Supergirl: Secret Identity

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own DC or Supergirl characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own DC or Supergirl characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.


Supergirl: Secret Identity






Stanhope College student, Linda Lee Danvers, the disguise of the superheroine Supergirl, wonders why Wang Fuchen, the president of the school film club, asked to meet her after classes. She's not that naïve. She's aware that he has a crush on her. But then again, he has a crush on nearly every girl in the school. Her best friend, Lena Thorul warned her about him, that he was creepy and a major perv. But Linda isn't worried. He'll nervously ask her out, pretending to be cool the whole time, and she'll let him down easy. Besides, she always wanted to try her hand at acting. It's her dream to be an actress in a TV soap. What if Fuchen wants her to act in one of his amateur films? It would be great on her CV.


Linda raps on the door to the club room.


“Come in,” she hears Fuchen say.


She opens the door, and finds him seated in front of a computer, with his back to her.


“Close the door, please,” he says without turning around.


She does so. Fuchen rises from his seat, turns around, and silently gives her a once-over.


Linda asks, “So what's this abou-”


Without a word, Fuchen grabs her firm breasts, and squeezes repeatedly!


“What-?!” the alarmed college girl squeaks.


She knew he was a sleaze, but she didn't expect him to just immediately go for the goods without even so much as a cheap come-on line!


“Fuchen!” she gasps. “What do you think you're doing?!”


Instead of answering, he roughly kisses her in the lips. Her eyes widen in shock, and her scream is smothered in his mouth. She instinctively grabs his wrists, but just as quickly releases them, in fear of accidentally breaking the boy's arms.


With her back to the wall, she thinks, 'OK, what do I do here? I am far stronger than he is. I can resist him easily. I'm Supergirl, for Chrissake! But I'm in my disguise. Would Linda, a supposedly average human girl, be able to overpower him? I don't want to blow my cover!'


His kisses slowly move down her neck, as he unbuttons the front of her blouse. Fortunately, she isn't wearing her Supergirl costume underneath. It's in her backpack. Unfortunately, in her haste, changing from superheroine to simple school girl and back, she had also forgotten to wear a bra, and he now has a completely unobstructed view of her perky bare bosoms!


Embarrassed, she flushes, and looks away, as her attacker begins groping her chest once more. He squeezes harder this time, and flicks her pink nipples with his thumbs, causing them to harden. Then he pinches both teats, pulls on them, and gives them a twist.


Linda shuts her eyes, and bites down on her lower lip to suppress a moan. Her Kryptonian physiology provides her with a forcefield that protects her from harm, but not from pleasure. Pain of an erotic nature confuses it. Therefore, the twisting of her nipples does hurt her some.


'God, how far is he planning on taking this?!' she ponders, starting to freak out. 'Is he actually going to rape me?! Why, all of a sudden?! It all feels so surreal!'


While fondling her left tit, he begins flicking the right one with his tongue. When he takes it in his mouth, and sucks hard, she almost screams!


'Wait a minute,' Linda realizes. 'God, I may be wearing a brunette wig, but I really am just a dumb blond underneath. I don't have to use my powers. I can scream! Nothing wrong or unnatural with Linda screaming. She's being raped for Chrissake. However, being seen in such a compromising position could bring unwanted scrutiny to my secret identity. Also, Fuchen could get kicked out of school! And I don't want that. I would feel bad for him. It could ruin his film career. And he obviously has a talent for pornography. I'll give him one chance.'


“Fuchen, p-please stop!” she stutters.


He ignores her, and instead continues sucking on her right nipple, while tweaking the left, causing her whole body to shudder.


“S-stop it!” she repeats. “Or I'll... I'll scream!”


He stops sucking, but curiously he doesn't release her left breast. He looks up at her and smiles.


“Fine,” he responds cockily. “You scream rape,...and I'll scream Supergirl.”


At the mention of the superheroine's name, Linda's body becomes rigid. Fuchen reaches into his pants pocket, and retrieves a small digital camera. He plays a video for her showing Linda exiting into the school back alley, shedding her brunette wig, revealing golden hair underneath, changing into her Supergirl costume, and then flying off into the air.


Linda gasps, and puts a hand to her mouth. She remembers this moment. It was yesterday. There was an emergency, and she didn't take the usual caution in checking for observers before switching personas.


“What can I say?” Fuchen remarks. “Being a stalker has its unexpected perks. And I wasn't even stalking Supergirl. I was stalking you.”


In panic, Linda snatches the digital camera, and crushes it easily in her hand!


But Fuchen remains unfazed, and says, “OK, one, you're paying for that, and two, didn't you think I would make copies?”


Angrily, Linda grabs Fuchen by his shirt collar, and lifts him off the ground, making him squeak.


“Give me the rest of the copies!” she demands.


“Oh, yea. I would be really really scared right now, if say, you were the Bat. Except you're not. You ain't gonna hurt me. Allow me to prove my point.”


He reaches down, grabs her right breast again, and squeezes, making Linda wince.


“Come on,” he challenges her, squeezing tighter. “Do something about it.”


In bitter defeat, she lets him back down.


“Good,” he remarks, fixing his collar. “Now, lose the blouse.”


She glares at him, but eventually obeys, hesitantly shrugging the blouse off her shoulders, and letting it fall to the floor. She almost covers herself with her arms, but thinks better of it, knowing it wouldn't do her any good. And so she stands before him, half naked and trembling, with her arms at her sides.


He smirks, wraps an arm around her waist, and pulls her, pressing her soft busts against him.


“Please don't do this,” she begs him.


He responds by sticking his tongue into her mouth. His hands slither behind her, under her pleated skirt, to knead her well toned ass. She could do nothing, but clench her fists...and her butt cheeks.


“Raise your skirt,” he instructs her.


On the verge of tears, she does as she's told. He takes a good long look at her white tanga panties, before pulling it all the way down her ankles.


As he hurriedly undoes his belt, he commands, “Now sit on that desk, and spread 'em.”


“Oh God,” she whimpers.


“Do it!”


Again she obeys, and looks away, as he positions himself between her smooth, slender thighs. He takes his cock out, and places one of her legs over his shoulder. When he starts to enter her, she moans. With each thrust, he buries his dick deeper and deeper, until their bodies are noisily slapping against each other. His motions are so intense, Linda has to grab the edges of the desk with both hands to balance herself.


Tears freely flow down from her eyes now, as she endures the violation, the humiliation, and the utter stupefaction of being mercilessly raped, not by some uber-powerful being with godlike powers, but by a mere human! The school pervert and the president of the film club, of all people! She finds it absolutely bewildering!


Finally, he blows his load inside her!




“Next time we do this,...” Fuchen tells her as he zips his pants up, “...wear your Supergirl costume. That'll be kinkier.”


“Next time?!” Linda shouts in disbelief, still naked and quivering, sitting on the desk she was repeatedly raped on, the lower part of her legs folded towards her body, her arms crossed over her bare breasts, her pussy still wet and sore.


He smirks again.


“Supergirl, we've only just begun.”



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