slender dark trail leading from his navel to the neatly trimmed nest above his crotch. They also both had hair on their legs and under their arms. Damian made a note of these differences between his brothers and himself, particularly the differences in height and the lack of any body hair. So much to his chagrin, he decided that he needed to talk to somebody about this.

It would have been too awkward to talk to father about this and Pennyworth was out of the question. Grayson would probably rub his head and say something infuriating like "Aw Dami that's so cute." Damian could only take so much humiliation, which unfortunately left him only one choice. Finding his resolve, he decided to approach Tim about this. He hesitated in the sitting room just outside Tim's bedroom; debating whether to knock, or not. It was almost 2 a.m. and even though Damian was usually recklessly impatient, he decided this could wait until morning. He was about to head back to his own room when he heard what sounded like a struggle coming from behind Tim's door.

Damian and Tim had never gotten along well, indeed the first time they met, Damian tried to kill Tim and would have if Grayson and Father hadn't intervened. Or so he believed at the time, later he realized Tim was a much more skilled fighter than he seemed but had been holding back because of his age; and if Father and Richard hadn't been there Damian would've been the one to get his ass kicked. Since then they had developed a certain respect for each other, if not true affection.

No one would harm any member of the Wayne family if Damian could help it. Charging in impulsively Damian broke through the door and found something completely unexpected. Tim was in his bed with Conner Kent (AKA Superboy), Conner was completely naked and Tim wore only an oversized black tee-shirt with a stylized red "S" inside a diamond printed on it. They were locked in a passionate embrace. Conner immediately separated himself from Tim, who winced slightly in pain at the suddenness of it, and they covered themselves with the sheets, but not before Damian caught a glimpse of Conner's enormous erection. "Damian," Tim bellowed loud enough to make his companion, with his hyper-sensitive hearing, cringe. "What the fuck are you doing in here, get the hell out of my room!"

Embarrassed, and bewildered (both completely unfamiliar sentiments to him) Damian scrambled out of Tim's room and hurried back to his own. But, by this time, the damage was done. Other members of the family having heard the commotion, were emerging including one very tired and angry looking patriarch.

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