The Hero of a Different Kind of Minority

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Wonder Woman or any other DC character, and I make no money from this fan fiction.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Wonder Woman or any other DC character, and I make no money from this fan fiction.


The Hero of a Different Kind of Minority






Will Logan happily walks home from the amateur magic competition. He's practically skipping down the street this warm evening. In his hand, he carries the 1st prize trophy, and he can't wait to show his dad.


His father, Samuel, had wanted to come to the show, but he has work to do both in the office and at home, being a single parent. Will's mother had walked out on them when he was just a baby.


Suddenly, his best friend, Theo comes frantically running towards him.


“Will!” Theo shouts breathlessly.


“Theo, what's up-?” Will begins to ask, a confused smile on his face.


“Wonder Woman's at your house! She just tied up your old man in that golden lasso of hers!”




The trophy falls from the boy's hand, and shatters on the pavement.




“Please. Just let me go,” Samuel, kneeling on the ground, his arms bound to his sides, begs the super heroine. “I wont do it again, I swear. This will destroy my son's future!”


“You should have thought of him before you broke the law,” Diana, the beautiful and ageless Wonder Woman, tells him sympathetically.


“Dad!” Will yells, wrapping his arms around his father.


“Oh, God,” Samuel cries. “I'm sorry, Son. I'm so sorry...”


The squad car pulls up, and two police officers disembark to take his father away. Will is helpless to stop any of it. All he can do is glare at the Amazon.




After the arrest and subsequent conviction of notorious serial rapist, Samuel Logan, cases of sexual assault, harassment, frotteurism, toucherism, and any other sex related crime is at an all time low.


His son, Will, ran away from the orphanage, after constantly being bullied by the other children because of his father's reputation. In order to survive, the boy started performing magic tricks on the streets for money, or three-card Monte. And when that wasn't enough, he used sleight of hand to pickpocket tourists.


Then one day, he just vanished.




Will's best friend, Theo has become a freelance videographer. But it is his dream to become a successful pornographic filmmaker one day. In the meantime, he uses his amazing technical skills as a hi-tech voyeur. He is currently in his apartment, jerking off to a naked teenage girl, whose webcam he has just recently hacked, when he is interrupted by a knock on his door.


“Who is it?!” Theo angrily shouts.


“It's Will.”


“Holy shit! Will?!”


Theo quickly wipes his dick with a tissue, then pulls up his pants.


“Oh my God! Will! It is you!” he shouts as he opens the door, taking the man in his arms.


Even Will's messy hair and beard couldn't stop Theo from instantly recognizing his childhood friend.


“God! Where have you been?!” Theo asks excitedly.


“Everywhere, Bro. I've been to the Middle East, Japan, Sri Lanka, France,... learning from the very best sex offenders in the world.”


Theo is momentarily stupefied.


“You were learning from the very best sex offenders in the world? Why in the hell would you do that?!”


Will confidently answers, “Because I'm going to rape Wonder Woman. And you're going to help me.”




“Are you out of your mind?!” Samuel whisper shouts at his son from the other side of the glass partition at the Capital Correctional Facility visiting room. “You wanna end up like your old man?! You know how many times I had to take it in the ass in here?! Shit, that karma thing is real!”


“But, Dad, I've been training really hard,” Will reasons. “I've been practicing by undressing bell-dummies. There isn't a single women's clothing out there that I can't undo, unclasp, unzip, or unbutton in a matter of seconds-”


“I tried that, Son! God, she was tall, buxom, beautiful,... I couldn't help myself. But none of the usual tricks worked on her! It can't be done. She's too strong! Just forget about her. Vengeance wont solve anything. It wont get me out of here, it wont give us our lives back,-”


“It's not just about vengeance, Dad. It's not just about us. You don't know how bad things have become out here for us sexual deviants. A guy can't even compliment a woman on her appearance without getting sued for sexual harassment these days.”


Samuel is temporarily dumbfounded.


“Christ, it's that bad?”


Will nods sadly.


“Well, if I can't stop you, there's someone you're gonna have to talk to first,” Samuel informs him. “There's talk among the other inmates. It's about some mob boss from the sixties. Carl Bruno. If anyone can give you advice on how to rape Wonder Woman, it's him.”




Will begins asking around in nightclubs, bars, and casinos, but comes up empty. Carl Bruno is a ghost. After days of searching, Will is almost convinced that the man is nothing more than an urban legend. Then one cold day, while walking down the street, a black luxury car drives alongside him.


The front passenger window lowers, and a burly man with some missing front teeth asks him, “You Will Logan?”


“Yea,” Will answers warily.


“You asking around about Carl Bruno?”




The car stops. The big man exits, grabs Will, and roughly shoves him in the back next to a distinguished old man in a suit. Then he shuts the door, and the chauffeur drives forward again.


“Alright, Mr. Will Logan, you've gotten my attention,” the old man says.


“You're Mr. Carl Bruno?” Will asks, visibly intimidated.


“No one has asked about me in years. The world has forgotten about me. My life is one of luxury and anonymity. It is comfortable,...but boring. And then you come along. I have to admit, young man. You have my curiosity piqued.”


“Is it true? Were you able to rape Wonder Woman a long time ago?”


The old man looks in the distance, a slight smile on his face, as if recalling a very fond memory.


“Even after all these years, I still remember the feel of her soft, smooth porcelain like skin. It's impossible for a human woman to have breasts that large and yet firm at the same time. And the taste of her lips. It might as well have been ambrosia. Her scent. It's indescribable, really. So fresh, so pure. The sounds she made, like music. And when you take her... She's not tight like a virgin, but...the warm and comfortable embrace of her hole on your manhood,... It's like that woman was made for fucking!”


“How did you pull it off?” Will asks, the old man's story exciting him.


“It was a different time, then,” the old man lowers and shakes his head sadly. “In the old days, she had a weakness that I stumbled upon accidentally. If a man were to bind her Bracelets of Submission together, it would take away her super strength.”


The young man frowns.


“That sounds ridiculous. And also a little kinky. How come I've never heard of it?”


“I don't really know. It's like one day, her weakness disappeared. And now, she has no weakness at all. Perhaps she managed to find some magical way to rid herself of it. But if you ask me,...I think it's some kind of government cover up. They buried the truth about her weakness, silenced witnesses, erased records, so that it could never be used against her ever again.”


“Sounds like a really big risk, for me to gamble on a weakness that she may or may not still have.”


“Young man, if you are intent on raping this demigoddess, there is one advice I can give you. You have to rape her right!”


Will furrows his brow.


“Rape her right? What does that even mean?”


“It means you have to give her just the right amount of shame and pleasure, Boy!” Carl speaks with intense impatience. “Don't be intimidated by her warrior-like appearance. You have to remember that she is still a very sexual creature. When I took her that fateful night, while she stubbornly resisted all throughout, her struggles slowly started to cease! This is because while her mind craved escape, her body was no longer so sure. Keep her in that constant state of confusion, and she is yours.”


Will stares at the man in silent awe. Then he asks, “How did she finally escape you?”


“She didn't. She couldn't. Perhaps some small part of her didn't even want to. It was that blasted Superman that rescued her. Of course, he was only Superboy then. But you don't need to worry about him anymore. He only fights aliens now.”




“It's time,” Will announces, as he readies his gear.


“Camera's ready, Bro,” Theo tells him, a video camera in his hands. “Once we start rolling, everything will automatically upload to the Internet, and it will also interrupt every television broadcast in America.”


“Good job. Any Wonder Woman sightings?”


“I've hacked into the CCTVs all over the city. She just rescued some school girl from some gang bangers, and is currently leaving the scene.”


“Perfect. We'll wait until she's alone, and then strike.”




Wonder Woman descends at the empty Capital Park, and is about to change back into her secret identity, but she just can't shake the feeling that she is being watched. Her instincts are right, of course.


The man, dressed in black battle fatigues, lightweight body armor, and a balaclava with only his eyes and mouth uncovered, drops down from a tree branch directly above her! From behind, he wraps his left arm around her waist. His other hand grabs her right breast.


And then Will realizes his mistake.


“What the-? She's wearing armor?!” he says to himself in surprise. “When she caught my father a long time ago, she was only wearing a bustier!”


Diana grabs his arm, and flips him over her shoulder. Will does a full twist in midair, and lands safely a few feet away from his opponent.


“Well, at least I didn't leave empty handed,” he says, the Lasso of Truth in his left hand.


Wonder Woman checks her hip, and is surprised to find the magic lasso missing.


“Who are you?!” she angrily asks him.


“Who am I? I am the perverts, the exhibitionists, the masochists, the peeping toms, the rapists, the pedophiles,... I am the voice of a quiet, and slightly ashamed minority: all sexual deviants and sex offenders! And it is our time to be heard!”


Hiding behind some bushes, Theo films and broadcasts the whole spectacle in his camera. The technical genius also hacks and uses the surrounding CCTVs for other angles.




At the recreational center of the Capital Correctional Facility, the inmates are surprised when the soap opera on the public wide screen TV is suddenly interrupted.


“What happened?” someone asks.


“Hey, isn't that Wonder Woman? Damn, she's hot!” another comments, drawing cheers and whistles from the others.


“Hey, Samuel!” a friend of Will's father calls. “Isn't that the bitch that caught you?”


Samuel looks up from the game of cards he was playing with some buddies.


“Will?” he asks quietly, recognizing his son, even in the fatigues and balaclava.




“Give that back!” Wonder Woman angrily demands.


“Come get it,” Will challenges her, fastening the lasso to a clip on the side of his belt.


The furious Amazon launches forward, throwing a barrage of punches! Will, bobs and weaves. He skillfully evades the punches, but does not attempt to block any of her attacks. She is so strong, that a single punch could shatter the bones in his forearms.


What Wonder Woman doesn't realize is that while her opponent is dodging her strikes, his nimble and practiced hands are quickly unfastening the different clasps of her armor. To her surprise, the armor becomes undone. It falls to the ground, leaving her completely topless.


“Beautiful,” Will remarks, as he views the impossibly firm, huge, bare breasts.


Wonder Woman flushes, and quickly, but vainly, tries to cover her ample, naked chest with her right arm.


“Good job, Will,” Theo tells his friend through his communication ear piece. “Now, she'll have to fight you one-handed.”


“How about the cops?” Will asks.


Theo checks his police scanner.


“It's just as you said. The cops are too busy with other shit. They're not concerned about some nobody picking a fight with Wonder Woman. They figure she can handle it easily.”


“Let's hope they're wrong. Now, be sure to get a good angle at this.”


Will advances. Wonder Woman readies her left arm to defend against an attack. But instead, her opponent casually raises the front of her gladiator skirt, revealing her panties, further embarrassing her.


“You know,” Will says. “You're going to have to use both hands, if you want to defend yourself properly.”


He reaches between her legs, and begins stroking her crotch. Diana angrily swings her arm to slap him, but he easily ducks under it. She tries a backhand, which he also easily avoids. He continues rubbing her sex, which starts to moisten.


“I don't need to use my other hand,” Wonder Woman responds defiantly. “I can still use both legs.”


She suddenly swings her long leg at him! Will manages to back away in time, but he is unprepared for the follow up punch! With no other choice, he crosses his forearms to shield his face. The punch is so strong, that it catapults his whole body across the grassy ground! When he falls, he is both dizzy and winded.




Samuel slowly walks towards the TV suspended high on the wall, concern evident in his old face.


“Get up,” he whispers in a cracked voice. Then he repeats louder, startling his fellow inmates, “GET UP!”


“Yea, get up!” one of his friends joins in.


“Get up, man!” another one yells.


And, to the surprise of the jail guards, soon the entire prison is cheering, “GET UP! GET UP! GET UP...!”




Theo worriedly but dutifully records the fight. Then he hears some noise coming from the city. It's very faint at first, and he can barely make it out. But soon the words become clear.




Will, barely conscious, also begins to hear the words. But he's not just hearing the inmates shouting in his father's prison. He's hearing the hardworking middle class salary-men being sued for sexual harassment. He's hearing the lonely, virgin keyboard warriors in their mother's basements. He's hearing the kiddie porn addicts, the celebrity stalkers, the dirty old men, the train perverts,...




He hears them all. His people. How could he not oblige them? With a prolonged roar to the night sky, Will wills his weary body back to its feet!


“How?” the baffled Amazon asks. “You're just a man.”


“I'm not just one man,” Will corrects her assertively. “There are more of us than you think!”


He advances again. Wonder Woman throws another straight left. Will catches her by her wrist, and twists her arm behind her! With no other option, Diana grudgingly uses the arm covering her breasts to do a back elbow strike. But Will catches that also. Then he quickly binds her wrists behind her with her own Magic Lasso.


His hands slither to the front to grope her naked bust.


Wonder Woman gasps, “S-Stop it! Take your hands off me!”


Theo makes sure to zoom in.




“Aw, yea! Now, that's what I'm talking about!” an inmate hollers at the image of the busty Amazon, as she gets fondled against her will, to the resounding hurrah of the others.


“That's it, Son,” Samuel secretly encourages his boy.




Diana's nipples helplessly harden, as Will tickles them with the tips of his forefingers. The Amazon shuts her eyes, and clenches her teeth. She begins to tremble and sweat.


Will's right hand slowly slides down Diana's stomach, down again to her crotch. Except this time, he stuffs his hand inside her panties, stroking her vulva with his index and middle fingers. All the while, his other hand continues to caress her breast. No longer able to stand the combined stimulations, Wonder Woman moans noisily and repeatedly!


“She's barely resisting!” Will observes silently. “It's just like what Carl Bruno said. Balance pleasure with shame, and she's yours!”


He moves his hand from her pussy to her rear. He lifts her skirt, then pulls her panties down. The undergarment slides all the way down to her ankles.


“H-Hey! What're you-?!” Wonder Woman begins fearfully.


Will kneads her smooth bare ass. Then he undoes his pants to take out his enlarged cock!


“No!” Diana shouts. “No, I wont let you!”


She swings her head back into his face! Then she steps out of her panties, and throws a back kick into his stomach!


Except when she faces him, she is surprised to find him unharmed.


“Wow, Wonder Woman,” Will comments arrogantly. “You kick like a girl.”


The insulted Amazon snarls, and hits her attacker with a front push kick to the midsection! But it doesn't even shove him back. As a matter of fact, the opposite happens, and she nearly topples backward!


“So there WAS a cover up!” Will remarks. “You STILL have your weakness!”


Wonder Woman backs away fearfully, and stutters, “N-No. What weakness? I don't have a weakness. I-I don't know what you're talking about.”


“Oh, you're all mine, now.”


Will fearlessly lunges forward! He wraps his left arm around her waist, and puts his right hand behind her head to pull her in for a long, forced kiss to the mouth!


“So this is what ambrosia tastes like!” Will thinks, as he savors her lips.


Wonder Woman tries in vain to pull away from him, but her futile struggles serve only to further excite her attacker.


Will's hand moves from Diana's head, and returns to fondling her breast. His hot, wet kisses move to her jaw, her cheek, her ear, down the side of her neck, her chest. She begins moaning uncontrollably again, when he licks and sucks at her erect nipples.


“I will ravage every inch of her perfect body!” he ravenously thinks to himself.


He backs her into a large tree, then he positions himself between her legs.


“Don't! Please...!” Wonder Woman begs him.


Will looks into the teary eyes of the pleading woman,...and he hesitates.


“Wonder Woman is begging me?” he asks himself. “To beg her violator for mercy must be an incredible and painful blow to her warrior's pride.”


He considers her appeal. Then he remembers how she had rejected his father's pleas for mercy all those years ago. Instantly, all compassion leaves him, and he plunges his rigid sword into her wet sheath!


Wonder Woman tilts her head back, and screams! As if she is cursing her gods for abandoning her! Will, on the other hand, is amazed at the incredibly warm embrace of her sex on his member.


He whispers in her ear, “You were made for fucking.”


Then he begins slowly rocking in and out of her.


“No!” she sobs. “I was made to be a warrior! A warrior!”


He starts thrusting harder and faster. And the defeated super heroine could only gasp, grunt, moan, and weep.




Back at the prison, proud tears fall from a father's eyes.


“You did it, Son,” Samuel whispers. “You did it.”




“Will!” Theo shouts into his communication device. “Time to go, man! The cops are on their way!”


“No. Not yet,” Will answers, still raping the Amazon.


“Jesus, man! Just make it a quickie and go!”


Will wants to stretch the moment. He wants to continuously rape her for hours. But Theo is right. Already he can hear sirens in the distance. And even he doesn't have that kind of sexual stamina.


Ultimately, he climaxes inside her! His victim could only whimper, as her womb is forced to take every single unwanted drop. Afterwards, she slumps to the base of the tree.


“I can hear them. The Police,” Diana mumbles weakly. “They'll catch you now, you bastard.”


“No, they wont,” Will answers, as he pulls up his pants. “What do you think the cops are going to do when they find a goddess, naked and helpless like that? Go after me? I don't think so.”


Wonder Woman's eyes widen in fear.


“N-No. You can't leave me like this! You got what you wanted! Now, untie me! Please!”


But Will just turns, and runs, and disappears into the night.




Will was right. The first cops to arrive at the scene, a policeman and a policewoman, did not chase after him. Instead, the partners took turns raping Wonder Woman repeatedly in the back of their squad car. After several hours, they untied her, and apologized, saying they just couldn't help themselves. The super heroine resentfully forgave them.




Years later, father and son are reunited, when Samuel's sentence is reduced for good behavior. They embrace outside the large gates of the Capital Correctional Facility.


On the drive home, in Will's car, Samuel asks, “How come you never had a super villain name, or fancy costume, or gimmicks?”


“I don't need any of those,” Will answers. “I'm just another nameless, faceless pervert.” Then he smirks, and adds, “Just like a lot of other people out there.”



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