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Kara Danvers bit her lip as she knocked on the front door of her dear friend Lena Luthor's home. As she waited for a reply she again wondered why her friend didn't live in one of the many mansions her family owned. Was it to be closer to the city, or had some of her funds been seized ever since her stepbrother, or now apparently half brother, had gone on his rampage? Either way even though her friend owned the whole building, and this was a luxurious suite on the very top floor, Kara couldn't help think Lena deserved more than this. Of course for all her wealth Lena Luthor deserved a lot more than what she had, and Kara was happy to finally give her the friend she deserved. That meant going to her after a traumatic experience, like almost falling to her death, which was why it broke Kara's heart to find her friend surprised to see her when she opened the door.

"Kara." Lena beamed, stepping aside so her friend could enter, "What a wonderful surprise."

"Supergirl told me what happened. Are you okay?" Kara asked as she took the silent invitation to come inside the apartment.

"I'm fine thanks to you." Lena smiled, closing and locking the door before turning back to Kara, "And Supergirl of course."

"Good." Kara smiled back.

There was a brief, kind of awkward silence and then Lena asked, "Did you want something?"

"What? No, I..." Kara stammered, taken off-guard and not entirely sure why, "I just wanted to make sure you're okay, and figured you could use a friend. No one should be alone after something like that."

Lena just stared at Kara for a few long seconds and then asked, "What did I do to deserve you?"

"It's... I..." Kara blushed slightly, unsure why, "What are friends for?"

"I suppose." Lena said flatly, slowly leading them further into the apartment before asking, "Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Wine?"

"I'll have whatever you're having." Kara shrugged, taking a seat on the couch.

There was then a few minutes where Lena left Kara to her thoughts, and she once again thought how for all it's size this place was very cold and unloved, not unlike Lena herself. Even Cat Grant's larger home had been more welcoming and lived in than this on the few occasions that Kara had seen it. This, this was not a home. It was somewhere a workaholic slept during the few hours they weren't in the office. It made Kara feel sad, and even more determined to be the best friend she could possibly be to this wonderful but universally misjudged woman who returned holding a couple of wine glasses, no doubt filled with something expensive. Not that Kara would know the difference as wine had no effect on her, although she still thanked her hostess for it with a wide smile.

"I'm really glad you're here actually... well, I'm always glad when you're here, but... there was something I've been meaning to ask you." Lena confessed hesitantly.

"Oh, what?" Kara asked, "You can tell me anything, you know that, right?"

"Well, I was kind of interested in a mutual friend." Lena admitted, deciding just to go for it, "A certain red, white and blue hero in a sexy little cape?"

"Interested?" Kara frowned in confusion, and then when Lena raised an eyebrow Kara's eyes went wide in realisation, "OH! Oh no, I'm sorry Lena, Superman is seeing someone."

"I wasn't talking about Superman." Lena said, and then when Kara stared at her blankly she finally made her intentions clear, "I was talking about Supergirl."

"What?" Kara went pale, before going very red, "So you're, erm-"

“Gay?" Lena smiled, although it faded a bit when she added, "Is that a problem?"

"No! God no, I... I mean..." Kara scoffed in the middle of her stammering, "My, my sister is gay. So why would it bother me?"

"I don't know..." Lena said softly, then after a brief pause added, "I'm surprised you didn't know. It's not like I try to hide it."

"Yeah, well... it's not like you said anything before." Kara pointed out, "And just about everything I'd read about you online is wrong, so why would I believe gay rumours?"

Lena smiled again, and before taking another sip of her wine quipped, "I take it you didn't see the pictures."

"Pictures!" Kara exclaimed, almost dropping her glass, "There are pictures of you, kissing girls on the Internet! Wait, it is just kissing, right?"

It was hard enough not to burst out laughing when Kara lowered her voice on the words 'kissing girls on the Internet' like she was whispering a secret in public, but the look on her face when she thought it may be more broke Lena and she had to reply through her laughter, "Yes Kara, only kissing. So far at least, although I did have a close call with an angry ex."

"Oh." Kara blushed.

There was a brief silence as Lena got the laughter out of her system before soberly admitting, "Even the kissing was a great embarrassment to mother. Her daughter the freak... I guess it was just another way I disappointed her."

"Lena, I'm sorry." Kara said softly after a brief pause.

"It... it doesn't matter." Lena swallowed, before smiling, "I'd much rather talk about the pretty blonde in the cape. I have so many questions, and I know you can't answer them all, which is why normally I wouldn't ask, but... does, does she ever talk about me?"

"Erm, yeah." Kara said weakly, because it was true, she would tell anyone who would listen about Lena.

"Good things I hope." Lena smiled softly.

"Great things." Kara replied with a smile, and without thinking because again it was true.

"Wow." Lena murmured, biting her lip for a few long seconds before adding, "Do you think she likes girls?"

"I, I... I..." Kara stammered, her mind completely blank and unsure what to say, but Lena's face was falling and she couldn't bare that look so she replied, "I don't know."

There was a long pause and then Lena asked, "Well, do you think you could get in contact with her for me. Tell her, tell her I think she's amazing. That I can't stop thinking about her. Or Her strong arms as they carried me to safety. That, that I've never felt more safe than when I'm around her. That I, that I just want to properly thank her for everything she's done for me. Or don't. Just, just tell her I want to see her, and I'll do the rest.”

There was another long pause, the longest yet, this time thoughts racing through Kara's head so fast she could barely comprehend them, then she mumbled, "Why, why her?"

"Well, I don't exactly have suitors lining up. Most people wouldn't touch a Luther with a 10 foot pole, but she seems... different." Lena said softly, adding with a laugh, "And... I don't know, I'm probably flattering myself, but the way she looks at me, it's almost like she cares about me. Like I'm not just another person she's saved. Like I matter. I can count on one hand the number of people who've ever looked at me like that."

"I do." Kara said softly.

"I know." Lena smiled softly, cautiously leaning forward to place her hand upon Kara's and squeeze it gently, "It's pretty much just you and her."

There was a long pause and then Kara asked, "Isn't there anyone else?"

"No." Lena said flatly, taking her hand back, "I told you, the list starts with you and ends with her."

This really knocked Kara loopy, even after she realised exactly what her friend meant, "I, I mean there must be someone else you want to date."

"No one that's available." Lena said softly, then stared directly at Kara for a few long seconds before lowering her head, "I know it's crazy, but... but sometimes I wonder if she is as lonely as I am. It must be so hard for her, having to be strong all the time. I'm just so grateful that she has people like you in her life that can truly be there for her. I'd like to be one of those people, and honestly, I'd like to be more. I'd... I'd like to show her how grateful I am for everything she's done for me, and everyone. And even if I'm not her type or whatever, I just like to get to know her. Please Kara, would you ask her for me? I'm not proposing here, I just want one night to see if there could be anything between us. Even if it's just friendship."

Kara really, really wasn't sure what to say, but as soon as Lena began looking disappointed Kara found herself softly murmuring, "Okay."

Yet another pause, this one brief, and then Lena asked with a smile, "Are you sure? Because I know I'm putting you in an uncomfortable position, I... I just don't know what else to do."

"It's fine." Kara said unconvincingly, before making her next words a little more convincing, "I'll talk to her. I promise."


The rest of the evening had been a blur, Kara only able to spend a few more minutes in Lena's company before mumbling a lame excuse and leaving. She had then quickly changed into her superhero costume and spent about an hour flying around the city. That normally cleared her head of whatever was bothering her, but this time was different. This time there was so many thoughts going through her head that she could barely concentrate on one, and the ones she could concentrate on were mostly scary, so she tried not to think about them. Which just made her think about them all, leading to a sleepless night and a day of everyone asking her what was wrong.

Quickly realising she couldn't go on like this Kara texted her baby cousin, asking him to meet her at the Fortress of Solitude. Before he could reply she was about halfway there, meaning she had to spend what felt like hours pacing back and forth, wondering if this was the right thing to do. What she would say. And what she was hoping he would say. Then he arrived, in more or less the same costume she proudly wore, except bigger and without the skirt, Superman greeting her with a warm smile and hug, the latter of which would have probably crushed a human. She missed those hugs. Then he pulled back, looking concerned.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked softly.

"Everything is fine, I just... I just want to talk." Kara said quickly.

"Oh." Clark frowned, "But why-"

"Why aren't I talking to Alex?" Kara interrupted, "I would, but... I, I just can't. Not about this. I want to, but she just wouldn't get it. Which is also why I didn't go to Maggie. Well, that and it would be super awkward."

Also, because they were closer to her than Clark was they would probably figure out who Kara was talking about, and they both had made it perfectly clear how they felt about Lena, especially Alex. Heck, she didn't approve of her friendship with Lena, so there was no way she could be impartial about this. Not that she wanted to repeat any of that to Clark. And to be fair, what she told him wasn't a lie. After all, Maggie and Alex didn't have secret identities, not really, so they couldn't really understand why this would ever be considered to be okay. Of course, Kara was so lost in these thoughts that she almost missed what her cousin said next.

"I was going to say why didn't you just call me, but obviously this is very important to you." Clark said softly, then after a long pause asked, "And who's Maggie?"

"Erm, you should probably talk to Alex next time you're in National City." Kara smiled nervously.

Clark frowned briefly and then apologised, "I'm so sorry I haven't been around Kara, I've just-"

"Been busy, I know." Kara finished for him, "I get it. I really do. I'm a hero too now, remember? But you've always been there for me when I really needed you. And I need you now."

"And I'm here." Clark smiled, "Tell me what I can do."

There was a long pause, then Kara said, "Well, first you've got to promise not to tell Alex, or anyone, about this."

"Absolutely." Clark said, then after another pause pushed, "Kara, what's this all about? You're beginning to scare me."

Yet another pause, the longest yet, and then after what felt like an hour of nervous hand twitching Kara asked, "Has, has anyone ever asked you out? As Superman, I mean?"

Clark briefly stared at her, then smiled bashfully, "Actually yeah. All the time. Why? Did it only just happen to you?"

"No. It happens a lot." Kara admitted, just not normally by women, and more importantly, "I just... I've never considered saying yes before. Have you?"

Hesitating briefly Clark admitted, "Maybe once or twice. Before Lois and I became a thing of course. But Kara, there's a big difference between considering something, and actually doing it."

"I know." Kara said softly.

"Do you?" Clark questioned, raising an eyebrow, "Think about it Kara. Really think about it. Whoever this guy is he's not asking you out, he's asking out the hero version of you. The idealised version of you. That's not fair on either of you. Or healthy, because you're beginning this relationship with a lie. How long do you think that can last? What happens when he finds out the truth? What if that jeopardises your secret, and the people in your life? Because he might not mean to Kara, but this guy, he could destroy you and everything you hold dear, and neither of you might not truly realise the consequences until it's done."

"I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!" Kara yelled in frustration, "Stop mansplaining to me!"

There was a brief pause and then Clark frowned in confusion, "Mansplaining?"

"Yeah." Kara sighed, "You know, when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending and demeaning way. Often about something that she already knows."

"Oh, sorry." Clark apologised bashfully, "I was never that up on slang. I wasn't trying to be condescending or demeaning, I just... I worry about you. I know I shouldn't. I know you must have thought of all this stuff already. Because of course you have. You're smart. It's just, I know you're supposed to be older, but now I'm technically older-"

"Arguably." Kara grumbled.

"Yes... but still. Regardless of how things should have been, I feel like your big brother. And part of that is knowing when to stay out of your way and let you solve your own problems, but you have no idea how many times I've wanted to act like an overprotective jackass, only for you to overcome incredible odds and make me so proud of you." Clark confessed, "And I am so, so proud of you Kara. But when it comes to this... why come to me unless you wanted me to tell you everything you already know?"

"Because unlike everyone else in my life you have a secret identity." Kara admitted, much more loudly and angrily than she wanted, "Which meant I thought you'd get it."

"Get what Kara? What am I missing here?" Clark asked, studying her face carefully, before guessing cautiously, "Are you, scared of this guy? Or the way you feel about him? Is he already with someone?"

"No, no, no." Kara fumed, "It's not that. It's... I..."

"What Kara?" Clark pushed gently, before sighing, "I, I know it seems romantic. But it's not. You must know that from dating before. Keeping this big a secret from someone. Only sharing half of yourself. And what you're talking about, it's worse than dating you as Kara, because he isn't dating the real you. He's dating a Super. Or at least he wants to be. But you know that in your heart, he doesn't really know you. He's just in love with the idea of you. People see these symbols on our chests and they think we have all the answers, when we don't. I certainly don't. And I don't want to tell you what you should do, or be patronising or condescending, but I think you came to me because you know this is wrong, and you wanted to hear me say it."

"I know." Kara said softly, adding without thinking, "It's just, I... I think she really likes me. Both mes. And I just-"

"She?" Clark murmured, interrupting her flow. There was then a long pause and then he added, "Go on your date."

"What?" Kara stammered, "I, I can't. It would be wrong. You just said so."

"I did." Clark admitted.

"So, so why is this different?" Kara asked softly.

"I'm not sure. But I think you do." Clark said softly.

There was a long pause and then Kara forced a soft laugh, "I'm not gay."

"I didn't say you were." Clark said softly, then after another long pause added, "But if you're questioning it-"

"I'm not!" Kara protested, then after a pause added, "It's just... I... I really like her, and she really likes me, but... I just didn't know how much. I thought, wow, amazing, I finally have a best friend who isn't my sister. Which is great, because Alex has been real busy with Maggie lately. And that's great. It's really great. And the last thing I want to do is rain on her parade, but I miss her, then all of a sudden this other person comes along. Someone who has everything I want in a best friend. Someone who has so much, yet so little, you know? And I just want to be able to give her everything she deserves, and, well... she wants Supergirl."

"This can't be just about what she wants Kara." Clark interrupted, "You know that."

"I do, but..." Kara protested, "But everything she said she liked about Supergirl, she... she have been talking about me. Or at least most of it. Which made me think, what if she likes me too? Or could? And why does it matter to me? Do I want her to like me? How could I possibly want her to like me when I'm not even... but... but then I thought how, certain people, think they're one-way their whole entire life, and suddenly someone comes along, and they're like WOW, this person. You know? And it just changes everything. And it's scary, and there are risks, and it might not work, it might not be anything, but... I... I'm not sure. Maybe I do just want to make someone else happy. Maybe I'm doing that with Mon-El. Or I'm just confused. I don't know. I feel like I don't know anything anymore."

There was another long pause and then Clark cautiously added, "That's why you want to go, right? To explore the possibility, without, you know..."

"Being me." Kara smiled softly, "When I'm Supergirl, I feel like I can do anything..."

"It's not just a costume..." Clark continued for her.

"It's like I'm somebody else." Kara said softly, "The best version of myself."

"I get that." Clark said softly, "And if you think this woman can love more than just the symbol on your chest, that if you want it there as a sort of training wheel, or if you just want to feel brave, I get that too."

"See, this is why I came to you instead of Alex or Maggie." Kara smiled, then added before he could continue, "And I know, I need to be careful, and not let things go too far without telling her the truth."

Clark smiled, "I just want you to be careful."

"I know." Kara smiled back, giving him another hug.

Yet another pause, and then Clark pulled back and asked, "And seriously, who the hell is Maggie?"

"I, erm..." Kara stammered, before backing away as this wasn't her secret to tell, "Seriously, talk to Alex."

Clark frowned as he watched his cousin fly away, then reached into his suit, pulled out his phone and called the other Danvers sister, "Hey Alex! Quick question, who's Maggie?"


Even after talking to her cousin Kara still debated what she should do, spending the better part of another day being distracted before ultimately texting Lena that Supergirl would come and talk with her tonight in her office. Not that it really helped, because Lena texted back immediately, thanking Kara and promising to tell her all about it, causing Kara to smile nervously and then continued to debate this decision throughout the rest of the day. She almost cancelled for one reason or another a thousand times, telling herself it probably wouldn't matter because there was bound to be an emergency which called her away or forced her to cancel. But no, there would be no easy out for her tonight and ultimately Kara had to stand by her choice of her own accord.

As the thought of disappointing Lena by cancelling, or worse just not showing up, seemed cowardly and unbearable Kara found herself landing on the balcony to Lena's office, albeit after an hour of flying around trying unsuccessfully to clear her head. She was expecting to find Lena still working, as she often did at this early hour of the evening, but instead she was waiting in a long, elegant dress, which probably cost a fortune, and Kara was taken aback by just how beautiful her friend was. She had always known of course, but to see her standing there, waiting for her, waiting for their date to begin, it kind of took Kara's breath away.

"Supergirl." Lena beamed as the kryptonian landed.

"Ms Luthor." Kara greeted nervously.

"Please, I've told you before, call me Lena." Lena insisted, unable to resist a sly smile as she added, "Anything else at this point would be inappropriate."

Kara blushed slightly, "Lena it is."

"Excellent." Lena smiled, before nervously asking, "Did Kara tell you why I wanted to see you?"

Kara nodded, "Yeah."

"And you're here." Lena beamed happily, before pleading, "Please, step into my office."

Kara murmured a positive response of some kind, she honestly wasn't sure what, and then followed Lena into her office. Pretty much everything was the same, except there was a small table in front of Lena's desk with two chairs either side of it. On top there was a pot of coffee, two mugs, and a single red rose. The intention was crystal clear, and it caused Kara to smile. Nevertheless after hitting a button which automatically close the door to her balcony Lena explained herself, which made Kara smile softly again. She couldn't remember ever seeing Lena Luthor nervous, and it was adorable. Only, if she actually thought about it, she could. Like every time they were together, that realisation almost causing her to miss what Lena said next.

"I'd love nothing more than to take you to the most expensive restaurant I can find and show you off, but I thought something a little more low-key would be better for a first date. Besides, most of our meetings have taken place in this office, so I thought it would be appropriate." Lena unnecessarily explained as she sat down in one of the chairs nervously and confessed, "You know, this was the fourth table and chair set they brought me. I still sent it away and saw about four more before deciding this was the best. I did the same thing with the mugs. And the flower. In fact I almost threw it away entirely before you arrived because I worried it was too much. I guess you could say I over think things. Which is good in business, but not so good outside of the office."

"Tell me about it." Kara smiled softly, and relaxed a little at finding some common ground, "I spent like all day today, and all day yesterday, trying to clear my head. Normally flying around or just talking to someone does the trick, but this time, not so much."

"I make Supergirl nervous?" Lena teased, "Good to know."

"It's... it's not... it's not all about you." Kara nervously admitted, crossing her arms.

"I know, I was just flattering myself." Lena smiled, then after a beat asked, "First date with a girl?"

"Yeah." Kara said softly, before confessing, "And first date as, you know, Supergirl."

"Really?" Lena asked, genuinely flattered. Then when the other girl nodded followed up with, "I imagine you get a lot of offers."

"Yeah." Kara admitted with a blush.

"Lucky me." Lena grinned, making the other girl blush even more, "What made you decide to break the habit."

"I don't know..." Kara mumbled nervously, which she instantly knew was wrong thing to say, and it wasn't even really true, so she quickly answered honestly, "I mean, you're special. You're smart, and funny, and beautiful, and... and, I feel like I know you. And that you wouldn't hurt me. And, you don't just like me for the symbol on my chest."

It was Lena's turn to blush, and after a painfully long second she looked away and mumbled, "Will you please sit down? You're making me nervous."

"Oh, right. I'm sorry! I mean... just, sorry." Kara mumbled nervously as she practically fell over herself to get in the chair.

There was a long and awkward pause and then Lena finally looked at her again and softly told her, "Just so you know, I wasn't fishing for compliments. At least not intentionally. I just, I really didn't think you were going to say yes, and I just wondered why."

Kara smiled softly and reached over to take her friend's hand, "Sometimes I worry that you don't think enough of yourself."

"I have good days, and I have bad days. Same as everybody." Lena said softly, "But... you think I'm special? You're a freaking God! A living, breathing goddess who saves the city, and this entire world, on a regular basis, and you still have time to talk to the likes of me. Even on my best day, I'm not you."

"You don't have to be." Kara said, "I'm not a God. I don't have all the answers. I'm just trying to be the best I can be. You are too, and I see that every day."

"Maybe." Lena said dismissively, before grinning wickedly, "But if I was Supergirl, I be using it to pick up girls all the time."

Kara blushed furiously, and then huffed, "I doubt that very much."

"Maybe, maybe not." Lena admitted with a shrug, "But most people would."

"Well, we're not most people." Kara smiled.

"On that we can definitely agree." Lena said, picking up a coffee mug. This prompted Supergirl to pickup hers and then they briefly pressed their mugs together before taking a sip, and then Lena added, "You know what the hardest thing about this is? It's that I have so many questions, but I don't want to sound like I'm trying to find your weaknesses, or your secret identity."

"What, what makes you think I have a secret identity?" Kara stammered unconvincingly.

Lena gave her a look, "Apart from the fact you were clearly not born yesterday, and the fact that you just confirmed it, you mean?"

"Did not." Kara replied childishly.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes Lena sighed, "You just said this was your first date as Supergirl, implying you've had other dates."

"Oh yeah." Kara blushed slightly, "Darn it, I didn't mean to tell you that. Not that I mind you knowing, it's just that sometimes I say things I shouldn't when I'm nervous, but I talk so much people kind of zone out."

"Well, that will never be a problem with me. I can't imagine ever not being captivated by what you're saying." Lena smiled, taking another sip of her drink before adding, "Besides, you don't need to worry. I would never share any information like that."

Kara smiled, "I know."

"Besides..." Lena continued, taking another sip, "While I have so many questions, I already have some of the answers. But I want you to tell me, in your own time. When you're comfortable enough. When you trust me enough. You know?"

"Yeah." Kara said softly, "And I do trust you Lena. It's just that-"

"You don't have to explain." Lena said softly.

"I do!" Kara insisted, then sighing and taking a long sip of her drink as she tried to figure out what exactly to say. Ultimately she went with, "It's not because you're a Luther. It's not! It's, it's... I, I guess it's because this relationship, whatever it was before, whatever it is now, is new. Everyone else who knows has known for what feels like forever. Or they figured it out. Or they literally knew from the beginning. But this is new, and it's... mine. Just mine. And knowing wouldn't, doesn't make things easier. You, you probably wouldn't even like me anymore if you knew."

"Not possible." Lena said firmly, causing the other girl to blush. Then she apologised. "Sorry, this has been heavy for a first date. But I suppose it is only natural for a Luther and a Super."

"I suppose." Kara nodded.

"But then, that's the problem." Lena smiled, "I want to get to know you, but I don't want to ask anything truly telling. At least not yet. So we're left with the truly mundane questions, like what's your favourite song, or your favourite movie."

Kara smiled and nodded, and after another pause as both women took a sip of their drinks the superhero asked, "So, how about it? What's your favourite movie?"

"That's tough..." Lena admitted, taking a long pause before admitting, "Speeding bullet to my head? Aladdin."

Kara's face, and really whole-body, lit up, "You like Disney movies!"

Lena grinned, "Promise not to tell? It would ruin my image."

"I promise." Kara swore, before eagerly asking, "So why Aladdin?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Lena grinned, before becoming a little solemn, "I, I don't know what Kara told you, but I really am a Luthor. A bastard Luthor, but still a Luthor."

"I know." Kara said softly, then covering her tracks added, "I mean, she told me."

Lena nodded, "Well, for years I didn't know that. I was just some poor girl adopted into wealth out of some whim of Lionel Luthor. I had the best teachers money could buy of course, so I could act the part, but for most of my life I didn't feel like I truly belonged. I felt like I'd found my genie, made my wishes, and suddenly I had so much. Like Aladdin, I had a good heart, but I felt like I was living a lie. Like him, I had no idea what I was getting into, and was way over my head. Of course, no one thinks that, do they? They think the ending was so happy, because he has everything, but he has no idea what to do with it, and is grossly underqualified to be a ruler. He might do some good, like me, but for the rest of his life he has got to be thinking, God, I hope I don't screw up."

"Wow... I, I never thought of it that way before." Kara admitted softly.

"Plus I wanted to sweep Jasmine off her feet." Lena admitted after a brief pause, smiling wickedly as she couldn't resist from adding, "And show her a whole new world."

"Oh." Kara blushed, and then after another brief pause asked, "Do you still feel like you're living a lie? Now you know you're a Luthor, I mean."

"No. Not any more. Although that's not what triggered it." Lena admitted, and then answering the question she was sure was coming next, "It was finally accepting that I'd never be good enough, in my parents eyes. I'd never be Lex. So I set out on my own, if similar, path. Ironically it, and Lex's madness, led me here. The face of the company I was never supposed to inherit. And I don't feel like I'm living a lie, or don't know what I'm doing. And I certainly don't feel I have wished for this. I feel burdened with power, and just want to do something good with it."

There was another pause, and then trying to lighten the mood, or possibly just because she couldn't help it, Kara asked, "So, if you don't feel like Aladdin any more, who are you?"

Lena smiled softly, then admitted, "Elsa."

"OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SO ELSA!" Kara exclaimed loudly, then quickly added, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be so loud. It's just... you're so strong, with such a big heart, but it's fragile. And you're powerful, but you don't want to hurt anyone. And people hate you for no good reason. For who you are. Because they're afraid of what you might do. But that's just because they don't know you. They, they think you're a villain, but you're not. You're just misunderstood."

"Plus, now I have the perfect Anna." Lena added with another smile.

"What, me?" Kara frowned.

"No." Lena chuckled, "Kara."

"Oh." Kara said guiltily.

"I mean, she really is perfect in every way." Lena beamed, "Some would say not just for Anna, but in the name of staying on point, she's just so smiley and happy. She has so much love to give it's like it's physically painful for her if she doesn't freely give it to everyone around her. Sometimes when they don't deserve it. A lot of the time actually. She's also way too good for her love interest.

Kara frowned, "Kristoff?"

"Well yes, but I meant Hans." Lena said, and then when Kara gave her a look admitted, "Okay, perhaps that's a bit harsh. But while he's been nice enough on the brief occasions that I've seen him, there seems something... off about him. And the stories that Kara tells me about him aren't exactly flattering."

"No, he's... he's, complicated." Kara argued lamely.

"Look at me, talking about another woman on a date with you." Lena smiled, "I suppose you could say she bought us together, but still I apologise. Let's change the subject. Oh, I know, what's your favourite movie?"

Without hesitation Kara beamed, "The Little Mermaid."

"Oh, how funny..." Lena smiled, "That's Kara's favourite movie too."

"Yes, well..." Kara stuttered  for a second, taken off-guard, "I'm sure that's a lot of people's favourite movie."

"I'm sure." Lena said dryly, before casually adding, "Kara said it was her favourite movie because, like Arial, she wanted to grow up and enter the adult world, and find herself her Prince. And she loved the songs. Is that true for you too?"

"Yes, but..." Kara began, then briefly hesitated before continuing, "Like Arial, I'm not exactly human. So becoming part of that world wasn't a given. It was something I had to work for. And, like you with Aladdin, I relate to her later in the story. Specifically the middle. She was suddenly trapped in a new world, terrified that everyone would find out the truth about her. And sometimes I feel I can't speak, because I'm afraid what I'm going to say. So I just speak too much and hope no one notices. And sometimes it feels like I'm... I'm just trying to keep my head above water."

"Well, if you can walk around on the street without people stopping you, you must be doing something right." Lena pointed out with a soft smile.

Kara nodded, and then after a pause asked, "Why didn't you tell Kara you like Disney movies?"

Lena smiled, "Because she talked about them with such enthusiasm I knew it would be the excuse she needed to insist on the movie night she's been trying to talk me into for the past few weeks. But I just can't. I mean, just the two of us, watching those movies. It would... it would be just too much."

"What do you mean?" Kara frowned, before suddenly turning her head with a jerk.

"Squirrel." Lena smiled.

"What?" Kara mumbled at her distractedly.

"You know, like the dog from UP?" Lena smiled.

Turning back to her date Kara laughed, "Did you just compare me to a dog?"

"A super cute Disney dog." Lena beamed.

"I'm still not sure that's a compliment." Kara smiled, before becoming solemn as she got up, "I-"

"Have to go? I know." Lena nodded sadly, "I'm surprised you haven't left already."

"It's a robbery in progress, and the police are already there." Kara exclaimed, "From the sounds of it I should have just enough time to say goodbye."

As she said that last part Kara slowly got up, and then suddenly found herself rooted to the spot. This was a date, right? And Kara knew how dates were supposed to end, but could she do it? After all, it wasn't just the scary fact that Lena was a girl which was holding her back, it was the fact she was still technically dating Mon-El. She had told herself that just sitting down and talking didn't count, because she did that all the time, especially with Lena. Heck, they had friend dates all the time, so surely this was no big deal? But it was, and part of Kara really wanted to cross that line. The question was, was it bigger than the part of her which was afraid?

The entire time Lena stared at her with her eyes filled with hope and apprehension, which was heart-breaking enough. But then Kara slowly turned her head to listen to the progress with the robbery, biting her lip as she tried to calculate how much of a risk she was already taking by not immediately rushing over there, and then she turned back to see Lena looking sad, and Kara couldn't stand the sight of Lena looking sad. Especially when she could do something about it. God, it was the main reason she was here. Or at least one of them.

So with a sigh Kara slowly moved round the table and leaned down so that her face was hovering over Lena's. She then froze again, kind of hoping that Lena would make the decision for her. She had practically given her an open invitation, but it seemed that Lena didn't quite trust it. Or maybe she just really wanted Supergirl to make the decision. Either way it was ultimately left up to Kara, who lowered her gaze to Lena's lips for a few long seconds before looking back into those hopeful eyes. Those lips just looked so kissable, and she wanted to do it so, so badly, but ultimately she disappointed them both by leaning down to press her lips against Lena's cheek briefly before lifting back up to see the disappointment in the other woman's eyes.

"Goodbye." Kara said apologetically, before dashing through the room, out onto the balcony and away as fast as she could, accidentally knocking the table which symbolically caused the rose to fall down.


Lena just sat there for several long minutes, reliving every precious moment of her first date with Supergirl. Hopefully it would be the first of many, but hoping hadn't done Lena a lot of good lately. When she did finally move it was to pick up the rose which had been knocked down as the other woman retreated. She almost smiled at the symbolism of it. She was sure it wasn't intentional, but that almost made it funnier. And sadder. After all, she was becoming very used to having a beautiful blonde unintentionally break her heart. But then again, while it had been a lot more serious and telling then she meant for it, and it hadn't ended quite the way she wanted, it was a good start.

While still playing with the rose with one hand she lifted her other hand to her cheek, closed her eyes, and relived finally having the blonde's lips touching her. God, she was so pathetic. If only her family could see her now. Actually, that thought bought her a little more joy than it should have, especially imagining how horrified her mother would be. How angry. How full of hate. She could practically hear her voice in her head right now, asking her why she couldn't have found some human girl to disgrace their family with? Wasn't that enough for her? Did she really want to stoop this low? Never once understanding how that blonde woman could possibly be Lena's idea of perfection.

All of a sudden there was a familiar sound and Lena looked up to see Supergirl landing back down on her balcony and then marching back into her office. Which was always startling, but the blonde had only just left, and Lena knew about the existence of shape shifting aliens, most of which were White Martians and enemies of Supergirl. That knowledge combined with the look in the other woman's eye and the way she was rushing right up to her was honestly frightening. Lena even opened her mouth slightly to ask what was wrong, or maybe just call out for Supergirl, but found herself unable to speak.

Luckily it turned out she needn't have worried, because the other woman simply tilted her chair back and gently but firmly kissed her. It was exactly what Lena had been hoping her good night kiss with Supergirl would be, and so much more. It was firm, but soft. Restrained, but passionate. Just the right amount of everything. It was, like the woman herself, perfect. And when it ended the happy smile Supergirl gave her could have lit up the entire world, and Lena couldn't help but return it with one of her own as the superhero gently cupped her face with one hand and then slowly lowered her chair back down with the other.

"Goodbye." Supergirl said again with a soft smile, before turning and walking out of the office and then flying away, leaving Lena to sit in her chair for what felt like a few more hours and replay what had just happened.


Kara was beaming happily. She had never done anything so 'cool' in her entire life. It went against every instinct she had, because really she wanted to say a million things before and after the kiss, but for once in her life she had been able to hold back, and it was awesome. Definitely something she couldn't have done as Kara Danvers. No, this was a job for Supergirl! Just that thought made her giggle happily and started to do tricks while flying because she just couldn't contain her joy as she relived every moment of her date with Lena Luthor. In the process she almost missed a few people who needed help, and another bank robbery, but nobody needed to know that.

Throughout the next hour or so of superheroing Kara couldn't get one thought out of her head, that simply being, I have to tell Alex about this! Which was true, because she told Alex everything, and it physically hurt to keep this from her for so long, the past few days feeling like an eternity, especially as she was a terrible liar and knew that Alex knew she was keeping something from her. Of course there was someone else she wanted to gush about this too, but it would be extremely hard to gush to Lena about Lena. At least not without telling her the truth, which would be awkward. And possibly life destroying. But she chose not to let those negative thoughts get her down, and instead keep a smile on her face for the rest of her night.

At least until she got to her sister's place and accidentally interrupted something again. Thankfully Alex and Maggie weren't making out again, or doing anything intimate. They were simply having dinner with another couple, and for a horrible moment Kara thought she would have to come up with some excuse of why Supergirl would be flying into Alex Danvers's apartment. Then she breathed a sigh of relief when she realised the other couple was none other than her cousin, in his civilian clothes, and his wife Lois Lane. All four greeted her cheerily, but none more than Clark, who went last and embarrassed himself, or at least Lois.

"Hey Kara, you're just in time. Alex was just about to tell us her news." Clark said brightly.

This caused Lois to sigh deeply and give Kara a look, "We've been here for over an hour and he still hasn't got it."

Clark looked at his wife with confusion and asked, "Got what?"

Alex cleared her throat, and then with all eyes on her once again finally said what she been trying to say to Superman for the past few days, "I'm gay! I'm gay, and dating Maggie. She's my girlfriend. Because, I'm gay..."

"You've made your point Danvers." Maggie said softly, squeezing her girlfriends hand under the table, which earned her a soft and grateful smile from her now formally rambling lover.

There was a few long seconds of silence as Clark tilted his head upwards and to the side as he replayed the events of the evening, and his conversation with Kara a few days ago, "Wow, everything makes so much more sense now."

"Everything?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"I think what Clark is trying to say is we're both really happy for you." Lois said quickly, forced to do damage control again while wishing elbowing Clark's side would have more of an effect on him.

"Huh? Oh, right." Clark stammered as he came out of his thoughts, then looked Alex right in the eye and said, "Alex, I... I just want you to be happy."

Briefly glancing at her girlfriend Alex smiled, "I am."

"Then I'm happy for you." Clark smiled, "And thank you for telling me. I know I'm not around as much as I should be, but I always want to know what's going on in your life. And Kara's."

"Yeah, sure." Alex waved off, "What exactly did you mean by everything?"

Having completely lost her nerve Kara mumbled, "Well, I'll just be going now..."

Alex quickly turned to her friend, "You just got here?"

"Yeah, stay Baby Danvers." Maggie smiled, "It sounds like it's just getting good."

"Yes, please stay Kara." Clark pleaded.

"No, I just... I'll call you. All of you. I promise." Kara quickly said as she slowly backed away.

"Kara!" Alex pushed.

"It's nothing." Kara obviously lied, before quickly adding, "We'll talk about it when you're less busy. I promise."

With that Kara flew away, causing a long silence to fall over the room, eventually broken by Alex, "Sooooo, what exactly did you mean when-"

"I, I think Bruce is calling me." Clark blurted out before disappearing in a flash.

"How, HOW, do those two keep their identities a secret?" Maggie asked no one in particular in disbelief.


Kara felt bad for flying off, but seeing everyone there had just spooked her. And if she was honest with herself, just seeing Alex had spooked her. She wanted to tell her what was going on with her, she really did, but actually saying the words out loud... God, no wonder 'coming out' was such a big deal. And that's what this was. Coming out. Alex had been brave enough to do it, and so should she, but she just wasn't ready for it. Kara had thought she was, but at the moment of truth she had chickened out. And just when she didn't think she could feel bad enough, she returned home to find her boyfriend in her bed. In all this excitement she had kind of forgotten about him. Or allowed herself too. Which made this even worse.

Of course the moment she came into the room he woke up, and greeted her with a charming smile, "Hey babe."

"Hey." Kara mumbled, grateful that because of her role as Supergirl she didn't need to come up with a lame excuse about why she was coming back so late. Although, it wasn't that late, so she frowned and asked, "Long day?"

"Not particularly." Mon-El shrugged, "I just kind of dozed off while waiting for you. But, now all three of us are up, how about we have a little fun?"

"All three of us?" Kara frowned, at first not getting what he meant until he wiggled his eyebrows, causing her to pull a face, and despite herself chuckle a little bit, "That's gross."

"Maybe. Made you laugh though." Mon-El grinned, sitting up with the sheet still covering him, "That's why you love me."

Guilt flowing through her body Kara stammered, "Can, can we not tonight? I'm kind of tired."

"Oh, sure." Mon-El said in disappointment, before lifting the sheets, "Come here."

Relieved he had accepted the lame excuse Kara gave him a little smile, took off her suit at normal human speed, and then slowly climbed into the bed with him. Immediately he clung onto her like a spider monkey, and while normally she was all about the cuddling this time it just felt wrong. Suddenly she was filled with a desire to tell him exactly where she had been today, and what she had done, but like before with Alex she wasn't sure where to even start. So she just lay there as he fell asleep on top of her, his head on her shoulder and an arm around her stomach, looking completely peaceful. Which wouldn't be the case if he noticed just how guilty she felt.

Suddenly her phone lit up, that and a familiar sound letting her know she had a message. And it wasn't her ordinary phone, it was her Supergirl phone. Or more accurately, her Lena phone. The one that she had got especially for Lena to call Supergirl. Kara knew she should probably leave it until the morning, but she just couldn't resist reaching for it. She couldn't quite get it, but she didn't have the heart to wake up her boyfriend, so she carefully grabbed onto him and shuffled them both a little to the side so she could reach her phone. Then she quickly unlocked it to sure enough find a message from Lena Luthor. After biting her lip and looking at Mon-El for a moment she opened the message and smiled.

Tonight was wonderful, and I'd love to do it again.

Kara smiled, and against her better judgement quickly responded...

I'd love that.

Kara then looked down at her boyfriend and wondered to herself, not for the first time, how had she ended up in this mess.


Kara didn't sleep at all that night. She lay awake for hours, stewing in her guilt, unable to even toss and turn because Mon-El was holding her so tight. And her annoyance at him for that only made her hate herself more. Was even worse was she spent most of the night holding her Lena phone and checking her messages from her friend, or maybe now something more, to putting it on the side of the table and then constantly turning her head to look at it, often looking back and forth between it and her boyfriend. Either way it felt like she was being literally ripped into between Lena and Mon-El, proving that something had to give, because even with all her powers, she just couldn't take this any more.

So as soon as Mon-El sleepily opened his eyes and asked her, "Is something wrong babe?"

Kara replied, "We need to talk..."


"Is everything alright?"

"Why?" Kara replied, shaking herself out of her thoughts.

"You just seem a little, distant." Lena said, trying to keep her tone soft and understanding as she added, "You know, we can reschedule if there's something you have to do, or someplace you'd rather be."

Kara quickly reached over and gently took the other girl's hand in hers before squeezing it so Lena wouldn't get lost in those thoughts, "I'm right where I want to be."

There was then an awkward pause as both girls blushed and looked away from each other. Kara made it worse by almost letting go of Lena's hand, then hesitating, before actually letting go, which was clearly the wrong move given out of the corner of her eye she could see the disappointment on the brunette's face. Then again this was only their second date, their first was the night before in which they'd had only just kissed, and this was all just so new and scary, so they should probably lay off the hand-holding for now. Which was a shame, because just this small touch of reassurance, which she'd given Lena before, seemed to cause little sparks between them.

Of course they had much more pressing worries, namely Mon-El, who was hanging over this entire date. Which was kind of ironic, because Kara hadn't thought of him at all during most of her interactions with Lena, and certainly on their first date. Which was kind of the problem. She hadn't thought of him, and had ended up doing something terrible. And now she was going to make it even worse by talking to Lena about it, on their second date no less. Which Kara knew was a very, very bad idea, but she just couldn't help it. She had to talk about it with someone, and she and Lena were friends first, so hopefully she would understand.

"I... I did something bad." Kara said softly.

"I find that hard to believe." Lena grinned, although she quickly wiped that expression off of her face when she saw how solemn the other girl was.

Kara took a deep breath, stopped walking, and then turned to look Lena directly in the eye, "I, I... until yesterday morning... I... I had a boyfriend."

There was a pause and then with a hard to read expression Lena simply replied, "Oh?"

"I, I told myself it didn't count." Kara mumbled after another pause, then quickly added when she heard how that sounded, "Not because you're a woman! Because, because I told myself it was just a drink. That nothing would happen. That I would not let anything happen. That as long as I didn't kiss you... but even before that it was wrong. Deep down I knew it was wrong, and I didn't care. I just, I just didn't really think about him. All I could think about was you, and what this meant for me. I was stupid, and selfish, and so, so unfair, to you and him, and I just... I'm just so sorry Lena."

"Hey, hey, hey, shhhhhhh." Lena desperately tried to sooth the other woman who seemed on the verge of tears, "You don't have to apologise to me. I get it. You think you're the first girl to dip her toe into the gay pool while still having a boyfriend?"

"That doesn't make it right." Kara said solemnly.

"Perhaps." Lena reluctantly agreed, "But as long as you're not dating him any more-"

"I'm not." Kara said quickly.

"Wanna talk about it?" Lena offered.

"No!" Kara exclaimed, before reluctantly admitting, "Yes."

Lena gave the other girl a chance to talk and then gently pushed, "Okay then, talk. If you want. No pressure."

Kara bit her lip, and then softly murmured, "I, I made a mistake. Not you! Not... us. But... I, I just really could have handled this better. I should have broken up with him from the start, at least before we kissed. But I didn't. I kept waiting, putting it off. And the longer that I waited the worse it got, until it just came blurting out of me in total word vomit. Rao, he was so mad. He had a right to be, but some of the things he said. And the worst part? The worst part was I just wanted him to break up with me the entire time. He should have, but he didn't. And... he was just being so mean, and I just, lost my temper. I broke up with him at the worst possible time, and I don't know where he is or what he's doing... and... and... I'm just worried about him. I've looked for him everywhere the past few days, and I couldn't find out anything."

There was a brief pause and then Lena softly asked, "Do you think he's dangerous?"

"What? No." Kara scoffed, pausing for a second, before shaking it off, "No. He wouldn't do that. I know he is from a race of jerks, but he's not like the rest of them. He's changed, and even when he was super jurkie didn't go around hurting people. Not really. He was just a bit, misguided. And it was my job to teach him how to be a hero."

"Your job?" Lena frowned.

"Yeah." Kara said proudly, "The DEO gave me the responsibility. It was hard at first, but eventually he came around."

"I see." Lena said flatly.

"What?" Kara frowned.

"Nothing." Lena said, before admitting, "It's just it sounds like you were dating a child."

"Why?" Kara questioned with another frown, not meaning to sound so angry.

"He's your responsibility? Really?" Lena asked sceptically.

"He is." Kara insisted.

"So he's not capable of making his own decisions and then taking responsibility for his own actions?" Lena questioned, "And he needed to be talked into doing good?"

"Hey, it's not his fault. It was just how he was raised." Kara argued. Then her eyes became wide as she realised what she just said, "I mean most people with, you know, issues, become super villains around here. Which is why it's super impressive that you're so wonderful."

Lena glared, but she couldn't keep it up while being nervously grinned at, so ultimately she relented, "Issues?"

"I-" Kara began.

"I suppose that's fair." Lena admitted, "And if there's one thing I know it's being inspired by Supergirl to be a better person. And manipulating my lovers."

"I wasn't manipulating Mon-El." Kara protested, then pointed out, "And you don't have to manipulate me."

There was a brief pause and then without looking at the other woman Lena confessed, "I manipulated you into dating me."

"No you didn't." Kara protested.

"Maybe you just don't see it yet." Lena smirked, and then after a brief pause laughed with Kara nervously joining her.


Kara was 99% sure that Lena was joking about the whole 'manipulation' thing, but she hadn't wanted to push the issue and further ruin their date. So she changed the subject and they continued their tour of Lena's building. Or at least the one she had chosen for her headquarters, Lena jokingly telling her it was to show the mighty Supergirl she had nothing to hide, but mostly was just something to do which was fairly low-key and wouldn't raise any eyebrows if someone saw them together like that. It was nice, honestly, but Kara barely noticed the building. Or where she was going for that matter. All she could really do was hang on Lena's every word, and try not to stare at her too much, which wasn't easy, because Rao, Lena was so pretty.

Mostly she stared at Lena's lips, hoping that her little confession wouldn't disqualify her from another kissing session at the end of their second date. Given the way that Lena made it obvious that she knew Kara was staring, and widely smiled every time Kara did it, which was a lot, it looked like she would get that privilege, but Kara got a devious plan which might help her ensure it. Or it would completely ruin the evening. Then again if confessing the worst thing she'd ever done hadn't ruined the night then Kara couldn't see how this would, especially as it would be Supergirl revealing something intimate about herself. Hopefully Lena would appreciate that.

"So, here we are, back at your office." Kara said nervously.

"Here we are." Lena nodded in agreement with a soft smile.

"So..." Kara began after a pause, "Walking around relaxes you?"

Lena shrugged, "It helps me clear my head."

"Oh." Kara grinned happily, seeing the perfect 'in' for her devious plan, "Would you like to see what relaxes me?"

Lena grinned, "You have no idea."

Those words of course made Kara blushed furiously, but she forced herself not get flustered, and was in fact reasonably smooth for once as she casually walked into Lena's office and then out onto the balcony before turning back to her date, levitating herself slightly in the air, holding out her hand and asking, "Do you trust me?"

There was a brief pause where the two women just stared at each other, then Lena sighed, "An Aladdin quote? Really?"

"What?" Kara smiled, "Did Lena Luthor really think she could confess her secret love of Disney movies without it being used against her?"

"No, but I thought you might have the decency to at least wait until our third date." Lena complained, although she couldn't stop herself from smiling, especially as she took Supergirl's hand.

"Sorry, it was just too good to resist." Kara grinned, "Besides, I didn't think, do you wanna build a snowman, would work."

Lena nodded in agreement, "Yeah. Beside, you're not my Anna."

"I'm not?" Kara frowned, and then when Lena nodded again she pushed, "Then who-"

"Kara." Lena answered, clarifying after a pause, "Kara Danvers is totally my Anna. Who else could it be?"

"Oh, right." Kara blushed, feeling guilty.

There was another pause, and then Lena pushed, "Supergirl, take me on a magic carpet ride."

Kara blushed again, but did as she was told, picking up Lena bridal style and flying off into the night.

Lena's heart was pounding a million miles an hour in her chest, but she wasn't afraid. Not when she was in Supergirl's arms. Her Supergirl. Oh yes, it may have been selfish of her, but in that moment she couldn't help herself to think of this wonderful, perfect being as hers. At the very least she wanted her to be, and as always Lena would do anything to get what she wanted. Even if that meant flying. Which she had always been scared of before, but this, this was different. For once she didn't worry at all, and spent the entire flight enjoying the scenery, Supergirl obviously flying slowly around the city, and above the clouds, so that Lena would have plenty of time to enjoy the view.

Of course the best thing about the entire flight was being in this strong woman's arms. Partly because it was just nice to be held by another girl who seemingly cared about her, which wasn't something that Lena was used too, but she also got to enjoy the interesting contrast between how soft Supergirl's body felt against hers, and yet strong, Lena having no doubt this woman could keep her from falling. Also partly because she got to smell a very familiar perfume. But most of all despite the amazing view when she looked down to Lena truly the most beautiful sight was right in front of her. She tried not to stare, but sometimes she couldn't help it, and more than a few times she was caught and received a small smile for it.

There was another reason she loved this, although she tried not to jinx it by thinking about it. And Lena just about managed it until they reached her home, Supergirl slowing her speed so they could both savour the descent until she was standing on Lena's apartment balcony, Lena glad she also had a key for that as well. Notably she hadn't mentioned that to Supergirl. She mentioned it to someone else, the thought making her smile momentarily, Supergirl returning it presumably because she thought she was just happy to be home or something. She then slowly lowered Lena's legs but didn't move away, just as Lena didn't remove her arms from around Supergirl's neck.

"So, did you have a good time?" Supergirl asked bashfully.

"With you? Always." Lena beamed.

Supergirl blushed becomingly, then frowned, "Even those times I saved you?"

"Always." Lena repeated firmly, before admitting, "Well, I do admit I prefer these little get-togethers a whole lot more."

"I'm glad to hear it." Supergirl beamed.

There was a long pause and then Lena added, "Especially when they have a proper ending."

For a few horrible seconds Lena thought she had pushed her luck, or so the wrong thing. She had wanted to be more direct and/or flirty, but given how nervous the other woman was she thought a gentle push would be the best course of action. Thankfully after those few horrible seconds Supergirl gave her a shy smile and then close the distance between their lips. The kiss was soft, gentle, sweet and just, perfect. She wanted more. She always wanted more from this woman. But given the romantic atmosphere between them Lena could do soft and sweet, even if she wasn't used to it. Especially if it was like this, and with this woman.

Unfortunately it ended quickly, although Supergirl made up for it by leaning in and whispering like it was a secret, "Me too. I, I... I like proper endings."

The way that Supergirl blushed and stammered was so adorable, and so wonderfully familiar, that Lena just couldn't help smiling and telling her, "You're such a dork."

Her face falling Supergirl simply murmured, "Oh."

"I mean that as a compliment." Lena quickly clarified, "I'm kind of a dork too. And you're totally adorable. You're adorkable."

"Thanks, I guess." Supergirl blushed, "So, can I come in?"

Lena just couldn't resist grinning, "Absolutely."

"Not for that!" Supergirl blurted out, her eyes going wide as she realised how that sounded. She then quickly clarified, "Not that I don't want too. I do. It's just, it's only our second date. Third date is 'coming in'. That's the Earth protocol. Oh my God, our next date is our third date! Assuming you want a third date?"

"Of course." Lena smiled softly, "But we don't have too-"

"I want to, it's just... I can't ask, or..." Supergirl quickly blathered, pulling weird faces as she seemed to consider her options, before her face lit up, "Oh Rao, I just got the best idea ever! Is tomorrow okay?"

"I-" Lena began with a gentle nod, which is all that she got out.

"This is going to be great! I always wanted to time travel." Supergirl grinned excitedly before shooting off into the air, leaving a bewildered Lena behind her.

"Time travel?" Lena murmured with a frown.


"Gideon, report!" Sara Lance demanded after a sudden jolt almost knocked her out of her chair, "What the hell was that?"

"Captain, I believe we were hit with something." Gideon said brightly.

"I know that Gideon." Sara growled, "By what?"

"I am not certain." Gideon replied.

"Any guesses?" Sara frowned.

"Well, it appears to be humanoid." Gideon reported.

"Well, that's something at least." Sara softly quipped before asking, "How you'd ya know that?"

"Because it is crawling to the head of the ship." Gideon announced brightly.

"Sara, what's going on?" Ray Palmer asked as the rest of the Legends started to rush into the command deck.

As weird sounds became audible Sara quipped, "I don't know, but it looks like we're about to find out..."

Sara and the rest of the Legends then waited with bated breath for whatever had attached itself to the ship to show itself. The White Canary considered telling Gideon to open fire, or sending Ray out in his suit to take a close look and prepare to attack if necessary, but they had no idea whether this thing was hostile or not and she didn't want to take the risk of antagonising whatever it was and starting a fight. It turned out she was right to be cautious, because a few moments later a familiar looking blonde in a bright red and blue costume crawl to the front of the ship and waved at them brightly through the window. She even had a big goofy grin on her face, which was so infectious Sara couldn't stop a smirk crossing her face, as she didn't have to look to know the same could be said for other members of her crew.

"Blondie." Mick Rory announced brightly, and what sounded like through a mouthful of what was probably candy.

"Gideon, opened the cargo bay doors." Sara ordered, partly turning away so she could go and greet their guest, and partly to hide her smile.


Just a few minutes later the cargo bay doors were firmly shut again and their guest was standing in the middle of the cargo bay. Only she wasn't standing proud as Sara had expected to find her, but doubled over and panting. Sara and the rest of the Legends had tried to spar with her briefly a few months ago, and she hadn't broken a sweat kicking their asses, so the sight was unexpected and a little disturbing. Then again Sara could only imagine that flying in the void between time and space would be challenging for even the most durable of beings. And hell, the proof of it was standing right in front of her, still on her feet and rapidly recovering at an impressive rate. She even smiled again in greeting.

"Supergirl." Sara greeted dryly.

"Sara... erm, White Canary?" Kara returned the greeting, clearly unsure of herself.

"Sara is fine." Sara said softly and reassuringly.

"Then call me Kara." Kara said brightly, briefly offering similar greetings to everyone else as the rest of the Legends crowded into the cargo bay before beginning to apologise, "I'm so sorry you guys. Cisco was supposed to vibe me into the ship, but his calculations were off and I ended up stuck in... whatever that is out there. It was actually kind of scary. Then I saw you guys, and I flew over, but then I miscalculated my speed and kind of, sort of, crashed into you. I'm pretty sure I didn't do any real damage, and if I did I swear I'll help fix it. I should have probably just got Barry to call you, but I worried you may be busy so I thought this would be easier. And if you are, that's cool, because this can totally wait. Or I could help you! Do you need help? I'm great at helping people."

There was a brief pause as everybody took that in, then Mick gruffly asked, "So, what do you want?"

"Mick." Jax groaned, echoing everyone sentiment.

"What?" Mick shrugged, "Legs didn't come all this way for nothing."

"I asked you not to call me that." Kara grumbled.

"Mr Rory, I cannot imagine what someone like Ms Danvers could possibly want from the likes of us." Stine pointed out, like his other half voicing the opinions of the legends.

Well, all but one, as Sara had an idea, and she couldn't help hope it was true given the look on Kara's face as she nervously admitted, "Actually, I was hoping to talk to Sara."

"Really." Sara beamed, and then when Kara nervously nodded she turned and gestured for her to follow, and just to make it clear adding, "Follow me?"

This got some funny looks from the other legends, and some of them even stopped Kara to ask a question or two, but it wasn't long before they shrugged off and gave up. By the time they were halfway to Sara's quarters they were alone, allowing Sara to clear her mind and concentrate on Kara. The alien truly was stunning, and so cute in her little outfit that it made Sara ache to touch her. She'd had a crush on her ever since they'd first met, and a small part of Sara hoped this was a booty call. But then she'd probably just wake-up to discover she was dreaming again, and if she was honest that wasn't why she thought Kara was here. So she did her best to just make small talk until they got to her quarters.

Then when the doors to her quarters closed behind them Sara turned and smirked, "So, what's her name?"

"What?" Kara blushed furiously, "I... I, what?"

"The girl you like?" Sara clarified, "What's her name?"

There was a long pause in which Kara seemed to go as red as a tomato, then she smiled shyly, "Lena."

Sara smiled, "Nice name."

"Lena Luther." Kara admitted cautiously after a brief pause.

Sara raised an eyebrow, "Is that name supposed to mean something to me?"

"I guess not." Kara pouted, "She must not be in your world. Which is a shame, because she's the best."

"Well, I'll take your word for it." Sara smiled softly.

"Sooooo, how did you know?" Kara frowned, before brightening, "Oh, are you psychic like J'ohn? Is that your superpower?"

"No." Sara shook her head fondly, "It just made the most sense. I mean, I can hold my own during an alien invasion, but you're... Supergirl! What physical threat could you possibly need my help with? Especially when you have your own people for that, and for regular advice. So, why would you be here for anything except advice on a sexual identity crisis?"

Kara blushed while Sara was talking, and then looked a shamed, "I'm sorry. It's just that... I..."

"Hey, I get it." Sara smiled, "Sometimes it's just easier to tell a stranger these things."

Kara smiled back and relieve, "Exactly."

"Although it would have been quicker and easier just to talk to a therapist." Sara pointed out dryly, "Or maybe a bartender at a gay bar."

"I, I... I don't think I could talk to a total stranger about any of this. Or go into one of those bars." Kara blushed furiously, "Besides, we've save the world together. In my book that makes us friends, and this is a chance to become better friends."

"Oh, I'm definitely up for becoming better friends." Sara purred, unable to resist the suggestive words, tone or grin that she ultimately gave Kara in response. Then when Kara blushed again she felt guilty, so she followed up with, "How can I help?"

Which didn't really help Kara any, "I, I... I..."

"You don't want advice on how to ask her out do you?" Sara asked, "Cause if you do I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed, because the best advice I can give you is to just be up front with her and ask. I mean sure, you can test the waters first, but-"

"No, it's... it's not that." Kara admitted hesitantly.

"Well what then?" Sara gently pushed, trying not to smile as this seemed to confirm her earlier theory.

Sure enough after a long pause Kara asked, "You've been, you know with women. Like, WITH women, right?"

Sara smiled, weirdly charmed by that response, and unable to stop herself from quipping, "You know, if you're thinking of doing it, you should probably be able to say it."

There was another pause and then a blushing Kara took a deep breath and admitted, "Sex! I wanna have sex with Lena! Wow, I want to have sex with Lena. It feels so good to say that. I'm gay for Lena Luther! I wanna have gay sex with Lena Luther!"

On that last part Kara stood up and yelled it loud and proud, and then faintly through the door Sara just about heard Mick grumble, "Good for you Blondie."

In a second Sara was opening the door and grumbling, "Mick, if you're listening in I swear to God..."

"Relax Sara, I'm just passing through." Mick said dryly, already halfway down the hall, grumbling as he went, "But I'm pretty sure the whole ship heard her anyway."

Sara rolled her eyes, shut and lock the door and turned back to a blushing Kara, which was so cute Sara only stopped herself from smiling by mentioning, "Don't mind him. I'm pretty sure his superpower is knowing exactly when and where to swoop in with an allegedly humorous and often inappropriate comment. Although for him that wasn't so bad. And there's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about."

"I know." Kara said softly, "It's just all kind of new to me."

"Which can be scary, I know." Sara said sympathetically, moving closer, "I remember. But it makes you feel any better I can guarantee the other girl is scared too. No one likes to be rejected, no matter how bad ass they are."

Kara smiled, "I didn't say she was a bad ass."

"You didn't have too." Sara shrugged, "I just figured that to impress Supergirl she must be some kind of bad ass, even if-."

"She can't kill someone with her pinkie?" Kara offered with a smile, which turned into a frown, "Although I wouldn't be so sure."

"Hey, anyone can kill someone with a pinkie and the right circumstances. Although there are easier ways." Sara admitted.

"Can we stop talking about death by pinkie?" Kara groaned.

"Hey, you brought up." Sara pointed out.

"The point is she is a bad ass. She doesn't have any powers, and yet she's strong, brave and smart. And confident. And she kicks major ass." Kara rambled, "Like you actually. Which is kind of intimidating."

"I intimidate you?" Sara laughed.

"Well... yeah." Kara admitted with a blush.

"So... you came here looking for some advice on girl on girl sex?" Sara softly grinned, "You know the best way to learn is through practical experience, right? I'd be happy to show you."

Kara blushed and then shook her head, "Erm, thanks, but I couldn't just cheat on someone. Not again. I didn't mean to do it the first time, but I did, and it's the worst thing I've ever done. I wish I could take it back, but I can't."

"Hey, can't blame a girl for trying." Sara shrugged.

"Besides, I really want my first time to be with Lena." Kara admitted softly.

"Awww, that's sweet." Sara smiled.

Kara smiled back, and then quickly verified, "My first time with a girl. I'm not a virgin! I've totally had sex before."

"Well, the good news is that certain things are the same..." Sara said, hesitating before adding, "Just how graphic do you want me to get here? Like, do you want me to draw you a picture?"

"That might be good." Kara admitted with a blush.


Kara was getting flashbacks to her first date with Lena. Specifically the end of it, when after she was forced to leave to stop a robbery in progress she return to give Lena the good night kiss she hadn't originally planned on giving her. Only this time it was worse because unforgiving super nervous with all her own thoughts and feelings she had Sara Lance's advice echoing in her head, making her blush and doubt herself even more. However it made her feel even more like a mindless robot as she landed on the balcony and then strolled into Lena's office with the same blind determination as she had that first night, and from the look in her eyes Lena knew it.

The first time Lena had never looked more afraid of her, and it had broken Kara's heart. This time was different. This time Lena was expecting her, so there was no surprised look turning to fear and doubt. There was only a delighted smile growing wicked and lustful as Kara walked right up to the other woman, gently pulled her into her arms and pressed her lips against hers. Lena not only welcomed the kiss with a smile, but wrapped her arms around the back of her neck, briefly causing Kara to think of a few of James's classic photos of Clark and Lois kissing, which thankfully she was quickly and easily able to push out of her mind and concentrate on Lena's sweet lips.

After maybe a couple of minutes Kara pulled back to allow Lena to get some breath back, which seems very necessary given how breathless Lena sounded as she told her with a grin, "Hello to you too."

Trying to get across she was being serious Kara ignored that comment, and then softly asked, "Lena, do you trust me?"

"Of course. Who doesn't trust Supergirl?" Lena laughed, and then when Kara gave her a serious look simply replied, "I trust you. More than anyone. Ever."

Kara was a little taken aback by that, and a little hurt considering her alter ego's friendship with this woman, but she tried to shake it off as she told the other girl, "I, I need to do something, okay? And, and I'd kind of like you to just go with me on this. Unless you don't want too. Or you think it's too soon. In which case I totally get it, it's just that... I, I..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa honey. Slow down." Lena said softly, bringing her hands down to cup Kara's face, "Just breathe for me, okay? That's it, now take a breath, and tell me what you want."

After doing as she was told Kara simply replied, "You."

This response typically got a look of lust from Lena, but she obviously tried to calm herself down before replying, "I want you too, but-"

"And it's our third date." Kara interrupted.

"I know." Lena nodded, before hesitantly continuing, "But no matter what you've heard, that doesn't mean we have to do anything if you don't want too."

"I want too." Kara said huskily, then after a brief pause asked, "Do you-"

"More than you could possibly imagine." Lena confessed huskily, "But I don't want to pressure you."

Kara smiled, "Do you seriously think that's what's happening here?"

"I don't know any more." Lena said honestly, before confessing, "But we can do whatever you want."

Wide smile actually becoming a little evil Kara told the other girl, "I like the sound of that."

They exchanged another smile before simultaneously leaning in for another kiss, this one unlike any they had before. It was still loving and passionate, but it was a lot less sweet, and there was a hunger to it, especially on Lena's part. Which Sara had been nice enough to warn her about, although even if she hadn't Kara like to think she would have just kissed back just as passionately, while of course doing everything in her power not to hurt Lena with her super strength. Growing up that had been a major problem, but now more than ever Kara was thankful for each one of those mistakes because it stopped her from hurting this wonderful woman.

For a few glorious minutes they just continued kissing, and a big part of Kara was more than happy with just doing that. However she still thought she should make absolutely sure this wasn't just a girl crush, and prove to herself and Lena that this was real. It was that thought which pushed her to gently pick Lena up, walk over to her desk and gently encourage the other woman to sit down upon it. To her delight Lena not only did this, but wrapped her legs around her when she sat down, pulling her deeper into the kiss that they had been able to maintain, and continued to do so for another few glorious minutes.

Then Kara broke the kiss and pressed her lips to just below Lena's lips, slowly travelling down to her neck and then whispering in her ear, "I hope I'm not ruining any special plans."

"Just, oh, just dinner for two at my place." Lena confessed with a moan.

"Sounds wonderful." Kara beamed against Lena's neck, before pulling back slightly so she could look Lena in the eye, "We should totally do that later."

Lena smiled softly, "As I said, whatever you want."

Smiling in return Kara briefly gave Lena's lips another kiss before returning to her neck, almost wishing Alex could see her now. Well, hear her. Or at least that last exchange. Seeing everything they had just done, and everything they were about to do, would be super weird, but the point was she wished her sister could have heard her choosing something else over a meal. Outside of her superhero work it was unprecedented, and Kara was honestly a little tempted, as she could only imagine what Lena would treat a date too. Especially considering the fancy dinners she had been treated to while just being her friend. But no, this was more important, and would almost certainly be more fun.

It sure felt that way as Kara made her way back up to Lena's lips to distract her from the fact that her hand started to slide over her body. Which was another tip from her super sneaky assassin friend, although it was also perhaps another she would have done without thinking. Only she would have probably gone straight for Lena's boobs like a teenage boy or something, so Kara was grateful for Sara's voice in her ear, telling her to take things slow and start by leaving Lena's 'fun parts' alone and just stick to rubbing her back, and occasionally her side and thighs. If Lena wasn't sitting on it Kara would have probably cupped her butt next. Since that wasn't really an option she instead just rubbed Lena stomach as a warning, and when the other girl offered up no complaint she slid a hand upwards.

This caused Lena to let out a loud gasp, and almost pull away, scaring Kara into believing that she had moved too fast, or worse hurt the other girl. But to her relief Lena just relaxed into the kiss, and reached downwards. Her hands had already moved underneath her big red cape to caress her back, now her right hand was groping her butt, which caused Kara to gasp and almost pull away in shock. In turn Lena grinned and giggled into the kiss, putting Kara at ease. It also seemed like the green light to move her other hand up to Lena's boobs and desperately trying to remember what Sara had told her about these things.

Obviously she'd never had to deal with boobs before, at least not on another person, which was a little intimidating, but Kara had pushed through worst fear. Besides, she still had Sara's voice in her ear guiding her every step of the way. At first that was just to slowly caress Lena's tits as gently as she possibly could, but she did eventually slide her hand underneath the dress, and then Lena's bra, and repeated the process. Then she started hesitantly concentrating on Lena's nipples, thinking carefully about how she would want someone else to play with them, and doing that. Then she experimented a little, seeing what worked for Lena. Finally Kara slid a hand down to Lena's thigh and then slowly pushed it upwards.

So far each of these moves had caused Lena to gasp and freeze, but she hadn't tried to pull away again, at least not until Kara's hand travel to it's final destination. No, Lena had moaned, groaned, whimpered and cried in pleasure into the kiss and just started groping her more boldly, at first moving the other hand to Kara's butt and then moving it to Kara's tits. But this time was a different story. This time Lena gasp loudly, pulled back and gave her a look that was hard to read. One Kara hadn't been expecting, that Sara hadn't warned her about. And honestly, it almost made her push Lena away and herself out of the nearest window, or at least partly, and fly away at her top speed.

Thankfully though she hung around long enough for Lena to relax and apologise, "I'm sorry, I... I just wasn't expecting you to be so aggressive."

"Sorry." Kara blushed slightly.

"Don't apologise. I like it." Lena grinned.

"You were expecting a blushing virgin?" Kara quipped.

Lena raised an eyebrow, "Aren't you?"

Despite herself Kara blushed again, "When it comes to girls, yeah."

Lena nodded, and then frowned, "Then why-"

"Am I doing this?" Kara finished for her, "It's a long story. The short version is, I wanted too. Is that okay?"

"Oh Supergirl, it's more than okay." Lena beamed, "Just let me know if you'd like some advice."

"I already got some thanks." Kara confessed, before beginning to gently rub Lena through her panties.

"Wow, good advice." Lena gasped.

"Super good." Kara couldn't resist punning, before leaning in for another kiss.

Lena didn't seem to mind the pun, although it was easy to tell why. She was super wet already, proving that Sara's advice had been super effective and now they were both receiving the benefits of it. Well, mostly Lena, but it was incredibly thrilling for Kara to feel that wetness and know it was because of her. Because of something she had intentionally done to gain the attention of her lover. Her lesbian lover! Kara couldn't help smiling at that thought. It also made her blush slightly, but now finally that's what Lena was, and for the first time Kara had one, and combined with that with what she was touching, it was just kind of overwhelming.

Which was yet another reason why Kara continued the gentle rubbing for several long minutes. That and she didn't want to overwhelm Lena like she was feeling now. And most of all, she didn't want to hurt her. She just wanted to make her feel good. Although contradictorily that was also why she eventually push things further, even though at first that was just pushing Lena's panties aside so she could touch her bare skin. Although it was very much enough to make them both gasp again with a mixture of joy, surprise, and at least in Kara's case other overwhelming sensations which made her light-headed and made her struggle to focus. Which was scary, but she was determined to push through it and make Lena feel good.

Then all of a sudden Lena whimpered, "Please, inside... I... I need you... inside... please? I... I, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

Hearing Lena beg for her like that was just too much for Kara to resist and she found herself slowly pushing a finger into the other woman's pussy. Kara wasn't convinced it was even something her brain had ordered her body to do, and that her finger had just gone into business for itself, but that didn't matter and she wasn't going to stop now. Mostly because of the pleasurable reaction she got from Lena, but also because Kara just like the feeling of being inside the other girl. She wasn't 100% sure she would, but it might have been close to 99% sure, and she was so glad she was right, because she was making her friend feel good.

As she suspected, and Sara had kind of confirmed, it was a little like masturbating, only more intense because the wetness she was feeling was from somebody else, and she was the cause of it. What she was doing, and what she looks like, had this effect on super sexy, smart and powerful businesswoman Lena Luthor, a fact which made Kara beam with happiness. Luckily Lena couldn't see her goofy grin as she was too busy closing her eyes tight, and from the look of it gritting her teeth. The latter thing caused Kara to frown in confusion for a second, but shrugged it off as Lena feeling as overwhelmed as she was. Because, she would tell her if she was hurting her, right?

Trying to put that thought out of her mind Kara began pumping her finger in and out of Lena as slowly and gently as possible, officially beginning to fuck another woman for the first time. Finger fuck her! Finger fuck Lena. Kara was fingering Lena Luthor, her steel hard finger sliding in and out of her and making her cry, gasp, whimper and most importantly of all moan in what sounded like pure pleasure. Kara started the finger fucking when she had almost buried her index finger inside of the other girl, but it wasn't long after that she finished burying it, and the moment was so intense that Kara was really glad that Lena grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss, otherwise she would have probably said something stupid. Which might be what Lena was doing too.

Whatever Lena's reason Kara decided to use it for her advantage, the fact that her eyes had closed shortly after the kiss had began making it easy for her to remember Sara's guidance, particularly when it came to adding fingers, and looking out for the tell-tale signs when the other girl was going to cum. It only took the addition of a little harder thrusting and another finger being slowly pushed into Lena's entrance to bring the billionaire to what seemed like the edge of climax, which made Kara very proud of herself. But the only problem was, she wanted to look into Lena's eyes while doing it, and every time she tried to pull away Lena forced her back into another kiss.

Kara could easily have forced herself away, but now more than ever she was intensely mindful of her movements, so instead of forcing herself for a way she simply mumbled against Lena's lips, "Please? I want to look at you."

"I can't! I just can't!" Lena whimpered against her lips in return, "Please just kiss me."

This really confused Kara, but she went along with it, enjoying the fact that the kiss only became more intense as she slowly, and a little awkwardly, pushed Lena over the edge of orgasm. She knew she succeeded from the way that Lena's pussy clamped down extra hard on her fingers and covered them with a liquid which she assumed was girl cum, and the way the other girl's body trembled in her arms, more than anything else Kara knew from the way Lena bit down on her bottom lip. It would be easily hard enough to break the skin if she was human, but she wasn't. Lena seemed too far gone to notice, and Kara was determined to make her forget all about it by making her cum over and over again.

At first she did this by continuing to kiss and finger Lena, which was wonderful, but after the second orgasm Lena clearly struggled to keep kissing her, and after the third she pulled back to let out a loud scream. This allowed Kara a few wonderful moments of staring at the other woman's beautiful face, and concentrating on her cries of pleasure, but Lena quickly got an apprehensive look on her face, which made Kara feel bad. So instead she pulled Lena's dress up slightly, dropped to her knees and kind of awkwardly did another tip from her friend, namely to lick Lena's clit while fingering her, which to her delight seemed to make Lena cum extra hard.

It was almost certainly Kara's imagination, but she could have sworn she heard her own name being called out. As in Kara, not Supergirl, but that would have been impossible. It had to be impossible. Right? She listened very carefully from then on, and looked upwards at the other woman, but Lena had an arm buried over her face, muffling the sounds which came out of it. Which wouldn't have really been a problem for Supergirl, but it all just sounded like jargon. More importantly her main focus was making Lena cum until she passed out, which really wasn't that long, Kara moving at super speed to catch her and hold her quivering body in her arms as she slowly return to consciousness, giving her the chance to enjoy just how beautiful Lena looked post orgasm.

After who knows how long of just staring and softly smiling from Kara, and quivering and failed attempts to talk from Lena, the billionaire finally got out, "Just... just give me a few more minutes, and, and I'll return the favour."

"It's okay. I just want to make you feel good." Kara smiled.

"But... but I want too." Lena protested.

Kara bit her lip, and confessed, "This is going to sound weird, but I'm not ready for that."

"No, I understand." Lena gasped softly, although she couldn't possibly have.

"Thanks." Kara beamed happily, that smile slowly turning wicked, "But, you know... if you're up for it later, I'd love to do it again."

There was long pause and then Lena laughed, "You're going to be the death of me."

Considering their family history those were a poor choice of words, which they both knew from the reflections on each other's faces, although Kara tried to make it better by simply smiling softly and telling her lover, "I hope not."

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