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The MV5 form was both what everyone who knew about it assumed it was ... and more.

When Sarah and Grace were working on designing the MV5 form, unknown to either of them the magic involved - magic being the sneaky thing magic was - had added few extra tweaks to the design, justifying them by the fact that they came from Sarah's mind.

Her subconscious mind.

Things that, most of the time, she didn't even consciously admit that she felt.

Mostly unknown to her friends, Sarah was a huge consumer of bodice-ripper romance novels.  She practically swooned as the forceful, masculine heroes swept the cool, disdainful heroines off their feet - even kidnapped them - and, despite their initial protests and resistance, had their way with them.

Yes, she knew that in real life, what went on in her favourite romances was almost rape - and, actually, that often there was no "almost" about it - that the hero took what he wanted whether the girl was willing or not.  And, afterward, the girl would fall in love with the hero, realising that without knowing it, for all her life she had been looking for a strong man who would take her and bend her to his will and make her his plaything.

And would take over the burden of making decisions that, as a mere woman, she wasn't really equipped to make.

Some of the ones she really liked tended almost toward bondage or D/S porn.

She would sit in her room with the door safely locked, naked except for her panties, and she would read as the hero backed the girl into a corner, somewhere no-one would hear her if she screamed, and tear her blouse open, exposing her pink-tipped, heaving white breasts.  As the hero began to stroke the protesting girl's breasts, ignoring her tearful pleas to stop, she would begin to fondle her own tit.  As he began to tweak and pull the crying girl's nipples, Sarah's fingers would almost unconsciously begin to roll and pinch and pull her own nipples, stimulating them to hard points of desire.

And as the hero would begin to stroke the girl's thigh, and his hand slowly but inevitably crept under her dress, her own hand would leave her breast and trail down across her tummy to her own thigh, stroking along it, pushing ever more between her clenched legs, just as the hero's hand did on the page.

Eventually, the girl in the story would be unable to resist any longer, and with a final defiant sob, fall back on the conveniently-placed garden bench or holland-covered sofa or even to the floor, and her ravisher would strip away her last undergarment, leaving her lying among the ruins of her dress, legs falling open, exposing her most secret treasure to his lustful eyes.  Despite her protests and struggles, by now she would find that, as much as it horrified her, she was beginning to breathe a bit more heavily, and that heat was rising in her belly...

Gazing lustfully at her, he would see that her vagina - no, her "pussy" - was beginning to flower just a bit, no matter how much she fought the feeling, and that there was the beginning of glistening moisture on her curls.

At this point, Sarah's free hand would have slipped into her panties, and one finger would be tracing lightly along her outer lips, beginning to feel them relaxing, beginning to feel that heat in her belly herself.

As the lustful conqueror roughly kissed his yielding victim, Sarah's finger would slip gently between her outer lips, tracing along in the warm wetness within, gently tweaking her clit, teasing it out from its hood...

Then he would unbuckle his trousers, revealing his massive, rampantly erect penis ... no, "cock", she would correct herself ... to his shrinking victim's eyes, and Sarah would begin to slip first one, then two fingers into her own hungry pussy, as he demanded that she service him orally.  No matter how she tried to turn her face away or clench her jaw, he would grip her head, turn her round to face him, and begin to press the head of his cock against her lips.

Sarah would add another finger.

Finally, the poor girl in the book would be able to resist no longer, and her mouth would open, allowing him to push himself into its warm wetness, as he began thrusting into her mouth, choking her with his size.

Of course, in self-defense she would have to begin actively sucking the huge member, to try to avoid choking.  And, eventually, in spite of the fact that what was happening was, basically, rape, she would begin to enjoy the act ... By this time, Sarah would be sucking her own juices off the fingers that had been pumping her closer and closer to orgasm, imaginingg that they were the hero's cock and she was the girl ...

And then, throwing her legs wide, the hero would plunge his huge cock into his virginal victim's hot pussy at a single stroke, tearing her cherry with only a moment of sharp pain, and begin pumping, and she would begin to respond, and ...

Of course, by this time, Sarah had dropped the book and was lying back on her bed, panties pulled aside, while she pumped a large dildo in and out of her soaking pussy, reaching for the first of, she hoped, several orgasms of the night.

Then there were the nights when she watched bondage porn, sometimes imagining herself the terrified victim, sometimes the forceful dominatrix.  Or even, sometimes, imagining that she was the male tying up the girl, spanking her, putting clamps on her nipples and a ball gag in her mouth...

Well, Sarah had some issues there.

To be honest, a major part of her breakup with Elliott was that he didn't really exhibit any particular desire or tendency to take control of their relationship, to assert dominance, to tell her what was going to be, and to make her do it, and even like it, no matter how much she resisted.

The two times they had had sex, she had had to initiate it and to lead the way.  And Elliott hadn't been assertive at all.

She wanted more.  She wanted to be the dominant one.

And the magic involved in the creation of the MV5 form saw it, and built it into the form, underlying the other aspects she and Grace consciously built in.

Like FV5, MV5 was not just bisexual, but omnisexual.  Like FV5, MV5 produced pheromones that affected everyone - male or female, straight, gay or asexual.

And MV5 had a built-in dominance factor, able to get what it wanted from anyone it pleased.

And MV5 had a libido and sexual endurance that was completely inhuman.  Always ready and always ready to go again.

The day after they had finalised the MV5 design, Sarah dropped by Tedd's lab to discuss it with Grace.

But Grace wasn't there.

Only Tedd was there, puttering around in the lab in his favourite female form - purple pigtails swinging as she moved, small but firm breasts riding high, the nipples showing through her shirt proving that she had no need for a bra, as her B-cup tits bounced just a bit with each movement.

She wore a sleeveless elastic top and tight shorts that just missed being hot pants that clung lovingly to her lovely little ass - and showed a hint of camel toe as she turned to greet Sarah.

"Hi, Sarah - what's up?" Tess said.

"I was hoping Grace would be here so we could check out a few things about MV5..."

"Well, I can help with that.  You want to change now?"

"I don't have any boy clothes and my own clothes wouldn't fit..."

"No problem - Grace keeps girl and boy clothes in several sizes down here for when she takes different forms when we're playing..."

Since she had walked in on the couple when they were "playing" a couple if times, Sarah understand exactly what was implied.

"Right over there in that closet," Tess pointed.

Sarah opened the indicated closet and found ... well ... everything.

Outfits that would fit a seven-foot male.  A French maid costume with a garter belt and crotchless panties, in a size that looked a lot as if it would fit Tess, not any of the forms Sarah had seen Grace take.

Cheerleader and schoolgirl outfits.  Sexy librarian outfits.  All kinds of shoes.

And a couple of pairs of men's pants and men's t-shirts that looked as if they'd fit the six-foot-five MV5 that Sarah had designed for herself.

Trying on one outfit, she activated the transformation watch she and Grace had built to control the change.

Ummm ... nope.  The jeans were too tight already, and he wasn't even excited.

He noticed Tess checking him out without seeming to do so, especially below the waist.

He smiled to himself.

The other pants were a pair of sweatpants, and, while they weren't super-tight, they weren't all that loose either.  He didn't think he'd need a belt buckle that said "Objects under these pants are larger than they appear."

Slipping on the form-fitting t-shirt he had picked up, he stepped out into the main lab area and said in his new baritone voice "Well, how do I look?"

Tess's eyes tracked up and down his body as he slowly turned in place, showing off his narrow hips, broad shoulders and chest, long well-muscled legs, tight buns and ... last but not least - his rather impressive package.

That was where Tess's eyes lingered ... as she got a whiff of the MV5 pheromones Sarah was giving off.

Unconsciously, Tess took a short step toward Sarah, inhaling deeply without thinking about it.

As she breathed in even more pheromones, she looked at Sarah, who could see her pupils dilating.  Sarah smiled.

MV5 had a very sensitive nose - basically borrowed from one of Grace's hybrid human/squirrel forms - and Sarah could smell Tess's scent - nothing bad, just healthy girl who'd been working in the lab for several hours since her last shower.  Sexy as hell, actually.

Sarah felt a stir Down There.

Tess stifled a gasp as she saw the outline of Sarah's equipment and realised that it was almost to the waistband of the sweatpants, and still growing.  Staring, she took another step forward, inhaling an even more concentrated dose of mind-altering pheromones.  Sarah caught a scent of female musk.

Tess's right hand stirred, as if she was about to reach out, but, instead, she simply stood there, looking rather like a deer in headlights.

With a chuckle, Sarah stepped forward, reaching out to stroke Tess's arm from shoulder to elbow, pulling forward almost imperceptibly, urging Tess's hand nearer to himself.

Under her touch, Tess shivered, looking up at Sarah from under half-closed eyelids.

Sarah reached out and put a finger under Tess's chin, lifting her face to gaze eye-to-eye.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?" he asked.

"Like ... I don't know ... like I'm a girl for the first time, and I want to find out what it's like to be a girl... but like I'm nervous about it..."

Sarah leaned forward, and, raising Tess's chin a bit more, gently kissed the purple-haired cutie on the lips.

Tess's eyes fluttered closed, and she sighed and swayed a bit.

Sarah put his hand on the back of Tess's neck, and pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss.  His lips opened against hers, and his tongue stroked along them, asking and then demanding admission.

As Tess's lips shyly began to open, Sarah placed his other hand on her side, just below her pretty little breast.

Sarah's tongue slipped into Tess's mouth, hungrily invading, slipping over her little tongue, and his hand slid upward to cup the firm little boob.

Tess moaned softly against Sarah's lips.

Breaking the kiss, Sarah slid his hand downward along Tess's back to cup her firm little butt, his other hand beginning to caress the breast he held, thumb beginning to tease the little nub that was clearly visible through Tess's shirt.  He nibbled Tess's earlobe, then the side of her neck, pulling her against him, so that she could feel the size of his now fully-erect cock.  He ground against her, making sure that she was absolutely aware of him.

Letting go of her boob for a moment, he took her hand that had started to reach toward him, and placed it on his shaft.  He held it and rubbed it up and down his cock, until he felt Tess's fingers tentatively gripping him and her hand beginning to stroke his length.

He bent back and kissed her more forcefully, mashing her lips against his teeth, his tongue plunging hungrily into her sweet little mouth, as he began to seriously caress and squeeze her breast.

He slipped his hand downward, then upward under her shirt. taking her bare boob in his hand and working it.

She began to hold his cock more firmly and stroke it a little more aggressively.

Sarah backed up to the couch and sat on it, bringing himself face-to-face with the petite purpled-haired beauty.

Breaking the kiss, he leaned back and pulled Tess's shirt up over her boobs, and leaned forward and took one hard little pink nub in his mouth and began to tease it with his tongue and teeth, while he massaged the other ... then changed sides.

Pushing her backward a bit, he took hold of the shirt, and, as she raised her arms, pulled it off over her head.

"Very pretty," he said, stroking her bare sides with both hands.

He pushed downward gently on her shoulders.  She took the hint, and dropped to her knees between his thighs.

He put his hand on the back of her neck again, and pushed her forward and down, bringing her face to his crotch.

With her pheromone-muddled senses, and the stimulus as he again began stroking her breast and playing with her nipples, it was obvious to her that there was one thing she absolutely had to do.

She placed one tiny hand on the waistband of the sweatpants, and began to pull them down.  Sarah raised himself from the couch to allow them to be pulled completely off.

Tess gasped as all nine inches of thick meat sprang free, directly in front of her face.  She began to draw back, but Sarah's firm hand on the back of her head pushed her forward, until the purple head pressed against her closed lips.

Tess tried to avoid it, but Sarah pressed his hips forward and pulled her toward him, until his cock began to press her mouth open {not completely against her will}.

It slipped inside, with her little jaw straining to admit the thick invading meat.

She paused, not sure what to do next, and his hand pressed her head forward, pushing more into her mouth until she gagged.  He held her there for a fraction of a second, then relaxed his grip, allowing her to pull backward ... and then pushed forward into her mouth again.

Again and again, he fucked her mouth.  She began to get the rhythm down, and to actually suck his cock as it withdrew, and to use her tongue to tease the shaft and head.

She heard him softly moan, and felt a thrill at the thought she was bringing this strong, masterful man pleasure.

Each time she managed to get a little more in before she gagged, until he actually began to pop into her throat.  Despite that, she was sure that she would never be able to get the whole nine inches in.

As she sucked him with more and more skill and enthusiasm, Sarah played with her breasts again ... pinching the nipples more and more tightly until Tess whimpered.

"It's all part of being a good girl, sweetie," he said.

He could feel his orgasm rising in his massive balls, but he decided not to warn her.

So she was caught unaware when the huge cock in her mouth suddenly swelled a bit more and began to fire spurt after spurt of hot thick cum directly down her throat.

Drawing back, she caught the rest of his cum on her face, splattering her from cheeks to forehead.

She sat back, stunned.

Sarah pulled her up and kissed her hard, tasting his own cum in her mouth and on her lips. He stood up, and bent Tess over the arm of the couch with her tight little butt in the air, and her juicy dripping pussy in easy reach.  Sarah's cock hadn't softened at all, and he rubbed the tip up and down her slit, getting it nicely lubed with her juice, and then used the tip to tweak her clit, which made her moan again.

Lining up with her sweet little hole, he said "Here it comes, baby!" and buried the whole nine inches in her pussy with one thrust.

She reared up with a scream.  He pushed her back down, and began pumping her pussy with short strokes at first.

She was so tight! It was like being grabbed by a strong hand wearing a wet velvet glove.

Initially, with each short thrust she grunted and moaned in pain.

As he continued to pump her hole, gradually taking longer and longer strokes, she continued grunting, but the moans began to be moans of pleasure.

Eventually he was pulling almost the entire nine inches out of her pussy and then shoving it back in.  He began to pick up the speed   Soon he was hammering her with full-length strokes that slammed her forward against the couch.  By now she was past moaning and she was beginning to wail like a cat in heat.

And then he stopped and pulled out of that tight pussy with a sucking sound.

She moaned in complaint.

He turned her and lifted her up onto the couch arm, lifted her legs, and slammed back into her again, using her legs like handles to pull her to him and drive his cock even deeper into her.

He reached down and began to rub her clit with his thumb in time with his strokes.

Soon she was screaming through another orgasm, but he was just getting started.

He stretched out on the couch, and lifted her to straddle him, and started her riding him, cowgirl style, reaching up to grab and squeeze and fondle her breasts.

She came again, and this time she was so worn out that she slumped on top of him, unable to move any more.

He rolled her off himself, laid her face-down on the couch, and spread her cheeks.

Pumping three fingers in her thoroughly stretched-out cunt, he picked up a load of her juices.

As he began fingering her ass, slipping a lubricated finger in and pumping it in her, she began to twitch.  By the time he was using two fingers to open her and lube her, she was weakly struggling and mumbling.

When the third finger went in, she began to protest "Hey!  No!  You're too big!  "You'll hurt me! I don't want to..."

And then she screamed again as he lined up his cock head with her pucker and slowly but remorselessly pushed it in.

"No! It hurts! Take it out!" she yelled.

But he kept on pushing.

He worked it in and out, holding her with an iron grip as she tried to buck him off, until finally it was all in and his hips were pressed against her cheeks.

By this time she was quietly crying and lying still.

And then he began to pump her ass.

As he did, she slowly stopped crying and began to moan softly with each stroke.  As he picked up speed, she began to push back against him.

And then she reached back under herself and began to pump her pussy with three fingers and stroke her clit with her thumb..

"Oh god that's so dirty!  Oh it hurts, but it feels so good!  Fuck my ass!  Slam that big thing into my ass, make me come again!  Fill me up!"

And he did.

After several minutes of fucking her tight ass as she brought herself off two more times, he grunted, took two more full strokes, and then grabbed her hips, jammed his cock up her ass as far as it would go, and shot what felt like gallons of cum into her bowel.

He held her in that position for several seconds, and then rolled to the side, his softening cock coming out of her ass with a sucking sound.

She rolled to face him, and lay on her side as his cum began to dribble out of her ass, staining the couch.

She smiled at him, reached down to her pussy, scooped up a bunch of her own juices, licked her fingers, and said "So that's MV5, huh?  Wow.  The pheromones took over, and it was like someone else was moving my body and I was just riding along and feeling."

She looked at him and said "Did it ever occur to you that you have some serious issues?  Hell - you don't have issues, you have subscriptions.

"Well, I have issues, too - things Grace can't or won't do for me.

"Come back and rape me again next week.  I'll have some bondage gear by then.

"Now we need to spray a lot of air freshener, take showers, and scrub this couch with something powerful before Grace or my dad walk in."


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