Jinx's Hypnotism

BY : HypnoSlaveLover
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It was a normal day in Jump City, in that there was no crime to stop or the Teen Titans, so they could actually enjoy a well earned day off. We join of said teen heroes walking through the city on a run to the library. Her name is Raven, the goth looking, magic user of the Teen Titans.
 While she was happy for the day of peace, she really wanted to get away form her team mates. Don't get her wrong, she loved her team mates like family but they tended to get on her nerves when they had too much free time on her hands. She so needed some 'me time'.
 But, what she didn't know was that an old enemy of hers' was lurking in the shadows of the back allys, just waiting to enact her latest scheme. One that was sure to not only defeat Raven but also bring the rest of the Titans to their knees.
 Raven was cutting through a back ally to save time when she felt a bad feeling come over her. Then suddenly, a blast of pink energy blasted her through a wall and into an old abandoned building. Shaking the cobwebs out of her head, she took a look about her suroundings to see who or what hit her when she saw her old enemy, Jinx.
 Jinx cracked a wicked grin, "So little Raven, having a nice day off?" Jinx asked in a mocking tone.
 Raven's face quickly grew a scowl as she looked at her opponent. "I was, until you showed up you walking pile of bad luck." Raven shot back at Jinx, still unaware of just what the pink haired villan had in mind for her.
 Jinx couldn't help but smirk, because she knew, no matter what Raven was planning as a means to take her down, it wouldn't matter. Not as soon as she put her master plan into action. But if she wanted it to go off without a hitch, she need to do it now or els all her plans were shot.
 Jinx placed her hands on her hips and said to Raven, "Well, as much as I would love to drag this out, I do want to get to the fun part of what I have planed for you." As she finished speaking, a spark of her bad luck magic traveled across the framework of the building, completely unseen by Raven.
 Raven just scoffed at Jinx's words, "Too bad your not going to get a chance to do anything...", whatever Raven's next words were going to be were cut off when a pile of steel beams crashed on top of her. Not in a way that would kill her but in a way that would keep her pinned down for what Jinx was about to do.
 Said super villan laughed at seeing her foe in such a state, "HA HA HAHA HA! Oh, what's wrong little Raven? Stuck? Did the big bad support beams fall down and hurt you? Well don't worry. Jinx is going to make you forget all about the pain your probably in. And pretty much everything else for that matter."
 As she said this, Jinx walked closer to the downed Titan. As she approached, Raven noticed that their was a something different about Jinx. When she got close enough, Raven noticed what it was. Jinx's hips were a bit bigger.
 When she got close enough Jinx stopped in front of her soon to be victum and grinned. "You see Raven, lately I've noticed that I've gained a new power. I've tested it on the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five and I realised that I didn't need them anymore. But I wanted to test it out on one of you Teen Titans before I used it on all of you. And low and behold!"
 As she said this, Raven could only growl at Jinx while trying to wiggle her way out from underneath the fallen debry. "So what is this new power of yours? Talking people to death or making things fall out of the sky?" Raven asked in a harsh sarcastic tone.
 Jinx just ginned a seductive smile and saild, "No, my little birdie. My new power has to do with this..." Jinx turned around and Raven then realized why her hips were bigger. Jinxs' ass was HUGE! She had a huge budonkidonk booty that just seemed to wiggle and wiggle with the slightest movement. Raven couldn't help but blush at the sight of Jinxs' new booty.
 "What your new power is plastic surgery or something?" Raven asked trying to regain her composure. Jinx just giggled and replide, "No, but I did get surgery on my Bootyful booty." As she said this she wiggled her but in front of Ravens' face ever so slowly and seductively. "I found that if my butt is more pleasing to look at, then it's much easier to use my new power."
 As Jinx continued to talk she started to twerk her big sexy booty. Raven tried to look0 away, key word tried. But for some odd reason, she just couldn't bring herself to look away from Jinxs' ass. Jinx grinned a seductive smirk as she saw that her spell was working already. She then began to talk in a low and seductive voice as she continude her twerking.
 "You see, my new power is a form a hypnosis. But I found that the hypnosis is much easier to preform if I do it in a seductive manner. And then I realized that twerking was the best way to help induce hypnosis on someone because lets face it...Who's really going to be focusing on trying to fight off hypnosis while a girl with a big booty is twerking for them."
 As Jinx was talking, Raven was listening intently. It was only after she found that she literally couldn't look away from Jinx's twerking butt that she began to notice a faint pink glow coming from said ass. She tried even harder to look away, but the more she tried to look away the more she found herself wanting to keep staring at that perfect, round, jiggely, sexy ass!
 Raven couldn't see it, but her once purple eyes were begining to have a slight pink glow to them. Seeing this, Jinx decided it was time to up the anty and began to twerk faster. The more her ass wiggled, and jiggled, and bounced the more Raven starred intently at what she quickly found to be 'jigglly perfection'. As she continued to stare, Jinx continued her story.
 "You see, once I made that discovery, I went and used some of my savings to get this gorgeous ass you see before you," she then slapped her ass for infases, "and began to experiment on my former team mates. First I did it to Mammoth, which was to easy. Then I did it to Billy Numerous, still to easy. Then I did to Gizmo, which was a bit harder with his immiturity, but once I succeded he was more than happy to help me find a way to help improve my skills."
 As Jinx continued to talk, Raven's eyes started to turn completely pink from the hynotic effect of Jinx's ass. She also found herself fasinated by Jinx's story, or rather, she just wanted to look interested so she could keep starring at the most perfectly sexiest ass she has ever seen in her life.
 "Once he helped me find some tutorials for helping me with my twerking hypnosis, I gave him the best gift I could. A one way trip to twerk induced orgasim city! Ha ha ha haaa!" Jinx laughed at remembering how priceless it was to see the so called boy genius reduced to a butt obsessed dumb-dumb who just wanted to fap to her sexy booty.
 "Anyway, once he was out of the way, I got the rest of the team together and pretended to act like Gizmo had turned me into a twerk obssesed bimbo with one of his inventions, and made me want to put on a very special show for them. Everyone except Kid Wicked was all for the show, and after a few minutes they were all my little ass slaves. Just. Like. You." She put infuses on the last four words with an extra focused jiggle in each cheek.
 Whatever was left of Raven's brain then realized what was happening. But it was too late. She had already grown addicted to watching Jinx's sexy ass twerking like crazy. Seeing the look on Raven's face Jinx decided it was time to finish her off and claim her as her newest slave.
 "But I knew I had to do something about Kid Wicked so I had my loyal butt puppets hold him down while Gizmo used a device specifically made to nullify Wickeds powers while I gave him the show of a life time."
 As she continued her story, Jinx started to backwalk closer to Raven until she was right on top of her.
 "I then used my ultimate technique," as Jinx said this, she swiped her hand across the air and the beams on top of Raven blew away. And as mindlessly got to her hands and knees to get a closer to Jinx's ass, Jinx sat her huge butt right on top of Raven's face.
 "You see, after I prepped him like I prepped you, I sat on his face and started grinding and twerking on him. Slowly reducing his brain to mush, just like I'm doing to whatever's left of your stupid little bird brain."
 Normally Raven would take offence to that remark, but she was so lost in the pleasure of Jinx's big, soft, jigglely ass twerking and grinding on her face that she really didn't care. In fact, she really didn't care about anything except getting as much pleasure as she could out of what she could only describe as the best experiance of her life.
 Her now free hands grabbed the exposed cheeks of Jinx's ass and nozzeled her face as best she could into the soft, maleable, skin tight cloth covered flesh of the ass that had so suddenly became her whole world. Jinx giggled at what her now former rival was doing. She deceided to finish her story then finish her off once and for all.
 "After Kid Wycked conformed to being my newest ass slave, I turned him and all my other stupid ex-teammates in to the police and used the reward money to increase my ass size just a little more. The rest I saved for a very special purpose. That purpose being, to increase the ass size of all by new female slaves that I would recrute. But then I saw you and I realized, why pay money for a fake ass, when I can hypnotize you and get a real ass this size with your magic."
 Raven was so happy right now she didn't care what Jinx wanted with her or her magic, she just wanted to keep being Jinx's ass cushin.
 "So, what do you say Raven? Will you help your new mistress out and give her an ass this big without the silicone, or do you want to live the rest of your misrable life without the pleasure of my big sexy ass on your face?"
 Feeling panicked at the prospect of never feeling this gorgeous ass on her face again, Raven quickly summoned all her magic and concentration and quickly chanted "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Although it came out rather mupheled because she was still under Jinx's ass.
 But non-the-less, it worked and Jinx felt the silicone leave her butt, causing it to shrink, but then it just as suddenly refilled and bloted back to its giant size, only this time it was natural. She was so happy that she started laughing and taunting the now completely enslaved 'former' super heroine/
 "HA HA HA HA! I can't believe you did it! And I can actually feel you literally kissing my ass! You really are a dumb, stupid, butt loving, ass slave! And best of all, you're MY butt loving, ass slave!"
 Raven didn't care about the insults, she just wanted to live out the rest of her life smuthered by her mistresses huge natural ass. She felt Jinx start to stand up, and quickly followed suit, making sure to keep her face firmly plantd in Jinx's oh so suculent ass.
 Jinx's mouth split into a cheser like grin as then gave Raven her first true orders.
 "Now my little butt puppet. You are going to do the same thing to your butt, invite me into your precious tower, and together we are going to turn all of the titans into my personal army of butt whorshipping ass slaves! AAAAHH HA HA HA HAAAA!"
 And with those words, the last of Ravens original brain and personality were erased forever. Completely replaced with a lust and desire to do whatever her mistress commanded her to do.

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